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V-'- 'V;.
"-' .. .1
From S. F.i
Manch -Hon., Jan.
Fr S, r.:
Sonoma, Jau. 26.
From TuBconrer:
Marama, Jan. 29.
For TaneoBTert
Makura, Jan. 2i.
Evening Bulletin. Est 1882, No. 5452.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6493.
w- I Wsirii I
v iTf yfftlYff itTT' ill? lift
V :
Cpespdnderice Between Masters' As
I sociation And Inter-Islarid is Made
Public-Counsel For; Men
Makes Statement
4 4
Ki"-, ..Members jof the Masters and
take bo steps against President Kennedy or the Inter-Island Com
pany, unless attacked. In other words we are. not going to carry the
fight to the company. We are trying to live up to the terms of the
: agreement entered into after the struggle, we won last summer. .' We
;. believe that, Mr. Kennedy is trying to evade those terms, but we pro-4-
pose to wait unto he has actually ; violated them before striking.'
-..Statement- of Judge .Humphreys. ;
; 8 Association. of masters, mates and a;
pilots . stands" ready i to . strike U j
O '. If .Inter-Island discharges cap-, 8t
. talna. : ..v. r ; : 7
f a Correspondence between associa-; a
a ; Hon and v Inter-Island made, a
a Inter-Island company decllnea to ttj
a Pivot of strike sentiment appears a -Service ClTCleS ArpUSCtf by
: 2 V r e.iP Gratui tous Insult to Second
ts. -brtnging here tr ojht o3 . .Imantry.Sergeants ,.:
a--H .-- . fa;;;Vent.lntojA;ilieatreJa'-ober-as
aaaaaat:nn.nt:.lJ?i could be.-w.v -v'
That alleged nnj-.sttreaf'nient iof'They ave a 4noak FlTlllanrbomw brat
capUinsK4f.the;iUer4ilattd fleetly iTTdh't room for, me; r;fhx
President Kennedy has aroused; the They sent me to the gallery, or round
. iron, intense hostility to him in the the -music 'alls, -
rurVs cf lie 1: 1 II -tor cf the AskCK, Bui when It comes to flghtmV Lord!
-ciatlca cMU-;s, 1-iteS. ahd Pilots,
is evidenced not ale as by a statement
'irade-for the Btar-Bulletln this morn
ing but also by a series of letters from
the officials of the Harbor to Mr. K$n
. uedy. and the inter-UJand dlrectorae,
some of -which are printed below. In
spite of this, however, It wasositlvely
stated this morning that the captas
f are determined to, let the company of
ficials take the first, step in the ccn
'. ilict-they assert is coming. According
. to Judge A, S.' Humphreys; attorney
lor the Harbor, the. captains "are not.
going to carry, the fight to the oom
; pany." . Mr. Kennedy, president of the
company, refused again to maae any
statement for publication, saying that
,nhere is nothing to say." '; .
Judge Humphreys, although confined
to bed, made, a formal statement for
this paper; in behalf of the associa
tion. He aiA:;;:,ri:v?;y--?-;'' '
Stick by ABiamtnLo'--'.V-''''--
"The ..captains Jiave jbeen and still
are determined to live up to the terms
of the contract made ' with the Inter-
Island company 'after their successful ; enjoyable of any of a long list of en-fight-
for their rights last ' summer, tertalnments for7 weeks past, j
They acted then in good faith and ' Everybody prepared for a good time
they are still acting In good faith. II on Antipodes Day, and Judging from
have advised them to be particularly
careful against doing anything that
could in any way be construed as a
violation of the letter and spirit of
that agreement . It is the wish of all
to keep the good opinion of this com
..; v.-- '" f -
(Continued Trem Page 2.)
-f -f V V V f
. ' "AID FOR GOOD -f
: . --:v ' :
On behalf of the Men and Re- -f
f llglon forward Movement we ear-4-
nestly request the businessmen
-t-of the city to allow their em-
4- ployea, so far as practicable, to 4--f
leave their offices at four-thirty
o'clock today. Monday and Tues- -f
4- day afternoon, : to , attend the
8mlth and Robins institutes.
4- This is a rare: opportunity for -f
men to receive training from
4- leaders of exceptional power
and force.
4. - General Chairman. ' 4
. Chairman Exec Com. 4
4-f t .t t
Regal Motor Cars
2 Two passenger
2 Four passenger
1 Five" passenger
Call and Inspect
Merchant & Alakea. Phone 2648
f .
Mates Association of Honolulu will
they'll shove me In the stalls 1
? Tor it'sTommy this, an. Tommy
; s : that, and ; Tommy, wait out-
aide'; v - - v : -But
it's -SpecUl train for Atkins'
i , r ; : when the trooper's ; on ' the
..tide." .v ' ' K
You talk
o better, food for us.
schools, an' fires, an' all: v
We'll .wait for, extra rations, if you
5 treat us rationaL ;
Don't mess about the cook-room slops,
- i r but prove it to our face
The soldier's uniform is not the sol
dier '.man's . disgrace." '
A case of gross . discrimination
(Continued on Page 8)
Crossing the line was an event on
board the steamship Cleveland on last
Monday, that proved to be the most
belated reports received with the ar
rival of the Cleveland at the port,
few passengers there were who failed
to respond to the call for participants
in the big program of deck sports.
Antipodes Day games included the
following , events t
Potato race. Miaa Goodrich and
Miss Wallworth; thread and' needle
i race, Mrs. wolf and Mr. Berkofsky;
Individual tug-of-war, Mr. Grobe;
three-legged race, Miss Buxton and
Miss Bon; cock-fighting, Mr. Vaughan;
egg-and-spoon race, Miss Fry singer;
wheel-barrow race, Mr. Millican and
Mr. Woodward; thread and biscuit
contest. Miss Wallworth; nail driving
contest, Mrs. Hileman; hair-dressing
competition. Miss Buxton and Mr.
Vaughan; spar pillow fight. Mr. M.
Edye; tug-of-war, married men; tug-of-war,
By special request, the popular Wal
kikl Inn will give another dance this
evening in honor of passengers on the
Cleveland, tourists and townsfolk gen
erally. Kaai'a Quintet club will fur
nish music for this occasion. The
public Is Invited to attend this beauti
ful moonlight dance. advertisement.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23 Sugar:
96 degrees test, 3.56 cents. Previous
quotation, 3.54 1-2 cents. Beets: 88
analysis, 9s. 4d. Parity, 395 cents.
Previous quotation, 9s. 5d.
s : : . v 'i-.. ' J ' ,..-jw--f y- .w-. v , ' . vj ...... ; . ... . ... v. ... t .. . .......
" . - - a j4 . ,
; 'Mi-i, 'tmim vir': -y-'-m: :i
... v " ; ' - ii -
. K-i ' ,v ' ' , ;, , t ' b- -
- ' I- ,.- ' . ".A ' 1 :
"i ;'' ! - - -
. .. t , . '.. ' , i . V - . ' '
. v .' '
v ' " i "
J't- . - T - - " -- - - i '
: , , . l . . ....I. . - .. '( ' ; - ... . .4 i' 'i '
. ....
. Sic -
1 - ?AbeTe--?Costnme Tea Partv
liner,-Below Left: Rapid Transit
nobles and their whes. .
Globe-girdling Tour
ists See The Beau
ties of Honolulu
FromTrolley Cars
'And Automobiles
Arid Wind up at
Waikiki For Elab
orate Luncheon at
Moana Hotel
Cleveland tourist news nill be found
today on nages 1, 3, 7 and 1L
Three huuJ.:ed and seventy globe-
Hrdlln nassrrsprR of tho slpftmshin
Clevpland sat down to luncheon at the
Mnnn hmol shn-tlv aftr nnnn tndav.
i k . ,i 0imnc..h. nf nor.u)'
, K,,.o .ii .nnninoH ,nH well
" "-"
M6 uis.'ca, rcil Bpyv.uwv.
decorated tabka, and good
and gOOd Viands
tried to segregate their kaleidoscopic
impressions of Honolulu ana environs,
gained in a whirl of sightseeing from
411am nkrt i MAeAi-o T aco than o
' fVl k rar. -rrh.
score of the ship s passengers were ab-
sent from the noon repast arranged
for by the Hamburg-American Co.,
to vary the routine ot shipboard fare,
and of these most of the absentees
were lunching with friends in the city,
or had elected to make a Hying cir
ouit of the island.
Before 8 o'clock this morning the
big liner began to empty of passen
gers, many cf whom boarded the spe-1
r , J , v. fVC Vhom fn -
loads of sightseers and take them for
a run over an me nacKagt- ui
company so that the tourists obtained
a fair idea of the city, getting a sight
of Nuuanu valley, Manoa valley. Puna
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-. .. ..... - .. ... . , . .,
-" ?J
. , i 1 f
on the IeveIan4 last Konday Aatipodes Diyw. In the party are some of the
cars lined this morning to take the tourists sightseeing. Bight: Grous
-' . ' v-
Leaders Strike Note of Vigor
ous Crusade from the
With addresses in various parts of
the city by both leaders, and with the
men's noon massmeetiug in Cooke hall,
Y. M. C. A. building, the Men and he-.
ligion Forward Movement campaign!
here was formally opened this morn-
ing by Fred B. Smith, of New York,'
and Raymond Robins, of Chicago, who, '
in company with the National Associa-
tion quartet, arrived in Honolulu yes-
terday afternoon to conduct the week
! Of Work in this City.
From the moment of their landing
I ... . , . ... i
me leauers in lius iuuemei uave
I A 1. .1. J
Sl'UCK iue iiuit; ui a ibuiuu ouu
practical crusaae oi religion m every- j
day life. Raymond Robins, the social)
service expert, has dealt with facts of
commerce, industry and social clash-'
ings from the beginning, and the talks
6 . ,
he is eiving at the institutes" are
along the civic betterment lines that1
Honolulu is trying to follow. i
Fred 13. Smith, heralded as Ameri-
cr's greatest speaker to men, has grip -
trC the imagination of local men trom
tnt time he Uepped from the boat. A
lemarkable address at the Commercial
ciub banquet last night was fohoweu
by remarkable talks today.
The mass meeting at noon was per-
!haI'8 tDe most important event of the
, atended by abQut
forty of the leading business men "Of
tbt ity. Following a short song ier
ice. the quartet sing several selec
tions, after which Mr. Smith was Intro
cM ced by Secretary L. R. Klllam. Be-
9: SO a. m. Address at Oahu Cel-
lege, Mr. Smith. Address at McKinley
High school, Mr. Robins.
10 a. m. Meeting of ministers and
missionaries, Cooke hall. Y. M. C. A.
11:30 a. m. Address at O. R. & L.
shops, Mr. Robins
12 m Meeting Cooke hall, Y. M. C.
A. Mr. Smith and quartet.
12:4o p. m. Meeting with board of
directors, Y. M. C. A., Mr. Smith.
4:30 p. m. Social service institute
. 1 1 : v n.l
m iun.til lmnnuii, iuuhr nuici. mi.
' t1.: T1!J .1, ntf,. in
. nuuius. nci piuua viuir luauiuic iu
tma reuows nan, Jir. omuu.
8 p. m. Social service address at
opera house. Mr. Robins. Meeting
Nuuanu street Japanese church, Mr.
. Smith,
9 a. m. Conference with the Y
C. A. secretaries. Mr. Smith.
10:30 a. m. Address at the
; barns. Mr. Robins.
j 1130 a m. Boys' meeting at the Y.
M. C. A. Mr. Robins.
6 p. m. Social service address to
the Hui Pauahi, Cooke hall, Y. M. C.
A Mr. Robins
8 p. m. Address at the Methodist
Church Mr. Smith.
Address at the Fort street Chinese
Church. Mr. Robins.
fere giving his address, Mr. Smith
went into a few details concerning iie
(Continued on Page 8)
fifty "Merry Widows" aboard the
of local Shrlners gTeetlngr . touring
- -: ' ' ' - ' !' . "' :
TERRE HAUTE, Indiana, Jan. 24.
Eugene V. Debs, candidate for the
presidency of the United States on the
Socialist ticket, was arrestee here thfs
morning by United' States officers,
charged with having obstructed 'jus
tice. It is alleged by the government
that Mr. Debs encouraged witnesses
in the case against the Appeal to Rea
son, the Socialist paper printed in
Kansas, to leave the jurisdiction of
the court. The accused in the case
are charged with having printed ob
scenities in the columns of the paper.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24. Judge
DeHaven, for many years Federal
judge of this circuit, was stricken with
apoplexy this morning and is reported
as dying by the physicians in attend
ance. Judge DeHaven is one of the
best-known jurists on the coast, and
has In the past been mentioned for
even more prorr.inent and important
posts he now holds, but always de
clined to leave the bench.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 24. The fed
eral food bureau today issued warning
to all dealers not to attempt to dis
pose of frost-bitten California oranges.
Thisi ano;rK-r blow at the industry
of the southern part of the state.
Etiver Bey, Man Who
Shot Down Nazini '
II Elevated t6 Chief
of Staff-Becom23
Popular Idol
Constantinople in
it? Hands of Rioter:
: Street Fihtin
tured City ;
". rAssoclated Vres Catlel
pettllencs and famine have tsksn tht'r
toll cf Constantinople and nsw c::i
street fl.htlng of a dsaily ch:r;
to add to the misery cf th Inh;'.
Tho city is In. tho hanis or ri. . .
Murder is done openly cn t?-i r- i
thoroushfar.es and no ens llf'.s a ' f
to prevent. Ths man Vv'- j y
shot' down, and' kill: i f ':: .
cMef of staff, tod?y c;:.;i t: : , ...
of th man he slew, zri,
tat, is a t" ' ' "'r-
si;nal for salcj cf sr r..-. j ,
war. eraf-J rP-'- - '
.imcit i.r.me-IiUJy t.;;r ,' '3 r-. ..
of Nazim Pasha, whom ho s.:t :-t
warning, Enver Bey was s:r.t f:r fcy
ths sultan. and the grand c:--::i cf
the. empire, and after a conftrtr..a wzs
offered tho post of the man ts killed,
and whose body still lay In tho hall
where It felli AH of the powtrj cf tha
dead man were. placed In the hai- of
his murderer and the situation took on
agiin the deadly peril to th peace cf
all. Europe It lost for a time in the
hands of Nazim Pasha. V ''
In tho Ylldez Kiosk, inhere ths s-I-tan
Jias been living since the openirj
of the peace conference in London,. ths
news of the murder of Nazim Paaha
was received . with .marked - approval,
and it has been hinted that.Envsr Lty
acted with the foreknowledge of his
master, or at least with the knowl'd;s
of the grand council. ' ; .
.;. Upon h's assumption of the authority
of chief of sta." he at ones proceeded
to enforce the; police regulations and
as a result several hundred arrests"
have been made and U Is said that
others may be expected at any time, t
'The foreign residents or-the city
have been ordered to keep to thsir
quarters and if possible to their houses
and in the main this order has been
obeyed. Reports received here this'
morning that the Great Powers have
ordered warships rushed vhers t, a
speedily as possible caused a fresh out
break that was quelled with difficulty. .
So far no Europeans have besn Injur
ed In the rioting. -.
It Is regarded r in . well4nformed
circles here as Certain that the Turk,
ish delegates to the peace conference
in London will be recalled at once and ;
that the conference wilt be abandoned
and preparations for war rushed for
ward with all possible haste.; ;v .'
LONDON, Jan, 24. Reports rrom
Constantinople reaching here destroy "
all hope of immediate peace, and the
delegates of the allies are already pre
paring for the recall they, deem inevit
able. With one accord they announced
today that they' expect an Immediate
resumption of hostilities within the
week, if not before. ;
Dispatches from Germany tell of a
panic on the Bourse, which Is reported
to have broken violently on receipt of
dispatches from Constantinople this
morning and last night.
Other dispatches from the different
chaneelieriea announce the abandoning
of all hope or peace and the accept
ance of the Inevitable war, with pre
parations to meet eventualities.
CARSON, Nevada, Jan. 24. The
first round of the final fight for wo-:,
man's suffrage was won by the women
here today when the lower house of
the state legislature passed a fei!
granting the right to vote to the Wo
men of the state. It is,betleved cer-
tain that the senate will concur and
that the governor will sign the bill aa 1
soon as it comes before him. . v

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