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ilSlPART PIWIflM); HtilU
. v - A
Alakea wharf seldom ever was
crowded to the extent that it waa thir
morning with' the "departure 6f the Pa cific
Mail liner Mongolia for the Coatt
and the arrival of tae steamship Man-c-hnrisL
fmm Ban 'Francisco,' the' two
big trans-Pacific ateamera sailing and
arriving at the dock within' a touple of
hours of each other.
One, hundred; and forty-eight cabin
passengers sailed for the Coast in the
Mongolia. In the second , class, fifty
Spanish and1' Portuguese Immigrants
were Issued ' transportation to San
Francisco.-During the hrief stay of
the Mongolia at "Honolulu eighteen
? undred tons freight from the far oast
, re discharged, while : 150 tons of Ha-
'lan rpToductr Were"? placed aboaid .
jae liyely work X'was" accomplished
. ough the- agency of' l. Hackfelrf &
. ta dtspatcll of 'thef MongoMa
i the reception of the Manchuria to
y.,r ..:'-. .. VU, .
Tie San. Franciscc-bound liner dt
rted rlght on schedule, the vessel
Uxrs'&wzf from ": the wharf at fe
' Illont In wealth was represented
Ue' passengers who left the Islands
'3 morning, many prominent people
Izg their departure:" ;-'?" 1
( ,
: I Cut Into Pacific Coast , .'''
-tlnetf ' A''-- ' ,;
i-.a Atlantic Pacific Steamship
. pany wilt 'bfolri operations Nrltn
t ne ' month. On the - first' of the
tir ' the new f500 Hon" steamer
a rot; tbef first 'of the' big four
c r erate- between ."New York and Pa
rz coast ports via Magellan, 'will W
loading carga'at Philadelphla,-V
. :-. e ' formation of. the" Atlantic A
He' Steamship- Company.": w at
- '
; ;4'" with ittle:-pqWIdty ""W K'hA'inairamotinUne to 280 sacks were
ComDanT. asents fo'r'.rthe
, any'at'Sari'. rVarietevrere re
:.l6 'for1 the nevr venture; 'and
out - difficulty;' manager". " to ' Intel
men ot large. capital.'.' Bdnds 'to
T!ue of J750.00d wer dlsposed'of
. ;a rTancls-c6f-,'-w; V. $-s7
: ict. the-' Santa Cruz; three Ulher
rs will ' go Intd commission at ln
rtls of three months They will be
Cants. ClaraSanta CataUna and
' a CecellaA The 'last three "will toe
cr than the Santa Crtir.r Each will
of 10.000 tdnsotfo'the'tlmeft
: ot intended to fit them" for pas
era. . r '
, e Santa. Crux has been fitted for
-t 75 . passengers." The accommo
are only for first-class travel
ed are Intended'for use-chiefly
r the Panama Canal opens." -The,
r ss are luxurious, and It is the in
ilcn of the operators' to cater only
; ersons who desire ' the best when
r cling. : !' r : 5 ' ' '
: il of the ships will "steam" . VP to
; teen 'knots. .:Untilthe canal ; is
n for the shipment the. big - four
1 steam ' through Magellan.' ; The
a from the AtlanOo to' San Frah
.3 will be about fifty days. When
i canil Is ? used Hi : Is v'etpected "to
v e allmgs from either terminal
. ry two Weeks.' 5 ft is' expected that
Santa 'Cms" will leave T for' Sari
sqIsco with h full "cargo, end a few
engera " may be booked' 1
rMniu w AM "aerKMe ft i
-3 byix ) ttrtjin cirtutnfefeW
-7 of which' Is completed; the Cris
rpiii Shithnildins- ComDan'r. Of
Alrdeen,,'expecW 16 fill an order
v Lich they reccljcd from VHemburg
. ' ipbullding flrtnr probably for Kaiser
' . ..Itarn. --The"" pars " when finished
r.r be shipped to "Taeoma by rail
.1 from Tacoma Will be-loaded on a
ciiashlp bound fbr the port tf llam-
Lurg. v..;.--v . '.; " :
. fs
. The "T : passenger ' steamship Dora,
vtldh Is rocking in the surf at Sew
:.rd, Alaska, is doomed, according to
latest advices The eteamshlp North
western will make a last attempt to
lull her r3ff; the shore, but without
much hope of success."
OaMts tederfK-WW-. the Lord
Youhg Engineering" Company this af
ternoon wa6vawaracd the contraet for
te eonstroctldn " tit the Waikane
wtarC-with ttpproaches." Eben' Ix)w,
tte "only other .bidder offered to do
the same Job Tor ssjoo. The balance
ori hand In Wb6 "hands of the' harbor
commiasion for' tie wharf is 7.84.
The Iidrd-V unS' Engineering Com
rany waa"' granted1 an extension of
time to March 1? for the completion
of Its Work on tho Queen street wharf,
with the privilege of further extension
if the 'lumber-from' the Pahoa mill,
which-burned dowri last night, cannot
be obtalhed before that time.
r- " - - - ,
St -
Vc i
(JAa H.
Philippine capital la declared seek
ing investments in the Philippine Is
lands and with that end in view a
delegation of financiers .from the
mainland were included In the large
list of passengers en route to the Far
East in the Pacific Mall liner Man
churia that called at Honolulu shortly
before noon today.
Fifty missionaries to take station
In Japan, China and India are num
bered among tfa through travelers tn
the liner -that left an .rranciscd'with
one of the largest; crowds" 6t -passen-gerVltf'
her history. --1
The Manchuria is to be dispatched
for the 'Orient Including Manila' r at
flve-thirtyv this - evening, taking some
hundred or more Asiatic steerage pas
sengerp. J
YorseT' Landers reported, a' fine trip
doW from 'San 1knrfsc.N'rTheblg
liner's hold is crammed ' with. cotton
destined for 'Japait.' It Is estimated
that-' ten' thousand H- tons of ' through
carga are' aboard IhervesseUV; !
Honolulu1 passengers numbered 10
cabin and' 16"tfelCdnd'Clas8;Vv,
The" through list will total 100
cabllB ' second ' and 'M'.' AsiaUc
steerage 'passenger". - There was but
little TOttm'W the vessef for addition
al ' travelers' whe"n the"'Manchurii"$all
ed from Satr Frincisco for;the Jsknds.
peathJfVslted',the liner while steam
ing 'from 6a-.VahdsW;tp;fHdnoln
Two ' Chinese 'steerage" passengers
passed awayv the cause of death being
assigned aa ' tuherchlosis
The vessel was discharged of 107
tonsTf reight during the brief , etay
here. Two". ' hundred and fifty toni
coal "will be placed on board before the
vessel ?!- scheduled ' tef depart' for
i' :
rVIlhelmlna Carried the JIall.
Mall destined -for the mainland was
given -the Matson Navigation steamer
Wilheimtna tthat depa riedVf rom V;'a
bertS af Hackfeld" wharf at' 10 o'clock
this morning, following one hour after
the Pacific Mail liner Mongolia:' Cap-'
tain Johnson managed to cut off some
corners in gaining the open sea ahd
was seen speeding sot a great distance
astern of the Mongolia as the two ves
sels. rounded Diamond -Head.
I The Wllheiinina ' left; with Seventy
five cabin and fifteen 'steerage, passri
gersv The -vessel Wai well filled with
t cargo "including- about 4000 tons sugar
shipments of" "i preserved pineapples'
were forwarded in the vessel to main
land points. 1 : '''!;: ' V
- The city and county band played a
number of pleasing selections prior to
the departure of. the steamer.
":. .
Hall Brought Steamship Director,
r Director A- S. Wilcox ot the Inter
Island Steam Navigation Company was
tmong- the arrivals in' the steamer W.
O. Halt from Kauai ports this 'morning.
Mr.N Wilcox having been bastily' sum
moned to the capital to participate in
an important conference with his fel
low members of the' steamship com
pany directorate; " t b
, The Hall met, with fair weather on
Hie nomewara iruv auiuuicui ui
thousand tons sugarCwas receivea
with the ijlvalt of -the hressel.
In addition to a" small list of cabin
passengers twenty-four Spanish and
Portuguese deck travelers arrived. The
Hall is listed' for ' dispatch for Kauai
tomorrow evening. . 4 ' '
vfessELif to 'aWd;:
Special Caele to . erctamta ,
. v xehangl r
. ... . " ...a 7jT i
' Wednesday, Jan. 29. ,
SAN FRANCISCCM-Arrlved. January
28, 4 p. m., S. S. Lurline, hence Jan
uary 2L
HILO"-Sailed, January 28, 5 p. m.,
S. S. Enterprise, for San Francisco.
Aerograms. " '
8. 3. HYADES arrives from Seattle to
night S. S. MANCHURIA sails for Yoko
hama tcday at 5:30 p. m.
' :Per P. M. S. S. Manchuria, for Japan
and China ports : Mrs."L.: G. Aldeu.
R. J. Allyn. Mrs. W. D. Cornlsli. Mr.
and Mrs. G. II.' Force, P. TV Gilbert;
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. E. Hanie, Mrs.
Harris, C. Keeler. J. E. Lalhrop, W.
J. Littell, P. H. Metcalf.' E.' W. Peck.
R. Robins. F. B. Smith. Mrs. Straight.
Mrs. E. Tilney, Mr. and Mrs.'C. H.
-One' or more employees of the Unit
ed Ssatet navy department were
among the passengers in the PaciQc
Mail liner Manchuria this morning,
coming to the -Islands," to await the
appearance of the United States naval
collier Nero, with the initial shipment
of sand, to he tried in the construc
tion of Improvements at Pearl Harbor
naVal station.
The Nero it at the Sound, there be
ing specially fitted to enter a trade
between the north Pacific coaat and
the islands.
The - naval collier is expected will
make at least a Halt dozen round trips
between the Sound and Pearl Harbor
cnirying large consignments of build
ers sand.
The first shipment will cmount to
about 2800 toni according to the report-brought
to this city today. The
collier is -to proceed, direct to Pearl
Harbor, and will berth at the new
wLarf; Arrangements for the expedi
tions handling of this cargo are now
about completed. It is possiMe that
local stevedores will secure the con
tract for the handling of the sand.
The 'sand In all cases is to be sbip-
tped here In bulk. It is said that there
ere thirty thousand - tont - awaiting
transportation to the islands.
.A notahlt-ven In Sutay school.'
, rn ii fin in
iU I
work in' the islands wm oe tne amra, "';--" ,- - f -. n)lhlI(,
t, m;w,i; ff Af A hiir arfv r. fl'ct with the rights or tne puonc.
here on.Marcli T-pt-t. wg.party of ex-!TL..aM vft-,ai..r onnrs. f
maihlatidif'. W the.'f irsfc lap, lot a'world-toi':ttaCv!irtB:ena-lfi''-2clC'.$wt
landXand? thev bUr . international''; Sun
day' echool cAnviention- there' in- JturSvj
churchmepi educators" and laymen and
a!blg iS4a"6chp61 Tlly .' held lri;the
afternoon; to "Kawalahad, church.'' l
iAljnonn,ce'toeni-:'ef -the ; 'plana wtis
mde thls tnorhIh byr:he, ReV. Henry
Ftf jddd' h9?ls'' 'coming "' f rbija;, Maui
to 'make Wis " tome' here ' andbrganixe
tb'e unay school wjorkj l .which. he
is a irecofcnf zede'xpeft '" himselL vpn
Mfirch and' March 5, Before arid' alter
the vialt" of the Mainland Biep,-8iiriday-school
HhsOf utes will'be' held ' at ' K
walahab and TFf amaipppl churcEea. The
c PIttihurg, tVank XJ;Bron, and H.
MHahilll'of Nashvprei Tenh- "Ln the
morning' . the 'party, which numbers
about twenty, will be taken on a sight
seeing tour -of the 'city; its schools
and" churches and other spots of Inter
est.'' The big afternoon rally1 follows.
Confessing iis guilt as a bigamist
and throwing himself on the mercy of
the court, Jesse C. Steele this morning
was sentenced by U. S. District Judge
demons to a servitude of six months
ln Jail and to pay a fine of ?500.
Among many who heard of the affair
this morning surprise was expressed
that the sentence was so light.
The hearing of Steele's case had
been set "for 2 o'clock this afternoon,
but his early decision to withdraw his
original plea of not guilty made the
calling of the jury unnecessary. He
was taken immediately into court and
In the' presence of the district attor
ney, his own counsel and a few specta
tors, announced his desire to alter the
plea and submit to the court's decree.
The evidence prepared against him
appeared sufficient to convict Mrs.
Steele of San Francisco, and her sis
ter. Miss Sciaroni, whom the govern
ment brought down from the coast,
both positively identified him as Mrs.
Steele's husband and produced? affi
davits to show the legality of the mar
riage. He bad never entered any de
nial of his marriage to the Portuguese
girl in Honolulu last fall.
In the formal charge his name is
written ."Jesse C. Steele, otherwise
known as James CL Sleele, otherwise
known as Jesse W. Clark."
Sailing from Honolulu on January
9th, the schooner Caroline is reported
to have reached Umpqua river ports
yesterday. The Caroline left a ship
ment of lumber here.
three oay$! together ni ' e notapie
o'caslon'lrr church' -Jwork here.
1h'h'm isWn Dartv'are tu ' JI Helnt.
ID. PD.It D.I , IK1
fl.iB, 2 Oil Ij05 6.3K S.4ll-
v ,10 14
1 4
7.S6 t.34i S 4T t-3'
ill i.10 6.3 0
I I f
4.02 6.S: .51 1 SO
11.26 16
4.59 t-X: 5-U !
! 115 I
9 i 12-37' 5.57
9-32 e 36 5.5i 3 19
UUP tO i 1.41
' I
6iSl 9 4S 6.361 5 52 4.14
Last charter of the Moon! Jan. 28th.
WitS' one
declining of Pioneer an eighth on the
board-stocks Jncreased litrengtlt
w ith rojislderablenivitjr. both In and
oiV'9'f session 'of the pjepknge. In, re
cess 2P Shares of Pineapple sold up a
quarter"': "point2 to : "140. i.Ewa held Us
own la'sales of 50,' 20 and 100 shared
at 26.50.xPahang uboer advance'd a
qiiarterpoint rto 21,12 lr2 frv So
shared vOahC Railway - brought the
kistr previons figure ; of UO tor 15
Bhsfres, ty$ shares of Qnomea sold un-!
cWanged ati'Sy.ind Waialna advanc
ed, ?.M'ios5 orAS shares.' Gif the
board'.Walalua 1 repeatetVthls perform
ance.-.t' . .,: ;v. ... . j;. ,
Other, session ,sale,srwerf 21 otOahu
SugaV 'tm'changed at '"3 "and" 10 fid
vaneed ari eighth: 15 srarps of Pioneer
unthangei at ;2Tt and 50 at an eighth
lfsfc; and Jajewery1 unchanged at 24.
mH ir-fr- w-
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i.i-:.r iAV.y tr.hnr-Kf fhMf:
f Slight kex(ebtfon tha
S 7
ter of your committee -based thereon, f e selection and retention of the men
can lead to any other conclusion. ft Jent available, for this reason:
"After due discussion and delibera-1 gat f the masters are allowed to;re
v j, tv,Q nnnv fpi tain the men; -they could in time so
:?":Z7. Kr ;'anw
i mat tuv ucmi,uuC u, jw- 1;
rbe accaded to, and will briefly state
Company Uires ueasoas. j seldom a shin haa
"A, a corporation, the Inter-Island eQt tt very jeWoin a ship has
5"SS?lV!&0ISa SitorkToffh,' .
tr lo bothMts Stockholders and the nt of the steamers op-
public. Exercfsingi as It does, ow j erated, notflve'per cent ofhe men
??5i!3d be and are gaged understand the English or Ha-
Siounr 2ZArtt?i)SL walMn and are, not up . to.
Pir'ia, but' far below, the Intelligence of the
XwZFtoS bTsetwrherlr
"latoM nKRPrvanre of them wduld con-
. action not only satiaflae responsibility
t.'wi,; on th TnhH.
t.nt-f nf ur.h a natnfe that failure to.thelr oltrg officers and seamen,
follow it could rightfully be treated as
a violation of duty to both, vre feel
forced to 'adopt that course.
"Waiving any rights of anjfc nature
whatsoever which stockholders may
have,- it seems to- us that we could not
carry, out our obligations to the pub
lic by; permitting yodr Harbor to In
sist upon It's demands. The negligence
of a master cr of a mate, resulting in
damage to person or property, is in
law attributable to the company.
The same negligence, resulting in
poor "public service, is by the public
attributable to the company. For in
jury, either to a particular individual
or to the public generally, tne com
pany, and the company alone, is held
responsible. It must follow that when
the company waives It3 right to select
the agents by whom alorfe Its duty to
both Individuals and the public can
be carried out, the public would have
righteous cause for complaint.
"Feeling thus, we cannot yield to
the demand made, and therefore re
fuse to enter into any such agreement
as Is proposed.
"On the part of the company, this is
not intended as a contest with the
principles of organized labor, with
which We are thoroughly acquainted,
and for which we have great respect.
It Is a protest against a demand which
seems to us to be highly unreasonable,
s well and inconsistent with the spirit
of fairness usually prevailing amongst
men,- organized or unorganized, pos
sessing thfe intelligence required of li
censed masters and mates.
"If, after learning the attitude of
our company as set forth herein, you
should desire a conference, our board
will gladly appoint a committee to
meet a committee of your Harbor.
Attacks the Company.
following was handed to the
Star-Bulletin by the Publicity commit
tee of the Harbor at 2 o'clock this aft
ernoon: "To the Public:
"As the matter is of such great im
portance to the safety of the travel-j
ing public, we feel that Jt should know
of the present conditions existing
throughout the steamers of the Inter-,
Island Steam Navigation Company,
Limited. Should at any time an acci
dent occur to one of the i.sland steam
ers while under way in the channels
or along the perilous coasts of the
various islands, with the present
crews of seamen that the masters are
forced to take under the system that
the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co.
has of emolovine its crews, serious'
loss of life would follow, for the rea
son that at the present time many of
the. vessels are sent to sea with crews
incapable of manning a boat. In the ,
past three months there have been;
many acc idents to the boats as manned
bv the nrpsent or other inefficient
crews. Two lives have also been lost Slide-rule in leather case. Return to
during this time, and thousands of do!- E- C. Wilder, county engineer's of
lars" worth of freight, as well, and f'ce. Reward. .""45C-3t.
many of the small boats have
wrecked. ?'
Masters Urlnles?.
TW9 is a condition over which the
masters (bve absolutely no control,
for Hie season that their suggestions
in the premises are hot considered.
In some instances ' there, are' a few
good men obtained, but one trip is
usually sufficient to cause desertion
before the next trip, for the reason
that a few able bodied men are
obliged to do the greater part of the
work. There are occurrences where
a vessel, through inefficiency of the
crew, was placed in Jeopardy and
barely escaped disaster of a serious
nature. ' " A
"When the method of employing
seamen is considered, it can be fully
realized by any man of common
Judgment that competency is totally
disregarded. The duty of employing
men as seamen for the Inter-Island
Steam Navigation Company is com
mitted to a man who, not being a sea
man himself, is unable to perform his
trust with that dieerimtaating judg
ment which the exigencies bOhe situ
ation demand, and whose main object
appears to be to "enlist! numbers, et
fciency' not "being considered.' . '
"jyhen a crew is desired,; the ship
ping. 'master sends a runner to the
various corners and places whichthe!
unemployed frequent, and the men-are
gathered1 in a more or less unfit con-"
ditioh. and sent td the steamers., re-'
gardless of who' or' whaf jthey may, be.'
If the complement cannot ixj obtained
in 'this manner1, visits to the 'Filipino.
Korean and : Porto" 1 Rican . lodging1
houses are 'imadeV 'and !tilere tl?e ' aU
uivt ia lewmieu. m uu ujupt
azard mahteri'5', , ' i i!'"i.
ioil like Olaeii Days , '
f'i"ome;tInie ago, the seamen employ-,
ed the loier-lsland ships' were fa-
ability as' experts la'handlmg life and
freight hoats," .under : alCcondlUoria tl
MAUud lxi luutuuuL nuiiu IU1 - IUC11,
viuu, weauir. aim- tynay auu. uie .cuiu-
tatron which It acquired aa ihe' result
of the Ian6r rof these mep- KThese men
qave in most instances been lost to tne
cdmpany through misundetstandlnffa
! Regarding the amount ot pay coming
'to' them "at the" end bt the trip, :
"The masters realize that at the
present moment it 'would i be a diffi-
dult Matter to obtain the services ,6f
w lo some voice in reganr.
1 ' J X 1 . : - .
train them to handle the freight and4"u umer
lifeboats that thev vAnM nnnmnrh
"ffa .rff,,..0
wuuu.vw me ja5eineai
of these crews, are so thoroughly dis
couraged with the' proven ' futility of
bili lo, uu iuiqwui8
I-"" wen mat we results reflect on
many have expressed their intention
of withdrawing from the service of
the company because; for reasons here-
in stated, they cannot adequately meet
iheir responsibilities as such.
"In this connection, we call the at-
tentlon of the' public to the fact that a
bill is now pending in congress to re-
quire a seaman to stand a prescribed
examination as to his fitness to per
ioral the duties which that position in
volves, thus showing that public opin
ion, having become - concrete on the
matter, demands that the situation be
dealt with by an authority which can
require ship owners to use precautions
for the safety of passengers and
"Honolulu Harbor No. 54.
(Continued from page 1.)
is now believed, by those investigat
ing, to have been committed by a Jap
anese said to be closely connected with
" white slavery" traffic, as it is car
ried on by Japanese here. This man,
it is thought,' entered the station, wait
ed until the watchman was patrolling
another part of the building, and then
got access to the women's dormitory.
Those who have been investigating
are now declared to have unearthed
enough to cause them to suspect the
operation of a nasty plot against the
federal immigration service. The case
has come right on the heels of the ac
tive move by the federal officials in
arresting eleven Japanese as alleged
"white slavers." The man who enter
ed the women's sleeping apartment, it
is suspected, did so in order to ac
complish his purpose and thus, put the
immigration service in an unwelcome
The case is still being investigated
and Insnpctor Halspv this mnmin?
.therefore declined to discuss it. In the
Japanese community it has aroused
intense interest, though the only story
from the Japanese is that the woman
thought the night watchman had as
saulted her, but just who the man was
she says she is unable to tell.
According to late advices received
at the agency of T. H. Davies & Co.,
the Canadian-Australasian liner Ma
ra ma will arrive from Vancouver on
ihe inmates or the uanu prison
wish to thank the national association
quartet for its visit to the prison last
Sunday and the songs give there,
. (mV . riff i - -
In which Ts" mtinecT tblIAWAhAVSTAR. establishVd "113 and 'the
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1SS2. Issued Daily and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACK U. FAIMJINCTOX. .. .Oneral Husimss )!nn:itr
(Preferred Position 20)'... PER INCH
LEGAL AND TRANSIENT RATE $1 First" insertion
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word 30 cents per line per week.
' mi uvvbh i.w z DBsmexg ii ii ire zzs
Te lephoae 2Si
sijBSjCBjiPriox raTES,
Per Month, anywhere in United States
f IS. f Ti
Per Quarter, anyrhere In United States
er .Year, anywhere In United States. .
Per Year, postpaid,; foreign
Per Six Months
Per Year, anywhere-fa United States
per . Yfar. anywhere ia Canada
Per Year.' postpad,' foreign
Addresg ' all J: orananicatloBs te Henolale Star-BalleUa, LtoW Henolili, T. U.
Depositors In- the , r&avings depart
ment of the Band of llawaii who had
business there this morning had th? J
pleasure of encountering (Live jthe
i,un liie o9 uxe accommodations or
the new Dermises In the reconstructed
mS entire ground floor or the Judd
balldin Although tfie. temporary waU
Ibetween the main bankandS sav-
ings bank. is-still in. the way, shutting
cft'access'to the laUer on thejnslde
-f to of rthe counter the premises
l-were thrown Open' to buainess for the
first time this morning, giving custom-
ejecting the elgant appointments.
Nothing . so rich has been seen be
fore' in any. Honolulu "business house
Interior. Firsrot all Is the tes3ela,e,1
floor of tiling in neutral gray, Cnts.
feeing an "ample passageway In ' a
gray marble counter turning it a right
acgle, which will'hava two wickets on
each front, with a baseboard strip of
.' dark marble. At the opening of each
wicket, the grill an'i wickets not yet
being In place, Is a slab of black glasi
the full width of tie counter, on which
gold and silver coins wlU 'shme -TTie
electric lights by contrast. This is
the latest In b-'nk counters and Is said
to make the '.-ounting of money easier
fo' both th clerk and customer. Tnp
front of thi counter "is recessd -be
tween the wicket spaces, making the
glass slab;, project, and the whole top
overhangf, upon supports of 'carved
marble iricurves of heauty.
New fur-
We Solicit Your
;'s- Jl)ilmuNM,
.4nHtjvABADIErprop. v; ::J':
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51 For Subdivision
Quick Results
First National "Bank "Building
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If You V alue
m -v--
You wUl equip your Z"NTrrN Ti JLii '
reading table with a JfifM liiOlIip .
Authorities agree that a good kerosene oil lamp is the best for
reading. The Rayo is the best oil lamp made the result of years
of scientific study. It gives a steady' white light, clear mellow
Made of solid brass, nictel plated. Can be lighted without re
moving chimney or shade. Easy to clean and rewick.
At Dealer Everywhere
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- ,--Jf---- ( - i j ... ., I
s : ... r . . .
.$ 1.00
. 2.00
. 3.00
. 4.00
T.V ,1
Phone 111 1
niture o? quartered oak U provided for
he clerks. . v. '? "
Accommodations tor customers In
preparing their buslneis are in keep
ins with the rest. A glass-topped desV
Is r?.ngei along the wall on the 'Fort
sfret side, being supported by" an in
stUlation 'of dark mahogany plgeon
Kles, the top edges of the panels Coy -ered
"with green baize.": Through the
glass the' Various 'blanks, required are'
vinlble. s each" ia Its proper receptacle.
imaklng if easy to get the right one
iteming, however,' u placed under the
middle of the desk, 'where the 'Blilnjc :
of, blanks Is done; so that the mosaid
floor and the marble wall at back are
in full view, to the customer. ; ; ' j
I ,Twn Japanese"Co'VTinder detention
were to have been landed" it San Fran
cisco by the payment ot each.
With tWs end to View they preseiit
cd thcmselvee on ' board the Matson
Navigation liner Wilheimtna early , this,
morning:' f. Some .hours- later, and but
a short time before the vessel depart
ed for the coast, Harbor Officer Carter
In pursuing bla? quest for stowaways
found tho Japanese' concealed in the
steerage" end covered. by a. lot of bed"
ding and rugs. The men were dragged
to 'the deck and Jthe officer summoned
an ambulance to take them to; police
headquarters,; jt- f?i titu, 5
Under examination before' Chief of
Detectives Kellett ' this, afternoon the
n?en stated that they had paid 90 to'
"a ' tall . haole; whom they met v on
board the WUhelmina, and whom ther
declare wore a uniform of a steamship
man. They were guaranteed aaafa
landing at the California port.' -m
: An investigation; will follows '
Lumber and supplies for Hawaii, the
schooner Muriel aailett from San Fran-
cisco with destination as Mahnkonv ,:
liivestmeiits in 4 ' :
and Profits.
A. STANTON & CO;, Inc.,
- San FrancIco, California
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