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The Best Built Car In
It Goes When Other Cars Stop
Points In Favor of the Locomobile
ELECTRIC MOTOR STARTER The strength of the Locomobile lies In Ui
combination of the simplest and most powerful Electric Motor Starter;
installed in the best possible way; n combination with tbe most efficient
and generally satisfactory Lighting System, regardless of cost. Our en
gineers and builders by past performance have proved that they are the
best qualified, to select and harmonize the finest electrical equipment,
and build It Into the Locomobile. Ten years ago we built into the Loco
mobile a gear-driven electrical generator with an automatic switch, which
la really the basis of tbe electric lighting system of today. Later, after
careful research, we designed and built our own magneto, as well as
our own spark plugs and the entire electrical apparatus of the car. We
have been advised by engineers who have specialised on the electrical
equipment for automobiles, that our installation is better than on any
other car.- s
DEVELOPMENT During the last three years, our engineers have given
much time and attention to electrical equipment. We have tested very
thoroughly every device which has been offered, and after most exhaust
ive research have' proved conclusively that an electrically driven motor
starter Is the best solution of the problem. Our experiments showed con
clusively that the essentials of the present system, which we have adopt
ed, were superior to all others, and we have developed this system to a
, nolnt where we are confident it is in every way worthy of the Locomo
bile. SIMPLICITY The pressure of the foot, on a plunger starts the motor. Only
one motion required.
LOCKING DEVICE The foot pedal, or plunger, is removable, io that it can
be lifted out and may be concealed in one of the pockets of the car, or
carried "by the driver when the car is left standing without attention.
UNIT SYSTEM The Locomobile Starting Motor is designed and built for
tffe work of starting themotor only, and does nothing else. Our Light
ing Dynamo is designed to give the best lighting service and is not called
upon to do anything else.
of the Locomobile Electric Starter is the fact that the motor is contain
ed in a bronie housing, mounted upon the engine bed. Thus it is an in
tegral part of the power plant and is bound to be in alignment. Our
method of mounting is far superior to placing the starting motor on the
frame because we do away with the possibility of two independent
movements of vibration that of the frame and the engine.
building our Motor Starter, we purchased only the Motor and the Switch,
designing and building the rest of the apparatus. An efficient Electric
Starter must be built into the car by tbe car maker, and it must be
built into the car as an integral part of it. We designed and manufac
ture' 95 qf the parts of the Locomobile Electric Motor Starter; the
bousing, the gears and the shafts are all manufactured by us. The gears
are Chrome Nickel Steel; the shaft is Chrome Nickel Steel, ground and
hardened, and mounted on ball bearings. This installation, as we have
mentioned above, is superior in design, workmanship and mounting to
that in any other car.
portant part of the apparatus, is conveniently located under the floor
board, 'where it can be Instantly inspected.
POWER One of the most important points in an Electric Motor Starter is
to have araple"powtr for Starting the motor. Our Motor Starting is Six
volt, Four Pole, Series Wound, and turns the Locomobile Six-Cylinder
Motor over from 7ft to 80 revolutions per minute. With series winding,
we get rapid acceleration. The Locomobile Starter will not only turn
over our six-cylinder- engine faster than any other motor starter, but it
will run the tabtor with the full battery charge for one-half hour. The
importance of the power of our Motor Starter may be appreciated when
it is understood that none of our six-cylinder motors can back-fire
against this apparatus.
EFFICIENCY Our Electric Motor starter will not fail to rotate the motor,
even though it be on dead center.
ELECTRICAL COMBINATION One of the most Important points is the com
bination of the Locomobile Electric Motor Starter with the Locomo
bile Electric Lighting System, which is the best mechanically and the
most completely worked out in all its details. In this connection, it is
essential that consideration be given the Important fact that our Light
ing System alone costs as mucin, if not more, than any one of a number
of other lighting and starting systems combined. There are a number
of combined electric and starting systems on the market, the adoption
of any one by us would have been a matter of expediency, only only
enabling us to advertise Electric Starting, as well as Electric Lighting,
but without offering to the customer the highest development of these
features, as we feel they should be Incorporated in the Locomobile. No
such combined system met our tests. Only by adopting one highly spe
cialized Lighting system could we assure ourselves that we had the high
est efficiency in that direction;. only by selecting the best Electric Start
er could we get superiority In that field. Xo other car has Electric
Lighting o fully developed as in the Locomobile. In no other car is the
combination of Electric Lighting and Starting handled in the same effi
cient way.
1913 Cars Now In Stock
Demonstrations Cheerfully Given
Geo. S. Wells, Manager
1 AV&g
4 K i. I
a1 7"cl-
!lie Car Ii A Class By Itself
' ( ' " . . ,
TIN announcing the models for the year 1913, The Locomobile dompany
of America expresses confidence , that the high anticipations of its
Datrons will have full realizatiom Having attained so material a
lead as to mechanical practice several years ago, the manufacturers have
been able to devote unusual, attention to features of luxury and comfort.
The advantages of this.strong jposiion are reflected to the utmost in the
1913 models. .'Emt''-aNCrSt attained serviceability
with refinement that the motor-car indust will have to offer.
For 1013 tiny arclMult in three sizes: thPlonjj stroke Six "48,'' developing S2 horse-power;
the Little Six, developing over 00 horse-jMver, and the "30" four cylinder, developing 41 horse
power. The Six "4S" is e)uipel with touring, torjKilo, roadster, limousine and lan-
daulet hodies.
The Little Six includes all the ahove with the addition of Herlines.
The ":i" four rylindei' in touring, torjMh and roadster models.
In addition to new body designs whieh exiress unique ideas, as well as the latest features
of American and European prat-tire, these cars include every feature contributive to the coin
fort and convenience of the passengers or the driver.
The long, sweeping straight line bodies are united to the bonnet by a well -shaped curved
dash. The body surfaces are uumarred and unbroken by hinges or handles. Long wheel base,
perfect spring suspension, absolute balance and ten-inch upholstery assure the maximum of
(Jlass fronts, integral with the curved dash, dynamos supplying all lights, air compressors
for inflaiing the tires, electric starter for starting the motor, all are factors for convenience.
The equipment includes quick detachable, demountable rims.
Svn'ii PiKM-nirors Right-hand Inside Irlte and Control.
ACAi: F Till: HKOADLST SCOPL. with long stroke, six-cylinder motor, developing S'J
horse-power. It has a wheel base of inches, three-quarter elliptic' rear springs, ten
inch upholstery ;uid an especially wide rear scat crfectly shaped fur comfort. It is
equipped w ith a dynamo system, controlled from the driver's seat, supplying electric current to
all lamps. The curved dash is integral with the wind shield. A power-driven air compressor is
supplied for inflating tires. The top. of new design, is of the best silk mohair.
l.odies are of an unusually grac fill straight-line t y h and are entirely free from projecting
hinges or handles, l.'iinning -boards are clear, all equipment, batteries, etc, being stored in con
cealed comport nieiits. (nib v detachable, demountable rims. Spare tire.s carried en the rear.
HE most lmporUnt
: element which caa
be considered V oh
der eiuipmeat A
h mAtter ot ' Iisnu.
Lights must be poltlre,'
of 4ong range, and euy 4
of controL The Locomo
bile U equipped with, the
ntost perfect electric
lighting dynamo iytem
yet derUed for an auto
mobile. , Erery detail la
worked out with the ame
care that would be given
to dynamps of a central
tation. AU UghU are
equipped for electricity
and are excluWiy de
signed for the' Locomo
bile. They are entirely
new in pattern, the large
bulky lamp being done
away with. Heavy, spec
ial armored cables carry
the current from chassis
connector to the lamps.
These connectors are of
the bayonet locking type.
Equipment includes motor-driven
air compres
sors for Inflating tires,
drop forged tire carriers
on the rear, bolted to
steel frame; electric
starter, silk mohair top
of new design, glass front
which is made integral
wiCT the curved dash,
quick detachable, de
mountable rims and a
complete tool kit.
Closed cars are fitted
wifh appointments as ex
clusive in design and de
tail as the outside Sterl
ing Silver finish, includ
ing toilet cases, speaking
tubes, window screens,
dome and corner lights.
Catalogs and
For the "Asking
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