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Among-the imrvf freak engineering stunts for which Sun Francisco Is f anions the aborc picture, photographed
f'pfciaily.for the- Honolulu (Star-Iinlletln, Is regarded as one of the most striking.' A large old-fashioned house Is
twin mored to nuke room for a modern strnetnre and it Is necessary to block the entire street In order to more
the honve. IIoweler, Jackson street is a car-line street and It was not desired that transportation be closed, con-se-yurntlj
tae.feonse was placed on stilts to such n height that It Is possible for the cars to proceed underneath, ns
I clearly bown In the picture. . r ' V 5 1 1 ' t m
i jo wmm
1 1'.
. . - 1... . . A . . . A
uauuu DUitU cue vuuuuicisj uc-
tween to a Ecuadorian gOYernment and
the 'Guayaquil & Quito railway : has
been submitted, and . which enabled
tba new Democratic administration of
the United States to show Its good
will toward ; the Latin-American na1
Hons, that American-built --' railroad
which climbs up two miles In the air
has again come Into public focus.
Its 2S6 miles are replete with engl
' ueerlng "wonders. scenlcr beauties and
hj'orical assoefciiiois, tor ,'Pcuadot
bfars a ttriKhig resemblance-to a huge
ladder tte two main chains of the Cor
dillera fcrtnixrg tRe sides and the pecu-
. . - 1 A! . ' Vs A
liar CTOBs 'icvanyitB . ur ilhulo
rounds. ' And up this geographical lad
der, following in the traif cf the Inca
connuerors, the Spanish conqulsta-
tension to' Cuenca is planned. 1 Cuen
ca has notable coal deposits, and al
though some difficulties have arisen
in the matter of financing ; this ex
tension, it is generally expected that
the road will be? built without great
delay, especially as the project repre
sents a stretch of the Pan-American
railroad..-'-':':: r ,v; ,.: j vr--v;y.."
4The ascent from Huigra to Quito Is
mad particularly 1 Interesting by the
two" volcanoes, the Chimborazo and
1 TOtopax!; which are passed V tm the
way. TheprincTpa! statloifiy between
Huigra and Quito are Hiobsmba,' Am
bato and "Latacunga, from the second
of "which another railrosid is -now in
course : of construction " to tap the
transahdean region. The .objective is3
San Antonio, on the ' Curaray river.
an affluent of the Napa, which flows
dorcs and the heroes of the war o'linto the upper Amazon In Peruvian
independence climbs Harman's rail;, territory. This road will eventually
road v , , -v I prevkfe ttrrough river and rail connec-
. Doth termini arfi tinusually pictures- jt0n between the Atlantfc and Pacific
que. i-Guayaquil, connected by ferry oceans Via"; the , Amazon waterway,
wiih Duran, across the Guayas river, lpara and tJuayaquil being the respec-
wncro ue ran jumut e- nve icimmi. - ,' ' dprfnrt from thpm
uated some 40 miles up.the river, the j strategically the Cnrrar railroad is j.jj th" Democratic
largest uu iue rovun, ww w- . cuusiutreu 01 uie uiuiubi muijui uuico
Arerica, flowing into the gulf of Gua- ag designed to reassert Ecuadorian
yaquil. The beauty of the Guayas sovereignty over the Oriente region
with its tropical verdure is an tmper--uJljctl today Is largely " claimed by
ishable memory to the traveler no U!ombla W(1 Peru
has sailed for weeks along the yellow c m
sand hills of the North unnean- ana
Peruvian coasts. , ' " - . -r
onttn tie eoal of the raLway,
one tf the most interesting, capitals
of 'Latin America.. Founded in 15S4,
it has reUined all the charm of Span-
. , , r. fBy. latest, Mall ; - i:,.,.--
:GLASGOW.: Scotland. The Rt flon.
lsh coloniaj arcnueciure Lord Dunedin, lord justice general,
strongly remin scent of the Moortsa anJ flght honorabie iord Justice
east. Tne wsctmuto '"r cleric,-accomparrfed by other lord com
of itho' days of the conquteUdores jai;.n!s8lrtier8! opened the new
beUhtened by the Indiaa foundatioti, ju8tlciary
vjiirh this Andaluslan and Castu-f
w" - - - . w.acfeun.
iari cmiization is supeniupuncu,
and altogether unique touch is given
to " the whole by .the contrasts which
strike the traveler at .every step he
takes tn the streets mule and llama
iruuisi uu v t.. ,
foot and poncho clad, and the gentle
man' dressed for a- Parisian boule
vard. -secretive, patios and balconies;
and the cold electric light.
Between Guayaquil or Duran and
Quito, there" Is an uninterrupted Suc
cession of; interesting sights and
points. The equipment and Tnanage
jnent are wholly American the ser
vice Is native. After traversing the
coastal plain, adapted forf tropical
cent from Bucay, about four hours
from the start :; ' '
The Chan Chan valley, famed for
sennery as for great obstacles to en
gineering. Is passed, the train arriv
ing at HuiCTa, where the-railroad of
fices are located,- and f whence cx-
buildings in Jail square,
Senator Thornton of Louisiana
Pictures ; Rum Free. Sugar
. Will Bring in State
V s - ; By Latest Mail " ' '
WASHINGTON'. Democrats of the
Senate who stand pledged to vote for
the : Underwood-Simmons tarllf bill
listened today to one of their number
who has repudiated the Administration
measure, because - of the free sugar
plank. , Senator ' .Thornton of Louisi
ana vehemently pictured the ruin, that
free sugar would bring to his state,
aenoiirced the policy of free sugar as
undemocratic, and " characterized . his
party's - action, as a "pity" r. and a
"shame", v .'. - "
. "I am not false to the principle of
the Democratic party," said the Louis
iana Senator, "In refusing to follow It
along- the strange and devious path
way it is now pursuing with regard to
the tariff on sugar. I am true to
those principles, and it Is the Demo
cratic party Itseit that is seeking to
I am no traitor
party, because loy
alty to my State forbids me to vote
for this bill in Its present form." ; - 5
-This first attack from within :;the
party ranks was followed by another
from the Republican side when Sena
tor Grcnna of North Dakota assailed
the measure from he'. standpoint of
the farmers. y ; . ' -;
Nearly the entire time for discus
sion of the bill was taken with these
addresses, and little progress t wai
made' in consideration of the scnedr
ules. The double attack did not sway
the Democrats from their determina
tion not to take up time in general
Sebate. The Democratic leaders still
ssert that they will content then
selves with brief opposition to amend
ments as they are offered from day to
day. . v- i
Later Senator - Shlvely of Indiana
Lord' Dunedin said that justice
meant the assuring to every man and
every woman protection for his and
her'person and property. There were, plans to answer the arguments and
omer.uungs wnica tney mignt nave a criticisms of the minority.
right to expect in a well-ordered state J t Appeals of the : mamrfacturers fot
freedom tn the -widest ense of the understanding between the senate
word, freedom in action for the ind!- aod the house as to the date when the
vidual, freedom of speech in public, rates on woolen manufactures are to
life, freedom of thought for the Phil-be made effective have failed to bear
rsopher. and the scientific '-thmker,; fruits ' " . --f .
freedom above all, of belief and wor-j , senator Simmons, chairman of the
ship-for ;. -, they (the judges) f t inancs x committee, announced when
wished to be looked upon, not as tha hepublican Senators read petitions
.-.lien enforcers of some law that was inz that something be done, that
cutside of themselves, .but rather as he would cenfer with Majority Leader
the administrators of a: law which, i-nrtow vtt
should make them that without which
society was impossible.
j to bringing about an agreement. This
; I he has done,' the result being that the
House" Intends to stand firmly behind
! ment.;-' m -
i r
Ynii Can't Se !HaDT)v With a Headache
1 Probably more pleasure is spoiled because of headaches than from any
other reason. . "... ' , j !-" - - 'l - '
. t When your head aches it not only makes you unhappy but it is very.
apt to interfere with the pleasure pr anyone -else-around you. One can't be
expected to be very cheerful and pleasant when one's head is simply split-
'. And there Is no need of suffering. Keep a box of ' ' T
Steams' Headache Wafers Shac
In the house when you are at tome carry It In your bag when yo travel.
That Insures you against the annoyance of headaches your own and other
people's. :'; ;!.',: -' : ; :;-r:': -:-',:-- ' ' -
-Steam's Headache Wafers are as pure as they look, and the snow-white
wafers certainly indicate purity in the highest degree. One dose cures,' and
leaves your head "clear as a bell. . r ! !
; It la so much better than: any other . kind that your own interest : de
mands that you insist on STEARNS the genuine. ' 1
. "KU A IIOOLOHE!"; See what this the provision that free raw wool and
moans ia the Hilo Board of Trade ad. 1 the rates on woolens shall become op
in today's Star-Bulletln.advertise-. erame imrned:ately upon the passage
VI Vile UUl. -!-. - ..
The Senate bill proposes that raw
wool shall ' be free on December 7 L
113, and that the reduced rates on
woolens shall become operative ! on
January 1, 1913. -;. :-
' fBy Latest Mall ' . ' ;
-PARIS The village of Alzonne,
near Carcassonne, in Southern France,
is astir at reports of a mircle which
is being investigated by the church au
thorities of the district. The miracle
Is acc3pted by the populace- on; the
strength of assertions of little girls,
some of whonr contend that the spirit
of Jfeaffne . D'Arc appeared to them,
others claiming that they saw the Vir
gin. Thousands of fervent believers
in the miraculous power of the waters
of Lourdes have left ' that place r and
swarmed into Alzonne. The field
where the' girls say they saw. the vis
Ions Is thronged with people, and wine
shops and garages are springing up on
every - side. " " ' '
IMS vvI-uiuU.-
- J
y. .
ti -- ( r
.A.Iarge comm&dious baggage compartment is providGa, aLroidtri:u ;
ard water prdo - ,
In these cars are combined tne , supreme ertort of our ci
that hevef diet lifavbrt
.,i,-.,.,i..,., ,,
- ' V. ..f .- 0 -'- - .
..vyfc., "y.'-"" "iOA' "
-1. . .. .V . ,
.Tiese cars set another mile-stone in the wonderful progress of moor car building.
' 'V.
; ; Nothing is lacking the potverful and efficient electrical starting and lighting device, as
' ; mttch aart f the car as the m the features of true luxury. to be found
.. r . in rts cirtr,; be long every sense a six; a
? If NSixnot mly in the number.of cylinders i but a Six in flexibility a SixV in power at high
,speed,and dSix" when throttled to five miles per hour in heavy traffic. It is as sensitive and.
: ; '.-
- . ; e .Complete control of all.parts of the car. is possible? from the driver's seat, every feature is
; ;jf i desi jtied and built as an integral part, v It is characteristic of . true "American tlnderslring't cn-
' - jftyment. , , ; ., :V4;.-.' ' -"-v ;";.-f .k :
- . ..---i.. ' - ...3.': :- ; . : . - , .. , . - - . . . ' '
The very large- over size tires are but; an, indication of the unusual value and liberality
5 : with which these cars have been designed and built. ;viv;r;;:r::.v":'K;: .'
X V Ample; toad clearance is; provided, 11 inchesgreater than 90 ytor cept of the convention
, al type of fars built today The center of gravity has letn lowered so that it is mere impossible
ihan The-drive from motor to pinion is abso
lutely straight,teliminating angular. and power-consuming tmiplings. In fact, these cars cin
; bdx the ideals for .which air automobile designels arc striving low center of gnivity without
'decreasing road clearance; large wheels,. 1
straight line drive and complete equipment.
t ': t.f r',
; . ( ) ,
rflOXE 3009
. - - '. - -' - r

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