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Frm S.
WilhHmina, Ian
For S. F.:
Nile I-urline. .Inn
From Vancouver:
Marama, Jan. 29.
For Vjincoatrr:
Makura, Jan. 28.
i "
evening Hulktin, Kst. 1S-2. No. .".14S.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No.
L.uUu u..
jAAV 3111
Unspeakable Deeds of Ottoman
Troops Told by Return
ing Greek
Brutalizes Unbelievable The!
Common Weapon of
. ,
; 4 ; Bringing with him the first real
j-f personal stories of an eye wit-
pets, of the Balkan war against
, the Ottoman,' George Lycurgus,
fprjsprretor of the Union Grill,
reached .home this morning on the 4
Ventura,' after nearly two years
spent In his native Athens. -t
Did they not bear out in gen-
eral the stories sent by the war 4
4- correspondents of the big New
4 York and London papers, some of 4
4 the statements made by Lycur- 4
4 gus would be almost unbelievable. 4
4 He tells of women, ravished and 4
v, 4 spitted on red hot irons; of child-
4; ren as, yet unborn being torn 4
from the bodies of their murder- 4
4 ed mothers, and Jn mockery plac- 4
4 ed!ln the dead arms of parents, 4
f jvv ho;; were propped up on the
4 ground fac'ngjthe charred embers 4
;-f thfir homes, pf wprten an ohHeV
4 ren driveri in the dead of winter. 4
it fje Intarihe tnouhtalns, slowly. 4
4 UfVlng : to" death; of prisoners
; 4 whose tongues were cut out, and 4
4 with fingers chopped off so that .4
4 they ; could neither speak nor. 4
4 write, of the things they had seen 4
4 in the Turkish lines. 4
4 , 4
44 44 4 444 14 4444444
Also the returned traveler spoke f
the work that is being done by the
Red Cross, to which ne attached him
self as soon as the war broke out las
September, and with which he serves
until he left the Near East for Hono
lulu. A,, .. .
. Women? Spitted on Red Hot Irons.
"I was in Athens when the wai
broke out and I at once put mysel;
In the way of doing something for m
people. The only way 1 could helj:
. was with the Red Cross, so I joined
that And went to Salonika, which, if
you-remember, was ..taken by the
Greeks without a struggle. But jus
the same the Turks made Christianity
' ray heavily for the victory.
"We found women there twenty ol
them who had been assaulted by" the
Turkish soldiers the night before and
then, in the morning, had been spittec
on red hot Irons. When we founo
them some of them were still alive.
Others had died in the agony of the
"You find it hard to believe that.
Fuch things happen anywhere in the
world in this the twentieth century?
1 tell you that it is impossible to credi'
ha'f of the things the Turks have dom
uuring the 6ix hundred years they havt
boon masters of part of southeaster,
Kuroje. We were forced into the pres
cnt war by Ju6t such things as this !
am telling you. The difference is that
lor the first time in history the Balkan
allies have been strong enough to
bring the Turk to his knees.
Find Murdered Mothers.
"The lied Cross detachment to
which I belonged was in Salonika
about a week, and then moved on to
Vcrria. On the march we came across
no many horrible things that it
would be impossible to tell you all of
them. In one place, Banisca, I think
c found where the Turks had taken
a numoer m women aoout. 10 Becume
mothers, ravished them,
them with knives and ripped from
their still warm bodies the little un
born babies. These, in mockery, they
plat ed in the arms of their dead par
ents, propped the latter up so sight
less eyes faced the cottages where
they had lived and fired the houses
aDd when we reached the spot the
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Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five passenger
Call and Inspect.
Merchant & Alakea. Phone 2G4S
5-4-S g-3
Smoot And Simmons Look For Small Cut
Special Star-Bullrtln Corrospondf-nce
.SU.(iT(t .IK C. dan. IS. "Sinar uill ,,ol be
plated on tlir fi re lixl miller nn y circa mxtn wis ." said Sena
tor Smoot of I tali to the Star-lliillel'in fo'coKr!. "There
i- nn lUimji r irltalt rer of xm h rtulieal l ii'islat 'ion. There trill
of neii.sx'it if In- xome reihn tion. It man ijo u trifle beloir the
sl.HO per limidml jkiiiiiiIx, ax fired in the tariff rerixiou meas
ure of last xexxion. It maij ece,i he a fraction UeUnr the $1.5Jh
nhieh ix the minimum fried In tlie J'rofresxirc He imltlieanx.
There ix no poxsibilit if of rediietion maeh heijinul that intint."
Senator Smoot ix a member of the finance committee anil
icjirescntx a xfate landu interested in the production of beet
siifffir. He mil take an act ire jmrt in all the fithtx aiamxt loir
erimj the xaiar tariff to a point trhere the indiixtn tcould be
come mi profitable.
"The reduction in the x injur xchediilc irill be a lontj ilix
tantv xhort of free xmjar." xuid Senator Simmon of Xorth
CuivUn'j, irho irill be chairman of thy- finance committee
irhen the senate ix reonjanized bi the Democrat, after March
.'. "There irill be a rcuxonnblc and xatixfactori miKlificution,
but nothiuij need be atprelieinled beijoml that point. Xeithcr
the eane nor beet inditxtnj in in a position to stand five xtnjar
or unijthiinj upprojimaiimj it."
A la rye proportion of Republicans and liemoeratx ayivc
irithjhv rieics expressed by Xnmtors Smoot and Simmons.
It is admitted on alt sides that free snyar is impossible, no
mutter irhat action the House tales in that diiyetion.
It is uoir. as heretofore, barely possible the House may
pass a frcc'-suyar bill. That would be done solely to keep the
rccoifl of that boiJ.$twiy1it ond
iny been adopted at the fast session. tStteh action would be for
hat ate.
Three Japanese laborers. Araki, Ano-;
we and Fujina, were removed to the
Queen's hospital by the police ambu
lance at a, quarter-past eleven o'clock
'his morning, suffering slight injuries
about the face and neck as the result
of the explosion of a quantity of giant
t. 1 V- At f
wwuiT wuitn ir.ey were using ior
blasting purposes. A fourth Japanese,
whose name was not learned by the
police, was also slightly injured.
According to the police report, tho
four Japanese were in the employ of
William Ellsworth, the local contrac
tor, and this morning were engaged in
doing some blasting work on Magnolia
avenue, Kaimuki. A light charge of
giant powder nad been set to remove
iome recks, and the fuse lit, while the
lour Japanese recreated to a safe dis-
A medicinal treatment new to mo1
trn physicians has been discovered in
ii; by Japanese on the island of Maui.
3eording to a communication rereiv
.d from County Attornev I), li. Cas
of Wailuku, by Attorney General W.
W. Thayer.
Case states thit in two instances
it has been found that a Japanese
named Takamine, stripied his patients
lKund them down, piled small heaps
! " OSS on the parts of the body at-
fitted with pain, and then touched
piece of lighted punk to the nio. s. Th.
dbs was permitted to burn, leaving
white spots on the fleh underneath,
'n each instance the patient rnd a dep-
ty sheriff were the only witness'-.
t.'HUgh in the first cast Takanilii-- ad
i -its having used the treatment.
Whether the treatment was effeeivc
t. curing he bodily ill: it was ipp!i".l
Tor is not stated, the contny attornev
::'ussing only the lepal aspect of the
sitnaion. He does not say whether
he pitient survived, but it is surmis--,'
he did. otherwise the charge
.gainst Takimine might he more sert-
111: .
As it is. the Japanese is ace;ippd
1 r 1 1 - of prarticinsr medi;ine without :i
:rense. Takamine sets up the unique
?;d quite strong' defense that he
iot practicing medicine. On this
-.round there is a possibility he ina
v ii. his contention.
reyular, Hiiefi u mcusure har-
A Pickaxe
lance to watch .results. After a few
moments, during which time the blast
refused to go off, the quartet approach
ed the place, thinking that perhaps the
fuse had gone out. One of the number
attacked the blast with a pick with the
result that the powder exploded with
considerable violence, scattering 6mall
. . . .
rocKS ana stones in al directions and
throwing the four laborers to the
ground. The three who were injured
the most were struck about the face
und neck by a number of small" stones,
and these were removed to the hospi
tal by the police ambulance. The
fourth, who, less injured than his com
rades, disappeared in the direction of
the car line before the ambulance ar
rived upon the scene. It is thought
that neither of the three who are now
in the hospital is seriously hurt.
To investigate wages, health and liv
ing and working conditions here withj
a view to aiding in the importation ofj
immigrants rr -.! Poland, Joseph .1. Ok ;
olowicz, direr: cr general of the Polisi: i
Kmigration Sor'rty. with headquarters'
at Cracnw, Aus'i.'an Poland, arrived in
Honolulu tiiis m'-.r;;i'ig to spend several;
weeks on the i anrlt.
He comes ti the siircial invitatiot;
of Dr. Vkvt Clark, who, prior to
alius recent return from Europe, mado
arrangements with Mr. Okolowicz for
the latter ? iit. He will remain here
several weeks. He was met at the
ortck this mcn.i ig by Dr. Clark, who
later took him to Cie capitol building
and int rod ii erl i in to the governor.
It Okolowj z t.nds favorable labor
ondttlons in r 1 ( - territory, a large
.hipmeut of t'oij'i emigrants may he
expected to arrive here in the ' nurse
the nex' ytar. Tiie organization l-.
represents conducts the transfer an
nually of large numbers of his coun
erymen to the I nited States. lirazii
and several European countries such
.is France and Germany.
.S analysis, Hs. 4 l-4d. i'arity,
cents. Previous quotation. 9s. 4d.
r;'S' "?fw yvVuTK .-fc
v- .- v
The oil (rust nuignate, who is mid to be unable to speak abore a wills
per, and that not for Ion?, hnt who will probably hare to answer '?me of
the questions the money trnst investigating committee wants replies to.
Begin Inquest Of
Fernandez Slaying
Four witnesses, including three ofjihe school in time to hear Mrs. Fer
thc pupils of the Kalihi-uka school. nandez tell her husoand to get out of
were called in to testify at the inquest 'the place. The two then went out In
held over the body of Johanna Mas- to the yard and Fernandez knocked his
coto Fernandez, shot down by her hus-J wife down in the mud. She got up,
band last Friday, at the police court ian out of the yard and into the house
this afternoon. j and started to te:epuone ror the po-
The first witness to he examined j lice. Fernandez followed after a few
was the sist?r of the dead woman, and
following her, Caesar Castro, one of
the pupils of the school, who was in
jured by the shot, was called to the
Tho little boy said ma: on the morn
ing of the shooting Fernandez came
to the school, entered ihc building and
he and his wife startd to quarrel. He
knoc ked the woiranulown and she got
up and ran out intoVhe yard, where
she was followed by Vernandez. An
other r:iiarrrl "er..s!:e1 here, and then
the woman started for the (u;ta?e
where she lived. (Fernandez followed
tier into the -i got i ne gun. loaded
both bari'ds. and shot the woman, she
falling outside on the steps.
The next witness was another one
ot the prpils. a little girl named Lida
Silva. hh wa- alf-o injured by the
shot. S!i- testified U.a' she reached
ilov. ,i pr.-lty ninm
Ian v
i from Kan.-c-s i'y to
Honolulu to he-;
come tne l:ul' "f a young bustiiess
, man here missed the iinrr Siberia -
and presutnaiiiy sr in San Fran-
Cisco - is toll! in paners arriving this
'morning inun !;. Coast. Fiere is
on" account:
1 "It was i.'it be-;ttj8 sic was late
1 r i . a Mit-s .;i-ni Kenm!. a pretty
girl from Kansas City, uiissefl the
liner Sihn'i v .- sterdav . .!:.-s Ken
nedy has hr j-a.-sat'e Locked tor Ho-
noliilu. wl'i'l.cr sin- as hound, it is,
r:-itieT r , (!. ti ! a m- tne v . 'e of a :
piomiiii n. vouii.r: I ij i ti "s ii: -i ii of tlic)
island pur;. !
"Miss !e;re.iy r ached the pier in;
plenty of rim1. I nt the express com- i
pai.y to w hich sh had in' rusted her the ship'.'" sh inquired,
baggage dailied ,.:,iril rhe 'ast minute. : "There's a good ladder on the tug."
And even t!. n iie might have caught i said Chisholm: "you can make it
the boat it she hadn't discovered a. asily."
hole in h"r sto. inr.g. ; "And so she could, and so. perhaps,
"She would not go without her she would, but just then she remem
trunk. She waited. She saw the bered that in stepping out of the taxi
gangplank hauled ashore She heard j she had ripped her stocking. She de
the good y t histle blow . Then sivi dined the offer of the tug and re
saw her trunk jerked from a wagon I turned to the Hotel Stewart."
.... .. y j v-. a
; moments and as she tried to come out
of the house he pushed her in and
went in after her.
The little girl waited and after a
tile heard a shot and saw the woman
st.tgger out of the door and fall on the
Another witness was also examined
after the little girl, and sev -al more
have been called to appear this after
noon. Airs. N'eves, :er of t'.ie dead wo
man, added a gruesome bit of testi
mony by telling the coroner's jury
that while looking into a basket of
clothes in the house since the tragedy,
i he found part of Fernandez's chin,
which had been s:.ot' oif and blown
some distance from where he was
standing when he sent the contents i
(Continued on Page 3) !
hoisted aboard the moving ship,
laughed and she cried. Then
she cried some more. She ran up and
down waving her hands. Those who
saw her thought she was grieving
for some departing friend. She walk
ed up the pier, and it was not until
she nnde inquiries as to how she
could tc-t her trunk back that the
fact she was a passenger was dis
"What shall do? What shall I do?"
she cried . j ;
"Von don't have to do anything but
cheer up," said Superintendent Wil-
liain Chisholm. "There's a tug at the
end of the pier and we'll put you j
aboard in a jif.y." j
'"And how will 1 get from the tug to
Allies Notify Porte That .Unless1 hie Yield
to Their Terms in Two Weeks He Mu:
Again Face Their Troops in the Field
London Believes That Ottoman W
Hold Fast toAdrianople
lASMorwtea mm Cable , ; .j. , .,.-, . '
LONDON, Jan. 20. Turkey has been given fourteen' days Jn, which is
yield to the demands made upon her "by the allies. .This was announctJ
nere today after another auoriive meeting of the delegatee to, int pea::
conference. The statement was made that th Ottoman would have the tvo
weeks in which to make up his mind and If by the end of that time he tz :
not reached the decision to surrender Adrlanople and tho ether terrlt: r -demanded
bv the Balkan" states, the delegates will notify Oeneral 8avc ',
and after a further wait of four day hostilities will re-commence. It !
confidently expected here that tho Turk will stand firm In his rtrusal U
relinquish Adrlanople. , ' ; '
ATHENS, Greece, Jan. 20 Further details of (ho grejtt naval on; r:
ment between tho fleet of tho Turks and tho warships of the Greeks I:
Saturday off tho mouth of tho Dardanelles have reached hero this morn! -According
to these dispatches the Greeks were victors alt along tho line, t
the most desperate engagement of tho entire war. Two Of tho Turkish t:
tleships were sunk by the tremendoui flro from the guns' of ths Crt:
vessels and tho, havoo done to 4 the other ohlpoof the Turkish .fleet w; .
heavy. No eatimate of the loss of lifo hfo been received as yet. -
CHICAGO, Jan. Tho onda put tip for tho release of Cu;:
Clancy. - tho U taiv T-rranclsco labor leader, convicted of r conspiracy . j
dtamllo; non-union ttructurei wore today , refusetf i by the fiiirsl c: '
here., The Judge ;beld that fho liability fof.the entire t'x " :::mi i
lari must bo assumed by each of. tho bofld.hcli8rt;irilv!i...r.J x:f
afely whereai jtho: sVpulatloh upon which tho 1ondirat.n t furn!; ;
tho bond was that each, should bo roiponilblo for part oniy. Ci.sy r
mi m in tan. ,
CHEYENNE, Wyo Jan. 20. 8peaker Pratt and Speaker pro tern We;i
have engaged in a desperate battle for tho chair of tho assembly: and t: -lines
of their adheronU have oeen cloeely drawn and tho feellrtg I exesedlr;.
ly bitter. The assembly has taken aldet and afUr an acrimonloua dlicuti!:n
dissolved today in a riot which the serge nt at arms and I pelal offlcerf wera
unable to ouell. : - i". : .. v
m i ii o , ;.'
Second Darrow
LOS ANGELES. Jan. 20. The second trial of Clarenoo Darrow, the at
lorney, charged with bribery In the famous MeNamara case, came up todiy.
The work of selecting a jury began at once. Darrow was acquitted at thj
first trial of a similar case, in which tne- testimony Is practically Identlcil
with that which it Is understood will bo presented at tho coming trial. .
Auto Bandits
CHICAGO. Jan. 20. City Detective Peter Hart waa shot dowii and In
stantly killed by men believed to belong to tho band pf automobile bandits to
day Hart wae one of a number of detectiveo who have been at work watch
ing an auto garage where it wae believed the bandits hadtholr hoadquar-
ters. No arresta nave oeen moe as yw
Drop Fight On
WASHINGTON, D. C Jan. 20 Attorney General Wlckeroham . n
nounced today that he has decided to drop the propoeed prosecution of tho
A-riran Tftienhone A. Telearaph Company and to-turn tho easo over to
the Inter-State Commerce Commission
To Build Fuel Ship On Coast;
WASHINGTON, O. C, Jan. 20. It was announced at tho officeiof Sec
retary Meyer today that the secretary has decided to build 'a large fuel
supply ship at the Navy Yard in Mare Island. Tho cost of tho ship wilt
be In the neighborhood of $1,140,000. Work will begin on her soon.
j, 4 J 4s 3 S &
- A big party of eastern and
southern tourists arrived today
on the Oceanic liner Ventura.
? D. W. Ferguson, the steamship
touring agent of San Francisco,
arranged the tour. Among the '-
visitors are Mr. and Mrs. John
Leavitt, Youngstown, O.; Mr.
; and Mrs. J. V. Jones, Alliance,
O.; Mr. and Mrs. George H. Judd, '
Cleveland, O.; Mr. and Mrs. J.
. Edwards, Denver: Mrs. L. .
Courtright, Miss L. B. Court
right, .Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Myers,
Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Hanna, Mr. and
Mrs. Jonah Jones, Miss N. Jones
and Misses Iukens, Edmonds,
McMircken. Jarvis and Scott of
Los Angeles and Monrovia.
Some of the tourists will return ?
on the Sierra and Sonoma while
others will await the Ventura
when that vessel comes up from i
Australia. ...
4. vi, . j) ? A '$ g 4 Q
for action, as that body may deem
Dy U. d. HUDCni
Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence J
WASHINGTON, D: fX Jan. 10.
Honolulu will soon baro new
assistant in the quarantine ser-
vice. Assistant Surgeon M.
Fauntelroy has been instructed to
f report for service to the chief
quarantine officer at Honolulu.
He will be succeeded by Acting
Assistant Surgeon VV. J. Llnley. -O-
Dr. Fauntelroy wtu not start tor
Hawaii until the change indicat-
has been made.
All caties on the criminal calendar
of the V. S. district court were' called
this morning and set for ,Jxearing'-
Nolle prosequi waa entered la fed
eral court this morning In. the three
cases azainst Charles Mitchell, amn.
ed of smuggling gin into the terri
tory. - . ' ,-

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