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From S. F.t
Manch.-Hon., Jan. 29
For K. I,i
Sonoma. Jan. 26.
From Taaeearert
Marama, Jan.' 29.
For Yaneoarerr
Makura, Jan. 28.
D .- w C- ' . , , v;;.;v itV;. J v rf -
Evening Bulletin, Eat. 1882. No. 54S3.
Hawaiian Star. VoL XX, No. 6434.
I i. : w i : if i i
7m ' : J
k '- P.,:-.-. -
5 UP
ies suddMly
; A: Publicv SaysDirec-
f tors in Thorough
3 Harmony With
i P res id ent-Both
; r f OlllCd, rlWdlL XaVIlY ; William m;; Langton, lately editor
r.: ' Ovprf Aff' : ' and proprietor, of the Faralise of the
v; V CI T Myv Z Pacific died In the hospital at Santa
-President" J A. Kennedy of" the Monkifornia, atevcn' o'doek
Inter-Island Steam Navigation ; com-: tkU morning. - He left Honolulu a
v pany has the board of director aoUd-onth 'w ago after hiving sold
4 ; . ly at his back in the present difficulty the Paradise to his wife, -who has long
v the members of the local asaocl-een connected with Ihf paiiti, Kld-
, aUon of Masters. Mates and Pflota,--' ' L--
clear this morning ly V. a : Smith. WeW.M of dcttV,-,
v member of the board of directors and f of lhe . most , skillful printers
? l" head of the legal firm representing the Honolulu has -ever knawo Mr." Lans
company, ttf - the first authentic state- ton was unf versally Writ by all who
of the Inter-Island's attitude to tad either bualnets or ociM relations
; - ard Its captains and their stand. Mn hrltlr him. V ; Ererybody called Mm
a statement to The Star-Bulletin Mr.
. .nitb did not say -what plans'. If .any
'.v the f company's "management - has
- f fotraed. but he Intimated that the dl
. , rectors and administration win stand
-"firm "on Its present platform of, fair
dealing to all who may be In its em
ploy." ' ; v 'v-'vjv v';. -."
It is not. a personal fight at aljr at
Ererybody called hlra
Bill." . Under . his management and
personal direction the Paradiss wai
irade one of the moat artistically ex.
ecuted : periodicals In the United
States. His disposition was singularly
geniaj and he possessed a larf e share
of: common .sense, which made his
counsel always valued by Lis - con
freres In the art preseryatlve, 'i Mr.
least cn the part of the directors, who l---Ston was one of he charter mem
feel that many
and tried servants
and the public,
'of the captains are old? oers 01 ine 4morara rress iud. we
of the comranr, Lt -"eu a w rauMeipnia jam
. which has got orr oni 1:7 -na ' .pawwhing; prmtcr ' of
tie third generation. On ite coajst
he was also well-known as a skillful
ill aja
: i Further , trouble in . the - 'Manoa
road", controversy has arisen Just
wuea uiv mauer appearea uj oe aen-i
nltely settled.?1 Residents throughout!
the length of Punahou avenue proper
toe wroig track, through nlsunder
;star.d!r cf the motives trt-at!r the
. '" r-- v , ---., j l
, ed th"! :t'i3 r simply. a--.r,uest:ca. :cf
y fn cc!-.trcMhfcr.t!ries3 of
T i , . the harbor cr the ofH
cers cf ILe Elcam&hip4 company.' V:
"You nLy'say for vthetcompany,'.
. be? an ; 1. 1 jr. Smith,1 "that the . difficulty
between the, captains and. the , com
pany simmers down in essence to the
questlon'of control. 31 As the captains
point out In their letter of December
2, printed' in the 'Star-Bulletin yester
day afternoon, they, are claiming the
right- to decide whom ; the -company
shall keep, and whom the company
shall discharge. Their, - statement:
We se sere . you that if 'jrbur furnish
this' harbor .with some evidence of
Captain Thompson's neept, together
with a copy - of the complaints, J. as
mentioned in.'mnr,.littr. we; can.
give the matter its unbiased considera-t are. learning fwitn., surprise that the
tlonand will appoint a committee , r?1110 thatentire thoroughfare Is to
This Is; f hown in the -legal ' adver
tisement appearing this morning, au
thorised by the department of public
works, correcting the previous error
inrenaming the upper Manoa road as
Punahou avenue. According to the ad
vertisement today; , the correction; for
the upper Manoa road Is made; but it
also Includes the highway which for
years has been .known, both popularly
and officially, "as: Punahou avenue, for
It describes the change In name as
affecting' the. thoroughfare "from King
street to the head of the yaly." y 1 '
Acting on complaints from residents
along Punahou avenue. The, Star-Bulletin
today carried the question up to
Governor Frear; . Incidentally, It mar
be noted . that Governor Frear's home
;is situated on, Punahou street proper.
which extends from King street to
Cruder, avenue.
The announcement surprised him.
He said he would investigate the sub-
li-. ' . ,
. . JM
, fi
yiii '1J
masters, competent to judge these mat
ters,'. indicates too plainly their , as
sumption of powers ;that do . not . be
'long to the employewijV v-:-
"This assumption the company can
not tolerate. ."N It ; U- the. responsihld
party In all. dealings with the public:
It could 'not, under the law shift re-
. sponklbillty in case of an accident due
to the; Incompetency; of a captain, by
saying 'We were forced to, keep this
man, in) bnr- employV' T , .;.-
" rThere Is stated to be a . feeling on
'.".. , '".'..';- '. '".. ''' "v-v '-.'
V.'r-v (Cpntlnucd on Page 2) ,
, ; -."TODAY. - -
9 a. m. Conference with the T. M.
' CL A! secretaries. Mr. Smith. : - v
iu:so a. m Aaaress at tne car iam- im Voii thr tii0 attanHni.
-barns. E..W. Peck and Quartet., i an th otJir rfKfPwtn th. tiAA
Ki?!! be called L
p.x; mi. Social 'service address to' s.Hi,(n ir ,v
th Hni pHii nnov hoii r -xf f - Huperintendent s H. K. Bishop, whose
' a Mr tSSS. - P . 1 to the legal noUce, is
p InSres,: at the MetlUlst77 J108 f
Church- Mr Smith .' his office said thai undoubtedly an er-
; Address. aV the' Fort street Chinese. fra8 e but that i8vdue
ChurchV Mr.Uoblns, . .to thectrrespondence on this subject
- , iFAvnoDAir ' I which "took place before Bishop took
v TUAUKUUn. - v .m cresent office '
11 a. to. Addresses in the principal rfl thot, f , .i
churches-Central Union. F. a $mith; Jr5clSf f Saame
Methodist," Mr. 'Robins; -Christian, E" at vthflh,gb y fr0m King street to
W Peck.- - - r - the, head of the valley should be
4 p. m.Meetlng of Koreans at the .own as Punahou avenue. Now. In
Korean compound. Mr. Robins. making the correction, another error
4:45 p. in-Newcomers Club, Cooke made in changing the name of the
hall; Y. M. d A. -Mr. Metcalf entire street, instead of merely that
& tSQ ijr. 'm. Fellowship supper, Y. Part which extends .from Wilder ave
M. 0. A, Mr. Gilbert. mue to tie head of the valley.
6:30. p. m. Central Union Y. P. S.I m
Paul Jr Gilbert I A cable was received from Adjutant
7:30 p. m. Great massmeeting in General JJrodie of San Francisco, say
the Bijou theater. Mr. Smith and the ing that Private Glidewell will be re
quartet i turned to Honolulu on the next trans
Women's meeting, at the Central port from the coast, and that his fur-
Union unurcn. Mr. KODins. , lough has been revoked. Glidewell is
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23. Sugar:
wanted here to answer a criminal
charge preferred by a young woman.
Attorney W. H. Smith of Hilo this
96 degrees test 3.45 cents. Previous morning was appointed by the govern
quotatlon, 3.56 cents. Beets: 88 analy- or as commissioner of boundaries for
Bis 9s. 6d. ' Parity, 3.99 cents. Pre- the fourth judicial circuit which
vlous .quetation, 9s. 4L comprises all of East Hawaii.
The lawistepped In and' knocked the
plans for the Men and 'Religion Move
ment street meeting at Fort. and Hotel
streets this evening "galley west
and as a result the management of the
campaign here' at -once called off the
meeting and announced that it would
be held at the Bijou theatre tomor
row, night' !'-:.: I
The announcement cf the mcetlncr
was made In perfectly good faith.-Secretary
Super of the Y. M. C. -Ai Who
has had charge of such arrangements,
called up the sheriffs office and was
told that the meeting would be all
right to go ahead. ; The official,! who
ever It was, had evidently forgotten
' : . (Contlnutd en Page 3)
Earnest Menv and .Religion
UWprkerSpreadOr: City S
;S for Addresses
With' three' meetings this , morning
and two, more' to be held this evening,
the Men and 'Religion' Forward Move
ment Is well j. under way t in Honolulu
and pro mites, to meet with success
frcm now : until the end of the eam
puign. i ":. .-
The. first meeting this morning was
a conference held by Fred B. Smith
with the secretaries of the Young
Men's Christian Association. Mr. Smith
has for many years been connected
with the national headquarters of that
organization In New York, and - ne
comes to -this city with many new
ideas and plans with regard to fthe
various methods of association or u.
At helf-past ten o'clock the members
of the National Association Quartet
sang at the Rapid Transit club rooms.
On account of so many of the men be
ing on the cars at the time the meet
ing was small, but those who were
present listened with a'jtentlon to the
(Continued on Paje 7)
mm of
; ., Awaiting' the arrival of Richard Fltf
representing the Fanning' Island Com
pany; Limited, Jhe British steamer
Kestrel now 'lies ' at' Richard: street
wharf, having-' completed a fourteen
day and ten-hour run from Victoria, B.
C, - to Honolulu. ' ,':';;. :r 3-.
Captain Tait master of the trim lit
tle revenue cutter now -converted.' to
commercial service at a cost of about
320.000, and Chief Officer R.' W. Park
ington, are making their first visit to
Hawaiian waters and the south seas.
' Captain Tait Immediately reported
to Castle & Cooke, the agents, upon
arrival at the -port shortly after nine
(Continued on Page 2)
e uone to Constantinople
iTerablor But no Lives Are Lost--'
in State of Seige-Young Turks An
ihg Hundreds: And Searching He:
'For E :
v Ruslied to ? the Port Europs A;
?Fears Outbreak of General War B2tv;
;--.'.. ... ;--.A:.'ir ' " ' ; ' '. , .
S ''SyQ 'Press Cabltl ;t :'; .-
; i CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. dlnjj to the , pt l5h t cf this" e!4
earthquake last night caused tremendous damaje to th city,
many buildings In the European quarter and injuring icorei, tls c
have bsen reported, but It is feared that ;Som have lest their lives ;
debris caused by the temblor. t J ..-.-.
: Nothing, not even the 'quake could have added ts th c:r,f.:::-.
haa , reigned In this c'.ty, sines the murdet of Nazim" Pssha ty Znv
The reply.to the Joint note of the Powers, which should have j:.-5 '
some days ago, has been delayed until the n:w admin!:.4.!:! cn
upon the appointment. of a new foreign Imfnister. f'ary r:-:j :
mentioned for the position, but none of the men talked cf v..l i;.
' The city Is in a state ef sieged Thfe Yourg Turks havs I;
hands on all offices and; are in complete control of tha t
Banda ot soldiers. are arresting all suspected cf . beir-j u.-.fria.-. JI
powers now In .command,' and house tof house tearxhi-: ?;rt;: tr
mon sights " In the' streets. No one feels' safs for a mc,T.:.-.t.
i In the meantime the war department Is rushlrj livin
Minor Into European Turkey as fast as i train and teat cn t:'
it Is reported that nearly a half million men are now rt:i f:
the front. Their condition, however,: is, reported as pitiful, c
lack of protection, against the weather and the faiiurs cf t!-; -department,
to meet the situation, T ) -
; r Reports from European c'tles tell of the eonsta-'.iy z"
general ;European war, whlcri would blaze forth-if a-y cf t
ers fiis it necessary 15 Irks any active' steps In the Calk an s ...
fear U belna ussJ by- the'Muirahe to bolster up their claim th
' . . . f. . 1 . UL .....
Biiraia w in.errsr vtin y.
k - 3k.
rr if
. i.WASHINOT0N O. C, Jant 23. Chairman Adarr.s ct ta h:-.:
mittee on commerce In an Interview t5day announced that he til':,
President-elect Wilson has already mads up his mind ta w:r: f
repeal of the' present canal bill, providing for Tree t:i! ta A
coastwlsev'shlps, as soon as possible after lnau;uraCon.' Mr. Ada.
clined to say why; he had reached this decision. ? .
.' MEMPHIS,' Tenn Jan. 25 Reports from up and down tte Ml::'
are. to the effect that millions of. acres of the richest delta Jarda a r; r :
der water and that, the floods are rising steadily.- Hundrcia cf far-;:::a
been and still are marooned, and scores are reported to have t::n itz.
The damage Is past all computation, but wilt reach Into the tens cf
lions ,f dollars. ; " r : .v !;; P ' :' t ; ' ' :'' -.
! J '. - - : t if ' -
I iNEWYORKr Jam 25-Charles Finley, one; of the wealthiest ba
of this city, today cabled an offer of one million dollars to Doctor r.
man the famous Berlin specialist, for a successful demonstration cf
cure for consumption which' Freidmar claims fo have found.. Finiey v,
the specialist to cure-his nephew, who Is a victor of the white plague.
Human Bonib Convicted
Hilo jail is zoing to look like the
detention house of "Spotless Town"
before Sanitary Inspector Vi S. Bow
man is through with it President of
the Board cf Health Dr. Pratt this
morning receive a letter from Bow
man in which the Hilo man told of
having had the jail scrubbed and, now
well on tne road toward . sanitary re
habilitation. The plumbing: is being
cleaned up, and such effective agents
as sulphuric acid gas and hydrocyanic
acid gas are being put to work. All
at the expense of the county,, too.
According to other advices from
Hilo today, the "jail scandal" lias been
much overdone. The main tbing, tt is
declared, is that some soap and water
was needed around the " premises.
Now the country is paying the cost Of
the1 work done under the board of
health's supervision.
Chris Carageorge, who was arrest
ed with George Chrones last summer
on a charge of opium smuggling
came into federal court this morning,
withdrew his plea of not guilty and
pleaded guilty, and was fined $250 and
costs, which he paid.
Civilians - Also Take Up Cudgel
fori Honor of the Soldier and
Against Insult Such as the
Police at Cleveland Wharf
Were Guilty Of
If there is discrimination against
the uniform of the United States in
Honolulu, army authorities here will
take the matter up with territorial and
county authorities, and see that justice
is done the soldier. Adjutant General
Campbell this morning made a quiet
investigation of the alleged refusal of
the police to allow two sergeants of
the Second Infantry to enter Alakea
wharf when the Cleveland came along
side Friday night, while men in civil,
ian clothes were allowed to pass
through the gates, and it is prob
able that the department commander
will take the matter up with Governor
Frtar officially. At any rate, the inci-
fdent, and otners or us Kind, win De
given enougn puDiicity to aeier civil
ian officials and the proprietors of
amusement places and the like, from
making the wearers of Uncle Sam's
clothing targets for petty spite and
Not only in service, but also in
civilian circles, has the Cleveland in
cident aroused the indignation of
right-minded citizens. There is a feel
ing that the soldier is getting a raw
deal in Honolulu from a certain ele
ment, and fair-minded Americans
have come forward to champion his
Big news tor the garrison of Scho
field Barracks has reached headuarters
by cable The War Department has
t cided to make immediate provision
for the housing of the entire Twenty
fifth Infantry, and the battalion now In
cimp will soon be in barracks, while
the junior officers now under canvas
will have comfortable quarters.
The cable authorizes the expendi
ture of $12,000 for barracks and quar
ters and $2,000 for sewer and water
connections, at SchoQeld Barracks.
This sum ig to be spent at tbe direc
tion of the department Commander. A
like amount was urgently requested
for Fort Shafter, at the same time
t'at the Schofield appropriation wa:
afked for by this department, and It
is hoped that this will also be granted.
While the First Infantry, by senior
ity, is entitled to any improvements
that may be coming at Schofield. $12,
Ovo would not be nearly enough to
build a regimental cantonment, while
11 - l! . t.J 4V.
is Tsriii n nil co nna nans urn. rnasmr in
C21US6 1VU 4-'x' v -3
There is talk among the array offi- P,1 cantonment of the Seerod tofantry
cers of Fort Shafter of conducting a suitable for a regiment It will there-
fore be applied to the needs of the
(Continued on Page 8) I colored organization.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 Carl R ledelback, the ''human bomb" wha
roriaed the police headquarters for several hours some weeks 'ago, was c
victed today of "planting dynamite In an inhabited house.! -The man t
his conviction stoically and refused to make any statement. - '
Gooks And Waiters Strike
. .' . -- . - . ... . .-- -
EW YORK, Jan. 23. Cooks and waiters of the, Ditz Carlton f
Astor hotels stormed those famous hostelries, this fmoming, smashing
dows and driving the patrons out of the dining rooms. -More than fiva r
drd police have been specially detail ed te protect the property. The f
rons are leaving in crowds.-, I .-J ; : . , -l ":
General Sickles Arrested
ALBANY, N. Y, Jan. 25. General Daniel Sickles, one of the m:
prominent living veterans of the Civil War, for a time head of the Cra
Army, was arrested today charged.with being short more than $2300 i
his accounts of the affairs of the New York Monuments commission.
is a veterans' organization. The arrest was made by order of the stats
preme court. ' : ',"," '..
ghest of honor ror the occasion v
Captain Tn. Kler otthe S..8. CI?
land. The decorations for the zll
were exquisite. The center of t
table was filled-, with maiden
ferns and palms surrounded by br:
hued poinsettlas- Cover? were 1
for eighty guests many of whom w
MrHanan's fellow passengers on t
Cleveland. Toasta were drunk to
genial host and his charming wi!
well as to the guest of honor. r F
of those who took part In the t
making were. Wayor Fern, Mrs. F
Major Hatch, Major Jones, llr.
sey, Jlr. Lewis Stone, Dr. Her.'.
Mrs. Cimmlngirtf Chicago.
Hospitality with' a lavish ha- :
One of the. most brilliant affairs
ever given by visftors here was the
banquet at which Mr. John H. Hanan,
one of New York's millionaires, was
host at the Moana Hotel 'last even
ing. Mr. Hanan was one of the many
tourists who passed through Hono
lulu in the Clevaland yesterday and
he availed himself of the opportunity
of entertaining in Honolulu. Thd
(Continued on Pa; s 3y

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