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' - -J
From S. F.:
Man li -Hon , Jan. 2'J
For S. ; .;
Sonoma. Jan. i'f,.
From nuconver:
Marama, Jan. 29.
For Vancouver:
Makura, Jan. 28.
Kveninj? Bulletin. Est. US2. No. :.4"1.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6492.
J; 3:350
. 5
The -Superintendent . of-Public
; Works Resigns from Terr
. iD: cilorjaLOff icer . v
Hubert K.v Bishop.' the territory's
new .superintendent of public tsprks,
who was appointed to that position by
the governor November 1 1912. ; has
serve notice that" he will resign the
.office February 15. He tat accepted
'the offer of the recently-formed Wala
hole Water Company; to, take charge
of that firm's stupendous task of 'bor
ing the three-mile tunnel through the
Kcolau range, '; and will assume bis
new duties immediately after bis res-'
.' lgnatlon. ' " "- ' ''' aa-A-aa
This announcement'; was mad At
noon today following a -conference at
the governor's office between ? the
chief executive," Superintendent Bish
op and a representative" of the j company;;-,
Though it comes m :a great
H. e. bishop
4 r Burp.rtse to !the general public, It : is
understood this move has been con
, ' templated by Bishop for several weeks
or In fact' since the recent sale of the
Walahole water right , license to v the
; newly-formed 'Incorporation; The
. 1 company is building the tunnel to ir
xlgate ithe Oahu ' plantation fields ;
' f r The "governor and ' the superintend
ent have held a number of conferences
' i on the aubject A and ' the H discussion
came to Its climax this mornlng
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Fred B. Smith, Raymond Robins and
quartet arrived on China early thie
Luncheon at University Club.
6:Sa o'clock tonight Banquet at
Commercial Club launching campaign.
9:30 a. m. Address at Oahu Col
lege, Mr. Smith. Address at McKinley
High school. Mr. Robins.
10 a. m. Meeting of ministers and
missionaries, Cooke hall. Y. M. C. A.
11:30 a. m. Address at O. R. & I
shops. Mr. Robins
12 m Meeting Cooke hail, Y. M. C.
A. Mr. Smith and quartet.
12:45 p. m. Meeting with board of
directors. Y. M. C. A., Mr. Smith. '
. 4:30 p. m. Social service institute
in makai pavilion. Young Hotel. Mr.
Robins. Religious work institute in
Odd Fellows' hall, Mr. Smith.
8 p. m. Social service address at
opera house," Mr. Robins. Meeting
Nunanu street Japanese church, Mr.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 22 Sugar:
9J degrees test, 3.544 cents. Previous
quotation. 3.61 cents.
Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five passenger
Call and Inspect.
Merchant & Alakea, Phone 264S
II 1 ' '. j ....'' . fP"' i '
itiasisi aa '-., :
liaiiiiili iiiipi
r - "-"" "!--:''
: 5... . . - " .. , V
f'&V -,Vv',i V'"'' . . ?ZA.A,'" ' ' ' ' ' . V '' .- , ' r'
ITT - t:-Z$ ZT-.. ' T-.- I
r Office of the OeTelano m
Dill, fad effftert PPdnery
I AiTn n I f ; ft f
Greetinas to and from the passengrt,v officers and crew aboard the
paper sent a wireless message to C. Vogelsang, manager of the Hamburg-American's worid-cruises, and Cape. Kier, commanding, conveying the good-wlshea of, tne people of Honolulu
7 and the hope that the vessel would arrive earry today and get a daylight welcome to the city. In response to this message, Mr. Vogtlsana'wlrelesied back, the following; ; ? f"
; - v . f On Board s S. Cleveland, Jan.r 22, 7:40 p. m., v j
To the Honolulu Star-Bulletin: : . " ; '. : . . .
;w thankfully acknowledge your kind greetings and hereby send our appreciation. The tripjaeross the Pacific from Yokohama at Men very enjoyable despite tha very, nigh:
winds and rough seas, which have unfortunately delayed our arrival In your city. The cawengers have been In excellent spirits' and good healths ' and have taken enthusiastic participa
tion Inc the various daily enterUinnienta. Last Monday was "Antipodes Day," when the-Cleveland crossed the 180th meridian, and waa teledraed by elaborate deck games. Deep-sea
gymkhana eve nta were Indulged In, and the halr-dresaing contest, In which a number of men took part, with ladies to furnish thejiecessary elements for the competition, was exiting.
The prizes and results were announced In a sporting extra of the paper published on board and immediately afterwards sold by ambltioua newsboys. ; l. r
i Major Jones, who has taken a prominent part as chairman of various committees, arranged and pulled off thla celebration In fine atyle". . i
That same evening a big masked vball was held In the main saloon and on deck, with a cabaret show as a feature attraction. The costumes were very attractive and unique. A card
' tournament was also held. ; Jt r : -
4 As this was the last night out before touching American soil again after the cruise around the world, It was the signal for a number of .ffarewell" dinner parties. Concerts were:
held In the outdoor grill-room and a costume tea, and an art exhibition by Artist Drake have added to the enjoyment of the. passengers , ; i
v Under the Influence of smooth seas, the balmy winds of the sub-tropics, an enchanting full moon and the near approach to the day of parting, varleu engagements are thriving
now aboard the Cleveland. Cupid Is busier than ever as the ship nears Hawaii and the big liner In spots rexembles lover's lane, f-
The passengers number 386, of whom 100 are Europeans, mostly Germans.
Nine have made up their minds to stay In Honolulu for awhile. .
". On the last night out,, before tha vessel reaches San Francisco, there will be a grand celebration at the expense of the Bachelors' tug-of-war team, which lost the b'fl special
match pull torflght against the Benedicts.
, Again the officers and passengers on the Cleveland extend our greetings to the Star-Bulletin and Honolulu. . .
Number Arrested on Warants
Tom wasningxon wusi
1 A
Face Trial Here
KJll luiuiuiauuu uchctiu iu note
. ,v v Ioef f ..,
d Jurwbout six weeif ago sev
grand jury, anout six weeas ago sev
On information believed to have
eral Japanese men were arrested by
the federal Immigration inspectors in
Honolulu this morning on charges of
engaging in the white slave traffic.
They will be tried here aid if found
guilty will be deported as undesirable
The men arrested are:
Iida, Ogata, Tagawa, Yoneshige, Ao
ki. Hokamura and Kuramoto.
This, it is understood, is the out
come of the federal grand jury's in
vestigation of Iwilel. It will be re
membered that the jury's report to
the court, made public at the time.
made no reference to that portion of .came to Hawaii can De asceuaineu,
the investigation, and that apparently they will be ton celled to carry the un
the subject had been dropped by the I desirable citizens back free of charge,
inquisitors, though it evidently had lit is stated. The accused foreigners
delved deep into conditions in the vice
district, as 6hown by the array of wit
nesses from IwHei who were sum-
Th. rii,iL.i inn
!a dance this evening in honor of pas-
sengers on the Cleveland, tourists and
townsfolk generally. Kaai's Qaintet
club will furnish music for this occa-l
i sion. The public is invited to attend I
'this beautiful moonlight dance. ad-
Mill INN
? '
moned b4tore the iury from tIme t0
As the Star-Bulletin indicated some
weeks ago, another report was made
to the immigration inspectors, who
in turn submitted the evidence to the
-kiii j ik .
department of commerce and labor at
the' national eapital. The issuance of
tfce 4trantg of arrest by that jepart-
ment and the apprehensions this
morning were the direct result.
tJnder titr aonended immigration act
01900. a!: ns accused of dealing in
vice in the I ftited States may be dealt
I with severely. Their length of resi-
dehce In this country no longer has
any bearing on the case, though for
merly the law contained a provision
which prevented deportation of aliens
who had lived here for a period of
three years.
If the n&.nes rf the steamship com
panies on vhc? vessels these men
may be given trial at any time, at me
discretion of the immigration official
in charge, who in this ease is Richard
L. Halsey. It the case is not di?i oscd
of immediately the prisoners may be
released under a hond of not less than
$500. giving security approved by the
secretary of corsnierce and labor, pend
ing the final hearing.
Another rigorous provision is that
the defendants may have legal coun
sel at some time during their hearing,
but not until the inspector in charge
gives nis ufrunt&iun. it&ai
counsel may have only such evidence
as is given after he has taken hold of
the case
Furs of all kinds are combined this
season and the effect is surprisingly
big liner Cleveland were extended and
The Hamburg-American finer Cleve
land, finishing her third round- the
world cruise from New York to San
Francisco, will arrive in this port
some time this afternoon, probably
between five and six o'clock, accord
ing to latest advices.
Wireless messages sent last night
from the vessel to the agents of the
Hamburg-American line here. Hackfeld
& Co., are to the effect that the vessel
will be off port between five and six.
c'clock. It is possible she will make
up an hour or two and reach here be
fore darkness falls, but hardly likely.
The agents now expect that the ves
sel will be berthed at Alakea wharf
some time around 6:30 o'clock.
No further important change in
local arrangements for the entertain
ment of passengers has been made
since yesterday. The Clevelanders
will have one full day in this port and
the Big vessel will sail at daylight
Saturday morning, bound for San
For Iit of passengers on Cleveland
see Page 13 till issue.
Honolulu Picked for Greatest
Success of Tremendous
"From all indications the campaign !
in Honolulu is going to be the most j
si.vcesstui of its kind ever held under
the auspices of the Men and Religion
Forward .Movement," said Fred B.
Smith. National leader of the Men and
he-Mgion Forward Movement who ar
rived in Honolulu on the China at
hnif-past one o'clock this afternoon
in company with Raymond Robins and
the members of the International As'
sociation Quartet for the purpose of
the week's campaign which Is to be
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Cfe. Stetr,
received last nignt ny.tnecstar-Buiietin. tany in v-tnx evening tnia;
Report That Captains Will In
sist Upon His Dismissal and
That of Sheedy Inter-Island
Officials Silent
The resignation of President and
General Manager James A. Kennedy
of the Inter-Island Steam Navigation
Company, was authoritatively report
ed this moraine to be asked bv Hono
lulu members of Honolulu Harbor No.!thl morning that
54, American Association of Masters
and Piolts.
This is the latest development in
the Inter-Island situation, precipitated
by the report late yesterday after
noon that the mier-Island Company
is bringing down a number of rieam -
boat men from the mainland, all with
mate's certificates. That report, de-
clared entirely confirmed by the ar-
rival of several steamboat men on the
Associated Press Cable
McKINNEY, Texas, Jan. 23. A
large store, one of the largest build
ings in this place colapsed today and
caught fire. More than fifty persons
are buried under the blazing debris.
ifiree have been rescued but there!
is no way of saving many of them and
the death toll wiil undoubtedly be I
large. J
calcf iirglneeri
Wilhelmina last Tuesday, has stirred
the local masters, mates and pilots
up in no uncertain fashion.
The situation today is a result of
the strike of several months ago,
when the masters and mates won.
Now the Inter-Island Company is de
clared to be bringing men here un.
der contract to break a possible future
The directors of the company were
in a session at the Inter-Island office?
lasted from nine
o'clock until afternoon. After the ses
sin was over. President Kennedy an'
others declined to make any statemen
for publication. Requests for lnforma
tion were firmly refused on all sides.
That the demand for Kennedy's res
; ignation, made or by implication asked
j for by the men, was a tnbject undc
consideration is a report that coul
, . , .
'(Continued on Page 2)
CHICAGO, Jan. 23. Battling Nel
son, one time ring champion, today
merried Fay King, a well known wo
man cartoonist, employed upon a Den
ver newspaper. The ceremony was
! extremely quiet.
Six hundred and fifty tons coal will
be supplied the Pacific Mail liner Chi
na to arrive here from San Francisco
that afternoon.
-''AylA:A . v -
New Administration Is D:l
mined to Held Fast
v Afinanccl3 : :
' ',". ' f
AA'-1 Special ?tarBuntJn , aM ,
key has just passed through a pc'
crisis, the e nd of which Is not yet.
old administration has been fore.
if office and a ne;cabinet c'
wnich la y pledged not to s-.-r .
Adrianbpte no matter .what ths
may be Jo the nation. Just wf:-.
outcome; may be, not even ths t:
formedamon? .the, foreign tip!:
htre are able to venture a
; Thj' troubls etartad ; yesterday,
mediately after ths 'announces rt
the grand council of . the er; rs
yoted to surrender Adrlancp! tr.l
mitfthe powers to dlipojs cf t
and of the Aegean sea. Ths anr :
ment caused a prcfcv-J t
throughout;the country, ii i.i
stantlnople; there wsrt ri.te ?
threatened uprli!., wV-i-h x
rf ths troops ani r:":'v i L
t Summoned ti rr.::, t s :
convened in extraordlury t . ,
immediately took up th c,..:'.
Impeaching ths ?- '' ' -
itenry 4t;s.'3n. Iruv ; : I
ef-the-Younj TurK :
lhe tturr.l', t.-.it t
at the cabinet in vstirj tj..
Adrlanople. was contrary ta t, j
ttltutlon and t therefore ":i::j;:1 .
sould not stand. - ' ; . -; . 1 1 - . -i
- A' new cabinet waa formed st c
and the' members have all. d:;!:
their1 intention of Insisting' upsrt
retention of Adrianopls at no ;
what cost to tha'nation. ."it is r
slble to'save the iionor of. Turk.
wa; agree to the surrender cf A-.
ople" Is the way It Is put. rr; -
Foreign diplomats here have cs.
:hefcreults of the stand taken by '
ld cabinet to their government!, ;
have declared themselves prepare.'
iny everrtuality. It is believed in c:
luarters that war is certain to ba r
jumed, unlets the Great Powers I r.
vene try force. - a,, '-.a -
; (Associated Press XlaMe)
WAS HINGTON, Jan. 2 Pottma : '.
Generaf Hitchcock today ' annour:
he discovery of a gigantic fraud :
.he postoff Ice, - by means . of wh ' .
Uncle Sam has been robbed of m:
than two million dollars' worth
rtamps. ' '-' " - . ',
The postal inspectors and the sec
service men of the government r.r
seen at work on the case for mor.:
out the evidence, has but just come
nand. -A' A:
According to the statement just .'
ued by the postmaster the Indicati:
ire that New. York and Chicago d;
rs are implicated. Other dealers, it
said are involved a well, but the bu.
)f the work, it Is alleged, has be? -Jone
by the big men hi. New York ar.J
Chicago. ,y ': . .
(Associated Pretw) : '
BUDAPEST, Jarf. 23. It has been
earned from unofficial sources that
Russia and Austria have at last reach
id an agreement regarding the bound
ary of Albania and that all danger cf
Tiction between the two countries has
passed. '
In confirmation of this it was an
nounced today from Vienna that the
iemobilization of the army corps heli
lending developments would begin Irru
nediately. .Similar news cornea fro rn
3t. Petersburg and Moscow. ' -
NEW YORK, Jan. : ii That t
international Mercantile '. Marine i
conference in London ceta the rates c
reight for all European and Americ
traffic was admitted on the stand t
Jay by Vice-President Franklin, of t:
corporation. .He. said practically th
the "trust" controls ab23fateiy,ancc
Jo pretty much as it pleases w!--making
rates.-..; : -'.. ;

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