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I';! '-J'fr-i-ii'' Stf I ' ! ' i us 10.10 ej, s.Mj sue
ii'il rS- 4 3.I1' SO I 30J 8 15 102s' 6.35 &53 V5S
"viifeT 'L- T 5 SXj33 SnllOM 35iM ass
.. (Cllpyr -. (2 lt 4.15 S.0 i 4.IS 39!ltj' IS! S.56Kt
HiMflFHiiHi iiluiit ivlmrJss;
rThe following, officers arc, sched
uled to sail on ttir transport Sherman
from San Francisco February 5 for
the .Hawaiian and Philippine Island:
Honolulu Brigadier General M. M,
Macomb. Colonel. J. S.. ' Ecgers, , in
fantry; i Captain D. w.. Chamberlain,
Second infantry; Capiain E. B. Win-
ans,.Fourt Cavalry; Captain Paul B.
Malohe; Second" Infantry; Captain1 H.
E. Knight, First Infantry; Lieutenant
T, a Spencer. First Infantry; Lieuten- armg of the servIcef for transfer. Yes
'&:?l ferdaya sheaf of orders arrifed au
Lleutenant A. P. Clark, medical thorizing some of tnese transfers ,as
corps, , f ... r r,. f&llows
w Jr? Co!bnl ?Tf prfva'te w Ke- d-
? uS4?1 wSvpIl JMn Wood, .Company A; A. NeTson
"3w'TfS?I'Jn5Mli2; ana X Richards. Company C; T. T.
rSSSi m?8? SKES' Tr. GcorSe Broadshair and L. V.
c55. Todd, Company D; H. A Lamh and
AMSSSSifSk rirSS? J- McKinney, Company A; J..A. TJillett
EfahitaJSW rid J m&- Company L; S. W. Tom
iJgatn Jnfantry Captain C. A Trott, i; ,. x tivm
.tn InfantryrsCapfaia
ersonv Philippine -Scents; CXS!
L. rMoseley,-Philippine Scouts; Cap- ?Tw 1h' IJ a-mSSS?
tain M. R. Hilgard, Fifteentfilnfantry; . !?
Captain G. B. Comly, Seventh Caval-fmpany ?eTf SC'1;A-t,CaT '
ry; Captain J. S. EL Young. Eighth m!W E; Musician a. E Kemmer
r.v..w. t . r- TJr. Company D:,all of the First Infantry.'
Thirteenth, Infantry? Lieutenant Ned
M. Green. -Fifteenth Infantry v:-Lleu-
tenant J. W- Riley, Second Field" A-
tillery;., Lieutenant I R.- R. ; Wood
Twenty-fbUrth Infantry; 1. Lieutenant
W; H. Doods; Jr., First : Field Artil
lery;. Uentenatit H. W Huntleyr First
Field AxUUery ; Lieutenant U H. Mc
Kinlay. First Field Artiriery i Lieuten-.
ant Ev'J; Morrfnlv Eiehfh Infantrv: I
Ldefi tenant r"shi .whitfcr.-'"Piftim:
th Infantry; Lleuteflant J. 1V Harrla", 1 the - Quartermaster , corps, with sta
PLllIppIne Scouts ; ; Lieutenant H. F. tton at Schofield: Barrack.
Schroedef Philippine Sdouts; Lleu- PrtVJ tea J., M; Calvin and G. Mc
tenant D. D, Tompkins, Eighth Cav-.Tesh. 105h Company, and i!. A Vat
alry; Lieutenant 1U S". Grief, raghth Jff: 159th Company, become privates
Infantry; - Lieutenant, i .R. C- Hefle- in the Q. M. corps and are assigned
towers medical i-tforps; Lieutenant to duty5 at Fort Rusrer.
Gcorgo B.-Foster Jr raedicnl corps; - 111
.Lfeutenant'o.W.HIAlten';- medical--- . ,
corps;. Lieutenant Wllfiam F. Roblnf SjP11' craved.
Ksn ' ftteht.Titr infatitrv i itcnu-ni ! : Frre Inter-Island steamers made
J. 8
Jones. Sixth Cavalry;-Lleutenaht
'. Cooper, Eighth Cavalry; Lieu-
tenant A. J. Davis. Twenrv.fdnHh-Inv
- r
, fsctry; Uentenant ;H; JL Pritchett,
Thirteenth" Infantrv?: LfrtlfnnTir AWi.
1.1fl!tt.tion-nafO-A T Vrmtf KHK
teenthVJMantryutht Sr
, LsngwilL Flfteenta Infantry; .Ueuten- cd a PI trip :with 5,000 sacks
ant Pcre Wilmer; ,TX S. M. C; Lieu- ftof "t?0' Thl
tenant Cushman-' HartwelU Eighth offIcrar report, 7000 sacks sugar
r.in. t w eAJLf-: 0., t. fa watting shipment at-Ahukinl.
... wv,, .vuiift u.
surgeon; C B.. Seeley, ailing;. dental
surgeon ; W. A.' Squires, afctlng dchtal
curgeon. . , " : ::
Tenyo Warn Brinflt Many Asiatics '
. One hundred and - eighty-six Asia
tic steerage passengers: are reiHirted :
as aboard v. the Toyo Kif en; : Kalshi S
liner Tenyo Maro now .making it way ,
across the Pacific and- due to arrive
at Honolulu atThn early, hour .Thufs -
day morning. ; The Tenyo-Maru 'rliffT rrC,
bringing 1067 tons Oriental cargo ac:
rviS tiLwSuSar Koholalele and 1408 bags
x XHh fiXaSt e "w Kukalan. The total sugar arrlv-
,n2IrIS:.TST"'JS!?,,? B5 amounted to 24.447 sacks,
understood will ; require additional , Ba
fSel oil In order to" complete the voy- ; v ' ; , C -
age t6 Safl Franctecb; The vessel will Honolulan Away With Fair Cargo
necessarily ' have to berth1 at the
llackfcld wharf, new that the station
ship Falls of Oyda ha been cntto
the coast
cations the liner' vill be dispatched
for San Francises cn Friday morning;
A few lay-ovef parftagcrt will take
passage to the cc art la Che Tenya
rmnfy Bottles r? Piirt CanroV .
Empty bottles, jto the amount of a to this product the vessel will be sup
' hundred tons or more, arc included in piled with several thousand cases 6f
the, freight, to ,te forwarded to i tie preserved pines, 3J00. bunches
mainland in ; the , Matron Navigation rananas, and a quantity of sundries,
steamship Hyadcs, from rario'us' isl- The Honolulan. will also be given the
and ports. The consignment of "emp- late accucralation of mail.
tles Is said to be the largest offering' , , , . -Sa
v of the sort from the Islands in ' many J ' r v " ' .
months: The Hyades It to visif HI16, j CostomsiBeii Pay Tribute,
thence to Kaanapail, Kahulul and Port 1 A large delegation of federal cus
Allen; ,!t, being the present intention tomsmen attended the funeral of Alex
: to' dispatch the, vessel from : ibe' Kauai ander K. Lewis, who for years was
port on or about Thursday, Feb. 6. The identified with the customs service in
Hyades, in sailing for Sah Francisco, ' the capacity of night Inspector. The
will carry approximately 1450 tons su- services took place from H. H. WI1
rar. 750 tons molassoa. 2000 cases of Mams' undertaking parlors, where a
preserved pincapploa and shipments of
coffee 'and olhor Haw-aiiaa products.
. 0'' m ' - -
The Hiflh Cost .of Traffic v .
. ,Itt the; last year tbre has been aa
Increase of aboit J5 shilltngs In all
freight rates la all trades from North
racific ports. To Jspanese and Chi-
- iiese ports, where, up to a year ago.
i the rate had fctld flat at 31 shillings.
; owners tre Uing 45 to 47
. chlinngs irr tar-o .shipmcnta.
Pilot fall PrnV Ladder; Drowned
Captain 6.-r Andersen of Tacoma;
for a deca!?S'r?Get -Sound pilot for
the Kosrrios T,t.q and one of the
- pToncer captains of the Sound, was
drowned in P?rt Townsend Bay. Cap-
; tain" Andergr?5 was boarding the Ger-
- man 6tcamfr;3ci?E. n bs fell from
d s irmr
(JAS. H.
When the new quartermaster corps
was organized, and it was decided to
-replace civilian employees with enlis
td men, it was believe that -line sold
iers wouldn't care to transfer, and thaf
ctvilhn teamsters and artltans would
fifth t shy of enlisting.
In Hawaii, at any rate, the Q. M. is
proving popular, and department head
quarters has forwarded more.tlnn a
i.r annMmtinr,a fmm m i n
f? A0 the a M" ?OTtof
wtl? 5.uuiu.-: . . ,
.-- u. n- . Hereeant J cavflnnnrn. and
Ivaea. E. Beebe, W. A. Brant, G. W,
Jtfftrtqn, ; and O. -Pearce, Ba'tery D;
IMvatesO. L. Cross, Elmer, Cunning
ham end C. W. Manning, Battery .J5.
First Field Artillery, are transferred
to the Q. M. .with duty at Schofield.
Private Edward Devlin. Company F.
Second' Infantry; has been transferred
on Sn1ay .morning, each adding;
reauy to tne store or. sugar at ttono-,
9 mm F.a mm m m Mm MvMk V ' Mni nm HTIT - 9 mWK ma
iuiu ana awaiung
shipment to the
J13 v '
J Claudine,
The Claudine, .from, ; Man! porta,
brought sundries; cord wood and some
.lm. v
was i discharged of a large miscella
neous cargo, including 72 bales hides,
22 crates chickens, 63 packages sun
dries, 26 cases honey, 154 pigs., Bad
weather ' prevented the loading of su
gar at 01 o wain.
Other shipments Included the wal
'W1. Thrvf '
g JS
,..,, , ? . .M ' . rent.
L uZ,m,.u A "I'
A part cargo -will be taken to the
coast In' tbev Matson Navigation
steamer Honolulan that is scheduled
- o'clock this evening. The, Honolulan
,1w rFk. it...i..l I
will, tail; with .thirty cabin' passengers
according to the present list of book-
lngs at the office1 of Castle & Cooke.
Sugar will make up the bulk, of the
eftrh ffrT Tt -atUHtii.nl
freight so .far offered. In addition
large concourse of sorrowing friends
gathered and followed the remains to
the grave. The ritual of the Ancient
Order of Foresters was employed.
The customs staff offered a beautiful
floral tribute in the form of an anchor
as a mark of esteem in which the de
ceased was held.
Saint Klltla Making Slow PassajJ.
The big British steamship Saint Kfl-
da, with 3,000,000 feet lumber from Co-!tr,
111 V 1 m mm. mmmV sm m A rm m. m m H 9 m.
Lu"'u,tt i'' 'ueu mr aiM-
Bouiue ana ojancy. is noi oeing
crowded in the passage to the colo
nies. The vessel called at Honolulu
for coal after an 11 -day steaming from
Astoria. The Saint Kilda departed af
ter having received 4C0 tons coal and
it i3 estimated that the vessel will take
the greater part of three weeks to
the trip to Australia.
Japanese and British Strive for
Japanese and. British are entering
In a bitter strife for business in the
India service according to advices
brought with the arrival of the T. K
K. Nippon Maru. It is now settled
that the P, lb p. 3. K. Co. raised
Borne difficulties' in connection with
the participation of the Osaka Shoeen
Kaisha in the shipping conference
covering the Bombay service, but
that the foreign firm eventually
agreed to its participation, through
the efforts of the.NiPPon (Kiisen Kal
Bha, andthe Oaka Shoseii Kaisha
has made t& necessary 'airarige
ments with tfe N. Y. K,; Formal
gotiatibns Are-to be concluded within
two o? three days. ( Mr. FukuJ, of the
u. s.' ie, vwas recently n Totycj ajaa
I'ivib iuus;,jiuc luuy muu
totiaU and m iafgon Mara ISglt
ton, and1 wilf inaugurate a monthly
service. At tne , present time tne; Is.
Y. are1 running twtf . steamer dn
Llqyff are allottimi atout" six seamers
and the Italian Mall ; Steamship Co.
alsd about, sir steamera to the Indian
service,' but only run Vessels between
Kcbe and' .Bomba abont once every
four weeks1," When the three steamV
era" of . the O. S. ' K.' are added, the
numbe of Hnera on the tradS route
between h'e Far East and India will
reach 29,, The shipping conference
is chartering six steamers ' as the
cargo space' on the regnlaf ; vessel Is
inadequate to meet oie large demands
of raw cotton" during the season b&
tween December; and Ma . The 'rat
of jcharter Is 16s. per tofi. whereas" the
rate of freighf: pit raw cotton,1 atcbrd
Ing to the contract with tne Spinners
Union Is' t rupees; 5 annas per ton.
Therefore, the shipping conference is
suffering a ".loss of about Y2.60 per
ton in hahdlin raw cotton. f - 1; f
Vifginian has 'much Island" Card"6;
The Affiericari-Hawailxn 1 fVetehfef
Virginian. is'jto be dispatched" for on
niday, accordmlp to present expect
m. I W A.. V
tions of the local asenlsl The vessel
is now; at the rUlWay whirf where a
Urge amount of mainland cargo in
cludfng sfifpments' or merchandiso
from , the Eat coast of the United
States is being discharged.; n
The freighter Columbian; . which
cleared this port some days' ago if now
at Hilo and destined to sail from there
for Salina . Cruz tomorrow, iakln
twelve thousand tons sugar, and addi
tional shipments of preserved pines
and' sundries. According to advinces re
eclved by C P. Morse, General Freight
Agent for the American-Hawaiian
Lne, the Reamer AJnskan is due to
arrive at Honolulu on February 16th.
i .
Kestrel for the South Seas Tomorrow.
The last of a quantity, of supplies'
Intended for the officers and employees
( the British cable staHon at Fannine
island as weu as tnose, engaged m tne
copra industry of. both Fanning, and
Washington islands have been placed
aboard the Britten steamer Kestrel,
and that vessel- is now made ready to
depart for the south sea tomorrow
morning. It is understood- that Man
ager Richard " FItt who recently
pe ,n m mtle ateatfter. on
. , '
coCoanut estates. About thirty itons
provisions have been loaded into th
Kstrei: ' The vessel it believed will
M nlrC Ti& trSn In oVrtlit fiva tava If ii
"JJfc Kesire f WIH be sent
P068!01 lQal Re 1Se8lre . Will ,De Sen.
16 Christmas Island on tnis voyage.
Palt of CTyde Xwa for tne Coast
After remaining at the port of Ho
nolulu since June, 1312, the ship Falls
or Clyde departed for the Coast yes
terday morning, the vessel to resume
business in the trans-Pacific, trade as
an1 oil-carrier; operated by the Asso
ciated Oil Company. The Falls of
Clyde has been In use at Honolulu
harbor as a station and supply ship.
the vessel being shifted from one
conierrea witn tne aatnonues or? tne fertnlxer rC now 'reporfeo: &, on tne
The O. S. K. will place three ves- istanfcThe: lirJcenttn'..-N,. Castle
self oil-the ru vir the-Luion Mani WmimI tili : haS leff thenhosDhate
wharf to another aa demands for fuel1men affniated with
on presented menisci ves. xuc yn
company now-. has feed pipe lines ex
Z: ' uttUrEf nlnZ'
tending, to Hackfeld and .
wharves, where vessels calling at the
port Will hereafter be ooliged to berth.
Charmer Pasted to Untimely End
The barge Charmer, formerly a ship,
ended her career off Cape Henry on
December 3, when she foundered.
Her crew was saved. The Charmer
was one of Scully's fleet of barges
when she closed out. She was built
at Bath, Me., in 1881, and made many
8 arcuad the Horn on the Suttonl
lin8 between New
York and the
Golden Gate.
Kami! ngar Report.
Purser Akati of the Inter-Island
stealmer Kinau, on arrival Sunday
morning reported the following sugar
fs, amT"g mm? olA lr
L;'it"u- 2?' V i, .
Mi A.
K. 8760, McB., 7600, K. P.
American Steamer and Russian
The Russian government has se
cretly established a wireless installa
tion on Saghalien, according to a
story brought to Honolulu by officers
In the Nippon Maru, and lately car
ried Out experiments, when a message
was picked p by the antennae on
board the liner; Minnegpta which was
well out in the Pacific at the time.
In this connection an officer on board
the steamer is quoted to the effect
that on the third day after the liner's
departure from Yokohama for Seattle,
Mr. Ma'ckelman, who is in charge of
the wireless apparatus on board, had
finished his work and was taking a
recess when he noticed a message ar
riving in an unusual code. He at once
examined all codes on the vessel, but
being unal)Ie to identify it he dis-J
patcned inquiries to the Choshi and'" " wcu
A.kn.ki m t 1 -m . service.
ucniism gmces in japan, as wen as 1
alt nthor (tAtmera whfih .ha rvtnM i
reach, but received a reply to the ef
fect that none of them knew of the
code. Mr. Mackelman was perplexed,
and' consulted Captain Garlick. Being
instructed to make every effort to lo
cate the sender, he lnereased the elec-
trie power and taade inquiries at I war immeaiaieiy accepted Dy me corn
offices at long distance, but received Pny, Captain Napaala. fofmerty cap
no satisfactory answer. Having, how-! tain of the Llkelike falls jhto a snug
ever,tfmauy received a distinct code,
"R S. N.," he was much interested,
and . continued operations, but he
cculd? not locate the dispatching office.
Subsequently it became known that
it was a Russian code message which
was picked up by the antennae on the
steamer, while experiments were be
ing; cSrfledt on at the .wireless office
recently .secretly established by the
ftussfan koVernment on Saghalien. It
H statedi that, the Rnsslatt, office does !
nor ejreiUiBW coouauiuuiiivus "
tareai offlcf
)itit6?i sailing ; Tesselr loade!
d with
port otr &mraiy: 10 ,iffl . fuH cargo
aesnnea. xorxiunoiuiu wu wuoisueu
td.the Pacine Qnffno Fertilizer Co.
I ' Tfie: bnrkentltie Irmgard . is Bald to
have sailed .from Makates within a
time louqwingf.ine aepanure 01
ittt.'.- The iragara . . wui aiso
tertnizer fo; ne": ldcaf company.
NHhaii In . from , Kauai . :, ,
With 6800' sacks sugar, the Inter-Is-
land steamer Niihatt. Is bacft from
Kauaf ports', thia Vessel was under
the command of Captain W. ff Thomp-
son who has now befi dismissed from
fiHm ThYHtim wtn be dis-
pattfied "fdf lsla. pofrttf the last of
the weeki ;: v;'-" ; ;
lor -rX' ;
Doliar gflWanntef . n
- - 'Hk.!i1i..''ji ii'.'. - m.
bW. M M .. W mi mm mum mm mm -w mmm
r.iiie ,nusn sieamer. w.:ss.. iwn ,is
belnr ocbrgf d ot: gn;Otiental
M., rt&;&, a? hA wpt ff fk
nrtrt nntll .fire last 6 tnmnresefit Week
before proceeding. t9A California portif
to load lumber., w . ; y.
ff ,.: . PASSESGtRS BaOltBinv; 4
. ' 1 -T ' " ... - ' '
rj rr---T" - : . - .
Mrs. "A;!
v , A ...... ,v " v. ;
tBtaM m Mi IMra.
A. Be
fContifiuetfrom Page' .1)'
Harbor Ka, 54 'areJstattng'that the real
object of this, company in connection
with the recent difficulties with the
Harbor is to disrupt the Harbor and to
discriminate. against its members for
that reason,1 this company desires to
call particular attention to the state?;
ments respecting its attitude toward
f fie Harbor contained fn its letter of
February, 3; Idll This company now
reiteratea the statement that it . hat
nor and Is not apposed tb'organlzatibhs
such as Honolulu Harbor No. 54, or
any other, organization. Its policy
now Is arid for the future will be to
select and continue in service its em
ployes without discrimination of any
sort on account of membership in any
"In short, nb member of any organ
ization will be refused employment by
reason of his membership and no
member discharged on that account."
Ashford Roasts. Company.
"I want you to say for me that the
company , left-the Harbor no alterna
tive," said Mr. Aahford this morning.
"Furthermore, the dismissal of cap
tains immediately after the letter
which the company paused to be print
ed in the Star-Bulletin yesterday aft
ernoon shows the insincerity, hypoc
risy ami untruthfulness of the com
pany throughout this whole contro
versy, and proves, to my way of think
ing, that the captains had ample justi
fication for their acts of self-protec-tion.
I ask if the discharge of the
the Harnor was
I not .sufficient evidence that the com
- a11 al0lie purposed to destroy the
beneficial influSncrof the Harbor?
"It has now come to a hand-to-hand
fight between the monopoly, backed by
Its millions of dollars, and men backed
by nothing save their own self-respect."
Many Skippers Peel the Axe.
Dismissals and resignations from
among, the inasjers and mates in the
Icter-lsland service cime thick and
ifcst yesterday afternoon.
Following the belated receipt of
Captain Tullett's resignation, dated
January 18th and alleged to have been
held by Captain J. F. Haglund for
weeks, before presentation to the gen
eral management of the company, ret
the pace for the retirement of a score
or more of officers, who have long
been identified with the service.
Ih the list of dismissals
from further
BerVtce with' th Inter !
IsliH Ffe-
Navigation Company, Captain J. F.
KLghind. port capt in and suirinter.
t'ect, "'"S n"t !ro pVp'f r
fist. The Inter-Island then proceeded
to notify the following tha their sji
vice? were no longer rqeulrcd.
Captain Sam Thompson. Kilanea.
Captain M. Oness. W. G. Hall. Captain
P. Carlson. Wailele. Captain George R.
Piltz. Iawalani; Captain W. F. Thomp
son, Niihau and Captain J. II. Haake,
v 1 . r t: . .v: . ;. ' . ' . .
v Per M. K. s: &6lnlailf6p .
i4ik mr.:s man was wade acquainted with the
Noeau. .
The dismissal of two well known
f.ates followed, incrodlu: P. HInner
o- the Mikahala and O. W. Ilssda of
the Noeau.
Today Jit was generally stated that
Chief Officer Berg in the steamer
iluca Kea was t la ted for the axe.
Man Promotions Follow Decapita
tion. A score or more weft known Inter-
Island steamship men are today enjoy-
I tn M i - .1 I
In the instance of several first and
second mates, these men have been
promoted to- the command of steam
ers, and 1
oWiM teke Vet8eV! day ani1
With the resignation of Captain Tul
lett. master of the Mikahala, which
berth. Captain Napaala Is" a well
known person in the island trade and
has been identified with .the company
tor years.
Captain Mansfield, a former mate id
the steamer Niihau goes out In tne
freighter Iwalanl to sail for Mahukona
and Kawaihae today. Mansfield tales'
command of the vessel over which
Captain Georga PilU, dismissed form-. g aayrhem ta United SUtea
erly presided Mansfield is said to have ' w Year, anywhere tn United 8tatet..
o long and satisfactory record with JPer Year postpaid, foreign
tte company. : ...
Many From naroor moio oowo joos. .
.i5fll tll
who ha-s been with the tteamaWp
SSa Hatllaco
vacated by the dismiss!' of Captain
M. Oness; wha" is alleged a having
been oner of the rlngleadert In the re
cent difficulty. Nicholson hat. at va
rious time served in the -capacity of
master of Interislandr vessels.
, Chief Officer Bennett, who has been
identified with the Ktnatr for' some
yeara past, was today made master of
Lthe- steamer Claudine. Captain; Nel
son, who retires from tire; steamer.
Is declared to have had no: part laf
- the recent agitation, but left the com-
, pany to. take up his new duties as
harbor master at Pearl Harbor at a
salary, of $3000 a year. Bennett has
manv friends, who congratulate hlm
, w - - '
on his . well Reserved elevatioil In th
ranka. - ; v: ' .' .
A new skipper ,1s to be selected for
the steamer Noeau that Is scheduled
to put to sea atflye o'clock tonight
Captain, Haake was let-out: by the
t SpaS'llmersba. toer
V v ,Z-. j 5 i .v - i
again after" aff aWenctf of sev
month Captain; Slmerson is td
new. duties a port captain and
1 UIO.
tsiani.. no names were ueauuuca wrf
the coinmsrid of ihl vessel
with Hi elevation of mates to the
6erfh of sKippera immtiei of new
metf are expected to be -added to: the
Hst of employes. It la possible that
scmo 'of the me'n who arrived here
from He maintand -will he gent: out'
witli. the fleet 61 Vessels thlsT Evening
n ni inrnnrrhw moraine: y "
Captain Allmaiv the former Pacific
MU: skipper .who passed' througn; Ho-r
.... rii ..i I, . i , i i., ,1,., ii .j n'.i. i hi ""I M
tlx-. . .r-:wi6- ;'w u tiimmt
; - - ; j- - - - -.--. : ' : ,
" . . mm mmmm -mmm tm a Ma mm mm. mm m mmm mm mm mm mm m
la which Is wmbinW do IUWAIIXn'STAR, esUblia&ed 1WS. 'and the
EVENING DLETIN. established 1SS2. Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE It. FAURrKQTON.v. .General Business Manager
( Preferred Position 20) . . . ; ; ; . . ; ; 20c PER 'INCH
. LEGAL, AIJD TRAIfSlE.'Cr RATE. It First Insertion
CLASSIFIED, One Cent perord 30 cent per line per week. ,
TtlephoBO-EditorlaJ Roas 21Sir Baslncst Office 2ii4
Telepatne SSU
Per Month, anywhere la United States
i -. : . ;
Per YerThVrV'lned'sute;
' lJ rr-
k ; 'mmtmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Smn,alc.p to nol,lW SUtl iti: Honohl,, T. If.
Give Ute lwy;.rf I
and see fcew well tell reel eft
"efwtrds. Appliances for same at
nolulu as master of the Chfna; tookj
: good - authority
today that Captaltf Haghind had but
r---'" ,
recently: been approached by the: dt
rectorafe of tne Inter-Island Steam
Navigation' Company and r Informed
that y through .Nhi ? constant service
with the; company he was In 'line for
early retirement upori-fnU pay or 4
pension,; i.-j:-;-VLv"!;;i.5
i Another story current alone the
waterfront for tome dayt past wat td"
tne. errect, tnat yaptain ;yuett naa
' -DAW
."'Va' LEFT KYTKETIDE! -f ' ':"
........ ....... 2.09
. .... .......... ..... 8.00
-,.. :;,
troxe n
received JC00 as a bonus from tho
masters and mates aa coraponcation
for his efforts in carrying through the
last strike for better pay. It was also
stated that Captain Tullett was to re
ceive.; aV substantial sum shoald the
recent difficulty have terminated in
favor of the capHiins and mates.
Minor repairs and cleaning has. been
given the revenue cutter Thetis no.v
orv the marine railway. , '
The ..Japanesje liner Chlyo ilar,
from the coast to arrive on Friday wl'I
hrine down tho next mail from . thr
mainland. V''v .'-f t ' . .
r The Matson Navigation tt earner Hv
iicluian safllhs for Sin Francisco at six
o clock this evening it takice a small
IIt of passenger. . The vesasl will be
gfven tn accumulation of mail dcst!n
cd for the mainland. . r
in! .iin
If' ill

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