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r 1 . ! i .
i .
- iiL
Practically flllod
!Iatson Narl cation
to capacity, the
ft earner t iirUna 1
- "cd .from -San Francisco yesterday
:tcrnooa, and Is to arrive at -Honolulu ?
.'ucEday morning accordlnsto the'exrKJ
cctatlons of Castle & Cooke the local M e -.
rresentatlves ror the .Matcon,NaTi'.y
Mloa line. v .V. - ; -inVr v!-: 7
The Lurllne is bringing 2S42 tons
cneral merchandise and snppllcs for
:e- Islands., iluch freight. is intecd
I for ports other that Honolulu ac--rdlng
to' cables receiyei here to
-y. '' t ''? ;t
The vessel li bringing 3405 tons Ho
!ulu, 203 tons Kahalul. ,72 tons Port
-en and 38 trras Kaanapali.
The Tessel nrlU proceed; to the Maul
:rts where freight for Kauai will. ba ; ter day In?he American schooser Frel
;:anhipped ;to aneiher; steamer, , "J. Wood. i ; ; '", ' :'!-: ''t'-
The Lurlihe ; is ? belleyed to , have i i . The Inter-Island steamer W. G. Hall
-lied from the ccast with a fair sired tar, been placed on the berth for de-
t of cabin passengers., -,
t.yM o- t&t,io-'-?r''..i--:.'i.i "Vw--
ilna Ecamt for Honoluiu. ;-':$
I'itson Navigation liner Lurllne
from San-Francisco f or ,Hono-f
j esterday according to a cable re-'
,i at the agency , of 'CasUe.&t
olio. The Lurllne is tmderstood as ' The Oceanic liner Sierra, Jo salt for
: .z't.s down small list of passen, San Francisco at noon Saturday will
3 did-a considerable quantity; of ' -lcwve Honolulu with about a half. 5a
x ' The atrival, tf the" Matsonof cabin passengers. .The demaal for
-cr ia.belleved. will. bring one- or. transportation to the coast at this sea
re new officers, a , report hai'lng son is pronounced as far from heavy;
a received hero to. the effctthat j r The Japanese r Jiner Chiyo Maru ex
rcy Farnell, beloved to be'a mem- pected to. , arrive at Honolulu , at an
r cf the. t toward 'a staff to' "the Lur-;e.irlr hour, Friday morning will in all
c, was- placedv under' arrest" when , r.iobabUity'". 'bo dispatched for "Tie
vessel docked at the coast port,,ltj orient at five o'clock in the eveiing.
' - t alleged . that Farae"U '.was Impll- The Chiyo Maru 1 bringing down, a
M la the' attempted smucc'lne of later malL ' " r::: : : -
-zX Japanese. ; , The Orientals were,
vcr placed under crrest- and .are
. 2 deported. , The Lurllne Is due
rrive . at Honolulu next TuesSay
, j -.1 -s, , -74 w
z. rasserrijra. Dispense Charity. n
o a result of a co"eclloq takf n. tp
a. little fTltrtn1nrr.pnt ' triver nn
J the Oceanic Jlrcr ,SIerra; while ;
4 tpsspI -u-ils tPfl-nfTi rrnm '
': co-U Honolulu, it to Reported
U8.CQ was raided, the feum: betas." BlQ were !U4-lrear .-rr.
' in trust until It is turned oer to Pacers crew, , z
:s who ."Alii vi:s -it . to bGhalf nlK;
cI:ilJren at llolokal wttlemeat
-ku Wireless- Talks with Chiya -
. ; 3 Kahuku wireless sta'ion was la;
h last E"3t wilh.-the T.-k:. KS,v
!yo - Mam,. en: toute trccj.( San'
vill arrive Friday mrirnet
cn o'clock, and will depart for the i
' : zt at. five to the eventog..
.k iCUU.I.x 0.l.ta-
? , vr-POOi- Jan ?i Th iJwr I
L..a yuu Jan. , 2i.--TheiJver.'
-t na? "Si alSVfn?!
nt has been reached for the ainal -
.nation of the Peninsular & Oriental
ryal Mail gteam Packet Company,?
:n a capital of xiw,000,000. .
T, 1 . . w IV.
:uai ports-w.G Ha.U stmr., a,ra. !
T U V. CZ jmakers appeared on: .the ; wharves,
ney cruise Petersen, .JJ S. pjn. efrorta t0 gain admission to the
ual portsKina stmr;, 5jp.m. f cteamers were repulsed when it was
zui, Molokal and Lmai ixats Mlka-. f ound t!lat , ihej tad n0 , business
ha!a,.stmr., 5 rui. - v';:'v j aboard the vessels.- a .
uai ports (w:r.iwtrd-ceau, 6tr.Fjve vessels GetAway Yesterday. -I ;
5 p.m.i. .r -v? ;v 0 -ir- ;V jFive Jnter-Jsland steamers; were 'disi
hukona and I.jwaihue Iwalanf,' patched lor. island ports .yesterday!
ctrnr, p.m. j-1 in each case thp; steamer sailed tri
.a Francisco l-crculaa, M, N. S. ; COmmand of a master who has been
6:S0 P--; ' s ' , V V . .i identified with the: company for an exT
i.ilo via . wa ports ;Kllauea stmr., 10 .'
a. m. : .-- :.'-. .,.v
1. n nlng and -Washington Islands 1
Kestrel, E stmr;,a.to; ,C - if
Per stmr. W. G. Hall,' from Kauai.
IJ. Okawa. T. Yoshlda, Q. X, Certraisi.t
1 1 rs." O r A Bertram; 1 $ deck;
'.. v "- : v
Per str.- Claudine, - for-&&Ui ports,
Teh. Tv-Judge Qcarles, At A. MorrllU
Per str. Claudlcet for;Lahalnk -and
I Cahului ports. ".Feb; 10. Ir. and, Mrs;
IL C." Pelton. C G.; Schwart, Mr."
r - d Mn Willi ila;ks, ; Geo. 0Neil,
r. ther; Victor." tf: nrt Vf-X--
Ter stmr. llMv for "Kauai ports,
. cb.. 1L W. Tf . Castle, W.- O. Smith,
V.. M. Alexander,' J.'P. Cooke, J. R.
Gait G. R. Cartel: Jco. Waterhouse,
Mall -ahi ; passngers leaving' Hono
lulu for the north "wes on 'Jan 28th in
( h e Caaadin-Australasl-'ih liner - Ma
1. ira, arrived at Victoria yesterday ac--rcrding
lo- allo vroceived- at the
r - ncy of the Me'rchan sExchahge. -
i 2
s '
10.10 ejo
9.01 10.M a
959U.U 6J
10.1911.38 6-S4
7 JO
P.m. -
0(W 1.7
4 ft
1 I
.10;ittl1t4S 6.33!
j New moon Feb. 5th, 6:51 p.m,
Lumber destined for this1 port is r
ported to. have left Grays Harbor yes-
psrture for Kauai, at five o'clock 6-
ncrrow afternoon. a s t5t .
rrJL large cargo will be forwarded to
Hawaii port in the steamer, Waiiele
'H.ted for dispatch at noon,:Thursaa-.
IHe ; Waiiele Is expected .will call at
ia'onokaa. Kukulhaele and Paauhau.-
fContlnued from Paso 1)
Iam. Feeman.; long identified with the
IntGr - Island company, was In4 com-
-laami of the Kllauea. and with him it I
iDiewsuiaa curies wuj i wo
I . j . i - A. f , . . 1 - r
Eiatea aai no time uuw exioto.
The vessels : are- departing for the
Hin-lar island pcrts .of call on - time
aod. filled with freight and passengers.
Mne Dismissals from Serrlcei P-; ,
- r
The JUUer-JsIand claims to have dls
missed but nine jveisel masters or J
Thompson, - Oness, Prison, Pilt W,
F. Thompson, Haake and Mates Hlnner
and 01s8on.; These with Port Captain
liaglund are said to "make up the list
cf those who . ' have been discharged
' rom Inter-Island, service follow
ioi MnriMn.
UW btween the management and the
1 .,.,..., m.)n. kit,
TOTHir HartSr 5.
n. dAP,' th.r;o trouhle occurred
f :ha A(Katr.h vf vprrp.i for
coastwise-ports last evening; In most
Instances ihe steamers were listed for
nmHnra hctwpon 5 And ft oVIorV." ?A
V..VV.. W-V" - -
.nti HiST1tched to the other isl-
apds and is said to have gotten away
The Noeau sailed for Kauai ports
taking a regular route to windward
points; P., -A '.i'til'-V-t
The Mikahala waa dispatched tor
MolokaJt, Maut and JLanai ports, taking
passengers;, malls and general --cvff
Thts. vessel; .was in '.command ofCai-t
tain Napaala, v who is said to have
raed in retlonttv tbeom.
pany of ficars, 'though th company has
yet to act upon it The MQcahala,was
the vessel . formerly commanded joy
Captain. -TuJJett .who . resigned-; from
the company on January, 18th, and' is
h,q? said, will depart..fpr the coast to
,th Sierra.-?' r-: rM,,
- Captain Mansfield was in command
of the steamer Iwalaniv when that weif
sel got away for Hawaii ports; yester
day, afternoon.. He-took over the com
mand ot ' a; vessel formerly, belonging
to Captain Plltx, now deposed.
Hail Completed. Round, Trip -
Captain Nicholson, now master, of
the steamer W.tlr Halt, brought his
vessel toto J port thle morning; : having
completed a-rbund trip to the several
ports' along the ' Garden Island. The
Hall wasi .formery commanded by
Captain Oiwes, who isValleged to have
been enrolled as one' of th active
rfhgfeadera' .14' " the . late .trpuble be-
1 .
tween masters and ; mates and the
management i-. - uc- . -, -
tiJttcIlson; with,the assistance of, a
number of., old tinkers in, the- Inter
bland-service, wiH be all probability
rttain command f the Hall. ;,.;
- The, Kinau waa another departure
Ust evening, thla vessel being In com
mand., of .Captain. Gregory, wha lor
years has been Identified with the
service as skipper and mate. cr
In the dispatch of -the steamer Noe
au for "Kauai toe vessel was ' sent ouf
in command of -Ctotaii Weir, who has
ween with tne coasting steamship com
V.' panv fpr. a decade as .master and
..Hmate. ..; ' . . ;f ,
Believe That Troable TO 3fot Spread.
i. rour inter-isan4 vessels remain at
outside ports. Two steamers, the, Ka
iulani and the Kauai, make Hilo their
home port. According to the cpm
phnyitthe! oXriceraT in i these steamers
have'dectded.te -sticarby toemanage
metrtu Little or no trouble is expected
from wihdj:ftwala from, service4aibs
4 The eteamer Waiiele la listed for dis
patch lor; Hawaii ports tomorrow ua
de thetwrmnwnd :X CataJs) Carlson.
The vessel is jiowi Tecelviag cargoyand
thet wharf,.of ficiala .state ibat!theyrdo
not anticipate- any. difficulty in the
sailing .the.tpsaelf on , regular, ch,ed-
f Captain Pederson,' the; .fbrmerVmas
ter sot thevilauna. Lea ha beei vcoa
fjned to tia :hbme: through illnessor
not, IdentifJed;. with . the-. dissatisfied
wing W, HonoJuln. Harbon:ItiwaA giy
en i. out i todayi ; taafc.Captaia - Pederson
would be found o the aide of the man-gemetAnd--wouldibe'readjr,
put, a. vessel rWJthjn a fear jdayp,.
Tewr New Off !crs G to Seav :
i TThe-ctatt ment.raSfmadei ,thia, morn
ing tb&t comparatively if ew -of .las new
mem brtught down from the coast, hy
fc?e sideat .and Cenerai; Manage.. Ken
nedy have so far, gone to sea in the
capacity of officera That they are
with many of the .vessels-' now: ;on isl-
and runa- is admitted but the malihinls
arje declared as. traveling; in the rld
oi passengers and . are doubtles be
coming ; familiar, with- the candns
as obtain in local waters.? i". -i ;
With XJaptato Freeman in - the Ki
lauea this morning went Chiet pfficer
Lyons, son : of Captain - Lyons . of , the
American-Hawaiian line, ; Lyons takes
the place vacated by the. dismissal of
Captain. L'erg, . whOvls; alleged decided
to cast, his lot with, the
dissatisfied of -
Humphreys en-Waf Path; . , ;t-
, , A.S; ljumphreya; attorney for the
captains yesterdayjssua statement j
It JoHows; ivVK. j'vtfsifl-'K- i:
"In spite of the venomosalivary of
those whose pus-pimples are' taken' for
wise-heads the mas.ter and mates
ha ve their , fight practically i won"he
declares, "though it tls-not fairly be-:
gun,r and. before? we are throngh;wlth
U there won', be enough Kennedy left
to make -a Scotch broth, forasmall
cired tamlly; SlThere isn't r capital
euonghiJa -theseeUlsjrda 4ohreak--tne
principle for . which- we are 'flghtto.?.
Int there is principle i enough ' b-hind
our fight to bore-portholes . through
capital's , bullion We propose to leach
the . reckless rich, the merciless 'mil
lionaire, who never smiled at the birth
of a beautifnl, boy, nor'shed.a tear ati
the death of a good woman, that the
man who fights for bread la .the equal
and more-of the '.mah who : fig-ts
lor dividends, z&l.
fWe propose toilet this community
and ' the; country know t that we. -are
fighting f -concreted i bile '.-possessing
neither brains nor bowels, and tocap
stlo vt either reason? or-remorse. We
cannot teach' these ' people sense, be
cause they can neither think, nor see,
nor hear, but we can': and will chisel
holes to their bronze, heads and let fat
tir out and 'with; the help of 'God and
ournnbought 'souls; i we. will lpp- offv
with dull kmves,: the Biarean - finger?
w'.tfc which they seek; to1 clutch the
tl'roat of honest labor, - r ; 4 : !r.?
Uo CompixnUse'!';: . ,'-'i.';V
1 :A'We will let them know that we are
i&i of those who wish for tuccess. that
we. areTof .tnose who try. for success:
that not' one. of .us . Is a wisher-man;
who clings to the shore,, but that; each
r.f us Is a fishennan, willing to bravr
and- sink our vleaden y lines in the-unr
certaintiea pt: the deep, ;..; . ; t i .. ,i
v ""The latt ; supply of manna . was ex
hausted thousands of years ago. Tf
IiLlHcan raven, has ; disappeared. .Its
modern . prototype can V scarcely pro-:
vV3e ita'ownttood; i The ear. of Pro-:
vicence manages to catch most of U'
piayers bf .misfortune, but tere ; s
neither' sympathy; in heseaInor pity
on earth vfor ihe Invertebrate who wir
Y-t rft-i-ITm
An educated Portuguese youth fpr.
vcoliector.t and - to -assist -.In office
work. : . v - ' - 5462-tt
, Shjje : Salesman must - have experi
' ence;Hawailan pr Part Hawaiian
-pref erredU at the" Majrf acturers
i Shoe 3tore.v .:: '.' 'i ' - $ 542-2t
-2030 ' Nuuahu-
Beautif ul 'groUGCds; cool and restful ;
large., .cool rooms, hotj and 'cold
' water. Use f phone. -w . .
:,V; v-r r, 5462-lm.' ' . .:. '
Desirable houses In various parts of
the city at $15, $20, 125, $35 and $40
per month. Trent Trust Co., Ltd,
S bedroom bungalow Kaimuki,,. partly,
: fjirnishedPhcme. 1645. w 54fi2:3t
5 " NEWfTE M0DIVISIBLrrTER8f'H '-r ' '
$1,50 per Week ' ' J , PER MONTH $4)0
120 Sa King; Opposite EL OV HaH: ;"' ' '-''J Phxitie 3306
Lol .help himself.? ---?' lately upon ita beginning and remained
W- ' neither: compromise nor out. entile the Judge iyetnrnedw
cringe, 6r fawa. norrfuter I Dr A. f. Sinclair, one ot the state's
tWe will help oairelves. We will ' ucst'lfflporjantV.WltQesseai .4who con
fifht; within the limit oLthe law, ani ducted 'post mortem over the body
bs the dictate, of decency and vWe will of Private ;Boatlc ' last ,Jane,4.waa: iex
win as: surelf as there is a God m
(Continued frornPafla 1);
- i - - - "
ond degreei Mr. Strans wanted me to' Po-nt'evidenUy was, not found to the
accept manslaughter to the first de KWtera body, for, that bit of vital jjri
rree; hut-L tefiiaed. ;ue- ,if &. vIdenceiwinott-produced by DrSto-
MWe talked the matter over wHh 'clalr. He was not cross-examined by
the Judge and Mr Straus then went
txat : to apeak with j his ttllent. When fjef tne!"ece1 !iL?22
be came bSc toto the room he told vsV' John XeUsttnotheto
that the whole thing had been explain,! X witness ; . thta -morning .was In-
d- to the defendant and tWthn-l&i,
ter ras .willing to plead guilty to nrlvf to&Jte Queen a Ho
der toithe aecond degree. The inter-'tfvhere 8oWe WM, r,n5
preterm Wendex,;made a statement, tbi'torlewouldiw!TH4n,
theaame effect, j&i . .id- : laffraMhal; occurred at the aametlm
- -There Js nothing to the fool 8toryS the BotjUc affcUr and- to ,the ex
you have been tota w The only, ques-trvoro to that m which Bostic .was
tion to my mind At the tUnerwas the ikttlediYetilCeUttiadmIttefe he
one of;. the : propriety, of acceptlng a )nad.not, asked. City a e.uestionconcern
plea to a lesser degree. ;I might have-n tabbtos merer,. queried com
gone ahead and pressed for the hang-jcernlng the r-atUng;-r-!iti.,'V
tog of .the wan but preferred t& take I "ellett also stated .that he. had yjsitt
the plea of guilty to the aecond. Straus ;ed;Beto :Galmendex .at4he?scene
did alj ,-he; could hare, done by ihia theJ. murdet.a- short time after its, en.
client" - v 'i i ? J actment. He said Galnendex told.hlza
Trial EnciwnM . - the.atabbingvwas flon fcy?.rRoUnJ
TrLe"5!??y::L, . Jand. that he shQwedihimooyer theien
10 o'clock thls'momlngl with a climax
m k k
ness andrttesier 'apparent
sudden ' change of front From, the
throughout the two JuU; days hearing
jthls week and, the two hours tesslon
this morning, required to complete the
sute's '. ; evidence,; BenUo Gahnendezi
the. defendants displayed not a. trace of
netvousness, anxiety, or to- fact.emof
.ttoa- of' any..WncL;;K'-:H:
A.He swunis his big,: burlyVf orm back
into his court chair And. twisted aud
gaze'4 around : with; i all the- seeming
non-comittal action of merely an torer
erfed spectator.;; There waa. not . the
slightest vtotlmatlon ; of fear for. the
outcome, -' He did " not even dliplay
any unusual; interests in tnt ,wrork? ot
his ' counsel, 'iand,' spoke - tor; Attorney
Strans.eriMsndez, hi interpreter, only
when they leaned over and whispered
0."u6rie8' or commenfa4n ,hls ear,; .-.. 1
1 : In short' he had the bearing ' of a
ir an ' brimming ; oVer j wlthn confidence
In- his "own Innocence nd' the feeling
that the Jury could not xmvict him, or
br a man so deeply steeped; to .crime
that he knew almost toa: nicety what
the ' trial's ending had to 'store, f or.Sifci
; .. But he had more the air f a fighter
than tone who" would yield" to advice.
and that made Ma" final .admission of
guilt the more surprising; He: aeemed
the-sort oi. man. who, onc committtog'fromthe.audlepcea anafrvm anytninff
a,crlme and denting It wwW
mid. stick 0;
his story ' and. ' . battle to .-, uphold it
against anr or all odds short . of death:
; When f Deputy,- City t an&TCouhty At
torhey A, M.Brownwho has-heen con
ducting." the prosecution, Jeft the., witness-stand
after telling , of his inspec
tion of ; the , premise onr which ..the
murder was committed, the "court an
nounced the usual 10 Vdook ; recess.
It was then &25 a; m.C;AMprney. Leon
Ite Straus immediately., asked that! the
recess be made longer. than ordinary,
saying he. wished ,px prepare - for,, the
defense's opening ; evidence The re
quest was granted, the court instract
tog theJury to return at10 o'clock. '
At that hour the Jury filed' fm -Judge
Robinson e$ked .the membera to retire
within ;calU and following their'witlj
drawal Attorney Straus arose and an
nousced. Ihat: the! defendant v through
his interpreter, : desired to? alter.i hia
plea of.- ?-not guilty ;to . the .charge .
fThat ranted, County i Attorneyi Cath
cart stepped forward Iromr tt 'lesk
which he and Brownj have been occo
pylng -iu ring .the hearing,1. and asked
thatr to view ot the change? he would
recommend the court that the charge
against .Galmendez 5 be' reduced from
the original Jo? murder.; to;: the second
degree..;;' t? s yi -. - ;t- j
Tis also granted,-Galmendez. agato
througbi the rinterpreter4 stated- he was
willing to plead : guilty. He twas then
given, the ;eenten,cer, of not less 'than
twenty yearef at 'hard.. labork in Oahu
prison;. In less than f ive mtoutes from
I .the timer the Jurr had, been excused,- it
Judges informed: the- members of whai
had, transpired, and. dismissed them
from further service in this case. .-.
PtJsoner howr Aoitation -v h
Tt Galmene?,'8bowed exchange Jn . his;
usual xnanBerrtturtog-jthir interval, but
tnoj moment- the Jury.was. excused be
orose, turned- and began v tajkingfuril
obsjy; and! gesticulating; wildly;; to
fether, sitting: on the first row. among
the-spectators behtod the ralring.j'He
bioke ln6panlsh, and. none. save h33
fdendar,and.Jthe two.;of three Spaniahj
Interoreters toltheMCOurtroomi under'
stood this , sudden, outbreak. No com
roent was mt'Hie on -it fttithe time how
ever. - 5 j - -Immediately
'after; Judge Robinson
announced the recess and hadVretlred
to his official chambers,' Galmendex
arose and started toward one 0 the
makaif. windows andli at young fellow
who had been attending, the . sessions
with close Interest foiloVed and began
conversing witn him. to low tones.
This man, who was unknown, but was
said to have been -one -of the -defendant's
witnesses,-was taken to charge
by an official and led. away-instantly.;
He- did" not return when the recess
ended. : Whether this Is the witness
f or Galmendes to which: his- father al'
hides is a matter . for speculation ;
trThc prisoner was ailed out of the
courtroom tor a brief Interval during
the recess, but was not kept out of
sight, more 4han .a; few minutes. j At-i
torney Straus-however, left, immedi-
amined this morning as to 'the nature
of the wound. He said it might very
easily have - been - inflictednwith uie
sksors' exhibited in court f
Carmella Eamoflj Galmendes'a para
nrour test Wed Monday-that the. point!
cf one of the blades had been broken oil
since- the last;time she sawrthent be
fore the mnrderA But if it was- broken
in stabbing Private-, Boatic " the . lost
ted.:ta nknow oi thw-r.ba:ttlew:i Ken-
I f";".-!'- . - , j
rehearsed hlsarn gaIn.jv.VjTi
(Continued ffom fa;r-1)
governing " them, which ' are 'enforced
by, jthe police-' :'S ;V ;'
. Manager Robert McGreerof the Con
solidated Amusement' Company sald
this- afternoon : that the iJocal playf
houses are. not only jemarkably freO
from danger, of fire and known, to be
so, but that additional; safeguards are
provided by the company in the "way
fv:watchmeni. . .W
?Beside the, watchmen we employ,
and who are on duty all night we pay
a conslderabl e stun "a month ' for -the
service of the Merchants' Patrol, Dan
ger, of firet at night is' well; guarded
against' 1? f ?tn;?t j;t-ait,i'i
,Aa to, the theater. audiences,. I need
only, point to the .wl(ie aisles, -the. as mT
bcr-and easily,: accessible; seats, the
concrete floors, the Jack of. -draperies
around; seats-, or. boxes," the fact-that ,
thereare no stairways cincltoed.run-
waya:tQ hampet'Crowds getting out to
is hurm.that the noYing- picture ma-
2 chines,, sjotllghts, .eto;. are-wel -away j
that .-might? be, set, on, nre, ana to .a
few other things like that . The truth
is, and-1 know the theater-going pub
lic wjll "bear me out In saying if that
the-building inspector cannot point to
a city that has the theaters any . more
safe? than' outs. Fewf if;i aur sr as
safe;-'-''-.? - il- 7.- ---i-- a .'T;.
f t "We 'try to. co-operate with 1, the
authorities and take -every precaution.
for safety that Is proper and neces
sary r . r- n '.v;:;-'V :
r .Between eighty . and one: hundred
Spahlsh'and. Portuguese are to u-take-
passage for the: Coast to. the . Oceanic
liner. Sierra,' to Bail at noon Saturday.
Thtf eyeral vlnter-Istond i steamers
arriving; at Honolulu for qome days
past havev been brihging". numberf of
European Immigrants who. have decld
ed , to: forsake, the plantation for.'pp
portunltiies offered on the, mainland;.'
The peoplef who will crowd the steer
agef theSJerra on .the voyage to the
Coast are declared for. thermost: part
those who but ecen.tjy; arrived, to? the
islands, f ram? Spain and, Portugal. t o
rj-.The Sierra will depart for the, main-?
land with fair-sized general cargo,
including ..sugar, pines, .bananas, cof
fee,' hides, honey and sundries. . . r
. The vesseL will alsotake.a, supple
mentary mail and tako, care of ; the ac
cumulation ..of. oor respondence follow
ing.thexleparture of theTenyo Martuv1,
?tAt the offlfof C Brewer & Co., be
tween 125 and 150. prospective passen
gers ;have been i booked. , . -
,l0REAJSH0N0iJ . !
(Continued from Page 1) -
of noticed '-Aa-ra result of this nnderi
taking a great' prison refonp move
mept was started in Korea.. Upon his
release fromvpTison,.Dr. Rhee went to
the United States, passing through Ho
nolulu to;. November, 1904, and being
the guest, of Dr. J.. W. Wadman dur
ing his stay here. He proceeded to
Washington, Du C, where he was grad
uated - in arts . from the Washington
University. ' Later he took his Ph. D.
from -Harvard and afterwards took up
the study of theology at Princeton.
Two years ago Dr. Rhee returned, to
Korea' and accepted the position of
general eecretary Of the Touhg Mehv
8pccIaL CaMe to Merchaata
-' 'Wednesday; FeK'C r '--4
SAN FRANCISCO Balled Feb. 4, 6
p. m.. 8. S; Lurllne, for Honolulu.
SEATTLE Arrived, Feb. 4. S. a
Alaskan, from San Francisco.
Aerogram. .t
S. S, CHIYO MARDV-i- Arrives from
San Francisco Friday morning and
sails' for Yokohama' about 5 p. m.
same-day;' ;v:v; ' .
mam sail . :
li! 1)1 iliEQ
In which 'combined 'the ilAWAIIAN STAR established i&l and the'
EVEINa BULLETIN, estobllshedf KJiv Issued. Dally-and Semi-Weekly by ;
; ' HQ" Q LyLUjSTABWLLETJH.; tTP . .. w.
' S Publishers, Commercial Printer Bobkbindcfs, tl;
... ;r : . ; - r : -v Photo-Engravers.' ;-T"; ; " V f "
WALLVCE i:. llhUNOTON::v.Gcncral Business Mana-cr:
- ;-' ' v , r . ' '. . :'.'- V. '; :;:
(preferred postthm 20y r..nr.r:;;...:.;.;;r;,..; 20c PER41NQI
- LEGAL AND RANSIENt RATE, $1 First Insertion
CLASSIFIED. One Cent per, word 50 cents per line per week.
MAIN 0FFICE3 . . i . .; ;." , . ; , 1 ;; , :. , , , 1059 ALAKEA "STREET
Telephones Editorial Rooms 2185 1 Baslaess Office 24 - i
BRANCH OFFICE .........,. .......... V.. MERCHANT STREET
Per Month, anywhere to United States :;C;V; t..V.r.r;V,.'i;.$ !.T5
Per Quarter, anywhere to , United SUtea ; ; : t . . ; . . i. . . ; . ; ;"; . 2.00
Per Year, anywhere to United States . . . . . r. 8.00
Per Year poatpaliV foreiga . ;y.i i.i.'.i.. ;V- w V 12.00
Per Six. Months $ LOO;
Per.tYear;any where In United States.. .. .. ..................... 2.00
Perv Year,-anywhere far Canada ; ,;.,.i .,v., 2.0O
Per Year, postpad orelgi .........y . ..... . . . 4.00
Address .all Ceanuslcallons to llonolala Sbr-Eallctia, Lti, llcrc!i!3, T. II.
T , , 1 ., .. . -' . . v- - . .t , - , . . -
xia 'ybunc Eo
r ; - .. ... -. .-, ' ; , T 1
r A .Fine Selection of
- ;.-
' Ycunn Hold Dld; .
Christian. Association In Seoul, where
he succeeded In . building up a great
work andJ beta5 one xf the promoters
of tke erection of tne present as3dcla
tlqn building to Seoul which 'has no
equal anywhere the-. Orient. Last
May he was sent as a delegate to re
present the Methodist church: Cf Korea
at the annual conference of that de
nomination which; was hld ln Minne
apolis. Since 'that time he 'has made
a tour of the largest; cities on the main
land, and ; spoken before large audi
ences on mission work in Korea. .. ' .
-; At . the reception -last evening ho
gave an address, to Korean on his per
sonal work and7xperiences; while to I
svaid.lhdrdoit lo assut8'otUi7tu
v. ' fc .Vs- j-'r , ' T--. r.- v
n thvsU HUDSO:Uat'&feTv:oTe thsn 6ihoui indidduzlt had .
'ThJs detridn&in exctis tfihiVumler we can luUd ha been in c&avilhat
p-: -
People recognize now the importance
of engineering prai as in their rFlatiott.to
mecbaaical 'perfectibnVV1thont knowK
edge- a smooth; simple, safe; satisfactory
car is impossible,' ; :i r
Ti -- U.; .urttJ
inresent about
all that has been learned in motor r:
desien. Some have made the greatestT'
AU who are motor-wise reromi tha
such favorable cpndifions. J That is why,
with the maximum of 1,000 cars for de- -
livery this month, lonly Oine out tf tkree
r See the Triangle
F. E. HOWES, "Mgr.
r-; t i Telephone SS;.; f; '::jT,:i-y 5 W u
. 3
tol . P u ildin gT
s- y-; .... I r- . -.
. 1 -
P lis ' " f j ' ,
.;'..i-v.;.-,v:,fc:..j i?rH
prison, and. also gave"aa 1st sciilni ac
count of association aad.nioslcn work
In? Korea..' i II ?enpta3!z:J the fact
during his address, that th9 great hope
ofithe Korean people at the present
time is the. Christian religion. '
,Dr. Rhee Comes & itcnoIu!a thU
time aV the request ; 'cf Dr. John V.
Wadman of the Korean an l Jarar.csa
mission' work in the'JIethoiist L'phco-. -pal
'church, whom he has known for a
number cf years. Ule will. . refnaia in
Honolulu for' an indefinite length of
tlmeand' will attend the conference ;
of 'the Methodist-missions of Hawaii, '
which will be-" held to-Honolulu Feb-;
mafy 2IJ?- M-t'S "-;;?'- "
Crf - i J
bi those ho "will want JiUDSOS wi3
; be able tt get thenU !-' -J?" ,
a What better assurance, could be oflered
than that these men-who possess About
all the .knowledge that, bas; thu. far
Kan Wincrl tri antnmnl-ii1 huiMinw have
ltMf; rr"4t4 r-rt t rr .vr'.V ,
Wy.impeawna ewr KS:
5!. :
' . nffMH a a. mnenflr to ax
price, it sell at -12450 completely
finished and equipped as above Pnccs
are f. o. b; Dettpit.' ;
on the Radiator
'.; Phone 2333
n A T? A Yll?

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