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Frtn 8. lt
Nippon Mara, Jul.
Sierra. July 26
From Yaaeetrert
Makura. Aug. 13
Fsr Tsneesvers
Niagara, Aug. 12
P : V A ! C ,:. I ! ! i I
7 iS
W V i
Kvening Bulletin. Est. 1882. No. 5606.
Hawaiian Star. VoL XX, No. 6G46.
li iiW
n A n
0)0 l-v
- 1 i
.I i r
1 L
i i .Y
1 I I t ! ' I , i I 1 I
i !
Failure to . Harmonize
- Cauce of Surprise'
c nomination v
, ISpfClal . Star-Bulletin -Cable -'.
IVa&IISGTOX, D. C, July 25. By
nominating L. E. Fiaxhara for poTrrn
or of IIaua!I Present Wilson Is pun.
Istlng the Democrats of the territory
for their, failure n to harmonize ana
- uprre ipea candidate for the office.
lTaton'g friends In the frnate are
Trry Isitenaut over . the appointment
and nay ff?ht the confirmation.
IVLIIe there are many expressions
cf Ill-freling oier the nomination, no
rrotcsf h:!T.e,bcen received In official
circles. , ,
I ir.khara ?tIII Is In Washington and
expresses -tlaself as confIJect that
the nomination will le conflrnei. ,
f v C, S. ALDECT.
a. .
1 c;
fl, j V,,
! rt C- J;.!y 21.
, N't Honci..Ia. . : -,.L;te
the Islands on'
.t us Garcrnor of con.
ftrcctlic r.nd dllnterested friend. 5
5 rossTble trouble concerning.
confirmation, '
X . . KEST. i
K !' - ' V ' " ' ' -;
' 'Upper plctarc shows rebels with tnachlne (run-In outskirts' of capital
city; to right, laying oat a blackboard. Plan cf battle, General Mondraon
(left), General Felix DIaa (right); belpw, American Red Cross physicians
caring for wounded.' It Is said the red cross society has spent $25,000 In
Mexico during past few months. ; ' : - -. -" -' -
ma msmm
Decision Reached Through Differences of Opinion in Finding
01 Navy tngmeers secretary uameis oiaunuu capuuci
oi Kean narDons rracucaDiiity as sue v
IFpccial Star-Dulletln WirrtPBsl ,
' HILO, Ji.i 25 Metzger aays he la
very 'much' aurprlsed ' to learn that
Plnkham haa been nominated governor
and that he felt absolutely certain
that E. M. Watson would secure tne ; . ; . w. . -
plum. ! Word was received here yesterday j respondent, -amplifying by mall-a
Arrhcr irvwln savs. "If Plnkham Is'ofTPmnftn thflt a further investieation ! cable , special of July 12. states that
appointed It aervea the Honolulu Re-'0f the Pearl Harbor drydock situation 'three reports were considered by the
publican orjanizanon ngni ior cunmU vas to De maae on uue grouau, hum
In. It thculd have been McCandless." thatj the engineering puzzle which has
snip basin
Following the general surprise at
the receipt of a cable from Washing
ton to tho; Star-Fulletln, yesterday, an
I'ounclcg the nomination of 1 E. Pink
l.am for governor of -Hawaii, general
. sentiment is . Bwinging Into line ad
getting on . the "Plnkham "Band
wagon". That he .is the. man for the
Job is almost the unanimous opinion
today. t; - v
Cablegrams of congratulation have
t-een forwarded to Mr Pinkham in
WaBhlneton. while local friends have
reclTe4 confirmation of the news of j
his ' appointment, as given them , by
the Star-Bulletin. ' j
Rumors that protests have been
- filed aralnst the appointment fall of
..confirmation either in Honolulu or In
Washington. So far as can he earned,
the decision of the president will be
allowed to stand with any open dis
sension being .registered. -;
''. That D. E. Metzger, will be named
territorial secretary continues the talk
of Mra. Grundy . and the fact ; that
Messrs, Pinkham and Metzger were
business associates In the well boring
business is given by the knowing ones
as a reason for such an appointment
being made.
1 Another candidate mentioned for the
Becretaryrhip is Dr. James H. Ray
mond .and his many friends are of the
opinion that his chances for the posi
tion are as bright as those of anyone
this far suggested.
Dr. C. B. Cooper strongly denies.
that he is a candidate for the secre
taryship or any other office in the
pfft of the governor. He states that
his private ; practice keeps Jiim suffi
ciently husy and that he is seeking no
political Job.
On. every. band today the sentiment
tied up work on the big
would, be tackled by still another ex
lert or experts, probably civilians, be-fore-any
final decision was reached as
to the resumption of the work; and the
distribution of financial responsibility
tor the, disaster. This is in line with
the rumored intention of Secretary
Daniels to. employ outside help on the
drydock problem, owing-to the Inabil
ity of the navy civil engineers to agree
in their reports.; The. new investiga
tion will begin here some time next
month. . ' '. '
. The Star-Bulletin's Washington. cor-
hecretarv of the navy. . and that a
number o conflicting statements were
found, which must be reconciled be
fore definite action can be taken,
It was not generally known here
that Civil Engineer Harris, who came
here with Admiral Stanford ; several
months ago, had made a separate re
port on the feasibility of the present
site and specifications, although there
was a rumor, current here during his
visit that he. might be acting under
te pedal instructions from the navy
department. Apparently he . made
such a report, and apparently the "re?
' - - '-.t 'v-: '.:
-. (Continued on page four)
Comes to Life in Camp No. 2;
Arraigned in Court and Is ;
Given Continuance
"My mind has been a perfect blank
for the past seventy hours," was the
dramatic declaration of "Baron G. von
Woell warth,- w ho sauntered into tho
central police station at five o'clock
ihis mcrninc, and expressed a desire
to remain there until he could have a
word "wil h Deputy Sheriff Rose or
Chief of Detectives McDuffie. .
The "baron" alias Schmidt, . alias
is expressed that Hawaii should not; who seme days previous was a
oppese the appointment of Pinkham
(Continued on page eight)
Merchant and Alakea
' .- ... v . Telephone 2648
more or less central figure in a scries
of delightful, dinners and pleasant so
cial functions, at the haunts frequent
ed by Honolulu's great and near great,
was quite content, to partake of the
; humble but. substantial fare supplied
at the police station mess. ; ;
j "Give me a little time and. I can fix
this thing up to the satisfaction of all
concerned." was the remark offered
jby the alleged baron -to a rather per
i -
WOltlilfi ARE
Wireless Construction Com
pany Quickly Settled Threat-,
- ened Labor Trouble
Because one of their number had
been discharged, sixty Japanese la
borers employed in the construction
of : the new Marconi wireless station
at Koko Head, went on a strike yes
terday afternoon and refused to return
to work unless their fellow workman
was ; reinstated. The engineers in
charge of the work, after a consulta
tion with : Resident Engineer N. H.
Slaughter, discharged the entire gang
and left for Honolulu, where a new
force was soon recruited.
In speaking of the advancement of
the work - on Ihe new station, Mr.
Slaughter said this morning:
"A temporary outfit has been erect
ed at the new station which consists
of a small wireless equipment operat
ed "by a gasoline engine, the set hav
ing' been installed to experiment on
a small scale, one operator being em-
UUaiLLLiij d ll J'vLJjJ
I : :
mi U Ky
Henry 'Lanb, Wilson, Arriving frcm "cxiso. S::s'G:::t I
Qsr if Hucrta Arrr!riwtcitisn Fc.ji.d Ct..-..o fcf L..
'States to Mediate Gcss On to 7a:h!n:tc,i
'Associated lYtsa Catll
NEW YORK, July 2S.With the dsclaration that A:r
In Mexico la impossible. Henry Lane Wiijan, smh:::- ':r ti
southern republic, arrived In this cltytoday, on his v,: ,
the call of President, Wilson.
Ambassador Wilson predicts utter chacs in f.!ex!:a if f .
dent Huerta faHs, owln 2 to the tittir rivalry ef ths f::t::-j
slon already prevaillnj. He will reach Vsshir;t:n. t;r!. t
to report to President Wiljsn cn f!3r.day.
;n r :
Seven : Gh!n2:3 Prov:
'. f f Associated Press CablfJ'
'SHANGHAI, China, July 15. The csvtrrrr- t f.-;:j
pulxsd the rebels attacking the Shanghai irzzr.il.
CANTON, China, July 3. Seven scuthrrn ,provir;-s cf
population twice as larjs as America's, have new vr'.- '
Yuan ehlh-Kal. , : , -
.4 '
lletin Pinric Arrihifpr.ts nnrf nnntrflnfors Fxehanned
n UlColO aUiM oaiciy III wunoii uuiiuii-- iiui i vu 1 ian wvir
sidered; Less Preferable Went Ahead to Avoid Delay-Are,
Present Plans Safe? . :
Walter F. Woods, co-partner of Gus
Mhuerson, testified before the coron
er's jury this afternoon that he con
sidered the ateel pillara on the armory
job too light to ; support" the trusaea
for the roof and that he and Anderson
had protested against what they de
clared was a weakness and a danger.
He said the work was stopped - and
then 'started again, and that the archi
tects had said it was all right to go
ahead. He had always considered the
job unsafe, he testified.
Johnson, a fellow workman on the
job when Anderson was' killed, and
who narrowly missed death himself,
testified to practically the same
things. He also said he considered
the supporting steel pillars too light,
and that to stiffen them temporary
wooden braces had been fastened
down the sides, '.'v:
The coroner's jury is composed of
Walter Jarrett, L. Gay, Levi Perkins,
J. Campbell, E. Norrie and Charles
The jury adjourned at 3 o'clock this
afternoon until Monday and went over
to the armory sits to look at the scene
of the accident. t ;
( Continued on page four )
(Continued on page two)
, That Gus Anderson fell to his death
yesterday morning .on a structural
steel job carried on against the pro
tests of the architects and against the
judgment of the contractors Is a de
velopment, in the fatal armory acci
dent that'the coroner's jury has been
called upon to investigate this .'after
noon. ';: V'-
. The coroner's jury begins its inves
tigation at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Deputy Sheriff Rose has been furnish,
ed with the names of material wit
nesses whose stories of affairs lead
ing up to the accident will be gone
into. : ; J; . f . '.
- As the result of . these statements,
a serious question as to the safety of
the armory structure, as designed and
now being put up, has arisen and may
form one of the features of the jury
probe.:- - 'h-:-v ".' ''"vv: -.''"'
A statement made to the Star-Bulletin
last night by Lee B. Turner, one
of the steel construction crew employ,
ed on the armory job, led to the dis
covery today that official correspon
dence has passed between the archl.
tect8, Ripley & Davis, and the con
tractor, Honolulu Planing. Mill, show,
ing that neither side ' regarded the
steel erection work as entirely safe
owing to the manner in which the pil
lars and trusses were being put np.
Correspondence Shows Protest -
The Star-Bulletin was furnished
with copies ; of the correspondence
showing that the architects protested
against the pillars and trusses being
put up in advance of the side-walls,
taking : the position that the great
weight of the trusses resting on the
slender pillars , fifty . feet In the air
constituted a menace to safety. It is
also fchown that expert advice was se
cured and that finally the work , went
ahead on the' less preferable of two
plans submitted by the expert called
in. -.... :'
(Continued on page seven) .
Paclc and a widely-Vnown rallrcad rr!--
the boarJ cf directors cf the tlt .t H
p!asi Juit m:.J) r ,V."S. His -1 1 . ;
This prcbxtly.rr.jir.s t'"9 rctir:rr:.-.i cf Cvar:; j 7
system, whose'admlniitratlon.hsa teen t tt:r!y cj
25,coo l::.: :"
. Associated Trtss Cable
CALUMET, Mich, July 25. Twenty-five thausani n:i
owing to the strike In the copper mines. The slt--t::n ij
having ceased, "ths men ask an eight-hour day anj re;:;
union organization.
New WirelsGs Iisccrd Zz:
Associated Prtss CableJ .
,NOME, Alaska,. July. 23. Wireless communication h2J t:;i cs1.':
between this point and the Siberian station of Anadyr, giving the first c
message, It is declared, between America and Asia.
" Mrs. Panlihursi Very III
'' ;: '7i '' -" ,:- ' ' '
.'.' l: Associated Press Cable 4 v ,
LONDON, Eng., July 25 Frequent thirst and hur;ir-tr!kes have
exhausted Mrs Emmetins Pankhurst, the militant suffragette leaJert
a transfusion of blood has been found recessary to save her life. Her c:
dition Is critical. , . ;f
- i , . 1 Associated1 Preas CableJ ! , .-'" .
SAN FRANCISCO. CaU July 25-44Eorax' Smiththe spectacular finan
cier, until recently believed to he a multi-millionaire, has not been declar. '
Ja Jbankrupt, as reported last night, but a minority of his creditors hav:
niea a peiiuon ior invoiuniary oannrupic, neirmj err wmcn- ei i.r
August 5. The holdings of his syndicate are estimated as high as
000,00a ' ' - : , :
v: ' m 1 ' 1 1
l O " Associated Press Cable - ,
WIMBLEDON, Eng., July 25. A surprise was sprung today when J. C.
Park, one of the Oavis cup holders, defeated Maurice McLoughiln, tv -American
crack, In their cup match today. Parke won 8-10, 7-5, 6-4, 1-8, 71.
Norris Williams, the other member of the" American team playing in th:
singles, defeated C P. Dixon by 8-6, 3-6, 6-2, 1-6, 7-5. McLoughiln was wild
while ' Parke's form and strategy we re superb.
At Pittsburg Philadelphia 2, Pitta
burg 12. . .'.'.:'V
All other National League games
At Boston Chicago 5, Boston 7.
At Washington Washington 8, St.
Louis 8. (Fifteen innings). : '
At Philadelphia Philadelphia 4, De
troit 0. . ,
At New York New York 2. Cleve
land 3. (Thirteen innings.) 4
Sugar: 98 degrees test. .. 3.57 cents.
Previous quotation, 3.54 cents. Bets:
8? analysis, 8s . 9 l-2d. .-Parity, 3.83
cents. Previous quotation. 8s 10 3-4d.
People living along Fifth avenue,
Kaimuki, are greatly pleased with the
installing of street lights along that
thoroughfare, .which has been hereto-
I fore as dark as the proverbial poe-
Iket.-. : .:': '." '...-''; ' ' : '
' . Associated Prejw Cable -
SAN FRANCISCO, CaU July 25 Secretary of the Navy Josephus Dan
iels, on arrival here today, stated that when the Panama canal is comptetti
the battleship fleet will divide -its time between the Pacific and the At
tontlc :'.-"-.y 4 "v - . ' ' 'V.;.
' ; - Associated Preas Cable :-, .:.:;. -
; SAN FRANCISCO, Cat., July 25. J. O. Davis,: chairman of the Demo
cratic state central committee, has been named as collector, of the port.
and Senator Shanahan as superintendent of the mint. ,
' Associated Pretw Cable- : r '. .
BUCHAREST, Roumania, July 25 -Greece and Servia have refused to
terminate hostilities until peace prell mlnaries . with Bulgaria have been
signed. : . , ' ' ' ' .''.'" : ' " - r-- .
It was rumored todiy that a cable
has been received here ,to the effect
that Cel. J. BfcCarthy, city .
county trcasarcr, was appointed
lector of customs for the port of I
ofulu by tie president this mornir-
X& confirmation of the rumor (
te secured ; when ; the 3tar-E .'
went to press nor could the sour,
.the local report be found. ...

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