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Showing new Cadillac axle See eseriptiei
The way to keep an automobile In
good shape and to avoid expense for
repairs and replacements is to use
first, oil; second, oil; and third, more
oil. f If buyers would exercise just a
little, care in learning a f jw of the ele
mentary principles of their machines,
there would be little or no difficulty
about this service proposition. Un
doubtedly many dealers and salesmen
are 'themselves to blame for this con
dition. They neglect; to properly in
struct buyers or fail to impress upon
them the absolute necessity -of study
ing their instruction books while their
machine is new. The result is that
the novice ? driver allows his oil ." to
become used . up, or fails to screw
down, grease, eups. As consequence,
bearings ran dry. pistons and cylln-
l ders become damaged,' and the; man
Cadillac motor . cars for the 1914 .this new feature,
rnscn will continue to be built on a
Ingle fcodel of chassis with a four
Under motor.- j However, they are
conceives the idea that his. car is
The golden rule of ; the: motor car
! is to look after the-lubrication.- A
The only percep
tible change which, the shifting to the1
2.5 to-1 Tatio made was in the slowing
'ddwn of the speed-of the motor for machine will merely stop if -it runs
istlinsr with new features, some of the came car peed s that - main- out-of gasoline. But if the oil sud-
.ea cuite radically diSerent .from t tained with the 3.66 tATatio.''Ttei;pij:8ets-lov,'r:t''tlie''wter is al
lythlts heretofore brought out by. was absolutely no noise connected l lowed to -evaporate or boil away, ser
.3 C Iliac company. Refinements.; with the changing of driving gears. da-magg-msy result before the mo
f little details add comfort for the Shifts from one set to-the other' were j tor 'stops because of seizins of pis-
.Ksenrcrs and make it all the easier : made at speeds of 25 20 and 48 miles
3 operate the cars. . z V an hour with equal faeiltty, it being
' The most- radical of the new f ea J easy to tell ; wixen the 1 .5 to ' 1 ear--rcs
ct these new Cadillacs is the tag was operating by the easier run
! optica of a two-speed, direckdrive ning of the engine and the smoother
, ile to replace the conventional i operation of the car as a whole. There
r.sle type: 'Although Buch en idea was a marked freedom from vibration
: affording two different gear ratios j when traveling at high speeds.
i the fl-al drive member has already j y According to the . Cadillae engta
cared cn one hlsh-priced : car, the eers, the low drive - Is Especially
dillac company is the tret of the 'adapted for city driving, 'where tart-'iium-priced
manufacturers to-take ing. 1 stopping and slowing down are
up. - ; r . . . . .. frequent and , where cautious opera-
However, the Cadillac scheme dif- tion is necessary. Where epeeds - of
rs naterfaUy from, that of the other 'about -IS miles or more per tour re
ake referred to in the manner of permissible and desirable, theblgh
:iLn and method Df working out'. direct-drive gear ratio is -ot- special
: the necanical details. Instead of advantage. With ' it any given-speed
;vlns a slnlc-bevel-drivlng pinion of the engine produce aa increase-of
nnected with - the . propeller shaft .about 42 per cent iri the speed -of the
i a tlagle-bevel-driven car as In 'car, or conversely to "maintain -any
a crdisary construction, the Cadil- given car speed ' the engine- speed
:s are to do fitted with two bevel "may be materially 'decreased as conv
-.iens and two bevel gears. ' Thisipared with that required to propel
crds two different gear ratioseach the car at this- speed' with the low
Axizg direct from the engine to the 'gear ratio.- '
' without intermediate gearing.! At an engine speed of 700 revoln
e low t earing tives a ratio cf S.66 fions per minute with the low direct
1. while the tish is 2.6 to l
tiKcckipj- Cevices Employed.
gear engaged. the - car win travel
about 21 miles an hour,-whHe- with
Clutches engage either set of gears .the high gearing it will go about 801-,
.. ... t . . . . . 11 J Mam mm. K A ' kt a m i nil Cf4fYl I :
;cs rreventinsr the engagement or remainmg consiant.
3 Ett while the other set is sun
: r-tlftg. - The changing from one
t to the other is a very simple mat
r, tni one' which is noiseless j A
all switcM located on the "right
zt door of the body and within
:;venient reach of the driver does
3 ftloctlng of the gear comnination,
:l3 the actual shifting la dene by
;!y pressing in the clutch pedal,
rowing-the ewitch. one way mag
JcIly draws - the coresponding
zh into position, and - the pressure
. the clutch pedal pulls its set , of
-.rs into action, at.-the-same-time
-ing'he other set. -. " -;-;--'-!V
The representative of the; Autbmc
3 was given a demonstration of
Thl increase In car tpeedJ In its
relation to that of the motor is logi
cally ' claimed to effect a- saving In
gasoline for1, a given mileage, waile
tons cr bumine out of bearings : It
is very much easier and occupies very
much less time for an owner to fill
his oil reservoir and- screw down his
.grease cups, than it is to drive to a
frarae and wait for a man to do it
for ! him. . ..n--
-On. the Studebaker '" ear it is eo
easy to replenish the oil supply that
a child can do it And there are so
few; grease cups, and these f few so
easily accessible that there is no ex
cuse for their being overlooked: As
a matter of fact, on these Studebak
era, things have been made so easy
for ithe owner-driver; that it is the
easiest kind of a job to take care of
the oar. A few minutes' 4 day are all
that are required. But these minutes
must be given regularly and system
atically, or the machine will suffer.
Oil and regularity - will .,. avoid many
automobiles annoyances. ' "
; By" all counts the Ford costs less to
operate than any other car. j Individu-
... i j j i i a -v. . o v .
incziou is repuwa uHs w wuwer xty temperament of ? the person who
eration of-" the -motor. 'This, 'too;
chould affect the gasoline1 consump
tion: : ' r '
" It should te -understood ifeat - this
drives the car, and the' condition un
der ? which it Is maintained. : Many
Jof our owners drive their cars at a
cost of lees than a cent' a mile. A
transmission gearing In any way, that
new axle feature does not affect thej few ;of them double this cost.-. One
owner drove his Ford: a hundred and
is, with eitber set of xle geate oper-ume jnlte6 at a total cost for gasoline
auag, me buuuus wi kcrxb iru i - and oil of eighty-one cents a not ex
to second,- to third or to reverseME cepUonal experience. By alt tests the
the gearbox is the same as though the Ford's cost of maintenance is demon-
ordinary axie were useo. - Tauinw atrated to be the lowest
two-speed axle makes possible i dif
ferent speeds forward. - 5';
George C. Beckley, distributor of
a American cars and the Goodyear
-e, reports steady Increase in . busi
f a with the rapid recognition of
ih ' autos .. and : accessories.- This
:ek he has received from J. Ashmaa
aven, a well-known local motorist,
a following letter: ?
, Honolulu, T. H. Aug. 8, 1S13. :.
orpe C lieckley. Esq..
Honolulu, T. H.
' Dear Sir: , I recently received from
u a "Goodyear Tire Book" and oth
- "Goodyear advertising matter to
ther with the announcement : that
u, as local agent for the "Good
ir" tires, will make any necessary
juEtmenta here la Honolulu. -
My experience with "Goodyear"
-cs has been eminently satisfactory
1 it may interest you to know that
have a "Goodyear' tire on the right
cnt wheel of my Ford . touring car
hich has np to date run 7850 miles
- ithout puncture, blow-out, rim-cut
any other tire trouble whatever,
he tire is-naturally' somewhat worn
' t at this writing it looks good for
-other 600 miles at least- Some
cord that, eh? The tire is an or
v nary "Goodyear' clincher. 30x3.. y
Very truly yours,
The splendid feats of the American
' Ix" are told of in the following
vrestern TJhlon night letter:
Glenwood Springs, Colo..
:. July 14, 191S.
American Motors Co., ,
I South Meridian street, -
i r - Indianapolto. ;
.Steep grades and high elevations
; the Rockies .cleared tonight when
1 American ""Six" carried WV S.
c, Ibreath. standard bearer,-with .yari
. State flags, rMato Glenwood
-rings; where hig crdwds and bands
i oeived Indianapolis manufacturers
1 clSc trail finders. The two Ameri-
ns completely refuted assertions
t: at uhderslung.cars have not enougn
-arance for mountain travel U the
rAnt? Ann r.
saw raw
- X t - i ; t , - v. i tS i t1
'The Ford is a standardized car; The
Ford Motor Company devotes all its
time1 and facilities to the building of
oneN model one car,- the Model T
chassis: Several different bodies, of
course, but the one chassis, the one
car, as, after .all is said and done, the
chassis is really the car. -'
Now, consider what this means
the purchasing in maximum quanti
ties of all materials, parts and acces
sories, with the consequent low price
that always1 follows quantity ; orders,
with cash in hand 'for - prompt pay
ment Consider with an. outnut of
Rockies. Did not onee scrape bot
toms which have greater clearance
ttion mrutt nthor con n trill.' Th
mirn irrd mon th ftwwo hundred thousand or more cars
pars that cleared the lona 22 ner cent I1? one Te4r' what a force goes behind
grade' state r bridge long hill without buyer for the Ford Motor Corn
stalling, It has the - reputation f P&ny when he enters the market of
stoppm the- best carburetor ti'1 5ut:- """area mousana
nuccm, cigui uuuureu luousaua iires,
justments, . today . greatly; cooled en
gines, but all cars have steamed on
terrible grades-at high" elevations.
. .:: ' .. E. L, LEWIS.
! ii .a ii I ''','
;. tiy i AUTP -p VCLiE PJT P ut
v The following guarantee' goes wkh
every Excelsior autocycle purchased
from the" Royal Hawaiian 3arage, the
authorized 'agents of the . Excelsior
Mfg. & Supply Co. ChicagoIIL
Each and every Excelsior Auto-Cy
cle is guaranteed to be free, from .to-
one million lamps,vall of the ohe size
and one model; . ninety thousand tons
of steel, and spot cash in payment
I no notes, no mortgages, no promises,
f TtV JaI.Vh n w. - nu . .
measure such a tremendous influence
in its effect Um price, t '
up the matter with the manufacturer
for adjustment
To save delay, "a letter giving' full
particulars should be sent to us stat
ing' the number'of the engine, arid the
name of the dealer through whom the
machine' was purchased
This guarantee covers Excelsior
Auto-Cycles enly wjhen purchased
ftnrouf n our authorized agents':
nprfprtlnna In workmanshin and ma
terial, and any part which' prort ie-J EXCELSIOR: MOTOR MFG.." SUP-
fective within the year of its, manu
facture, (Will be replaced free of
charge, subject to our inspection and
judgment when sent to us transporta
tion charges prepaid. .
The damages for which - we make
ourselves liable In this guarantee are
limited to the replacement of defec
tive parts. A reasonable charge will
be made for labor when we are re
quired to insert the parts 14 '
This guarantee does not apply to
damage, caused y wear and tear, or
by neglect, i misuse or abuse of th6
machine. V :
EQuipncnt and accessories" manu
factured for us (such as the magnet:
cs, hubs saddles and tires)' are fully
guaranteed by i their respective mak
ers, and if such parts develop defects
the matter should be taken up imme
diately with them, ' if proper atten
tion is not given in such instances,
oar Part Department will gladly take
: Fuschias, salvias, geraniums, Shasta
daisies; begonias, springerii, smllax
and many; many; bthersr also straw-
berry plants now ready. Mrtf. Taylor.
1 158 Hotel St, Tefc 2239, or Nuuanu
vauey Nurseries, advertisement :
: Every."' man wantr to'clfmb twice
as high' as he caH evefhope to'get
Tiike Calativ Brcfaacf Quinina
Tablets, t All druggists .refandi
th' moneys if it fails to curew:
E. W; Grove's dgnattire is oa
each box 'vj-". '
faris KExncuis co, fictitt u: a :
f --f
- -'.. ' '": H t , " -;"-.
The following is the much lookedfbf 1914 Cadillac announcement, and it
lI"'-' EacJi year you have looked to the Cadillac for .
- tihej real and substantial, progress in motor ear
, , ; fiexepinent -?t-i;.i.jv.. '
essentia an 4hft practical .motor oar..
.Andjon hare not looked in rain. ,
: ypw conceire, if you an, a Cadillac with its
.. essential .functions sharpened, accentuated and
refined,-. ixt 'Ar? '
Ppneire sueh a process of refinement culmi
nating; in an entirely new riding, quality of , un
eamplefl ease.r. , , , nr ,t 4 c. ; ( , y: .i.- . . . 1
V Tiioi Js .precisely what has come to pass' in
this new -cari,- . T ' , , -
- vThe principal contributing factor the. two.
speed, directdrivo axle is described in detail
' elsewhere. - i - .. - ,
. , . - The, Cadillac Delco electrical system of au
s.tomLlic cranking,', lighting and ignition, the first
' practical system eyer made and first introduced
by us, has, af ter experience with! it. on 27)00
. V ' - - ,i i
Cadillacs, been still further developed,' iniprov
ed and simplified 'and the- slight attention re
quired from the user materially reduced; -
i The carburetor has been improved, its effi
ciency and its well-known; economy increased.
It is hot-water jacketed and electrically heated
to facilitate starting in. cold weather.
. The rear springs are six inches longer.
The body designs are newi and strikingly :
handsome. .- v - -. .
Front seat passengers may enter or leave the .
car at either side; . .. .
These and many other refinements of essen
tial details make for a greater and a better Cad-4
iliac and serve to more firmly establish its posi
' tion as 'America's -leading motor-car.-
, The Cadillac Company has never disappoint
ed you in the smallest particular or in a single
fc promise. ,- t - - ,. .
' We promise you again, in this newar, a pos
itive revelation in motor-car luxury. " -
' " :i A ' 'C
ENGINE 4yllnder, 44-inch bore by 5-inch stroke; silent chalh-drivcn; cam shaft puWip'shaft and generator shaft, enclosed . valve
mecttanlsm; Five-hearing crankshaft. HORSEPOWER 40-0. Cooling Water, copper jacketed cylinders. Centrifugal pump:
. ''radiator; tubufar and plate type.' IGNITION Defco' duaf system; CRANKING DSVJCE Delco Electrical, patented. LU8JMCA.
TIONrtCadlllac awtbmatlo,plash system, oil uniformly distributed. .CARBORETORSpecUr Cadillac Cesign 6t maximum -cffl-
ciency, hot vvater jacketed antf electrically heated, air- controlled from rfrlvers seat CLUTCH Cone type, large, leather.ficed
with special spring ring in fly wheel. TRANSMISSION -Sliding gear, selective type three speeds, forward and i reverts. Chroms
i , nickel" steel gears running pn five Anhular ball bearings: CONTROL Hand gear change lever and hand -brake kver at driver's
. - 'right, fnslde th car. - Service bralce foot lever J Clutch foot Jever 'Rear axle gear control, electric ."switch.- Throttle accelerator,
,:. foot lever; 'Spark and throttle' levera at steering Whe'ef.t Carburetor' air control, hand lever cnsteeritfg xoluin. DRIVE Shaft,
. to' two seta of bevel gears 'of special cut teeth. AXLES Rear, fall floating type special alfoy"; steel live axle ha7t; two speed
direcr drive. Front axle, drop forged I beam "-section with drop forged yokes, spring perches, lie rod ends and roller bearing stier
J - ing spindles. Front wheels fitted with Tlmken bearings. BRAKES One internal and. ene external direct on wheels, 17 inch ty
22'lrum8, Exceptionally easy in operation, botli equipped with equalizers. 'STEERING GEAR Cadfllac patented worm and
' worW, gear 'sector type, adjustable. 18-lncft Steering wheel with walnut rim aluminum, spider" AWHEEL BASE 120 inches.
-" TIRES 38-Inch; by 44-inch; Q. DJ demountable rjms. SPRINGS Front," semi-elliptical. Rear, three-quartrr platform. , FINISH
- 1 CaJUrrtet Green' with geld stripe,. STANDARD EQUIPMENT Cadillac top, windshield, full lamp equipment, gisofine gauge, eleo
' trie horn, power tire pump, foot rail and cocoa mat in ronneau of open cars', robe rail, tire holders set of too!, tire repair kit,
Warner Autometer. '.' ' ' - ' !.
-M- ' '-- ,
? bvt'-s
I y.iVJ -v. tint ij..'uw 1 -a 7.. i.'.. . .lit j .
rAiiT' it imir tfWi inirir Wn? v wi mini
A great deal' of Interest is being
taken in the 3-4 ton Willys Utility
IruckV which the von Hatnm-Young
Company have been displaying lately.
This new utility track is the most
practical and serviceable track of it's
size ever built It is Intended for any
kind of city and' subortan delivery
service. ' It works more simply more
economically, more rapidly" and more
effectively than moat trucks of much
larger' size. 4 It Is a new development
: Unlike Ibe average small truck, it
it not a luilt over car or a redesigned
pleasure chassis. It, is a real heavy
truck in all of its parts, in It3 en
tire design, in its Whole construction
and in its economical operation. For
instance, the powerful 4-cylinder motor
is controlled 1y a patented governor;
it cannot be driven over 18 miles an
hour; it has quick- demountable sol
id tires, 34; by 4 1-2 front, and 36 by
3 1-2 - rear; It has an ; unusually rug
ged pressed steel frame, doubly rein
forced at points where" it' will receive
the greatest strains;' the wheel base
13 120 inches. " ' ' s ;
Throughout tils truck Is built on
the most modern truck lines. It is
made In one of the largest truck
plants In the world by men who have
It Is built by -truck
over - tea years:
Brief Specifications.
Carrying capacity 1500 pounds;
maximum, 2000 pounds.
Rodv. oDtional and extra.
- Front axle, T-beaw cectloniH Timke5t haS
- CadUlaca,-as usual, are th'ieadeferf
as one of these popular cars Was ship
ped to C; J. Schoenlnf t Company,
Wailuku, Maui another was sold to
Mr. H. L. Cornwell. another to' Mr.
C. R. Forbes, and" still ahother to Cap
tain O'Shea of Schofield : Barracks.
Mr. Ellas Jones purchased a seven
passenger ! six-cylinder Packard
which - he" will place in the. r'ent ser
vice in Honolulu. Mr. H. OnO pur
ehased a delivery wagon
to be used in connection
bakery Service. ; ;
New Electric. "
Qbe von Hamm-Young
1. '-c :
L$ieir lines and liave sold a very hand-
Rear axle, rectangular section rTlm
ken ' bearings in' hubs. .
Motor. 4 : cylinder, 4 n; bore. 4T2
In. stroke; provided with inclosed aud
sealed governor. ,
r Transmission, selective type, three
speeds forward and one reversei.
y Width of frame, 34 inches. V
Wheel base, 120. inches.
Tire3," front, 34 by i 1-2 demountable
pneumatic; rear, 36 by.. 3 1-2; Good
year solid. ' '.' " ' " v ;'
: Lcadmg space, approsimateiy 48
inches by 96 inches.' ; ' ' ; V "
Gasoline capacity, 20 gallons. ' ; '
Equipment, two side .oil lamps, oil
tall lurdp; horn" and", full set of tools
Many, Cars Sold: ";v:' ".;;
Tie; honor roll of the von Haram-
Youhg Company this week' consists of
the1 following: .
C. J. Schoenine ft Company, 3. M.
Kenney, H. h. Cornwell, Mrs. S. E.
Halstead, Captain 5 ryShea. C. R.
which is
with his
added the Detroit-Electric , to
V Ik-ZP f. ' c I :?;'
Pi I , .2 2 mi
!.':.. V ' .. - , ...
been uildmg; successful trucks for Forbes, H. Ono, Ellas Jones
some four-passenger car of thfs'pop
ular - make- to Mrs.. 8 E. Halstead.
This ' is the most attractive electric
car itf Hawaii, being finished with
French" gray upholstering1 and '. fitted
with side doors.
The; von Hamm-Young Company is
displaying this week two d liferent
models of the 1914 Packard touring
cars; one being a beautifully appoint- DCplAf 'TRAIM RMCbT's """
ed; limousine and the other being a .70 JijSlJ cno ?n a DTien
sevea-passehger touring , car model, j - fJ.- ' dAoiCO run BAr I loM
Aiucn interest is Deing aispiayea m 1. i r , - :
these cars owing to their great popu-T DOUGLAS, Ariz. A Special tram is
larity add distinctive features. These due here tomorrow from Nacaozari,
new models, like all other Packards, Mex.. bearing a score of babies to be
are maximum service cars. In ap- baptized. Because of the revolution-
pea ranee, V convenience and ease ; of ' ary troubles; there has been no priest
riding they answer the requirements; In' Nacaozari for several months and
of the most discriminating patrons, the babies' parents, most of whom are
Expert critics pronounce these cars wealthy1, chartered the special train
the best that can be produced at the to take their offspring to Douglas for
present stage of the automobile art baptizement. , ,s
m$ . j, i - .
Many a man who hitches his wagon I The size 'of a coin depends on wheth
to a star finds himself up in the air. er it Is coming or going.

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