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From S. F.:
Chiyo Mam, Feb. 7.
For S. F.:
Sierra, Feb. 8.
From Yancoflver:
Makura, Feb' 26.
For Yaorooter:
Zealand ia, Feb.
Evening Bulletin. Eel 1852. So.
Hawaiian 3tar. Vol. XX. No. 6
.M. l WJ UW-J U tl
' - .
lllirm pTrw o.,, 1 Al VIUIIMU ,
iutnu on Mio 7 .-a , : v .
A ?v Chairman Vjerra of Comic Sec-
iulh ilu n ijl. ii - ii Lun odio ma uiviaiun wwiii .
I IIIUULIM ML Be Weimiled ?
I- I -I .
Aded Parent of Benito fialman-
de? Furnishes Sensational Af-'
termath Son Pleads Guiltvi
to Murder of Private Bostic
and Gets Twenty Years He
Was Told Would Be Given a
Light Sentence, It Is Charged!
Benito Galmendez. Porto Rlcan.
pleaded guilty this morning to the
wrmmrmnA h- f - ,v J 1 report of the work of the
murder of Private BosUc at Iwllel on ;T , piuu,u" 1S u "-..
tho ught of June 10. 1912. came to a! h0? ?calear endint Deceniber,
sudden end 1912, to the mayor, Inspector J. -J.
Ga!mnde inVon tn nrin wifh Miehlstein comments on pressure
a sentence of twenty years' Imprison- UI'P the toBpectlon service, acknowl
ment passed upon him I W8 assistance from the sanitary ro-
Two hours afterward the aged' Hectors. He then proceeds to point
father of 'Benito made a public state-icut delinquencies in the matter of fire
ment , In which he declared that his "aD8 hat he designates "an-
- a . . . . . nitier verv ttits maHr" In th rnn.
u uuoceui ua max an injustice: - inno- tho ih vnmnaiv
ha been done him. The father, fifty. d!Uon8 of and movlQS P,ctUTe lmS.e job porously,
nine yeara of age, appealed to the 3Ur- 8l,OWB- Mr. Miehlstein says: rr - f. t jr . l
John it. Wse
Who has been called upon at a late
hour to take hold of the Waiklki re
gatta and pageant, and who Is tack-
statement of the conditions surround
ing the plea of gutlty and the end of
the case. He says, in brief, that his
sen was induced to plead guilty by the
promise of a light sentence, and that
he was told by the Spanish interpreter ! such as fire ecsapes and stand pipes
in effect, the situation referrlnsr to
inspection "will be somewhat reliev
ed, but there are matters in (be buin;
!ns ordinance which are of great im
portance to the community at large,
;. to plead gnllty or he would certainly
penung. :". ., : .
''''On the other hand. County Attorney
1 Cathcart, who represented the prosecu
tion at the close of the case, says this
-statement Is ridiculous and .'that he
; believes it is a. framed-up Job growing
: out of a row over Interpreters that be
( tan some months ago. :
v-.v Effort to reach- the attorney for
Calmendez, L. M.. Straus;' aid the ln
terpreter in thevcase, Mendti this t-
2 ternoon were tosuccessful.r 'Atv
' This Is the story that Pascacio Gal-
? mcn5ez.fither of Benito Oalmendes.
W 'to)d this morning after, his ton hadrbuid , !
, i", j,y.,.u4, muruer ia me secona
ocgree and;, received- a sentence ot
Taft To Veto New
Immigration Bill?
$ WASHINGTON, D. .C, Feb. 5. S
On high and credible authority 3
it is declared here that the 5
S president will veto the new immi-
- . . k m ww J . -111 Mi A. y
pPedL This i a matter that thi& de- v grauon diu. neanng wui nrei
partment would like jto enforce vigor- te given, as already reported
ously in the immediate ruture. from Washington.' The educa-
"Another very grave matter Js that Mional or literacy , tes is given
of existing jthetera and moving ric- M the reason for the presi
ture shows. Upon several occasions, dent's veto, as it is stated Mr. S
while, VlnspecUng theaters , with the Taff does not believe in an lm- J
AnTtmnt wo fnnA migration law that will bar 4
Up io the present time, out of fifty
notifications to wnere to place
fire escapes and stand pipes on their
buildings, only thirteen (13) have com-
treaty . year. imprisonmentt
--a v ?My,son is. innocent, ; and tome
;.t ',' thing ; is v wrong about this .case. "
After he was sentenced this morn
v ing my. son told me that he was
K forced to plead guilty. He says
that he was itold bythe Interpreter -r
he would get a'light sentence if 1
he . ; would : plead ' guilty - td tne .
, charge of murder in the second
degree. : . . '
'.."The interpreter, ' Mender ac
. cording jto what my son told me,
took Benito into a room this morn
ing and told him to plead guilty to
- the second degree charge. He told
. Benito that ;if he didn't plead
guilty he would be hung. He said
- he .would certainly fcVhung If he
didn't plead as he was told to. Be-
- nlto'told me that he pled guilty
only because be was instructed to
do 80,. He lays in his own con
. science he .knows he is not guilty.
T rThere was a witneps for my
son there this morning but he was
never called. His name is . Arid
quo Valdez, and he was living up-.,
stairs in my house when the man
was killed. ; Hewould have tei ti
lled for my son, , but ,he wad not
called. ! Benito told me this morn
ing that the 'interpreter said to
him "You plead gttilty to tEIs
charge or there will be no witness
for you -and you will be hung by
the neck.
"The girl, Carmela Ramon, who
testified against 'him, has turned
against him for another reason.
He had told her he would not live
with her because he muqt support
his, own fatherland mother. When
this came up. she said to him. 'If
you don't live with me I will put
you tn jail,' and the same day he
was arrested.
"I want to tell the publii these
facts to show the true conditions
under which my son was sentenc
ed. I know he is not guilty and
would- not have pleaded guilty had
be not been' told he would get a
light sentence by io doing."
County Attorney Cathcart's Statement.
County Attorney Cathcart scouts the
story-of injustice being done.
tfooin'of oa pass this test. Af ,:JJ
mabl nlalerlali, nromlscuonslv atrewn,;5 L V C. ;S. ALBERT.
InUarasxto tal t
iooKefl ana some ommcausa. i wmn t - --- t . , , - .
inimediaite' danger: of the patrons at
these establishments and tne - public
In general. 'In cities on the mainland1
these condllions are remedied by qK
dinances incorporating regulations
governing 'them, which are enforced
by jthe police." 1 ?
"The comic section of the Floral Pa
rade will be filled," Said Henry Vierra,
chairman of .the committee on antiques
and horribles, this morning. "We have
entries in sight to make, about as big
a section at we an4nd there are
ideas in lhem, too... There are . new
things in tSe entries we are getting
up, and I think the public will enjoy
them. I'm hot giving, away; the ideas
at this timet but shall misi'my guess
if ouVsection clceanl make a- hit."
' Vierra's ntility the comic line is
well known; and hjg things are expect
ed in his 8?cti6n,iHe hints at having
drawn on certain jSetftions of other isl
ands Tor soine'of ihia'scbemes.
Entries Coming-, Iu'. 4 V
As the date: Tort the parade ap
proaches, entries; are coming- in faster.
A notable new qnefor; the auto sec
tion was., made yesterday, , when B. F.
Ehlers & Co. dscided" to put in a big
float. "We, haVe, placed an order for
five hundred of a certain kind of flow
er," said Elmer, Cheatham, assist
ant manager of the Company, "and we
think that Our.autQ Will make a strike
ing showing." ' J. ? ;. .
Sam Walker. Chairman, of the auto
section, says thaVha and his associates
are meeting .wltj much encouragement
In getting ut .th4 rfp art of the parade,
and he expCctsfcery large showing.
The von. Hamtoung company have
offered . a fine onp which is on display
In the wtnlow of H. E. Wichman & Co.,
for the hest-detoraed.auto. It,1s a
voluntary, private offering, the com
mittee having decided not to offer any
official? prizesithW feit VL '
Continud on Paae 4) :
Statements Made by Company; K '
and - Captains Contradict! Sar the recbrds kept by the customs
Each Other No Tr6ubIe,.0"Ice-,1,;ntf-l8,8f1Pa,Mt,
clares the Harbor Ships Go
ing Out with Full Crews and
Some Old Officers
With the stakes driven and ground
broken for the new armory, and the
old : anil snea guuea oi company HULO, T.
property and fixtures; the National tner.j3jand, '
4? (Special Star-Bulletin Wireless) $
H.4 Feb. 5. The S
steamers "Helene,
Guard of Hawaii enters into a new y Kauai, Kaiulani and Keauhou.
and hopeful period of its existance. ftU nere are stni working. The $
Reorganisation is the slogan of the i Masters and mates do 'not say $
citizen soldiers, and with the certain- 4, what actjon tney Dut j.
ty of a decentAome in the near future, declare . that they will not stop
officer? and enlisted men alike are 4 work in the midst of handling
showing' far more Interest in militia Careo. S
The board of officers which was
appointed January 23 of this year,
"for the purpose of making recom
mendations based upon a considera
tion of all matters appertaining to the
National.; Guard of Hawaii, including
the formation of new companies, the
length of the enlistment period, and
the creation of a reserve militia," has
already held half a dozen meetings,
and plans are being whipped into
shape. This board is composed of
lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Cooper,
surgeon general; Lieutenant Colonel
J. W. Short, quartermaster general;
Captains E. T. Wlnant and G. E.
Smithies, ordnance department. Col
onel Cooper has spent many years in
I the guard, and has bd n through the
Held Service School for Medical Of
ficers, at Leavenworth. The other
members of the board have all had
line experience.
A matter of intense interest to the
$ $
$ i $. 3S!3
In flat contradiction of each other
are the rerorts from the camp of the
captains and the office of the Inter
iEland company.
, Says the company through its offi
cials. "There is not a "sign of difficul
ty. The walkout of the captains and
mates has not affected the work of
sending out the ships. The public is
being well-served."
Say the captains througff the chair
man of tV special committee, Captain
Tullett, "T work of the company is
being de'; '1. Several of the ships
day, and t company has now reached
the limit ct" if? tether. From today it
Every, departure of the-Inter-Island
fleet wrfs recorded as usual by the In
spectors of Uncle Sam.
Say the .records of the company,
"The ships are all officered by old
men. trained in the waters around the
Say the captains, "The. skippers are
old men but the mates are all new.
For the most part our members have
stuck faithful to the Harbor."
In the clash of conflicting state
ments one thing only appears certain.
The company has sent out nine steam
ers since the resignations of the cap
tains and mates were handed in by
Captain Tullett. There has apparent
ly beon no d?lar in the sailing of any
of these steamers. So far as can be
ascertained, none of the new-comers
have been in command of any of the
steamers that have Sailed, and in
many instances the officers were all
Nine Inter-Island steamers have
been dispatched for island ports with
in the past forty-eight hours, in each
instance the vessel commanded and
officered by men who for years have
been identified with the company.
The new sTeamer Kilauea, sailed
promptly at ten o'clock this morning
on a run formerly covered by the
flagship Mauna Kea. Captain Will-
. . : ..; .V,-, v :
1 1 ini Ar h nqi 1nfiiiirAr . ,
:rl .IUII IIHI Mli I I .-'II 1 i till
- ; ,- 1 11 n 11 11 a u 1 1 ' uihi n m n 11 11 -
: f- 1
."v Henry : Tierra . '
A Floral Parade chairman who la al
ready sure of all the entries he wants.
According to statements made 8
tz at thA Queen's hosnitxl this after- tt
tt noon, Charies.Bon. ptesient of
tt the Merchants' ;i Association, is
rritrtnrnvlnr t If - A - , tt
tt "Mr, Bon Is' restjng 'hd Is bet- tt
tt ter than he was last nbzhf.! said tt
tt an official of the hcpltal."r
tt Contrary to feport. I the sur-tt
tt.geona have not performed an op- tt
tt ration. Nothine definite could tt
tt be learned regarding the Inten- tt
tttt!ons of the doctors in this re- w
tt'gard. . ' V' v :v-
n tt h o si tt s:
in rj 1 1 iii 11111
(Continued on Pa'oe 2)
The whole thing is a job on StraiiF.'' ard Js the detailing of another reg-
the attorney for the defendant," heu:ar rra-v omcer as inspe-tor-insiruc-said
this afternoon. "He refused tc
allow a certain man to intemret foi ! .' (Continued on Page 3)
Mm and I believe that the man, is at
tempting to get even with the attor j
ney Dy sending me iainer 01 me ae
fendant to the papers. It's too absurd.
"All that I know of the matter per
sonally is that after the prosecution
rested this morning I was called into
the chambers of the judge, where 1
found Mr. Straus waiting. He askec
me if I would take a lower, plea and I
aid I would accept murder in the sec-
A motion to tee cfTcct that the legis
lature be asked to appropriate 550.000
for the erection of a concrete bui'dins
for homeless children m Honolulu
was made bv Mrp. Sanford R. Dole.
president of t'.;: H i mane Society, and
DTvison. in a communication to the
old board of.. super viaors, stated tnat
the was greatly in need of another
l-.orse, and that she understood Jiat
there was a horse in the road depart
ment formerly reserved for the use
of the road overseer, who w-as at that
(Continued on Page 2)
passed at the monthly meeting ot that
organization which w:s held in fh" t time using an automobile. She asked
" oung hotel at nine o'clock this morn- j the old board to have this horse turn
ing. The motion aiso contained a j ed over to her. The old board then
clause whereby th? legislature be" ask- j passed the resolution that the horse
A dance will be given at the Moana (tj to donate to th esociety six or eight . in question be given over to the uie
Hotel tonight with music furnished by teres of land on which to locate the j of Miss Davison. This was only a few
a Hawaiian quintet club. The man- i,Uilding and to provide for the" m0.!- j minutes before the new board ook
agement cordially invites tourists. Io- u-nance of the home.
oil ice.
Regal Motor Cars
Merchant & Alakea, Phone 2648
cal army and navy and society town-
folk to attend. advertisement.
Following the reading of tne minutes fnder the regulation passed by the
cf the last meeting and the report of ! ,,t w boaru whereby expenses be cut
Special Ofneer -Miss Kose uavison. 1 (;,, as muci a8 possible, the four
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Feb. 4.
Beets: 88 analysis. 9s. 6 l-2d. Par
ity, 4 cents. Previous quotation, 9s. 6d.
cn me up the matter of .the summary
removal by the bord of supervisors
or the horse which was turned over to
.Miss Davison to asFist in her work ar
humane officer. On January 4 Miss
hundred dollars which has formerly
I ctn given, each year to the Humane
Society with which to pay the talary
(Continued on Page 3)
VtSpeclal Star-BulWTJtf Correspondence
The Fourth cavalrjy 'is not -going to
take a. back seat when it cpmes to the
support of patriotic.; organizations.
Ampng the officers ajid. Unlisted men
are many who are eligible' for mem
bership in the order of United Spanish
War Veterans, and either a-separate
camp'1 will be organized by Jhe regi
ment, or else the men will apply for
membership in the camp already starts
ed by tne First mraniry, .
A meeting of officers and men who
are eilzible for the order. has been call
ed for this evening, and, wearers of the
red and yellow campaign badge win
get together over some plan of organ
ization. Officers of the Fifth cavalry who
were transferred to -the-. Fourth are
Pantain Varien D. Dixon and Lieut.
Rawson Warren. Capt: Dixon has re
cently been assigned to Troop M and
Lieut. Warren to Troop G. Captain
Dixon is commanding his troop and
Lfeut Warren is on leave of absence
for one month visiting friends and rel
atives in Covina, Cal. 1 Capt Edwin B.
Winans, who should arrive about the
13th Inst on the Sherman, belongs to
Troop H, which is now commanded by
Lieut. W. S. Martin.
The following-named men have been
transferred to the machine gun pla
toon for duty from Troop a: private
Claude L. Simmons, Harry Klien and
Robert L. Gannon. From Troop C:
Privates Harry Lewter and Thomas J.
Believed That Automobile Bandit Ente,
Room , of Aged Jurist And Stranr
Him Then Slew Nurse Who Let Hi:,
as Only Witness to Murder-AU Frc:
Thrilled by Brutality of the Affair
' fAancit4 inM.CaNt? ' -K .
PARIS, France,. Feb. 5. All France is thrilled oy the ithasUIr
the mufder of Edouard Pell tar, a wtalthy member cf tha bar of Pari.,
his nurse. The body of the judge was found by his valet this momir -,
the marks of brutal fingers on the throat, and that 6f the nurta v. .
covered later, hacked to pieces with a small ax such as the autamobi::
dlts and Apaches of Paris havt beenknown to use In committing crl
thia nature. - .: : --" ; -1 . " V . ; ; r - ' '.! .-..':,
The police believe that the nurse was an accomplice of the mur.
and. admitted htm to the chamber of the Jurist, and was later killed 1
ally as the only living witness of the crHne. It la believad that, thj
was done .by an unarrested member of the band of auto bandits, and
the motive was vengeance. ;-, r K- '.
Turks Prepare For Offensr:
' CONSTANTINOPLE, Feb. 6 The commander of Adrianopte h--lessed
Intp the war department here announcing that the dama; c
the furious bombardment of the allies so far has beerr small. C
men have bean killed and some fifty buildings set ablaze, says t"- s c
v That th TurHs are preparing to asautne the offensive In the I
for TchataIJa Is being reported here. ; Th Qrand Vizisr, Mahmoud C
left here for the front last night ,preumably with the intention cf 1
the commanders ther Into a forward movemsnt a;ilnjt the litrr.t-.
Th cannon are to be distinctly .heard from the streets cf the c
th peoptevarejeavlng her with their wive and chiUrent ; 4 .
- ,". , t . :a , i . .j. , V 11 : . . , : - !'-
VCc LONOOlfebv iti-Althousht a rigld , censorship Is withholding r, :
thdeta1lsofyth. fighting now; going forward? in :trvv!:Ir,jy. cf Ccr
nopl It has bsen learned that more tft.aa'ICCO Turks w;rs csttured by t
lie when the aisew,of Hha?elyittptd Vsortr tast r.i jht.
rx Sa 4U
. TOKIO, Japan, Febl 6 After a bitter attach 'iipsn r prime '.Mi
Katsura this morning the Diet cenaured. his premienhlp and declared i
constitutlonar Iri the last degree. Immediately after the vote of ce -th
EmpeVor announced that he had sytpended the Diet for five day
order to allow It to cool off.' . ' ' . '
Th tlty and country Is Intensely , excited - over the' "crisis an t
people met In vast crowds today and cheered. the .contitut:onaJlsU
they appeared. Efforts were mad t a mob. the supporters of th c.
but were prevented by the police and soldiers. "
Women Weairy of Jail Cell
Sergeant William C. Booker, Troop
F, and Corporal Vernon McCard, Troop
C, have been detailed on special duty
in connection with the post exchange,
cavalry cantonment! the former in the
salesroom, and the latter In charge of
the garage.
The old Chinese New Year, which
will hereafter be known as the "Har
vest Festival" was ushered in last
evening with the popping of fire
crackers and the clanging of gongs.
"Konohi Fat Choy" was the greeting
in the Chinese colony, and the festivi
ties, which began early In the even
ing, lasted until midnight at which
time a little of the old-fashioned cele
bration was in evidence.
All the old-time pictuTesqueness of
former celebrations has been lost, and
this was noticed last evening by the
absence of tiie decorations which used
to adorn the front of the business
houses at this time of the year. There
were few brilliant colorings and dis
plays, and less lanterns and flags.
There were no silk robes, and the
dress of the men was purely Occi
dental as the new Republic of China
has adopted the customs of other
In accordance with the old custom
of the Chinese New Year, the chubs
were open last evening and the usual
banquets and dinners were given, and
for the rest of the week the houses
LONDON, Feb. 5j Martyrdom Is all . right, but the Imprisoned auf;
ettes are setting t'red cf it and today granted permission to their fr:
to pay their fines and get thern out of the prison cells where tney f
been ever since their arrest en charges "of malicious mlechiaf In ims:
windows of the day following the refusal of th administrate to inc:'.
ate woman suffrage In the suffrage bill., Siyvia paeknurst and 19 otner
tlms for the cause were accordingly, set at liberty this morning.
N . U "mi m;e' a ' ' 1 -- .V'-
Bradley Martin Is Dead
NEW YORK. Feb." Sw-BraaW M artln, th well . krwwn social le :
of New York and Newport-died at hi ihom. her today. No arrar
ments have been announced asyet for his ; funeral, which-' It Is belie.
will be most simple, by th expressed wish cf Mr. Martlrt. , ' v
To Probe Rockefeller In ; Seer
. ' : 4 .
WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 The probe of William,1 Rockefeller by t
money trust committee will be held at the hotel In Jekyll I aland. Sc.
Carolina, beginning Friday, and It will be held In secret : Th annour
ment was made this morning that no newspaper men would be admlttiJ
the examination of the old oil magnate. : ? . vr. , -'
Evidence of the appreciation of prop
erty on Alakea street, in th Vicinity
of the Star-Bulletin office, is afforded
in a mortgage Just made by Mary Bea
trice Campbell Beckley and husband
to the estate of the late S. C. Allen, of
the Honolulu Automobile Stand prem
ises, at the south corner of Alakea and
Hotel streets, containing 7903 square
feet. It is for $25,000, additional se
curity being given in three $1000 six
per cent bonds of the Olaa Sugar Co.,
which makes the land stand for, $22,000
of the loan. Interest is at six per cent
per annum.
This is the property for which It
was lately reported George C. Beckley
had received a quitclaim deed from
the trustees of his late father's estate.
He later transferred it to Mrs. Beck
ley. It was sold to him, with hre
automobiles, by his father about twen
ty mcnths ago for $23,000 and odd on
will be oen to visitors. Several of
the prominent rnraese merchants of
the city entertained at their homes.
The celebration will continue until
Friday evening.
r time payments.?'; GeorgeV C Bee!.
Sr., ' bought the.-property . from !
Lain and Mrs.' Brown ca Dece
29, IS09, for $15,000 ; ThaMt st
have a mortgage value today $7C .
excess of its purchase price av 1.
over three years, 'ago; shows a cor
erable appreciation. o. ; '--
t , -
A, man -who y as thrown off a N
Yeik Central freight train as a res
of which he had his-(two feet cut -sued
the company and has Just b- .
judgment of; $28,500 affirmed .1,
higher court
Because of a recent court decLi
treatly reducing the city's expect
revenue, Chicago faces .a deficit of $
T.,000. The salaries of all city e:
ployes have already been cut 20 r
Anna Gould, the "Duchess of -Ta'
rand, formerly the Luchws of Cas
Une, h3s arrived In America with I
four year old son, and attended t
T-dding of her sister, Helen Gould.
A Harvard student was exp2Hed f
entertaining vr ."relative" in;thefu
nrintory, who w)th three compan'c
"entertained.lna entire dormhjtorv
l-gjarua parades and dances '
The steamship Cartaglnian 'cf ' t
Allen line arrived at ,'PhlIade;.;
with exciting tales of flre W sean t
a'dst of a terriffifflcj gale.'; The c
sngers two women and 121 r
he lped to fight the 11 aices unci h
Horn other steamers wa. received.

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