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From S. F.s
Nippon Maru, Feb. 27
For S. F.t
Shinyo Marii. Mar. 4
From Vancouver;
Makura, Feb. 26. '
For Vancouver; r
ilarama, Mar. 23
0r A
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t)9 J
Evening BulletinEst 1882. No. ..4&1
Hawaiian Star. Vol. XX, No. 5422.
price five ce:;t3.
legislators preparing to mm. MAPPGXTrT
: i -1 i - i i i i i i
Engineers Announce Ingenious
Scheme to Conquer Treach
erous Coral Bottom
- f
Huge Longitudinal Blocks to
Be Constructed Ashore and
Put in Place by Gigantic
Crane, Holding by Sheer
Weight and Strength De
tails Go to Washington by the
First Mail
The great naval drydock at Pearl
Harbor will- be built oa the present
site; it will bo built by a method en
tirely new and untried in drydock con
struction; It will be finished on time.
s X k X XXX X X X X X X X X "
After ten days of Investlira- X
tlon, flgrarJngr, and study, an all. X
" Important decision has been X
a reached In regard to the Pearl X
Harbor drydock, which llew X
" up" February 17, when Section t :
k was being pumped. After the ac- X
X cldent there was Rome doubt as X
to whether a ship basin could be X
" built OB the site, or whether a X
"floating drydock would hare to X
he substituted. The naiy engl- X
X neers the day after the smash de- M
dared that o drydock eould ht X
" built, and today comes the an- X
nounccment that an entirely new X
method, revolutionary In ; dry- 'X
x. dock construction. Is to be M
adopted, and that the work will X
be rushed to comnletlon. The
X dock Is to be made of huge con- X.
crete blocks, laid under water, X
and It I believed that by this
meuiod enough weight can be X
" secured to hold down the bottom, ?
H both :irfJi tin A wnr hna a ton.
" dency to rle when tlie water 8
i pressure Is removed from with- X
In the basin. X
' " .- -v.--.-i
X X x- Xi'X X X X: X X. X X g X
. Th av- moll tta'fl rrl U'fH rarrV
to Washington a full report of the re- f L 1? i- PreS8lirk '
cent disaster, and the details of a new
plan to conquer the treacherous sands
j and mud pockets on which the great
1 ship basin rests, worked out by Civil
Engineer E. R. Gayier, tne naval en
gineer In charge of the Pearl ' Harbor
project There is every reason to oe-
lieve that Admiral Stanford, chief of
the bureau of yards and docks, will
approve the new scheme, for during
his visit here last summer he thor
oughly familiarized' himself with con
ditions at Pearl Harbor, and there
fore fully realizes what the engineers
and the contractors - have been up
against. In trying to anchor the dry
dock to the unstable bottom.
ilriefly stated, the latest solution to
the drydock, puzzle is to build the
bottom of the basin of-huge longl
; tudinal blocks of concrete set on end,
and the Bides of blocks of the proper
shape and dimensions, to 'be moulded
cm . shore, ' and laid entirely under
' water. Tne drydock will bejDuilt as a
wboie.'and not in sections, which
means that the million feet of false
'cribbing and sheath piling, some of
which is now fc' hopeless wreck above
and" lelow- the '.surface will be taken
outAll together, leaving the basin
clear of all , tlmbermgv The blocks
Ui te set closely together on top
of the anefcof piles, and concrete will
then be poured' between fhe- blocks
by the tremie' method, welding the
wnole into a solid concrete bottom 20
feet in thickness. ; ,
The concrete blocks which will be
. set on end to form the bottom of tbt
oock will be 9 feet square and 20 feet
in height They will be cast on dry
land in forms, and when properly set
win be swung Into., the depths by the
great floating crane, which is now be
ing assembled at. the Honolulu naval
dock. These blocks will weigh 120
tons each. They will be stood np like
rows of ten pins on the bottom of the
basin, about one foot apart and whep
In place the tremie pipes will be in
serted between them, and will pour
concrete nntil the bottom of the dock
is a solid block 20 feet thick. The
engineers know that they have a con
crete mixture that will set properly
under water, and that the tremles will
do their work properly; this was dem
onstrated by the recent upheaval. It
Is now a. question of getting enough
weight on tne drydock ' to keV the
bottom of the harbor from rising, and
20 feet of solid concrete' will un
doubtedly do this, say the engineers.
4"The method of building the dry
dock which I have worked cut is new," i
said Civil Engineer Gayier this morn
ing, explaining the proposed plan,
"but we are going on tne tneory mai
the United States must have a dry
dock at Pearl Harbor, and this seems
to be the best way of arriving at re
sults. The scheme of making the
blocks ashore and lowering them into
place was talked of some time ago,
but at that time we had not proved
- the success of laying under water con
crete by the tremie method. Now we
know that we can get as good a con
crete tinder water as we can on land,
bo there is no difficulty in filling , In
between the blocks to 4 make a solid
bottom. The blocks will be recessed,
. so that the poured concrete will fornr
Kuhio Faction in the Lower
House Reported - to Have
Asked Democratic Support' to
Resolution Asserting Lack of
uomicence inme Aam:nis
jration of the governor but
tne Latter lake tne Ground
They Will Not ClimjD to Pow-
er in That Manner
1 Seventh. Day
x x. x x, x xn X X x. g x X -a X. X x
Bills Passed Second Heading
S. B. No. 18 An act to author
lze the appointment of a bank ex- X
aminer, to .define his tenure of X
office and the duties to be per-
w formed by him and to provide for .X
his compensation. Brown. Re-
X f erred to the ways and means
committee, under a resolution p
C contained in a report of the judi-
ciary committee, i ; : : ' 5
; S. B. No. 23 An act making
additional appropriations for cur-' ,5
rent expenses. Introduced 'by X
the ways and means committee
for the governor. Referred to '
the ways and means committee.
f S. B. No. 24 An act making S
additional appropriations for per- !
manent Improvements and pur-
pose3 incidental , thereto. . Intro- S
duced by the ways and means X
committee for the eovernor. Re- M
a fprrprt tn the wavs and means
committee. : ' ' :
S S. B. No. 23 An ; act making X
appropriations , by' way of ad- X
vancement , out of general jeve- S
X nues for the . construction of
streets in the Auwaiolimu dis- X
X trict Honolulu, to be reimbnrsed X
out of the . sale of lots in ssaid X
tract Introduced by the ways
4 and means committee for the
governor. Referred to the ways X
and means committee. v a
X S. B. No. 26 An act to pro-
a' vide for the settlement of the :X
' . t AW nnlMlw (AII'AthdP I w L . J ! J. W
a Key lO dido iuem eui'uij ncw..! . me ways ana means cumiuiuee
There is iio difficulty In making the' for ; the governor. Referred to
vopfVol frtinta fin th bottom, and On 1 K thp wnva nH moans rnmmittpp.
the 6ides of the dock, where non- n
rrvntni inintR itiuKt be made, tne blocks i
will be so laid that tne stresses ai
the JoinU will be low. V
I "From the times 'that we have
pumped sections of the dock and met
with set backs, we know the sum total
of the upward pressure, and can figure
the weight necessary, to offset this.
.; These concrete blocks will give the
gpcegssary weight,"
The" blocks will rest on the piles
. that were driven to pin the bottom.
In cases where these piles have come
up. In the last upheaval of the bottom,
they will hate to be re-driven. As
the bottom of the dock will be thicker
(Continued on Pcge 8)
Ral r.Iotor Cars
; H E. H E N D R i C K, LTD.
Iferchanf& Alakea. Phone 264
S. B. No. 33 An act pertaining
to the sale in bulk or in large
" part of merchandise or fixtures. X
X Coke. Referred to the judiciary
X committee. . E
: Reports : : X
'' : '.-..'-.-: ."!'. -.
x Accounts committee reported '
tf on salaries of the attaches of . the &
x senate. - I:- : -. .
X. y Judiciary committee reported 1
a' on bill No. 13. Finds that res- I
X olution No.' 3 dealing with:suf- X
X; frage would, If granted by Con-
X gress, perform all that Act 13
X plans to do. Approved.
X Judiciary reports on Bill No. '5?
19. Refers it and all similar fi-
xi duciary measures to ways and X
x means committee. S
K" . - . . . .; W
X X, ,a, X X X. X X X, X. XXX X X' X X
That the Kuhio-Frear embroglio has
not reared its ugly head in the lower
house of the territorial legislature is
not the fault of the Kuhio faction, if
reports from authentic sources can be
Infant Found Close to Bodies of
Parents Who Die in
- Double Killing t
- Emptying four shots from a bran.l
new 38-caliter. revolver into the bodv
cf Oyena, a young Japanese woman,
Lis wife, the flame from the powder
scorcning tne face of a sleeping 11-months-old
infant nestled at its
DiOther's breast, H. Shimaza Vnen
turned the gun upon himself and sent
two bullets into his own person, re
sulting in the death of both thft
woman and the man, in a small cot
tage some distance ofT the Waiaiae
road, at Moiiiili, shortly after 10
c 'clock this morning. '
Revenge prompted the wanton mur-
cer of the rather comely woman,
whose body was found weltering in
a pool of blood not three feet awar
fiom the prostrate form of her hus
band.' ;
That the little Haruko, a" female
child not yet a year old, who, helr
le&it was found lying between the
deu- pirents, escaped th rain of
leaden missiles sent broadcast in a
room Is considered by spectators win
visited the scene In th3 light of a
Miracle.-' -: ;"-
Divorce Led to Double Killing.
- Action for divorce, instituted jipon
the part" of the woman. 13 new be
lieved to have led to the altercation
vl.ich finally brought death to the
wife and then to the man.
On. February 2, of this yer. tat
wc-roan called upon LIghtfoot & Llght
fcot, and began legal action; towards
a separation from her husband. .E- i
treme cruelty was the charge made
in the complaint. The action wns
Dr. Archer 1rvin, Democrat of
Hawaii, Will M ake Speech
on Induction of Wilson t
" f
coii id
Hui of Solons from Hawaii, Ka
uai, and Maui ' Formed to
Combat Passage of the Pro-
&o s e d Re-apportionment
easure oNw Pending in the
the House and Senate To
Take Ground That Present
Leg:slature oNt Called Upon
to Perform Duties : Laid by
, the.Law Upon the Last
mm mi
r Dr. Archer Irwin
Representative from Hawaii
still pending in the courts when the
tragedy enacted in the little Mofliili
Jicroe this morning transferred . the
matter o a' higher tribunal.
The shooting took place In one of
tbe-congeeted districts :of lloiliili, a
place 'prlnciDally populated . by Japan
ese. k iae. sounu or aiitrwuuu, .iui
lowed almost immediately ty six di3
tnc shots from ins revolver, brought
hundreds of people to the place. "
Murder Was Premeditated.
The murder of Oyeno ';nd .the sul
ci je of Shimaza were premeditated, as
v as borne out by the discovery of
several ; Important., papers, - found oa
the person of the dead rosn bv t hief
O' Ue.ecuves uaur jiihuiiw
Assistant Chief KelletU
In the possession of Chief McDur-
iic is registration certificate for one
-callbre revolvar, issued tue first ot
the week in the name or nimaza.
Uj)on examination the revolver
' (Continued on Paqe 8)
Speaker Holsteln of the house of
representatives is arranging a simpla
but Impressive Jittle program by
vvbich one branch, at least of the ter
ritorial, legislature will recognize tha
inauguration of a hew president of the
United States. t -: .
, Kext Tuesday afternoon, March 4,
Jrst before the house adjourns for t"a?
Hay, - Speaker Hoktein will . call upon
)-. Archer Irwin df Iliwaii to mak?
a1rtof address' mtttrto e btctisldn:
lr .Irwin is thCvHaWaii Democrat in
the house and already proving hira
st If to be an active ' worker and in
f uential member. .,-:: - ' "
A Jarge, portrait of Preside n' W".
son,' surrounded with wrcatns of ilow-t-rs.
will be hurig in a conspicuou:
position irt the house chamber.
. President Knudsen of, tho senite
was asked ;todajrif the upper ' hous?
will have dny special program on in
auguration' day, but said he new of a
nn nlana 'on foot for anythin?. He ! to
suggested, with a smile, iat possiblv
the Democratic senatorc might wist
to hall the inducts of their illus
trious ichief with ceremony ot somr
kind. . - -
. . fAMoctatetf Ins. Cable
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 27. That th
Incipient revolutions , that , threatened
trouble to the rule of General Huerta
and his followers art fast dying out.
ana that the eauntrv i mumlna
-UMa 18 uesunea 10 siana none m peace and quet that It has not had
the fight on the re-apportlonment bM. jnc4 President " Madero' opened his
now pending In house and senate, if warfare upon Diaz, la the statement
the IndicaUons that are now rippling ,ade ln many official quarters today,
the surface count for anything.. Ac- Gomez is said to have been brought
cording to a prominent member of the unjeP tht Huerta'flag, Diaz and Hu-
upper nouse.ims. ariernoon a nur or -rta are worklna hand in clove, and
most of thesolons from Hawaii, all the only cloud that obscures the horl.
rrom aram .ana rrom Kauai, naa a- zon is the threat of the bandit Zaoata.
ready been formed, or In process of to continue fighting. Seventeen of the
rormauon, to deal sturdy butrets upon ragged follovxera of, this leaser nave
the race ot tne measure providing for been captured and were summarily ex
the re-apportionment of the districts, ecuted this morning. These will, de-
Under the measure . now. penauig, clared General Huerta, be the only po-
the Island of Maui would suffer most, litlcal executions. Huerta this mom
with the loss of a senator and three I ng drafted a proclamation granting
representatives, Kauai who comes amnesty to all political offenders who
bleeding to the fore, minus one sen- surrender within fifteen days,
ator and two representatives, and al-f q
though Hawaii would not" be hurt ser
iously, the majority of the soions rrom
the. Big Island are prepared to go' to
ihe front for their brothers. - .
The contention of the antl-reappor-tionment
men is that the current legis
lature is not called upon by the law to
perform the duty laid upon tne saoui
ders of the solons at the last session,
end that if they failed to live up to
their obligations there Is no reason
why the present legislature shouic
suffer . for their shortcomings. The
fight promises to be bitter. ' v " ;
TUQS 'JILLii !fl I
: SUlaHSl
y-fAsr-cht Press Cable) ' :
SOFIA, Feb, 27, According to semi
official dispatches from Constantinople
this morning, the Turkish toernmen
is . 'about ready to surrender Adrian
cple. The progress made by the al
lies and the refusal of the great powers
to intervene in the strife, as well as
her own financial exhaustion are said
iw we vne rMiuns tur ins niinngnet;
of the Porte to surrender a- city that
for hundreds of years has been sacred
to the Ottoman empire. '
House Measures Introduced
m a II f
Today rToiecimg unnorm
and Jobs of ex-Army Men
Kv-Eoldiers of the United States
arm v 'once obtaining a job under the ;
lerruonai govti uiucm humv y
charged except on a showing or gross
Incompetence or misconduct, if house
bill No. 101 introduced by Representa
tive Julius Asch, Jr., this morning De-
comes a law.
Likewise keepers of theaters, dance
halls, wharves, or other public bulM-
Ings or places of business In which
the general public is permitted to fore
gather, must permit soldiers in Uncle
Sam's uniform to enter their business
establishments, if house bill No. 100,
Introduced by Representative Asch,
is placed cn the statutes.
These measures are said to oe an
outcome of the recent charges by
irmy men . that they were not, per
mitted to enter certain public wharves
to which civilian j were granted
entrance. Ta? fecond one mentioned,
H, B. 100, is not uncommon, as sev-
;rai siaies aireaay nae pruviaiuua ui
ike character. The first, however, is
regarded as radical.
v ' -.
Representative Julius Asch, Jr., whose
bills-concerning soldiers were
introduced . today
.(Continued on Pago 3)
Special Star-Bulletin Cable)
r..i i TTa-oli 'Will ha Vont unrlpri PHILADELPHIA Pa; Feb. 27. AC-
a n,nti winrtwo vrars loneer.' cording to a reportfrom Washington,
"v o - " . .. . . w : 1 1 : o i:l - DI...L.. r-
unable to marry without the f at ners """ -' BIRUrH' r
consent or to be, speaking in street
parlance, "their own bosses, until
they are twenty years of age, if Rep
resentative Sheldon's measure, house
bill No. 108, introduced this .morning,
s made a part of the terntorlal
statute. .' " '". v."
I believe girls in the Islands re
quire parential -protection and care
for a longer time than in many of
the states," said. Sheldon, discussing
the subject "There is a greater num
ber of them who are not capable of
taking care of themselves. .Under the
present laws, many cases have arisen
where, the young women have re
fused to obey the aprents when they
came of age, and the results have
been disastrous for them."
The Hawaiian house delegates held
caucus In chambers at noon today,
discuss a number of measures com
ing In from thev Big Isladd. ' It Is ,
said that several of the most Im
portant subiects on which the peopte j
of Hawaii desire legislation have not
yet been introduced, and these were
-to be discussed." v . v M ' :
One Of these is a proposed Mil to. TSpeclal Sta r-Bulletin CaWeJ
raise the school tax from 2 to 4, ln! WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 27.
an effort to obtain a reduction In the The senate has voted today an appro
property assessment, now $1.60 ;on priation of $1,500,000 fcr particlpatio;
$100. It Is said this Is aimed at the n the Panama-Pacifib exnosition
Japanese, who , Invariably possess ... 9 tm
large families and nave a majority of
the school children In . the territory,
yet who pay no tax in keeping with
the expense they occasion. This meas
ure however, will hit the Hawaiians
preuy 11u.ru, ana some opposition may
be expected from them.
Passengers on the Occnr.'
Lfner Fleeced of
Card Sharps Jc:n:d Yc::
When She Stepped zX
'.. Honolulu
r fAnocUted Press Ct!s -SAN
FRANCISCO, Feb. 27-Tv 3 -leged
gamblers and card thsr:, v
gave their names as L. f.Jcsisr c :
McQulen, and who are t) .
Joined the Oceanic liner Ver.tvra
she stopped at Honolulu cn r:r :
passage here from Austrxlla, .:rj
rested by the San Franc!: r::;:j
day, charged with defraud:.-1 tvj -sengers
out of mcra than in :
The gams is said to havs t J
most, as soon as. Diamond H:-j
dropped astern, and cant!,-.-:J
sli;w.t Interminlona until --5 cf '.
Camblers looking thrown a
nounced that thj Fanllr.s J.
wsre ln s!;ht. ; The psl.cs j
mute rejardinj the na:i cT t
who lost money ta the c:.J r
during the trip, and thssh :'j c
and. stewards maintain V) 1:
lence. The pasxirrsri ars r : 1
by the same eanjiisrat.'or j : - J
nam ;s of ths unlucky enca, i '
amounts they art taii t r :. . 3 '
are fast becoming put!;o
The names cf several w:r:i :
gers have teen rr: V.zr.zl ; : . :.
. i , , I,..
i h m m xJ - i . a
f Associated Trori C ' 3
PARIS, France, Feb. Z??z .re' i
so-called automoiiils bsn-:, c:
a score of crimes, nv.st p: ;
psnj(!ty upon ths gutiiotin;.
the decision of tht court th.s r.
ing. Fourteen or tht ctrrs ara f;;
long terms In tht statt" pri::-:.
effort will bt mait to arr:;l t
oases. Thus ends the" most
criminal trial Paria has tss.n f;r t : : .
TV 7"
m li
m mi
The first meeting of the sub-committee
..of the lands committee, ap
pointed to investigate the administra
tion of the --.public works department
under Marston Campbell, wli-1 be held
at 7:30 o'clock this evening In the at
Special Star-Bulletin CahleJ
P. Morgan & Co. have issued a formal
denial that in a letter sent by the firm
to the Pujo investigating commutes.
commenting on the reported existence
of the money trust, they hid in any
way blamed the present laws for the
concentration of capital In a few
hands. . .
(Special Star-Bulletin Cablel
WASHINGTON, D. C Feb. 27. 0
account of the influential membert
who are against the one-battleshi'
torney-general's office, at, the capitol program, It is predicted today that the
building. The committee will organ- senate will restore the two-battleshlr
ize and complete preliminary arrange- feature to the naval appropriation bi;i
ments for the series of public hear-! m m
ings that are to begin at the earliest AII sflN Pifl AY ATTFMn
possible moment
Chairman da Silva says that a num
ber of witnesses from Hawaii already
are in the city and prepared to sub
mit their testimony.' One of the first
may be made secretary of the depart
ment of labor,- when that department
becomes a separate portfolio from the
department o fcommerce. - Wilson has
been a member of the sixtieth, sixty
first and sixty-second congresses. He
is a prominent Democrat of his state,
working his way from. a miner to in
flueifce. He is indorsed by the Ameri
can Federation of cabor and the
United Mine Workere. He was one of
the organizers of the latter.
Sugar: 96 degrees test, 3.51 cents.
Previous quotation, 3.48 cents. Beets:
8S analysis, 9s. 5 3-4d. Parity, 4.04
Special Star-Bulletin Cable
WASHINGTON, D. Feb. 27. It
subjects to "be investigated .will be the .is., reported today in Democratic cir
Mahukona wharf. A numher of resi des that Mr.; Wilson is planning dally
dents of that district are said to be attendance on the sessions of con
in Honolulu and they will-be calledjgress and. that at least once a day
to tell their version of the recom- during the session he will have an of
mendation3 made concerninz the fice hour in the president's room a'.
plans for that pier.
It will be remembered Mahukona
wharf, costing originally about ; 14,
00(, was almost completely demolished
by a storm several weeks ago. Sur
veys made later showed that It could
the capital
The subset of woman's suffrage wa
taken up seriously in the house thifc
not be rebuilt for less than 15,000 to uternoon wnen mat txay resoivec
18,000, and a bil to annronriate the into committee of the whole and too--
last mentioned sum for that purpose uj consideration of ' Senate Con?ui
1 1 i. 1 j . . . . ' . . rt 1.,: v- o -j nn.lr iin
anxrauj una ueen lniroaucea in ine
Blobbs Skinnum is trying to pro
mote a new mining company. Did
you fall, for it? Slobbs No: I
Previous quotation, 9s. 9 l-2d. tumbled. Exchange,
lent Resolution No. 3 and House Join'
Resolution No. 1, both dealing wit?
.that matter. E. J. McCandless was
named a chairman of the committee
The more birthdays a woman has the
less she has to say about them.
(Associated Press Cable)
LONDON, Feb. 27- Tht public crcs-
eeutor this morning announce t.v:t
when the cases of tht militant s.T-
fragettt leaders comes to trial ht 3
going to work for a sentjnet for li.';,
if the prisoners art found guilty. Us
asserts that in no other way can si-ni
lar outrages be prtvtnttd In tht fu
ture, and that men like Lloyd Gtor-s
and other government officials must
and shall be protected. -
I LL..1.J
The steamship Yucatan roportfd
ufcder charter with' the Alaska Pack
ers' Association to make a round trip
from the coast to the Hawaii ia
islands, for' the purpose of transport
ing a number of laborers, may not be
coming hera after alL ,
Coast correspondents for the Ha
waiian Sugar Planters' Associi'ioi
have aisured officials ln this city that
the rumored project for sending the
Yucatan or any other vessel to tn
V.andg to carry recruited labor to
the . Alaska fishing canneries Is not
The Yucatan was reported all a!5ng
thu coast as having been fixed to take
nn early departure for Honolulu. For
some weeks past one or more agents
representing the northwest fl:h can-
ners are said to have been at work ln
he Islands, with a view of enlisting
nilplnos, Portuguese, and Spaniards .
to take up work in.Alaski waters.
The oredictlon was made witn a de
gree of posltiveness that the YocaTan
r ould sail frm San Francisco tor tno
inlands within the month.
t orxTRY nre to emebtaix.
Saturday night Is being looked for
ward to by members of the Oahu
Country Club, who anticipate a ple?
mt evening's entertainment, Tt. : : 1
will be music from 8 until n:!in!;!.t.
ind a general Invitation ha3 teen ex
tended to members to brtn )
take part in the dancir;.

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