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From 8. F.t
Chiyo Maru, Feb. 7.
Fer a. f.j
Sierra. Feb. 8.
From Yaneouirr:
Makura, Feb. 26.
For Yaaroniert
Zealandla, Feb. 25.
1 &
C Is
v-nr Tl o :;
Evening Bulletin, Est. 1882, No. r462.
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX. No. 6503.
' - - " ' r !
rrv ' h II fc: I I k I l
Z- : ..: t ,-. v:"::
,-.,J i.N ) i
K '
Aged Parent of Benito Galman
dez Furnishes Sensational Af-
termath Son r Pleads Guilty
to Murder of Private Bostic
i and Gets Twenty Years He
Was Told Would Be Given a
Ught Sentence, It Is Charged
Benito : Galmendex, Porto RIcan.
? pleaded guilty- this moraine to the
charge of murder In the second de
gree, and the trial of the man for the
murder of Private Bostic at Iwllei on'
the night of June 10, W12, came to JinlSSr j 7
' jBudden end - r - . 1812,-to ithe-mayor, Inspector J. J,
qalmendeVwas tiken to prisoV witli pthlstein comments on pressure
' a sentence of twenty ycarsimprison4uthe infpectIn 8efTIce'
ijnent passed .upon him, . ' r j edging assistance, from the sanitary in
v- Two hour. ttwry j'siectors.- He jthen proceeds to point
v father of Benito made a public sut .V6"01 matter of fire
J ment In which lie declared that his: C6Capea and :irhat e Wwtr-';
son-te innocent'and that an lninstire other."T6ry grave matter , in? the con-j
,pa been done him. The father, fifty dlt'ons of heaters and moving picture
': nine years of age, appealed to the StaKiHf M1WsteIn wysr
Bujletia to publish what he styjs.is a I "With the new plumbing ordinance
statement dt the conditions "surround."10 tbe "ituatipn referring to
-'Tn-g the plea of guilty and the end bf i10806011011 "w111 be feomewhat reliev
i the case. He says, in brief, that his? ed Dut tnere are matters in (he built:
v cn -was Induced to plead guilty by the j ieZ ordinance which are of great Im:
promise of a light sentence, and that
hewas told by .the Spanish interpreter
to plead guilty or he . would certainly
r On the other hand. County Attornr
At.Cattcart pivsecu-1
. . ,Von at mexiose of the case, says this
V ; statement'. Is ridiculous, and that be
:4 1 believes it Is a framed-up Job growing
. v out of a row over interpreters that be
3 gan borne months ago.-., . V '
V Kffcrts. to reach the attorney - for
; ' Calmendes, U .M. Straus, and the In
f i; terprtter in the case; Mendesy this at'
;i ternoon were, unsuccessful '."'
; l C . This- is th; story thati Pascacio'Gal--rrv"t,
f?r. of Benl ?almeai:a;J
i . warning auer ma ion had
' ' l -vJ rail.ty to . murder In the second
decree i and received a senten? pt
yx:$mty y?ars. imprisonment:-'
. ,My son is innocent, and some- -.':
" thing is wrong, about. this case.
;r- Arter he was sentenced this morn-f
; . ing.my son told me that he was .
- .v ; forced ta plead guilty. He says .
-.that he was told by the Interpreter
'he would" get ja light sentence If
r ; S he -k would v plead guilty ; .to tne
charge of murder In the second
, degree. tt ; ; , - ' ' ! f;V
: -VV'' ': " TThe Interpreter, ; Mende?. ac
cording to what my son told .tne,
..'V'Jook Benito into a room this morn-"
,;'.,f ing and told him to plead guaty to
vthe second degree charge. He told
. Benito thntn if he i didnl plead
' v:? guilty he would be hung. He said r
' he would certainly, hs hung if he
T 'didn't plead as he was told to. Be
, nito.toid me that he pled; guilty.
v ; only because hewas Instructed to
y'i: ' - do. o. . He tays In his own con- ;
rkW? science he knows he is not guilty
V "There was a witness : for, my-'
; ; son (there this morning but he was ,
0 ! r Jiever called. His name isvArio-
quo Valdez, and he was living Hp-
, : "; stairs In my house; when the man i
v t -' w killed. He- would have teitt-
C ; . fled fortmy son, s but he was! irot;
;t'"s jailed. VBenito told me. this morn-; '
' ' 1 :! Jhff -thatf the interpreter said ' to 1
1 l. hlnr '.rYon plead guilty ,c to ifcls
; tf; charge or, there will be no witness
. '." for you and you will be hung by
the neck " V, ' ,.. ;;-1 j
"The girl, Carmela Ramon, who v -:
; testified against him. has turned
r- : - flgalnst. him for s another reason.
lie had told her he would not live
with her because he mutit support
,vhis,own:father and mother.-vVhen
. '-v this came up. she said to him. 'If
- you dont live with me I will put
you in Jail, and tbe same day be
v- " was arrested. ..
' 'l want to tell the publi? these
farta, to show the true conditions
' ' ' Wndef which my son'.was sentenc
cd.K" I -know, he Is not guilty and
v would not have pleaded guilty had J
; he not been told he would get a
light sentence'Jby tq, doing.
CeVmiy Attorney Cathcart's Statement
. County, Attorned. Cathcart scouts the
v - storVvPf "Injustice; tang done.
The whole thins Is a job on Straus,
. the- attorney for the 1 defendant, hej
o aid this afternoon. "He refused toi
-allow a certain man to interpret fori
, Mm and I; believe that the man is at
tempting to get even with tbe attor
ney -by sending the father of the de
fendant to the papers. It's too absurd.
, "All tjhat T know of the matter per
BonaJly is that after the prosecution
rested this morning I was called into
the chambers of the judge, where 1
. found Mr. Straus waiting. He asked
rbaif I would take a lower plea and II
s feald l would accept jnurder. in the sec-
: (Continued on Page 2),
R?al Motor Cars
' UrtoERSLlfNG
Merchant & Alakea, Phone 2648
,. ., . - -
In his report of the work of the"
bunding and plumbing department for
I Penance 10 viae communiiy.ai irB,
as fire ecsapes and stanf VWJ
up u) in e present ume, gui oi.nny .,j.,wv,, v ..
(!)) notifications to owners to pike . : On high and credible authority .,
Cre escapes and stand pipes on their It ; Is declared here ,that the
buitdings; only thirteen (13) have com- ; president will
pl'ed. .Thla is a matter that thlfr dc-v gration . bill. Hearing will first f
partment would like jto enforce vigor. , be given, as already reported
ously in the Immediate future. d from , Washington. The educa-
v -"Another rery grave matter is that 1 tionaror literacy ..test is girea
of existing heaters and moving pic- " :Athe, reason , for abej)res I-$
tnre shovs Upon several 'occasions. Teto. as Jt is fetated. Mr.
hite j. inspecUng theaters -with : the vjl Taft-does not believe in an llm- J
chef the-fire epartmnte found ; f ath
tat aisles had DeeS changed, .dressing nena . merely because theycan-
i. j tflaWTiot pass this test, s ' ;
matte wterlalpri)mlaiasljua
around, in the rear, of he tUgeiilUte - t
looked and some barricaded; nil to .the
Immediate "danger of, 'the patrons of
these establishments and the- public
in generaL1- In cities on the.mafnlind
thtqe; conditions are remedied by or
dinances incorporating regulations
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With tne 6takes anven ana. grouna
broken for the hew armory, and the
old : 'drill ; shed gutted ;of company,
property ana nxtures, me iNauonai
Guard of Hawaii enters . into a new
and hopeful period ! of its : existence.
Reorganization is Uie slogan of the
Citizen' soldiers, and with the certain
ty of a decent home in the near future,
officers and- enlisted men alike .are
showing far more interest in militia
.ine.Doara oi ouicera wmco m
appointed January 23 of this year,
"for the purpose of making recom
mendations based upon a consldera-
tion of ail matters appertaining to the
Rational Guard of Hawaii, including
the formation of new companies, the
length of the enlistment period, and
the creation of a reserve militia," has
already, held half a , dozen meetings,
- Si . A.,
ana ptans are oeing wmppea . mwt
shape. This board is composed of
Uieutenant Colonel Charles B. Cooper,
surgeon general; Lieutenant Colonel
J. W. Short, quartermaster general;
Captains E. T. Winant and G. E.
Smithies, ordnance department Col
onel Cooper has spent many years in
the guard, and has txl-n through tbe
Field Service School for Medical Of
ficers, at Leavenworth. The other
members of the board have all had
line experience.
A matter of intense Interest to the
Ki ard is the detailing of another reg
ular army officer as inspe?tor-instruc-
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A dance will be given at the Moana
Hotel tonight with music furnished by
a Hawaiian quintet club. The man-
agement cordially invites tourists. lo-
cai army ana navy ana society iown-
folk to attend.-
Beets: 88 analysis, 9s. 6 l-2d. Par-
.ity, 4 cents. Previous quotation, 9s. 6d.
' - v ' V Jeha II. ITIse : P '
Who has been ' called upon at a late
hour to take hold of the Waikiki re
gatta and pageant, and who is tack
ling the job vigorouslyw",
Immigration Bill?
4 4
; WACHtMnM n n
Statements Made by Company
:' and i ' Captains (Contradict
Each Other Wo Trouble
hSavs the One Lots of It; De
clares the HarborShips Go
ing Out with Full Crews and
Some Old Officers
(Special Star-Bulletin Wireless)
HILO, T. II., , Feb. 5. The
inter-island steamers Helene.
4 Kauai, Kaiulani and Keauhou,
t all here, are still working. , The
inastrs and mates do not ; say
what action they will take, but
4 declare that they -will not 'stop
$ work in the midst of , handling
ln flat conaadiction of each other
the reort3 from the camn ot the
captains and the office of tbe Inter
Island company.
" Says the company through its offi
cials, "There is not a sign of difficul
ty -.The walkout of tbe captains and
mates has net affected tbe work of
sending ovt the ships. The public is
being well-served."
Say the captains through the chair
man of th special committee, Captain
Tullett, "T ? work of the company is
being dels 1. Several of the ships
id not get rr.t until way late yester
day, and the company has now reached
the limit of it? tether. From today it
A motion to ihc cHect that the legis
lature be aked to appropriate $50,000
tor the erection of a concrete building
for homeless children in Honolulu
was made by Mrs. Sanford B. Dole,
president of the Humane Society, and
passed at the monthly meeting ol that
organization which wis held in the
oung hotel at nine o'clock this morn-
ine. The motion also contained a
!use. whereby the legislature be ask -
(d to donate to th esociety six or eight
ttres of land on which to locate the
l.uilding. and to provide for the maAi-
u-nance of the home.
r0llo ing the reading of tne minutes
cf the last meeting and me report oi
pecial Officer Miss Rose Davison,
came np the matter of the summary
1 removal by the board of supervisors
o the horse which was turned over to
MJsa Davison to assist in her wor as
humane officer. On January 4 Miss
Chairman;Vierra of Uomic Sec
ton Says His Division Will
Be Well Filled ;
The comle section of the Floral Pa
rade will be filled, said Henry Vie rra,
chairman of, the committee on antiques
and horribles, this morning.. We have
entries in sight, to make about as big
a fection'as we want and there are
Ideas in tbem, too. There are new
things in the entries .we are getting
up, and I tklok. the public will enjoy
them. I'm not giving away the ideas
at this timer but shall miss my guess
if our section 'doesn't make a hit."
Vierra apllitr in the comic line is
well known, and big things are Expect'
ed In his section. '. He hidta at having
drawn on certain sections of other isl
ands . for tome of his schemes. SV7- i
Entries Cemlag In. ; - . v." vf '
' As ; the -date for the parade ap
proaches entricsiare coming in faster
A- notable new: one for the auto sec
tion ' was made' yesterday, when B. P.
Ehlers & Co; decided -to put in a big
float ';vye have placed an order for
five hundred of a certain kind of flow,
er," said .Earner E. Cheatham; assist
ant manager -of the company, "and we
think that our. auto win make a strike
Ing 8howing.,.,15'?:. .
; ' Sam Walker,- chairman of, the autd
6ectloii; says'tht he and his associates
are meeting, with much encouragement
.hvgettlngirp thtjr part of the parade,
and he expects a very large showing.
The von ; Hamm-f oung company have
offered a fine cup, which la on display
in the window of If. P. WIchman & Co.,
for the best-decorated auto. It . Is a
voluntary pifvate offering, vthe ; com-
will i have more and more difficulty In
manning the ships.'. .- - - ,vW
Say the records kept by thr customs
office,. "All the Inter-Island ships went
out on time yesterday and today' r '
Every departure of the Inter-Island
fleet was recorded as usual by the in
spectors of Uncle Sam,
Say the records of the company,
"The ships are all officered by old
men, trained in the waters around the
territory.'. : . : -
Say the captains, "The skippers are
old men but the mates are: all new.
For the most part our ' members have
stack faithful to the Harbor." '
In the clash of conflicting state
ments one thing only appears certain.
The company has sent out nine steam
ers since the resignations of the cap
tains and -mates were, handed in by
Captain Tullett There has apparent
ly been ho delay In the sailing of any
of these steamers. So far as can be
ascertained, none of the new-comers
have been in command of any of the
steamers that have sailed, and in
many instances the officers were all
Nine Inter-Island steamers have
been dispatched for island ports with
in the past forty-eight hours, in each
instance the vessel commanded .and
officered by men who for years have
been identified with the company.
Tbe new steamer Kilauea, sailed
promptly at ten o'clock this morning
on a run formerly covered by the
flagship Mauna Kea. Captain Will-
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Cavison, in a communication to The
old board f supervisors, stated that
t.hu was greatly in need of another
horse, and that she understood Jiat
there was a horse in the road depart
ment formerly reserved for the use
(if the road overseer, who wis at that
time using an automobile. She asked
the old board to have this horse turn
ed over to her. The old board then
1 passed the. resolution that the horse
in question be given over to the ute
jof -Miss Davison. This was only a few
minutes before .the new board ook
Under the regulation oassed hv th
l-t'W board whereby expenses be cut
down as much .as possible, the Touz
hundred dollars which has formerly
teen given each year to the Humane
Society with which to pay the salary
(Continuedon Page 3)
;X . lie nrr ' TIerra , ; ?fx-:
i! A floral Parade chairman who if al
ready sure of all the entries he wants.
It According a 'aUtemehtsI made
U at the Queen's hospital this after- tt
R lioon, Oiarles Boni president of 8
H the ' Merchants" Association, Is 8
tt Imtirovine. .V - 't : ? ' tt
U Mr. Bon is' restinc and Is bet- tt
tt ter than he was" last night,", said a
a an -official of the hospital" '' a
a ; Contrary to, .report, the - sur-' a
a geons have ;not performed ah op- a
a eratlonl Nothings definite rcould tt
a be learned regarding the inten- a
a tion of the doctors In this t re- a
a gard.
a i
a a a a a a a a a tt a a tt tt a a a
Ma Li
Stake hands . and: employes I bf the
Consolidated Amusement company
strnck this afternoon. - ; u ,; '.' - -
' Intimations : of trouble tetween the
employee and .the company haTe ben
rife for several days and it apepara
that ' neeotiationa ha vo been In : pr
gress between' Manager MeGreer of
the; amusement . company and , the
stage-hands organization. Tnistnora
inur : the manager thought an arrange
ment had been ; effected -tha would
avert, an open Drjaaif ouirnj8;aer.
noon he was - Informed chatvtbo men
would hot abide br the terms consid
ered satisfactory and wquld -refuse to
ED ID WBr iwuim. : , : n
. Mr. MeGreer this afternoon said that
tlthnn-W th break comes only a few
hours before the Bijou is putting on Us
roost ambitious bin, Alias Jimmy val
entine." all the houses would be run
ning as usual tonight;: , "
Jn a partial report .returned this
morning' the federal grand, jury finds
six true bills of a criminal character.
Two were placed on the secret file pn
tll the accused persons are apprehend
ed, and these are understood to be of
a statutory nature. The others receiv
ed some publicity at the time the ar
rests of the accused were made.
Felicia Santiago, otherwise known
as Felicia Bagos, is charged with big
amy. She is a denizen of the Jwilel
district. Koock Tong is accused of as
sault and battery on the high seas, his
alleged crime consisting in attacking
a Hawaiian named Poai aboard the
Likelike. Both of these defendants are
out on bail.
William Hagemann, tbe soldier who
shot down his friend at Schofield Bar
racks several months ago, is indicted
for murder in the first degree, and
Solomon Haumea is indicted for in
cest. These defendants are held in
Federal Judge Clemons this morning
adjudicated the City Contracting Com
pany as bankrupt N
The trustees of the Bishop Estate
are holding another meetelng this
afternoon in consultation with Archi
tect Traphagen over , the proposed
building on Bishop street
Thos. F. McTighe, Ltd.. has filed
amended articles, of association with
the territorial 'treasurer, changing
the name to the Waikiki Inn, Ltd.. and
empowering the firm to engage in the
hotel as well as the wholesale liquor
Hi I - f 1
Believed That Automobile Bandit 3n'
i Room of Aged jurist And 1
IHim Then SlvNurseWlio L21: 1
: 1 as Only Witness
-Thrilled by Brutality of the Afir
.: PARIS, France, Feb. 5. All France Is thrilled by -the zizWr
the 'murder of Edouard Pelitsr, a wealthy member cf -th tzf cf T:r
liia nurse.' The body of the judge was found by hit va'st th!i r.:rr :
the marks of brutal fingers" on the throat, and. that cf ts r
covered later, hacked to pieces with a .small ax such as tv
dita and Apaches of Paris have been known to uss in csrrsr.:. :
this nature, . : - - V -. .
The police believe that the nurse was an accsr-;!:: c!
and admitted him to the chamber ef the Jur!jt, and v - ! -ally
as the only living witness of the crime. It b l:
was done by an unarrested member of the band c z.'.i 1.
the' motive was' vengeance.:; yt'-Ui-
. rf if i nisi i e
Turks PrepEreFcr
leased into the war department here
the furious bombardment of the allies so far tzi tiin t-.z'L C
men have been killed and some fifty buildir.;i s:t at: c:' 2 1' - j -
; That the Turka are preparing to assume ths cf.':--: ? ti t !
fore Tchatalja is being reported here. The Grand Vii! :-, : . J
left here for the. front last night ,pres umatly witJv ths i - .: ' i cf .
the commanders there Into a forward mov?r--t --: ".-r". t '
. The cannon. are to be distinctly heard fr;-i t : : c
the people are leaving hers with their wive 1 ar.i c ' ... r:
thebetaJla of the fighting now solnj fcrw" t- . .
ndple It has been learned that more th a.i 1 . . - 1 - . .
Ilea. when the carrisont of that clty-'att:?:.J a I: : i . u
iittOKIOJapa'n,'-Feb. 5 After a bitter attack t;-r Prlr;i ft!
Katsura this memlng the Diet censured hit premiers-.!? ari c"::!ar:J . ,
eonstltutlonal In the last dejree. Immediately a(ter the v;l3 cf c:
the Emperor announced that he had suspended the Cist for five d:, ;
order to allow It to tool off. , , . r-. - ' r.
-. The city and .country Is intensely excited over : tY-. 5 c':ii and '
people met in vast trowds today and cheered the co-:t;:.t:5rsJi:.j
they appeared. Efforta were made -la mob the. "auppirtrrs cf the cx .
but were prevented by the police and soldiers. . : f '
LONDON Feb.LMartyrdorn Is all. HflhV but. the Imprisoned s-"
ettes are setting t'red of it and today granted. permission to their fr
to pay thelrflnea and get them; out of 'the prison ceils whers.tr.ey '
been ever since their arrest on. charges of malicious mischief In imi:
windows of the day following the refusal of theadmlnlstrat'n to Inc:.,
ate woman suffrage In the suffrage bill Slyvia Pankhurst and 19 ether v
tlms for the cause were accordingly set at liberty this mornf ng. '
Bradley Martin Is E)3?.d
NEW YORK. Feb.tWBradIey M artin the wellknown taoclaf I:-
of .Ntw York and Newport died at hie5 home heri toiay.: No arrj -ments
have been announced as yet for his funeral which - It la belicv.
will be most simple, by the expressed
Washington. Feb. 5 The ore
money trust committee wllf be held
Carolina, beginning Friday, and Jt wi II be meld in secret The annc .
ment was made this morning that no newspaper men would be aimiiUJ t.
the examination of the old olf magnate; v f''f.!;.
Prince Murat WedsAm
PARIS. France'. Feb 5 Prlnc-s
Helena Stallo, of Cincinnati. The'
Two accidents are reported from the
police station this afternoon, both of
which involve painful 'Injuries to the
victima. Carl von ochoen. an officet
of tbe American-Hawaiian freighter
Virginian, was struck by a sugar sljng
this morning and his face cut and ears
hurt He was taken to Queen s npspi
A Japanese by the name of Mnro-
skite was the victim of a near-runaway
accident. While driving a delivery
wagon for the Hawaii Meat Company
through Dowsett lane his horse shied
at 9. firecracker, said to be part of the
Chinese New Year celebration, and
the driver was thrown fromthe seat
The wagon passed over, him; nia face
and shoulders being bruised. - He was
also taken to the hospital.
j.j .y.ii
to Dlurdr-All
tv r
r "
- .
commander cf AirU-:,-!
announcing that tv9 d:
wish, ef Mr.Martln.
be -of William Rockefeller by t
at the hotel inJekyll Island. C
Murat th4 afternoon was married tj
ceremony yiraa comparatively simple.
. Six hundred Kowana.of the city, in
cluding alarge putnber from the neigh
boring plantations, gathered at the Op
era House last evening and held a re
ception In honor of Rev. Singers a-.
Rhee, Ph. D who arrived la Honolu! i
last Monday morning on the. 3ierra
Dr, Rhee is one of the most
tingulshed Christian leaders of Kc
snd.'nnder .the jo4d,'regime, before t:
Japanese gained Con ol of the I ! -.-
mit' Kingdom. 'wr engaged In tev
paper work of SeouL . On, account t
some offense to his own governn;
he was Imprisoned for a number t .
years during which: time he carriei t .
such a work; of reform among his fel
low prisoners as to attract a great de-!
(Continued en Pa;a 2)

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