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the Coast, the oil companies arc pre
paring to place several new steamers
on the run between California and
foreign ports as soon as the new ships
can be constructed. The Union Oil
Company, as wHI as th Associated
and Standard, Is preparing to do
everything possible to care for the
big Increase in the foreign demand
for the liquid fuel of this stats. This
company is now having four new
tankers ' constructed in England for
the foreign service.
Following the most modem prac
tice, their designers have made use
of the longitudinal system of framing
as recently aeveiopea ny sir. isner
wood, which is rapidly gaining favor
among shipowners and shipbuilders,
particularly for oil vessels.
These vessels will be 425 feet in
length, 66 feet in width, with a
molded depth to upper deck of 33
feet? "They will carry. 9000 tons of
fuel oil as cargo and 1000 tons of
fuel" oil for consumption during the
trips," and have space for seventy-five
tones ' of stores,1 etc, , Water ballast,
nay be carried under main engines,
which will be placed aft. In after peak.
In fore peak and in deep tanks under
forehold. There 'Is a fresh water tank
under boilers The fuel oil is to be
carried . in poop, over - boilers and at
tides xt fore part. of boiler room.
Everything customary, and neces
Lary bos ; been provided -for the oil
trade' In which these vessels will run.
The fittings are plain but substantial
r nd there -wliriwt numerous features
uhich are appreciated by the officers
.nd men who are compelled to remain
rractically all of the time on Jward.
Ia the case of oil, tankers; only a few
hours are needed at each port, for the
cargo canbe handled rapidly. Most
cf the -arrangementa are made by
wireless before arrival The pew
tLlps will be ready In a year.
:."- Xi -
Kestrel Mav Appear As New Ship.;
When the little British steamer Kes
trel does finally drop her mud hooks
e ff Honolulu harbor, and take' up a
lerth at one of the wharves, that vet
f el is declared will be found in: many
respects a new ship. A-considerable
amount of money is said to have been
? rent on the steamer during the four
months thatcarpenters, .shipwrights
end machinists 'swarmed her electa. ?
A new funnel and a; new foremast
were Installed; with derrick booros at
tached to the latter. The Kestrel Is
understood to carry a crew -of sixteen
officers and men with Captain Talt,
well known along the Sound as the
j kip per. :' . . "
The advance shipment of provisions
for the famished Fanning islanders
connected with the cable station and
the cocoanut plantations will be for
warded to the south seas this 'evening
in the little schooner Luka. The Kea
trel Is expected ta.be given "general
cargo also, but that vessel Is not be
lieved will get away for Fanning isl
and much , before the last of this
month. . , Y v , - ; ..
Schooner West for Philippine Service.
At one time a' more or less frequent
visitor to the islands and in the lum
ber trade for some years, the Ameri
can scnooner a. u. west is reporcea to
have but recently "' passed Into the
hands of the Manila Import & Export
Company; and Is lo be sent to the Phil
ippines, thereto inter the island trade
in the capacity cf lumber carrier be
tween the logging camps cf Mindanao
to Manila." -
: Captain Malt!nd, at one time an of
ficer; in' the. transport service, passed
through Honolulu cmoute to the coast
under contract' with the Manila com
pany?. He. has been commissioned to
bring'-the ! schoouer from the 'Pacific
coast to' the PLiHpplnc Islands, The
West has a capacity for between" seven
and eight hundred thousand feet of
lumber. The vessel Is expected to arrive-
at the Far East along the latter
part of February.
? 9
Ciaudine Met with Rough Weather.
. Some rough weather fell to the lot
of the Inter-Island steamer Ciaudine,
&n arrival from the Maui tarts this
morning. A small amount of return
cargo was received. The vessel
10 crates chickens, 112 packages sun
dries. Purser Kiblins reported a north
east swell with rough seas for a por
tion of the voyage. TfTe Ciaudine is
listed to sail for Maui at five o'clock
tomorrow eveuMst.
. Two. hundred oi'tor.tal rarcnarc
aboard the PoCil.c .Mail liner Nile for
tUsxharge at Honolulu, according to a
cable received vtticrd.y morning at
the agency ol If. HaeUfeld and Com
pany. The Nile has sailed from Yoko
hama and J)6uld arrive at Honolulu
on or about Jan. 2Uh. The vessel
rosy take a cw layovor passengers to
Sari Francis. a.
Git v It ansfe
(JAS. H.
SONOi.lA CfllPPLED fflfflm
,. dm
The Oceanic liner Sonoma from
Sydney, N. S. W., with damaged star
board propeller shaft, did not turn
back to the Australian port but is
pioceeding in the direction of Pago
, Pago. Honolulu and San Francisco un
(der power -of. her port propeller, and
snould not be delayed in arrival to
the extent of over four or five days,
according to advices' received at the
agency of C. Brewer & Co.
The Sonoma was nine hundred
miles south pf Pago Pago when the
accident' -occurred to her - machinery
that crippled the vessel to- the ex
tent that her starboard propeher was
placed out of -commission. - '
The message received here yester
day afternoon' .was to the effect' that
the vessel' was steaming under re
duced speed but " With alL-yvell n
board -'
The Sonoma is credited with being
able to easily turn between nine and
ten knots pe hour with one propeller
The local - agents are confident? that
the liner should arrive -at Honolulu
not later than five days beyond the
regular date as set down on the ex
istlflg schedules.
;' One hundred and fifty tons refriger
ated , meat, practically the carrying.
capacity of .the vessel for this class J
of cargo-are en route from Australia
to Honolulu in the Sonoma. The meat
Is consigned to the quartermaster de
partment , The Sonoma sailed from Sydney
with between eighty and one hundred
passengers in the several classes.
Under ordinary conditions the vessel
6hould have arrived at this port on or
about January 24. The agents now
are of the opinion that the-Sonoma
will reach here on or about the eame
date as the Canadian-Australasian
liner Makura which has just left Syd
ney for Vancouver by the way of
Auckland and, Suva. '
The . fact that the vPacif ic Mail liner
Mongolia,- -Canadian-Australasian Ma
kura and Mat son Navigation steamer
Wilheminwin be dispatched tor the
Coast wlthin a few days ot the date
of Che arrival of the Sonoma will
greatly relieve any possible, congestion
of passenger traffic that might arise
under the circumstances. "
' ..
Fifty Thousand Blocks for City
Streets. '
Fifty ' thousand paving blocks In
tended for city streets and territorial
wharves, were Included in the freight
brought from Hawaii in the Inter
Island steamer Helene, an arrival at
the port this morning.
Purser Bird reports a brisk wind
and . moderate seas on the- return
trip. .. Heavy rains have been the rule
ilcmgi the.Hamakua coast The Ha
makua Sugar Mill resnmed grinding
on Wednesday, while the Kaiwikl
Mill Is expected will begin grinding
on the new crop sugar, with the first
of the coming week.
The Helene brought a quantity of
empty containers and several back
ages sundries. The steamer Kauai
was.paased at Ookala.
.! - n
Nuilanu Loading Hardwood Ties.
The American bark Nuuanu arrived
at Hilo some days ago from San Diego
with ballast only, according to report
that has reached this city with the ar
rival of Inter-Island steamers.
fhe Nuuanu is to take on a full ship
ment of hardwood railway ties for
transportation companies doing busi
ness along the Pacific coast The ves
sel has been hauled to the Hilo rail
way wharf, where the last of the bal
last has been discharged, preparatory'
to the loading of the ties. The Nuuanu
will probably .remain at the Crescent
City for some weeks.
Celieve Defect Caused Mishap to Big
Lieut-Col. Edwin B. Babbitt, in i
charge of the Sandy Hook Proving
Ground, in reporting the explosion to
the War Department said the gun.
which had a bore of fourteen inches,
burst on her first full pressure rounJ.
The pressure was about IS per cent,
greater than the ordinary service pres
sure of 36,000 pounds. Although no
cause was given for the explosion
arc"nance officers here attribute it to
defective material.
Sonoma has room for many.
One hundred and fifty cabin passen
gtns can easily be accommodated in
the Oceanic steamship Sonoma for
San Francisco when that vessel sails
tor the coast :on or about three o'clock,
in the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 24.
A cable received at the office of (
Brewer and Company states that the
ssel has room for a large number of
tiavelers. So far le&. than fifty pas
sengers have been bookod.
Opium is declared as, the came lor
dismissal of a number ot popular of
ficers in the Pacifie Mail liner Siber'A.
that passed through Honolulu yester
day while en route from San Plan
cisco to Manila, by the way of Japan
and China ports.
The discovery of a single tin of
opium in the quarters of an officer or
employe of the Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company will hereafter result in
the officer's discharge from the com
pany's employ." This announcement
was made yesterday.
This, the most drastic action ever
taken by a steamship company oper
ating out of San Francisco, has been
decided upon as a result of the nu
merous discoveries of contraband in
the staterooms and quarters of the
Pacific Mail's employes: '
In each of these cases a fine his
been levied against the company and!.
UncleSairt Has repulted if Is sdld, ln'near UCIUil. fa , '
the, omjbany dintag to iBt ' hoener Foiter away for the Sound,
the govmfenC to the-e-Uminatl of, the Anier,can
? fT ' . tK "u . in etooner rMary 'E. Foster, an artirat
'JSLi'Si at the-port-of Honolulu on December
Srfr lumber -consigned to the
JSSSXi&MSi local agency of Allen and Robinson,
was dispatched yesterday evening lor
a?Ir Zt Llnln yes- Port TownSend. The vessel reeved
ferday morning with a number-of im- .raeWr84Dd PatoQ8 dor1
The new order is' stridgent It was
stated on1 board the Siberia that evi
dently the Pacific. Mail has concluded
to take action " with a "view of ' reduc
ing the long - list of tines" assessed
the corporation by the ! federal - gov"4
ernment It i now generally believed
that the determination expressed 'by
the steams hip -company will serve to
iue BieituMiuiii wmynuj win mj
from these steamers. If the earner
rule had been In" effect for Several
years past, large number of officers
would tiave: been dropped from ' the
service.-' " ' :-
It is even predicted that the sweep
ing order etfects- all officers alike.
It Is no matter who the" officer ; may
be ' when a five tael can of opium is
from now on discovered in his quar
ters, the result will be the same, the
rule is declared will apply to the
skipper on the bridge as well as to
the humble watchman or' quarter
master. Repord Time to New York.
The American-Hawaiian line has
made a new record with the cargo
which left San Francisco Dec. 18 on
the Virginian, was transferred at Sa
lina.Crui to the Tehuantepec railroad,
and at Puerto, Mexico, loaded on the
Hawaiian, which landed it in New
York Jan. 7, This time, 20 days from
San Francisco to New York, Is better
than the average rail time and has
been bettered over the Tehuantepec
route only once, about two years ago,
when a cargo was landed in New York
in 19 days. The maximum time over
the Tehuantepec route last year was
28 days, the minimum 22. Xhe aver
age was about 24 days. When the
Panama canal is open the American-
Hawaiian freight ships are expected
to make the trip to New York in 18
days. Passenger ships, of which the
American-Hawaiian line may put on
a few, will make the trip In 12 days,
Luka Prepared for Sea.
Five tons refrigerated provisions
have been placed aboard the little
schooner Luka, and that vessel is be
ing made ready to proceed to Fanning
island this evening or tomorrow morn
ing at the latest Nine drums of gaso
line will be carried, a portion of this
fuel serving to assist the Luka in
ploughing through the thousand or
more miles of sea to gain her destina
tion. vThe Luka- is to be hastened to
the relief of famished Fanning island
ers, among whom are a score or more
employes of Father Rougier, the south
seas copra king. Provisions at the
cable station are also declared at low
ebb. Sherjdan to Oceanic W.iarf.
The United States array transport
Sheridan will cofplete the taking on
of fifteen hundred tons coal at the
Oceanic wharf. This vessel has been
thifted from the railway to tiie
tV-eanic dock and from there will be
dispatched for San Francisco, on or
about five o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
The Sherman is also to receive 1
quantity of coal, but no such amount
as that to be placed aboard the Sheri
dan. The transports are expected will
proceed to the coast together.
Japanese Effect Ten Year Charter
. . . . . v. : . 1 . : '
11 is reponeu irom ounuuiiuseni
that Mr. K. Hashimoto, of Sasebo, has
chartered his 6.000-ton steamer to the
South Manchuria Railway for ten
years, the longest time charter yet
entered into by a Japanese ship
owner. The vessel is to be employed
in the transportation of Fushun coal,
for three years to the South Sea Is
lands, and then for seven years to
South America.
Heavy Coffee Shipment Received.
One of the largest shipments of Ko
na coffee to reach this port in many
weeks arrived in the Inter-Island (
steamer Niihau. The vessel returned
i'rom Kona and Kan with 2908 sacks
8 ' 9 :
1 jrlf
r i
m.i Dm. i) m
V4' ft. SJ II.!"
if.iB., 'a.m.) i i
'l0J7! M 7.32 ! J.A d4 5.V2.t
4 15 ft.40 5.41 -t
6.) 1-41 oa
6 i 5.4? 14T
11.17. I t
0l 1.31
4 ,3.
; p.u.. . i
i I 06. 1.8 JJ-04) i55 .U 6.40 S.4. i 4i
! l.y g.l 1 1.19, 6.4-, 9M 6.4, &.4T 3.4S
First quarter of the
Time not stated in
moon Jan. 15th.
Special Cable to Merchants
Thursday, Jan. 16.
bound from Sydney for Honolulu.
broke propeller shaft J?n. 14 and
may be delayed in arrival.
Arrived'Jan. 16, 8:20 a. m.. S. S.
Cliiyo Maru, hence Jan. 10.
NEWCASTLE Sailed, Jan. 11. S. S.
Hornelan for Honolulu.
Steamer Maui Due Tomorrow.
-The steamer Maui, from, Hawaii
ports is due to return tomorrow with a
full shipoMnt xSMtgarAor- traaahij
ment to the coast. 'According to re
ports received with the arrival of Inter-Island
.steamers today the Hilo raii!
w mW vnnA YAnf1vhirrT
Per stmr. Ciaudine from Maui porta
J. A, Wilder, J; IC. Kukookele, H.
Sing, Misa-M. Nunr Miss-E-Akaat
J. A. Tttg&Vtfoirttrc. S7 Judd,
J. Barluw. Ch3ngr Cho,lrs. Kim,
Mrs: Y. Mutsuga, J. S. Soufca, Miss
, Y i Amov Rev J P I
u xi.u t r.- 1 a.
P. Erd-
ft Hitchcoek E. Kopkejind 22 de$t'
3; ,. . .... v
Per stmr, Mauna Kea for Hilo; via
way ports;-' Jan. 15: Mr. and Mrsj C
W. Burkett, Mrs, Sutter; Miss Mo
Larrn, ij. W. Waldron, A. OsakU Geo.
C: Potter, M Iss ' Lady M acf arlane, Z.
K. Meyers, Mrs. A. Bright and infant,
J. K. Bright A. Bright, Eri Bright.
Hana Bright, Solomon Bright, Rev. Ke
kipi, Sam Kanakanui, M. M. Graham,
F. B. Williams, H. C Walker, E. J.
Kegb,.II. Raphael, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Castendy, Mrs. F. T. Lindsay, R. J.
Eaker, L. Tobriner, H. C. Oakley
Sgt M, R. Roberts, Mr. and Mr3. A.
A. Wilson, M. Turner, W. J. Moody,
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Mendonca, Mary
Madlro, Edward Waas, J. B. Castle,
D L. Austin, Mrs. Sam Kanakanui, F.
F. Lacks.
Per O. S. S. Ventura, from San
Francisco, Jan. 20. Mr. Grove Ayres,
Mrs. Ayres, Mr. W. G. Armstrong, Mr.
Arnold, Mr. Allen, Mr. A. C. Baum
gartner, Mrs. Baumgartner, Mr. Bay
He, Mrs. Baylie, Mr. J. J. Barry, Mrs.
Barry, Mr. R, Barnett, Mrs. Barnett,
Mr. C. A. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mr. J.
A. Black, Mr. M. W. Cabot, Mrs. C.
Clark, Mrs. Collins, Dr. E. L. Colburn,
Mr. J. C. Cohen, Mrs. Curtin, Mrs.
Catherine Daly, Mr. Derrickslaw, Mrs.
Derrickslaw, Mr. Depp, Mrs. Depp,
Mr. C. H. Doolittle, Mrs. Doolittle, Mr.
H. P. Dimond, Mrs. Dimond, Master
Dreier, Mr. R. D. Fay, Mrs. Fay, in
fant and maid, Mr. F. A. Fielding,
Mrs. Fielding, Mr L. B. Frazler, Mrs.
Frazier, Miss Frazier, Mr. H. A. Gia
que, Mrs. Giaque, Mr. J. C. Gibson,
Mrs. Gibson, Mr. P. Graves, Iftrs.
Graves, Miss G. Gregg. Mr. W. M.
Greenbaum, Mr. Geo. Gerdelun, Mr.
H. B. Haynes, Mr. H. IJ. Hall, Mrs.
Hall, Mrs. S. M. Henshaw, Mr. Hoppe,
Mr. Richard Ivers, Mrs. Ivers, Mr. F.
B. Jacobs, Mr. C. King, Mrs. King,
Mr. J. Kennedy, Mrs. K'ennedy, Miss
Jessie Kennedy, Dr. Anstruther Law
son, Mr. Linklater. Mrs. Linklater,
Mr. C. A. Levey. Mr. W. Marco, Mr.
W. Mosley, Mr. J. Morgenthaler, Mr.
F. B. Morse, Mrs. Morse, Mr. I. A. Mc
Dcnagh, Mr. H. R Newhart, Mrs. C.
H. Nieper and child, The Right Hon.
Niel Nielsen. Mr. Okolozozz, Mr. R.
C. Pfeffer, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Thos.
W. Ryan, Mr. .1. G. Schaeffer, Mrs.
Schaeffer, Mr. P. Schaefer Sr., Mr. P.
Schuster, Capt. Stone, Mrs. Stone and
three children, Mr. R. Strong, Mrs.
Strong, Mrs. F. Teucke, Mr. E. V.
Thompson, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs.
Thornton, and a party from Los An
geles of twenty-four people.
According to report received at the
local branch of the Merchants' ex
change the Canadian-Australasian
liner Makura paileJ from Sydney for
Honolulu and Vancouver on last Mon
day. What is considered a large ship
ment of refrigerated meat from Aus
tralia is reported aboard the Oceanic
liner Sonoma now en route from Syd
ney by the way of Pago Pago. Owing
to an accident to her machinery, the
time of arrival of the vesel is still a
m.itter of speculation.
It is predicted that there will l.e a!
joyous gafpei1n.fr of the youth :ncl J
flower of Honolulu a' Makea wharf
on the occasion of th n turn cf a cap
tivating bevy of chorus tiirls from a
season of musical ccni-'dy and opera
in tho far east The 1im:. !i of t.iir
femininity is duo to arrive next Mun-
day as passengers in the Pacific Mail
liner Nile.
The siiingbouifor the tlaisports
Sheridaa an Shefaian toj- skn Fran
cisco has been fixed at 5 o'clock Fri-
lay evening.
The American bark R P Ritliet. sail
ing from an Francisco for the
ands. is reported to be bringing down
eight or tea cabin passengers.
The Inter-Island steamer Ciaudine
is on the boards to sail for Kahului
and Iihaina at 5 o'clock tomorrow
evening, taking a fair-sized list of
passengers and a general cargo.
Passengers and mail dispatched
from Honolulu for the coast in the
Matson Navigation steamer Honolu
lu are reported to have arrived at ban
Francisco Tuesday morning.
The last of the cargo brought from
the coast in the Matson Navigation
steamer Lurline has been discharged
and that vessel is listed for dispatch
for Kahului this evening. The vessel
should return here on Sunday inorn
insr. (Conjlnved, frpn.,Fag 1)
nounced that Iti attached resolutions
were adopted at a meeting held De
cember 9. The resolutions were sim
ple and well-drawn. They jtated that
as the present administration would
continue but a brief per iod it was to
the interest of air concerned that the
next governor' fihonld .b'e"tn harmony
with. the new regime. This argument
was admitted to be cortect by Denioi
cratic senators. 1 '
Republicans do not agree with, the
attitude assumed by . their t Democratic
brethren antl". willcoptinue to niake
alf possible efforts' in the direction of
securing confirmation for Governor
Frear 'and Secretary Mott-Smlth. They
ore ndt hopef ul -cf sucCeis but' Inteiid
(tb do their full' duty In the ihatter.
The protest "from the Hawaiian
Democrats was placed on the execu
tive files of the senate, where it re
mained available for the examination
of senators but' excluded from public
7 a-f
": (Continued from' Page i)
at Fort Kamehameha than in barracks
in some parts of the United States.
We will have things fixed up in good
shape soon, and you may be sure
there will be no complaint from offi
cers or men."
The 75th company, Captain Jones,
is camped nearest to the beach at
Kam, the 68th being placed Ewa of
the mortar battery emplacements.
Fifth a Lost
The Fifth, Cavalry, has been almost
four eam WJahtt,and-lt
is a keen regret to many people who
have -formed sincere friendships with
officers and 'men. The regiment came
here' in command of . Colonel, now
Brigadier General Schuyler, who was
later relieved by Colonel W. C.
Wilder, now in command of the regi
ment. In social affairs and in sport,
the Fifth Horse has played a promi
nent part in island affairs.
Thursady, Jan. 16.
Temperatura 6 a..m.. 6J);,.8 a. m.,
71;- 10 a. m. ,14; 12 noon, 76. Mini
mum last night, 67.
Wind 6 a. m., velocity 5, N. E.; 8
a m.,-velocity 3. N.; 10 a. m., velocity
9, S. W.; 12 noort. velocity 11, S. W.
Movement past 24 hours, 120 miles.
Barometer at 8 a. m., 30.05. Rel
ative humidity 8 a. m., 72. Dew-point
at 8 a. m., 62. Absolute humidity, 8
a. m., 5.933. Rainfall, 0.
The annual meeting of the Free
Kindergarten and Children's Aid As
sociation will be held tomorrow at 10
a. m., in the Henry and Dorothy
Castle Memorial Free Kindergarten,
620 King, street. The public, is
cordially invited .
Hright boys with bicycles to carry
the Star-Bulletin. Apply Business
Office. Alakea St. 5344-tf
Sorrel mare and box buggy for sale,
cheap. Mare is gentle and suitable
for lady to drive and buggy is in
excellent condition. Inquire of E. E.
Bodge, care Von Hamm-Young Co.
For Sale or exohange for susar stock,
a 40-acre fruit ranch uninijiroved in
southern California, good level gar
den land, will greatly increase in
valuation with opening of Panama
canal. A good speculation. Price
$lo0; worth $l."uo. Sledge, P. ().
Box 41:;, City. :.44.".-tf.
Three bedroom cottage, Wilder ave
nue. Tel. 1787. -"44.Vtf.
Brown mare, about, 1". hands. Reward
for iniormation leading to recovery
Apply Isaac Cocket? or Star-Bulletin.
Key ring, with four keys. Owner can
have same by calling at this offiie,
proving property and paying for this
ad. 3445-3t.
In .-which Is combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, astabUahed 1SS5. -tad the
EY2NIK0 BULLETIN. usUbliired Hit jltsqed Dally and 8mi-WMkiy by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinder,
WALLACE R. FARRINGTON.... General Business Manage?
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CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word SO cents per line per week.
Telephone Editorial Keomt 2131 Bailaess Oftlee S2&t
TfJephaia S3tt 1
daily stab-bulletin
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Per Quarter, anywberu in United State j.00
Per Year, anywhere In United States.. .. ....'....' t.04
Per Tear, postpaid, foreign 12.OO
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Per Year, anywhere in United State r., i.oo"
Per Year, anywhere In Canada .. . 1.00
Per Year, postpaid, foielgn .. 4.00
Address all Cemmvnleatlens lo Henelsla Star-BalleUa, Ltd, noUlo,T. JL
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party, Mr. Atkinson said:
"After the fine, noble fight put up
by Governor Johion and the Cali
fornia delegates, and realizing that
Roosevelt and Johnson would In all
likelihood be the national candidates,
it was suggested that the bear should
be the emblem, as embodying, the
'Teddy Bear and the California bear.
But during the Republican convention,
on the arrival of Mr. Roosevelt, the
reporters as usual called on him and
asked him, 'How do you feel Colonel T
T feel as strong as a Bull Moose.''
"That evening and the next morn
ing the papers all over the country re
ported, 'Roosevelt a Bull Moose.4
'Feels as strong as one.' I think this
was with the idea, of holding him tip'
to ridicule. But certain papers came
out with articles on the animal and
recommended that it be the emblem
of the party, and finally everyone who
became a .progressive, was called a
Bull Moose."
Mr. Atkinson went on' to tell of the
convention, and Senator . Beveridge's
famous "Pass prosperity ; around"
speech.-. He dwelt on the religious un
dercurrent that 'ran. through the con
vention, 'and the successful fight made
by Hawaii for representation on the
national committee, ' He V 'paid high
tribute to the wonderful ability for or-
mum. snoKnxyu ueargcwrei.
kins, O. K. Davis and HL H. Hooker,
and, of the Intricate campaign organi
zation that had for its . headquarters
the Whole top floor of the Manhattan
hotel. New York. The dispatch of the
volunteer speakers Jrom one city " to
another, 'and from one state to the
next, was a marvel of system, accord
ing to Mr. Atkinson. " ' I
"We had a woman's department, at;
least a: number of departments? for j
womans' organization,' and I think I
should estimate tbt. br"t tifT- "on
en worked every day -and - filgtiJ fit
headquarters during tne ca -gii
said the speaker-. " . "' '. v
' The methods and organization of th3
campaign contribution fund, was gone
into at some length by Mr. tklnsou.
From his account, this must have beet
a tremendous job. to tackle, with no
regular party ll3ts of party purses to
tap. Progressive literature, stamps,
hymn books and certificates netted as
a whole a tremendous sum of money.
Mr. Atkinson handled a, number of
the "concessions."
"One contract, I madewas with
IVarDsclarcd on natsMViiso an j n2cc!:3
Cash on hand and in banks. $ 30.013.17
Loans secured by mort
gages on real estate....
Loans, demand and time..
Furniture and fixtures....
Accrued interest receivable
Assets other than those spe
cified above
f)...9 12.00
1 S02.9S
WcXci -
'amiit rf4 -VrV"V'tTf Htm a- I f v
Territory of Hawaii )
City and County of Honolulu ).ss
I. V. W. CHAM BKRLAIX, Treasurer of the Guardian Trust Company.
Limited, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
t wnnrr riff Dortanern rui ti t
': DRIVE - -
1 perintetident of Jhiblte Works, upon pe
tition cf certain residents on Hillside
.Avenuer Manoa.' proposes v to change
ttbe name of -that portion of HlllBlde
Manoa Road to Upper Manoa Road to"
Kuahine Drive. . - :
A public hearing upon this question
.m w utm iu iuv unlet oi uie ouper.
lntendent of Public "Works, Capitol .
Lulldlng, Honolulu, on Thursday after
noon. January av. 191a, ac two 0 clock.
All persons having any objections to
At.,. . . - I . .
mis yropoeeu cuauge in name are re
quested to be'? present and set forth
said objections at this hearing. '
. ' ; - . . xt. k. uisuup, .
, Honolulu, January 16. 1913. ; '. . ;
v;::7-v;v-v E41.V10L : : t '
man. who -v manufactured Bull Moose
bounets'isald-he. v "We got twenty
werensed ; by;:tbe; :nf fragetter lend
nt hpT nthiTqlnota t rnrnrtoa an1 fn'
bAUsr t tklnsJf any of our girls, were
to Wear-to bne.'She-woflld- be bot "-4
The prpgresslves spent a trifle over
$830,000 . accordinr to Mr. Atkinson.
The speaker closed with a talk on the
election and the shooting of Roosevelt."
' '" s
r William Rockefeller,. wnom the gov-
ernment najt 'DCen trvina1 tn aorvA
with a " snbpoena to'-v testify la . the ,
money "investigation, has secretly cot-
ten away from Jekyll Island off the
coast 01 ueorgia, ana is now tnougn
to be on his way to parts unknown.
'Street accidents In New York la
1912 killed 53? persons. Of that hum-,
ber 230 .were children, and v .103 tf
these weretrnn over by aotos. r Dur
icg: me year jjeoyie .were jnjurea -
on the trtetaJ':--'.''.'?. "C;"- ''-'VA-r
i mm m ' ' " ' ' -1 -'
Because a straneer kissed his sitter
(franga sfs ; It ' may - seem' not the
stranger's sister) -a r New Yorkrman :
d vpped dead as a Result of anser. '
A violent earthquake tire ported to
nave occurrea a. union. . u. i
chimneys And tearing. a rent in the
n- ty - - t"' ' t
Biuiie wans ui iuc tuuuv "fc . : i.j : . ,
hu hMn aciestiiteallv deniMitrAtf tks.t rats ara -
diraotlrraspossibl forth spread of Butaaaa imf
ami uuwi uiMHUiu uMswssvai anu iia i Muimaun
dntj of ereryoo to extenninaU tbM pests by osiA -
- Gtearno' Electric ;
I Rat and Rdcch Pcoio
Used aacceaafally during tSa twst S5 rar tbrotif bemt '
the entira civllizad world. It raadr for tiaa. batter
than tnn4cnnotblam tap t( VbipUnmin '
tora in powder form.. - . ..
I TTiiiailafaaH aa 1 BaarJa ef PaJblis
H4taitk rap ttfcair oedara for tlmtiaii of baxaa. s
Mooay bock tfkiaih. Baiaorolo got tWi alap. ;
2 or. boxSo ? 16 pz. box Sf.OOT: .
- SoU by drmUta aai afcato. :
DITION, .DEC 31, 1912.-
Capital Stock $200,000.00
Surplus 10,000.00
Undivided profits 20,401.01
Trust and agency balances 40,013.66
Other liabilities 69.93
this 2nd day of January, 1913.
Notary Public, First Judicial Circuit.
.".433 Jan. 2, 9, 16.

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