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From S. F.:
Ventura, Jan 2ft.
Fr S. F.:
Nlle-Lurline, Jan. 21
From Yanromer:
.Ma ram a, Jan. 29.
For YunconTer:
Makura. Jau. 28.
... - . -
- .wr
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'.'..."it ",;'' -'
.: -.V
Kvcntnu'LulMin, Est. 182, No. VM"..
iiawaiifcri alar. Vol. XX. No. 64s7.
V f- ' l - J
JEALOUS HUSBAND DVIMGIPremier ffaptoijo' Poncar e, meted m
, . ...
Kalihi-uka Schoolyard Scene of Blood
And Violence--Manuel Mascoto Ferti
handez Turns Shot-gun on Wife, Then
&lf--Seveh Little Children Struck!
by Leaden Hail--Whole Valley in Hys-
rericai ranic as Dieeaing rupus jrcusn
Screaming to TheirxHomes
JOHANNA MASCOTO FE11NANDEZ, teler, twenfjr-flght jears, wife
' f Hannrl fflasret Fernandex, hotgvn woand left (tide of base of
brain.' Died at 11 :S0 tils me rnlng.
V.- .. v-.S
? MASt'EL MASCOTO JFEBXAKDEZ, laiorer, tnlrt j jfar, kasbsadi
i - nhititmwt n A n M tft fn Iawiv l lw Inmr mujI loff itiU iMom Ara vnr.
' llAlfAf-Aj trill HI ' f'nfiAMf Aita ihla nftinintii ani vAali . f nllr Ar
lit' rnvn .- vent-. .-J. m ii.
.V;'iiit H4et bea'd 'pAlnf.1 -bmt nit''taBgroit. jf-.- . '
;AEEL FERNANDEZ, dAVfctatfr o Mtuurl Ferns nder, fPTen yean, pu
? - plI;one shot pntered right Ttrist, naotlier In leff arm.
ADELAIDE SILTA, (en years, po ll; , ihot entered . left leg. Flesh
wonnd and not aerlous. . " .
MT1LL1E CUELHO;lx ye.nrf, pupHj ttrry shot entered right hand r.nd
.f arm and alo right leg. Thr shots In all; none however, con.
: . aldered ncrlon.. , . ,
.f CAKB1E MASCOTO, niece ef Manacl Fernandez, seten jears, pupil j
fhot. pierced right side of nod near temple. Another shot entered
. right shoulder. Both wounds ;;taJnfal but not serious.
DAY1D TSOUZA, eight years, poplli shot nlereed left side of mouth, end
two fchot entered right leg. Injuries not considered serious.
JULIA AIONA, nine years, pupil; one gunshot wnnd In rlelit urm.
; t. little finger on left hand lacerated by stray shot .Xbt serMus.
Jealousy of fancied affections of mother m.in cause of shooting.
?H KaliM Valley, high up among the green hills, reeked with tragedy
eariy th,la. morning when Manuel Mas coto Fernandet shot down his wife,
the young teacher of the Kalihi-uka school, and then turned the other bar
rel -of the gun upon himself.
i ; In the hall of flying bullets, seven children of the school were struck
and Injured. The quiet of . the little sunlit talley was shattered, and as ihe
children ran from the yard screaming In terror and pain, the scores of
little houses that border the winding read poured out hundreds of people.
Ten minutes from the time that Fernandez emptied his shot-gun, the scene
was a pandemonium, the wails of mothers, sisters and friends raising in a
chorus of horror that echoed up and down the valley for more than a
Behind them, up on the grass or
the school-yard, lay the teacher, the
back of her head literally torn o:T
by the terrific force of the mass u'
Bhot poured upon her at a distance
of less than fifteen feet
The man, one barrel of his gun
empty, did not falter In the task
he had set himself. Even before the
school yard had been deserted oy the
fleeing children, he turned back inv
a' small house near the school that
has served as his home. He walked
through he little kitchen and into the
small dining-room. There he held the '
shot gun to his head and pulled th
Then, with the left side of his fac
torn to shreds, most of his jaw blowi
away, his head little more than :
crushed eggshell, he staggered or
into the yard.
There was a little group of pani
stricken children huddled near th
schoolhouse door, too frightened evci
to run. They saw the man come ou;
of the door, reel ten paces away, an:
then lie down in the grass.
Police" ?ind Tragedy Consummated
The police, forewarned of trouble
between the man and his wife, werr
already hurrying up the valley in :
lolle auto. When they arrived, th
tragedy had been consummated. TIu
valley was in chaos. Children, rushinr
homeward, had gasped out the new,
between cries of fear, and in thi
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Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five passenger
Call and Inspect
Merchant & Alakea. Phone 2643
f tritM.ni. mImiM i An
Bids for the construction 0f the
National Guard armory, for which the
:egislature set aside an appropriation
jf $100,000 will be opened at noon to
morrow by Superintendent H. K. Bi
shop, of the department of public
works. It is underwood two or three
jontractors for thi .lportant job will
appear with tencrm,.
The figures will be based on the
remodelled plans, calling for a struc
ture of the original size contemplated
but with some of the rooms eliminat
ed. Contractors found that the orig
inal plans required an outlay of $115,
000 to 125.000. This was more than
the territory could pay, and the board
of supervisors refused to augment the
fund by taking the required additional
amount from the money belonging to
the city and county.
Very little material change has been
made in the original plans and speci
fications, however, the principal re
duction consisting in striking out
some of the elaborate interior finish
ings, leaving them ;or completion at
i a laier ume wnen me necessity is
j more urgent.
j Bids for the reconstruction of the
j Punchbowl reservoir also will be open
ed in the public works office tomorrow
Two prominent leaders in the Chi
nese smuggling operations on the
roast were caught last night by im-
migation officials in San Francisco.
Ask $155000 As
0. Hall Site
valuation of li$a,000 for the. own-
ert'uniereai 'fa "the K: O. Hall sit la
. i ft d-mr is. . I
asxeu oy Aiiorney vj.; u. uison, coun
sel fof the Austin estate In the fourth
fMahuka hearing; XT. S. District Attor
ney R. W. Breckons, counsel for the
government, asks a return of $100,000,
and those who have been following the
case believe that the valuation which
the jury is expected to return tonight
or tomorrow will Us somewhere' be
tween these two figures.
Breckons, in hi3 argument before the
jury this morning, said he thought the
valuation should not be more than
$105,000, while Olson, in hi3 opening
address, expressed the belief that the
rr.ost conservative finding could not be
less than $1.jO,000. The entire morning
was taken up in argument before the
jury and these probably will not be
concluded until late this afternoon.
The court's instructions probably will
be read then and the Jury will retire
Immediately. This is the longest ses
sion that has been held in the present
case, the daily period being from 8:30
a. m. to 12:30 p. m. It was desired,
however, to finish all the argument in
one day and send the jurymen Into the
consultation room with the features of
the subject a3 reviewed and presented
by counsel fresh in mind.
One more condemnation suit of the
Mahuka sciies remains to be carried
through the court channels that is to
determine, the value of the leasehold
Interest In the E. O. Hall site held by
E. O. Hall & Son and the amount of
damage to which the firm should be
entitled in being compelled to move
to a new location. It is thought it
will be the shortest of all the cases
conducted this far.
Seeking Timber
For Merchants'
Messrs. Cur.:.: and Trent, the nom
inating committee of the Honolulu
Merchants' Association, were the busi
est men around toun this morning.
The cause of their activity makes
something of a story.
Nine directors of ihe association arc
elected annually, and they elect the
executive officers irom among them
selves. Last year a clean sweep was
made of the retii ing board entirely new
b'ood being elected to the directorate.
1 bis was the occasion for some adverse
cn'ticism, as a result of which the
nominating committee on the present
occasion, for tue annual election on
Thursday next, submitted to the mem
bership a list o: nominees containing
i ve holdover and four new names..
To the association membership in
general the slate would probably have
been satisfactory, but it nas turnea out
that the nominees were not all con-
t-Llted and some pt mem. ior outness
reasons, will not accept me nomina
tion. This fact has resulted in the
cancellation of the list and the hu t
1'ncr of the nominating committee to
hnd nine men that will consent in ad
fauce to serve.
it v
0- v i
Burnett-Dillingham Measure Is Reported Out of Conference
and Goes Back to Senate and House with Literacy Test
Provision Unchanged Hope of Future Legislation to Ex
cept Territory from Burden
Special Star-BullUn CableJ
WASHINGTON, Jan 17. The Burnett-Dillingham immigration bill has
been reported out of conference and g oes back to the senate and house with
,ts provisions practically unaltered. The friends of Hawaii have lost the
first round in the fight to get a special exception made m. favor of the
territory, to the clause providing fo r a literacy test. It is against custom
to permit such changes as suggested to be made in conference, and undoubt
edly the house will decline to make a ny afterat on now. It is hoped, how
ever, that at some future time legislation, exempting Hawaii from the oner
ous feature of the literacy test will be presented and passed by congress,
but there is little prospect of such leg islation passing at this session.
CHICAGO, III., Jan. 17. The Chi
cago pulice have at last succeeded in
dealing a real blow at the band of
automobile bandits which for weeks
has been terrorizing vctions of the
city. Today they arrested a man,
whom they declare is the chief of the
band nd personally inculpated in
more than a
dozen of the robberies,
i Tne arrest vvas made possible in
j arge measure, through the use of a
flying squadron of taxi-cab police.
Petition for naturalization has been
filed in the office of the federal court
clerk by Joseph Francis t'harles Rock,
a native of Vienna, Austria, now a
botauist at the College of Hawaii.
JAN. 17. 1SU3.-12 PAGES.
and Scene of
,v. iV:-.--.;. .
o o
CHICAGO, III., Jan. 17. -With
ficit of more than $2,600,000 staring
the city in the face the board of al
dermen has decided to cut all city
salaries more than twenty per cent in
hope of catching up with the city's in
come. The step threatens to cause
more trouble for the
board, as there!
i are already reports of a wholesale
abandonment of jobs on the part of
those now holding them.
The schooner Andy Mahony is the!
only vessel at present known to have ;
sailed from Gravs Harbor for Honolu-
hi. This vessel" is bringing down a;
shipment of lumber and 'eft the north
a de-l
i port eleven days ago.
1 IVw
Pams, .Minister of Agriculture,
; Is Second in Voting at His
toric Old Palace of Versailles
- ( Associated Tre3s Cable)
VERSAILLES, , France, Jan. 17.
Raymond Poincaire, premier of the Rer
public, was today chosen president to
succeed M. Fallicres. The senate and
chamber of deputies, sitting in the his
toric old palace of Versailles as the
national assembly, elected Poincare by
a vMe of 483 against 295 for Jul;s
Pamt, the present mln'ater of agrK
culture. Pams is a lawver ad a dip
lomat. The election of Pcinca're Is be
lieved to be a v-.wry for the elements
which stand for peacs with rmaity.
Among the other candidates, whose
claims were considered but , who -'did
not figure in the final voting were
Jean Deputy, the famous editor of the
"yellow journal" Petit Parlsien, Plul
Deschanef, of the chamber of deputies,
Georges Clemenceau, Alexander RiboL
a former premier, and M. Pichon, the
statesman on foreign affairs arid, now
a member of the chamber of deputies.
tAssoclated Press Cable
NEW YORK, Jan. 17. Governor
Sulzer this morning announced the
pardon of Folke Brant, formerly the
valet of Mortimer Schiff. .Brant was
serving a term of thirty years in the
I state prison at Sing Sing. .In h'.t par
don Governor Sulzer declares that he
takes this step, "not as a matter of
mercy, but as one of plain justice."
rai ruiiLitu
CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 17. Thehere today refUsed to heed, the tfe-
formal note from the powers, warning
Turkey against further delay in the
settlement of the differences between
this country and the Balkan states,
has been received here. None of the
officials would make known the con
tents, but it is generally understood
I that a term is put to the length of
j deliberations in London.
With the failure of the Califorcia-
Atlantic Steamship Company, tb
Atlantic bteamstiip t ompany,
heats under charter may included
in a new line to be formeu.
The farewell diplomatic reception
' bv President Tart was neld last ni?rw
aad was an unusually brilliant affair,
Democratic Simplicity ta E 2 V
Kev, Note of Ceremcn::a :
: Inducting Next President :.
Officer Cpairman of,Ccmn;.:
tee in Charge Announces'
v .:" fAMoclated-Pm CablI
WASHINGTON, : 0,'0,,'Jan. 17
There will be no Inaugural ball tv
year. The.' formal. announcement Y
been made officially, and tr.ers
great waiting among the tc:!'y -near-eoclety
malJt and matrt- I '
car'ol-as .a. conaeqvencs. ,
but thevmot iivereani; Ct
simplicity,', say tha mis r::r. ...
for the ceremonies cf Indue; m r.
dent Ymt6rtilt.J wrrke, anJ t. . .
parently have thj president-el act .:
self backiffjC?. thf lr- stand. -.
SpetVlrgiof, .rr.i'Acr t '
Ing .Cv!rman '.Wdilam E c
Inauguration. ,arran;smsnt camnl.:
sald.that Mr.. WUson is cp?c:ti :
any fuss and feather and as a car
quencethe decision to drop -the 1
augural' ball has. met with - his :
provaL' i- .. V'- ; 1 ;. ? v
TAIiElv F!iO;,i
VIGO, Spain, Jan. ?17, After a des
perate battle with .tha heavy teat, thi
life guards here '.managed to rescus
thirty-three of the :? passengers and
crew i .of the wrecKea ana aoomea
rteamerVeronese,- before the, life, tine,
which :they had - managed to atrst:h
with flreat difficulty snapped under
the tremendous strain It la believed
that the others, stlJ I on tha vessel, are
doomed. , , - " . .
CHICAGO, Jan. 17 Jaek Johnson
today announced that he and At Pal
zer will fight to a finish In Paris, June
25 next. Tha purse hung up ,wllJ be
f30,000, and Johnson gets a guarantee
of sixty per cent, win, lose or draw. ,
LONDON, Jan. 1-The
Bar Association which is in
mands made by the suffragette for ad
mission to practice, and by an over
whelming vote decided to exciuae
a( WOmen from admission to the bar.:
th, vote was taken in the midst of
intense excitement. '
NEW YORK, Jan. 17. The .New-.
York bar association to day took ae-
: tion on tne case or lormer city Cham-
. be r la in Hyde, who is under sentence. v
(for bribery and mfsuse of hla office,
(The association, with very little dl
cuinon ot imq ; ueciaeo CO CUSDar
u.J.I.LL Uiii
I n ! !Hi 'i
" In da "iOO.Ui. j .
., - . ;
. . .., Sj au.lL: ;

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