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Carry mils
Approaching Honolulu at a rate of
over thirteen knots an hour the Ocean
ic liner Sonoma ts now predicted to
arrive Inside the harbor late Satur
day night. . - -i;
''Arrangements were completed today
whereby the Sonoma is to be given the
large accumulation of mall destined
for the mainland that has been await
ing transportation here for. come days I
nast, caused by the break in steamship
schedules. s ' : v f 1
The Sonoma; will be given pratique
at the wharf. The federal medical qf -
ficers will board the vessel on her &r-j
rival at the Oceanic wharf. No delay
in, the removal of two hundred long'
- " - - 3 - . - , ' -
The vessel is to take ton a consider-
able quantity Of coal, as well as lines'
of provisions, which it is believed may
be running rather short.
C Brewer & ..Co. .hope to dispatch
the line for San Francisco at noon
Stfnday.Mt Is believed that the Sono
ma, now proceeding at her present
rate of speed, will reach,.-an -Francisco
on or about the same' time as the
excursion steamer Cleveland, 'schedul
ed to sail at 7 o'elock tomorrow morn
ing; : ':.:;:.r- ''v--i;'
. .-t ..: ,' j . ?, ;. V . -i ai . J : i . I-..
. ; tlon- . Y ;i- . - ;v ' ?; ;
The finishing; touches to the .altera-;
Hons .and repairs to; Ihe American
.i, c.wTM. i- 'i,
Hon and that vessel is expected .will , n.en. ' - r .-y-' - : '; '
be hauled from the local marine rall-j M Tho Wilhelmlna has been subject tc
way by tomorrow' morning. The SaW; far more ' scrutiny than any liner ' to
vator has been fitted with a large sec-: reach this port in-many months-Day
tion of new keel. Tuch other vbrk and night during the-stay of the ves
was done, made necessary through the el 'at the wharf,, watchmen hava
schoone grinding on the reef, at the , swarmed heir -decks. ' j
time ef her arrival from the Sound. The' removal of freight - from the
- The Salvator is to be hauled to an T(bc1 has been subject to continuous
anchorage outside the liarbor there to! turvill&nce of Customs offlfficers. In
await the signing on of n crew.' '
China Coaled and Departed.
Taking on six hundred and fifty tons
coal during tbe brief stay at' llono-
5"S; I ttt,5i.0r i
lulu, - the Pacific
steamed away from
Alakea wharf at ten o'clock this morn-J
ing, with desttnatlon asV-Japan
fT-.fnft-nortfc. . Th. China. carried l a -
number' of; AsiaOo steerage, wsen-1
, .;-Tki'.iiofi
but a
, cargo.
Small . amount of
i v
According to. Representative Vogel
: sang, a number of important, change
; will be made in the itinerary of the
tour planned for 1914. The new Itl
nerary, - for next year, will have a
starting date on January 21, arriving
'.' at Colon, January, 30,- and Honolulu
February 12. .. But with 6an Francisco
Included Honolulu will not be reach
ed until February 20.v - ,
4. .Mr.' Vogelsang had made but a par
tial itinerary for the new , westward
' trips, to sUrt in January, 1914,' the
route heing front New Torkr to ; Ha
vana, to Kingston, to Colon through
the Panaftia Canal and thence straight
across the "Pacific to Honolulu and
then on westward to New York over
-'old-.-route, iwlth the exception bt
Calcutta; which nas jbeen cut out en
tirely on account of the difficulty rais
ed ly the actlcn of the Hooghly Rlv
r.'" "; ' ' ,: 'y':
The cablegram rccxlvcd by Mr. Vo
. gelsang, however;" advised that the
Itinerary should include San Francisco
. and - Mr. VrogelEang has now. included
: the; city - ot the tsoldca Gate, which
will make a diiference 6f a few days
..In 'the1 trip. '. ,
t .' , h "
f'.V. Eighty-four tinaof opium werd seis
ed on hoard th American-Hawaiian
steamer Arizonan at San Francisco. ,
J a..
SO -
n .
p m
lift T 38
mm id
4 53
S-Mt-aw ions aw
4Dojs te.u m ao
u.53 as
Hi! a
nx6 ass
7..V) I 89
aSSi &48 13.S6
Full Moon. Jan. 22. at 6:09 a. in.
4 i . . '. Ill I ill I '
Temperatur- C a.
m., 9; 8
noon, 76.
a. m..
mum last nig''t. . .
Wind C a m- velocity 4, N. E.; 8
. veiftp"- 4. N. E.; 10 a. m ve-
locity 5, S
nocn, velocity iz. o.
24 Lours. 141 miles.
Movement l3t
Barometc" rt
at 8 a, m ti.
a. in., .41
Rainfall, '. -
8 m.. 73. Dew-point,
Absolute humidity, 8
K, Opium In large quantities Is believ
ed by the Federal authorities at the
port of Honolulu, as aboard the Mat
son Navigation liner Wilhelmlna and
with that object in view, an unusually
rigid inspection of the vessel, together
with pertonal - effects' JdV passengers
ir-d crew has followed, the arrival dt
the steamer on last Tuesday morning.
A corps of Federal customs inspec-
tors have beea toued ofroy Collector
jfctaekable to accompany. tho wllhel-
inina to Hilo. Thellner It to sail for
J the Hawaii port at five o'clock thls
evening taking a half a. doten toefr
bearing the authority ct Uncle Sam; to
keep careful; watch over an freight
UirVHIU A. VM. mmm .mm ' - .
? That the local' authorities receiVe'd
a plain tip from the' coast regarding
tho Wilhelmlna is now certain, k wv
1 is renirinDerea. iuavwiui-;iuo aujvai
ef ;the liner at Hackfeld wharf, -on
Tvesday morning, all personal effects,
hand fcagage and trunks, the property
c r passengers,' were subject to a en
c4al inspections ThafhaggB ge of trav
elers from 'the coast: to the islands,
should meet vrtth' this reception was
pronounced an entirely . new and rath
e; nnpleasant wrinile.-" w ? -:y
! Then came . the Inspection- of the
ship and a; persistent" search for con
traband twsrsued by a delegation of
wemy men irem w yUBtw
nieht taff of Inspectors and r watch
p'.tre - thap( one instance, pickagea
Lave been . opened and the . contents
examined U:' ' V ...
It is'admitted however thst none of
toe .muchly oug
: There as a
the muchly -sought: opium has so far
rumor -circnlated over
the waterfront yesterday to tho elfer
xna .cwwm. wu;. uu -
nvmbfr .-J" lSSSSS
sealed in a ' crate -of -coast oranges.
tile no posiUve denial to this atorjr
VSS fortneoming, ue repon remainw
unverified. ci - '-v- thif:. -V--.
: The Wilhelmlna Is schedujpd . to de
prt for (the big island at five o'clock
tUs evening, and completing" the xiia
charge or mainland freight will return
to Honolulu at an early hour-Monday
corning.- :-.v'- '
The vessel will receive, no augar at
the Hawaii port - V v ; t v
(Continued from Pa 1)
tnuhity, and if a fight comes to us we
shall be all the stronger for the back
ing "of public opinion that to shall be
certain to receive if we keep faith.
1 That Is not to be Construed ttoiw
ever, to mean that we are going to ilt
down and take whatever the present
administration ot the-company cares
to 'give us;-'A man. is, a fool if he sits
idly hy and allows another to Sharpen
a knife for his own throat, especially
after he has received due warning
from the other that the ; blade is in
tended for his throat ' We regard the
bringing of these bIx men from New
York to Honolulu, and their retention
en .waiting orders at a salary ot 1110
per - month as a distinct warning, a
threat, which we cannot afford to Ig
nore. . We are not going to ignore It,
either." -': : -
(enne4y Piqued."
: Speaking of the action of President
Kennedy in bringing the newcomers
down from the coast, Judge Haa
phreys said:
"Mr.. Kennedy has acted fn this mat
ter, as he has done largely, because of
pique. He returned from the coast
last August to find that the captains
had defeated the company. That
made him mad and he has done the
rest to get even. If he. thinks though
that he is going to win easily, or that
the community is going to stand . by
and allow him to upset the traffic of
the territory in order to feed a per
sonal grudge, he is mistaken. He
belongs unfortunately 'to that class,
risen fiom the ranks, which forgets
the source from which it sprung and
Spurns people belonging to the class."
The following correspondence be
tween the association, formally known
as Honolulu Harbor, No. 54, American
Association of Masters, Mates and
Pilots, and the Inter-Island officials,
was made public yesterday afternoon.
The first letter Is from the association
to President Kennedy, declaring that
if Capt. Thompson were removed from
command of the steamer Niihau
member of the association would take
the vessel out. President Kennedy
stood firm atfd the association there
t il
r m ar war a-
upon wrote two lengthy letters to the
Inter-Usland, setting forth the posi
tion of the men fully and frankly. The
Inter-Island directors, in reply,, wrote
to the association under date of Dec
27, upholding President Kennedy's
It was stated last night that in the
three weeks since then matters have
been coming closer and closer to an
cpen break ' between' the r Inter-Island
and its - men. Capt. Thompson still
commands the Niihau, says the as&ci
ation, but the move of Mr. Kennedy in
bringing men from' the coast is -taken
as a forecast of summary action "when
be gets men on the ground-wha tan
take the places of present "mates and
later become themselves masters. J
.The ccrrespondenee made-pubnc is
as followsr -i ;;-;- -! s-,?
Ultimatum to Kennedy. -
Nov. 5, 1912.
Ufei. AKenaedjV4 President, Inter
' island Steam Navigation Co'lAd,
Honolulu; T.iH. -.fm fei--St'st
DearSirr -We tjegtd!i notify m
that tue- ttmmArrdismissaI of-
A.tir t: vVMteaa.MAM- ai
Uonf tWs aa?l?afaw
vessel today. Captain Thompsou stMeTewrdaa a skillful and suwressful
take her out, aa no other member will II1? tt VS3.6?? e. ?nd W!
accept the-' position , until Just cauae ' have testified that-Je haa riot
for! Captain; Thompson V discharge baa061 cklnrin Bound judgmeht whUe
vTiVftT: -Whtr'l ,r;r W l- Will Hfc
plensed toi consider-at a future .meet
ing Very-truly yours,: ; .'C''V.'
(Signed) v FRANK C; POOR -1
Secretary llonclnlu Harbor No. 54.
Ktrmedy Stands PlrnO f -
Honolulu, r T. H: Nowl J912 '
Honolulu" Harbor Na 54, Honolulu,
Hawaii.; ' , " '.v'v- ..
. Gentlemen : : We have your tetter of
Nov. -5, 1912, relative to CapUin W.
F. Thompson and stating among other
things that no member of the harbor
will take command of the 8. S. Niihau
"until-just cause for Captain iThamp-
son's discharge has been received." my ' Wat- promoted 5 fcy reciprocal
CaptalajThompson was. -lacej 'jn?f5aaWi;,w i4e8lfe:4;-att yout- atten
charget' thefc. S. Niihau as master ftJo ''7 hav reasons
on ilarcVfi of the present year." Since o believe, and do 'believe, that the
that date we have -received a number , future attitude of yotif preaident," Mr;
of compiaints from Various of Our pat "'rKennedyv toward some tof the
rcnis which pon .lavetfgatlona
that Captain -Thompsott has not-exer-' ,jT oppres3Slon -and persecution. ; :r':y ,
clsed that sound Judgment which is ' v Mr' Kennedy is known to have re
necessary, to the proper conduct ' of marked :.thar he .rintends to get, cer
our busiaesa This Uck ot Judgment taIn , ouc members, and it is a fact
has r already entailed flna
both tft ourselrfci anW mtprtn.: ttf' lJ6wa t3ward:ffd dlScHnllnatt
are responslblefto our patrons: for the-
manner in which we perform the ser
vices requested of us; and -we cannot
avoid.' that responsibility 'evenvtf owe
desired to do o.:-We therefore must
exercise, our own judgment In ' regard
to the selection or retention In our
employ;f ocr . representatives;! Truly
yourr SIgned ,i' i v 7
X-:-K- 'j. At KENNEDY, '
President," Interisland Steam Naviga
; tlonCompany, Lti- ':..-;, v'--'
Capt. Thompson' Hef ended. 7 :'::x
r, Honolulu,. T H, DecJ 2, 1912
Messrs.- Interisland Steam NavlgaUon
Cov Ltd., P. O. Box 408, Honolulu,
if v T; H. v ;' ... '. tj' ":- 4 -'
.Dear Sirs. Your reply -to, ; our ' In
quiry as to the cause of Captain W.
F. Thompson's 'dismissal ; from1- the
steamer: Niihau ha been duly re
ceived and i Its .contents carefully J
notea. ( , i .. . .. -v.. ,i( -
Your assertions regarding his 'lack
of sound judgment in discharge of the
company's business, resulting finan
cial loss to the company and its pat
rons, We consider as being very broad
fn their -nature, Insomuch as you do
not mention any specific instance or
combination of events with which' we
may confront him for direct answer
and explanations. :;.
. We have never disputed your rights
In the selection, or. retention of your
employes, and would not have entered
this protest if Captain Thompson 1iad
been givenia substantial reason for
his dismissal.
Captain Thompson states to us un
der oath. - that, "when I asked Mr.
Kennedy for the reason of my dis
charge he Informed me that there
were several, or, at least there were
several complaints about me from
plantation managers; he also said
that I was too old and couldn't do the
work that I used -to."
Injustice is Alleged.
We feel, that a great injustice Is be
ing done to Captain Thompson through
your;' listening to- compiaints from
landsmen, who in our opinion are no
competent to judge of a licensed offi
cer's ability, any more than a lavmnn
is capable of Judging a doctor's ability,
or any other professional man, and in
many instances these , complainants
are wilfully prejudiced against the
master because he will not navigate
his vessel to suit their views.
Captain Thompson is Ignorant of
his accusers, as Mr, Kennedy has re
fused to divulge their names, we would'
therefore- most respectfully request
that, if you have any knowledge tiliere
Captain Thompson has been negligent
in his duty, or has been lacking hi
judgment in caring for your interest,
that you furnish this Harbor wiih
some evidence of this neglect, also a
copy of the complaints as mentioned
in your letter, with the names of ihe
persons whom you say have investi
gated Captain Thompson and found
him lacking in judgment, etc.
Complaint is Made.
In response to" Mr. Kennedy's state
ment that "He couldnt do the work
that he used to." he does not deny, for
the reason that your steamers are not
suppuea wun tne quality or seamen,
which they had in former years.
This is aj-ommocomplajnt in our
Harbor, vessels of your company are
not aapplfed with' a thorougniy com
petent crew of seamen, a -fact that
we have called your attention to and
one that win sooner or Uter result in
further financial loss to your company
and perhaps disaster a3 well, also the
deterioration of some of your vessels
through age, which mak?s it practical
ly impossible for the ma&ters to main
tain the standard established in the
We feel that .masters are being
blamed for incompetency, when In our
opinion the blame should be placed
elsewhere, namely, the system your
company employs in supplying crews
to your vessels.
It is commonly reported that all the
good. men, men that have been trained
in the past to perform good work, have
nearly all left your employ, so that
now we are receiving In their places
Japanese,Porto Ricans. in fact anything
to make up our complement of a crew.
Efficiency jls most ' flagrantly disre
garded.: -i "
Say Dissatisfaction.
: Many of the mates in your employ,
particularly the new officers, who are
not accustomed to this class of sea
mansbip are becoming dissatisfied
wlth-.the work as they teallse that it
is Impossible to accomplish good work
with that.class of men. .:;..
Ii is logical Ho aappose rthat- these
men will spread the report of unsatis
factory r conditions prevailing -here
which will tend to dieter others front
aotepting employment in the v island
tradery. : v..:t-:: ; - ?.? 's
:Sneh are the. conditions under whJcfh
each1 and everyT master in your employ
ts.sitnated;' bat e srrre you that If
you Turhtsh this harboi' with some erl-1
denee t -eilAalnhcnpson'tieftcti
tbgethef irlth a copy of the complaints,
at taentlohe-In- yourJ letter wecan
Earnestly, hoping that you Trill read
H t::r,::"' rr "1
un;. hmuou ciuw -iiuv
- Earfnestly hoping tnat you- will read
ily ''submit the evidence requested, we
.remain; dear sirs,'-. ;--- ;V ;.,;
: ''V . s:.v. Very truly youri,
. i;-i- - A'v Secretary.
Honolulu, T. H; ttecf 21911
To . the Directors of . the Inter-Islatid
Steam- Navigation CoV Honolulu.
!; Gentlemen f - Believing'; that satis
factory, relations', between,' your com
nanv ant this harbor 'and its members
practised, against particular .'members
of "the harbor!' by him. ,ThIs,I our
opinion,'-vni tend to' still farther
widens the breach which, it -teems to
boMCbficeded 'oiir all srdes,"was opened
by the 'ceurse pursued by hftn prior
to the recent issae between ;B. v'vr.
''-It-te a'.aat oT uincere tegret' to
us that- Uri Kennedy should . initiate
sucli a policy, ' aa thiai traroor desirea
tq-iavei armoJona-'; relations-yitnv
youf company. ' it is'no t our fntehtion,
nor nas U -ever been, to" offer protect
tldn or support to aay ot its inembert
a against; any action- of" yohdm
pany, 'Tounded on Justcauae,'- but- it
may as well be understood now, that
this :harboi will' nol 'f all'to' use vita
evety Tesoufce to protect Iti members'
from the slightest oppression, or-any
unjust aiscrtminhtion.' .';' ; -v.r '
: VW belleyMhai the rainis and ob
Jects of this llsoclation have not been
understood - by you in the1 past, -, and
thatr you 'hav-formed ail erroneous
impression of - the same, 'Tjased - upon
information furnished you by untrust
worthy persons. -'
? Our records will show that ' bur
bestefforts. and even our funds, have
been used In behalf of the shipping in
terests iof this territory, and we be
lieve that your company has been the
greatest I' beneficiary thereof. - We
would call your attention-to the fact
that every aid to navigation that has
"been accomplished In' this territory
since annexation Is due to the sugges
tions which emanated from this asso
ciation. Many things of the utmost
importance to your company, such as
new surveys, new charts, -improvements
to harbors and exemptions of
rules of the inspection service, that
were deemed detrimental to the work
ing of your vessels, have been ob
tained through our efforts, without
one cent of expense to your company.
We have the proof of this statement
'In "-our, flies. Our record has never
been excelled by any harbor in the
United States, for we enjoy the
unique positi6n of having been suc
cessful with every petition presented
by us.
In regard to our relations with your
company we feel that it is necessary
to a proper understanding between us
that reference be made to pasi. condi
tions. The conditions existing previous to
our organization, and for some time
thereafter, were very hard indeed.
Wages were being paid by your com
pany as folio W8: Captains, $10, $125,
$150 per month; mates, $65, $75 per
month; second mates, $40, $45 per
month. The hours of duty were most
unreasonable, being, in many cases,
from 18 to 22 hours out of 24, without
any pay for overtime. Many of the
present masters were mates during
that period and they have worked
faithfully thiough the best years of
their lives, and feel that it is due, in
a large part, to the zealous and effi
cient performance of their duty that
year company has attained its present
condition of opulence and its magni
The services rendered ty our mem
bers to your company have never
been Tecoenized hV Mr. Kennedy, for
bnly once during his incumbency has
2 -
European plan
American plan
.....$L50 a day up
.....13.00 a day up
The Hotel Stewart. is one of the most widely known hotels oft the Pacific Ccast and Us accommodations, location,
service and cuisine cannet be surpassed in the city, -You will b mt upon arrival - by uniformtd rsprstsntativss
and auto busses and conveyed to tha hoterandQtvert every assistance possible' In the handling of your ba;;a3.
he volunUrilyvxaisad the pay of the
men. the occasion 'being about three
years ago, when this harbor found ft
necessary to demand the master's "va
cation. ; He then raised the pay of the
mates' $3 per month. In this connec
tfoa'ire may-1 observe that the vaca
tlor. referred Co had been- in vogue
for number of years, but had been
cut ff by Mr. Kennedyy'thus forcing
lu'ifltortlght to laim thit which
he had taken from usi and which was,
Imprfedly, at least, a-part otour con
tract of employraent.3'. f
The record Of our men for ability
ana einciency - is not eiceneu any -
where, -This peculiar' conditions exist- Another matter brought to the at
mg In these waters, the nature of the tentlon of this Harbor, and still far
landings and the" work 'performed 're- ther Illustrating Mr. 'Kennedy's fecl
qulfe a higb degreVof skin -and watch-' ing toward our members, is that , fact
fulnessrsaad neverrintb history, of that he has Issued an order that when
steambcating m these jrateft has 4 vessels arriving, on Suncay wtthi a
life been lost at tea, -and 6ntt upon a cargo of sugar to be discharged that
feWocoa3ions have1 any residus aeci- day. In the American-Hawaiian ships
dents happened, at our most; danger-; (the overtime being paid by the latter
ous landfngSj and then, auch "accidents company), the masters and mates shall
weref caused by libatnren,1 and noUtyr be replaced by the stevedores, who are
ally of yoar licensed officers. ' t0 draw - the overtime pay, thus de-
Although-Vfully nnderstanding . the privlng the ofHcers of your vessels of
power we mtght'wteldwe have never jthe overtime pay they are justly en
in our history abused it on Irted to use -' titled to. This action oil the- part ot
It In any manner, except during the Mr; Kennedy can only be attributed td
recent trouble, when -we were compell- personal feeling, or Hi will, as the
ed In self-defense to resort to all : of overtime being paid by the American
our power and resources rb secure Hawal Ian people; entails no expense
what we corrcel ved ' to be our - Just on your! company; . v . i .. - - ,'
rights, v v . v.v.-f ; r .,).: Again we call your attention to the
We may state that at the outset' of fact that masters ot officers who are
the reoent trouble between us. It was detained at: home, sick for a day or
notth intention of this Harbor toiin- two, are having their? pay docked. :
troduce a hew wage schedule, as our ; This niggardly policy la not pursued
minutes, will show that e 'advocated t elsewhere in the, territory and we con
a tiew achedule to fake effect1 the first fidently believe that it will fall to re-
ljcex!fear1L and;thatevlhtiended'
give your company ample notice there Trusting that the 'matters covered
of, and invite it, to Bend us suggestions by this communication may have your
with respect thereto!'. ; . , . fair consideration, and that we may
t U is tor puniose to be fair with you ' assure you that this harbor will give
at all times; but we ' feel, and do not hTe timely advice thereof, we remain,
hesitate to say to you, that It will be a gentlemen, , "r'r---,
constant source -tf friction, and danger T": 5? Yours respeclfuny-'-'v-v.s;'
to our members; and will still further HONOLULtf HARBOR, Na 54. ;
intensify the bitter feeling ufthecessar- ' , , ' FRANK a POOR,
ily created In the past by Mr. Kennedy,! V ' i. $ - -, v v ' . v Secretary,
if he (of Mr: SheedyX persisti t in pre-inter-lsland Stands by President. -
scribing or attempting to TCiscriJhinate
"MT ;Sheed l;aneVBTatf"'a''- your
employment with hut slight acquaint-
anee wfth the masters and mates, and deration to your letter of the 2nd inst.
his repeated remark, made5 In spirit the Direcotaof this Company, the
oT'vainglory, that he' wfll. fire' this ;oi Hoard has directed me: to "write you
that man,- as it may please his whlnisf in reply as follows: V. ' -. -- - . ,
or caprices, can tmly serve toTeklndle j The Directors are satisfied that ia
a smouldering fire' and make it heces-'liJs dealings with the Company's' env
saryTor this Harbor to adopt measures
of protectldn agarhst vhlto or any
others similarly arnicted.-
pur reason for tnfs communication,
at this time, Is the rettark made by
Mrv Kennedy that "he intends 16 get
Return Engagement
x)f the 'old favorite
TTVi : ' ;
Ill f O
ssssi i .assa a
Monday, Jan. 27
1st performance 7; 2d performance,
Prices 10c, 20c, 30c
, u i
JASs "ilL Wf Honolulu Bbprccontativo
certain of our.men for 4he part they
played in the recent trouble between
tho company and but men. One of the
misters was recently ordered discharg
ed by Mr. Kennedy, and when request
ed to give a reason for this order stat
ed that the master was too old.' An-
Other ; master upon Interviewing Mr.
Kennedy was, alto told that It was to
be Ms policy to replace the older em
ployes with younger men. : : r , I -
At a special meeting of this associa
tion, called to consider the matter. It
was decided that this Harbor would not
permit such an injustice to take place,
- and-Mi tr.nn v infnmi
your approval. ; .;
: J Honolulu, . H, Dec 27i 1342;
T. H,
1 CeatIemen:-Having givea ; !onsid
ployees, Mr. Kennedy has not Indulged
in discrimination except to recognize
efficiency; and service.
Having already given f air considera
tion to the facts Involved In connec-1
ticn with Captain Thompson's effsa,
. s .t - r v . " c
Kzh; W
. .. : '. -l. :: i . r - . v . r
i " t : :. ".;!. '
H' iSf .-f
iter y
-.'-J4? . 1 ;" .
-AJ - ' t I
. (.
and Captain. Thompson having In fact
been given substmtial In&taucos ot do
fault toft hli part, the Directors' feel :
that further comment Is unnecessary.
" It has been and will continue to te
the policy of this Company and of.Cie
offlcera to be fair in all relations wita
employees, recognising nefU and eC
ciency on the one hand and dlsplaci
or correcting those falling short of it
on the other, giving fair consideration
tc complaints of those who mar deem
themselves aggrieved, and in all ose.
taking such action as the Directors
shall deem just. The Directors cannot
ax old, nor permit others to assum;
the responsllility which rests upon
the Company 1n connection with iti
ctuployees-and -their selection, reten
tion and discipline, -:
- ' Yours respectfully,
. v Q!?nfn nnif an t:Kniw.
Secretary, Inter-Island Steam Nav.
Co., Ud. "
Cleveland tourists long have occa
slon to look back with delight at the
efforts of a corps of officers and pas
sengers tn their efforts to amuse, with
the assistance of the occasional, pub
lication of the "Cleveland" Howler."
(That thel-Howier was 'car -hi 3 of
creating. a'large v slied 'disturbance,
was generally conceded this morr.!?.?,
when" copies of the saffron-hec J lit
tle sheet were produced. With a Eta.?
comprislngN the youth and flower of
the Cleveland, and numbering such
distinguished personases S3 "Ski;;cr"
Kler, FredtKruae, drawlna: upon the
front of learning over which preniei
Major Jones, the paper strcrpd
through, three" months exUtence, with
credit to Its staff. Messrs. Lindsay,
'Cameron and MI lllcan, a trio of l!v
ones on board the ves3ef adrJratla
served In the capacity of newsloys.
They dlsriosed of their wares wlih ti
dash r and abandon that ' conr.pc'.lc
more than one reluctant two tit r.!3CA
to part-' from a tourist pocket took.
The department for first aid to ths
loveless, prbved a winner for a tery
of forty eHjlble widows and a score
nf others who ' are' alleged to havp
fallen a willing victim to Cupli's
wlles . v" ' " -. -
At the suggestion of the Howkr, a
new game was "introduced la the sev
eral tournaments,' namely tug of war
drinks. - ' . ... -A.v '
In noting weather conditions ' on
board,' the Howler glibly refers to
weather as sunny after a while, with
a frisky barometer and a thermometer
registering black' and white. '

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