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U, -
: r ..r
Hn-n n nrrs.-n rv
rrom,4ayligbt pa. February 24th,
when the big Hamburg-American liner
Cleveland Is doe to arrive at Hilo, uh
tif the evening 6t February 26tb, when
the excursion steamer takes her de
parture from Honolulu for Japan, the
round-the-worTd ' party for the year
1914 will be given additional time in
Hawaiian waters. T
Honolulu and Hilo share the honors
In the new Hamburg-American worlds
tour as outlined in- schedule that has
Just been submitted to Shipping Man
ager Frederic!: Klebahn, with the de
parture of the Cleveland for the Orient
last night. With' the addition of Hilo
- to the Itinerary of the next year excur
sion conies the announcement that the
Cleveland win pass through the Pan-.uma-
canal, about ten days being con
sumed in steaming from Colon to Sin
Frirnclaeo. lr" -V 'v., . s ..
I' One TeatBTe .the ittt tow wM be
a slight Increase Jn the rate" offered
the traveler, following 'the snarled adU
dttlonal mileage. The minimum tariff
: will increased from WW to. & JHg
ure; approximating' $825, irlt!r an In
creased ;ratf of tare, depndlng" upon
the location of the staterooms: 4
The 1914 tour will Include several
points heretofore, not covered by the
Hamburg-American i liner r' "
- ; The, Cleveland- has been decided upon-
by the management as the regular
excursion steamer for the world
cruise. , ; This vessel Is .now listed to
soil from Hamburg on January 8,
1314, ; reaching New" : York on : Janu
ary ISth and sailing from that point
wita perhaps five hundred excursion
ists' pn January ' 27th. s. The Cleveland
then calls at Havana,' Kingston and
Colon, entering the new Panama Canal
February, 6h, , Arriving at" San
ranscc February, 45th the Cleve-
,1V v ,.
' U x-- I-
Honolnhi' business- Interests as well
iurtranspaciflc travelers ' will gain? ah
extra-steamer from- this city to'thte
- ccasf the latter part nf the present
. month wtt.hr the dispatch 'of the Mat-
, son Navigation liner Hilontan ior San
Francrsco on' or about February 27th.
r The HUoniatt when rn the passenger
; trade some months ago has "accom
modated as many as forty-Aver travel
trsL -The vessel has of late been op
erated - as 'a freight carrier , between
the v Sound vand the islands, and for
that reason was withdrawn from the
- passenger1 fieWs.-'S ""
- WKh a view to relieving5 any pos
- lib le : congestion of passengers desir-r'-i
tag" to return td the mainland the
Hiftmlaa wiu be held here;- awaiung
- the termination of the Floral Parade
festivities'. liocal passenger agents,
ipresnting the e vera! 4 ocean-going
liners -touching at Honolulu, - do not
anticipate any difficulty far furnishing
aGwramodattoir ' to all applicants' for
"- truseportahm to the matahtnd; durmg
ins next rew weeks. . - - - r .,
. Bookings at the several shipping of
lices indicate but a fair amount of
. paasengertraffie,' -
, ; timtr' ftsut Returned ,"With '
. Sua;T made nt the" bulk of the
eargx lrbftght from Hawaii ports in
. the rntet-tsUmf ' stcarmet Maul. Th
vessel made a ctJlck' round trip to the
VRtf tshrfid, wf'aview of 'assisting
in cRafeffig npc some of the accomula
Hon oT sugaY' at Ha(iaff warehouses. '
; - The "vessel Ts reported to have met
. with flne weathefand with favorable
'wfnds-iaad smooth 'seas.
-'' '!-'.";' r. Bi'-" - .
" Mruna L&'a FifTed VvTth Freight
The InteiSlsland, steamer . MaunS
lioa departed I6r"Kcna and Kan ports
" at Aoori today leaving " many tons
1 freight -behind. 'The vessel was filled
' to1 the7 hatches with cargo, and . the
manapetnefit was obliged to turn away
"s". moro" than 'One shipment for windward
t "Hawaii "ports. The vessel sailed with
- & fair tlztH list of passengers in the
V: eabln"and on" deck. The Manna Loa
is td return here 6n February 21st,
; ;and the Kflauea fsbelleved will then
resume the run ,to .Kona ports.
-r. Lurtlne Back Sunday -
The Matsori Navigation steamer
Luxllne with seven hundred tons
' , freight from the mainland for dis
charge at Kahnlui, railed for the Maui
y port last night and -is due to return
here early -Sunday morning. The Lut-
line is to -take on rugar, pines and
"sundries ' for the -coast, the steamer
7 -: being scheduled for departure at .six
ex o'clock next Tuesday evening.
r Dispatches -from Washington report
. that, during the year 1912 there were
. ST2? vessels of all !asss cefnttructed
c ' vlth a total tonnage or 232,477. Thf
tannage : was smtllr than during the
jrev!ous year,, when Wit vesxels -w ere
; inilt which Indicates that the boats
constructed last yelr were of smaller
"tonnage thanthe average.
r . - r
" - The barkectlne S. N. Castle is tak-;
Ing on hallast today preparatory to de-
parture for San Fraucisco.
1 1
yr .... a, wnj jl'i
land is to depart from that port
:he 18th, reaching Hilo on February
24th at daylight, and departing from
there for Honolulu in the evening Of
he tame day. The Cleveland party
will remain at Honohtfu from daylight
of February- 25th tttrtil five b'ciocfc ra
th evening-of February ;26Ch-4 -
Tokohama Is visited on March-iota
arid the vessel sailing from Nagasaki,
the last' portof call I Japan ott
Mareh4 22d.- "The-Cleveland the pr
leeds- toTsingtan, arriving at the
German stronghold of North China? on
Marcfc 24th', remaining there one full
dary. ": " - (.
From Tsingtau the Cleveland steams
to Hongkong, the party spending four
dy at the South China pore Manila
is expected will entertain the 3ev
knd visitors from April 2nd Until the
evening - of April 3rd. the Cermaa
seame! sailing from the Pearl Ctry of
the Orient to Batavia and thence to
Singapore The Cleveland party Is
scheduled to bid farewell to the
Straits Settlements metropolis on the
eenlngt)f April' 12th the next port'of
call for he vessel being- Rangoon, Bur
mui th steamer1 reaching there after
rve days steaming from Singapore. ;?
Calcutta has been eliminated 'from
the cruise because of the uncertainty
of entering the Hooghly rfrer and the
Uiitatlsfactory anchorage - offered at
Diamond Harbor. The Cleveland ex
cvrsionfsts. will visit Calcutta by rail
thv tourists to proceed overland ove?
the Indian state railway lines from
P-ombay. .
" Leaving Bombay on Maly 6b, Sue?
Canal is passed, the liner arriving at
Port Said May IS. fc
? Then follow, calls at Naples, Bibral
tar and temhlnatimr the tour at Sooth-
iaitptcn MSy30th 6r Iamburg, May bl.
: ; 21. L i.- ; ' ,
The.' Hatson Navigation- steamer
Lurllne; returned from San Franefsco
on -Wednesday morning' minus one
well known' mess boy with the stew
ards department 1 : p:."; ' x-r
Percival Farnwell, who has made
several trips across the Pacific In the
Lurline, Is said to have been placed
under , arrest : upon the arrival of the
Lurllne at San Francisco.
As before noted in these columns,
Farnwell was charged with having
entered, into a conspiracy to land
two Japanese at the coast for a fi
nancial consideration.
When the Lurlifte reached her
wharf at San Francisco the federal
immigration inspectors had the two
Japanese found on hoard the' Lurline
turned t)ver to': their custody
At an Investigation conducted : at
Angel Island, the Japanese are said
to hare declared that they were smug
gled en board the'Matson steamer at
Honolulu and that by payment o:
9180 they were guaranteed a safe
landing at San Francisco.
s Ws
Fou Big Lifters will be Chinese
' Manned. '-f . r
The Kongo, a battleshrpcrnlser,
built in England for the Japanese gov
ernment is to be ready for sea in April
according" to Word which reached this
port with the arrival of th3 Toyo
tviscn Kaisha liner Tenyo Maru, some
dayt ago. The Kongo was expected to
leave Great Britain -for Japan in June,
ttking a rout? around the Cape of
Good 'Hope. Information' was also
brought te the effect that the Chins
Merchants' company has placed awar
der in England for four biff liners,
whit h will be so constructed tbaf they
Hill be available for the trrfnlng of
ccdets for an extended Chinese navy,
and in. time of war the vessels will
be turned into cruisrs. . t -
y i -j la
Nile Hee In the Morning
With tetf lay-over passengers, and
232 sacks later mainland mail, the
Pacific Mail liner Nile from San Fran
cisco is dne t6 arrive off the port
t an early hour tomorrow morning,
and later will be berthed at Alakea
wharf. -!
It is the present intention of H.
Hackfeld & Company to dispatch the
vessel for Japan and China ports at
five o'clock tomorrow evening.
Master of Amazon Oied at Sea.
NMnety-three- days from Port Gamble
the barkentine .Amazon put into fqsi
tie, ChHe, on Tuesttay. reporting that
her mattery Captain MacLeod, irad
died -during the voyage down the
co.iet and had been- buried at sea. Th
Araa-zoa- sailed from rort Gamble on
October 20, and passed Cape Fishery
on October 34. Tne news of Captain
.MacLeod's destn was received in Seat
Ut by cable to the Seattle Merchants'
Some quick work has been done in
the discharge of a shipment of ei?ht
hundred tons nitrates from the bark
entine S. N. Castle and that vessel is
now ready for sea. The Castle arriv
ed here on February 7th wWh a cario
consigned to the agency of the Pacific
Guano and Fertilizer Company.
tesun and moon
a m.1
6-32 5.57
6.3a! 5.57
1 s
0 45
J"4 I I
S.371 1.J9J 104' 6-31 - 55j
4. is' 6.30! U8
4. re
t-30 5J9f OJt
5-30 8.41
First quarter of the moon Feb. 13th.
Time not stated, in tables.
(s)ubuu 0) aqsj r!-JS
FftlOAY FteRUARY -I-1 -
t a. S. SlerraVheiwxr Fehv Is.
MAHUKON AATrtved; Feb. 15;
Muriel from San- Francisco.
nama Sunday afternoon.
Bvyet Maru Belated Arrival ''
Forty-five days from Valparaiso, the
Toyo- Kisen Kaisha ' Steamer - Buyo
Maru, with nine hundred tons nitrates
for discharge at Honolulu is riding at
anchor-off the port today, awaiting
the? grantrag of pratique by -the fed
eral quarantine authorities. t
- TBe vessel ' Is to be- ftrmigatd and
will- probably be brought: to a berth
at Hackfeld wharf late this afternoon
or early tomorrow morning.
The Buyo Maru has In transit-for
Japan and China ports a number of
first, second and third class passen
gers, for the most part Asiatics.
"The- vessel is well supplied with
general cargo destined for the coast
of Asia.
It is the Intention of Castle &
Cooke to dispatch fhe vessel for Japan
on Sunday. - .-- . ,
Sierra Has Reached the. Coast
The Oceanic liner Sierra from Ho
nolulu with a large list of passengers
and mail has arrived at San Fran
cisco according to a late cable re
ceived at the local branch of the Mer
chants Exchange. The Sierra was re
ported at San -Francisco at 6. o'clock
this morning; : -
' , , P- m.
Per str. W, G.; Hall, for Kauat ports,
Feb. IS. Mn . and Mrs- W. J. Ham
mond, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Glines, 'Mr.
and -Mrs Frank Richardson, Df; D. E.
Drew; V. T;- Frost; W. K. ParkMhw
R. Antone, Miss Robinson. O. N. TVil
cox,- Mrs. Geo. Buchholtz, F. Crawford,
l VU- Galtr - Jno. - WaUrhouse,. F. C
CnOS. f .-.i""- i'HriJ!'. tWia-3v '..
Per str.- Kllanea, for Kona andr Kau
ports, Feb. lli--Miss Hurtf, X Har
dy, "Master Oliver Aiu, Mlssr Mary ?
3 Per str.i Manna-Loa, for Kona and
Kanr iorts, Feb.-14. K. ' Shibayashi,
M. E. LutvMr. and Mrs. T C. WhHe.
' Per stmr. Claudine, for Kahului and
Lahaina ports, Feb. 14. Miss Wilcox,
Miss R. Sloggett, H. M. Gittel, M.
Jacoby J. P. jvapike.
Per str. Mauna Kea. for Hilo via
way ports, Feb. 15. Mr. and Mrs. S.
Payne, J. P. M. Richards, Mrs. 3. P.
Sttrith, Mrs. Geo: W. Daw, Miss - E.
Daw, Mrs. J. B. Nuss, Miss Vina
Nuss, H. Busher, Mrs. W. J. Moody,
John Breault, J. Fernandez, wife and
two children; . Mr. and Mrs. F,. Fer
nandez, "Mrs. A.-V. Fernandez, Mrs.
Patterson, Mrs. E. M. Foster, J. Mei
necke, R. L. Halsey, C. B. Hall, Pal
mer Hext, Kan Teh, Col. Sam Johnson,
A. Haneberg, D. H. Glade, Mrs. Blo-
meyer. Miss McMillan, Mr. and Mrs.
M. E.-Church, H. Glade, Mrs. Cowles,
Miss Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
Marshall, T. M. Barrows, Miss Atchin
ton. Miss M. E. Averflle, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs Kemp, W.
L. W. Miller, J. P. Keppler, Mrs. L. T.
Gatese, Mrs. Q. A. Meyer and two in
fants, Mr. and Mrs. A. Greery, Mr. and
Mrs. F. G. Hummell, E. A. Sherlock.
Per str. Kinau, for Kauai ports, Feb
18. Bishop Ltbert, G. Bustard, M. Osa
ki, S. Spitzer:
Per str. Claudme, for Maui ports,
Feb. 17. L. Tobriner, Mrs. Henshall.
Per str. W. G.Hall- for Kaua! ports,
Feb. 20. Mrs. J. K. Gandail.
Another Cunarder Is to forsake the
Atlantic for the" Pacific, with the trans
fer of the steamship-Albania,-which is
declared by officers in the transport
Sherman to have been purchased by
the directors of the Weir Line, for
service between the West coast of the
Ttai-ed States and the orient.
The vessel has been retrain ?d the
Poler!c and is to be hurried to the
FacIflV With n i' -w or :; iT;i'o
in operation and to assist is caringfor
the rapidly increase in freight offer
ings. The Polerk- is said to be making her
maiden voyage to the Facifir.
The Poleric wrr formerly oiw cf the
Cunard Line, being known as the Al
bania. 'Sh? was purchased two years
ago, by the Weir line, and re-Haired
the Poleric to correspond vifh Tio
rest of the fleet. Sh? is of the shelter
(.tk type, four-masted, equipped wi'h
electric lights, wireless an1 ot'ier
mortem appliances snd is one of the
finest boats of her class afloat.
Sailing from Honolulu on the last of
January, the barkentine Aurora is- re
ported to have arrived at San Fran
cisco yesterday.
11 6 16
n 9. tb
U M.28
U 11.41
18 0.37
ej.59 133
assfeo 134
HI I Libit I lUliu UUUUUUlVu liMI j r fT n
I at SBmV SSk SSI SMs SB IS B . BSf SB BS) laaBBBIIII Bi I S SI.. - m
IN rllll Judo VIIH JOIN FLAN lu , IKS'; ? j 1 n . , j ; J
There will be no shortage of offi
cers and servants when the legisla
ture meets, if the number of appli
cations filed with the territorial cen
tral committee of botli parties is a
sign. There are a number of appli
cants for every job the house and
senate will have to offer, and the
Democrats and Republicans will have
their work cut out picking their men
SO-s to avoid offense.
-Among those who have signified
thefT willingness-to serve their native
land tn the house 1s Capt. Robert W.
Parker one time candidate for the of
fice now-held by Bill Jarre tt. Parker
Sow wishes to be sergeanHit-arms of
tb bouse.- He has Republican rival
in in -persons or j..h. s. lutieo. wno
aspires higher than ever before; . James
H. -HakuoiO' hr the only same so far
turned- InW- the committee for the
post of Hawaiian interpreter among
the Repobltacns, although rumor has
it that tbere are couple of Demo
crats - who" consider - themselves com
petent to fill the bllt i
There are messengers gatem Among
them are to be found the names of
EL H. Si Marino, John- A. Noble, J. M.
Kealoha, for" the nofuso and Arnold
Richardson in ta senate. George K.
Kawal wants the post or janitor for
the senate and John Kalaukoa is after
the post of sergeant-at arms in the
upper house.
m None of these names, nor any that
may be filed in future, will be acted
Upon- until Tuesday when the Repub
lican sokms will gather in a caucus
to select thslr candidates for the var
ious appointive positions to be filled
in house and senate, and to select
their candidates for the officials Of
the two houses. It is now regarded
as practically certain that Senator
Knudscn of Kauai will be the G. O. P.
selection for president of the senate,
and Hblstein for the speakership of
the house.
. In this connection it leaked out this
morning that there is now on foot !a
plan to bring out a man from Oahu as
th president of the ; senates- While
this scheme Is stfll tn-the air, so1 to
speak it to likely to upset some of the
best-laid plans, of , Hawaiian3-soions.
Several men have been mentioned for
the poati th Chief of them being Cecil
Btowit, and it is--said that should he
come forward there will be a strong
fight madeHo seat blm.
Stilt another, and even morer impor
tant, cauc-s fa to; held ; Monday
ttomlag; when lherTSport of the leg
lslativemmittee'v which has been
busy for nonths preparing-a legfela
Uv T)rogTamybedupon- the planks
la ' the Rspubtteair 'pmtformv will" be
submRted --and ' discussed, Among
these meanreg-will he-a public-ntili-tfes
bill,- framed V by-the legislative
ebmmittee along-the lines proposed in
the" partypatforni. This bill,' In sbme
degree, is atmed-rto offset itha Demo
crafleVineasnTe of-like' nature" which
the Bourbons- planned to spring as a
surprise, but news of Which leaked
out. Other important measures will
be considered In this caucus not the
least of which will be the re-apportionment
billr which is already caus
ing heartburns
Steaming 150 miles without a rud
der, the details of a mishap to the
.Alaska Steamship Company's big
freighter Seward, which put into Ma
zatlan, Mexico; last January, have
been received with- the arrival of ' the
transport Sherman.
Under charter to the Pacific Mail
Steamship Company, the Seward was
bound from San Francisco for Pana
ma with a cargo of general merchan
dise. While 100 miles south of Cape
St. Lucas, in a heavy gale, the vessel
lost her rudder and was left at the
mercy of enormous seas for many
hours. Captain Johnston tried jury
rudders and jury rigs of all kinds and
finally was able- to bring the vessel
info Mazatlan, from which port he
notified the charterers of the vessel
and ber owners of his plight.
The Seward's master, in the report
Just received, says that he was nine
days and nights in making 150 miles,
and reached port only after experienc
ing many difficulties. The rudder was
entirely gone and he was unable to
steer anything like a direct course.
For many hours the Seward described
a circle, but Captain Johnston finally
managed to make seme headway, and
as he described it "zigzagged his way
into Mazatlan."
Another difficulty that confronted
Captain Johnston was the fact that
thee is no drydock at Mazatlan, and
no facilities for making the extensive
repairs needed to the Seward. The
nearest drydock and repair shops are
at Salina Cruz. mere than S00 miles
south of Mazatlan. and to this port the
Seward must be sent in tow of a tug
or sona1? other vessel. The officials of
the company said that tins would be
done, as there is no other way of get
ting the rudderless Seward to Salina
A shipment of lumber has arrived
at Mahukona in the American schoon
er Muriel, which according to reports
received here, reached there yester
day. The Murial comes from ban
Francisco and was eighteen days on
the voyage. ,
Mail forwarded to the mainland in
the Japanese liner Tenyo Maru is re
ixwted to have reached the coast yes
Kauai's grip on important legisla
tive positions will be broken if an
Oahu Republican Senator comes to the
front for the presidency, accord in g..ta
the rwHflal rinnoster ore Tlflw
busy at work.
It is declared that the Oahu Demo
cratic senators, three in number, are
ready to join a combine of forces to
defeat Eric Knudsen. the veteran who
aspires to head the upper house
again. Knudsen is working hard to
get the presidency again, and mean
j while no Oahu- Republican is coming
'forward. Senator Chillingworth has
decided to devote his time to the Flor
lal Parade, and-the only serious rival
of Knudsen is thus, eliminated.
I Now the political gossip is busy with
tbe names of -Senators Albert Judd
and Cecil Brown,- both f whom, it
, was said today, would be given the
' support of the Oahir Democrats-If they
I woald 'consent- to make' the race
1 Maul W bettered to be ready to Join' to
I of "the laurels from Kauai. Where the
i Hawaii - euBcfct woufoj : stand is . not
known definitely m- . ,
A story that the failure of the hist
leglslaturs ta reapportion the rfegisl
tive districts might Invalidate' the acts
o? the coming legislature-has" been go-
log the -rouada agam,Thh point. was
legislature-failed to pass thd feappor4Peir Year, anywhere Unitecf States..
tiocmeat hniKawu -doing seme ciever ,
blocking beatoerlf fhe bill had. passed
the Garden Island M4Mf have hat
senator, r At 'that tftn eJi-hafdrmed
lawyerartoolt thf aTBrnde that the leg
islature woufd not be mvalidated
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is plunged in darkness as soon as the
sun goes down, i- . .
Bad as the situation- is, there seems
no hope of betterment,- Foreign ex
perts who have examtned the defenses
of Diaz at the arsenal -declare that he
Is amply able to withstand arty ordinary-assault
Indefinitely. He Is well
' -
munlcatlon are open. .
hmuIsIabm mikH- hi. lintfM Af ' hm.
When the attacking columns of
Federals - beoan their , attack on -the
arsenal this mornind. the commander
tent a flag of truce to DUr, demand-.tremely serious matter for a contract
ing his surrender. rDia did'net evenor,t the penalty being fixed at fromvtea
wait for the envovs to aet safe back: to one hundred dollars a day for each
to their -ranks, when he replied with
the heaviest guns at hie command, r so woraea is sara w ctusuibw i wir imalnland. : , w W
pounding away at the Federals until f lense agatast th law re"
half past two o'doclv when- the Fed-f, The publicwork upon which th rtJr8 an4 repainting, the schooner 3a
erals ceased firing and -withdrew ut; i declared to lvebeen-.viohvted Mam ta t0 dispatched for U Sound,
of range of the rebef gurmers. , up on Punchbowk where Mr. rarH l takIng ballast. The vessel Is now on
It was during the hottest-part of the f has been engaged fn grading and fill" , the local marine railway. . -morning's
engagement that Gen. De ing under the terms of a re-L . , aa T V - '
la Vega sent word to President Ma -
e'ero that because of the protection.' two engineers of the department ot te Vanctnrverj tae twe new, a P. R.
afforded the rebels by the position-ofj public works yesterday went ourto.iin tie Empress -of Asia and tne
the American' embassy, it woufd bejthe place where the work is ; under ;Empresa of iJlussia.wW make trips
necessary te tear down the structure, way and thefe saw that Japanese, srotmd the v world and It, ts expected
Otherwise, Pie Mtd, he could not a were being nsed h loading dirt-wag-j wiIj carry K large passenger list. They
vance. This was communicated to ons and in drilling. - K . ... !are scheduled Ur..levev Southamptdn
Ambassador Wilson with-a rtqputLtot oafrtnjto wteelf bu in the Apr, x .May : respeetivery.
that: he select another embassy site, territoriat contract, there is stated te an(J wUl cai at GlbraKarV Monte Car-
but, the American representative
DrofrtDtlv refused to move.
i Snvftty after thtr General Diaz sent
an envoy to the Embassy with a de
Imand that the United Gtates recognise
'the belligerency of his forces. Mr.
j Wilson promptly refused this demand
rntrAnt I U UtrtNU
AMERICAN EMBASSYiad taken theuivp-for investigation at
tTl 4hl 4tA Utf'M 4WA h T
the Federal engineers were getting
ready to mine the streets in the,
neighborhood of the embassy, in order'
to raze -four populous blocks, and give.
j the heavy mortars of the Federals-a
clear sweep, with a flat trajectory, at
the arsenal. .The Americans on uaard
at the American embassy have begun
i preparations -to stop this, should it
prove necessary.: - -t
A late report this afternoon-de-
dares that some incendiary has set
' ire to the magnificent private resi
dence of President Madero, and it is
blazing at the time this dispatch is
f Assoc la tea Vress Cable
- ACAPULCO, Mexico. Feb. 14. The
most intense anti-American sentiment
prevails here in all classes, and the
Hves and property of American resi
dents are believed m danger. The Den
ver. which had left here, has been
ordered back again, pending the ar. rve wllD warrant oy uepnty -i.
rival cf the South Dakota, which is t;- Marshall David K. Sherwood, sum
exDected Sunday mornina. niantng Morrow to appear in the fed-
In Ipss than five minutes' delibera
tion the jury in federal court yester
day acquitted Kwock Tong, the Chi
rcse cook of the Inter-isiand steamer
Likelike, of the charge of assault and
Lattery. This was the ca?e in whic'n
Judge R. P. Quarles created a legal
diversion by rai&ir.g the contention
that the court had no jurisdiction be
cause the Inter-Island company, own
ers, were operating under a charter
granted by the Kingdom of Hawaii. On
that point tha court ruled again?t thr
ounsel for defense and the tri il con
tinued, with the result as stated.
, Save? xj, the
am m ... w a a iiaiii.a fiiiit
J J u u u.u.w u U I 1
Upon arrival at San Francisco by having it SEALED befort Icavtna Heno
lulu. We give our personal attention to Bagasse entrusted to us and sea
mat u is propeny deaieo. i .
f ; '
In which Is combined the HAWAIIAN
EVENING BULLETIN, established 1882.
Publishers, Commercial Printers, Bookbinders, '
Photo-Engravers. .
WALLACE R. FARRINpTON General JJusincss Manager
(Pre fern 'Positfcm 20) . . . . j 20c PER INQl
CLASSIFIED: On Cent par word 30 cents per line per week.
v " v ,vlTKA6E iJAllI.aECTJLATIOX JTJLT0CT0BEfi 4832 1
?hah offices
Tetepaoies Editorial Jloemi 21Sii Baslnesa Of fie tiit
BRANCH OFFICE ....r.. ................. IdimaLtNT STREET
H:sr?TtIepBBe 28t : ; --v::.v
" $ttSC64?lI0y RATES t
: Per Month.iaaywbere ht United SUtes
Per STxMoftths. A-uttu .. ..........................I 1.00
Per Year, anywhtyre :toTJnitef States.. .. 3.00
Per Year, anywhere In Canada ....... ... .. 3.00
P 46rt Of eaTIpostpnfdXcxClS ...... .i... : .. - '4.00
AddVeyr irtjrcnmvrft:oas t Honorsla StafgairctJn, Hi Uonolila, T. 1L
i mnn i mr .
mm lav
Actlng upon eomataints. that-
tractor George. E- Marshall has
- 9 . . . . .
i Dor upon puufeoacrasu, cjayrxoc -
cathcart'haa besun a - invest! wb-
tion of the facts in-the:case. The
same complaints, it is , stated,' - have
been- taken ta the attorney geaeral8
office, and the, attorney general fat. also
Tooking into the matter. it is alleged
ttbat the violation of the law is an ex
offense and every non-cttlsen being
1 cently-let contract. Accoruing to me
w tx tittuou wiwuuiuft
citizens or persons eligible to become
citizens can be g iven employmen oa From ; that port the two?, liners in
public works of this nature, and it IsI-h-a tJL r.
alleged that the employment of the,
Japanese constitutes a. violation ct'
the law.
Attorney Cathcart declined to dis4
cuss the case this morning beyond
r saying,- in answer ro b qiwtwi( tc
(the comolaints had been made and h
j once,
? '
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down when she heard the jury's an
nouncement and wept hysterically.
She was led from the courtroom by
friends, and as she went down the
stairs and out into the street
continued ber loud lament. ,
R. R. Craik. an inspector of the pub
.'f works department has gone o
n.ea, Kauai, to examine the wharf at
ti-at place, which has been reported in I
tad condition. He will return Seniay
t. C. .Morrow, an employe of
the j
T Vnn ineln Ai(.nnr n-r
..us v..UFU7 '
jeral district court at Seattle a: a wit
! ress against Sill C. Hlnesman. Morrow
says hs believes the suit arises out
of a check which he. Morrow, kwt
last ye-ir while working in the quarter
master's department at Seattle. He
says Hinesman is accused of findin?
the check, signing Morrow's name an.i
c-iihing it. Hinesman also was in th?
government's employ at toe time.
Belgium is to pay the three daugh-
It4rs of King Leopold $7,520,000. They
were cut off with a small pittance by
. . ... . . . . . . . . i
nis will; sued ana lost ineir sun in
mr hjyvci roui is,
case and won.
but appealed the
, - ( i m i ir r t i ' .
w ' -W ' I
trouble of having Yedr fias ; : i
, ' , r, .; .. i ' T , i
JA9. ri. LOVE 1
STAR, .established 1S35. and tha
Issued Dally and Semi-Weekly by
i alakea street
.. . . . .
... ,i; .......i.
"Have no ' hews from Mexico, but
tho American-Hawaiian i Steamship
Company is taking (or granted that all
is welL? ," r-;r.V'
This U part of a cablegram to Alex-
ander & Laid win, Ltd, from its New
York, office received- lato yesterday :
I . m- jl i i . . . . . m -v.--.t- 1
: - abb uuiic repuru me bjtitsj oi ,r
the steamship American from the tl z
lsmraus, cer cargogttung-tne oasis
of 3.4sV. - -ri: -i - - :r , v :. -y - - r
The Pacific JCall liner, Nile due to
arrive s. from the coast tomorrow. 1
ibrlnglns down a later mall from the
On their Initial outwards abound trips
i ifv r fftrr N5srtr Knf. rjfrnrirv PAtiwiip
onA cinnra M.A uv-
Tk6i,wm tolIch mt Bianghal ind the
hJ port,.;rTl:..;--.
Captain Kobrnseav will command (he
Asia and Captain Boetbam the Russia.
Oscar Mathiescnv- the Norwegian
skating champion, wontf the 1,00V
meters in record time at the Interna
tionai ice-skating era tests at Chrfs
Uania.v,HIs time syas minutes,
22.6 seconds. '
Tho annual, meeting of the stock
holders of Pacific Sugar Mill.wHI be
held at the office. ef F. A. dchaefer A
I v;ompay, jraued, tn Honolulu, on
Friday, the 21st day of February, 191Z,
r . lit. lA - 1 U
Honolulu February 14th, 1913.
At the annual meeting of the slock-
of lionokaa Sugar Company,
held at the office of F. A. Scbaefer &
Company. Limited, in Honolulu, on
Friday, the 14th of February, 1913,
the following officers were duly elect
ed to serre for the ensuing year:.
F. A. Schaefer President
H. H. Balrd ..Vice-President
R. P. Rithet . . . Secpnd Vice-President
W. Lant Treasurer
J. W. Waldron Secretary
James Greig Assistant Secretary
Audit Company of Hawaii... Auditors
The Directors elected to serve dur
ing the same period . being F. A,
Schaefer, V. H. Baird, W. Lanz, H.
Focke, G. Rodiek, E. H. Wodehouse,
J. W . Waldron.
t t tif t, r . T TnT
i . nAiiDnun,
Secretary, lionokaa Sugar Company..

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