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j r - ! ,v-v,-i-.-ii
tween masters and mates and the
management. ...
Nicholson, with the assistance of a
number of old timers in the Inter
It land service, will be all probability
rttain command of the Hallr
- The Kinau was another departure
last evening, this vessel being in com
mand of Captain Gregory, who for
years has been identified with the
Bervlce as skipper and mate.
In the dispatch of the steamer Noe-
the place vacated by the dismissal of plea in a lesser degree. 1 might hare
captain uerg, who Is alleged decided ; gene ahead aaL pressed for the-fcang-
to cast his lot with the dissatisfied of
Humphreys on WarrPath.r
A. S. Humphreys, attorney for the
captains yesterday issued a statement.
It follows:
"In spite of the venomosalivary of
in oeswhose pui-pimples are taken for
iwise-headE, the masters and mates
i have their fight practically won." he
au for Kauai, the vessel was sent out declares, "though It is not fairly be-
.iiGiii m
' IAI m rrx-k r- rr - .
Mataoir Navigation steamer Lurline
ailed from San Francisco yesterday
fternoon, and is to arrive at Honolulu J
Tuesday morning according, to the ex.
ctations of Castle & Cooke, the local
presentativea for the-Matson NavJ-j
.tion.: line.' " 1 .." ' ' '
The ; Lurline la - t ringing 2842 , tons
neral merchandise and. supplies for
;:e-islands." Much freight Is intend
i f or porta ' other that Honolulu acc
ording to cables received here tb-
The vessel 14 bringing 3405 tons Hp
lulu, 309 tons.Kahulul, 72 tans Port
.lien and 38 tons Kaanapali.
- H
4 4!
iu.k) e.3fi
1018 t.35
9.6t lO.bl 133
9 39 IMS 6.34
10.19 II 38 6.34
1 13.01 10.68 6-33 S.SM
6.t9j13 tl 11.48 6.33! &SA
New, .moon Feb, 5th, 6:51 p.m.
Lumber destined: for ihls port is r
The vestel' will proceed to the Maul ported to have left Grays Harbor yes-
crta wnere rreignt tor Kauai .win oe icraay in ins American scnooner t rei
crshipped'to another! tteamer. : f J. Wood.
The Lurline -4a believed to have
iled from the coaEt with, a fair sized
U of cabin passengers.
' . V IBS - '
-Hlne Seams for Honolulu.
The Matson Navigation liner Lurline
The-Inter-Island steamer W, G. Hall
hap been placed. on the, berth for de
parture for Kauai at five o'clock jto
mcrrow afternoon. r .
A large cargo will be forwarded to
Hawaii port: in the steamer vWailele
led from san ixancisco tor nono-s iwiea iur uisiitu uuau, iuuibu..
a yesterday according to a cable re-? The'Wailele i expected (Will call at
ived at-jthe agency ' c, CasUeT&Honokaa, Kukuihaele arid Paaihau,
l:e. ; The Lurline la unilerstood asl The1 Oceanic Hner Sierra, jto sail for
.uglng down a smaiMist of passen-i San Francisco at' noon Saturday will'
and a considerable quantity cf lcve Honolulu with about' a half 53
ro. The arrival of the Matson - of cabin passengers. The demand for
mer is believedwill bring he or transportation to. the coast at this sea
re new ? officers, a report Vhang, son, is pronounced as far from heavy."
a received berevto the effct that 1 i The Japanese liner ChiyoMaru ex
cy Farnell, believed to be' a mems' pected to' arrive at Honolulu ;, at an
r of the tteward'a stiff la tbe Lur-jcirly hour Friday morning will in all
was placed .under arrest -when i xi obatylity be dispatched for De
vessel ocked nt the coast port, it oTient b. five o'clock In the evening.
-3 alleged" that Farnell! was tmpli-, The Chiyo Maru i bringing -down a
od In the attempted smuggling of later mall.
: ral Japanese ;:Tm Orientals were,
ver, placed under arrest and Are
3 deported.'- The Lurline- ia due
crrlve. at Honolulu next Tuesday
. t ' 1 ,i.
ra Passenger Disoense Chanty.'
- s a result of a collection taken up
a iitue eaienainment given on
in command of C:pta:a Weir, who ha3
been with the coasting steamship com-
Ipany for a decade as master and
Believe That Trouble Will .t Spread.
Four Inter-Island vessels remain at
outside ports. Two steamers, the Ka
iolani and the Kauai, make Hllo their
home port. According to the com
pany, the officers in these steamers
have decided to stick by the manage
ment Little or no trouble is expected
from withdrawals from service at this
point. ., :-.': . " . ;
S The stpomr TVal lTe. tr lletn fnt Aie.
patch for Hawaii parts tomorrow, nn-
iler the command of Captain Carlson.
The vessel. Is now receiving cargo, and
the- wharf' officials state that they tdo
not anticipate any ; difficulty v In the
sailing-of the vessel on regular -sched-
''"CapialnrPeaersdn, the fqrmer mas
ter f the MaunaLoa, has beeif con
fined, to his home through illness for
eome, wbeks past, and therefore was
pot idehtifled with the diasatlsfled
wing of Honolulu Harbon It was giv
eirut -today : thatOCaptain? Pedersoa
would- ba found on tie side of the man
jagement? ahdwoulo be ready tcr take
out a vessel 'within a- few ays.
f New Officer Go tV Sei ?
hhatatehient was made- tbia morn
in)S that-comparatively few?of the new
men Mrocghtf dawn from he coast by
President and- General Jianager- Ken
iedyl have so far gone to sea in. the
oajmcity; otofficera' .That, thayu are
with many of the vessels now on isl
and runs is admitted but the mallhinls
are declared as traveling in . the role
of pasaengers ;and are doubtless be
coming famiIia with the conikfjns
aa obtain in local waters.
' With Captain Freeman in ,the Ki
lauei this morning went Chief Officer
Lyons son 'of I Captain Lyons of he
American-Hawaiian, line. Lyons takes
v tCentlmied frdm' Page 1)
ri the Oceanic Jiner Sierra4whlle '. m Fteeman. long ideptified with the
vessel was steaming from San ; iar-isuiua coiupuy, .-wm .
.Cisco to Honolulu, it Ja reportea ,w.-, . -
J18.i0 was, raised: the um beina aeaid-were many ot uiejaauna A.ea
,vtn. Irtiof until 4t. la tiirtinJI nvtivtn OirCerS.,ana CTCW ;-nKit
.ues' who will use It ln behalf olf I J?1"11 '5bI"toiaXi,.t
3 children at Moiokal settlement.
-ku; wireless raiM witn CTiyp
. ..w' Kahuku wireless station, was-In )
A ;rr5vmlsscd but nine vessel maaters
v,tliju iu,..u. vyw h-i
tlaW that nottrlke-'iio'w "exists.
,The vessels-re departing - for the
regular island ports of call; on time
and filled with freight- and passengers.
,3ine .Dismissals from Sef rice. ;
The Inter-Island claims to have da-
gun, and before we are through with
it. there won't be enough Kennedy left
to make a Scotch broth for a small
cired family. There isn't capital
ing cf the man, but prelefred to take
the plea of guilty in the second. "Straus
did all - he could have done by ha
client." - ,
Trial End Abruptly. '
The murder trial ended abruptly at
10 o'clock this morning, with a climax
made dramatic both by its unexpected
ness an by he prisoner's apparently
sudden change of front. From tne
day on which It began last week,
throughout the two fuli days' hearing
this week and the two hours' tession
this morning, required to complete the
stite sevidence. Benito Galmendez.
euough in these' Islands to break the the defendant, displayed not a trace of
principle for which we are fighting, nervousness, anxiety, or in fact emo
tut there Is principle enough b"iinl tion of any kind,
our fight to bore portholes through ' He swung bis big, burly form back
capital's bullion. We propose to teach
the reckless rich, the merciless mil
lionaire, who never milled at the birth
of a1 beautiful boy; nor shed a tear at
the death of a good woman, that the
into hi s court chair and twisted and
gazed around with'' all the seeming
non-comittal action of merely an inrer
eted spectator. There was not the
slightest Intimation of fear for the
man who fights for bread is the equ.-Q outcome. He did not even dltpiay
and more of the man who figats any unusual" interest In tne worfc of
for dividends. bfe counsel,- and spoke to Attorney
"We propose to let this community Straus or Mande. his interpreter, only
and the country know that we are when they leaned -over and whispered
righting concreted bile, possessing jueries or comments in his ear.
neither trains nor bowels, ani Incap- In short he bad the bearing of a
able of either reason or remorse. We iiran brimming, over' with confidence
cannot teach these people sense, be- in his own Innocence and' the feeling
cause they can neither think, nor see, jthat the Jnry could not convict him, or
nor bear, but we can and will chisel 'of a man -.so deeply steeped' in-crime
holes in their bronze heads and let the that be knew almost to' a- nicety what
cir out and with the help of God and the trial's ending had in ttore for him.
cur unboilght souls, we will lop off. I Bur he had more the air of a fighter
with dull-knives, the Briarean fingerS than one who would yield todvice,
with which they , seek to clutch thfe and that made bra ftnal admission of
ti'roat of honest labor
No Compromise."
"We will let them know that we are
i,rv of those who wish for tuccees, that
we are of tnose who try for success:
that not- One of us is a wisherman,
vrho clings to the Bhore, but that each
of -us is a fisherman, willing to bravp
and sink our .laeden Hues in the un
certainties of the deep.
"The latt supply of manna was ex
hausted thousands of years ago. TV
Biblican ravens has disappeared. Hb
modern - prototype can scarcely pro
vide its own- food. The ear of Pro
vicence manages to catch most f;'h
players of misfortune, but tr.ere '5
neither sympathy in heaven nor pity
on earth for the invertebrate who wi!1
tiiot help himself.
V "We , will neither- compromise nor
cr!ne, nor lawn, nor filter.
v"We wlll belp ourtelves. We wiH
iffcht within, the limit of the law, snl
by the dictate of decency, and we will
vln a3 aurely aa there is a God 4n
bven.Tr-.::-'t,Wy--.'-v.. : '
An educated rortuguese youth, for
collector arid r to assist In office
wcrk.- - '.-r. - 6462-tf.
Shoe Salesman, 'must have experi
ence ; Hawaiian : or Part Hawaiian
. preferred, at . the Manufacturers'
Shoe Stores 5462-2t
-2630 1 Nuuanu-
Bcautiful grounds, ccol , and restful ;
-:;JarB'-:cwlroo1maJ:.v hot, and cold
. -. - t -:4 '. if :' r
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'mlaf TTeffl'! nlinnd J?
Vi f A TTnnnrnnrttn 'iw ' Tflatfts and these include Captains Sam
.Cisco to Honolulu, reporting that ' nM- :ni, wif, w
r?lM!FVft- Thompson;.Haake and Matca HInner
ca o clock, tod -will deptrt' for, the n,B 7TVma vm ronton
cnt at fivo in the evening.
Desirable houses in various' parts of
the city at $20, $25, 35 and $40
per month, Trent Trust Co., Ltd. -
V- - 5462-tf -
"noth Shipping Combine.,
-IVtlRPOOU Jan. The Liver"
1 Daily .'Courier says that aa agre
r.t has been reached for the imal
r ation -of the Peninsular & Oriental
u ni Navigation Com p any and . the
yal Mall Steam Packet Company,
:h a ca.pltal of $150,000,000.
and Olsson. These with Port Captain
Haglund are said to make up the list
of those r who - have been discharged
from the ' I ntc r-I sland service follow-
ilag the" last of a series of conferences
. 1 . . . . a. . 1L
tneid. net ween me management ana me
dissatisfied masters, and mates belong
ing to the Harbor. ,
, Contrary to expectations, the com
pany declares that no trouble occurred
In tho iUcnotrh ' nf : ftvA VfCSPl faf
" j.' '' 1 ' ".: '"" !'. ; coastwise ports last evening. In most
. - AlLil tu ,r ' , instances the steamers were listed for
. . . . . , T departure between 5 and O'clock. A
' - .;:;vJve4nesaayiFelVa!;v iarg quantity of mail from the main
ai portiW.va.H to the other Isl-
. . . , ;.. . ..V. t: ands and Is said to have gotten away
- - viuvAu tx.t - . . , mop time. - -'-r
. -.: I ' In one or two Instances,
' ' Tuesday. ?Feb. .4. I .. . nnAi - v
rvey cruise rattoraon. U. S. S-rpon. Their efforts to gain admission io the
uai ports rvjiiiiu, u y.uw 'steamers were repuuea when it was
ui, Moiokal and Lanal ports-Mika- found that they ; had no bdsinesa
aia, sucr p.ra., . laboard the vessels.
3 bedroom bungalow, Kaimukt ; partly
furnished. -Phone. 1C45. 5462-St
end degree, Mr. Straus wanted me to
accept-manslaughter in,: the first de
gree but I refused. ' --i
: "We talked the - matter a over with
the judge and' Mr. Straaa Hhen. went
out tou apeak with . his client. When
he came back into the reom he told us
that the whole thing bad been explain
ed to the defendant? and that; the lat
ter was willing to plead guilty to mur
der in tife second degree. The inter
preter, Mchidez, made a statement to
the same effect .
"There is nothing to . the fool story
guilt the more surprising, t He seemed
the 'sort cf man who,' once1 committing
a Crime - and denying It 'would - stick to
bis. story and battle 3 to- uphold' it
against ax?, or all odds short of death.
When peputy : City and CountyAt-
torney A. M. Brown; who has been con
ducting the prosecution, left the - wit
ness-stand after telling- of bis Inspec
tion' of - the premises; on which - the
murder was committed,- the court, an
nounced -the - usual-10 o'clock recess .
1 1 was then !h 25 a. m.', - Attorney Leon
M. Straus Immediately asked-that the
recess be made longec than ordinary,
saying he wished to prepare for " the
defense's opening evidence. The Re
quest was granted the court instruct
ing the Jury to return at 10 o'clock.
At that hour the Jury filed in. Judge
Robinson asked' the members to retire
from the courtroom, but to remain
within call, and- following' their with
drawal Attorney Straus arose and an
nounced that the" defendant through
his interpreter, desired to alter : nis
plea of "not guilty to the charge.
That granted. County ; Attorney Cath
cart stepped forward from the - desk
which he and Brawn .have been occu
pying during the hearing, and asked
that in view of the change he would
recommend the court that the charge
against Galmendez: be 'reduced from
the- original tor murder in the second
degree. : r:--:-
-This also granted, Galmendez; again
through the interpreter, stated he was
willing toplea d guilty. He was then
given the sentence of not less than
twenty years at bard labor; in Oahu
prison.' Ift.Iess than five minutes from
the time the'Jury had been excused it
was back in the box again, when the
judge Informed the members of what
had transpired, ; and : dismissed ' them
from further servica in this case.
Prisoner Showa Agitaticm "
, Galmenez showed no . change in his
usual manner during jthis interval, but
the moment the Jury was excused he
you have? beertv told; The only cues
tion in my mindsat the time, was the atose. tdrned and began talking furl-
one of the propriety qf .accepting a ousiy and ge-.ueuiaung wuaiy to his
uat ports twuiuwarujj-Aoeau, eir Five Ve$elf . Get Away Yesterday.
p.'in." i-'I j .FJve InteMsIand steamers'were dls-
.liukona-'arid : HiwaUiae'-- -Iwalani, patched .for island ports yesterday,
strnr, p.m. ' 1 In each case the 6teamer sailed in
n Francisco: XTocoIcIasl, M..:Kl'SSrnmmAnd of a master who baa been
;;S0 p.m. .." . - ' : identified with the company for an'ex-
- ; . - ,:;edda-dsy,.: Feb. tended period. k, rY ' :
lo via war porta miaueae atmr 10 The Noeau sailed for Kauai ports
fi- u1-. -' '. . -. -i 4 I taking a regular route to windward
filing, and 'Washihgton Islands pbmta i ; '
KestreU,BR tmr .m- t The Mikahala waa dispatched for
T 1 Moiokal, Maul and Lanal ports, taking
' !;t frttAsenrera. mails and eeneral - cvta
A' lU00111 a Uioua au c&ta,a.
f a ills - Tfcasoi was m vuiuuiauu ui sm f
efShSS-' Napaala, who is said to bave
' i- 5r-r H?2!Sl2- turned in bis resignation to the cOm-
yet to act upon it; The MiKahala -was
theves3el formerly commanded uy
Captain TuMett who resigned- from
t he 'company on January ISth, and is
rs. G. A.' Bertram, 16 deck.
cf Etr.'TClaudi3v for . Maui ports. mw; said WiU depart for tbi' coast in
Per etr. Claire,. for Lubaina . audi CapUin Mansfield was in command
ahului porta, Feb.- m-Mr.-and Mrs. of the steamer Iwalanl when that vea
' C. Peltoc. C. G. Schwarz. Mr. f got away forllawai ports yester
vi Mrs, WUiia Maik3. .Geo. d'Neil, ' ?r afternoon. He took over the com
ther Victor, - I mand of a vessel formerly belonging
Per stmr;- 1'irW Kauai ports,' o Captain Piltz, now deposed,
cb. . 11. W. P . Caxilc, W. O. Smith, J Hail Completed Rcund Trip
Y. M. AlexR'd r,' J. I. Cooke, J. K. Captain Nicholson, now master of
nalt G. R. C-2r!r, Jco. Waterheuse, the steamer W. G. Hall,-brought his
; io ' n vessel into port this morning, havings
Mail " and p wsnscrs leaving nono- completed a round trip to the several
: -,1a for the north.. west on Jan.. 28th in I ports along the Garden Island. The
s' e Canadiar-Australaan liner Ma- Hall was formerly commanded by
ira, artived at Victoria yesterday ae- Captain Oness, who Is alleged to have
urdlng. to t able received at the been enrolled as one of the active
rgency of tJie AIarchan sV Exchange. ringleaders in the late trouble te-
l.i.l i i .: i :
insmhtct k cAimhl&i tu TVXTcrntAuu star wtAMrt.ji .m.n.i ik-
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Publishers, fo
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Also a select line of Boolis
; suitable fpr.birth
- (:. '.-,. ,;.: '--M' .. I.
Hotel Mm Wim& $W 2:Q1
folher," 8ittlnjf on the' first row among
the spectators- behind the railing. ' He
spoke in Spanish, and none save Bla
friends and the two of. three Spanish
interpreter in the : courtroom, r uder
stood this sudden outbreak. No com
ment' wa nuule on It at the time bow
ever.-'r'-'.'";4 ' - : ':' , ' y '-:
Immediately after; Judge Robinson
announced the recess and bad retired
to his official chambers, Galmendez
arose and started toward one of the
makai windows and a young fellow
who bad been attending the sessions
with close Interest followed and began
conversing with ; him ; in low tones.
This man, who was unknown, but was
said.: to' have, been- one cf tie defend
ants witnesses, was taken-M charge
by, an. official and: led away Instantly.
He did ,.no't ; rtturn.. when, the recess
ended. Whether, this la the witness
for Galmendez to which his father al
ludes is a malter for speculation.
: .The wool manufacturers are: putting
up a-, terrific fight, before the housfj
committees to prevent a reduction In :
the tariff.. .. i ' ..' -
The . re-election of United.. States :
Senator Francis E. Varren of;Wyom
ing seems certain a( pfeaept writing.
San Franefsco is experimenting with
a. new vacuum atreet-sweeper.: r v
y x ' -'--yi j ' i -L
sy-:. y. " '.-
1 1
4 1
iniTniW tctll (scv cnt thousand, HUDSON ckr't,,-, Thct u
a iniatl pertenlace of the number of people who unll vanLihevti for btfore
a $ittaU HUDSON war offered, more than one thousand-individual had .
, paid their At posit to assure (jetting cars. y i - . - '
ftifw eier:inu fie-frst photograph iter shovy"
' - People recegnizenow the importance ot those who will want HUD SONS wi3 ,
of engineering brains in their relation to be able.to get them.
mechanical perfection. Without koowl What better assurance could be off ered
edge a smooth, simply safe, satisfactory than that these menr whd possess about
car is impossible. v : all the knowledge that has thus far
These cars were deiign by iSkilled been gained in automobile buiMm have
engineers gathered from Europtj and joined in faymg"TbNejr HUDSONS
Am4representing 97 factories. They JWtiJS?! i rA? :? i
had a hand in building over 200,000 .The HUDSON -.OTJ -is f thcarfoue.
automobdes. These men represent about ?MteTMJ187?t
-11 that h n UarrxrAin motor r completely ecjuipped i WitH elect nc elf-
4W i.; w o-i- N cranking device and etectnc lights.
headway of all m
cars. Some are specials
M miA. cranaing aevice ana eiecinc ngoi,
XKtiI5;S Per,iJxkf:top,.wincUh
desgnmg $a-cyhnder ,5 Upholstey. ' Tbere b nothing i
ts mother lines, moretobuy. . . ' !. . i '
So the combined skin and knowledge of
all these men is focused upon the
perfection of HUDSON cars. .'
AH who are motor-wise recognize the
importance cf having a car builr under
such favorable conditions, . That is why,
The "54" HUDSON-Six. canable
of doing 63 miles an hour and a speed of
S3 mites in 20 seconds from standing;
start, is offered as a car superior ft any
automobile on the market; regardless of
priced' It sellt at 92450, completely
with the maximum of 1,000 cars for de- finished and equipped as above Prices
livery this month, only one out of three are f. a b. Detroit. .
Set the Triangle on the Radiator
4 ' y -
F. E. HOWES, 'Mgr.' Phone 2383

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