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' -
According to ad rices received from
t be Coast, the oil companies are pre
paring to place eeveral new rtcamers
on the ' run between California and
foreign ports as soon as the new ships
can be constructed. The Union Oil
Company, as well as the Associated
and Standard, 1b preparing to do
everything possible to care for the
tig increase in the foreign demand
Tor the liquid fuel of this ctate. This
company, is now having four .new
tankers constructed in England for '
the' foreign service.
Following the most modern prac
tice, their designers have made use
of the longitudinal system of framing
as recently developed by Mr. Isher-wood.-whlcli
is rapidly gaining favor
mong shipowners and shipbuilders,
: rticularlyfor oil vessels.
These vessels, will be 425 feet In
r.jrth. 5G- feet in width,' with a
1 Jed depth to tipper deck' of 33
et.V They will carry 900G, tons of
c 1 oil - as "cargo and 1000 tons of
: 1 oil - for consumption .daring ' the
: p s, and have space for seventy-five
:mes of stores, etc Water ballast
ay be carried under main engines,
lien will be placed aft, in after peak,
fore peak and In deep tanks under
ehold. There is sT fresh water tank
'er4 boilers." The' fuel oil is . to be
rried In poop, over boilers and at
'-3 of fore part of boiler room'. ( -i:
v erythlng customary end : neces
ry has i been provided for ? the oil
ie In "which tbse vessels will run;
. : e fittings are' plain but substantial
1 there" will be. numerous features
Ich are' appreciated by the officers
I men who are compelled to remain
oticalljr all of the time on; board.
. the case of oil tankers, only few
-rs are needed at each port, for the
r,?o can be handled rapidly. Most
the arrangements are made by
ire-less'- before' arrival. The new
-Ips will be ready in a year.
. - . . ..- 1 .-..f f
Crepe for Skipper on Christmas Tree.
CHICAGO,1 'Dec.( '25. Crepe (i a
: :.rlstmaf tree was-the unusual sight
red upon yesterday by thousands of
. ns who' f ode bnTstreot xars In
rth Clark street, The tree stood on
-- prow of a boat at the Clark street-i
.Ige.' where tor years Captain Hr
n Schnenernaruvof ; Jbe Jos':- R6n7
-qua.'-sold Chrilma,( tjrees.' . Y '
I. e crepe "recalled to the minds of
se who saw tt thedeath of Captain
uenemann; and his crew of 16 a
w weeks ago In lake Michigan, when
? Simmons went. dQwiu She carried
cargo ' of' Christmas trees for Chl-
.-.,-- ,;" :..- . r -
Incidentally It was recalled that
. : taJn.Schuenemann , and" his ere V
re saved a. few! years ago "when an
.ier tfclp,. the-Mary. Cullen, of which,
- was in charge, sank oil Grosse
cint' She, too, was load eel with trees
r the YuleUde season j' ' V A; :
August Schuenemann, a brother "of
e captain, lost his lite 14 years ago
i Lake Mlchlgan. when the two-mait-.1
schooner Thal pt which; he was in
large, ajjfc--y:i? -T - "'
Per, stmr.' Claud Ine, from Maul ports
J. A. Wilder, J. K, Kukookele, -H.
Ig, JMIsa flunes, Jdiss. E.. Akana,
J. A. -.Young ;Ti Moir, Mrs.- S. Judd,
-T. Barlowr Chans Cho, Mrs. Kim,
' rs.1 "Y. - Mutaoa; : J.', Souta, Miss
J. Souza, Y, AmoyRev. J. P. Erd-
r an, Vincent; Guctrero, II.
HitcbcockytflKppkg siA 22 deck.
crncER OLSON .s
Officer Manuel Olsen tendered his
resignation to Sheriff Jafrett this
rooming, the same being Immediately
r ct?pted, and Olsori deposited his
I a-3ge and other belongings at head
quarters,' retiring to private life.
Olson has been with the detective
department for some months past. U
is alleged that at the meeting of the
board of supervisors held last night he
Lecame abusive in his language. lie ;
appeared to lake particular exceptions
to' the attitude assumed by Supervisor
Markhani at the meeting.
Mayor J. J. rem took Olson to task
for bis unseen' !y conduct. He was rep
rimanded by tni rrayor. but failed to
heed the warning to keep quiet
This more'' . Olson appeared be
fore Sheriff Jp rctt with his resigna
tion. The hrni ( the police depart
ment did not lose any time in accept
ing the earn:.
Jt is alleged by those present at the
gathering that Olson was considerably
under the -influence of liquor at the
timeJ -
Irtd l!
mm i
V ' c
(JAS. H.
The Oceanic liner Sonoma from
Sydney, N. S. W., with damaged star
board propeller shaft, did ' not turn
back to the Australian port but 'Is
pioceeding in the direction of JPago'
Pago, Honolulu and San Francisco un
der power of her port propeller, and
should hot be delayed in arrival to
the extent of over four or five days,
according to advices received at the
agency of C,'Br.ewer & Co, -:
The Sonoma was nine hundred
miles souths of Pago Pago when the
accident - occurred 'to ber machinery
that crippledV the :Tessel to the ex
tent that her starboard propeller w'as
placed out of commission.
The message received here yester
day, afternoon was .to the effect that
the vessel -was steaming under Te-.
duced speed ' buf with .all well on
board. : ' ' - - . - ' .' ;
The Sonoma is credited with being
able to easily turn between nine attd
ten knots pe nour with one propeller
The local agents are confident that
the liner should arrive at Honolulu
not .later than five days beyond the
regular 'Hate as set down on the ex
isting' schedules: '- ; :
One hundred and, fifty tons refriger
atedl meat, practically! the carrying"
capacity cf the vessel for this class
or cargo are en route from Australia
to Honolulu In the Sonoma. The meat
is consigned to the quartermaster de
partment" The- Sonoma sailed from Sydney
with between eighty and one hundred
passengers- in the several classes.
Under ordinary conditions the vessel
should have arrived at this port onor
about January 24. The agents now
are. of" the opinion that the.' Sonoma
will. reach here on or about the same
date ' as -' the Canadian-Australasian
liner Makura. which, has just left Syd
ney for. Vancouver by the way of
Auckland and; SuVai
. 'TThe fact 'tbat tbe .Pacific Mail liner
Mongolia, , Canadlah-Australasian Ma
kura, 'and MatBon "-Navigation steamer
Wllhelmina will" be dispatched for, the
Coast within a fewv.dtys of the date
of; the arrival of ' the. . Sonoma will
greatly, relieve any possible congestion
Of passenger traffic that might arise
under ' The circumstances.
Fifty Thousand Blocks for City
- .Streets.
Fifty ; thousand paving blocks In
tended for city streets and territorial
wharves "were included in the freight
brought from Hawaii in the Inter
tsland steamer Helene, an arrival at
the port this morning,
v Purser Bird ' reports a. brisk wind
and moderate seas on the return
trip. Heavy rains bave been the rule
along the Hamakua coast The Ha
makua Sugar Mill resumed grinding
on- 'Wednesday, while the Kalwiki
Mill Is expected wilt begin grinding
on the new crop sugar with the first
of the coming week..
The Helene brought a quantity of
empty containers and several pack
ages sundries. " The steamer Kauai
was passed at Ookala.
! , i - Ka -Nuuanu
Loading Hardwood Ties.
The American bark Nuuanu arrived
at Hilo some'days ago from San Diego
with ballast only, according to report
that has reached this, city With the ar
rival of Inter-Island steamers.
The Nuuanu iato take on a full ship
ment of hardwood railway ties for
transportation companies doing busi
ness alon the Pacific cdast The ves
sel has been hauled to the Hilo rail
way wharf, where the last of the bal
last has been discharged, preparatory
to the loading of the ties. The Nuuanu
will probably remain at the Crescent
City for some weeks.
Eelieve Defect Caused Mishap to' Big
Lieut-Col. Edwin B. Babbitt in
charge of the Sandy Hook Proving
Ground, in reporting the explosion to
the .War Department said the gun,
which had a bore of fourteen, inches,
burst on her first full pressure round.
The pressure was about 15 per cent
greater than the ordinary service pres
t:ire of 36,000 pounds. Although no
cause was given for the explosion
ardnance officers here attribute it to
defective material.
Sonoma has room for many.
One hundred and fifty cabin passen
gtns can easily be accommodated in
the Oceanic steamship Sonoma for
San Francisco when that vessel sails
tor the coast on or about three o'clock
in the afternoon 61 Friday, Jan. 24.
A cable received at the office of C.
Brewer and Company states that the
vtssel has room for a large number of
tiavelers. So far lesc than fifty pas
sengers have been booked.
Opium is declared as the. cause for
dismissal of a number of popular of
ficers in the Pacific Mail liner SiberU,
that passed through Honolulu yester
day while en route from San Fran
cisco to Manila, by the way of Japan
and China ports.
The discovery of a single tin of
3pinm in the quarters of an officer or
employe of the Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company will hereafter result in
the officer's discharge from the com
pany's employ. This announcement
was made yeeterday.' ." "
This, the most drastic action ever
taken by a steamship company oper
ating out of San Francisco, nas been
decided upon as a result of the nu
merous discoveries of ' contraband in
the staterooms and quarters Of the
Pacific, Mail'0 employes.
In each of these3 cases a fine his
been levied, against jthe company and
the amount of ; fines now assessei 'iy
Uncle . Sam has resulted, if Is said, in
the company determining to assist
the government to. the elimination of
ie -traffic.
An the case of . the Siberia, it will
be remembered that Manila customs
officers confiscated a quantity of the'
drug, and . Incidentally placed . Freight
Clerk," Andrews tinder arrest
The '.liner' arrived at Honolulu yes -
terdarinoTnlng with a number of im -
portant changes in the official family.:
The new order Is stringent ' Jt was
stated 'on board the. Siberia that eyl-:
denUy;the Pacific 'Mall; baa jonclwIed
to take acuon witn a view or reduc- ernment.s eioonce, wnicn was rinisn
ing ' the long; list of fines assessed ' ed ' yesterday. .
the corporation by the federal tgov-1 Pratt's t testimony was .to the effect
ernmeftC' tt is nbW generally beeved it; comparisbris of value between
that tbefdetemlnatloh e'xpressek Jb'y! the p:; Hall site!, the property at
the steamship' company wllf serf e?. issue lrj this :,suzt, and such sites as
practicall'eYim Weigh and- brewer
frcithese't'Bteamersv - ,If 'tM
rule -had been In effect for several Vtie goyeiramenl's evidence included
years pastv alarge nbmber.pf Ofncr&'(show)hgs:tbat;ie'W at
would fbave'' been dropped1 ;;frdm Itti&l OMhppandJKing streets, sold trf. 1910
service.',. ' -1 ;' "'. . tr !' 'jior'ippixlipjately f'per square foot;
It Is even predicted that the sweep- that "the Brewer block sold with all
ing "order effects ""all officers allke. : . imprbv'enients 'In 1910 for' less" than
It is no matter who the officer may.
be when a five tael can of opium Is
from now on discovered in his quar-
ters, the result will be the same, the
rule is declared will apply to the
skipper on the bridge as well as to
the - humble watchman or quarter
master. '" "
Officers for the second year of the
Honolulu Ad Club were elected this
noon at the annual meeting held in
the Palm Cafe. The report of Secretary-Treasurer
Frailer for the' year
just closed showed that the club,
starting with seven members now
has a membership of between eighty
and ninety and eight dollars balance
in the bank. Mr. Frailer-' also re
ported that the slides for special
stereopticon lectures had arrived
from the main office of the Associated
Advertising Clubs of America" and
everything is now ready to proceed
with a course of evening lectures.
President Farrington spoke briefly of j
tne purpose of the club. He believes
that the club has a mission that is
worth while, and as soon as it is not
worth while the organization will dis
appear. He predicts increased activi
ty and growth for the coming year.
The officers elected by the adoption
oi me report oi tne committee on
ui me report, oi ine committee on
nomination consisting of A H. Ford
and others were: President, W. R,
harruigton, re-elected; first vice
president, A. L. Mackaye; second vice
president, John Lennox; secretary, J.
D. Levenson; treasurer, J. F. Child;
directors with the above, C. C. Coon
ley, S. S. Paxson, E. M. Cheatham,
Jas. A. Rath and Charles R. Frarier.
It is the plan to have the first
stereopticon lecture on advertising
given in the near future following a
dinner at the Palm Cafe. The date
and program will be announced later.
The ' office of club lecturer was
created and combined with that of
the president of the club.
The sailing hour for the transports
Sheridan and Sherman for San Fran
cisco has been fixed at 5 o'clock Fri
day evening.
The American bark R P Rithet, sail
ing from San Francisco for the isl
ands, is reported to be bringing down
eight or ten cabin passengers.
The Inter-Island steamer Claudine
is on the boards to sail for Kahului
and Lahaina at 3 o'clock tomorrow
evening, taking a fair-sized list of
passengers and a general cargo.
There are more fool men in thp
world than blind ones which may ac
count for the average girl's desire to
le beautiful rather than intellectual.
! 3
.a m.i
p.m. p. is
! TlCi 1-3 9 IS VAX 6-40 5 TR1I
;l.in. a.m.i . j i ,
0T, 12 :.ss 5, 2 i5 6- i.ilJ.iO
' '-II i
.11.17, 1.4 01 3.31 4 15 6-40 5.41!
! i : I !
4 13 j.ir 05S
'it rn. I j !
, O.lSj 1.6 ; j 5.01 J 6.41' 5 45 1.47
P.m. I I j
106; 1.9 !1J.(M; 55 9.00 6.40 5. til t 43
1 52i 2.1 i 1.19! 6 46 9 34 6 4" 5.4-1 3.48
Fix-st quarter of the moon Jan. 15th.
' TIme not stated in tables.
Special fable to Merchants'
Thursday, Jan. 1&
bound from Sydney for Honolulu,
broke propeller shaft -Jan. 14 and
may be delayed in arrival.
Arrived Jan. 16, 8:20 a. m., S. S.
-C$iyoYMar?,;!ie .
Newcastle sailed. Jan. 11, s. &
ofAcleti 'fpt gonolnlu;" r t-
The fourth M&huka site case prob
ably will go to the jury in the U. S.
district court tomorrow, after the
J arguments have been heard and the
'court has 'delivered its instructions.
Tne : latter are in preparation today,
- This , morning's ' session was '.brief.
j Janies W.' Pratt heing Introduced by
Attorney C, H. Olson, for the Austin
e'staCev owners, . in ' rebqttal, to the gov-
$7 a square foot, and that the Mc-
Candless block sold in 1903 for about
$4-75 a 'square foot '
A splendid musical program was ar
ranged for the "at" home' at the Kllo
hana Club yesterday afternoon. Mrs.
Westervelt rendered the first number,
a Spanish serenade by Kelso. The
piece was light and the air "catchy,"
and pleased the audience. An original
story; The Sins of Pepito," by Mrs.
T. F. Sedgwick, was laid in Peru. Mrs.
Sedgwick lived in Peril for a number
of years and there was a good bit of
"local color" In the stdry. The descrip
tions of the Grigitb's' garden . were very
vivid and the whole story gave evi
dence that the authoress has a talent
for short story writing. ' The last num
ber on the program was a solo by Mr.
T. F. Sedgwick. Mrs: V. D. Wester
velt played a sympathetic piano ac
companiment and Mr. John G if ford
played the violin bbligato.
At the close of the program the
guests lingered and delicious refresh
ments were served,
While the Hawaiian play will be
the main feature of ,the Kaai concert
there will be a number of songs In
Hawaiian and English. There will be
solos on the 'stringed instruments
and vocal solos as well as a number
of' part songs. The ancient Hawaiian
folk dances which delight the tourists
will also be portrayed. Bob Kaawa,
Tom Carter and Henry Kailimai, three
of Kaai's fingers who have been
heard, here often, will take promjnent
Darts in the concert.
the concert. Tne tnira
i . . . . -
finff ' P,a,yed ' commedian
in the last entertainment and as he
has the-ability for playing the humor
ous parts will probably do something
along that line in this recital. While
the concert will be given on the
twenty-third for the Clevelanders it
will be an opportunity for the Hono
lulu people to see plays enacted by
NOTICE is hereby given that the Su
perintendent of Public Works, upon pe
tition of certain residents on Hillside
Avenue, Manoa, proposes to change
the name of that portion of Hillside
Avenue, Manoa, extending from Lower
Manoa Road to Upper Manoa Road to
Kuahine Drive.
A public hearing upon this question
wai be held in the office of the Super
intendent of Public Works. Capitol
Building. Honolulu, on Thursday after
noon. January 30, 11)13, at two o'clock.
All persons having any objections to
this proposed change in name are re
quested to be present and set forth
said objections at this hearing.
Superintendent of Public Works.
Honolulu, January 16. 1!M3.
r4 4 -i:t.
Attorney Bert Lightfoot endeavored,
but without success, to convince Dis
trict Magistrate Mcnsarrat that the
contents of a "square face"' may not
have been wine and an intoxicating
liquor, when the case of Nakahara,
charged with Illegal sale of liquor, was
called this morning.
Lightfoot insisted that an official
analysis was the only means of de
termining the exact ingredients of the
contents of the bottle that had been
offered as evidence ,bv the prosecu
tion. Judge Monsarrat declined to enter
tain the motion of Lightfoot, and ac
cepted the filled container.
The Japanese was placed under ar
rest at the instance of Special Li
cense Officer Fennell. It was alleged
that he had sold wine to a pair of
visitors, who called at the home of the
defendant at Watertown.
Fennell declared on the stand that
he had seen money change hands and
the wine was passed from the hands
of the Japanese to. that of the pur
chaser, who soon .'after turned the
booze over to Fennell.
The Japanese, was assessed a
of one hunflral IdWttfti V "
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nounced that the attached resolutions
were adopted at a meeting held De
cember 9. The resolutions were sim
ple and well-drawn." They stated that
as the present administration ' would
continue but a brief period it was to
the Interest of all concerned that the
next governor should be in harmony
with the new regime. This argument
was admitted to be correct by Demo
cratic senators.
Republicans do not agree with the
attitude assumed by their Democratic
brethren and will continue ' to make
all possible "efforts in the direction of
securing confirmation for Governor
Frear and Secretary Mott-Smlth. They
are not hopeful of success but intend
to do their full duty in the matter.
The protest from the Hawaiian
Democrats was placed on the execu
tive files of the senate, where it re
mained available for the examination
of senators but excluded from public
perusaLT . ,
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at Fort Kamehameha than In barracks
in some parts of the United States.
We "will have things fixed up in good,
shape soon, and you may be sure
there will be no complaint from offi
cers or men." '
The 75th company, Captain Jones,
is camped nearest to the beach at
Kam, 'the 68th being placed Ewa of
the mortar battery emplacements.
Fifth a Loss
The Fifth Cavalry has been almost
four years on Oahu, and its departure
Is a keen regret to many people who
have formed sincere friendships with;
ofHcers and men. The regiment came
here in command of Colonel, now
Brigadier General Schuyler, who waa
later relieved by Colonel W. C:
Wilder, now In command of the regi
ment. In social affairs and in sport,
the Fifth Horse, haa" played a promi
nent part in island affairs.
The last of the cargo brought from
the coast In the Matson Navigation
steamer Lurllne has been discharged
and that vessel is listed for dispatch
for Kahului this evening. The vessel
should return here on Sunday morn
Young American woman would like po
sition as cashier. Busy place pre
ferred, or can fill in idle moments
with small bookkeeping. Address "Y.
A.." this office. 544-6t.
Bright boys with bicycles to carry
the Star-Bulletin. Apply Business
Office, Alakea St. 5344-tf
Sorrel mare and box buggy for sale,
cheap. Mare is gentle and suitable
for lady to drive and buggy is In
excellent condition. Inquire of E. Z.
Bodge, care Von Hamm-Young Co.
For Sale or exchange for su?ar stock,
a 40-acre fruit ranch unimproved in
southern California, good level gar
den land, will greatly increase in
valuation with opening of Panama
canal. A Rood speculation. Price
$1000: worth $1500. Sled
ike. P. O.
Box 413. City.
Tel. 1787.
Wilder ave-5445-tf.
Hrown mare, about lo hands. Reward
for information leading to recovery.
Apply Isaac Cockett or Star-Bulletin.
Key ring, with lour keys. Owner can
have same by calling at this office,
proving property and paying for this
ad. 544d-3t.
In which la combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, established 1S3J. a4 the
VYEXIKQ BULLETIN. csUbllshel Issued Dally and SemKWeeklj iy
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bopkbinders, Wrl
WALLACE IL FARRINGTON. . . .General Business Manager
UNTIL JAN. 1. 1813 (Preferred roaitlon 20) .........X5o PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, 11.50 first Insertion and subsequent latnea pro rata
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word 30 cents per line per week.
TelepboHe Etltorial EeexaiSl&i BisIstM Office 22!
Telepheie 221
Per Month, anywhere In United States f ,ft
Per Quarter, anywhero In United Stitai .100
Per Tear, anywhere lu United States;. .. 100
Per Tear, postpaid, foreign ............, 1100
Per Six Month $ 1.00
Per Tear, anywhere in United States ........! 100
Per Tear, anwhere In Canada ilOO
Per Tear, postpaid, f 01 eln ........... .. .. ..................... .4.00
Address all Commutations te Henolila 8UrlJsHetJa, Ltd nioJil, T. IL
At an informal gathering ef. Univer
sity Club members' around Jthe f lunch-!
eon table today, A. L.,. C. Atkinson,
who was assistant treasurer of the.Ka
tiona Progressive Part during the
lat campaign, gave an interesting talk
on the issues of the Bull Moote cam
paign, and a general description of the
way the new party'. ' went about Ita
business of boosting the candidacy of
Cc lonel RooseyelL
He said In part:
"I wish it distinctly understood, my
friends, that I will give a descriptive
talk, and don't want anyUing I tay to
te construed Into . advocacy of any
tning political.
"Before, telling you, however,, of the
great progressive national organiga
tion for conducting the -campaign and
for financing it, I wish to mention a
few facts leading up to its formation. ,
;"Tbe . republican , convention, a was
held In Chicago In 'June. ?Jn organiaf;
ing this convention, the Progressive
wing and the; bosses came into con
flict, and let me tell yoa there was a
certain amount- ol right on both
sltteE'." . - ' ' ' - -
' Explaining ' the origin of , the term
"Boll Moose," asapplied to the new
party, Mr. Atkinson said: . . V .
"After the fine, noble fight put up
by Governor Johnson - and the Cali
fornia .delegates, and- reallzlpg that
Roosevelt and Johnson would in all
likelihood be the'Tiatlonal candidates,
it was suggested that; the bear should
be the emblem as etnbodying. the
Teddy Be'ar and the California bear.
But during the Republican convention,
on the arrival of Mr. Roosevelt, the
reporters as usual called on him and
asked him, 'Howdo you feel Coloneir
1 feel as strong as a Bull Moose.'
"That evening and the next morn
ing the papers all over the country re
ported, 'Roosevelt a .'Bull' -Moose,'
'Feels as strong as one.' I think this
was with the idea! of holding him up
to ridicule. But certain papers came
out with articles on the animal, and
recommended that It be the Emblem
of tjie party, and Ilnally everyone (wb(
OF Kit Gil
VarDccIsrcdonnato, Ceo cnrl Ccns'So
Cash on hand and in banks. $
Bonds . . -.
Loans secured by mort
gages on real estate....
Loans, demand and time..
Furniture and fixUres
Accrued interest receivable
Assets other than those sik
cified above
13.24 1.2 '
62, "62."
63. !M2.)0
Territory of Hawaii
City ard County of Honolulu )ss
I. W. W. CHAMBKRLAIN, Treasurer of the Guardian Trust Company.
Limited, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to tne best
of my knowledge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before rae this 2nd day of January, 1913.
Notarj Publ -c. First Judicial Circuit.
5433 Jan. 2, 9, 16.
became a progressive was called a
Bull Moose."
Mr. Atkinson went, on to tell jo tha
convention, and Senator Beveridge'a ,
famous; VP" prosperity around"
speech. He dwelt on the rellglona nn-
AprmrrtTit that nn iltmnrh thm mhi.
vcntlonand the successful fight made
by Hawaii' for representation oa'; tho
national "committee. " He paid high;
.tribute to the. wonderful ability for or-
gran izat ion shown by George W.. Per
i kins, O'K. Davis and E. H, Hooker.
and of the Intricate Campaign organi
zation that' had for its headquarters
the whole top floor of the Manhattan
hotel. NeW TorkV The dispatch of the
volunteer speakers from one' city to
another, and from one .state ' to the
next; was a' marvel of system; accord
ing to"Mr. 'Atkinson. ' - 3
"WeTba'd a. woman's deDartmenL at
least a rinmber' of departments for V
womans'. organization, and 1 thins; 1 -:
Should estimate that about fifty worn
ed'worked 'eyery day and nlgbt ;at
headquarters during t . the campaign,"
said the speaker.'" " J
' The methods and organization of tha ?
campalgTi contribution fund.'was gono "
into at 89m length' by Mr. Atkinson.
From his account, this must bave been -a
tremendous Job to taqkle, with no
regular party lists of party purses to
tap. : Progressive literature, stamps,:
hymn books and." certificates netted as :
a whole a ttem.end.ous sum, of moqey.
'? Mr. 'Atkinson handled k. number of -the
"concessions.' ' ,
"One coairact" I, made was. wltb a
man 'who .' manufactured BuIl'Mooso :
bnnnetBV8&Id. lie. ' "Wa trot twentT
five cents on erery ona . sold. ,They
were used by tb suffragettes ; and
other enthusiasts at parades and fancy
balls. I think if any of out. girls were
to wear one," she' would be shoLT
The prpgre8slv.es spent a trifle, over
$850,000 according " to llr. Atkinson.
Tb.e speake closed with 'a talk on the
c lection and the. shooting, of .IlcoseyelL
Holders of raw sugar afd asking
S.4S cents, and' 'refiners ; bidding 3,43
cablegram received by Alexander &
Baldwin. Ltd.. which also Utea that
the mirket is steadier. The asking
figure mentioned Is .the same .a the
last price quotation tp: the, planterc. ;
The annna'l meeting of 'the'-ree
Kindergarten and thildren's ,Al& As
sociation 'will beheld tomorrow; at 10
a. m. ; : In . tbe Henry and ' porotby
Castle Memorial ee ..Kindergarten,
620' 'King v,streeLf The ' public is
coraiaor rayuea .. , ,.; ,
it hu bMB icietitiflcall dftmonitrtted tluit rmts mrm
directly rponfb! for th prd cf Bvboaie FUm.
and ottaar 4tmuU) dittae. and It ia d tmomntlv
duty of (mmi to eitemtot.tlj mU by wins
' of ervryoate eitemlat.tl pU 7 1
Stdarnaf Elcclric
Rot and '-R.oo.cb" Pcoto
Used 4racceasfnHr durtng- th put S5 yean tbrausbont
the ctir dvtiisad world. It te 'rmdr ior , tetter
tbea trap, and caasot blow is to food-like exUrmln
tora in powder form. --" J . . '
Gonmatal DepertaMata mmi Beerde af Peafia
HeeJtk rpmU their erden lee tWeeeade W besea.
Moeey fcadi if ftfaiav 'Bore aa get tfce giaelM.
2 oz. box 23c, ' 10 oz. box! .00.
Sold y draarteto ovarrwWo. ?' . j-V .
tmxnv nisTKZ run c, ait? nawis,
Capital Stock $200,000.00
o u r phi s 1 0,000.00
Undivided profits 20,401.01
Trust and agency balances 40,013.66
Other liabilities 63.93

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