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From S. F.t -
Sierra. March 3
lr S. F.i ,
Shinyo Maru. Mar. 4
From YaocoBter:
Zealandla, Mar. 26
Tor Yancoirers
- Marama, Mar. 23
i 1 . I ; ...... i
r . r
v Kvenlng Bulletin, Est. 1882. No. 5432
Hawaiian jtar. Vol. XX. No. M23
12 PAGE8-noOI.ni.n TPnniTnnv itaivah ntimv pp n tiro : ' .t
Hawaii Member Proooses Res-U
; olution Praising Delegate
" for H:s Work
Democrats Muster -1 1 Votes
Against Action but 19
Are in Favor
; : HOUSE,
' , Eighth Day '
IJjr a. strict party vote, the one
; Jlome Uuler casting his ballot with
be Republican majority, the house
of representatives this morning adopt
od a resolutloa endorsing the offlcia:
' record of Delegate Jonah Kuhlo iUi
lanlanaole. .. v;s
' The ten Democrats from Oahur with
Dr., Archer Irwin, the Democratic ic
presentative from Hllo.' Placed tnem-
selves solidly on record against lt.uiel Life for the first time was breathes!
v total being nineteen ballots for ane ito the senate -proceedings -this morn-
dcven opposed to the measure. , j "'g when two bills, both in; roduced
H appeared as the first resolution' by Senator Coka, came op for second
or me aay, became H. K. Imo. 52 ana; wading before the honorable body
Real Oratory Pours Forth in
Upper Ch'amber Over Senator
Coke'slMeasure-Solons Also
-Dispute Over Bill to Amend
the Delinquency Tax Law
Many Bills Leap Second Hiir-
i!-:' 'i
Eighth Day
Kvan da Sllva, In introducing It, spoke The first measure' to provoke dl.pute
briefly, referring in a general way to ' was the measure dealing with the in
t he,' Delegate's lpng service and or terest charges-on delinquent taxes,
his record in accomplishing much Ihe second wes the hill repealing the
,ood for the territory. He moved forj law levying stamp duties. : s
; its adoption. D. M. Kypihea movea The senate ways and' means" cora
,that it be referred to the rules com-' mittee had doctored th3 flret mak-
mittee Dut .hls etrort was declared iug the interest; charee for delimnpn 7
out of order. Sheldon moved that the ' JSe, ; 1 per cent mltV l-!S'i' on tury' h r
flvM .nil t,o hn ttDn tm. , per .ceni pr montu, instead quested tlfat an exception be made in
7 v -"r" , v-.v.. ui o psr ceni ter annum, ana elimin-
Becoiidediind carried by a snow or ptlng certain other features. Senator
-bands Paele fought to delay mai- Coke announced that he had, at the
Ufl 4W4 "tui " 1 introducer of , the bill, accepted -he
Federal Authorities Puzzle Ov
er Adnfssion of Seventh
; : Day Adventist
Judge demons Takes Case Ar
gued by Mr. Breckons Un
der Week's Advisement
Refusing to say that be would bear
arms 'oh Saturday. If called unon to do
J so as a citizeh'of the United States, or
tnat be would convene with a ; jury
meeting on Saturday, Joaquin Gomes
da Silva. -a Seventh Day Adventist
who applied, today for naturalization
papers, has raised one of the knottiest
questions in the history of the United
States district court. Can Sllva be al
lowed citizenship upon a qualified
oath of allegiance? Can the court
rightfully refuse him citizenship, thus
discriminating ; against him on ' relig
ious grounds? These are the 'per
plexing questions that Judge demons
was unable . to decide today.
Silva filed his citizenship papers
several -months , ago and , appeared
this mornlag In full expectation of be
coming a full-fledged citizen of. the
land of the starry banner. Upon be-
J ing told that citizenship papers were
r.n nD 6 0 prCeeCl Utor Wirtz wanted to know why the
Th ofti,ittft n,nJlHy on delinquent taxes should be
The resolution was adopted withou
further argument and passed without
'- comment onf the -floor. It rea4s as
lollows: " '. " ,'v. : ' " ' . ',.
. "De it resolved by the house-of re
presentatiVf s ' of the- seventh legisla-
, Ure5 pt, ill&T-9Ub,-t.-A.:
"That the Honorable -Jonah 'Kuhlo
Kalanianaole, delegate to the Congress "on. however, cam? ; when the way.. .
;f ihe United States of America from and means commi tee report on the
Hawaii, be congratulated and thanked, s'emp duties repeal blUalso proposeu
for the ' manifold benefits that .this by Senator Coke, came up for cqnsiQ.
territory - has received, Mhrough ' his ration. The majority-of the .comm4t
.public service, and " , ' 1 ttc had reported on the" bill favoring
twice as much as the government pays
it interest , on borrowed money, but
gotsmall. .satisfaction, .for; the vbtll
psFsed second reading, with all liand
up save his bwn. . .t ", -y:r'
The real fight of, the morning W1iKasf5;We tustrici attorney. '
' .. K IVi . nnffit at An von1 thnn i olr r n iar 1
edgedL.that he would be unable to
serve on Saturday, inasmuch as he 13
commanded by his religion to keep
that day holy.. ; : .
"Wfould you take up arms for your
'Be At further resolved,- that the! Its. passage, . but V Senators Rice".-and i 7" "17, J ' ..-r,"ll V1 ;
his case, and that ixe be allowed to
take' out his papers today. This: re
quest was not thought unusual and
was granted. It was "not until the
proceedings were well under way that
District Attorney Breckons discovered
that Sllva was a Seventh Day Adven
tist and holds Saturday, according to
the lights of his rellgion.-to be the
Sabbath. v " u': -J.-: yh
"It, as a" citizen of the United States,
you were called upon to serve oa k a
Jury meeting on? Saturday .vraultLouJ
Honorable' Jonah Knblo Kalantanace! Brown had refused to sign' on1 ttip
. be informed of the high appreciation ground that while the law.as it stands
Jbat this legislative body has or hislisot perhaps the most jiut on th
-ability, faithfulness and devotion to ttttute books, it will provide a refa
duty, as shown by the many itemsj nue of $70,000 in the next .two years,
appropriated by congress in its pastjend that "the people here ar j accus
Pesfions far . this territory, due largely! toiried to paying the tax, which lays
to Lift energetic and efficient la'Jors.Jnr, ereat hardshln uDon any one
"lie It further resolved, that a copy
of this resolution be forwarded to the
delegate by the clerk of this body."
' One of the House members lnfluen-
great hardship upon any
They also asserted that the territory
will .need s the revenue unlets
some other bill is introduced supply
ing the deficiency caused by the re
peal of the law. Senator Rice said
. Sllva declared that he would be
willing to, fight every other day In the
'' - ' ... '-v
Gen. Felix Diaz, nenhew of the iron-handed rorflrio. He fa said o W
the most likely cfeoicc for prrsUent vfheii Hacrta's provisional goTcrnmeut
settles down.
-r- : t : 1- ;
''. . V: " " .
Omaha Hostelry Consumed by Flames That Start frcm
known Cause Bitter Cc!d Hampers Efforts of Fir:
to Overcome Fire Four Bodies Only Recovered cf
Forty or Llore Believed to" Have Perished Women
; , Children Leap from the Smoke-Fi!!ed Windows I
. ' Fail to Save Firemen Overcome by tho Smoke
''V ;v;:;':- ; tAswKtatc Presa CatJ -
OMAHA, Ffh. Tw;coro fertUnly and plb!x fl.Jy f
He in the smoB'Vrinjr mlus of te Ilfcfel Dewey here, ilrtlnn of
sensational fire th tBix city has eier seen. JSccral flrr-flMrrs . 5
rat department are In the hospital, OTrrrome with xuiokr and jt.m f
Injured br Jailing tidder:, or bodies. -
Fonr ''Oiile are stretched out in the temporary nionrrt orTnv.! !
nearby police station, filled already with wnillr-, strurK-r hzr -ions
for the word of some lost one. Probably-tm f!:r.r r:::rj : .
be la H on the silent stones before nij? at, ii U;e rcrue jarllos -i:)::
work are successful in their stiMm por d task. '. '
o one knows where the fhimesr startcj, or how. It w;i.h f:::'
morning, before djivlljfht, that the first a!;:r;a tl tic f ie swept t':r
corridors of the little hostelry drills? tl:tvpatroi-4of tlie houo'l.::
halls, and down the fire rs tapes, r ; - : -
The apasratus was on. tho'grouni witlsla a'frw nor.rr.N,'bi:t I
men had hut Just tcrntd on the. streanis cf v :.ff r ! wl.fn V.v I. i' ?
bursting, en the bitter cold Binned then, frn - r't!:e n. ' r. l'.r-
the strcums held thev did Kltle irooj. -l)rsite t:.P ! t :it f V. :c i' s
In the bolldlng the told froxe t':e shrrt cf w
oier the front of the bnildin?, !' r! : ; t!: wl;
Impossible to'ralse he scaling I ! ; . Ti.;:t
mr.de only to fail, the flrrnirM : -k J
of .tte. ladders slinred on the s'M f t; I u
,Soon the streets around V..c '. .!cl tt co-I v
ptry, on whifh the firemen fell as they j-tlrrnrti-J 1
few natron-? of the house who had r.ia-,ri ta get t) t .c ni;-i
Jumped for safety to-the street. . . .
1 An usual, the cloator shaft formed a rerfptt dn.'ft for V v :"' .
rrinjr them from the lower to i'le np?t f! ? sa-' er.Jt!::? e.7 t.'.r
above gfound .by a perfect se.t of rrsiir, 6Jie.!.::: iwri i'.rr.
OyMlL'ULdLlniLlJll..:. .A.i. ..
rr Ja
hvh nu 1
). j! ) !
1 t:-p r-'
fAnrTn tup nin nnvn
imui; iu!in:uiuu!iibuuii
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; tlal in. passing the Kuhio resolution j tnat ne personally favored the intro-
aeciarea uns aiiernoon mat u "ludng of a bill which would raise the.
tirely probable a resolution indorsing! , excmjltion- on the income tax ta two
Governor Frear In 1 a somewhat siml- lhousand dollars per annum, but that
lar manner will be presented and fc does not aee how both such reve
juissed by the House, and he stated his reducing measures can pass tali
belief that the Kuhlo resolution Is not tfgSion .
: an attempt to Indorse the delegate as Small Oratory.: ' ; - -K
against the governor in the acted n- Viaklng for theY bill Senator Co ko
troversy thathas kept Hawaii buzz- the first lengthy address of th-
. ing for more than two years. , enate session of 19. He declared
w Hills. 1 v that the law works; a hardship upon
H. B. 4U-AppropriaUng $135,000 the man who wishes totuy a small
to construct . wharf at .Mala; Lahalna,1 Jome that it gnres h,m nothing m x C
Maul Walaholo , Urn for the money; he gives to ,tn2
J.' m H. B. 113-To amend Sections, 2 and government, and that the law is ante
3 of the laws of 1911. relating to the Quated and not in use Jnanj-other
marketing of fruits and vegetables tate or territory ot fhe Lnited btates.
: grown locally. Coney. , I Senator Metzger, one of the majority
H: B.. 113 To amend Section 1 of n.embers of the committee who signej
Act 122 as later amended, raising sal- the report favoring the repeal of thd
. (Continued on Page 2) (Continued on Page 3)
HtWiTdveWsTdTs a
mecca for the job-less
Secretary Super's Interview Is
' Hailed on the Ma;nland as
-' Chance for Itinerants :
"There are lots of Jobs In Hawaii,
and Undo .Sam's rlghtlittle. tignt
little territory- s the newest nesting
place for a real boom. Skilled office
labor Is in great demand and there
are two jobs for every decent, mcus
trious young man in Hawaiian offices."
Extract from a recent edition of Vae
New York World. ;
As a result of the publication of this
article by the New York newspaper,
a 1 perfect deluge of letters . from old
men and young men; from fathers anc
sons all over the United States, lias
been flooding the office of General
Secretary , Paul Super, of the Yonui;
Men's Christian Association, ach me
dium of communication asking ror :a
lormation regarding positions in Ha
waii and In some cases asking Mr. 1
Super to secure the coveted Jobs. .
This morning's mail brought exact-
That the federal government is ap
propriating just as much money for
the federal building here on the en
larged site as on the originally-proposed
site, and that this building will
be ample for the needs for which it is
designed, is the declaration today of
the federal authorities.
District Attorney Breckons said
this morning that a little simple arith
metic shows that there has been no re
duction in the amount of money for
the building itself, even though the
additions to. the site through condem
nation have made necessary an In
crease from a million to a million and
a half as the aggregate limit cost for
both site and building. This increase
is provided for in the House bill in
troduced on January 6, 1913, by Dele
gate Kalanianaole.
Moreover, as the senate yestcrdiy
passed the public buildings bill, with
$40,000 for the federal building here, S
no uneasiness is expressed tnat tee
building appropriation will be later
cut down. Tee federal authorities had
Paying a fine of $200 - for passage
on the Nippon Maru In order to reach.
Honolulu at the earliest possible date,
President S. G. Hindes' of the San
Francisco Bridge Co., contractors for
Ihe Pearl .- Hartor drydock, arrived
here this morning.-1 Mr. Hindes made
a flying connection between ; the
steamer and - a fast automobile,- which
took him first to the Young hotel,
where he left hl3 hand luggage, and
then directly to Pearl Harbor and the
scene of the wrecked ship basin. -
. Until he had seen for himself the
damage done by.1 the "blowing up" of
the drydock,- and had learned the de
tails cf the accident, and the probable
chances of future success from Engin
eer F. II. Smith, Mr. Hindes had no
statement to make as to the plans of
his company for continuing the con
tract. It is the general belief, how-
ever, that he is here merely to get a
first hand line on the situation, and
that the San Francisco Bridge Co.
will go after the work of conquering
the unstable bottom of the narbor,
harder than ever.' ; -
Conference Today.
Civil Engineer K. R, Gayler, U. S.
N., in charge of a! 1 Pearl Harbor con
struction, was in the city when Mr.
Hin'les arrived at the drydock site,
but an informal meeting between the
two was arranged over the phone for
this afternoon. Mr. Hindes will , theq
bare an opportunity to hear the details-
of the ' navy ,engineers, new
scheme for anchoring the drydock by
making 1 huge longitudinal blocks of
concrete on land and 'then setting
them on end alonr the bottom of the
basin, pouring concrete ' through
tremies between the blocks so as to
taake a solid concrete bottom 20 feet
thick. This method, which has been
worked out-ty Civil Engineer Gayler,
is brand new in - drydock construction
and was made known to the public
for the first time yesterday through
the columns of Tne Star-Bulletin.
The slue walls of the dock will be
formed in the same manner, by. set
ting under water blocks cast on shore
and filling the joints by pouring under
water concrete , through .- the. tremie
pipes. The side walls will be 21 feet
thick at the base, ana will - taper to
five feet at the top. It Is figured that
this style of constructfbn will add
two-fifths to the weight of the dock
had it been constructed under the old
method, which will te ample to keep
the bcttom from rising. . ?:"
Details of this plan will be forward
ed to the bureau of'yards and docks
ty the mail leaving this evening, "and
it is believed that Admiral Stanford,
who is familiar with conditions here,,
will approve of the judgment "of the
navy engineers on the ground. --;
lv RPvpntPPn lpttprs all from mpnan(irul "
iy seventeen letters an irom menanah expecled-the 'appropriations 'to
boys in the c ity of New ork.-Some Ja Rt this session of Con-
nfic tiiuubui, wuie bciiuus, aim uiiii
ers merely interesting. As an inter
v Regal Motor Cars v
Merchant & Alakea, Phone 2648
testing coincidence, all of the letters
received this morning were hand writ
ten, where before the greater number
cf those received were on letterheads
and' typewritten. Well, there are Jq'js
in Hawaii, and plenty of them for
the local fellows, and therefore arises
an explanation of this enormous rusn
of correspondence. I
; The original of this deluge of let
ters was an article which appeared on
the church page of the Honolulu Star
Bulletin about two months ago, which
was in the form of an interview wan
Secretary. Super, and was, in part, as
follows : - f .
"One of Honolulu's greatest needs
at the present time from a commercial
standpoint, is trained clerks. "We are
continually being called upon to sup
ply young men for such positions as
collectors, assistant bookkeepers, ste
nographers and a large variety of po
sitions which may all be classed un
der the head of Junior clerks, anJ
while the night classes here at the as
sociation are continually preparing
(Continued on Page 8)
gress. As told in a cablegram from
the delegate yesterday; ''the'-appropriation
carries eight thousand dollars
more than enough for both ihe origi
nal and additional grounds included in
the site. .' . '
It became known, today: that -the. to
tal, amount to be paid by the govern
ment in the Manuka condemnation
case is $465,336.71. or almost half a
million dollars. To this sum will be
added probably interest from the time
that the suit was commenced two
years ago The buildings for which
the government is paying include the
Castle & Cooke property on Fort
street the premises of the Hawaiian
Trust' Company, of the Office Supply
Co., and of E. O. Hall & Son. .
Spwial Sur-Bulletin Correspondence
Additional funds will be provided fo.'
Major Herbert O. Williams, Sec- i Senator Chillingworth's' baniua bill
ond Infantry, has been designated by 'is dead and another bill reigns in it3
recent orders as the officer to make b;ead. Such wac the effect of the rc
the annual inspection of the organized port of the jndic:ary committee of the
militia of Hawaii and will enter on senate, filed with that body this morn
his duties at an early date. ing. Tha report calmly annouunrca
In view of the agitation that exists that "we recommend that thebill b
at present in the ranks of the militia, ' arrended by striking out everything
Major Williams approaching inspec-1 ailer the words: "an act, and insert
tion will be of unusual interest and , ir.p; in lieu thereof the following" ; ;
importance both to the war depart-j The committee bill then goes on to
ment and to those in charge of the 'create a commission to investigate the
various units of the citizen soldiery, . banana claims. This commUsion,,-1 to
Captain Davis, of the Medical Corps, (cusist of. three "disinterested and
is the regular army officer who will J competent cilizans of the territory,':
report 0.1 the sanitary troops at-;0i,e 0f whom ghall be an attorney of
tachrd to the guard. Tiie date for the : the supreme court of the territory,
inspection is not yet set. J 1 he commission is to be appointed by
Medicos Change Stations itl.e governor of the territory. All
First Lieutenant Dougherty, medical j Cajms are) to be filed with tbe com
rcserve corps, has just been notified j Mission within CO days after its first
of his transfer from the active list, j i,lPeting. The comniissrons are to re
at bis own request, and this has neces- ceive no per. day while In session;
situated a general shifting of army tierk $150 per month, interpreters
medicos in tbe posts adjacent to Ho-l;750 per dayt bailiff $75 per month,
nolulu. Dr Dougherty was recently,- ka . hill - ai a unround tea to
FOil mwk
Asicociafed Preks Cable :
WASHINGTON, Feb., 23-Overrlc-ing
the apparent wishet of the house
of representatives the United States
senate today found In favor of the big
tiavy projram, ind' Increased "the a;
lottment of battleships in the nava:
appropriation bill to two. The meas
ure was passed without difficulty but
by a- nearly strict party vote.
of Stat Knsx t.Ji rzzzh .1
1 British amtaisi-.. t'-;
Critish Government c':i!;.-;
canal tell tangle. It !: tr '
tnat the secretary h;, d:; .
docss th'a cjuestisn zri l:iv:
bitf.: successor, In otrics tn''
Report from reliatte s:-rcc-. .
that PresiCent-Ele:t Vi!i:n l3 i
of the Root amendrr.ent cf ti:
law as It , stands at .prt-t-would
acolish the fres t3l!s f-r
can ships In strict accordsr;
the terms of the trsat with
Britain. .''' , .
: C
fSjclal Star-BulMIn Wirelfl
HILC, T. II., Feb:1 21 Anorlier pos
sibly fatal accident due to a man "whn
didn't know it was loaded,' has been
recorded In the shooting of the little
child of Otto Rose by W. Keller 'o;
the Hllo Mercantile Company. Yes
terday Keller bought an automatic re
volver and the accident happened be
cause he did not know' there was a
bullet In the 'gun. The child was ser
iously injured, j ; - O
f Associated Press Cable) " .
WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. The suf
fagette leaders and their cohorts are
beginning to reach Washington by the
Lcores. All ; the trains that reached
the Pennsylvania and B. &. O. depots
this morning brought detachments of
the great women army expected her
fcr the monster demonstration at the
ir.augural parade. The .leaders are
alto talking of another demonstration
prior to the parade, but nothing defin
itc has been settled regarding this 2s
yet. ' "-;,-.',: -':,-- ' . , 1
' ' : -
(Associated Pre;s Call? )
WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. The s;n
ate this morning by the surprising v:.:
cf 63 to 21 passed the Wefcb bill ever
the President's veto, -This is the b::i
prohibiting the Interstate shipment cf
liquor where such liquor is "intend;:!"
to be used in violation of law., Trs
measure passed the house- February z,
since which time it his been held up
In the judiciary committee of tne se. -ate.
The measure isalso known ai
the Kenyon bill, owing to the hctthat
the Kenyon bill, owing ta the fact that
measure .when the lattsr came up to'
the senats from the house- February
10. - '
f SrWla! fur-Dull thi WlrelejwJ
HILO, T. IU Feb. 23. Reports came
to Hilo today that the Japanese school
at-Olaa burne to the ground la3;
night. Details of thefire" are no;
known. ' -" ' ' ? , ..
(Continued on Page 2)
sent from Schofield to Kamehameha
to fill the position of post surgeon at
the artiller ypost during the leave of
absence of the regular surgeon, Dr,
McDonald. Dr. Baker will be taken
from Fort Ruger for temporary duty
at Kamehameha, and Dr. Huntington,
pay the judgm3nts . imposed by the
commission against . tiie 'territorj'- I
of Fort De Russy, will act as medical
officer at Ruger as well during, the
absence of the regular surgeon.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27. Beets:
88 analysis, 'Js. lOd. Parity, 4.06 cents.
Previous quotation Ds. !.
-'.';: ". 1 . ,':-"
( L E D A R T( M 0 K KO W
' The Star-Bulletin's steamer calen
dar, in handy form for reference, will
be published in the Saturday issuetomorrow.-'.:
'; .:'
, Jane Bicknell Youtg. widow, of Jo
seph Youngi brother of . Brigham
Young, is dead at Tacoma, Wash.;
aged 98 years. She was a prominent
Christian Scienceleader. .;
The house bill making a federal
offense to steal . freight, . express or
baggage from trains In transit was
reported favorably by the senate ju
diciary committee.
The new post 'cbapet, at ' tchofieId
Barracks will be dedicated fiext Sun
day afternoon, Rt. Rev; Bishop Restar
ick officiating. .This ; chapel was
erected and furnished by' Chaplain X
A. Pruden, V- S. army, from funds
donated by , the citizens .of Honolula
and. the officers and men of Schofield '
Barracks,; , -. ; . : .
The sercon of th eafternoon will be
delivered by Dr Dortmus .Scuider,
while Governor-W. t. Frear will b?
among' the many town, visiters,
large delegation from HccV.Ij
expected to attend the cr--:;-,
eluding Queea.Liliuc'-?'--".

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