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f i In i , 1 ''f " ' ' --
oNiiiERPj to mm
The following Officer are BClied-
; ulcd to sill oaJtttraneponiCicriiiaa
from San Francisco February 5 for
1 viiu ruiuyyiue is.uum9.
HonoluW Brigadier General 51; M.
- Macomb, .Colonel J;; S..igcra, ; la-
f- 7 T ' T, i Ufrtll. BUY VI XUUUU(, i
'tbeCond Jrtfantrj; rtptam E. B,Mn- in Hawaii at any rate, the Q. M. is
ipns, rou.rt CaTa,lrj;i:t3ap.taln raul(B. proving popular, and department head
. Malone, Second Infantry; Captain H. quarters has forwarded more than a
K. Knight, First Infantry; Lieutenant haLdred applications from men in aU
9-SPfcw. First Infantry; Lieuten- anB8 of tne servIce, for transferrTes-
4nt a;B. Htmtjngton,, medlcaV cqrps; ttrdaya shear of orders' Arrived au
TA Wl2?thiS,1,in Bme traers ,ss
wcuienaai woioi ueorge
; ilfvWC' '-Wood;: Company" Ar
' Jr ItA: Palmer. 'Firteenth Infantry: i'-s-j -t.;..i: Vt..
.Captain F W. CewiB, ;E!gnft Infantry; v
'r- "Xhlh"
l William Keny, t Jr Elgntn
'Ckptaiil iWlUiam JftW.Vj Eighth
Artillery forpsi Captain EAlorton,
EirhUiJnfantry: Cantain C. Trott.
Ith-lMintry; Cpt4n TrAnk
erson. Philippine' Scouts; Captain R.
L. Moseley. Philippine Scouts; Cap-
tain Hllgard, FlfteentfiTlnlantry;
Captain. Q. B. Comly. Seventh Caval -
yy;, Captain. J.0.tE.Y9ung,.ghth
Cavaflv: 'Lieutenant Gadf MoVean.'
.Field Artillery; Lieutenant Ji II. Mc-
iviniay, irei j'leia, Aruiiery; iieuiea
tnt ,E.J.' AIoran,r. Eighth infantryl
llIeutenant' Deshler Yhitlng;"Flfteen
th .Infantry Lieutenant. J. 'J.3 Harris,
.rtinptine Scouts: "Lieutenant ill,, F.
, tcuroeaer, rmuppine T ecouzs; juieu-
tenant D. D. Tompkins,' Eighth Cav
alry; Lieutenant II. S. Grler, Eighth
: Infantry: 1 Llentenafit , : It. C Hefle-
tower, ' medical corps; Lieutenant
George :BF6ster, Jr' medifcal : ctrps ;
Lieutenant W. II. Allen, medical
corps;' Lieutenant Tvllllara tP.-RcWar
:Bon,' Eighteenthztlhfantry;; Lieutenant
- J. & Jones, Sixth Cavalry rLleutenant 1
Th lrteehth Infantry ; Lieutenant Alex
Ahdef -" Malsh, f Thirteenth Infantry;
'Lieutenant Ceorge ".TV" Everett; Flf
"teenth Infantry; Lieutenant ' W; 'G.
ant Pere Wilmer. U. S. ;M. C LietK
tenant -; PiiRhmsn lTartwT! r"i l!flth
Cavalry; J. W. Scovcl, acting dental
surgeon ; C. B. Seeley, acting dental
surgeon ; W.: A. S(juircs,vactlng dental
: surgeon. . r i;v.- ' -xy':',:' . ::, y
'; -'-. - r-'? '4l- fi;;:-7.':- ,.,
.Tenyo .Maru Brings Many Asiatics .
; Onelhundred ! fff1 elghtj-sli. Asia-
i efnav rr. Vi ccAn rTt ' nor.nrl'cwf
1 Thirteentr infantry r Lieutenant Ned K f lre 37S,? T e lM:'cofp:lfr
M;' Green,5 Fifteenth-Infantry t4ew-idr " nofi y T ' V
tenant ,J.i w'Rtteyt Second Field-Af -1 .' JWMf CV4na ?
Twenty-rourttt 'iniantryr XieutefianiT-'V"?,-","- cA;r' : ' . '
"lrrv t LltPnat HJ w.' Hnnti-v?Viiti ra end C W, , Manning." Battery E.
4 V. W. Cooper; : Eighth Cavalry; Lieu
; t c caftt-1 A." J. Davls.V Twenty-fourth In
Tan try ; Ueutenant If. f H: j Prltchett,
as; aboard ,tnejr9yd;.I8en,i.KWa.j41 brtcrinr itt54n baira of?P S
ti-i, r-,r- u.m .',.i.kitj !,eiB cringing ia o..oag8 oi x d.
'across the racifid and" due'to-arrlte
- at Honolulu atn . feertyi; fc.9ur . TnjiJ'S'
day morning. The Tenyo Maru I Is
bringing 1067-tons,OrIental Cargo ao
cording td the gist of a wireless me?-
1 . a' la r4.ii'
understood . will " require - additional
: f net oil 'in order to complete .the yoy
age to San Frtncfsea- tThe TesceJ will
necessarily' have ' to fcerth at the
1)aXVfAM i.V. m . JL..' ,. ,'. atatlAK
" . ship v Falls :of Cly & has been ; sent to
, cations the liner will be -dispatched
frr Ran Prrirla" nn PrfHav mnwln?.
A few' Jay-over parrcrigfrs will take
, a -w w.a .rA. 14. rr.. - . T
I . EnfpfV .Bottles' rs .Part Cars.
Eteamship Hyadcs, from various isl-
una ports, rne consignment 01 cmp-
Hob" la eM n Km hm lrcst' nffprlnr
. . .W 9 UM.M V fc N. mqwhw V..'. Q
'' of the sbrt from' the; fiiaiids In many
. '1 r. t. 4a .tf T1J
,'raoDins." iue njauee is 10 vmu niwi
thence to Kaanapali, iwaauiui and Port
.Allen.- it being the present Intention
' to; dispatch the vessel from the Kauai!
'port on or about Thursday, Febt . The
Hyadea, in-sailing for San Francisco,!
; will carry aporoxlmately 1450 tons sii-'
; gar. 750 tons - molasses 3000 cases of ,
preserved nlneapriPS "and shipments of
coffee and other Hawaiian proa nets.
' The High CostcT Traffic r
a lcl.'fVri hi
Inthe r l&st'ycar Uhere tias.beeii an J
' increase of about 15 shillings 4a .All
frjright-rates fy alV trades from North
: rpacificf ports.V. TaJ apane$e and "Chl
,;'neae'ipoi;.yKere," fcp to a year ago.
. ;the nuq: had'htld flat at 31 shillings.
' owners, ire rc.r qulpg. 45 to 47
' shillings' ln"ara jfiipments.
Pilot, Fails; frcm , tad.er; Drowned
Captain O. A. Anderson . Of Tacoma,
' is. HiV' 4. 'lAT.. ' t r
Ithe trcight tS 'Vb "fotwirded to ' the rreserved Vplnes,14 !'S90 4 Bunches
t mainland lit thai f Jtiatsoa' Navisation'r t ananai' arid " a" quantity of sundries;
forfndecae.lget. Souaopilot- forfnies. The vessel called at Honolulu
the Kosmosiliae andone 'of 1 the for coal after en 11-day steaming from
pioneer? capin- or ; laevsouna, was 1 Astoria. The Saint Kilda departed ar
drowned Jn JrjA Tpnsena Bay. cap- j ter having received 400 tons coal
; tatn'Ahasrsrn was bearding the Ger- is estimated that the vessel will
man steamer ?ctcs wien he fell fromjthe greater part or three' weeks ''
'.the ladder.' "T ; Icomnlete the triD to Australia.
When the nw mnrtefinaater rornn
was organized, and It was derided Hp
replace civilian employees with enlisS
(j men, i,i was ueueve that line sold-
jVrs wouldn't care to transfer and that
civilian-teamsters and artltans would
- Private W. F, Kane.A. D. XThpii an.1
PnmTunv r" T T
i T nZCr ; "
Tarter'" Geoe Broadshaw nd
n-nda Comnanr D IT A ' fjiml
f VwSy 'D TH Umb and
'n7)PJ UZ?V.
f.ll' S'
W. Tom-
Sl&nvS'Su H
Jnw w ftiShSi i
,jJ a r7r?
P. .?!7!ant .G .I0."'
ttnpaay.D all of thFIrst; Infantry,
First Field Artillery, are transferred
lo-'th, Q. 'M.-wlth d -ty at Sehftficld. '
r jPrlya Edward Devlin Company F.
Second Infantry, has been transferred
t q the tKuartcrmas ter ? corpsi wtH ata
tlon at Schbfleld."Barrac:s. ; ' - ' '
Pr'lvnes X-M Calvin and O. Mc
Pech, 10th Company, and L. ArWat
Fon. 159th Company, -become privates
in the Q. M. corps and are assigned
Jo dnty at' FortRuger. '-J
3lc,,l Sapiir arrlTed.
i.Five Inter-Island i steamers ,made
" ' ' 1 " . - i JilJL
IWPB Sunday, morning each adding
Krcauy ia.vB store oi sugar u nuuu-
julu and Awaiting - shipment to
mainland.;, v' .' . r -w , y. .
:Th -Claudine, J: from Maul; ports,
brought sundries; cord wood and some
head of, live ' stock. ; ':'V'. I .
; The Hall,, from Kauai porta.; return
ed' on a- special trip with 5,000 sacks
sugar, and a quantity of sundrles-The
oflc&rs . report, . 1000 : sacks sugati
c waiting shipment at AhuKini.
:v The Mikahala, upon, peaching port,
was , discharged of "a large miscella
neous cargo. Including H bales hides,
32 4 crates chickens, 63 packages sun
dries", 26 cases honey, 154 'pigs. ' Bad
weather prevented the loading of su
gar at Olowaln.' ; ' v v -
Other' shipments included the wal-
and 2960 bags of H. S. Co., The Ki-
nau brought in from: Walmea,; Kauai,
5418 bags of W. Ai sugar and 5600 bags
of K. A sugar. The : Maul arrived
from north Hawaii, with 3640 sacks of
rugat f rom ,KabolateIe and 1408 bags
from Kukaiau. The total sugar arriv
ing amounted to 24,447, sacks. ,
2Jc.': .-a f .--, f--: . . , ,- -.- ,
Honolulan Away .With Fair Cargo '
' :A part' cargo will be taken to-the
crmst .in" the vjMatson Navigation
steamer Honolulan- that is scheduled
to depart lor San . Francisco : at 'six
o'clock- this "'evening. The Honolulan
vIH sail with thirty cabin passengers
according to. the .present' list of book
lags M:.tbev office; of -Castle & Cooke.
A .Sugar will make up the bulk of tho
freight so far , offered.; In -addition
'to this produfct'theTeBseVwinsnpH
The Honolulan will also be given' the
xaie accumulation 01 maiL
? '
Custemsmen Pay Tribute.
A large delegation of federal cus
tomsmen attended the funeral of Alex-
anaerT.jv4.iewis, wno tor years was
Identified with the customs service in
the capacity of night; inspector. . The
services took place from H.'. H. WH-
Hams':, undertaking parlors, where a
large concourse lof fsdrro wing 5 friends
gathered and followed the remain! to
the grave. The ritual of the Ancient
Order I of Foresters - was .employed.
The customs staff offered a beautiful
floral tribute in the form of an anchor
as a mark of esteem in which the de
ceased was held. -K :
.Saint Kilda Valine Slow Passage.
- The big 13ritish steamship Saint Kil
da, 'with 3.000,000 feet lumber from Co
lumbia rjver ports destined for Mel
bourne and .Sydney, is not being
'.crowded in the nassae-o to th colo-
1.. ' ,..- if wt
c i
rtrtteio ejftj iui
10 29 Alw3
3 021 8
9.0! tO 61 AS4
4 15!
0 39U 15 e.3; UA
(.19U3S 34 S&4"
033. 8 17
Al IS !1 il CAiI
New moon
5th. 6;5l p.m.
Virginian has much Island Cargo.
The American-Hawaiian freighter
Virginian-is (to be dispatched for on
Friday, according to present expecta
tlons of the local agents XpeiTessl
is now at the railway wharf where a
large amount of mainland cargo in
cluding J shipments "of ? merchandise
from the Eatjt. coast of the United
States is being discharge.
The freighter Columbian, which
cleared this port some days ago is now
at Hilo and destined to sail, from there
fo? Salina Crftx tomofrbw, jtakCK
twelve thousand Jons sugar, and addP
tiorar shipmeiaU "bf , preserved plies
ahd sundries'. Accordittg to advlniei re
eclved Wc, P. Morse.; general Freight
Agent r for -tHe TAjmrfiLn-Hawaiiari
Lrie, the stearaerVAlaskan Is due to
o4 rive-at .Honolulu W February 16thv
- ti:,$&tiin i - kmt
Kestrel f or. t he South; Seas TonibrmW.
iTfie last oT Y quWifyv of -"uppires
14 tended fortqfe jbfffpers arid employees
ot tfre Brltigh cable ytatloi 9 Fannifl
island aren-t4 those etogaged.lnHhe
copra' .IndosWof Tth!Fannlng;a4
Wathmgto 1slaidac Wave, beerf p'SceS
aWardl tne Jpritith ?afeamer. Kesftret
and that'e'ssei Is j6wadereaay f lb
der-krt fonthe--south'1 sea tomornjw
mefnlng. "It Is .understood tharMa'j
ager :jacnara nttixwno recently ar
rivedat iJionolulu 4rom - London ' W1B
tike passage in jthe .)ttle steainerV'on
lif initlil Visit fo'tpe newly acquired
cbcoanut estates. About thirty jtons
ftrovlslons liave been loaded: into the
Kestrel.' Ttoe Vessel Is believed "will
iiake-the-tfip Ih abvt five, days. It i$
possible that the'.Kestrel will be sent
to Christmas' island 06 this voyage.
fM'i f :-..fa'V;- H J!;y.
Falls of Clyde: Away for ffie Coast t
1 Aftrremaliilfig af'the' 'poft'of Ho
nolulu since June; 1912,' titieshipf. Falls
6f Clyde departed f dr: the4 Coast' ei
tprday . morning, the vessel td 'tesume
Business in' the trans-PacIf Ic trade
an oJI-caVrfer-operrate'd by .tKeab..
vi aI'' ti "tp.iI- w
Clyde 'atWisear
wnari 10 another as oemanas lor
oil presented V"themselve-. The1
dbmpany' nov has feed pipe lines
tending 'Votwkfejd and - Railway
harlres, .where vessels cajling at the
port will hereanerteobIiged to berth.
Much Fertilizer ew the VVay
? Two sailing vessels "loaded with
was from Makaeta to the Hawaiian
Islands.'. The bar dentine' S N. Caiae
Is reported tqVhaye Jft the;phbspl.te
pert on January 10 with a full cargo
destlhedrTdr Hohdluiur and consigned
to the Paoific'Quano &Fertill-er Co.
,The . Barkentine Irmgard is said to
have sailed from 'Makatea within'a
short time following th departure of
tho Castle. 4 The Irmgard will also
bring fertilizer fqr the local company.
4 J "4
Hornelen to Load Lumber
The Britisir" freighter Homelen,
nowi! at thi port'wh'ere ;4327'tbhs'A-'
trallan'coal 1s 'Befng. discharged, ,wiU
be given" a prompt dispatch : for .the
northwest cbast f6f iheUnitedStatea;
It' is' e'xpe'eted that' the' coal wirp;be
discharged Into the Inte'r-rsland unk?
ere T.y 'Saturday' and 'Vtiat; the 'vessel
will Hhext- sail Jbr Eureka," there" o
load " a ' shipment of lumBer ' d!estined
tor New SOutK'Wales ' " tf !
Nilhau In'From Raual
' 'With -tyw sacks' sugar, the Inter-Is-lind-
steamer' Nilhau is'' back from
Kauai" ports. ! his Vessel ' was ; Under
the command! of Captain W?F. Thbmp
sonvwho has now Beeri dismissed from
the" servtce. . The Nilhau will 'Be dis
patched for Island ports .the last of
trfeeek. J"-" '
Lewera Raadv Ft Sea
The schooner Robert Lewers is B
int? madeeady 'for sea' atidit Is' eX-ptected-
that 'the Vessel ' VIH be. din
atcBcdfbr the 'Nprth ' Pacific coast
ol or about gturday;v Th'e Vesset lia
been discharged " ef a shipment of
lumber to the agency of Lewers &
Cooke. '
Kaaai Sugar Report. ; ' J
Purser Akau pt the ; Ipter-Island
Steamer KJnau, jpn arrival Sunday
morning repbrted the following 'sugar
as awaiting shipment on the1 Garden
island: K. S. M. 2500, G. & R. 10.000.
M. A. K. 8760, McB., 7600, K. P.
370o: v Y
: t - pea
Dollar Still at JtahnJnL
Tbe British steamer M. S. Dollar is
Beftig ! discharged Of general" ' Oriental
cargo 'at Khhului and the vessel,' It' is
predicted, wHl remain' at the Maui
port' Until the last bf the present week!
before proceeding "to California ports
tdl load lumber. ' 4 " '
Thetis off the Marine Railway
"'"Work was 'completed -In cleaning
arid4 ' repain tins"' the' United States
revenue cutter Thetis today and tha
vessel was hauled down from the
local marine railway this m6rhlng.
;- Per M. N. S. S. Honolulan for San
Francisco: S. N. Castle, MIbs V,
Sciaroni. Mrs. J. C. Steele, E. E.
Warri. C. E. Warn. R. R. Milllken. J.
U Macbeth, R. G. Iphael, Mrs.
Raphael, F. J." Basedow. A. T. Ander
Eon.kMrs.; B., Boisell, Mr.andvMrft. W.
Ci,Zackfoose;Mrs. F. Martin,' Mr. and
Mrs. :A. F., Fqwler, Mrs: Fowler, L.
Aarotr, JT. Dockstader, JMr. and Mrs.
A. BeknelU .W.. F. Cotton.
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Harbor No. 54 are stating, that the real
object of this company in connection 1 "
with the .recent difficulties with the Titsday, Feb. 4.
Harbor is to disrupt the Harbor and to, SAN FRANCISCO -- Arrived. Feb. 4,
discriminate against its members for 7 a. m., S. & Mongolia,' .hence Jan.S0.
that reason, this company desires to. .Arrived,. Feb. 4, T a. m., S. Wil
call particular attention to the' state- helmiaa, hence Jan. 29.
ihents respecting its attitude toward VICTORIA Arrtred; Feb 4, S. . a
tire Harber. contained Tn its letter of s Makura, henceJai- 28.
February 3. 1911 This company now GRAYS HARBOR Sailed. Feb. 4,
reiterates" the1 statement that it - nasi schr. F. I." Wood, fer Honolulu.
notandis- not cpbed to brgaiiixaUpnsJ ' ? r j
such as 'Honolulu" Harbor No: 54. or ' - Aerorra-as.
any other organization. Its 'policy.S. S. TENYO MARU Arrives from
now is and for the future will be. toi Yokohama Thursday, Feb. , at 10
elect and continue in service Its em
ployes without discrimination of any
sort; On account of .membership in any
organization. '
"In .shorty no member of any organ
ization, will be refused employment' by
reason" of his membership and no
member discharged on that account"
Ashford Roasts jCempany.
"I wantbu to 8a for me that the
company -left; the-Harbor no alterna-feaia-'MrAsarofa
this morning,
rteftnbivtffij .y8mttsal of cap
tains mediately faftefA the letter
riA.vr.'i'i :i.-' . ...
thc&pairy fcaUied to be PTiMATf?
Snnrttfn1nt.?rlT. riTaft4 All.
eruuyn acow une ..nsmcemy, nypoc -
ri.rai'ntfUthruIhft8-7if com -
. . .rr
y;4ntfr5y;W of think-
itfav. that the cabtifca'a4nu ini.
nUoiiVfdttefr acts-orTae' " - . - h - 'i,
Uon.tT'ask".Ht'eTdIschaVge of the It .was stated on .good authority
men' affiliated Itbrth harbor waf-CaythatCa6taln' Haglund had but
n6i;stfflcieht eVtdencehtVthe com-wtly;:, been'. fprbacked;,byt the 41
ran'y" all afdng' purposed: td destroy the 'Oite ;. 'bf thelnterrlsland iSeam
penefTclJInnence of thtfllarbor? jNav.igatlon Coinpany andX; Informed
;"rt;hasr:n0w come "to hand-to-band tliat "through" tkiss , constant1 seryfee
fight beteb the mpnopoiyacked bllth'.tQe' company nelwas'jline for
fts.niilllpns of doITanf, and men'backed,anyrTrtU'emeit npoxi full pay orU
by.'tiotlilng; savtf .ieir' ' pn self-re-iPslon.'T 1 V.-v-"; K
gptct-' -T,--!-:'? Ahbther : $tory:,current,along thp
Many Skipptrs Feel the Axe. waterfront for some dava oast was to
4Msrai,als-an, resignations from
anvong .thevniasterB and imates in the
j IhteMslanrf service! came . thick and
fst yesterday. Mteraobtc
r vuu lus - me r ueiaiea receipt 01 . suxae tor pester pay. at, .was aiso
Cptai&TttIlett'flgnatlon,'ledjpif piX ."Captain; Tulleti; was to te
Jantiary lSth' ahd alleged to havbeenTefrV . r .substantial sum should the
he'd by'Captalnf 1F. Haglundl for recent ; dimcUlty""iaVe terminated In
weeks, before 'presentation to the gen-!Mor otty -t
eimatiaeme'n-'of tte company fet'-' .'' 1 " ". J . " .. f
the oacefop'the rVtiiem'fft oi a scor I III mn Ck - Tin f I n 1 1 '
jir ;tnore;iof :fflc'efe6iV-ngiL Hi ri l it I.
-M iv ui uiouuo-410 Aiu.u uuir
ofenti-waB. put infla effect$nipnk?i
mtes fbllowedthcludlas: XPJTlInner
of? the UMlkaBala p'0:Wlhsbiiot
the Noeau. 4 t; -.'.tv. , t
Todavit was Eenerail Stated ; thak
Chief .Officer; Berg la.the i ;s.teaner
1'i.ona Ken was tlated for the axe. (
I M any ; fro motlerisFondwpetipitii.
n A 'scdre- of more weft known. Inter-
rslahd 'steamship 'men are today enjoy-
seivlc.fe"'s-7i!V'i v sv-r'r'
In' sthe Instance of aeyeral first and
second ;mat8. tthee men haVie been
promoteo to ' ttie?.;mand, or steam-
a V M m Tlf. . . 4Jmot
city buu wui wu' meeiB p.vuaj nuu
'TWlth'the resignation of Captain Tul
lett, master of the' Mikabala, which
was Immediately accepted by; the coni-
pny Captain -NapUala, formerly cap
tain of the Llkelike falla Into a snug
Berth'; Captain Nap'aala is a ; well
known person in the Island trade and
haa Been Identified' with he company
toryears.i? !
Captain Mansflejd. a former mate in
the steamer Nilhau goes out in tne
freighter twalanl to sail for Mahukona
and Kawalhae jtoda. Mansfield taSres
command ; of tthe vessel over whlca
Captain' George Piltz, dismissed form
erly presided Mansfield is said to have
a- long and satisfactory record with
tbe company.
Many From Harbor Hold Down Jobs.
?captain Nicholson, a former cnier
Officer in the nteamer Mauha Loa and
wBb has Been: with the 'steamship'
compjiny for a decade or . more, has
ceeo promoif a io iae cumiuaau oi iue
steamer W. G. Hall, taking the place
vacated by the dismissal of Captain
. 1
Navigation :cmnamfrdTifA
a . ji JL;.'-. V--A,. -!, '
W oil i.yPH.Mr5,i -VvWi Ma t'1tui LfA.iw.NkVliaHflVi' afAtn. I
contain ; Khv--riiVvviArt -viiifo .r"r:vwr -.T"'-v."rsr- 1
fee- "wnWi papce
??fw raSan,mnicIaea a aeyen o'clock this
I V . M. .19.K , Vf k " VJ . IT VI MUU W A I f !. V ' . . ... . .WMtL - . a
.Oness,.who is alleged. as Baying rthe rdck,as dangeronsto ithe Claud
;n one of the ringleaders In the fe- J . fop in8tnee. and the intimaUon
cent difficulty
Nicholson has at va-
rious times served in the capacity of
master of Interisland vessels.
Chief Offleen BennetC who Bas Been
luenuueu- wua iue iviuau iui ouuic
years past, was today , made master of
the" steamer Ciafidine. Captain Nel
son, who 'retires' from the steamer,
is declared to have had no part in
the recent, agitation, but left the. com
pany to take up his new duties as
harbor master fet pearl Harbor, at a
-. 1 m jaa V .k A. X.
n u 9Aft trr nonnftt hn
many friends;' who congratulate him
on his well deserved elevation in the
ranks ;
A new skipper Is to be selected for
mA. xv that fa .hHnioH
. . . . ..i.t. . uii
Caotam Haake was let out by tne
company yesterdaf afteraoon.
Return of a Veteran
Captain Simerson is to enter the'
navigation department of the Inter-
e,'-,-" .
Island azain after an absence ot sev-
: -t .v, rnn-M cimarcATi 4. tn
cflt uiuuiuD, vvdy taiu iiAu.Bvu
take command of the steamer Mauna
Loa. that is scheduled to depart for lulu. Its capitalization is set at $30,
Kan ann Kona narts on the run form- T)0O, . with $250,000 as the maximum
erlv covered by the Kilauea. Simer-
son is one of the veterans in the ser- each. Chang Chan is president; L.
vice who has worked up from the po- Chen Hoy vice-president; Chang Sing,
8ition of Boat boy. secretary; L. Kooh' Chan, treasurer,
It v.as rumored this morning that and Hee KwonfeL auditor.
some changes would be made in the . . ... "... .. . .
personnel -of officers in the steamer! The Matson Navigation teamer Hv
Maui. No names were mentioned for rclulan sailing for San Francisco at six
the command of this vessel. o clock this evening is taking a small
With the elevation of mates to the lfct of passengers; The vessel will be
berth of skipper, a number of new g:en an accumulation of mall destin
men are expected to be added to the ed for theniainland.
(8fecll Cable te Herckjitt
a. m, with 1067 tons cargo and will
probably? ar fat Sin .yFirinilsjco
about Friday t monjlng.
.. . . ; - - T
list of employes. 'Vlt ts possible that
some of the men whor arrived here
from themainland will be sent out
with the fleet of Vessels this' evening
and .tomorrow morning.
Captain, Alln)an,t the- former Pacific
Mail skipper who passed through Ho
nolulu'as "master 'of the Ciina, took
up his new duties as port captain ahd
V Zt: wjk
tmaV : VW2?Itb ?
: work Under his lurfsdlction.
Cantain Al man takes th
L l!rf
.mad7cant by the discharge of Cap-
the effect ' that 'Captain .Toilette had
'received' S5D0 as a "Bonus : from the
taastera.'and ; matea as vcompensatl6a
rorr'Weff6rU:ln'-rrylBf throngh the
tll&Ui 1I
Completirig what la declared must;
b terriembered to Bave departed frntb
H onblulu within one; Bouf of each oth -
1 -.Kiue-Mongolia anarvvuaeus.ma
'fi'6'ni 'the' rbrning" or January-29. The fmdrning to conslder'the propbsiUon of
rbngbllapulledt away -,r rom 'Al-kea'ferectmg a Busfnesi lockon;the es-
wharr 'at .nme "otciock,: xouowed vr
the;Wilhelmlna from Hackf eld wharf.
.Tnj.iTonimHa Rteamed wld' of the
ir 4iaroT,'ftPiiTanT'ftf 'th laiand
bfi Oantf while v tfief Matson: steamer. iiu-.owr inwwra. -aim .mc -rem-Wr'the
guidance of Ckpaln Johnson fi: O. OTraphasen, whtr? irrlved
B TT- -
was ODervea o -cu . oa- coins pi wf - . z r -
cbnertwhlcl- is Believed ',.6 har hustoesa yeitenlay. . f -
Brought hJ. cominand ;w:einn range bf L; f 0J
tTii'? lnnrnlla hefnrft the two 'Vessel-
had f teamed many i. mnes irom tion.o
. . . . j . .. i fi.M
r aSeer bveTthree nSdtm
San Francisco"
-Stfvr".. .
, The walls from the
carried Ine .WJlhelmlna.
- Capt R. . F. Bennett, , well-knowTt
shipping man and" pilot. Brands ia
false ' a stofy published this morning
to the effect ibat Cameron Rock; near
Alan Island, East tyaul, has Been ,re
discovered.' " ' ' ' ; V : t
" "Why,' declared Capt Rennet this'
afternoon, "every sklnDer In Mie tnter-
island service, nearlyhas seen that
rock When I was on the Claudine,!
saw jt twice, a week for about four
. yearB. The story .that the survey shin
Patterson Bas rediscovered" .this rock
Isnt so becausef thb rock Ba4( not Been
Inct ; PnHriormnfA h't fifl'tpnipht that
thAt w i.-p &afnna- around npar
there without knowing where the rock
was is foolish. We all know where ItJ
1 J Id U w- -V. Tlia4
is a.uu avuiu it. w
story is .riiculps.!
There will, be a meeting of the trus
tees of the library of Hawaii, on
Tharsoay. reDruary e. wis: ar
9 clock p. m. at the library building,
Petitions for naturalization were fU7
.ed today by Plota Kamioka, "native of
Russia; Carl Flematte, of Italy,' and
;WlIlIam Deans, of Scotland. ' I
I On tha rrnnni1a nf ovtrTYio pnialtv
and non-support Belle Carvalho this
morning was granted a divorce from
Manuel CarValhO ly Judge wnitney.
Articles of association have been
filed with the territorial treasurer by
t iin -i t i j i i a.,
iuviv.r mi uj., wu., ursnuucu w,
An a epnpral contrartine and biilldine
o o r o
Business, With headquarters in Hono
limit, the shares at a par value of $50;
l-H-iS M10 IUWaJuX
-..--.....v, u.-, roiaouMoeq jssi. issued UiUj ana temi- ceuy y
Publishers, Commeroiaf.PHntc Bookbinders,
rnuio -
WALL-VCE K. FARniXGTOKh:. .General Business Mana-er
s - . .
(Preferred .Posltkm 20) :;.;r:T.V.;;.....r?;w20c PER INCH
' LEGAL AND TRANSIENT . RATE. $1 First Insertion
CLASSIFIED. One Ceat per word--3a ceata per line per week.
' Telephone Editorial -Rooms 21 Baslness Office tZA
BRANCH OFFICE? ; . . .v. . .V . i . : . ; . . . . . . . . MERCHANT STREET
.srpmmoTx RATES t
'.,1 ;S J;pASTBUIJCT ,
Per Months anywhere in United States '.
Per Quarter, aayv'here tn United SUtes
Per Yer, anywhere Jn ; United., States..
rer xear, postpaid, loreign
Per Six Months 1.00
Perr Year, anywhere t lnUnJted.. Stitea. . .. .....;....... 2.00
Per Year, anywhere In Canada.;;..-. .. 3.00
PerYear. pnstpad,: toretsaf . . . &V 4.C0
Address nn Coiarwalcayoas te JIoboIbU gtiirjllalltUa, LtL, IIc:!ula, T. II.
Ire Jhe baby
. v. A
and see hew well tell feci aft
.erwars. ; . ; t
Appliances for same, at
' i .
poFf c;:3i):;;i;i,;fi.".;:E. 5
I a Beyond a r general discussion
cussioa noth
Setingr th
Estate !v,thls
mg wa dond at ;the"eetlng
1 trustee bf : the v Bishop Esta
w ivj-ie-i;ve:uiug iro-i.Rius w
Hotel Ott.uishop street t r Hon'W. O.
Smith was unavoidably, aBseat,? , And
th matter .wtt infofnlaliy. talked over
a.v - . . . . 1
,vv w uJuH.6;v-w4iwu, rciwr
A:F. Judd. said after the meeting:
"I '-, notice ? a-, great deal of ; Improve-
I x . tr...i..iu - .
iour years ago., said Mr..;Traphagen,
;aoojui;iour;piocjcs. iit ts: undecided as
yei wnetner : i snajt open - an office
,hara n hat arln, . .. '
American. Steamer and Russian;
The Russian eovernment . has me-
Jcretly established-, a wireless inatilla-
",.',! ..!-. . II ' .
f tory brought to Honolnln tr-bflcera
J In, the .Nippon Maru. and lately car -
iriedout experiments, when n message
was picxea p ny ,tne
:. antennas . on
Board: the, Jiner Minnesota which was
wen out in tne 4ctne ' at tfia ume.
In this ctmuectlqnjan officer on Board
the steamer is quoted 'to. theveffect
that, on the third day after the liner's
departure fronvTokohama for; Seattle,
Mr..-Macteelman,k. who 1ft- to charge of
the ,'nf irele.ss ; apparatus on Boat d, had
finished his work and was-taking a
recess when Be noticed a message ar
riving n an unusual code. ? He at dace
examined ail codes oU the . vessel, but
Being- unable to Identify it Be. dis
patched Inquiries : to the Cboahl and
Ochilshi offices in Japan, as well 'as
ail other steamers which he could
reach, but - received a reply to the ef
fect that none of them knew of "the
code. ' Mr, atackelman was perplexed,
and consulted Captain Garlick. 3elng
instructed to make every effort to lo
cate the sender, he Increased the elec
tric power and ? made inquiries"? at
offices at. long distance,1 but received
no satisfactory answer. Having, how
ever, finally Teceived a distinct Code,
"It N. N-,". he-waa-'uoch . Interested,
and continued operations. But Be
could not locate the dispatching office.
Subsequently it became? known "that
was picked up by the antennae otf tbe
steamer, while experiments .were be.
I'ng carrieo on ai mo .wireiess ouice
recently secretly established by the
Russian government on Saghalten It
i 1. atatawt that tha Rtialn ffl nno i
i not exenange
Mint m nnt fafno
foreign offices.
The United States goedetic purvey
steamer Patterson .that called at Ho
nolulu for supplies and coal returned
to the east coast of Maai today.
With fuel oll consigned to he local
branch of tbe. Associated Oil Company
the ship Marion Chilcott is repbrted to
have left the coist on last Friday.
The British freighter Hornelen. with
five thousand tons coal for tbe Inter
hiund Steam Navigation . Company.
Vent to the coal wharf to discharge
Australian .fuel ,this morning.
STAR. estJiblished 1593. and the
?f Telephone SStt ' - - v
4 $ .73
;..;;,,.... 2.00
"i .1 i
;--:;i?l--.'TA-TV-:.i . -
A Portuguese nained Jo Gelkex
was taken to" the' Queen's Hospital In
the -'police ambulanci at five o'clock
yesterday ? afternoon suffering from
injanea; receivea rrom sinxing r
telephone " pote" as he stood on tho
running' board of - Rapid Transit car
number '47, bound for Walklki. Wit
nesses say the. running Board was
The" accident occurred near the
cemetery 'jOn f King street, at about a
quarter; Before4 fivev o'clock. - "The car
was crowded t and' a large number' of
the 'passengers,' among whom waa
Gelket were standing cn the running
board,-Recording to the' reports. Along
that stretch of track' several telephone
poles are, within . a yery .few feet of
the running. Board of the cars. It is
not anQn vexactlynpw, tie .accident
occurred." VThe car Atcpped Just . be
fore It J-eacfied the cemetery t and
shortlyUf ter ,!t j.was V again . started
Gelkez was thrown from tho m car. it
Being BalBy 'severarwho were on the
car at the ' ti'me that he if as struck.
resumibly i'dn tho. head, by v one of
the telephone poles.": " . i"'
telephone poles.
rhe eart was- stopped and the. motor
man and conductor and a number of
man? sHe "was unconscious when they,
reached him and the police ambulance
was called,, arriving on. the scene a
fewuirriomtatiVftei'.th accident', Oel
kez was 'removed to' the hospital and
later taken to -his 'home;' He is ;not
thought to Be ieriojuly injured,
;Another accident of the ; same na
ture' Is reported tb have happened
twenty , minutes after5- the first pne
took4 place '! A Japanese, 4whoe name
could Mt be 'learned; was riding home
bn'Jth running ; Board oit a Walklkl
Boun'd ear and was struck v on the
ahoulder By a telephone Bust' as the
car sped along;' Detalta' as to tbVex
tenf'of Bi ' injuriee could ' not be
learned. ; t,-'y-.'j-:
v jlltsu Yamimnto; i.wife. of Y.:Yama
n pto, and,3L,Koinu.nave Bought from
Henry .Holmes two pieces of Jand. In
the Kapaakea tract ia the .".Plains'! for
f47QO of .which the.Buyers pay S00
aU la , equal shares - and give tbr.ee
f Joint and aever
fi&te sumof, P70O. . One piece lyin?
between Beretania and' Young, strtiu
contains ait area' of 50,456' square trt.
and the other lying between King and
Young streets an area of 52,51 J square
feet' '. ' . '
The Oceanic . liner Sierra Is declared
a favorite, with the school teachers of
the territory on vacation bent With
the departure , of .the vessel for the
coast pn June 28 th a large delegation
rf educators will take passage for the
mainland. . ,
The . merican-Hawaiian . freighter
Virginian now at the port Is expected
will call at several Island ports for the
Purpose of discharging cargo and tak
ing on sugaKTBe Virginian. will leave
for. Salina Cruz with twelve thousand
tea cargo. " ' ' :
i . i i ........
AFr ' a - -V ,

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