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Tcrcral thousand travelers enrouto
n various polats around the Pacl-
- nre due to pa7 a visit to Honolulu
TTonday as passengers la at least
- trans-Pacific liners,
vo hundred or more , passengers
.i the mainland are nearing the
t in two steamers, and will remain
i for an Indefinite period. ' - '!
he Pacific. - Mall steamer Korea
i San Francisco, has 97 cabin and
r. umber of second-class travelers for
c-lulu. This vessel fs due off the
. at an early hour and may get
y tor the orient at five o ciock in
cfternoon. The Korea Is to; be
' sjfred of 300 tons of cargo and
take a like amount of coal. The
ugh list of passengers in this ves
lscluding Asiatics, ' is said ' to be
larre. . - v . . -.
.o wlerra .of tllo Oceanic. 'JIne,
. iO cabin and 17 steerage passen
, is also scheduled to arrive from
coast Monday morning. The Si-
. remains here all the week and
: call for San Francisco at nocn
rday. Cargo to the- amount of
'. tons will be "discharged.
. he Toyo Risen Kaisha Hongkon?
j, from San Francisco to the far
', due to reach, this port also -on
fay, is understood jto carry a
j list of Asiatic Bteerage passen-
t the office of H. Hackfeid & Ca,1
. said the Pacific Mail liner China
I time her arrival from the Orient
come to a berth Monday afternoonj
i China In all probably! will carry
. :ls.l of at least five hundred pas-
rlcan-Hawallan Movements. .
e next American-Hawaiian
hter with cargo for the islands
Id arrive at Honolulu from Spund,
3 on or about August 22, accord
to late advices received by C P.
general freight agent for; the
at this point . The Virginian is
'u!ed to bring east-bound cargoes
tered 254 and 3G5 which, left New
I; on June 26 and July 2, respec-
ly, in the Texan and Kentuckian.
1 Virginian is to be followed by
'American-Hawaiian ... Missourian.
to depart from Seattle and.Tacp
on' September 6. The Arizonan,
;h some days ago, left , the port
Kahulul, Port Allen and Hilo, is
'""d to sail, from the latter port
:"alina Cruz 6a or, about; August
tr.klng a large, shipment of sugar
. ether products of the Islands.
.hau Leads the. List.
i . -.auhau- plantation heads the liet
larger amount of sugar await-
- ehipment from the island of Ha
'., according to report that, reached
city this morning with the return
Purser JhilUps of the steamer Ma
, Kea. The following sugar is not
: Olaa 5000, Waiakea" 3600, HUo
-r Co. 8495, Onomea 5960, Haka
, 13,000, Laupahoehoo 200,Kukaiau
, Hamakua Mill 100, Paauhau 20,
'. Honokaa 680Q, Punaluu 1125, Ho-
; a 2415 sacks.
vy Weather Off Kauai. ' -:.e
Inter-Island steamer Noeau met
. rough seas and. stronj; winds in
tins along Tirindward Kauair -The
cl has returned with cargo includ-
- 2240 sacks of sugar, 180 sacks of
.. 14, sacks. of beans and-11 pack-
- of Fundries. - ;
- U
m '
B 9
it a;
IT -
9.00, 9j
630) o 65
2 44
76,10.04, &9
I t
8.11'10J9. 5J9
S Rfl 1A M
e SW 7.1 S
II 9 80 11 14
Full moon Aug. 16. at 9:56 a. nx:
CV- 'rr:::':'l'.'-'f 1
: i
,- Inspector Farmer was a passenger
in the Inter-lsland steamer Mauna Kea
this. mprning following several days
ppent on the Big Island.
iThe. Pacific Mall liner. Siberia,, sail
ing from Honolulu on last; . Sunday
morning, reached San- Francisco at
nine,o'clock yesterday, morning ac
cording to the receipt of cables.
" Accompanied by Interpreter Chuck
How and a stenographer. Inspector
Farmer succeeded la cleaning up a
considerable amount of accumulating
business that awaited the Federal of
ficials. ' V ' ' "-: '- -
Bad weather' Is believed account
able for the delay In 'arrival of the
Oceanic llaer Ventura ; at. San Fran
cisco. The steamer . leaving here on
Friday before last reached the coast
pprt at four o'clock yesterday after
noon. ' ' , ; . . . 4 , ,
- Coal now en route from Newcastle,
N. S. W., to the islands in thej Amer
ican barkentine Makaweli, may be. di
verted from Honolulu- ip a port oa
the island of. Kauai or Mauk The ves
sel sailed from the Australian port
on Aug. 11. " - r
A number of Chinese residing ' on
the. island of .Hawaii are . desiroui of
visiting their native land and at the
same time have filed application with
the Federal immigration . department
for return certificates, necessitating
the presence of Edwin Farmer, . Unit
ed' States immigration inspector at!
Hilo. .' . -rl' '. :-' i
Wallele Bucked the Swells.
The Inter-Island steamer. Wallele,
returning from Hawaii , this morning,
is reported to have met with rough
weather on the homeward trip. Heavy
squalls with northerly swells were the
rule. The vessel found hotter condi
tions prevailing after passing the Ha
makua coast. The " freight included
4.697 sacks of sugar, 101 sacks cof
fee and 72 head of cattle. .
: '.: ; Id .
Tig Offer for Damaged Steamer.
v Representatives of the Mitsui Bus
saii Kaisha at Manila are said Mo
have come forward with an offer of
1125,000 for the wrecked and dam
aged Swedish , steamship Nippon,
which two months ago went ashore
on Scarabaro rocks in the southerji
Philippines and for weeks was ' the
subject of much litigation;; In the
court 8. i V . . -K"
It to claimed that this, figure would
have to be doubled before the present
owners of the vessel would consider a
proposi.;Jon , to tell, the vessel, n The
owners and underwriters' representa
tives are reported to be planning to
put up a bond to secure the release
of the vessel and then to seek' an
adjustment - of ' the salvage mat
ter through , diplomatic negotiation
with the Washington government It ;
was said that a further expenditure
of $5,000 will probably accomplish the
necessary- temporary repairs io me
ship, ' which will enable her to be
taken to I longkong. f or ; the; perman
ent work- '-: '
, ISUflDS;
- Special Xible to Jlerckattti' --
' ; Exchanger '
- Saturday, Aug. 16..
SALINA CRUZ Arrived, Aug. 14: S.
S. Columbian, from Hilo, July 31.
SALINA - CRUZ-Sailed, Aug. 14 S.
; S. Missourian, for San Diego. -
SAN .FRANCISCO Sailed, Aug. 16, 1
': p, m.: S. S. Shinyo Manx, for Hono
lulu, . 4 , ''
; 16: Schr. Alice Cooke, hence July
2S. . y.:,
PORT " TOWNSEND Arrived, Aug.
16 : Schr. J.'H. Bruce, hence July 1.
MAHUKONA Arrived, Aug. 15: Schr
Annie Johnson, from San Francisco,
''j;'; Aerograms. . ', '
S. S. Hongkong Maru, arrives from
San Francisco, Monday, 1 p. m., and
proceeds ' to Yokohama at 6 ( p. m.
same day. '.. '
. &. S. Korea arrives from San Fran
cisco. Monday, 4 a. m.- with 92 cabin
and 4 second cabin passengers for
Honolulu; 67 through passengers.
S. S. Sierra, arrives from San Fran
cisco, Monday early, with SO cabin
and .17. steerage passengers for Ho
nolulu; 44 sacks mail and 335 tons
cargo. : '' ".: .V. . " , . , : -.
- Si
j Member of the harbor commission
are expected to join the Inter-lsland
steamer-Mauna Kea when that vessel
departs, from Hilo. Monday, afternoon,
f oUowing a complete - inspection of
territorial as, well as-privately owned
wharves along the coast of Hawaii.
; The members of the ' commission.
Including Chairman Caldwell and
Messrs. CJiurch, McStocker and Mc
Carthy, were to arrive at Hilo today
according to predictions made with
the arrival of the Mauna Kea at Ho
nolulu this morning. r
; The commissioners are to-be given
every opportunity or viewing tne
progress -made-upon the- new-, wharf-at
the.) Crescenjt Ciy:'; Ths . tructur(e
has i been in ' line . for - cojisilerabI
change of pkvi H since (hje lasli . .visit
from the bodjs. l iV
A conference betweea, the members
Of the . commjssion and the,. iKohala
Clvte league was productlveofi inuch
beneficial"Tesult whije, valuably. !ta,ta
was, secured concerning the best loca
tion; fo the. proposed, newf Mahukona
wharf, i t ' 'r t:' ''-ir ' : : v
The Hile4 railway wharX Is. to . be.
brought $q the "attentijOB. ?X the . conv
missipn today' while the members will
also be asked; to.. pass uppn the sie
for (the proposed- new warehouses, f
Aj i special meeting of . the Hilo
boatd of ! trade hs boea.j, called -for
Monday, at whfch timei they. wiJL meet
wih the harbor commission and take
up a, number of pending and import'
ant matters, v , .
w Empress on . tfe Vtaj r ;
The fine new liner Empress of Asia,
a sister ship to the Russia, .and the lat
est addition jto. the Canadian-Pacific
fleet, was to, have sailed from the Far
Eastf for V abepuver :. .in. ime '. to reach
destination on ,pp about Aug. 30, ac
cording to rsports brought te-.Honp-lulu
-with; the a.rrival ol thev Sibria. i
The .performance of the. Asia, ; in
crossing!, the blsfpond will be. watched
with more thap, passing. inteest.V. The
Empress ; Russia I smashed- existing
records in'the'voyagd from Yokohama
to the British Columbian coast,
' . - '. -P ' ' . '
Mauna Kea Storm Tossed. :
Heavy seas and'-strong' winds are
the ruie along the, coast of, Hawaii,
and the route followed by the Inter
Island; flagship Mnuna. Kea in, return
ing from Hi 1q, and wa: ports, . , ,
.V'cath,er conditions preyented the
vessel ', calling . at Laupahoehoe, as a
heavy, swell was running a,t the time,
making the landing of passengers or
tTeighi ln tne Bman boats an exceed
ingly difficult, and dangerous proposi-
: The Mauna fKea brought consign
ments . of lumber, wine, poultry and
sundries. - A fairly large list of pas
sengers returned in the vessel. ... "
Purser Philipps reports the steamer
Kauai at the Hilo railway wharf,
where sugar is being discharged into
the Matson Hinlonian. The - steamer
Helene was . taking on freight at the
wharf .The' Maul was passed at Pe
peekeo, while the Kalulanl wras an
chored off Paauhou. . !
The schooner Spokane and the Mat
son steamer Hilonian were the only
deep sea ' craft represented at Hilo.
The bark; RIthet was reported as ready
to sail from Mahukona with sugar.
The" schooner Annie ' Johnson from
San Francisco, arrived" af-that port
on Friday morning. ;
. . rsi-.: f';--.,
The? fast little schooner Annie John
son has arrived at Mahukona from the
ccast, - the vessel 'bringing': shipments
of lumber as well as other lines qf
plantation supplies. .
, The Annie Johnson is reported "to
have arrived at ; the Hawaii port yes
terday morning. 1 It is understood that
the schooner -will be supplied with a.
shipment of sugar before returning, to.
San Francisco. ? "
Let your Judgment culde you Consider; your pockethook. . .": v
We sojicft your transfers from a bundle to a carload. , " f
; y Ha wanan 3.BapessMGp?
(Continued from pagp one)
to the other, competitive stalls, the
promoter says he would install, a mov
ing stairway. - It is conceded that this
feature- would, for a time 'at least,
make the second-floor . market the
most popular in Honolulu, as everyone
would want to test .the novelty. .
The hui's intention, it is claimed, is
tc iD ake the market permanent, and
alir.ost every fitting would be so solid
that It would endure at least qne- na
tural life-time. Other , features. dis
cussed were a motor plant, supplying
power - for the moving stairway, a
freezing plant , connecting.-with glass
covered cases- where all meats and
vegetables would be. kept-in plain
view and frozen: a water. i pipe con
necting with the 'bar through which
all- water for general . washing: and i Un in coal, iron and. silver, he x
sprlnklins - purposes could bet drawn j pepts. will .commence on a heajthy.ba
with little expense; an interior, whit psis, in .the near fqture,. the lack of
as enow'-with- glass-coyered CQunterSkj fttpd..owin to the , . revplutionarr
presided i over by whiteMpped n.d ccndjtten oi the, country, having tied
white-aproned tradesmen,' and artistic:
decorations, of . living: small palms,
ferns and hibiscus, placed, attractively.
The young Chinese who portrayed
this beautiful viston for. the benefit of
the health officials has won their un
dying affection knd has. been assured
their ; enthusiastic cxkjperatlon. He
disclosed himself to them , About two
weeks ago, but since then has not
been seen around the board of health
headquarters- rr;',.,, y y
Yet color. - has, been ' lent the story
by.- rumors around the fish stalls, to
the -effect that the-saloon pn the prov
posed . site has received notice to va
cate. It Is understood thatt as t a re
sult of the story, the owners of the
present fishmarket quarters across the
street are- seriously discussing . the J
feasibility of r constructing a big ice
plant, expected to cost about 150,000,'
to, improve their , facilities. - and. - be
ready to face tho stiff competition
which a model market such as that de-
scriDed woua preate.
Saturday, Aug. 16,
"Hilo. and n way porta Mauna , Kea.
Eimr.. a. in. MJ... ,:t f
Friday, Aug. .1 5. ,
Maul ports Claudin, at.mr 6; p, ir
auai pcrs Sau ff-WfJfr m
Per str..Maua;Jei, !romliliflUTi
way ports,: PA P, Taylor, 'R. Hyne,
phock Hoy. E: Farmer, a W- Purkee
ir., Mrs. A. B Clancy Miss E. Habig
orstiTr Hi? E.' Shihi H. Juda and
wife,- A. Lindsay, a J. B."". Thomas,
MUses Thonjas (2, Miss H. Stephen,
W. KurUaiU. Master Ev Kuritani, Rev.
p. unsu jfcjfVJ.omatsu, Miss H. Hon
da, Mjj3s,FugimotoMiss Mizinle.'MIss
Kasania. terrVTani)motof ,rW. E.
Ber8hickerr- r.Wrnnge, -Dr.
fottAEO IX,,.AV - Haneberg. X.
Aar,pBi v; ja.-,,S- Jllake. Mrs. 'H-.B.
Brown and ; daughter,', A. G. JSQirao,
Mrs. K.onpr Mrs. J.aep paster i.(uet
ty. Miss .t;Hotty, S. iTomikawa, iC,KR99W cuf the. kny.ciue Dy. a cane
King.;. wrs.-,,BH.r.Bona, Mrs. faq.
P.'Bnen .and- child' Mrs S Yanaga,
and - thr.'cbildren,- C B. Gage,j.Miss
K. Stewart, jMxSr.tF. Calama an,d child,
M. Perpfia,' .wife and child, Mis M.
Pereria, T. Harada, liss BrighjtMias
M. Masud,f IL C Smart and .ife :M.
B. Barrtps J. V1I. "Ise andl'sont'; H.
WRice and wife, JLjE GarciAj.Mis.s
T3umuyo, Miss O. Kiya. Mise Miyp,
MasterrMnoru, unempto, R. Tsuuoda,
Mrs.- A,,H. Smithy M.rij.N. B.L.jeraBr
er.AJiss Horner, ;irs. f A. ;jL Askew.
S. Tomita, S. Kuzumutai Master H
Wilkins,, W. White. J. E. Shaw, wife
and daughter, H. Waldrori, W. Hurst
Rijr Liners Qnlt w Zealand
The decision, of the p.,and O. Com
pany to discontinue its New. ZealanJ
service, although meaning a loss to
Auckland; will result, in Sydney being
the terminal port for the campany's
steamers, all the year round;
The reason for this step are best
known, to thev com pany .itselfs That
the desirability: , for ; discontinuing
sending the steamers to Auckland, has
for some time past been recognized
by Mr. A. Gordon Wesche, superin
tendent In Australia for the company,
is evident from the fact that it was
on his suggestion that . the directors
have arrived at the; decision.
Referring to-. the matter, ' Mr. Gor
don Wesche said: "It is not possible
to state whether the service will be
discontinued this . coming season,
which commenced in November. We
are awaiting advice from London. In
the meantime, I think it highly -possi
ble that the - company's vessels will
not be proceeding to Auckland , next
season, v as a matter - of fact. 1 have
suggested that they, should not"
.- As - ' 'v- '.r'
Nautical School is Popular.
The Philippines ?' - nautical school,
not long ago resurrected by. an act
of the : Assembly.- " is popular, with
young Filipinos,; 35; of whom are now
enrolled as - students of that inst'tu
tion... Many; more-are seeking admission.-
but owing to the lack of funl3
cannot -be accommodated ; until the
financial stringency Is relieved bytthe
allptmentcf additional funds., W. W.
Marquardt. of the bureau of education,!
the principal oft the ;- nautical school,
is, working, towards that end.-and is
hopeful of success.
Nuuanu and Queen 8treett
Will Join Brother in
Province ofKwangsi
m m m ' ' ' ' m mm - a k
in Tounq, wno was uaiiea
Home from United States
- Heads Mining Bureau
. Word has - been, recei ved . from. In
Young, a Chinese mining engineer
who some months, "ago wasor.ltied
home from Carrojltpwn, Pal.! by the
Chinese government, as told in, detail
at the time In the Star-BulletinI to
the effect that he Is now at the head
of the mining bureau, of the youhs rt
pubiic. ; . ' ; ''v;c,.;
In. Young. .who, was assimilating
practical experience In the coal mines
of Pennsylvania at , the : time of his
recall, writes, to. his brother Young
ung of, Keaiakekua, South Kona, to
the effect that he is in charge of the
mining Industry of the republic, in
cluding tin, coal, ..iron, silver and
number, of other, . minerals. ' At the
present time, he states,. the. Uiniiijcb
are being, rapidly , deveoplfc about
I50.O0Q. this- material being. 89i
ftp Hongkong, monthly. . Active opera-
uie.na.nua oiin.e, w.u uuipait,
thev past fewmpnths. ., ., '
nn, Xoung -iS' at present locatedvln
KwangsV w;here. 'his brother Youn
Tung,. expects to join him, in,. the fall,
the latter , expecting to lea,Te : the Islr
''ands, the middle, of next month, ,
Commenting on the : prospects. In
KwangsV Young Tung says: . ."There
is a splendid -opportunity, to make, a
fprtune In the cattle raising industry
iij .that province. Agricultural pur
suit "or any. kind, in fact, pay big
money, provided a man has a little
cash and good practical experience.
Lands are numerous , and prices and
ridiculously low " ; '. s ' ; " ' "
PqKcs N.Q
t. . The police profess to have ; learned
that, the Korean National Association
takes but-little. stock iq the 'story re
lated by a countryman named Un Kun
Won, who alleged some nights ago
that while passing along the county
highway near Honouliuli hp was set
upon,: by, jobbers and the sum . of ,4150
taken from his person. The claim is
made that the assault of the Korean
took place at a plantation camp
where several hundred spectators
were present. The theory is now ad
vanced that the story of- the shooP
Cng and robbery may bp gjven withj a
view , oiyertng, upa. ppssipie - shprt-
rege in. accounja. .,,v. . ;.
Manual Aiamwin , wonfii. pmmnvRn
In. the.tyr:aAd: county r6ad depart- eel by the. stomas, offlclals ,as un
menVte4KlnV?' -diich' on- which he manifested cago. Ashas been V;.-,
was working -,hls mornjng, and suf- J1ust?nL isuc, cases, toe xssal wa3
fered iniaries which resulted in his
death at' Queen's hospital sj&Lqry y a
ter noon. jHonez has been In th,e. em
pipy" of the city for some moitJhist pas.
He was a Portuguese, and is said, to
have been prominent ln Pprt,ugue8e
fternal society circles.. - C J
L QHALA A Filipino died, at HalA-
wa last Wednesday, from, a-suent ac-
knifeu His .comrades., bandaged , the
Qit, and be w.of ked on for a -while,
fbut lalerwenjt.'tJhis'.room, where he
yas foundV(in', a stat-oj insensibility,
frajhlch, keVnajss (Jnto death be
ifyfo, ,the ;1d.ptar .' cou arrive, It p
sjpposeifc jthati fie Removed, .the band
age andr blecLto path trom a small
arier.-sohala, M(Jgefc,.,f r, A
: ' . .- Tnr,i m. j
U pL Resell sbmlttcd.-thj9 .lowest
ldv fa ypublict works, dpatmej&t
at, n,pon, todajr for the contract. t;PkBupr
ply and lay. .six-inch . pjDng in. the
Kaimuki district VTheteners,Twr
for the job in bulkJjQ supplying con
crete water piers and the number, of
days desired to, complete thp : Job;
They were as follows: Friesell,
5655, $18, 90 ; days; '. Lord-Young En
gineering Company, $6445, $15," 150
days; Fp Ricks. $8992, $25, $150; H.
H. Foster, and i Edward Ross. $6485,
$6.75, 140 4ays ' V :.- ii'i ( i ' 1 .
. - i mi m i
Leaking. Yessel In Sad PHflht ; ;
Advices , from. Newcastle, England,
Btate that; foreknowledge of the fate
of his ship, the Mountoswald.; which
with her crew of twenty-four men was
navAP hAQin nr orrap nor nAnmnrp
from Baltimore for Hamburg on Feb-
ruary 17, 1912, was. shown, m a.ietteriMie.neaua .commutes,
from Captain Stannard ; to his wife,
read, during the board of trade in
quiry into the loss , of the vessel The
Mountoswald. . ar transatlantic freight
steamer, belonging to Messrs Lunn &
Maccoy, pi . Newcastle, dropped the
pilot she had -taken, on. board at Balti
more in Chesapeake bay and; Captain
Stannard, sent ashore, with ,him , a
farewell letter, to his. wife. It said:
"We have twelve feet of water in
the forppeak. and are not yet out , of
harbor. God, knowsi whether we shajl
ever, reach heme The, sailors are now
working at, the pumps, I wanted the
shipv tp be dry -docked at New York,
but the owners would, not. allow. ifx
i ,The, vessel was never, spoken after
wardft She was bullt 'at Port Glasgow
in .1900. Her net tonnage. ; was .2,QJ0,
her length, 330, feet, her beam-forty-fire
feet and- her depth' sixteen feet
She was carrying a cargo, of merchan
dise to Germany. :
. '. 1 1 1 . . i . ,
, The following wireless . message has
been . r received by , the agents, frppt
the ; Oceanic,. S. , Co,, S... S. Sierra,
bound, from San, Francisco forf Hono
lulu: 860 ' miles, irom port S-f p. m.
Aug. 15. ; 80 cabin passengers for, Hq
nplulu.. .17 . steerage ; passengers ' t for
Honolulu.-.-. 44; sacks mail for .Hono
lulu. '3325 tons general. cargo for Ho
nolulu;, 95 packages express matter.
Wlll;arrive off.,port' early,, Monday
morning. August 18. Docks at the
Oceanic' S S. Cos dock, foot of Fort
IT Jf i - tf
city transfer ca i
An unusual procedure occurred In
the U. S. district court this morning,
when U. S. Marshal E. R. Hendry, in
the ; absence of both fudges, took
charge of affairs, calling the cour. tu
'order at 10 o'clock, and promptly; ad
journing. It until the same, hour, Mon
day morning. It Is not often a. Unit
ed States marshal is called upon to
Berve as court as well aa. arresting
oQcer, though he is endowed, with
such authority , in. emergency situ
tions. ' ; . -
.A In' the present instance Judge, Clem
ons is on the mainland, taking. a. va
cation, and Judge. Dole, .as called to.
the borne of a relative & Wahiawa,
At his request the marshal conducted
court, for. a space of two minutes, to
comply, with the law. . - r -. '
, Incidentally. . Clerk), A..E. Murphy
took his seat in court this morning,
the first: tim? since his. recent serious
illness.:"' : f V - ' 1 y
Should, a steamer clear, from an ori
ental, port for the Philippines and up
on arrival at destination be, found to
have a quantity of unmanlfested opium
aboard, thp skipper, of, the vessel can
n,pt be,hel4 to.accpunt, nor Is he liable
to punishment . through fine or im
prisonment, according to. V late deci
sion 'handed down in the court of first
Instance at Manila. . ' ;
Judge,- Av'8:.CrasfIeld has handed
dpwn his decision.-in,.the, caSe- Pt'lhe'
EteamshlpV,' Ruhr,' versus." .theUniteiT
States governments I February list
13,380 kilqa, nt opium -and 2.62. kilos
ui inorpnine.ere, seizea on . mi3..vf;--
fined P500; foe cnrrylnglinnianifested
:argo in accprdanfie, with section 77
of act ,?35i ."5he vessejl; was rejease
undef,,hpnd "iand; the' case' takijn t
court by. Wariler.. Barnes & Company.
the, ..Mala..bserit for, the .Philippine
eamsnip company to wiucn this
.TsseJLbelongs. ,t.J , : 7
ti;,Jdge . Crpssfie-.hei Jn hi3. deyi
sipn. that's the master o the yjesseJ
not knpwn of, the. presepce'pf the
coptr'abandV on board, that the ves3el
wa3,not",l(JabJe.,and1dId not Jiaye to pay
thB.Tlne,,,. Durins.' the ..last, few 1 years
Hhere -have been.any niimbec of par-
aupjuaaea, .,hercri-vesseJs,rbave . been
fined from V&to I?I,QQQ on.yie same
charge and'.Me fine paid without 'prp
test Xhjs ,foitionMwa:$:&x
light pn the, subject- and. U,. is. under
stood that .the cqeor of customs
wiUaplihe cas. .... ; .
l,pj,r" rti'1! t r 'Tfi
Jtl ' AiLijXl
" " ""j tl'ii- f'f ? - ' v"
'ThQrjeply. to.,the ,r,eauc.t jot the su
perylsars, made tp the territorial board
oj health for funds with which to bnry
indigent doad taken Iq tbp morgue was
made today. ; written t by direction pf
Dr. J Sr. B pratf,1 president' of the
b9ard. of heath and reaaX the njeet-
i juk ui me Kunerf unrs nis .inpmnnn
j Thp communication was referred to
In Dart the letter said!
. "We ,buryajg( ot.ihe' dead irom' the
various institutions uijder bur 'con
trol ; . an average of four burials per
month are made, at the rate of $20
amounting to $80. While' this" charge
is. one that should be borpe by the
board,' yet it may be considered in the
estimate, for if three persons died but
side of the homes, the county no doubt
would be compelled to -bury them." -;;
In another, part of the 'letter atten
tion .is- c?Jlei to- the expense borne
by the territory fortne Bupport of: the
morgue, -'''amour-ting tor $250 : aVmonth.
"Therefore we' consider.; adds the
letter, "that by using our morgue and
equipment; the; county . saves that
much per month.",. - ... . ; v
; Supervisor Wolter stated to 'the
supervisors . that be - has. had - three
conferences with, Dr.' Pratt on the
proposition of burying, the indigent
dead. - it was pointed Put by Super
visor .Wolter that the cost to the city
and county for burying the bodies of
'such-persons was rapidly increasing.
s V tmt - ....
. - . . . .
Beolote! .Sails, tot Coast ' ", " .
: - The American schooner Resolute
was dispatched for. Port Townsend at
noon today, the vessel .taking ballast
only. The. Resolute arrived at . the
port-on July 21, with lumber to the
order of the loca -branch of iAIexan
der& Baldwin. . M . . ? . -; ,
- r"vr'TrrTttT-T-rTTr r rrz
U. S. WT 22C
& imsiei
i -
The Star-Bullctia has; received the
following accqunv oi , iuo rjeorauoa
of the 22nd anniversary of the wed
ding of Sergeant and Mrs. William 1L
Lopcr: " "' . " ' ' '
Friday evening being the twenty
second, anniversary of the wedding at
West Point. N.;t otT'Ser&C and. Mrs.4
William IL Loper. their many friends
Fathered at 1279 King street Wbruah
aside the frost .which nestles'! amid
the raven locks of the war horse and
his better, nine-tenths, ; and, to the
weird melody so soofhinely nrnyldpJ
by the Lusitania Glee Club the mists
and vapors of swiftly moving years
ere pushed aside, and 'again thp low
plaintive cry, ot, the orphaned bivalve
was head along the shores of WilleU
Point, anA the. ma4 cry of;Kosioskl
when he beheld Freedom fall on Flir
tation' Walk, near Battery. Knox,
brought, oblivion ta the. present ,and
egain McDerby's Bridge of Boats and
Newton's Grand Junction Box, were in
direct contact with the casement f
' ' t . i "
- mong ino?e wno assisted 10 apei
the' settling depressions of ' life amid
the vagueness of thb "ParadJse of the
Pacific,". werb Scrgt' Major Thomas
Kennedy (street ' commissioner)' and
Mrs! Kennedy,' Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Boulton, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Mitchell,
Mr. and" Mrs. George M". Frazier, Mr.
and. Mrs. Frank R. Drain,. Mrs. Donald
Donovan Mrs.' Robert Sykes, Mrs.
Na'nnfette "Y. Le Malre, Mr. and Mrs.
William St Clair; 1
-'. .Mrs. Leper,', was recipient of man
beautiful, pieces of cut g!i3, whll? tha
sergeant, gloated over threb srrokln?
sets' which a. ' well-meanlng thoush
uuauirecieu irienusmp, proviaea. -.
,At four A. M. the1 war horse. wa3
presenting the. departing guests with.
wha,t he termed "uke-ukes" as souve
nirs, of,! a, most-' enjoyable evening.
suchan eYening as meanders alcng
the. boulevard of. time but once.
: ICH.'Rcnton, of North Kohala, has
been appointed b' the governor us
a member of tho board of prlaoa "in
spectors for the third judicial cfrruJt
Don't forget the mooallsht danca at
theWaikiki Inn tonight given in hon
or pf; the rQlo3ts and horsemen who
wiil,particJpat in today's races at Ka
piolani park. A cordial invitatlcn 13
cxtendpd 4tb, all friends ol ,thoi Inn.-r-advertiscment
'''";'" "' -
77. A
Careful Japanese c.'.auffour wants do-
. sition; has had long experience. Ad
dress K, care Y. M. B. A., P. O. box
M- . .. . . - , .'.
. 562Hm.
fuungalow for rent Ring up 1645.
I Furnished- rooms at
.nice, clean, airy', ren
522 Hotel St
rent moderate.
Several rooms' and suite in exclusive
-Address Box 627.,- " : . 5625-3t
Six-rocm, house, College and Dotrinia
Sts. . Apply ' W; 11. Campbell, 1st
iNat'L.Bank.;.,,; .. 5(j25-tf
In Punahou tflstrict 2 room (urnfshed
" cottage parlor ' and' bedroom,' piano
In parlor;' ladies' preferred; Inquire
11720-, College .Street ... 5625-1 w.
House with 6 Iargb rooms and electric
lightsi..$22.50.a month: 446 Kuakini
St. - - r . - "RRift.tr-
Cyphers Incubater and Brpoder; phbne
,2-o3.; ;.;. ,." 1 5625-4. -.
Runt 'plgepns,' California stock; phone
1 2203: "--'' --'-'-. 5625-4 1'
H. Kikukawa. ' Mattressea made to or
der, 581. N. King St nr. Desha lane.
5 ; t V 5623-6mr" -- "
T. Murakami Clothe3 cleaning, dye-
ills', 'renalrin? . Wnrlr amarantcArl
: Call and deliver. Nuuanu nr. Kuikut
, ' 5625-6m . 'j . '
Children's, sctioo! 'dresses made to. or-
der very reasonably by experienced
.dressmaker. ii30 Union nr..Ho(tel St
K. Okahiro has Excelsior' motorcycles
for sale. Bargain, j Perfect . con-
1 dition.-Cheap; .TTvrqg ;wp Dcjnt.
John Mattas- sanitary plumber and
sheet raetj worker; manufacturing
" and repaiffng autb fenders, radiat
ors, etc; auto fenders $2.50 ud: best
: in town, v Telephone 4382; 1181 Ala
kea near Beretania. . - - 5624-1 w.

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