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From & F.t
Sonoma, Feb. 17
For S. F.i
Lurlloe-Persla. lStlr
From Vancouver:
Makura, Feb. 26.
For YaneonTer:
Zealandia, Feb. 25.
Evening Bulletin, Est. 1S82. No. 5471.
Hawaiian Star, VoL XX, No. 6.112.
? nn
1T. )
. 4-?
. Mm -
Scheme Broached with Coming
s of Hawaii Delegation Dem
; ocrats Reported Backing , the
Idea Frear: Men Preparing
to Fight Hard-Mteve a Card
; or Two Up Their Sleeves, So
'Tis Said-rQuestion of Hour
for Opening of Legislature to
Be Deeded by Republican
. Caucus; Lacking . Proclama
; tion of ChielExeclitive
With the arrival here this morning
- bf practically of the delegation
, tom Hawaii, It V became tumoreJ
' ehroad that new anti-Frear attacks aft
i I ng planned by the aatl-Frear win?
If the Republican party, which la siH
to hate gained fresh itrength durin
'Joe inferim: between election day and
jbe opening of the legislature. , Just
what steps are to - be. taken in thif
' direction Is being kept a close seerct
ly the Hawaii delegation, bat one .or
tuera this morning admitted that a?
: Jeest two prominent Memocrat' solons
'; would be osnd ready and wlHing;
- hid any effort to cttscreait tepresen
; ,finlnlstrslc?, Hjwc-I' not mention
;" nimar. of ih UrMirDnn lawmakers-
r island .-steamer 4 Kilauea , th , V
v- : ' it.t, p. E. .Mmger Dr, AreherJrwl
P, Goodness, T, de Sllva, R. H. Mak?
.. -au. C. Makekau, Philip Pall and W
1 wardiWalaoholo. : , t ' ;
" 4 - Hardly had they Janded when most
ottbem were to. be foutld at Republic
an nfftflquartera on the third floor of
- the Judd building, where they went
lntb Informal session on matters and
plans pertaining to, the . eomlng ses-
- slon, None'ot them would allow their
names to be Used In connection with
the reports of the plans to attecp the
.. . administration. In other quarters,
- "bowerer, the matter, .was; gone Into
thoroughly, and It was declared that
should the legislature fall to support
the plan, nTCstlgaU6ns of the vari-
ous departments of the Prear admin-
iitmtinn would be undertaken, and
It .wat bellebed that this scheme at
least would- prove successful " . .
The national guard and the depart
ment pf public works have been, it lr
understood; selected as affording, the
best objects of : attack,, should the
friends of the governor succeed in
beating down the project for a formal
investigation of the entire administra
tion, ty:-
Suffragette' Movement
Among other -masters which were
discussed by the new arrivals this
mnminir was the DroDOsed suffragette
measure,-which has been in the hands
of A. L. Castle,, now on Kauai, out
expected home tomorrow morning,
with the comnleted bill. It is asserted
that the measure as Mr. Castle has
framed It, Is merely a petition in the
- form of a concurrent resolution to
I congress tc permit the local legisla
ture to provide for putting the matter
hfore the nubile here. In Itself, says
mmnr the hflL while favoring the
Idea of woman suffrage does not at
tempt to finally settle the -matter.
The work on the direct primary bill
which has been in the hands of Mr. W
T. Rawlins, has been completed an
the measure will be ready for th
caucus Monday morning. So will th
measure on public utilities, which ha?
been handled by Mr. Breckons. Thif
is a lengthy bill, covering, more thai
ninety pages of typewritten matter.
The banana claims will be taken uj.
at 'the caucus Monday morning, am
definite plans for giving relief to the
Eufferers oftb e recent anti-mosquitc
campaign will be proposed. Indeed
it is understood that there is alreadj
a bill, ready for submission to tn
lawmaking body. It was stated thif
morning that if the Republican cau
cus has its way, some measures wil
be introduced along the lines of th
bill governing the Indian claiim
against the United States government
end imposing a penalty upon any of
ticial of the government conceded ii
;any way with such claims.
MANY 1 N V ES T I G A T 1 0 M S '
The fight on Oovernor Frear will b
. .
rlnelv tied ud with 2
1UU1C vr .
series of investigations of territorial
departments4 according to politics'
The department of public work? i
i . 1 1
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23,030 TOMS
Bond issue $2,500,000 and
Extra Inducements to Present
Holders Decided Upon at a
Meeting of Plantation Direct
ors This Morning
Oahu Sugar Company, Ltd., held 1U
annual meeting at the unices of H.
Hackfeld & Co.. Ltd., this morning,
besides receiving reports and elect
ing the board of directors there was
no business of general interest trans
acted. Officers and directors for the
current year arc the following: J. F.
Hackfeld, presidents M. P. Robinson,
1st vice-president; F. JLowrey. 2nd
vice-president; V Pfotenhauer. trea
surer; F. Klamp, secretary; J. A. Mc
Candless, P., Muhlendorf, W. F. Dil
lingham and, H, Focke, additional di
rectors;' A.' Haneberg. auditor. ,Geo.
Rodiek continues to act", as treasurer
in the absence of Mr. Pfotenhauer.
Financial. - "
Treasurer Jlbdleka report shows
credit balance at the end of the yea:
of 1346,971.84. Assets 'of the com
pany total $6,403,554.18. Dividend palri
out was 1724,500 being 14.49 per cent,
inabilities at' the end of the year, ex
clusive : of capital stock,, bonded In
debtedness; and balance, of profit and
loss account, amounted to $198,582
34. 7The net profit for the year was
3801,954.68.;" .
J (Continued en Page 4)
Declaring that the cost of living has
rUen so high that laborers on public
works at 31.25 a day cannot support
themselves and : families. Representa
tive W. J. Sheldon o( Kauai has a bill
that will lift, the minimum HmU o
laborer on public works from 31.13 to
.50. He calculates that by this
nethod the Kauai laboring men will
te assured of at least a dollar and a
half a day.
ftheldon has a number of bills design
ed to help the laboring men. thk be
ing one of the most Impor'ant. It will
i.e introduced early in the session and
1t Is said that the Kauai representative
already has been assured f strong
stpport 'tor the measure. ' ;
Representative Sheldon is one of
the veterans of the house. Last fall
a fight was made on hint in the coun
ty convention, but his strength in his
si-ctlon or the island was overwhelm
ing. Two years ago Sheldon introduc
ed and fought for a bill to teach Ha
waiian in ths public schools under ce.--ain
conditions, and his friends on
Kauai have never forgotten this work
for the Hawailans.
(Spcial Cable to Nippu JijU
TpKIO. Feb. 15. Count Admiral
'Jombei Yamamoto. once minister of
ht navy, and who was commanded by
Le Emperor to form a new ministry,
yesterday held a conference with Mat
tuda, Hara and lnukai, the two former
leaders of the Constitutional party,
and the latter the leader of the Na
tionalist party. After a lengthy dis
cussion a satisfactory agreement was
reached by them and a new ministry
under the premiership of Count Yama
tVioto will be formed.
Count Yamamoto is now selec'ing
'lis cabinet ministers from the Seiyu
k5 and Kouminto. or Constitutional
end an.1 Nationalist par i?s. The ex
lectation here is that the new Yama
TiOto's cabinet may be formally ofigan
ized within a fe-w days.
Kauai bouse members will support
"H. L. Holstein for ; speaker without
hesitation, according to what can be
rarnprl from Dolitical wiseacres. Tne
faual people are counting upon Ha
I ... ....Ivti
, hn to nrovpnt a rpannnrtion-
ment cf legislative distircts. which j HILO, T. H.. FeD. 14. -Niiss Wil
woukl lop of one Kauai senatorf, and i helmlna Weight will represent the
Holstein or Hawaii, wno lea a very
heady fight against reappointment two
years ago, is looked upon as a mighty
good man for Kauai to tie to now, ,
iv- u;: J r:; j
LINE yJA F W V i . i V :
.PRE$IDENT MADEROr whose resignation of the Mexifan presidency throws the situation in that coVntryn
: jhAmen, who are, doing -the fighting for and agajnat ftisTule , t. . r t , . ... . .. :., v-w.f uv
Legislators arriving today from the
outside Islands brought with them the
definite news of a fight that will be
waged against the appropriation of
territorial funds for the support of
the Promotion Committee.
This fight has been in the air for
many months but has only recently
taken definite shape. It is certain
now that a stiff scrap on the Promo
ton Committee- will be put up in the
house and very likely several sen
ators will also have their prnning
knives out for the appropriation
The other islands do not get suf
ficient benefit frW promotion work
to Justify the whole territory having
to pay for it," declared one of the
prominent house members today.
"What Islands like Maui and Hawaii
need most of all is internal improve
ments. There has to be a lot of road-and-bridgc-building
done during the
next few years and every cent is need
ed. We realize the value bf promo
tion work but don't think the islands
other than Oahu get much benefit
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4 m
fPrx-cial ?tar-EuUMin enrresponaene i
island or Hawaii in tne rnnwss st-c
tiou of the Honolulu Floral Parade,
(Continued on Page 7) . ; .v
.-"ft- ' 'v . V.v-lt' Vl W.V- ..:.-"
iBi;iiii'iiuii ii mil' in ii ii
mm umu ruu s n uu
' ' ' ' g aa
Bedecking the city for the Floral
Parade and the Mid-Pacific Carnival
will be actively begun next Monday
morning. During the last two weeks
the committee on decorations, of
which Julius Unger Is chairman, has
submitted a number of earnest ap
peals to the merchants of the city
with the result that banners and
bunting, flags and streamers, havt
been routed out of thei hiding plaeef
and. begnnlng next week, the entlrf
business section of the city will tak
on an attractive appearance.
Upon the recommendation of Direc
tor-General Chillingworth, chairmat.
Unger last week sent letters to a uum
ber of the members of the chamber
of commerce, the mechants' associa
tion, and the merchants ni general
asking them to cooperate with thf
committee in the decoration of tin
city. Reply cards were sent wltl
each of these letters, and less thai
a day after the letters were mailed
replys began to come in thick anc
fast to the effect that the merchant
would lend their hearty support in
(Continued on Page 7)
Special Star-Bulletin Corrspondiicc
WASHINGTON. D. C. Feb. 5. Ha
waii had the misfortune to be entirely
frnm all Dossible benefits
under the Lever-Page agricultural and
4t i natinn hill Thp npeps-
m;atiuiin tuuv-c.w. - m
sary amendment was omitted in the the charges made already, against
lueisline of measures before action by j some of the new officers of the ships
the senate ' of the inter-Island company will be
c t j,u,L- nruvrtmin? nffprpAi Lrougnt to the attention of the in
Senator ( lark o J : speors at the national capitol, and
an amendment including "aa" lDat thev will be asked to investigate
beninciary under the Lever bill as j diti ns Qere. captain Tullett
passed by the house, and under con-, Honolulu on the Lurline
Siueration in the senate. This, seemed
to be all necessary, as the Lever , :
measure was incorporated bodily in ; tions and the adoption of the Page sub-
aaa ty.a
the Pace bill
eral vocational features.
When the back pi Senator Clark
was turned the Page bill was adopted
by the narrow margin of 31 to 60 as a
suDstitute ior me i.ever oiu, ana n-
waii- was, not mentioned in it.
"I believe the oversight can and
will be corrected in conference." said
"- - " v- --- -
Senator Page to the Star-Bulletin cor -
respondent. "Jt was fully, intended to
inln1 1 1 o n-n i i Kitt In tho Vi o o r f
perfecting the measure that poir.t was.thit is done, they say, the measure
1 . - 1 3 I 111 1 Z W. 1 1 1 - - 1 .V- . l
TVS nAA irn rf tKs vrro flAnol
v.' ii t
"Director General Chillingworth and
the members f the committee on
the military parade, are making ev
ery effort to arrange for the turn-out
of the entire armed strength of Oahu
on Washington's Birthday, and If the
matter v- transportation for the in
fantry regiments at Schcfield Bar
racks can be arranged. General Ma
comb will be asked to re-consider hia
decision not to order the First and
Twenty-fifth into the city. On ac
count of the long march from" Leile
hua, the general ordered only thk
Fourth Cavalry and First Filed Ar
tillery from that post. The carnival
officials are trying to arrange for free
railroad transportation for the foot
troops, and if successful, they will
request the department commander
to include the First and Twenty-fifth
in the parade.
It, Is unlikely that General M acorn t
will change his order at this late
date, even if transportation is arrang
ed, according, to a statement given
out at army headquarters this morn
ing. (Continued on Page 7)
It was announced today that Cap
tain Tullett will be seat to Wash
ington by Harbor No. 54, in an effort
lo get the fight between that body
and the inter-Island company before
the authorities at Washington. In
speaking of the decision of the mast
ers and mates, Captain Tullett said
that he has a "suit case filled with
J surprises for the fellows on Queen
strppr ." This is taken to mean that
.. l-.: i i.sn.
Biuuie is ueutMtu iu u..e ucu - -
ave Kiuea we
biU or thi8 session. Senate Demo-
' crats say it is preferable to have the
legislation go over to the next con-
gress rather than have the two com-
umeu. - i
by Senators Williams and Smith, of
t Georgia, and others that the house
, will not send the substituted bill to
conference, but will simply refer It to
tKrv frm m 1 1 rr o oriiiTfnii T t
will be oieeonholed and Dermitted te
PIa n naaAaqhts en1 nol n1ktt' Aft tVi '
v; iy -wl ' M ''
w mm " x.
ill suit
i 5 -
NEW YORK, Feb. . 15- Former
President of Venezuela, Cyprano Cas
tro, has won'hla fig:it foraamltslqn
Into the United States. -The federal
.ourt this mominci granted him a
ric of r.a&eas corpus, sustaining all
of the contentions of hie counsel.
eeks. Battle and Marshall. A mon
ster banquet hit been tendered him
by .friends and admirers, here.
ntTPOIT. Mieh Fab. 15- The
federal courta here today Imposed
wines ranging from ope to ten. thou
sand dollars upon fourteen Individual
and thirteen corporation members of
the bath tub trust, convicted recently
9f violation of the Sherman anti-trust
Associated Presa Cblel
For the first 'time in the history of
the United States since the days of
George Washington, a president per
sonally addressed the senate of the
United States, .when 'President Taft
today spoke before that body at the
memorial services in honor of the late
Vice-President Sherman. Mr. Taft
appeared deeply moved.
William L. Welch, charged with
having used threatening language in
addressing Special Motorcycle Officer
Chilton, was round not guilty wnen
arraigned at police court this morn
in and was discharged.
Nine Chlne nlcel under arrest
by Detective Cellett some evenings
ago, charged with gambling were re
leased this morning upon representa
tion made by the prosecution. The
i celebration of Chinese New ear is
"r"7i . " .
j J,pHarp4, fl n,:,.,. fnr ,
Vi 1!!
--arri nn thA Bl.ont,
Territorial Secretary & a'. Mott
sjth bled Waghington day8
m tsfr tioon nt th i.innftn loiala.
ljic eAuruse iuiin uiunuru ,
by tne federal government,
m"oney is 'expected to be on
v ithin the next day or
ready to meet warrants.
- -
two and
Thapa ia nn inv in hAftVpn When a
church nillar eoes to the sanctuary
TsHf K fl " toTiP ffl r "
: T?Afy;y -
"! Am Choice.of the People cf
Mexico," Declares r.iaccro,
"and I Shall never Leave ths
Post They Have Elected to
Have Me FKI Until They Give
Jths Word or Until I Di2"-Am.
' bascadcr Wilson ; ffr:rrov,Iy
;EsCap:s Sudden Death Go-
mez Declares Himself Presi
dent of Mexico ii l ? H
. V f ( Associated7-Prcsa Cable)-V -
MEXICO CITY. Feb. '15. PrttiJmt
Madero hat thrown A bombt::i lr..)
the ranks of those who supposed Mm
effectually, -depojed, and . out cf the
counting. In a formal statement i
sue from, the headquarters ef C:n.
Huerta's ' xommand, he ; prtj:r:. i
says: "I am the choice of the ps:;!)
of -Mexico,- and J hall never ret';n
uHtllthey give the word or until I
am dead. r Any report to tha cos
trary are false.; 1. shall keeo r!;ht en
fighting until, the end, no rr.itlsr whit
that) end may be for me pertini!'.
VA- direct result of the prer.u-:
mento-ef the ' president the ff:!v-!
trto- underthsi'tcrt-'ir'l cf C .
Hutrt r.-ive re-csmrr.sr.:: J tM? f ; -ln2,ar.4'havVdrrven.
tha rtt: ; 1 .:
ropv the lines they V had ? -.c:c-x':i
earlier 1 tha'dayV. ,th? f:: cf t!a
last' strur-'e It esl.' J t:-r.3.
Ihlng la.lwti ki::.4 . J pr:' -1'
two score woanded. C9th ! have
improved VarJy In their z'.rt z J f i
numbtr of deaiani 'wour J: i ,...
Ing; the' etreeta has . ncticii-.' In
treated. ' : .
' AmbaiaadOr Wilson, while movfnj
about Wie embassy grounds this after-'
noon narrowly escaped death. 'At.!'
let from one of the roof tjpa mnr;i
by the rebels misted his head' by a
coup'e of Inches. He retired Inta the
house. J ' ' . ' ; - s
He hae aeht a formal protest to
Sen. Huerta, against the federal plan
if mounting -r tjuns' on the roof of 4
schoolhouse that Is being used aa' a
refuge, for fortine aa - well as
cqainst rifle firs a c rota the grounds
of the Anierlcafi embassy.' .To neither ;
of the protests has Huerta replied. ' .
v Mr Wilson announced ,thi ' after
noon that he Intends asking both Ma
iero and Diaa to agree to an armis
tice while, the' American- residents and
.heir families are removed. It la prob-,
able ' that the commanders of the
forces will agree to this. . '
.Dispatches from El Paso announce
thlat another ' embarrassing -element
has been injected Into the situation,
by the formal procramatIon of Emiilo
Gomez of hia,assumption of the presl-.
dency of Mexico. -; Co max has been
under bonds In pan AntOnle, Tex, for
some weeks, but escaped and crossed
the border at Columbus, New Mexico,
today.- ' -V t'V : '
. (Associated Press Cable) r : '
WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. The state
department, today scored the proposal
made by John Barrett, director gen
eral of the Pan-AmerkanUnlon, and
:hief . of the Bureau of Pan-American
republics, that the troubles In Mexico
be settled by arbitration of tnree merv
naming two. r t' ' '
Barrett's auggestion la characterized
as "mischievous activity, prompted by
u nwa rranted sentlm eniaf ity of an aim.
ateur politician, and mingled with In
discreet comment that might have
caused further troubled
MEXICO , CITY, Feb. .15, Fearing
intervention the Mexican senate yes
terday brought such pressure to bear
upon President Madero that he was
forced to resign, and the post of tern-'
porary president was offered ' by the
aenate to de wa Barra, who held the
post after the fright of former Pres
ident Diaz, and until. Madero assum
ed the office. '
Immediately after the flight of Ma
dero, who Is now believed to be Aartth
General Huerta, at the front, the sen
ate sent messengers to Diaz suggest
ing an armistice until definite- steps
could be taken to establish a tempor
ary government Diaz absolutely re
fused to accept de La Barra as tem
porary president until the Federals
ceased fighting and accept him as
head of the revolutionary army. :The
rebuff has caused a delay In - ths
plans cf the senate, which In ths, ab
sence of Madero haa assumed charge
(Continued on Page 3) .
SAX FRANCISCO, Feb. 13; Beets:
88 analysis, 9s. 6 l-2oV Parity, 4 cst'.'

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