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Apki' 0FTYPH00N
SrVgJt rt ; 5 3.41 1 Z03 MljlO M .35 6i4 C
nnmTPT IfFPitT 'PHVPimr riTi ' ' " 1 1 1461 906 '
FHjiFOmiiE1 LEAVESfcii "SiiS
Japan shipping men are cot aZieca
4ien it come to a. careful con 3t aera
tion of the advanterea nfrM hv t h
Panama- Canal, an i-several aMpcfax
.companies are quietly but none tile
i Icips thoroughly preparing-for the new
route, by the construction of new tou-
me hoard of directors of the Nip.
,;puB Yusen Kalsha are now rusuTn?
-' tfl A 4 eMt a 9 ll.,.! f 1
urr kuub aa u i uiiii i a i i & f 111 mravn
sleamera to he. used In a new line t.o
te established by that company, ruo--'
tdng between Japan and New yark;
Tia Hongkong, Manila, Honolulu an
fh Pf nmn fonol.lt It anunfi1ii
the new vessels will all he- readr t
F o on the new run as soon1 &a the Pan;
ama Canal In thrown nrrn tn th
orld'a shlpplnf. , ,
A prominent Japanese offlrial, nor
tutellng: to the United Btes as i
ruaaenger in the Toyo Kleen itaisht
liner Tenyo Maro, an arrlral at Hone,
lulu thia morning was authority fo
tba abpv a?tatement; together with ,th
declaration that the new line will h,aTr
tlx very large freight vessels, two iy
which iiare already bene acquired it
Europe, and each.vesrel will hare ac
commodatlona for - twenty., or : tlirt?
passengers. Four of the vessels. wil
be- constructed in Japan, u - ' .
j, Tte opening of - the' Vanani Can?,
trip to the western mouth of the cana
wodd not consume more than thirtr
five - days, and - the distance betweec
.tho canal and New York can be cover
eel in six daya.' The postlbillties ir
imsenger traffic also looks ood, fr
the of cost to travelers whose, destin
tlantwl sfJie eastern pArt of tfco Uniter
States. -A first clas3 picsage fror
llong Kong to t3an .Francisco '-'cost'
about 1225.09 U. S. currency, and th"
rtilroid trip across ithe continent tt
New york meansaoout ?lt'5.00 more1'
n;akicg $350.00 U. .8,, currency 1n aW:
I am . sure that the. voyage could o,;
msde by the new route at a much low
cost tiian thJt.- The tfip across th:
Atcs- If rafltlsUea fromlCxfc tlx
Iays, so that the all-water rou,te woul,
not " delay the traveler ore than t
tew daya.;. 'H-'-Tfz'
Tldlnja tor Purser Crasett i -C
H. J. Grasett, purser In tee. Toyr
KUen KaUha liner Tenyo- Jifaru, wa
the recipient of sad Ridings with th
errlval of the liner at thl? porl tab
morning. J ; ' v . -
H. Stmley-Graaett, Bon of Mr. Gra
sett In the Teny6 Maru parsed awaj
according to the receipt of a cable. .
The newa came as Vterrible shock
to the cteamshlp officer," wlio' but' a
ftw months ago had enjoyed a vM
from. his son, upon the latters return
l'Toa school. The; young man Hai"
t with lha Jnhn llonklnfc
University, and gav every, promise q
rripidly .making hlsmar in his caoa
en profession. - : . .
Purser Grasett has the sincere sym-
lathy of a largtf fciiowms.or. menaa,
- in this, his hour of greatest sorrow, v
Hall Resumed vyitH 5usav
The steamer W. Gr Hall completed
; a round" trip . to ' Kauaf ports' yester-
Nicholson; The vcssel wrought a full
cargo; of sugar iicluaintt W00: sack
, or this commoaiiy, a numcer or craics
of chickens, 20 prrc'iapes sr.ndrles Gnu
30 empty wine trrcls The Hail is
4 land at? 5 a'clockahls evening, taking
passengers,-mail vnad frcist,
",- a- . tm p...." vf "
Kauai Suoar RicrL
Purser Logan- !n 4he Jnter.Tslan4
"tteamer Hall re porta the following
atigar aa AwaJUcg ahipment at Kauai
tartar P "Cnf)0.-XI. A. K. 793. G &
P. 9298, BcaH.27S, K: & U 4150, K.
T. ;S785.. V. K. UOa sacks,
Hawaii gvirar far TranBlpfBt. f
For -transhinment to the mainland.
the InterJsland steamer Nllaap Is an
arrival from the Island of Hawaii with
DS00 sacks of thia 4 commodity. The
last of the sugar was aiseaarged yes-
-1 The delegation or ; -sixteen offlcerc
snd men in tne niua Hr nsa sieamer
K&trel have made raas.y- friends dur-,
l3g iheir, short stay, it the-port of Ho-'
- Th ITtrt rfpnarfM for the
a&ith sea Isles yesterday.
Tourists maue" up the bulk of the
passengers cerl,Rs miaua
-i'fcWall ia thr Imcr-islani steamer
rled large Biiatcrrof volcano visit
ors. : -. r- -
: The, American-Hawaiian . freighter
1 Francisco Is reported to nave arrivea
at Srattla on Tcccday. .This .vessel
ia now comclf tins carzo ior. me xiv.t
. m . a ft. a
wailan Islanf.X The i Alaskan is due
to arrive at Ilc-aolalu;ca February 16.
- ii ii ii
ii -
i i . - u r II
I m t . ' i - - - - 5 - . 1 . . j I . a ' B I. f I
Captain VV. T. Filmer, a veteran ves-
f cl master in the Pacific, and associat
t cfi. with tho Toyo Kisen Kalsha, since
1359. In the capacity of commander of
various trans-Pacifk; liners belonging
ta the Japanete fleet, has retired from
( the company, and departed for Great
j Britain, where it is said that he wil
send his remaining years.
1 Thf l!nr Tenrn Mam .anh-lni,'.
Honolulu thia morning brought the
rcwa of Captain Fllmers withdrawal
Lfnom active participation in the navi
'sstlon of- Toyo Kisen Kalsha liners.
vhich was received with much regre;
y- the large circle of friends,' Captain
.lmer possesses at this port ' -fl
For some years Captain Filmer has
-ten on the reserve list of T. K. K.
kippers. He pasied .through Honol
ulu on his last voyage to the eat
ime months ago, at that time he was
i a command of the Tenyo-during lu
- bsence of Captain Bent on vacation;
Captain Filmer is reported taj have
ailed from Yokohama . but a abort
'.me prior to the dpearture of the ien
o from the Japanese port. -4 ....
x In, speaking of the long service of
be veteran commander and. up to the
tme of hia departure 'foruEngianu,
ras rated as commodore of the fleet,"
1 ; offlcer 'It ithe; Teny6 Maru thia
' t.oming' said: - : 1 V; f
tICaptain Filmer first commenced 25s
ea " career." in 1858 as a young cadet
n the Navy, but for family; reasons
ad six yeaj later to Join the mer-i-ntlle
marine. For, forty-five years ne
as been7 in cbmmand of "the vesels oi
veral ; companies, among them the
-Vaterford Steamsmp ! Co the Holt
-oVand H. "'EL Mo: a Co. of Liverpool,
n 1889 Captain Filmer Joined the T.
. Kv and brought out jthe Hongkong
Vara, being since In command of other
'fb-sels of the fleet. He' was weV
xown aa a careful, navigator tad a
'.enlal conimacder. V ; ' V I -i. '.
A number of friends are said to have
Jslted the' Jilshima Maiu at -Xokoha-ua
to- bid bon. voyage, to the genial
ffcr.t'nli mrA tAwfRh lilm flVPfY hannt-
t rn thr TiareafratTit Southampton
vhere bis wife and daughters reside.
i Per T. K K. S; S. Tenyo Mara. For
Jonolulu J.' F. Anderson, MrvJ.-F.
Anderson, blaster Paul Anderson Mfss
Kachel Anderson, Mrs. T, Akai, Mai iter
I. AkaL D. G. Grandon, Rear-Admiral
X B. T. Moore, U. S. N., Mrs, C B. T.
Moore, F. G. B, Walker, K. Yokota,
Mra. K. ' Yokota. For San Francisco:
AaamVYIVV S. Barry, W. H. Becker,
II. S. Bailey, Capt W. Brackett, .U.1 S.
S Capt. J. W. Craig, Judge A. a Car-'-on,
C. Caldwell, Fred G: Cotton, Mrs.
ed G. Cotton; M. Chapeaux, Miss R.
Choso. J. M. Durham, Mrs. J. M. Dur-
"iim, B. J. Flynn, S. Furukawa, K. U
Ford, Mrs. EL L. Ford, Master Jas.
rd.Mlss . Alice u roro wrs. j. it.
"oreman,' Matter Albert Foreman,
Rev. L. a Guise, Mrs. L. C. Guise, W.
H.: Gallaher, Wm. H. Halbtreret, Mrs.
Wm. .H. Halbert, F. VV, Hanford, Mrs.
F. W. Hanford, Rev. F. W4 Heckelman,
f r W.. Klsker, S. Kozu, 'C M. Lack, J.
i V Mulder. Miss E. Maguet,4 M. ' Masuo a
Job. M elczef. Rev. EL M.; Obrecht K.
Gkamoto, Ex. Gov. Wm. F,;Pack, hlita
Hcrtense Rodenburg, Rer,- T, u Sin
clair, Edgar Salinger, T. Shoda, Jhp.
L Tbaro.- L. A- Train. C R, Trow-
brjdsre, Harold B. TuQlt Mrs. Harold
It.: Tnfflll, Dr.v Chaa.' C. Wadswdrth,
Mrs. Char, C. Wadsworth, Mrs: C. C.
Warden. v
Ewa has had a lltely ruir in small
parcels both - in recess and on the
beard, without any-change, 110 shares
having been reported and half as
many more sold on the board, six un
equal lots altogether, all at 26,60. -A
quarter more point more is asxeo.
Onomea is unchanged at S3 for 10
sharee in recess and' 5 on the board,
and this is the -asking ; price.: Fifty
shares of Mutual i Telephone are .re
ported at the previous last sale price
of 28.25." McBryde fives ure unchang
ed at 97.75 for $1700 reported.,; Oahu
had the heaviest run of anything: at
the session, when 80 shares in six mv
equal lots 6old without change at
2S.12H, this being the asking price.
Hawaiian commercial fell off three
eighths to 34.62 for the small mat
ter of 5 shares. .
Centrifugals In New York appear to
be firm at S.48, that price having con-'
tinued since two weeks ago yesterday. 1
Two Inter-Island ."steamers are on
the berth for dispatch for Hawaii
ports today. The Wallele, with freight
for Paauhau, Honokaa and Kakuihaele
1s expected to get away shortly after
noon hoor followed by the steamer
Maui .for Kobaialeh?., paauiio,,.Kukai-
au, Laupahoehoe. These vessels take
no passengers; . :
I i (Continued from Pad 1)
: :
determination to leave the service of
the company. The full list follows:
W. F. Thompson, John H. Heaake,
Samuel Thompson, IL Williamson,
M. Oncss, O. W. Olsson, Geo. EL
Piltx, W. J. Wler. J. W. Sack, Thos,
Sanderson, - Wm. ' Mehenla, Jem
Malah Leavy, John Henfuiu, B. Din-
stad, Jos. F. Miller, G 'W, Johnson,
Geo. Nystrom. J. R. Billits, Sam
Hcelo, J. M. Ulunahele, Paul Heinuer,
F. Carlson, Moses Naopala, Daniel
Kalilki, S. J. Harris. Mafauka Daniel,
F. Berg, Bease, Pr Sbroader,. G.
Buck, H. , Rasmussen, W. Hudson, M.
Oldenborg. . ?; .. r V
; In contradiction of the assertion of
the uore optimistic captains ,; and
mates. v that the company would' find
more -and jnoreifflculty in getting
its ships put and , in ;on . time, the
records of the company, and of the
port officials show that the steamers
are : leaving .promptly,' and without
difficulty.:',: ; - v.;.-:., v',;': :;, v
At 11 Inter-Island - wharves today
business is reported as going along in
the usual 'manner. !, The steamer Wai
lele has been given large general
cargo of lumber,1- fertilizer and sundries-
for Hawaii island sugar planta
tionsf and it is the expectation to dis
patch this.: vessel, this afternoon; Tbe
vessel is. predicted to sail with, one' of
the regular Inter-Island Steam Navi
gation ; vessel masters, and the prob
able addition of a a new .mateT t The
skipper for he Wailele had not been
fully determined at noon tbday, but it
was believed that Captain; Nicholson
might receive, the appointment
The steamer Maul is now. on ther.vV at Honolulu. ...Of the latter are
berth to, take cargo for Hawaii, ports
either this evening or tomorrow. morn -
Ing. 'The , vessel was expected jto-be
fully .loaded today,, but late consign
ments of freight; will . doubtless pre
vent the, dispatch of the vessel before
tomorrow morning. ..
The Hall is getting out at 5 o'clock
this evening, and. for this trip may go
under.' the command of Captain BeA"
nett. U;! (---li
At the office' of tna Inter-Island no
t,roub!e or dissatisfaction, it is, believ
ed, will . be , found among- the. officers
in the steamers KaJulanL Kauai or the
Keauhou. ' :.,..'. . ; j,, (
- Hllo Is now the home port for' the
Kauai and the Kaiulanl. Had there
been any dissatisfaction among v- the
skippers or , mates in these boats, the
company profess to believe they, would
have faeard.trbm. it before th.is.i":.-
, The Helena is due to return, to Hoj
nolula With the last of the week.. The
management is of the opinion that the
officers in the Helena-will stick with
their Jobs
The . TJ. ' S. , Jl! T. : Sherman ' sailed
from , San Frandsco . for Manila; via
Honolulu yesterday. -
It is estimated that about ninety
per cent of the prospective, passengers
booked for the mainland in the Ocean
ic steamship Sierra axe tourists.
The Inter-Island steamer Claudine,
an arrival from Kahului and Lahalna
today is on the berth, to sail, for Manl
ports "at five o'clock tomorrow even
ing. ::' '-y- :-r
' .Passengers booked for the coast in
tile .Oceanic steamer Sierra to sail lor
Sanr Francisco at noon, Saturday total
one; hundred and, twenty-five at. the
agency of C." Brewer & Company. t
"Indians of the Painted
"Yellowstone Park."
"Panama and the Canal."
For the better part of ten days, the
Japanese liner Tenyo Mara, an arrival
nt the port of Honolulu this moix.a
showing mute evidence of the storm
kings fury, battled with wind and
Almo&t immediately after the dt
parture of the big steamship from Yo
kohama, weather was encountered
that for the little band of officers,
spelled trouble.
On the fourth day after leaving the
Japanese port, the Tenyo Maru feu m
with gales and monsterous seas that
la all intenta and purposes were the
aftermath of a heavy typhoon. With
cut a sigh of warning, oue of a succes
tion of gigantic seas struck the star
board aide of the leviathan, and tore
away a heavy gangway that had been
tefched to the stanchions of the ship
with steel cables.
. With .the destruction and toa aof the
structure also went overboard about
nfty feet of iron and wood rail. The
railing - followed the. uprooting of the-
bearings and anchorage for the ship's
gangway. ;.
Ports alone. 'the starooard ilde of
the liner were kept closed for the best
J part of atweek. vFor days at a time
water In immense ; volumes ran its
course along the outside passageways
aud promenade decks.
Luckily 4 no serious ss Tesulted
from Tenyo Maru offers, no Injury or
loss of life occured..
The half dozen life boats suspende
from davit on the; upper; deck and be
tween seventy an: eighty" feet from the
slaps wateriine, were frequently swept
by an evalanche of green seas.
That' these ..were not tjtove in or
swept overboard is looked upon la tna
The Tenyo Maru came to a berth at
IlHCkfeld wharf this 'morning, in as
n uch as the local oil company no long-,
er maintains station ship that caa
be' sWf ted .to other territorial wharves,'
The-' vessel is expected will be. dis
patched , for, San.. Francitco at ten
c clocks tomorrow morning following
the discharge 0f 1800 tons , freijht
f 1 oni oriental porta..; , . -
i.'TJae Tenyo Maru brought 12 cabin,
2 . second, class and .186 Asiatic steer
&ee naapeneara destined to remain
54 - Filipinos ''; for the sugarV planers
K - w bureau!;- : ,
The through list inctuaes t?; camn,
3- second jelasa ;and 6a ilitic . steer
ce passehgersK en route, to gan Fran1
cisco. The Tenyo Maru is carrying a
big through" cargo The vessel iaaome
days aheadot tie ,ld; tchedule wi-:
a view of arrixinc inoSan Francisco In
time to permit the.tliner to depart on a
Tipw, In'.nt. Pacific ;Mjail and T. K. K.
sailing -Umi'ifs'. V.f
(Contlnved from Pao"1).
probably make HO difference in. the
date of; taking ' over- the , command.
However, that I.; is ., tp , to Admiral
Cowles.; The trip acroas jho Pacific
was somewhat ronghuT i -.
Admiral Moore has been in com
mand of the naval station at Oiongapo
since last May, .having passed through
Honolulu -Aprils last' --Before going
to , the Asiatic . station Admirat Moore
commanded the naval training station
at , Goat Isiand,V San Francisco. He
.was captain of the, cruiser Colorado
Just prior to his- promotion to flag
rank. Before -that, he was governor
of American Samoa, whee he was held
in high regard by the natives, who
were continually bringing his their
disputes and troubles for settlement
' As an Uutaace of the .confidence
placer In hinf.by (the Samoans, about
a year ago, when some of the dpter
prising natives wanter a schooner in
which to carry their copra to market,
they sent the money to Admiral Moore
and left the .designing and construc
tion of the boat entirely to him. Al-'houa-h
a, very ..busy man, the admiral
found time to oblige his Id friends,
J.t fir. . f Ii ' 't), X
'..HI .
11 ILd
. Beautifully Illustrated
With Slides ahd Motion Pictures
cod had the schooner built, and saw
is safely off on Us voyage to the South
Admiral Moore says that things are
vtry quiet Just at present in the Far
Fist, and that he has heard of nothing
new in the China situation.
(Continued from Page 1)
terday morning by either of them, but
intimate that Joseph Rose, the court
interpreter, is. at the bottom of the
sensaional protes made by he pris
oner's father.
They did not mention Rose's name
in this connection, but Attorney Straus
in answer to a query today said;
"An interpreter to whom my client
objected at the beginning of the trial
threatened to make trouble because he
was , not nermiUed to act He de
clared it waa I, pot GaUnendez, who
refused to have him.
"Now, Galmendez, the man who was
on .trial, talks and. understands Eng
lish almost as well as I do, and he was
present when I. reiterated, time after
time, when this subject was - under
discussion, that It waa his wish not
mine, . that some other man . than- the
court ;interpreter be gjiven Jibn. Gal
mendea knew-, what! I was saying; as
well as anyone else in the courtroom,
and he did not deny my ataxemants.
L "Perhaps this interpreter has made
good his threat to cuae trpuble. 1
don't, know.- I do kj)bw that there is
iwtliing furthei, to say on: the nV
ter. . Galmendex knew what he was do-
IcgT when he pleaded" guilty 'and be
did it on his ow nfree wiU. It is all
c-rer now. and nothing' further can be
done." ' : !''i: ': . ;
It was reported loday' that the mat
ter is to.be furberlooked Into by the
prosecuting attorney and perhaps the
ccurC '-'.VV:ittr'7 .-.
(Continued f roor Jst l
. I 1 I itlll.l l
day. and probably. .. that j s , the reason
'why the 'Is making Y his request' now,
that and. receipt, of news froia Wash
ington indicating that the Indorsement
of the committee will have an Import
ant influence when' if comes to nam
ing a goY.erno.;;;t.C' ,;';,;',,
"some two months axo the commit
tee passed a . resol u tion , that it I is .ex
pedient to ' indorse but' one . candidate
for governor, and deciding also to .in
dorse the. man who bad .the highest
number-of votes . In the committee.
McCandless .was thereupon Indorsed.
The committee Is therefore answering
Mr,Wallers request la the; negative.
The ,party organization la. supporting
McCandless for governor and the Dem
ocrats -here are -preparing-to -urge his
appointment npon the incoming Dem
ocratic administration.'..
: The Grand Duke Andreas Vladimtro-
vtch,'youngest son. of. the Grand "Duke
Vladiiirf taHef tOTsUtlHhrBai
lefna Marie Karlscha Inskaya, a cele-
li a ted and beautiful actresa of the Im
perial Theater. '.It is said they are to
be' -married abroad . . , -VV : .
It enfranchisement of women is cot
tAcudedVin the present bill before the
House, the English suffragettes threat
en to become more "mllltanV.than
ever before, c Recruits for "special
dntyT .are arriving Jipm Scotland ind'
tie provinces. -. '. -
A workmen employed on his estate
in Miramlx attempted the assassina
tion of Archduke Louis v Salrator. of
Tuscany. One ot the bullets grazed
tl o archduke, and teverely. wounded a
governess. . .'.. .,7 ''
Archduke Ralner of the House or
Hapsburg is dying in Vienna. The
Archduke who is closely related to
Emperor Francis is 86 years old.
Charles Nieuport, a French aviator
rnd his mechanic were killed while
making a monoplane flight near
Ftamps, France. . .;r i- ;f f" tf -i-
Paris is in teror of a repitiuon of
the 1910 flood. The' Seine has risen to
within six feet of the floodu marks of
tlat year.
Horses in Montana and Idaho- have
become infected with the disease that
has killed so many in x the - middle
western, states... ..Over J00O horses
have died of it In Montana. -
75c and $1.00
Promotion Committee
-T-".' r- af r af -
. 9
'a which Is oomblned , the HAWAIIAN- STAR; establiseed ilSJ. and the
EVENING BULLETIN, established 18S2. Issued Dally and Seml-Wetkly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders, T 1
" - y . Photo-Engravers, a v, r ;
WALLACE R. FAKniXGTOKr.. General Busine8d Manager
v . . v. keotxb Associated pbess. ;: r . .
(Preferred Positlim 20) . ...... . . .. . . ...... ; 20c. PER INCH
LEGAL Aim TRANSIENT RATE, $1 First Insertion v
CLASSIFIED, One Cent perl word SO cents per line per week.
MAIN OFFICES . . .... 1 ; . i . . . . . . 105J ALAKEA STREET
Telepheaew Editorial Eaoms flS5 Baslacss Office S25I
BRANCH OFFICE .'. , . . . , ......... , . , MERCHANT STREET
- ' ' '. - . i i
Per Month, anywhere In United States
Par Quarter anywhere in United States
Per Year, anywhere in United SUtes
Per Tear, postpaid,, foreign
Per Six Months . ............. .
Per Year, anywhere la United SUtes.,
Per Year, anywhere in .Canada . .....
Per Year, nostnadl fbrelarn
Aaaress su ctmnaaicauoas xo uoneiaii star-mniaua. LIU Ilcaoisia, T. IL
" 1 .
The Inter-Island propose dispatch. . The urgent need of a paved thor
lng the steamer W. G. Hall for Kauai oughfare leading to HaAfeld wharf
ports at nve : o'clock this evening,
LAJLiuac ialh i rnMiui. luaauttiri Kfra ann am.
considerable amount of cargo consist-
a . A M - . ' a v . a .
ius w mnuuer, uunoer ana suppuea
for Garden Island plantations.
Vr hart been tn business in this tows
for aorae tima, and wa are loeklna to
build up trade by always advising our
patrens tlgau 1 .,
So when : we tell you that we -'have
fouad the ecsemsv remedy-end that wa
Und back of it with tha manufactarer's
Iron clad amarantee, backad by ourselvea
you can dpod upon It that we give our
advteenot in-order to sell a faw bottles
of madidna to akin -sufferers, but be
caa sa we know how It will help our
business if we help our patrons,;- :;
: : We keen In stock and ceil, all the well
known; Un remedies. But w will ear
tma : ll you are Buffering trom aay
Kind or SKin trouble, aesema, psoriasis,
rash or tetter, we want you to try a full
alae bottle of D. D. D. Preacrtptlon.
And. if It does not do (he work, this
Benson. Smith St,
. ,
.'1. V
While the Stock
is at Itslbesi
Wehave jiever
of fervid better
- r- f"; ; ;j:r '
vt -
The Bargain Makers
Fort & Hotel Sts.
mm m m
S Vi) x p ' i
Expert repair work. Auto magnetos
cialty. ;. lf t , r
1119 For St above Hotel
I, .
1 .
. . ; . . ... , ....,. l.oo
... . . ..... .. ... . . ... ....... 5.00
' ".-v::li-. 5.:. 4 no
ii i ! -i
was plainly emphislxed thia morning
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scls to this berthing. The condition
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oi tae sireei peyona ruuanu sircam
is wretched in the extreme, 4 V
bottle-will cost you notlls Tea alonar
to Judva. - f
' Aral a and arain we have seen bow s
few; drops of this' simple wash applied
Bianuy. Aca .iae cures au aeect o oe
permanent.4 - -. -
'P, D. P.1 Preaeriticn rmfle by the
aW V MMUI aiVI lie) Jk w iiiV-4 'J, I
composed of thymol,' grlyertnee oil tj
aa4 r-t a enraA t an-nrV rvi Vi at e V Aa line- baa ralfi
coollzieT ingredients. And it yo t tr ,
Just crazy with itch, you will feI
w Mtveii ati -bw hum v ibuva weatiii a?wMiaia
vitv -e a w m vta w v m voa J
washed away the moment you arpUoi
this D. D. D.
We haye raada fxrt friisia cf tnora
tiaa one famUy by recommend in thi"
raiaedr to a, alcla sufferer bere and
there and we want you to try It now
tn our positive no-pay gxaxastea. v.-
Co Druggists.
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We carry a complete line of
and complicated work our spe
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Pfaone 4344
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