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INOUEISTSH SlvaWt treuble of havtng YouVlBais9t
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ill! ifeds -r'- p " ejiji.oj 631.0.44 . . A briT Ffwiinecw
. 'Sit. ----L '"il- P p-: ! i 1 steaming l.o miles without a rud- Kh I I II ill II AT V
- :3ife1 J U j-ij-3 1.3, 104 6-31 vAwa der. the details of a mishap to the 111.41 111 V I II ml J?
k LSlK f v . JltvH . ,.s e so! tie lu -
1 x r.l ' TltVTli V ' j - i-nw ! I I j 1 . freighter Seward, which put into Ma- J t
From daylight on February 24th,
Wlien the big Hamburg-American liner
Cleveland Is due to arrive at Hilo, un
til the evening of February 2tth, when
the excursion steamer takes her de
parture from Honolulu, for Japan, the
round-the-world party for the year
1914 will be giveu additional time in
Hawaiian .waters.
Honolulu and Hilo share, the honors
In the new Hamburg-American world
tour as outlined in a schedule that has
just been submitted to Shipping Man
ager Frederick Klebahn. with the de
parture of the Cleveland for the Orient
last night. With the addition of Hilo
to the itinerary of the next year excur
sion comes the announcement that the
Cleveland will pass through the Pan-
- ama canal, about ten days being con-
suraed In steaming from Colon to San
r Francisco. -l,
One feature of the 1914 tour will be
al slight increase in the rate offered
the .traveler, following the marked ad
V ditiooaT inileage. , Thes minimum, tariff
.will be increased fr,om $650 to. a ig
" , ure approximating $825, with an in-
r-creksd irate f fare. ,depf ndlhjf 4pon
tbe location of the staterooms.
; r ; The 1914 - tour will Inclnde several
; t Jpohitvheretofore .not cohered by " the
Hamburg-American liner.
The Cleveland has been decided up-
l on by the. management as. the regular
v excursion steamer for the world
-"Xruise. Tnls vessel Is now listed1 to
V sail from . Hamburg on January 8,
1 -1014 reaching New York on Janu
ary ISth and sailing from that -point
with perhaps, five hundred excursion
fists n -January 27th. The Cleveland
thenr calls 1 at Havana, Kingston . and
i Colon, entering the new Panama Canal
f to ; February 6th. Arriving at San
'VFrancfseo on February 16th the Cleve-
; g '
. f Vl ItbpTpIulu business Interests as well
t' .: a transpacific travelers will gain an
f eitri steamer from w this city to the
yZ j?oast,.the. latter-part of the present
v : tronth, with.-the dispatch of th Mat
. son. NaviiatIon liner Hllonian for San
; CFrantis'co, on .pr about February 27th.
, The Hllbnlan when in the passenger
v ; 4r,ade some, months ago, has acdom
; .wodated as .many as forty-five travel-
era. The vessel has of late been op-
ratedr .as , a, freight carrier between
, the Sound and the UlShds, and for
; that .reason was. withdrawn from the
;" passe.nger field.
'-:,.AVlili;a,:.y?ew to relieving any pos
f ifJbie, congestjoh of passengers deslr-
" ' Ins , to tretorn to the mainland, the
- Hllonian will be held here, awaiting
i .the teritlnaiibn, of the Floral Parade
" festivities. Local passenger agents,
'.representing the several , ocean-going
ithefa -tpuchlng at Honolulu, do: not
A : anticipate ,ariv difficulty in furnishing
' I ajbeomm'od atlon ,to , all applicants for
; ' itfansixjrtatton to The mainland, during
' "'the next few .weeks. .
" S Bookings at the several shipping of-
V flees, indicate but a fair amount of
v,. sngef trhffio,
;. '" . Sa
e5mfrMaul Returned With
Miiqii. Sugar .4
:-J5ui,v4cade; up the bulk of the
v, rargo. Draught from Hawaii ports in
theClluterdsland steamer -MauL This
vc&eel4nade a quick round trip to the
V - Big Jsland, ,;With a view of assisting
r cia;kanitig up .same, of the accumula-
'lotion, of, sugar at Hawaii- warehouses.;
j : ueoessei,-iy repenea iw. nave mei
w4th Time, weather and with favorable
.winds and smooth. ,sea3.
! Mcuna La Filled With Freight
r .'The Intlsland steamer Mauna
; Loa departed for Kona and Kau ports
?'at noon . today leaving many tons
, freight behind. The vessel was filled
rrto hev hatches with cargo, and the
" mandgethcnt was obliged to turn-away
:tnore thad one shipment for windward
JUwaiL ports. The vessel sailed with
a fair siztd. list of passehgers in the
cabin, -.and on deck. The Mauna Loa
4s to return here on February 21st,
and the Kilauea Is believed will then
resume the run to Kona ports.
Lbrllne BacV Sunday
The Matson Navigation steamer
LUrWne -with seven hundred tons
i freight from the mainland for dis-
' 'charjgp at Kahului, failed for the Maul
port list nlfht and Is due to return
here early Sunday morning. The Lur-
i line Is to take oh sugar, pines and
ttuhdries for the coast, the steamer
Being scheduled for departure at six
ro'cloek next Tuesday evening.
; '''rcspatches from Washington report
that during the year 1912 there wore
.1T27 vessels of all classes con tru?tcd
f vith a .total tonnage of 292,477. Th
tonnage was smill?r han dur'nc the
vrevlous i year, when 1592 ves.eis were
built which indicates that tl,e boats
' constructed last year were of smaller
tonnage' than the average.
r ' vThe barkentine S. N. Castle is tak
. ; Ing on ballast today preparatory to de-
arture for Sau Francisco.
land Is to depart from that port on
;the 18th, reaching Hilo on February
i 24th at daylight, and departing from
j there for Honolulu in the evening of
the came day. The Cleveland party
will remain at Honolulu from daylight
of February 25th until five o'clock in
the evening of February 26th. .,
Yokohama is visited on March 10th
'and the vessel sailing from, Nagasaki,
I the last port of -call in Japan oh
I March 22d. The Cleveland then pro
ceeds to Tsingtau. arriving, at the
German stronghold of North China on
March 24th, remaining there one full
,day- ,
j From Tsingtau the Cleveland steams
to Hongkong, the party spending four
.oVys at the South China port. Manila
is expected will entertain, th Cleve
! If nd visitors from April 2nd until the
.evening of April 3rd. the German
' steamer sailing from the Pearl City of
the Orient to Batavia and thence to
Singapore. The Cleveland party 1
scheduled to bid farewell to the
Straits Settlements metropolis on the
exening of April 12th the next ort of
call for he vessel being Rangoon, Bur
ruh the steamer, reaching? there after
l ve days steaming from Singapore.
Y-Calcutta has been-eliminated from
t the cruise because of the uncertainty
of entering the Hooghly river and the
OCuuatisfactory anchorage offered at
Diamond Harbor. The Cleveland ex
cursionists will visit CalcutU by rail
the tourists to proceed overland over
the Indian state railway lines from
Leaving Bombay on Maly 6h, Suez
Canal is passed, the liner arriving at
Port Said May 18.
Then follow calls at Naples, Bibral
tai and temhlnating the tour at South
ampton May 30th or Hamburg, May 31.
, The' ilatson Navigation steamer
Lurline, retbrned from San Francisco
on Wednesday - morning minus one
well known messboy with the stew
ards department
Percival Farnwell, who has made
several trips across the Pacific In the
Lurline, is said to have been placed
under arrest upon the arrival of the
Lurline at San Francisco,
As before noted in these columns,
Farnwell was charged with having
entered; into a conspiracy to land
two Japanese at the coast for a fi
nancial consideration.
When the Lurline' reached her
wharf at San Francisco the federal
immigration inspectors had the two
Japanese found on board the Lurline
turned over to their custody.
At an investigation conducted at
Angel Island, the Japanese are said
ta have declared that they were smug
gled on board the Matson steamer at
; Honolulu and that by. payment o-
9180, they were guaranteed a safe
landing at San Francisco.
Four Big Liners will be Chinese
; The Kongo, a battleship-cruiser,
built in England for the Japanese gov
ernment is to be ready for sea In April
according to word which reached this
I port with the arrival of th s Toyo
Kisen Kaisha liner Tenyo Maru. some
flayt ago. The Kongo was expected to
leave Great Britain for Japan In June,
taking a routa around the Cape of
Good Hope. Infqrmatiqn was alsm
I brought to the effect that the Chin
it. lLIi.i - i ., . '
.itrcuauus f omjuLny oas piaceu an or
iler. in England for four big liners,
which will be so constructed that they
mIIJ be available for the tninlng of
cadets for an extended Chinese navy.
ind in time of war the vessels will
be turned into cnUsars.
Nile Here In the Morning
With 'ten lay-over passengers, and
232 sacks inter- mainland mail, the
Pacific Mail liner Nile from. San Fran
cisco is due to arrive off the port
at an early hour tomorrow morning,
and later will be berthed at Alakea
wharf. j
It is the present intention of H.
Hackfeld & Company to dispatch the
vessel for Japan and China ports at
five o'clock tomorrow evening.
! Master of Amazon Oied at Sea.
I Ninety-three days from Port Gamble
! the barkentine Amazon put into iqui
jqne, Chi I-?, on Tuesday, repor Ing that
bei matier, Captain MacLeod, hui
died during the voyage (fawn the
cp.ist and had been buried at sea. Tho
Amazon sailed irom rort Gamble on
October 20, and passed Cape F'af ery
on October 24. Tne n?ws of Captain
MacLeod's leuii was received in Seat
tie by cable to the Sea'tlo Merchants'
Scire quick work lias been done in
the discharge of a shipment of eight
hundred tons nitrates from the baik
cntine S. N. Castle and that vessel is
now ready for sea. The Castle arriv
ed here on February 7th with a earso
consigned to the agency of the Pacific
Guano and Fertilizer Company.
u l utmm
' 0-37 1 ilUfrl 8.M 6-QOl t-3
First quarter. of the moon Feb. 13th,
Time not stated In tables.
Mail forwarded to the mainland in
the Japanese liner Tenya Maru Is re
i,orted to have reached the coast yes
terday. .
The Pacific Mail liner Nile due tb
arrive from the coast tomorrow, t,
bringing down a later mall from the
mainland. ( " '
Sailing from Honolulu on the last of
January, the barkentine Aurora is re
ported, to have arrived at San Fran1
cisco yesterday. - i
With the completion of minor re
pairs and; repainting, the schooner 3a-,
lem is to be dispatched for the Soond,
taking ballast. The vessel is now on
the local marine railway.
to -
A Diesel ImnroTeraent.
An arrangement- of propelling ma
chinery for ships in which, says the
Manchester Guardian, a steam turbine
and a Diesel oil engine are coupled to
each propeller shaft has been patented
by Sulser Bros., of Winterthur,. Swit
zerland, The object of this unusual
combination' is to permit of either coal
or oil fuel being used. When oil fuel
is available, the Diesel engines will be
run, but whed only coal is available or
when the Diesel engines break down
the turbines will be operated. There
are some obvious objections to this ar
rangement in the first- place, it
means greater weight of machinery,
greater space required for machinery,
extra bunkers, to accommodate the
two kinds to fuel, and increased com
plication. Liners plying on regular
services are not usually in doubt as to
whether or not they can obtain oil
fuel, and for them the advantages of
the combination are not very clear.
The tramp steamer finds Itself forced
to use all sorts of fuel, according to
its port ot call, and therefore stands
most in need of the combination ma
chinery; but one would expect '.that
the trible objections of : increased
weight, space, and complexity would
be fatal.
to . !
Oa their Initial outward bound trips
to Vancouver the two new C. P. R.
liners, the Empress of Asia and the
Empress of Russia will make trips
around the world and U Is expected
wilkcarry a large passenger list. They
are' scheduled to leave, Southampton
on April 1 and May 27 respectively,
and will call at Gibraltar, Monte Car-;
lo, Port Said, Suet, Colombo, PehangJ
and Singapore en route to HohxKong,
From that port the. two liners -intended
for the Vancouver-Japan ser-'
vice wilt touch at Shanghai and the
usual Japan ports.
Captain Robinson will command the
Asia and Captain Beetham the RusslaV
Pr tr W. G. Hall, for Kauai norts.
Feb. 13. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ham
mond. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Gllnes, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Richardson, Dr. D. E.
Drew, W. T. Frost. W. K. Park, Mis
R. Antcne, Miss Robinson, G. N. Wil
cox, Mrs, Geo. Buchholtz, F. Crawford.
J. R. Gait, Jho. Waterhouse, F. B.
Per sir. Kilauea, for Kona and Kan
ports, Feb. 14. Miss Hurd, J. J. Hur
dy, Master Oliver Aiu, Miss Mary.
Per str. Mauna Loa, for Kona and
Kau ports, Feb. 14. K. ShibayashL
M. E. Lutz, Mr. and Mrs. T. a White.
Per stmr. Claudine, for Kahului and
Lahaina pprts, Feb. 14. illss Wilcox,
Miss TL Sloggett, H. M. Gittel, M.
Jacob, J. P. Kapike.
Per str. Mauna Kea, for Hilo via
way ports, Feb. 15. Mr. and. Mrs. S.
Payne, J. P. M. Richards, Mrs. E. P.
Smith, Mrs. Geo. W. Daw, Miss E.
Daw, Mrs. J. B. Nuss, Miss Vina
Nusa, H. Busher, Mrs. W. J. Moody,
John Breault, J. Fernandez, wife and
two children; Mr. and Sirs. F. Fer
nandez, Mrs. A. V. Fernandez, Mrs.
Patterson, Mrs. E. M. Foster. J. Mei
necke. R. L. JIalsey, C. B. Hall. Pal
mer Hext, Kan Yen, Col. Sam Johnson,
A. Haneberg. D. II. Glade, Mrs. Blo
meyer, Miss McMillan, Mr. and Mrs.
M. E. Church, H. Glade. Mrs. Cowles,
Miss Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
Marshall, T. M. Barrows, Miss Atchin
son. Miss M. E. Averille, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp, W,
L. W. Miller, J. P. Keppler, Mrs. L. T.
Gatese, Mrs. G. A. Meyer and two in
fants, Mr. and Mrs. A. Greery, Mr. and
Mrs. F. G. Hummell, E. A. Sherlock.
Per str. Kinau. for Kaoai ports, Feb.
18. Bishop Libert, G. Bustard, M. Osa
ki. S. Spltzer.
Per str. Claudine. for Maul ports,
Feb. 17. L. Tbbriner. Mrs. Henshall.
Per str. W. G. Hall, for Kauai ports,
Feb. 20 Mrs. J. K. Gahdall.
At the time the Toyo Kieen Kaisha
liner Nippon Marn called at Japan
ports en route to Honolulu, the Nip
pon Yusen Kaisha had completed ar
rangements for the construction of a
nuniber of big passenger and freight
carriers for the trans-Pacific and
European service. New liners were
being constructed for the European
service, and others will be drafted in
to the Australian line. The Inabaa
Maru, a vessel of 7000 tone, will be
the first of the big liners to leave
Japan for Australia. According to
present arrangements, she will sail
about the middle Of July. The Tango
Maru. from the European line, will
also be transferred to the Australian
Steaming l.0 miles withotit a rud
der, the details of a mishap to the
Alaska Steamship Company's big
freighter Seward, which put into Ma
zatlan, Mexico, last January, have
been received with the arrival of the
transport Sherman.
Under charter to the Pacific Mail
Steamship Company, the Seward was
bound from San Francisco for Pana
ma with a cargo of general merchan
dise. While 100 miles south of Cape
St. Lucas, in a heavy gale, the vessel
lost her rudder and was left at the
mercy of enormous seas for many
hours. Captain Johnston tried jury
rudders and jury rigs of all kinds and
finally was able to bring the vessel
lh Mazatlan, from which port - he
notified, the charterers of the vessel
and -her owners of his pl.ight.
Tke Sewards master, in the report
Just-received, says that he was nine
days and -nights in making 150 miles,
and reached port only after experienc
ing many difficulties. iThe rudder was
entirely-one and he was unable ; to
steer anything like a direct course.
For many1 bOHrs the Seward described
a circle, bet Captain Johnston finally
managed to- make some headway, and
as he described ft "zigzagged his way
- Another difficulty that -confronted
Captain 'Johnston was the fact that
there is no drydock at Mazatlan, and
no facilities, for making the extensive
repairs needed- to the 'Seward. The
nearest drydock and repair shops are
at Sallna Cruz, more, than 800 miles
south of Mazatlan, and to this port the
Seward must be sent in tow of a tug
or some other vessel. The officials of
the company said that this would 'be
done, as there is no other way of get
ting the rudderless Seward to Sallna
Cruz. . -
nn ihiviTATinni?!TAMi
UI1 111? LlJlIIUil I
i h u h a a 1 1 w i r
Dr. J. S. B. Pratt, president of the
hoard of health reeclved an anony
t?;tus communications this morning
that is puzzling him; he is wondering
whether it Is a threat or an invitation
The writer says that If the healtTi in
spectors do notimmediately attend
to the mosquito situation In the vicin
ity of King and Aiapai streets he and
Dr. Pratt "will meet at F. 0; B.'next
Wednesday night" '
Typed on plain nrhlte paper, ostensi
tly by white mm and apparently
studiously mtsipelled . and ungramma
tically worded,-the epistle is published
below 'verbainat rt- '
"Honolulu H. T. Feb. 13, lfll.!
"Dr. J. S. B. Pratt,
"Board of-Health,
"Judiciary Bids, Honolulu.
' "Dear Sir; Allow me to call yosi at
tention In regard to some inspectors
about sanltory and mosquitoes.
"Your inspeetors are so down' lazy
In they Jobs that tha White pepoi Jis
trict are not very well protect .
"On tre mauaka side of King Aiapai
Streets nothing but our white residen
ces on the nakai side on King Street
you see nothing but dirty Oriental
"At the back of this stores you v ill
find Low swarm land with billions aft
er billions mosquitoes coming into this
world every mnutes while the bu'rd
of health ttill sleeping.
"Some of the front stores arc .m eld
to be In that part of the town unfitted
doing sanlory business.
"Of-course I am entirely a stranger
to yod but we ara , brother just tue
same and I want to pee that the white
r;;ce are well proectd.
"I beg you to take action .n th's
subject we will fellow your path.
"If ybu fail to do as I told w will
i!.eet at F. O. B . next Wednesday
c ght.
"Very tni'v -0.trs.
"F. O. B."
The countess do-Chavanes3. former
ly Miss" Benson of Philadelphia, has
! been found in France in a destitute
I i n mlKtul tn (ha Tat A
Archbishop Benson and E. F. Benson,
the novelist.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of Pacific Sugar Mill will be
held at the office of F. A. ochaefer &
Company. Limited, in Honolulu, on
Friday, the 21st day of February, 1913.
at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Honolulu, February 14th. 1913.
At the annual meeiing of the stock
holders of Hoiokaa Sugar Company,
held at the office of F. A. Schaefer &
Company, Limited, in Honolulu, on
Friday, the 14th of February. 1913.
the following officers ere duly elect
ed to serve for the ensuing year:
F. A. Schaefer President
H. H. Baird YicejPresident
R. P. Rithet ...Second Vice-President
W. Lanz . . : .Treasurer
J. W. Waldron Secretary
James Grtig .
.Assistant Secretary
Audit "Company of Hawaii .. .Auditors
The Directors elected to serve din
ing the same period bein? F. A.
Schaefer. W. H. Baird. W. Lanz. H.
Focke.'O. Rodiek, K. If. Wodehouse.
J. W. Waldron.
Secreiary, Honokna Sugar Company.
Kauai's grip on important legisla
tive positions will be broken if an
Cahu Republican Senator comes to the
front for the presidency, according to
the political dopesters who are now
busy a work.
It is declared that the Oahu Demo
cratic senators, three in number, are
ready to join a combine of forces to
defeat Eric Knudsen. the veteran who
aspires to. head the upper house
again. Knudsen is working hard to
get the presidency again, and mean
while no Oahu Republican is coming
forward. Senator Chillingworth has
decided to devote his time to the Flor
al Parade, and the only serious . rival
of Knudsen is thus eliminated.
: Now the political gossip Is busy with
the names of Senators Albert Judd
and Cecil Brown, both of whom, it
was said today, would be given the
support of the Oahu Democrats if they
would consent to make the race
against Knudsen. Senator Baldwin of
Maul t9 believed to be-ready to join in
any movement that would wrest some
of the laurels from Kauat. Where the
Hawaii bunch vrtmld stand is not
known definitely.
, A story that the failure of the last
legislature to reapportion the legisla
tive districts might invalidate the acts
of he 'Coming legislature has been go-
thg the roonds again. - This point was
brought1 tip. two- lyeara ago when the
legislature failed, to pais the ttappori
tlbnmeht bill; Kauai doing some "clever
blocking b&sacse If the blfl had passed
tSe GardeaMsiand would hate lost- a
seoaifcr. iAt' that ttm' well-informed
lawyeraook- thd attnnde'fthat the leg-f
islatnre vrduld itcvbe:lnvalidated.
(Continued frorrt .Pag61)
pounding away at the Federals until
half past two o'clock, when the Fed'
erals ceased firing and withdrew out
of range of thcrebet gunners. .'
It was during the hottest part of the
morning's engagement that Gen. De
la Vega sent word to President Ma
dera that because of the protection
afforded the rebets by the position of
the American embassy, it would be
necessary to tear down ths structure.
Otherwise, he added, he could no ad
vance. This was communicates to
Ambassador Wilson with a request
that he select another embassy site,
but the American representative
promptly refused td move.' '
Shortly after this General Diaz sent
an envoy to the Embassy with a de
mand that' the United States recognize
the belligerency of his forces.; Mr.
Wilson promptly refused this demand
And other
The up - to
Upon arriva at San Frar.ciscat by having it SCALED btfore leaving Hono
lulu. We give our personal attention to Bagjage entrusted to us and set
that it is properly Scaled. ;
In which is combined the HAWAIIAN STAR, established 1S93. and tha
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1881 Issued" Daily and Semi-Weekly by
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders,
WALLACE R. FARRIXGTdx. . . .General Business Manager
i Prafarro1 tlAclffiin OAl
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per word SO cents per Tine per week.
TelepIteneEdltorlal Rooms 21S5 Basloejis Office . :
dranch Office merchant street
i'ni.v.- a l Telephone ' - ' " '
Per Month, anywhere in United .States .. ' ...$ 73
Per Quarter, any vhere ifl lhlted States .; 2.00-
Per : Yean ahywlierd lft, United 6ta(es.. .. 8.00
Per Tatf 'poatpaUI foreign .r 12.00 ,
Pr. Six .Months ijf T.OO
Per Year, any whrrrta Utttea States . 2.00
Per Tear; ariyvvfcre la. Canada 3.00 .-
Pr Year, Wtpatt; forelktt . . 4.00
Aaar? all t'orlucfr.1tl3Ji- to Honolulu. StaiBolletln, Ltd, IIottoIoIavT.il '
: Following Affi.ti the word came that
the Federar. engineers were, getting
r2ir4t2tK2tnine the streets In the
helchBefnood of the embassy. In order
clear sweeps with a flat trajectory, !at
the arsenal. .The Americans on guard
at the American embassy havo begun
preparations to stop thri, should ; It
prove necessary. ' v -
A late report this afternoon.de-
darts -that "some Incendiary has set
fire r to the magnificent private' resi-
dence of President :Maiero and! t
blazing at trHrtlnie-iihis dlspafitil Ma
snt.5"? ' . -.T;"?y." : ';. ; r.f'- '
" f" r ' '
Asmciatea vrees Cable!
ACAPULCO, Mexico, Feb. 14. The
most intense antNAmericin sentiment'
prevails here iril ill classes, and the
lives and property of American- rest-
dents are believed tn danger. The Den-,
ver, which had left Here; has been
ordered back aalru bendina the ar-
There vises bayawp About 6hce Ayedr,
fbr the old fdsKloneJ girl wllfiout
Orilve uslhe gins iwihey 'Vised To dppcdrl
You rtnowllie guff-its ds old asltie hills.
Grandfather mburns lor the vdstcrirloline
SS Thai tented the 6 A of lteuy (days ,
rdlher recdlls,wib d disconlenl keen ,
The wonderful ahdpes of the Gr&Adh Bend
r- j i i ah ii ti I i 1 4 s i ; t i
lor The losJ Uolly Vdrden Uncle Lphridm
(The old dciy orsblteurls'drid nidtiriee
;And Cousin Ike lonos forThe vdnishedl bicf
With a sigh ndvvdndtherilorlhe shinthf pullkdeUs
I cdlch rnysell sighing dsrrldncy rever IS -from
the billowy glories pfmillionfold pldits
To the weird fdscindtfon of polondise shirts '
fool fdds of those (ong dgd dotes . ' W
If the oldfdshroned dirfs for simpliciTy sinned
- ddte mdidens hove cfotlem dllsKiiined !
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9ffA 1C1 IVOll '
rival of, the South Dakota which ia
expected Sunday morning.
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The Poleric Is said to he making her
maiden voyjage to the. PadCcrV V
The Polemic -war; formerly oni cf the
Cnnard Line,1 teins? known-as ;tte l
banla. Shi was. purchased turd -years". -
?o. by the Weir line, and je-named
the-' Poleric to correspond llh
st of the fleet hs Is of tte.shelter
deck type,' fooraasXed.;'eiUlfl)d vith
electric lights, wireless and v'ot'ier
modern appliances and is one of iho
finest boats of her clas3'afldat. .
! , , "
Oscar Mathlesen, tMe Norwegian
skating champion, won .the"; 10,000 '
meters In record time at the interna-
tional ice-skating contests at Chris
tlacla. His time ,was 17 ; minutes,
22.6 seconds.1
s. - v. v
;J-., .
sleeves I
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