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From 8. F.i
Nile. Feb. 15.
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Lurline-Persia. 18tb
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Makora. Feb. 26.
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Zealandla, Feb. 25.
cili57 JlTTTtlT nTf I Mm W Aftll fl&rr I 3:3.r
'i -:
V 4
Evening Bnlletiu. Eat. 18S2. No. ..'470
Hawaiian "Star. Vol. XX, No. 6311
President' Disapproves lmm:
gration Bill That Would
1 Shut Many Europeans
Out of Territory
ISprcial Star-Bulletin Cable
n . , - r
IVASHISGTOX, Feb. 14. Ken- C
8 ator Lodire has letlfled the ad- t
tX iulBltratiB that atrattempt will t
i made le pass : the !Bnrnett.DII.
n.llBg-fiam immigration bill oter t
n the te of President Taft There i
a Is little ' nrosfteet ; of the effort B
tt succeeding, bo weter. IS
U --, v - i
Pretlderrt Taff today vetoed the Dlll
Inaham Barrett Immigration bill. The
grounds i for the 'president's disap
proval art based 6n his opposition to
the riiteracy test"; Incorporated in the
bill which would shut out aliens un
able to; read.; the v English or some
other tang cage.- The president's veto
was. written after he had held a hear
ing on the bill, .There Is considerable
dotbt as to whether It wllf jbe passed
lovf r the vf to.
: ; ..vv' v-. C. 8. ALBERT.
- President Taft'4 Action Is gratifying
to peopleshere who have been endeat
orlQg to bring Europeans to Hawaii
a many of the Portugnese and Span
iards, it was claimed would not br
able to partwr "literacy test Tee
spondent'sdine days ago forecast .tht
presidential Veto; f . f: .
Charges of attempted witness bribe
-ry dropped 1 ilkeNfc bolt from the blue
into the : manslaughter trial in pro
greas in Circuit Judge Robinson'!
cpurt this morning.. Introduced a:
testimony for the defense; Han Young
Sik, the prisoner was quickly acquit
ted by the Jury and , the foreman o?
the jury recommended that the cour:
place the bribery charge-before th
territorial grand Jury fqr inrestlga
tion. ' v--.-
Han Young Sllc, a Gorean, -was ac
cused of assaulting a countryman neai
the pineapple cannery at Iwilei on th
night of September 19. 1912, and in
f lictlng Injuries from which his friend
Son Soon Ylll, died the following day
The trial -began -in Robinson's court
yesterday morning.
Kim young Kin, introduced thlt
morning as a witness for the defense
testified that on three different - oc
caslons since the day of theassaul
and alleged manslaughter! be hat
been approached by Son Soon YiU't
v widow and given money. He said
that she gave him the money and
urged him to help her send Hai
Young Sik to prison by testifying that
he had been present at the time of
tbe assault and . had seen the defend
ant kick Son Scon Yill in the stomach
Kim Young Kin said he was not
present when the alleged fight oc
curred and knew nothing of the affaii
save what he had been told by others.
He produced in court the money hi
said tiie Korean widow had given him
and it was offered in evidence by At
torney Andrews, who conducted the
defense. 'The- coin amounted to a
total of about $25.
Shortly after Kim Young Kin had
finished his story of the alleged
bribery the trial was completed. The
Jury retired and came out with its
verdict of acquittal in less than ten
J. M. McCbesney, the foreman, then
announced that the jury had agreed to
ask the court to place the facts con
cerning the sensational charge before
the territorial grand Jury for thorough
The widow who is accused broke
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Regal Motor Cars
Merchant Alakea, Phone 2648 .
1 1
lie Man Of
u- "'''::-:'-::''f ' '
U. iS. & Georgia rushing toward Vera
, a ' .
- .... 1 4 y
JU, : : - . Sbs.- frwx
' s , ' :: e?"-V "NN. "titV--T
. If , L Vrt , :
President Madero, woe iower is threalencd . : : , K.tfl? U r ' ,
(t,-' ,1 v V?, iA I -.
.... '' '
Bem&crats Decide On
Public Utilities Bill
Caucus Favors Commission of
Five, First Appointive, Lat
ter Elective
A public utilities bill, providing for
i commission to be at first appoint
v and later elective, has been de
cided upon by Democratic members
f the house and 'senate who have
seen caucusing for weeks on pending
.egislation, and will probably be one
if the first measures introduced after
;he legislature meets next Wednes
day. Under the terms of this bill, the
commission will consist of five mem
jers, and the governor will be author
.zed to appoint the first commission.
These members will hold office until
Jie next general election, when five
commissioners will be elected at large,
Jhe entire territory voting on the can
didates as It now votes for delegate to
The Democrats, it is said, believe
ihat the passage of a public utilities
ict is one of the most important ,
Juties that confronts the legislature J
and will unite on a measure that
meets theif approval. The bill as 1
drafted and practically decided uponjurtis
it a caucus last night is a if ngtny
piece of work, some sixty type-written ,
pages neins aeoicu 10 us anous:)ow .orni, rn Manna Kea. Sen
provisions. Etors David K. -laker and R. H. Ma
A Republican public utilities bill is ; kekail arp COi:,i,lered rather in the
ilso being framed, as mentioned Eome , joubtfr.l coluir'; i'or both iarties. They
weeks ago. !hae been Homo .'filers, but Make
Outsiders following the legislature . j,, ramo to t!,P ;asl Democratic con-
closely are inclined to the belief that
f any measure is passed it will be a
rompromise one.
The local military colony gathered
at Oceanic wharf last evening to wit
ness the departure of the transport while the veteran representative. Rice,
'herman for Guam and Manila. The ! -;s ruow a senator and will undoubtedly
roopshlp sailed at five o'clock. Le a strong man.
Hundreds of Honolulans gathered at i Makekau and Baker will be very
.lakea wharf last evening ar the de-; popular members during the session
parture of tbe Hamburg-American ( because they just about hold the bai
iner Cleveland for tbe far east. The : ance of power, particularly in case the
Royal Hawaiian band was much in ev-i
I idence. 1
The HourlAnd
1. rTrro
3 i:::vv: m
7 i":y.iiS-'-;;:SvT
i -. J-
Crus to protect American interests
Senator (lo-orge C. Hewitt of Ha
waii pro'.:.-'' !y will be unable to take
Lis seal in It- itpper house of the leg
islature ih '.Vednesday. and the little
band of Democrats will lose one of
the men they counted upon as a pos
sible help because of his well-known
independent v as cf thinking and act
ing. Such 1- the news received yes
terday' from Kawaii. which brought no
I cheer to the legislators already here
on the fighting 'inc.
A wireless -ircssage from Hawaii
f-aid that Ilewi-t is p'tirp ill and will
probably not be able to come to the
senate for so;it- weeks, if at all. The
hard-and-fast I niocrats in the upper
house will he fit.. James L. Coke.
Curtis P. lauka and A. J. Wirtz. of
Oahu. and Di-lbert E. Metzger of Hilo.
Metzger is expected to arrive tomor-
vention as a Paurbon and the Dem
ocrats are honing s;:ongly tha' he will
stick with them.
Senators Baldwin and Penhallow.
of Maui, are both counted upon to be
valuable members of the upper house.!
Republican maioritv wishes to over-
ride a gubernatorial veto.
Scenes In Revolution Tortured Mexico
Mexican city during the rebellion which eleT.-tted Madero to power,
41 a. m -fan m
me ireni in jexas, tax en ai me lime
Great Fleet of War-Carioes Vill
Circle Off Shore and Repro
duce Historic Landing
A fleet of great canoes, among them
the immense boats in which scores of
years ego the kings and chiefs of Ha-J hie health, or even for his political
waii went to war, will land at Waikiki honor as one of the pledgors of com
beach shortly after ton o'clock next rensation to the sufferers from the
Friday morning in one or the most crusade against the banani tree, con
picturesque pageants that the spirit of uemned ab another sort of deadly upas
carnival has even conceived. It will j tree on the charge thac it harbored the
be the carnival week feature of the el'ow fever mosquito the pledge be
landing cf Karrthameha I on the ing given in consideration orelectlon
shores of Oahu. and in point of bril- of the pledgors to whatever offlces
Mant coloring and historic interest one thev respectively flesired by the suf-
of the most notahle events of all the'liages of the people.
eight carnivals Honolulu has produced. j As a matter of fact. Mr. Kalakiela
! Jehn H. YVi.-.e. chairman of the com-' is doing a thriving business as attor-
mitt?e. lias done some very haniey, or proc;or, or trustee, or somn
( work ince. a few days ago, he was.t'iing for banana claimants. One wo-
secured for the position when the orig- n.an client for damage happened to
inal chairman. W. T. Rawlins, wast'
taken ill. This morning Director-Gen-j
eral Chillingworth and Chairman ;
Wise made public some cf the
lor the historic 'pageant.
At ton nV'Irif -If ttip hip t"l(rr nf rifiov: I
v.-ill leave the public baths at Wai
kiki beach ;mi paddle seaward through
the Sans Souri channel that leads
out throueh t!uj
inc a majesMc
coral reef.-:. Describ-,
semicircle, the fleet'
will proceed slowly along far out over 1
the blue waters and the foaming surf !
and then turn and come in to the I
Kanieha:;)- ha I. resplendent in all
the e!ory o! helmet and feather cloak,
will be only ore of the figures of his
toric interest. Chiefs gorgeously
ilresci! in cloaks cf red and scarier
wili he in aci: ( atv;e. ANo there will
le carried in or.c of the highest canoes
jthe -ffa;her god."" the
hameha, Kukailimoku.
god of Kame-jfOPt
and a
IMfii j
I ho anoes v ill come to shore Just;thosp ua
west or tiie long .Moatia ,100", iuer.
which will be a convenient spot from
whi'h 'o view the pageant. '
Cliairman Wise this morning stated
that seventy Kamehameha boys, a
large delegation from the Kameha
meha Aquatic club and several other
organizations will take part.
One of ;
r-r I " ''"V , 1 I V I
the canoes is to be Prince Kuhio'sliug.
I'Ki:. 14, -12'PAC.ES.
intervention teemed near two years
He's WittjMMM
Jack Kalakiela Not Pure Phil
anthropist, However Solon j
Declines to Make PubFc His
Scale of Fees
Jack Kalakiela, Democratic rejre
n ntative elect from the fifth district
js working hard on the collection of
banana claims, but not altogethsr for
Retting the somewhat elaborate? pa-
ptrs put through the notarial process
reouired when a Star-Bulletin reporter
(ailed this morning to ask .Mr. Kala-
i kiela regarding the truth of a rumor
that the fees charged claimants by
hiiii were fantastically made oi!'!i-i
principle of -ill th? revenue the
f'-eleht will bear."
Mr Kalakiela laughed at the part
f fho r,,mnr uhirh rpnrpspnted him
as chanJi:,g claimants according to the
I:ur.lber ot per3ons in their families.
In answer t a direct question on that i
point .he denied the imputation. yej:Herman Roenthal today ,not at the
repeated inquiries as to his scale of . ..... . .
, , ., , . , woman, and mituna her killed his
charges fat ed to eoke an answer. ! . . .. f.. . ,
, 1011 can make out your owni. " .
, . .i, :. by the woman of being a squealer,
claim, he said in reply to the first, .. . .. , f . 7 '
' t. v., . if 1 following hit confession to the district
question, whlcn v.as whether he was ..... u u-
I , -.u i. 7 f,
Jot, is twenty.five cents for the
ciaims u 1111 min, auu men an 11 win
oatn. I am just charging for my,
pervices in makinff out thp nanprs for i
nt me to do so, and the 1
rtgular fe? for swearing There is a
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great war canoe from Kailua. more j Spain, and the man who handed Pres
than a hundred years old and without ident McKmley' ulttmatum to the
a blemish, rt is constructed along the i Spanish government, died at hia home
cld-time tvnes that are fast disappear-1
. iT
and, below, American soldier! ready tor
(Associated Press Cable)
river steamers Seminole and Corcor
an today collided in a bay fog, and
sank, carrying with them $60,000 in
gold bullion. The crews and more
than forty passengers were saved
with difficulty. Both hulks will be
Associate lT'-ss Oiblol
-.Fw vnn 1dr,.
th. t,"t fa " f" B '
x"e, c," . tauKM 0 , ' WITe' . ,ur
cell, former oartner of the aimhUr.
Purcell figured con-
H"e,u"? ,n the recCnt P0"" 8raft
ing trials.
Associated I'rpss Cahlc
NEW YORK. Feb. 14. Stewart
Woodfordi formerly ambassador to
here today. He has been ill but a
BO T 10 H
J short time.
President Declines to Intcrvcno
Until : H exipans Attack "Am :r
- icans Embassy Guard at
City ibf .Mcxcb Prcprring to
iMineiStrcct$ tis a l.'.ma cl
-ProtecticrfDcspcrct: Fi:!;l-
iingConlinucS,'. and Street:
Are Fi'Idd with Decaying E:J-
Mesand Heaps t)f RoUmnG
1 :baac7:Isc Refuses Grcr,
i Demand ; ; i; fcr;. Recognition
; Made by'Diaz
-Jt (Associated ; Press Cable),
Presldent Tsft :prlts In -hie d:
termlnation to make no "move to lntir
vene In Mexleo. In a statement rr;.')
today he declared that : he will rs
main juleent -until 'the rettft atti:'
Americans. ' Should this Jake p!::,
says the presideht, he will then (.,-;
congress to' take activer meat are:, 1-'.
not until. The4 killing of Ameri: : 1
non-combatants in the. City cf f-':
eo day before- yesterday ani -- ")
yesterday, failed lo 'move Mr, T; r ;
from the. stand. hennas taken.".
H (Aeeoclated Tre-a Cable) -
day bf"deprate flshtlng, of hav:-;
worklrri,'bortbardment j vrrt v:v -
In thhi mernlj- .witn a fl..-:2 ;
upon the" arsenal by, a citacnr -
federal troope under the eommni
General da la Vegs. At ne tlme c J
the attacking forces - reach - cl::?
enough to-their . foes to come i Ir.lj
actual band to hand fighting, but t."-s
foea of life on both1 tide Is report: J
as dreadful. ; '"- " . t -
The continued heavy firing and tl-.a
resultant wreckage of the- best parts
of the city has been steadily bull-!r
up In the minds of the better class: 3
here a demand for Intervention on ths
part of the United States-: There' has
even been some talk of a petition ta
that ' effect, r signed by 1 some :of; tho
most prominent business men cf the
community. . ; J v - . .
Tho same spirit was .manifest' today
when a number oi tho churches held
special cervices to pray " for peace.
The services were erowded with
people of all . classes "Snd walka In
life, but so far the prayers remain un
answered. ' ' ! '' "".
The commercial and financial con
dition of the; people continues de
plorable. Alt banks have suspended
their functions untfl;Some: decree of
peace la restored, v 'and Ambassador
Wilson has been unable to draw any'
of the funds placed at fa la disposal
for the succor of the . refugees by
Secretary Knox. - The postof flea Is
closed and the government functions
completely discontinued. The streets
are filled with the ecrapfngs of; the
Jails, loosed by Olaz, and petty , crime
of ail sorts Is rife everywhere. ' It Is
unsafe even for. email bodies of armed
men to go abroad at night, and several'
bands of bandits have been organized
to prey updn the. tortured city. .5.
The city is filled also-with the most
overpowerirg ' stench. ! For day the
garbage has: been ; lefr lying In' the'
streets which a rs now . filled r with
fesTffing.Jjeaps of decayed and decay':
ng garbage, in .the. v vicinity of the
fighting, in the v middle of tho city,
little pi lea of dead lie untouched, and ,
although the weather" has been cool;
the odor from' these' Is sickening. . . 7
One passing through the streets ,
after dark stumbles against, all man
ner of euch obstructions, nor lathers I
my light by whieh he may guide his i
eet. The electric powerhouses have "
been closed down and the wiree of
the system cut, eo that the wheie .city.
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(Associated PreR Cable)
DETROIT, Mich Feb. 14. The .
Federal district court here today de- ?,
cided that the officials of the bath'.
ub trust have been guilty of a con- r-';"
spiracy in constraint or trade. - The ;.
crime or which the eleven orrtcals of
the corporation have been found - V
guilty is punishable by a fine of $5000
and one vear imprisonment, i
-8 analysis, Ds. 6d. Parity, 4 cents,'
i'revious quotation,.&s. 6d - .

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