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.., "
J 1 4 ' ' rE5f- fed'", iTv Ui
; Approaching Honolulu at a rate of
over thirteen knot an hour the Oceanr
ic liner Sonoma Is now prodlcted to
arriye Inside the ..harbor late Satur
day, night , ; -.Arrangements
were completed today
whereby the Sonoma Is to be given the
... . .ii
for the mainland, that has been await-
lng transportation here for some days
past, caused by the break in steamship
schedules.:' 4 - 1
i rtra o rrnmn i n i inn nr man aHiuneu
1 ce sonoma wui oe, given prauque
at the wharf. - The federal medical
r 'til 1...) VM irAOa&l h
IJCCi o mil yuaiu uiv tMii wn nv- - ,
in the removal of two hundred tons keep a careful watch pVer 'all "freight
Australian cargo . ' will be ! necessaj-y. j dacharged from Chli ' Vesrel. ,: ' ' . v '
The vessel is to take ba a consider-j 'That' the iocai"'abbriuea,,iely.etd
able quantity of coal, as well as lines' a plain tip1 from ..the- coast regarding
cf provisions, which it is .believed may tbe..elmina'if:.nbwicertal''vlt jfc.,
be running rather short . 10 remembered hdt with ifie airivkX
C.y Brewer' & .Co. hotie tp dispatch cf ihe Uner atHackfeld h&rf,f t6n
tte line for San Francisco ; at noon ivesday morning kll persbwl effects,
tjpday. It is believed, that the Sono-.'gpi Usage 'Arid trunks, the prbnerty
ma, now poceeaing - ai oer present-cf
rein rt ennd1 nttl Orh Ron Prinrll. .
co on or about the same time as the:
excursion. steamer Cleveland, schedul-
cj 10 au u ocxock uiiugrru worn-
Work on ' Salvator ; Nearing Comple-
tv a nicvins otm.
tJos and repairs to the Ameri An -.tiy en-ty men f "f
ichooner Sanatoria nearing comple- night taff ,of inspectors, and ..-watch.-tl-i-acd
that Vessel Is'expected wlirn.tn;.: :'-. 4..;v..v;;.v v
Le' hauled from the local marine riil-l - The WHJielmina has been, sub Ject,?
v-ayby tomorrow morning.' The' Sal-; far more scrutiny than-any liner to
vator has been fitted with a large sc-j reach this port In many months.' Pay
tion of new.keeL Much other , work -and night during the. stay of the ,yes
w.s done, made necessary through the el at the " wharf,, watchmep 1 nay,e.
Echooner grinding on the reef; at tpe1, svarmetj her '"xlecks. '"'":iVy::
time of. her arrival from-the Sound. The removal of 1 freight rom te
The Salvator Is to be hauled to an.
China Coaled and Departed.
Taking on six hundred and fifty tots!
enchorage outside the harbor there xo turylUarice of Customs offlffic.ers. -n
await the signing on a crew.; ; 1 L
Fa , ; v v,':,'4 j i h-rVA heeii1 ''onened'arid the contents
cr al during the brief stay at Hon. muchly iought opium Jjaa:acsXar
lulu, the Pacific Mall-liner ;X!htaa'JW
LaiS Sa
.number. of Asiatic steerage passe.
rcrs from
U, .amount , of. -
tut a .small
cargo.. '
,t.DnnTi Mr ru,itprcs v U The Wilhelmlna is scheduled to dfe
...POnTANTCHArJGES .MF fcrt for Hhe big island at?fiveVcI6ckJ
Ifi fJEXT WORLD TQURttWs evening, and comPMipg thetd
' f V' : ,' .- ... r" '.r. . , 'charge or mainland .freight 'wtll return
According to Representative yogaV .
tang, a nnmoer oi impprtani cnange
v,-til be made In the . itinerary of the
. - . . . J
tcur planned. for 1914. The new iti
r crary, for' next year - wiir have ja
tuning date. on January 21, arrivldg
rt Colon, January SO, and Honolulu
1 tmary 12. But with San Francisco
included Honolulu wlll'.not bp reacn
t until February 20. .'.J.'. 4,4,
, Mr. Arogelsang had made out a par
tial Itinerary for the new westward
trips, to start In January, 1914, -the
route being from New York to Pa
rana; to Kingston, to Colon "throupJU
the Panama Canal and thence straight
ccross the Pacific to Honolulu ' and
then on westward to New York' ovr
tlio old route, with? the 'exeep'ion. U'
Calcutta, which ha3 been cut out en
tirely on account of the difficulty rais
ed by' the action of the Hooghly RiV
er. i ,- v '; . ? .
The cablegram received by Mr; Vp
pclsang, however, advised ' that the
iUnerary should include Saa Francisco
and Mrt- Vogelsang lias now- Included
the city of the Golden Gate, which
will make a CiSerence of a few days
in the trip. V :
v : . , : i
Eighty-four tins bf opium were seis
ed on board th.fr Anaerican-Hawalian
Etcamer Arizonan at San Francisco. iy
iO.W t.40j &.4
10 43 a 40! HJ
4x0 aielijs H
H.6S 6.J9
t4fl? 7.1
4p m.
iass (.: &.4TI
11JM as
e.sa s.48
nril Moon. -an. 22, at 5:09 a. m.
.- ..ii-:.-?-i2Jift ?'.vmr-69f 8 it. m-.
TS; 12 noon, 6-Mm"
73; 10 a. m.,
mum last nisi, r- f - 4i j V;
Wind-C a. m velocity.!. N. E.. j
a. nu. veloci 7 4, 11; 10 a. ve
locity 5. P 42 noon, yelocity iz. &
-1 j ;.-m r 141 miles.-
v -V- CVni rn Dew-noihtv
t 4 fKdJlhSSA
a. jiw fi.ii'. .
.JUlnfai:, -ra i ' . . . :
k , . - . : . - rr -; ' o .! n
ed by the Federal authorities at the
port of Honolulu, as-aboard the. Mat
eon Navigation liner WllhelmlnA;' and
with that object In view," an utffcuall
rigid Inspectlon'of the vessel together
withNoertonaT effects of passengers
k.'fnllnw' thai orHv'flT ftf
iru uen ubp i.wiv 71 -v, . v--
the steamer on last Tuesday. morning.,
A corps of Federal customs .ihsej:
tors have been tolled 'off. by 'Collettdr
fc'iAckab.ie tofccpmpahy' thejHheJ-
.i cuius ' tT 1
passengers, were EhhXect to a. gen
t. . ,..L.: .i.'-i t . f .
.,.. rnvn-"ifcB;'-masti'to. the Isla
si,ouli toeet wtth'thls receplibij: w
urnrini,nbpA w ent relv hew and rat
Then came the Inspectipa'tpt; the'
Utip arid 'a' persistent search for con-
uaDana. pereuea r.i'w6wu,w
V(sil has been subject to continuous
a BnitiiA however that nbne bf
:Wr i. f-i
JVgg lS
tb Honolulu at an earlv ;hqur Monday
MAW In tf
The vessel : ill receive no Stjgagf :at
tbe Hawaii port. V "'-tV 1'-'
i iu ' l L
, .(Continued from Page 1)
munity, and if a fight comes to us we
shall e all the stronger for the back
ing of puUic.oplaIbh,"thaXw'e shall Tje
certain to' receive if we keep, faith.
That is not to be' construed how
ever; to mean that we are going to ajt
down and take whatever the present
administration of the company 'cares
to give lis. A man is a fool if he sits
idly by and allows another to' sharpen
a knife Tor his own' throat,5 especially
after he has received due", warning
from the other that' the blade' Is In
tended for his throat ' We regard t&e
bringing of these 'six men from , New
York to Honolultu Arid helr telention
cn waiting orders at a salary of flip
per tmpnth as , a" distinct warning, a
threat, which' jee cinpt afford, to. ig-.
nore. We..are' riot ing to. ignore It,
either"- ., : . -'.J 4:.': ,
"Kenfiedy. Piqued . ;r
" Speaking of the action of .President
Kennedy in bringUig the riewobmers
down' from the coast, fudge Hum
phreys' said:
"Mr. Kennedy has acted In'this mkt-
j, ter, as he has done largely, because of
pique, e retumea rom ine coast
last "August' to" find jthat the .captains
ha defeated ,the company That
made .him mad. arid he lias" jd one the
rest to get even if he thinks though'
that he is going to win easily, or that
the community is going to stand by
and allow him to upset . the traffic pt
the territory in order to feed a per
sonal grudge, he ' Is 'mistaken. He
belongs unfortunately to that class,
risen from the ranks, which; for gets
the source from which it sprung and
spurns people belonging to the class.'
The following correspondence be
tween the association, formally known
as Honolulu HarborNo. 54, American
Association of Masters, Mates and
Pilots, and the Inter-Is!and officials,
was made publlc'yesterday afternoon.
The first letter is from the association
to President Kennedy, declaring that
if Capt Thompson were removed from
command of the steamer Niihau. no
mVmber of the association would take
J the. ressel out President Kennedy
; stood firm and the association there
JO in a u nuo. r iu, iLuei
Of- the 1 Hawaii port at .five uxiock ,ipi?
ir.l. A.Ii iaVlnir a h'ol' n if'rjn' Tnrt
upon wrote two lengthy letters to the
Inter-Iisland. setting forth the posi
tion of the men fully and frankly. The J
Inter-Island directors, in reply, wrote
to the'assoclation under date of Dec.
27, upholding President Kennedy's
course. , ' .
It1 was stated last night that in te
three 'weeks Since then matters" have
bee coming closer and closer to .an
pen breakf "between the ' Inter-island
and" Its 1 men'' Capt 'Thmpspn still
bommari'ds 'tfie'NlihauC says 'the associ-,
atiori, but the 'move .pf MX. Kenriedy;ln
bringing men from the ..cpast Is jtaken
aa'l forecast' of sumnja; action ,en
be gets ' tnen r on the pu.ndl.whp can
take r:pxB ; jplacea "fit ; present matesari
laterjbjcbme themsel yjes" maste),s. ;
'ThVjx'rrespbriderice' madb7 pwlic Is
asfollblr l r"- v ?r-
ST)".-' J.A? Kennedy, President Inter
l -felk'srsteaU KatlgaUon'Co..,Ltd,
Honolulu,' T. .11.: 'jTC
-Bear Siri-;"vTe:bei 'tp' notify' ,yoji
that the''samibary14ismlssalt.br CAp-
takb her but, as no other mberrwUWfri W
accept UeWubtf'untlFlUstr
Kennedy Stands . Jfirm;. , ,
' V? ii6Aoiuiufc t,;h.;'Npv. ,11, 1912.
Honolulu '''JK-tlMri,
Gentlemenr We have your, letter pf
NoVl 1912 re'lativW to 'Captain' V.
things ; thaf .'no member of the 'harbor
and of the Niihau
wui. iaae commana
"until iust .cause'
se for Cpwjn;Tnpmp -
sonsr ! discharge ' has been
charge ,'of 'the K-S.tUinau as masjfer "i
dn March' 5 .'of the preserit'year'. Since
that date "we harevreceiVed a 'nub.er WUre atluile ,o ypur pIdent Mr.
of cbMpiainis from" various ofour pat- 4u ;nnfedrr. towafd some $3
rVrisrhich;hpoa ; vestlgatibn. kh
that Captain Thompson' has hbt bXeK. oppression, and; petsbcuQon.' : "1;
cised thatrsbund JudamenthfchT-;ji;.'Mr;'';,Cerinedy.; is, known; to have res
accessary: to lite vnroper-4Jdnduc4mar toget?: cer-
oyr business,
has already
m reib.Ie MM the -
, -Xhis Jacx pc judgment iaiu 1-y,u.r..'ftlMeB jiuul iv
entailed firianciat -loss PPhaTT' animosity ; .has .been
s'anA bur nktroiai .We' shpwn.-, toward ;.apd dUcriminatiqn
manner-in wnicn we penormme-ser-iv.v"?
vices ebUe'stedbf hs. and e"i:anriot
avoid r Ihat " responsTtility, e ven v if we
deiredr to dpW Ve' the'reWbmust
c-xercls'brbur bwA iudeirieiit in feeard
fb' 'toeeleeabn' ouri
employ bf our 'reDresentati'v,esir'Truiy.l
Presidents JnterUland Steam Naviga
tion Company, Ud.
Capt Thompson DefendedCT" ' V
r ; ; '-Honolulu T, JV f)ecT:2,19l2 I
Messrsjlriterisland Steam Navigation
,v.Co, KOx ,408, Honolulu, j
yeix. 3ir; . ioar. repiy.io . jour, en
quiry. As tov the caus of Captalri W.
t Thompson' dismissal 1 from, the
steamer Tjtthau has" ' been, duly re
ceived T and its r contents carefully
notefl " :'.': ffj-..-, kv.j '
; ,.T.aur assHlftna reatjllng hjlfJack
of .sound judgment in discharge of the
company a business, resulting in finan
cial loss to the company and Its pat
rqns, ve consider as being Ver3f broad,
fn their nature, insomuch Aa'you do
n.ot mention any specific Instance jit.
combination of events with hich we
may 'confront him 'for direct answer
and explanations. ' '; ' "
yefAave 'never disputed your .rights
in the selection or retention of your
empIpyeVarid wouW toot have entere4
this protest if Captain Thompsoji bAd
been given a' substantial j-ejf oi or
his 'dismissal. "
'Captain Thompson states to us un
der oath, that "when I asked Mr. J
Kennedy for , .toe reajson of ny dis
charge 'he Informed 'me "that there
were several; tr jat least there "were
several complaints about me from
plantation" managers; "he also said
that I was too Wd and couldn't do the
work that I used to." ,
Injustice is Alleged."
we feel thaV a great injustice is be
ing done to Captain Thompson through
your listening "to complaints . mm
landsmeji, yho n cur pplnjop are not
competent, to Judge of A ac?aod OjfU
cer's ability, any more -than a layman
is capable pf fudging a doctor's ability,
or any other professional man, and in
many instances .these . complainants
axe wiifujly pirejudiced against the
faster because he . will not navigate
his vessel to suit thc.ir y lews.
CaptAln Thompson is ignorant of
his accusers, as Air. Kennedy has re
fused to divulge their names, we would
therefore most respectfully reou93t1
that if you have any knowledge nhere
Captain Thompson has been negligent
in his duty, or has been lacking In
judgment In caring for your interest.
that; you furnish this Harbor wiih
some evidence oi this neglect, also a
copy of the complaints as mentioned
in your letter, with the names of the
persons whom you say have iLvesti
gated Captain Thompson' and found
him lacking in judgment, etc.
Complaint is Made.
In response to Mr. Kennedy's state
ment that "He couldn't do the work
that he used tohe does not deny, for
the reason that yoUr steamers are not
supplied with the quality of seamen,
. 4 V M - ' 1
wnicn tney naa in lorme. years.
Thia Is a common complaint in our
Warto yt&eifi C jfpjur -45npany are
not supplied with a throuily com
petent crey or seamen? V fact that
Ve have called your aileafi$n to and
brie tat ypl sooner pr letter result in
further financial loss to your company
and perhaps disaster as well, also the
deterioration cf some of your vessels
through age. which maks it practical
ly impossible for the masters to main
tain Xke standard established in the
past ,
We feel that masters are being
blamed for Incompetency, when In our
opinion the blame should be place!
elsewhere, namely, the system yoli
cuiiipau emiMeys n auppiymg crews
to your vessels. ' ' " ""
It is commonly reported that all the
good men, men that have been trained
in the past to perform good work, have
nearly all left your employ, so that
now we are receiving' In their places
Japanese.Porto Ricans. to fact anything
to make up our complement of a crew.
Efficiency ia most flagrantly disre
garded. ' " ' "
Say Dissatisfaction.
, .. Many of the mates In your employ,
particularly the new .officers, who are
riot accustomed' to this class of .aea-
iutujtMiy, x . uecqmiji.wss&usuea
frtth tlje wbri ijas' ;they;,re.aliie 'tat' it
Is impQsstble lb accomplish "good, wprk
wlth'thatlass ot menlC ''V,' ; -v;
.It' is 'losrical to iuDDase that fhpso
;i$eni..sprea& e Report of "unsati
lacxoiy conqjupns prevamng ,nere
which will tend, 'to'deterVMrs from
.Supbl are 't6"on'drt(on,,uer
epch Arid every vniaster in your employ
is jsUuated, kt ve assure Jpu at if
youlfurnlsh this tarbof with Aome evf-
deri.ebf ,CaptaTlipmpn:3'nVgr4'cti
tbgetfcei; Ni ith. A copy ,o the complaints.
F.ameitlT. tiovihe thafyoii wilf Vfr?.'
lthe matter. Ra unbiasea. consideration
very truly yours.
? " SpQiKK C. P.OOR,
. " Wblula T.f lL.Hilec, 2. J911 '
To the Jpirectora of "the Intr-laiand
i j " Steani Navigation Co.. HorioIultL
Genllemeni elievinr Jb,t usatis-
tteiAryMifaMfietpeen ' jrpur, .,bom-
i'aflJf. .aa .j,uia Aftr Jwr.up -iu memera
tion tp acf that e hai
ft eIev, and. do lleve,
ed against canicular memtiers
4 Uhe-LVtor;yimi':Thii; fl'u
pptriiv Vwilf Xend V; to rklilt ''furtlier
w)dejl;iUte,'$feah .iich,'ii sbeniA'-to
be .bpricfedfOfi; al sdes, Vai opened
i.'ikA .a... 1 'tK ... ' J
.u uu,
iaj iu cvrl. letup: LClltCCU UB,
to cave ; impnious, ; reiaupn rwitn
r?tWWr:v Moi ur intent on,
nor, la it ey,ef efeCtb , offer pi-Qtejc,;
tlbn f br .support' to any bf ' tt$' jnfcmh?rs
Jl "not
every resburce to catect'iu memtiers
from $he slfghtesr pppre ssiph brjita'
; tbeiiesethat the,, and pbr
jpcts.pf Hthjs spiaUo'n have not been
"dfsW, k fa the Pasted
thyba Jve . irmed ri jBrrbaeoua
toprAiiba abf ' &e sameased upon
information furnished you , by untrust
worthy persons'.
'pur records will show .that our
best' efforts, and even our funds, have
been used in behalf of the shiDDing in
terests' pf this territory, and " we be-j
lieve that you company has .been tne
grealesf: 'Mjeneflciary , thereQf.":' Wb
would call your attention to the fact
that every aid to navigation, that has
been accomplished , in , this ' torritory
since 'apnexatipn s due to, the sugges
tions which1' etriariafed from this asso
ciation. Many things of the utmost
importance .to your, company, such as
S;w" surveys,' new charts, improye
ents to harbors and exemptions of
rules of the Inspection service, that
were deemed .detrimental to the word
ing of your vessels, have been ob
tained through . our. efforts, without
one cent of expense to your company.
We hAve'therprbbf of this statement
In "our. files. X)uf t record has never
been' excelled by" any ' harbor h the
lnited States, for we enjoy the
uhiqUe position bf having been suc
cessful wJh every petition presented
By ;u'sl'
in regard to our relations with your
company we feel tha It is' necessAry
to a' proper understanding betv;een us
that reference be paade to past condi
tions. 'Thejcpnditiong existing previous to
pur orgAriizatlon, and for some time
thereafter; were very hard indeed.
WAges were ! heing paid by your com
ply, as follows: "Captains, $160, 8,125,
fl,5p pernrorifh; mates, $65, $75 per
month; Second mates, $40, $45 per
month. The hours cf duty were most
unreasonable, .being, in many cases,
from 18 to 22 hours out of 24, without
any pay for overtime. , Many of the
that period and they have worked
faithfully through the best years of
their hyes, and reel that It is due, in
a large part,l.to the zealous and effi
cient performance of their duty that
your company has attained its present
condition of opulence and its magni
tude. The services rendered ty our mem-
ten to your company nave never
: ben recognized bv Mr. Kennedy, for
. . . . -
only once during nis lncumoency nas
ci ,t?iaCjyf r: 'KenVe11y "s.hoVdTJhitato
siicif' !a ublick 1 As ' Ma ' M'rbbr desires
European plan . . $1.50 a day up
American plan .$3.00 a day up
The Hotel Stewart is one of the most widely known hotels tn the PaclficXoast and its accommodations, location,
seryice and .cuisine canncuthe surpassed in the city. Yo will be met upon arrival by " uniformed : representativts
and I aut9biuaes and conveyed to'the hotel nd fliyjen every a;iynct pssibleln the handlina of yourt bagaaaei
... ;;.',;. -:-; (Q4y Transfer. Office). ' - ; ;
he voluntarily raised the pay of the
mei;ntorct!ys three
years ago, when this harbor found it
necessary o demand tie master'a va
cation. He thed" raised thepay of the
Sates jfo. per months 'in tis.'comiec
5e'pay. 'pteeffi. thai; .the vaca
tion ; referred ' tb had ' beeaj in vogue
(or 'a'nuriiber bt 'yeabut'had been
cui off, iy ly. jKeri'nedy, thus, forcing
ts into, A fiht .to recjalm hat wh(ch
he', had takefrbmX11", which was,
lrapjjedly,' ft least, a'paijt of bur cbn
traqt'ofemplqyment' V-' " .
Tecbrd : of btir men for AbiUty
and 'v efficiency "i '" noi rexceiied any-
ftifTfr The peculiar, conditions exist- i 'Ariother matter 'brought to the at
in(In JJese. Wjite,rs. the natore of the tbnUon of this Harbor and stlll.fur
landings And IhQ (work, performed re- ther illustrating Mr. Kennedy's feel
juir? ?eFee .of58killand watch- lng toward our members; Is that fact
n.dt W.er totbeistory of that he has Issued an order that when
W.Athe.ters has '.a --vessels arriving on Sunday ' with 'a
4een.Ipsft at,sea, anjl,.onyr upon a cargo of 'sugar to be discharged that
W..??asufts hAve.apy r.esius aqct- day, la the American-HawaUan' Bhlpa
Vj.Ppened. at our, most, danger- (the overtime "being paid' bytho latter
9m W,togs;wd tfce masters and mates shall
tj erp, caused, by boatmen," and not by be replaced by the stevedores, who are
W 9t;jpv Jlcensed pfficers. V 1 v jtodraw the overtime pay, thus : de
v Although;,, fully, understanding the prlvlng the officers of your vessels of
ppwe; i,? i.mlgh.t wield, -te liaTe never? trie bvertime pay they Are. Justly -en-In
our factory. abused(lt, or. tried to use ttitled' to. This action cm the part o!
Cin..any.mAnpr,; except during the. Mr. K.ennedy'chn'only be attributed to
fecent trouble, , when, w,e wereompell-.r personal feeling, "or ill will, as the
ed in sejf-defense to. resort;, to, all of overtime Jeing paid by the American
puy ; pbwpr., And. jesources; to secure Hawaiian people entails no expense
whai , .we icoa.ceivedv tobe jour .just on your; company, v--'-v ' , ' )
right A-' . . -.-1-1 : Aealn w call your attention tn thV
tWir may state iat at .the putsetvbf,
ae Recent trpuDie Detween us, it was ,
ot,thB;.intentipn ojf this Harhor to in-
pdufie. A. n twage, Bcheidiule, as ohr i This julggardly poUcy. is not pursued
iipues .will Ahow.-tve-. advocated elsewhere in the territory and we con
.new scee to take, effect ;the fifstfidently believe 'that it willfAil to re
give our company ample notice there-1 T, rushing, that the matters .covered
of. and invite it to send us suggest iqns ; by this commudicatlbn may have our
with reapecf thereto.-ft 1 fair; cpAsideratipn.: and ; that 1 we ! may
tt Is buy 'purpose to be fair yith'ypu, 1 assure you that this harbor will give
a.tlimca, but ,tre feel," and do not r'tere timely. advice thereof, we remain,
hetatejp's&y. to you;:that,ii fill be a ' gentlemen, ; : ; ; : : . .
constant sobrce of frfrtinri. nd dft.ni7rl - J ". ;VnTirs -mnnaoifni'lV -J ir .
oonstant(spurce,pi frlcqn, An4 danger
to ur, members, apdwI ptfllvturther
Intensify the 'bitter jfeellrisr urinecessar-
tiy created Mjhfi pasi'.Mr.'lvennedy,1
i he , pr r.Shedytpejjrsiats in pre ; inteHsland Stands' by President u ..;
WlWAak fir. .at'teffntinglto' iiJscinte r T t Honolulu,, wH. Vec iJmZ: y
jAfAlrnt; ; Honolulu v,Hfurborv Nx Honolulu
cmoymenl, twjth, ,bnt, slight acguaint-j - PentlementHaving given consid
ancerwith je ma3ters.iuid . mates, and - era tion to your letter of the '2nd Inst
his epaipd 'Kmarde,' ina'splrit: lo'the Wrectprs of vthla Company, the
qt Inglor)r,aa., lwgr fop pr Hoard; has ; directed me to write . you
tha,.man. gs pai, pjeasp hs jwhlmsr. in reply as folhxws: ...rt -.-;
bj'"cAprice.Cjcaii. im.gryip .yeVlndle - The Directors are. "satisiled Uhat In
smpuiderIng .fir A..ffi it peces-hi dealings with thp.. Cbmpany'a -env
&aryjtc,tWs" Mr. Kennedy has not indulged
f ,rp(ectipa' -against .pr, any! in discrimination except to recognize
other, sirty fmeedj., f -? efficiency and service. v.: Zi.
.Ottf aso for .ti.iComunJcationq Having already, given tilr.considera
atittismeis he,majj made by (tion to the facts involved in ebnnec
.Kennedy, tat'fhe foten,df, to, get" tlcn with Captain - Thompson's caSe,
Return Engagement
of the old favorite
-' FTrl
i TV Xi n
Monday. Jan. 27
1st performance 7; 2d performance,
-Prices 10c, 20c, 30c
certain of our men tor the part they
played' ia the fdtent trouble between
the. jppmpany and pur; men. One pf the
masters was recently ordered discharg
ed by Mr. Kennedy, and when request
ed to give a reason for this order stat
ed that the masted was too old. An
other master upon ' interviewing ' Mr.
KannAdT th iIsa tnA that it was to
be his poJicy toTeplace the elder em;!
ployes with younger men. . I v .
- At a special njeetijng pt 'this aasbcia-l
tlon, called to consider the matter, it
was decided that this Harbor would not '
permit sucn an injustice to taae place,
aT,i Mr icnnAifv '
fact that masters-or : .officers' who Are
detained at- home, siclt . for r a day or
two, are Jiaving their, nay' docked. ;
Yours respectfully, ;
; .
' .:.:.: :
J. : :
:t- :
.' 7''-&t;i'''.:y'--W::'-- -.'u'-;
and Captain Thompson having in fact
been given substantial Instances or de
fault I on hist part th,e ; Directors feel
that further comment is unnecessary.
It has been and will continue to te
the policy, of this Company and oi Tae
cJficers, to be fair in all relations with
employees, recognizing merit and effi
ciency on the one hand and displacliTg
or correcting thosa falling short orlt
on the other, giving fair consideration
complaints of those who may deem
themselves aggrieved, and in all cises
taking) sushr action as the Directors
shall deem just The Directors cannot
at old, '.nor ' permit other to assume.
the responsibility which rests upon
the 'Company In "connection with ita
employees and their selection, reten
tion and discipline, ; , . . . Y, ",r " .
-."'v-t - Youm rpsrcrtfullY-
V (Slgned) INOUMAN GtlDGB,
. Secretary, - Inter-Island Steam Nav.
"i Cleveland tourists Ion g have ' occa
sion to look back with delight at the
efforts of a corps' of officers and pas
sengers ini their efforts to amuse, with
(he assistance of the occasional pub
lication of the .-Cleveland Howler.
'That the -Howler" was capable of
creailag a large" sized disturbance,
was generally conceded this rnornlnj?,
when Copies bfthe satTron-hu?d llt
tlo sheet were produc.ed. With a staff
comprising, the youth and fower of
(Ae Cleveland,' .and numbering such
distinguished personages as "Skipper
Kier, Fred Kruse, drawing upon the
front of le.njing oyer, which presides
Major ' Jones,' , the " paper strussled
through three months existence, with
credit' to Its staff. Messrs. LIad3ay,
Cameron and Mlllican, a trio of live
ones on board the vessel adirJraLle
served in the capacity cf newsboys.
They "disposed of. their wares with a
dash' and " abandon that compelled
more than one reluctant two bit ptec
to' part 'from a tourist pocket boolc
The departments for first .aid to the
loveleps, proved a winner for a bevy
of: forty eligible, widows and a score
of others' who are alleged to have
fallen a willing victim to Cupid's
, : At the suggestion of the Howler, a
new game.was Introduced in the sev
eral .tournaments,- namely tug of war
drmks. -: ' - ; . , y . - .
. :4f- . . . . -
board. . the ; Howler glibly refers to
weather as sunny after a while,. with
a- frisky barometer and a thermometer
registering black and white. -

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