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njn. p.m. p m. a m -'
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I ir. a.m..
II ST 14 K" 4 16 6 4" 5 41 -
4. 13 t.i' :.4i i
Honolulu will bold many strangers
within the gates with the arrival of
' the Oceanic liner Ventura from the
coast, which vessel is due to come
to a. berth at Oceanic wharf at an
Nearly hour Monday morning.
The Ventura is reported as bringing
down 114 cabin and 14 steerage pas
,; senders for Honolulu.
A wireless merage from the veEsel
.'": received at the office of C. Brewer
and Company is to. the effect that 88
passengers in the several classes are
en route to Pago Pago and Sydney,
; : j. s. w. ,.
. viThe Ventura also brings 381 tons of
I .general cargo from the mainland, in
V which" is expected to be a number ol
'' automobiles.
, One of the largest mails to be re
. ceived here in many weeks is aboard
the vessel In the consignment of 319
' sacks for discharge at this port The
, . present intention la to dispatch the
C vessel for the colonies along about
three o'clock Monday afternoon.
. ,'llMTj Bain Hong Windward, Hawaii
; Heavy rains have prevailed , along
windward Hawaii for aomejiays, ac
cording to reports that have reached
V:.hera with the arrival of Purser Chas.
Jones in the.ateamer Manua Kea this
V morning. The tInter-Islaivd vessel re-
' turned " with 120 packages ' sundries,
l a Quantity of empt ydrums, JO cord
ood, and several crates Chlckeaa.
" The Mtfuna Kea' freight lor Laupa-
noehoe . wes : carried cnsto , Hllo,
weather conditions at ; the t exoosed
: port being, unfavorable' to ..bring , the (
email . boats to a landing. " ' .
''.-, The Mauna Kea met with moderate
" ; 'pradea and seis.ln returning. The In-J
Jter-Island steamer WaUcie waa tak:
log on cargo at Kuluihaele and ; was
expected would return to Honolulu
todays The steamers Kacai and, Kea-J
uhou were 'at Hllo: jit . the tiaae tne
Wauni Kearemaihed at'Hilo, - 0 '::.'
filial ' Carrier Many Excursionists.
" Jiiaj. excursionists are $ald to hate
taken advantage-of th great reduc
tlon in passenger, rates. placedia ef
fect oa the. Pacific Mall Intermediate
s steamer Nile, travelers In which ves
sel enjoyed a round trip from Shang
hai to Manila: by tha way? "ot Hong
kong at $30. ; . This , rate also Included
v a . tingle passage from Shanghai to
Manila, at the rate of. $20 -'and from
Thangh&Lto Hongkong .byheray. of
. Manila t $20. "The special rate made
. for the one trip did not Include any
'., , atopover privilege. ;- v'- 'it'-TU-.
The Nile is now on the way from
' : Japan ports to Honolulu and San
- Francisco and should arrive here on
, Monday according to late advices r
' ceived at the local agency. The ves
sel has . a small amount of Oriental
cargo for discharge here.
T. K..K. Extends TJme Limit ..
' Ah extension of the time limit to
round trip tickets offered fwr . sale by
the. Toyo Kisen Kalsha from four to
six months it is predicted will' prove
most acceptable to trans-Pacific trav
elers. The local agency of the Jap-"
: aaese .line has been advised from the
head office ,at. fcckio ttatin j that tne
'company has extended the time limit
on the round trip., without Increasing
the cost of transports tiOa,
; , -; r , i-'yl x'.
Ventura Report.
The following win less message has
" been " received from the Oceanic
steamship Ventura, Lonnd for Hono
lulu from San?"Vranc.teco :
S. S. Ventura, at sea, January IT,
1913, 8 p. m.:114 cabin passengers,
14 steerage, passengers, SSI tons gen
eral cargo for Honolulu, 319 sacks
mall for Honolulu. Will arrive Mon
day morning off port 6:30 a. in.
Local Kotlce lo Mariners.
- Hawaiian Islands. Molokai island,
south shore, Kaunakakai range rear
light reported extinguished, will be re
lighted as soon as practicable. By or
der of the commissioner of ligbt
. houses. -
, Schooner Allen Corns Some.
.- ..Thirteen days fTbin Honolulu to
. Port Ludlow is the time alleged as
having been required by the American
schooner S. C Allen in returning to
the coast The vessel sailed from
' Honolulu on J:ui.. 4, after having been
discharged of :. s!iijTuent of lumber
. consigned to I'm ar.-J Robinson. The
' schooner re; 'k .i thv sound port yes-
c-Schooner Sa'cm in With Lumber.
Twenty-eight days from Tacoma,
WashM the rciiooncr Calenj with lum
ber is an arrival at the port today, the
1' vessel beicg tov.cd to her wharf this
(MS. H.
Freight and mails for windward
Kauai ports will be dispatched at 5
o'clock Monday evening in the steamer
The Irter-lBland Steam Navigation
Company has placed the steamer Iwa
lani on the berth for departure for
Kawaihae and Mabukona Tuesday
Mail destined for the mainland may
be forwarded In the Matson Naviga
tion steamer Lurline, which is sched
uled to denart for the coast at &
o'clock Tuesday evening.
The Inter-1 eland steamer Claudine
to arrive from Maui ports tomorrow
morning will be dispatched Monday
evening for Lahalna and Kahdlui, tak
ing freight and passengers.
The Pacific Mail liner China, In sail
ing from San Francisco yesterday Is
believed to be proceeding across the
Pacific with a. number of new officers,
the result of a general shake-up in
the personnel. 'J
Three o'clock Monday afternoon has
been the hour, set for the departure of
the Oceanic liner Ventura for Austra
lia. The Ventura from San Francisco
should arrive at her wharf at an early
nour m ine morning.
General cargo and supplies for isl
and . plantations .were forwarded to
Hawaii today ' in the Inter Island
steamer Helene, which is expected to
call at Kohplalele, JPaauilo, Kukalau,
Ookala and iLaupahoehoe.
- Calling here for provisions and sup
plies,; the United States coast and geo
detic survey steamer Patterson was a
visitor to the port of Honolulu yester
day. The officers : in the Patterson
have been conducting survey and
charting of iaul coast lines.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea from HUo
X f
and way ; ports; Mr, vMoshkpwsky,
Mrs. Moshkowsky, Mrs. Sutter, Miss
McLaren; Miss . H. . B. Oakley, Miss
Truman, M. .C Oakley. has. l-am, S.:
T.i EtarretL D. Conway; Chaa. Soble,
J. , B. .Castle,. R C Stringer, Mrs, E.
C; Stringer, Phillip, Stringer, Mr. Ka
gl wara. Y. Yoshlmura, J. Hind, i Klssf
11 Irwin, H. 4iRentoa, -It Buaher; Jri
V, . Moansull, jMra. J Moanauli J. Mo
anaull,; Mrs. - Sara . KUnakanul,; A, L.
twoulsron, Di St. Sure, Mrs T. Hol
stein E H. Harti lira O. S. Goodness,
1L DefrU3. F. F. Lacks; S. Hlrakawa,
N. Imafjigi, Mr E.;aneberg, W. P.
McDouga'i Mr.Apo, Miss A. King,
Hugh HbwelL v . .
Pver str. Claudine, for Maul ports,
Jan; 20. A.. Haneberg, W, W. Taylor.
" Per str. Llkelike, for Maul and Mol
okai ports, Jan. 21. Mr. and Mrs. G.
P. Wilder, Capt Edwards, Capt.
Gamc 'S. G. Wilder Srrf S. G. Wilder
Jr., E.'-H, Hand, A. F. Judd, L. M.
Judd, Miss H. .McCosriston, Mr. and
Mrs. H. jIcCori-fston.
Per str Kinau, for Kauai ports, Jan.
21. MIsV Brewer, Mrs. H. Isenberg,
Mrs. -'Carj. Wolters and infant, E. C.
Smith, ils Brewer, Mrs. H. Isenberg,
Miss Mary Brown.
Per str. Mauna Kea, for Hilo, via
way ports, Jan. 22. Judge and Mrs.
Kingsbury, H. W. M. Mist, Mr. and
Mrs. C. O. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs.
WO. H.JChinn, U Tiger, Miss Place,
Mr. and frs. J. B. Merrett, Mrs. M.
Alice Miller, Mrs. M. S. Smith, Mrs.
A. F. Perry, Mrs.- C S. Stephens, Mrs.
H. E. Webster.
Per str. W. G. Hall, for Kauai ports,
Jan. 23. A. H. Rice, wife and two
children, A. Horner.
Saturday, Jan. 18.
Temperature 6 a. m., 68; 8 a. m.,
74; 10 a. in., 74; 12 noon, 76. Mini
mum last night, 65.
Wind 6 a m.. Velocity 5, N. E.; 8
a. m., velocity 3, N. E.; 10 a. m., ve
locity 4, S. W.; 12 noon, velocity 12,
S. Movement past 24 hours, 123
Barometer at S a. m., 29.99. Rela
tive .humidity, 8 a. m., 68. Dew-point
at 8 a. ra., 3. Absolute humidity, 8 a.
in., 6.165. Rainfall. 0.
Appraisers appointed by the court
lo examine the estate of John Wright.
(reported yesterday that the holdings
are worth a total of $48,533.77, con
sisting largely of holdings of stocks.
These include fifty-eight shares of
Waianae Company, seventy-five shares
of the Hawaiian Electric Company,
and 447 shares of the Oahu Sugar
Company. The estate also owns two
houses, worth $4350 and 15.000 siuare
feet of land valued at $3750.
Martin J. Scully, for a long period,
a popular member of the federal cus
toms staff of inspectors, has returned
to hia old love, after two years' sep
a ration from the service, during which
time he identified himself with the po
lice department as special officer.
Scully but recently! loomed iorth prom
inently in the political spotlight as a
candidate for the office of chief of Ho
nolulu's fire department.
When Miss Democracy began cast
ing about fpr men of handsome and
commanding presence to grace the of
fice of fire chief, she is said to have
looked with considerable favor upon;
the Adonlslike figure of Scully. The,
many frjeads of Martin, now aligned I
with the Bourbon party insisted that1
their champion was no stranger to the
fire-fighting, game Ho is .known to
have served three years with one of
the k large departments on.. the coast
before coming to Honol ul a. j
However. Martin concluded an ap
pointment with Collector of the Port
Stackable. this morning and when he
gleefully ambled down the stairs at'
the federal building. he clutched a doc
ument that gave him authority to
again, don ,lndigo-hued and becoming'
raiment, and display the glittering
and, gilded badge of authority of a
full-fledged customs inspector. j
Scully will take up his duties with
the night force beginning with this
date. J
When Martin, left the customs to
take up life as guardian of the public,
peace and morals, be left the wayj
open for reinstatement
In customs circles he is rated as a
competent and efficient officer. His
advent along, the waterfront will be
hailed with, pleasure by the anqy of
constantly arriving tourists who have
In the past, been. inclined to look upon
Scully aa thejr. guide and protector, 1
as well as a perambulating bureau ol
information. . , .
Tcstimonv eiven before the senate
committee., investigating the- .Mexican
situation makes. pubUc the fact that
5.000,000 . rounds of ammunition , have
been shipped Xq Mexico via New .Or
leans, since the neutrality , proclama
tion of last Spring. .
Unfurnished cottage, or three unfur
nished rooms. Address "G. L. S.,"
this office. 5447-6L
House and lot, beautiful large home,
fine grounds, furniture, etc., serv
ants quarters and garage, view un
obstructed, location Palolo Valley.
Size lot 100x200. Bargain $3,500.
Spalding & Co., Kaimuki, Tel. 42C6.
Fine lot and good house, 75x125, near
car. Six rooms, bath, sleeping
porch, completely furnished, all for
Spalding & Co., Kaimuki, Tel. 4266.
Lf.rgain House and lot, 160x300, Nu
uanu Valley. Water, sewer and gas,
Spalding & Co.. Kaimuki, Tel. 426.
Pedigreed black and white Cocker
Spaniel, best of stock, age two years,
thoroughly house-broken. Apply D.
C. Wilson, Sweet Shop. JUS Fort
St. 5447-3t.
Bargain: 1 ladies' gray squirrel coat
and 1 ladies' Mongolian coat. Apply
0 Cottage Grove. King St.
Corner lot 150x200, beautiful view,
elegant homes adjoining. A snap
for $1,500.
Spalding & Co., Kaimuki. Tel. 42C6.
54 4 7-6 m:
House of eight rooms, furnished com
pletely, beautiful large rooms, hot
and cold water, fine view, sleeping
porch, every modern improvement,
only $50 per month. Must be seen
to be appreciated.
Spalding & Co.. Kaimuki. Tel. 42G6.
Passbook No. 4233, Hank of Hawaii i
Savings Dept. Finder please return!
to bank. 5447-3t.
Don't pay two prices; that is whati
you do when you buy readv-made!
clothes. Geo. Martin, The Tailor. !
N. Kanai. 1X58 Fort St..
house buildinK only. Tel.
i Ol C.4" 5.44 i 4T j
; 1 uC 1.3 m4 -Vi'i 'Xt ' C 40 S. t ; 2
i I
! 1 .S2: 5.1 1 19 t 4.. 9 34 6-4' 0.43 :'..4
First quarter of the moon Jan. loth.
Time not stated in tables.
Special Cable to Merchants1
Saturdar, Jan. 1.
PORT LUDLOW Arrived. Jan. 17,
Schr. S. C. Allen, hence Jan. 4.
HILO Sailed, Jan, 17, S. S. Colum
bian, for Salina Cruz. ' c
S. S. VENTURA Will arrive from
San Francisco Monday, at 6:30 a.
with 114 cabin and 14 steerage
Sas3engerg; 381 tons of cargo, end
19 sacks cf mail.
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members thought tnould be paid the
Austin estate for its interest in the
1". O. Hall site. It had reauired aDout
&iy weeks to give the evidence in sthe
cse. But as both sides, the govern
ment and owners' counsel profess to
be ratisfied no attempt is likely to be
riMde to have the 'award thrown out
tif court.
Real Estate Expert R. R. iteidforu.
os wltnets for the owners set 5 per
cent as the going rate of discount in
l?10,.-when the tederal condemnation
was instituted. Cecil Brown, as wit
ness for the government, said C per
ctnt was the regular rate of discount
at ithat time.
- Five. experts gave valuations 0V1 the
12, O. 'Hall property, and these valua
tions were reduced by the various
r'ytes of discount and set before the
jvry on a large chart during the p ro
pes of the trial, .
By adding, the five figures given un
der the rating of 5 percent discount
and then dividing by Ave, the average
valuation of the experts Is found. It
is, also found that this is within -$40
of l ho figure returned by the jury yes
terday as its award of $133,640.
- If this 4s the method of arriving at
the figure of the award tnat was act
ually used the variation of $40 was
rr.ade in the.govenmieiu s iavor.
(Continued frorn Pag 1)
pie, business men especially, and the
consensus of opinion appeared to be,
not only from the ordinary citizen
but business men of all political par
ties, that a time had arrived when it
was necessary to appease the public
clamor for a reduction of tariff du
ties. "The congressional elections two
years ago gave notice and warning
that it would be necessary to reform
and reduce the tariff. Manufacturers
and business men generally have
made up their minds that the tariff
will be reduced and must be reduced,
and they are looking forward with
much optimism and great faith in
President-elect Wilson to the inevita
ble alteration of schedules. They be
lieve that his influence and the natu
ral trend of sentiment in congress
will cause changes In the tariff to be
made gradually, and that the reduc
tions will not be so pronounced or
arbitrary as to create anything like
a panic.
"Drummers and business men were
outspoken in expressing what they
regarded as a statement of existing
fact namely, that the change in ad
ministration from one of the great
political parties to the other in the
near future has caused by anticipa
tion less business disturbance than
that of any similar change in tuo
"It is generally recognized that both
the House and Senate, as well as the
White House, all favor tariff reform
and tariff reduction, and that in the
next four years the reductions will be
great, but none of the changes will be
so sudden or so material as to cau3e
anything like a commercial or indus
trial panic. The men engaged in
manufacturing generally understand
the situation thoroughly and seem to
be reconciled to it and have no fars
for the future.
"To my own mind the high cost of
living is due largely to excessive ta
riff duties, but to a larger and great
er extent to the avarice and greed of
the retailer and the middle roan be
tween the retailer and the manufac
turer and producer."
Judge Quarles stated that from all
that could be gathered in Washington
there would be no confirmation of
presidential appointments at this ses
sion except in cases of emergency.
He also said, in answer to a question,
that he never heard any particular
reference to sugar in. discussions of
the tariff.
Tuberculosis circulars, printed in
English, Hawaiian, Portuguese and
Japanese and giving briefly the more
important points of information '-on-cerning
this dread malady have
prepared at the order of Dr. l'rait,
president of the board of health, riud
will be posted i nc-jaspicuous p!.:t -
on the other inland.--. vr-'- ' i ll' r
culotif, exhibit -if l. n n i"; . '..w.
The ciroiilKis explain h-v t!-o d::-fa--is
.contract d. how patients shou! 1
care for th-- tiiffrlvts. how dio..,. v..':-.
coiv.o in co:j:,i-f wie'.i s?jfi''r) .- i- u! 1
be protected ami includes some
air campaign literature.
0 19 l.C
The i!cr.cl'j!;i l iaring Mil! fumpany
totly was awarded the contract for
the construction of the new armory,
its bid of $;3,353 being the lowest of
the three tenders mai'.e for thfj job
an i tfct only one that came within the
$Uo,t-00 appropriation set aside for
the project by the last legislature.
The other bids were: lord-Young
Engineering comjuiny, $lt5.ooo, and
Spaulding company. $102,60.
As soon as the successful bidders
!e their bond, which must be for
twenty-five per cent of the tender,
they may begin active work. This
probably will be within the next week
or ten days.
This leaves $6,647 remaining of the
appropriation, but this will be ab
sorbed largely by architects' fees and
other incidental expenses which the
territory must incur before the struc
ture is completed.
( . - i. 6 4 ? V- .?..:
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man must be fed by the means of a
glass tube. His respiration is also
assisted" by artificial means; both rub
bered glass tubiug being installed
at his nose and throat
The laauest over the body of Jo
hanna Fernandez, will be held Mon
day afternoon, and this morning Dep
uty Sheriff Rose paid another visit
to the scone of the shooting and serv
ed notices upon several score of wit
nesses including the parents of the
children. involved in the shooting, to
appear at the inquest which will be
held at the police station.
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion Pope announced this morning
that the . school at the scene of the
tragedy .will, not be reopened. After
consultation with members of the
L school board and with Inspector Gib-"
son, he decided that the school will
not open on Monday and no more
children will be. sent to the little
house . far up the valley. For some
time the department has been trying
to get the school down closer to the
more thickly populated section of the
valley, and now the board of super
visors will be asked to make a small
appropriation for. the purpose of mov
ing it about three-quarters of a mile
down the valley.
Admiral Low Reports AH Well
"Admiral" Eben, Iow, in the little
launch Elizabeth, eu "route to Lanai,
on a goat . hunting expedition ,waa
spoken hi, the officers of the Inter-
Island steamer Iwalani. Mr. Low re
ported ail ..well on board the launch
p.nd made Inquiry concerning the
wereabouts of the schooner vaeht
Molly Lou.
The first regular weekly collection
of garbage by motor truck service will
be made Monday, Jan. 20, 19j:;
throughout the Kaimuki and Palolo
districts and every Monday thereafter,
by order of tne city authorities. Ad
dress complaints and suggestions to
the Club's sanitary committee, P. O.
Dox 5:)1.
5447-lt. Chairman.
At the regular Annual Meeting oft he
Shareholders of the- Hamakua & South
Kohala Telephone ! & Telegraph Co..
held Jan. 11th, the following officers
were elected for 1&13:
L. S. Aungst President
A. omith Vice-President
A. H. Lindsay Auditor
J. Pritchard Sec.-Treas.
A. M. I?oyle Director
A. Morrison Director
.!. G. Jones Director
5l47-3t. Secretary.
Circuit, Territory of Hawaii, in the
Matter of the estate of Charles T.
Kodgers. deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
and accounts- of He nry C. Meyers and
Wir.iani D. Alexander, ex liters of
the will and estate. C. T. Kodgers. de
ceased, wherein p:iioi,er asks to be
allowed $13S7.o5 and charged with
k;:2!C')4, and asking that the same
be examined and approved, and th'
a final order be made of distribution
of the remaining property to the
sons thercio entitled and discharging
petitioner and sureties from all fur
Ther responsibilities herein:
It is Ordered, 'hat Twrsday. the 25r.b
day of February. A. 1. l'.M3, at 'J
o'clock A. M., before the Judge-presiding
at Chambois ef said Court at
his Court Room in :he d 1 V. M. C. A.
Uuil.lir.g. in Honolulu, t'o-mty of Hono
lulu, be and the same hereby is a;
pointed the time and place for hear
ing said Petition and Acecun's, and
that all persons nu rested may then
and there apiear and shov cause, if
any they have, why the s:.ie should
not be -granted and may present evi
dence as to M ho are lit ir I 1 to the
said property.
lMed the 17th day of Jaioiriry,
Ily the Cojn :
( :erk of the C i r 1 1 i 1 Court of the First
i'. H. DICKEY. Attorney for Execu
tcio. 54i7-Jau.IH, 25, Feb. 1, s.
In rirhica Is comh'aed t4 lUwixiArlSTAR, esubllihed 1W, aad tat
EYEN1XQ BULLETIN. osUbllshed 1S&2. Issued Dally aad Sml-Wealy 7
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE R. FARRLNGTON. . . .General Bnsioesa Manager
UNTIL JAN. 1. 1313 (Preferred Petition 20) 15c PER INCH
TRANSIENT RATE, ll.BO first lnsertloa and tubaequent lut pro rat
CLASSIFIED, On CeU pr wtrd SO cents pr line pr week.
Tflcpbons EdJtorLil Eas21S5) Saslorss Office tii$ .
Trlf phene 22U
Per Month, anywhere la United Statu t .15
Per Quarter, anywheru la United Statea j'oo
Per Year, anywhere hi United States a.0d
Per Year, postpaid, foreign .....,..., 12.00
Per Six Months 1.00
Per Year, anywhere in'' United States ..........i... s!oo
Per Year, any where In' Canada t tm joo
Per Year, postpaid, foieign. .. ...........,..., 4.00
Address All Communications U Honolnlv Star-BnUetla, Lid, Ilenolala, T. II.
.lit iUiili Aiiay
If . V i i - -
Pedro Gaston Jauntily sauntered
into. tee Banzai saloon last night anJ
in company with a number of friend 3
and countrymen ordered, liquid; re
freshment, calling for 'the settlement
of a considerable bill; which, when
payment was demanded, offered a
check drawn on. a local Lank, calling
for sixty dollars.
AH went well until the check was
turned In for payment this morning,
wnen the proprietor of the thirst par
lor made the unpleasant discovery
that the paper was worthless, -
Kellett placed Gaston under arrest
and he now languishes at the central
receiving station, pending the Investi
gation fcy the police officers for fur
ther passage of worthless checks.
Deputy Chief : ot" Defectives Kellett
recovered other checks issued by Wal
ter C. Williams, a young man prom
inently identified with the Y. M. C. A.
which are declared by the police to
be worthless. v . ;' ;
Williams was placed under arrest by
the officers. It being alleged 'that
paper which he passed out in this city
and calling for sums against a deposit
in tne First National Bank of Hawaii,
failed to bring forth the desired funds.
Kellett had in hl3 possession tUIa
inoriiing one check drawn by Williams
against the local bank for five dol
lars, payable to the Y. M. C. A.
A local clothier also, turned over a
bit of paper, calling for the payment
of $15.00, also drawn against the same
financial institution.
On its tender of $14,800 the Pacific
Engineering Company today was glv
en the contract for the reconstruc
tion of the hig Punchbowl reservoir,
which was condemned some time ago
and has befn in disuse -for several
The reservoir, erected to hold about
730.000 gallons of water, will (e prac
tically rebuilt- The old wooden roof
is to be removed and a concrete cov-J
ering, overlaid by turt will be plac
ed; the sides will bo relined with
concrete and an entire new floor in
stalled. The money for thia improve
ment comes from the general fund.
The other bidders were J. Walker,
$15,700: Hugh Howell, $28,825; Lord
Young Engineering Company, $1S.000;
A. P. McDonald. $15,070. and Hono
lulu Planing Mill Company, $15,485.
As war, announced several days
apo the Stockholm Olympic canien
pictures will bo shown at the Liberty j
Theatre, at both this afternoon s ma-t
inee and tonight, for tan last time.
That these uictures hu.ve pro . en a
profitable investment for the mannas- J
inent there is little doubt, as cowd-;
ed houses w re thr ru!- for the threo
performances they were exhibited,
and that they are a3 interesting as
any pictures yet seen at the Liberty
seems to be the general opinion. In
addition to tlv Olympic game pic-
tures another feature that jdv s pro-
mis of bein out of the-uual will j
thp bur k-ri!int' rhatlfns'p rontpst I
between two local "broncho-busters,"
nnly in this instance, instead of a
broncho the animal to be taint d will
mniif rriimm A ? in
J- n - t : " V ' I
he Mr?. Harrison's bucking mule,
' Dynamite" anrl those who have sepn
li.tli t" u; ii In and the wou!d-bc-riders
in action claim thnt the match is an
even money proposition.
Ekctra, DeLca and Orma will
bring their local ' engagement to a
Close with, tonight's performaacfs aad
some surprises arc promised by Elec
tra. that, owing to peculiar laws, can
not be advertised, but, those Via the
know,- claim , some stunts will be
spring that are not on $he program.
Inter-IsUrid Men Now Htflfi In Chinese
Donald Kent, and John M. French,
who up to some ? months t ago were
valued aid well-lilced employes with
the; Inter-IxJehd Steam Navlgatloa
; Company, servirj the transportation
cotnpacy in soveral capacities, have
; been heard from through advices re-
iceivcu irnm snnehaf -fhrnn; - -
I selves , with , the Imperial Chinese Cus-
rioms service at the "gay Paree" of
north China, In the role of lnspectorsT
the former Honolulans are said to
have made good and are In direct line
for' Important promotion t -
They do say that one cf these days
HcnduluvwM hear of the pair as prom
inently figuring In the councils of the
Chinese republic : 1 --: H "
era nouse
Va i ; January 23.
, ,'. .a . . !
; - "Hr1: ;
''.;.-;-:v.; -
" :
: t t "-
Presented by . t
'AndHis'Wortd Famoukr -T
R O U B A D O U R 3
Songs and Meles of Ancient Hawaii,
Hula Dancers. Realistic Stage
Setting. Unequaled Music
Admission . . . :. . . ": .25c, 50c, 75c
In Button Boots stands for the
newest. We have thece in
Clack Vici Kid
Black Dull Calf
Black Dull Calf
They ma&e you feel younger.
Shoe Co., Ltd,
1 o", 1 f-'ort St.
Phone 1782

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