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-. I M " - I 1
i . ii. i
This Is REFRIGERATOR weather
the time when their qualities are best
i iut to a test. We court your investi
gation and are .satisfied your decision
will be in our favor. WE ALWAYS
SPECIAL Refrigerator, 30 lbs. lea
capacity, 13.75.
PRICES: J7.5Q, $8.75, $10.50, $13.50, $15.00, ETC.
V. W. D1M0ND & CO., LTD.,
' ? 53, G5, 57, 59, 61, 3, 65 King SL
(Seasonable Si
Shapes i
r -r.
i-jien -s :'-.
Regal Oxfords '
owMt run nuuun anu kcaut otnvibt.
With Regal Shoes, you're bound to be correctly fit.
ted Regals come ; Quarter sizes. ' ' . i . ,
vVjX .' Where the Mammoth Boot Is, at the corner of King ,
V-YvyTi and Bethel. . . ' ;'. : 1
.Boot SEjiob
' AbcoIuCcSy Paro
Economizes Batter, Flour,
t Eqc3 makes the food more
appetizing end wholesome
;. .. ...I..'"'' 7 ' ' t
' . - : ' .. . ' . .
1 1 . .... "
The only Dolling Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
fot It When we arrived la Ililo. we
f aund not only a special train waiting
tor us, but also that Mr. Thurston was
to come with us and tell us all abou.
the trip, i AVe found also that perfec;
arrangements had . been made , for us
at nights, and that besides going over
the usual line v we were to be taken
down to Kuhio bay, to see the break
water and the new wharf. As a. final
thing the special train was even, run
right onto the baseball ground , when
P company played Hilo. . ; .
"Before I close I would like to say
a special word of praise for Dick
Young, the special representative of
the Hllo Railroad, who was sent with
us throughout the trip. There waa
nothing we wanted that he did not
get for ns and in nine cases out of
ten 'he anticipated those wishes. He
hjked with us throughout and -; there
u not a man in the company who has
not & good word to say for him." ,
Speaking for the ; men. Sergeant
Major Carey stated that they were
pleased with every, part of the trip.
"I have been in the service for a good
tuiany years." he said, "but I do not
i know of any trip that I have ever en
" J Joyed so -much. Every one of the
boys has come back a big booster for
Or Tlicrcabonts
- ' ! - 1
But Uy Ghop and Offico
Aro dtilt Xlunxiing ;
FuU:Blact'''" 'V "
Youra Truly
in the language cf Kamehameha that means: " v":V , v
-stand ano'listeni" ; -:. ' 'i " : ' --':
If there Is one' thing that we want to pound,; drill and" everlastingly
ding Into the ears of the public it is that r r
' Hilo ls Wo One Wiht Stand
People who come to Hllo and return by the same steamer get all they
pay for; but in that short time they do not begin to see what there!
Is to be seen, and what they ou&ht to see.
There are more remarkable scenic wonders within a radius of two;
hours of Hilo than In T twice that. area" in any other part of thejsl-
ands., V V , :.,rl-.y v.-;,- v. :;: V '
You can't see all this in a day. You should at least stay over one
steamer., ' . -t . .. V':. -. ' ' - v. .'
Como and let us prove it to ycu.
- r
Hilo Board of Trade
P. SJ "See . Hawaii Firstly .
i the trip and I - think before we are
'through that we will have every regi-
'.ment wanting to make it For myself
ana me men i wouia xiae to espeaaiiy
i thank the Hllo railroad for the fine
trip they gave ns.", .'.
Details, of the Trip. -
The command - left Honolulu last
Wednesday on the Mauna Kea. and
on arrival ' at Hllo waa taken In
charge by the Hllo railroad. The train
which was to take them to Hilo as
fitted with a special - observation fear
so that the boys were able to get a
good view of the fine scenery alon?
the trip. They had their lunch out at
Having ridaen over every mile of could not stay for a longer tlme.v, ,K ' ""T V
l100' aftf haVlng CX;' V "V lutely imsible for e VThe
lilored everj crevice and crack, not to attempt to describe .what I feel nn tm r,,int
only on the lava floor of Kllauea, but about the trip," said UeuL Snow, "I T n
also in Kilauea-lkl and the newly dis-1 had of course heard a great deal about 0U8y
covered lava tube, D company, 1st ln-the volcano, but I never for d1 mo-
fantry.'wlth Lieut. Kneeland S. Snowiment-though there waa anything elBe
soon made themselves acquainted and
the town was alive and
in command, returned from Hawaii to he seen outside of that. , Mr. , Giles
ibis morning, enthusiastic boosters for
the beauties of the Big Island. From
the time the command arrived In Hilo
until the time the soldiers boarded
tho Mauna Kea yesterday afternoon,
there was not a moment but some
thing new was to be seen or done.
The, only kick coming was that they
Scfc for Woman's Use
is more
a n noying
to a refined
woman than
offensive perspi
ration o r body
' Odors. Those who
have v used Tyree's
AntlseDtlc Powder
know it to be the one remedy which
never disappoints. For general uses
dependable in; all cases it should be
In e.very. household: . Unequaled as v. a
douche. Recommended by physicians
everywhere, as it contains, no poisons.
One 25c box makes two gallons stand
ard solution' "-All druggists or write
for booklet and free; sample. ;;;
1. S., Tyree, Chemist, Washington, U.C
described the' railroad trip to 'me; and
also the other things that there are;
to be seen around Hllo, but I naturally '
t hough t-r-to put It mildly -he Was a
little too enthusiastic, ; Coming" np on
The next morning at 7:20 a m. they
boarded their special cars again and
were taken out to the Olaa milL From
there they went right through to Ka
poho and hiked over to the Green
Lake. Following this they stripped
off and splashed about in the warxa
ibb Bieauier jesieruv i wmpiamett.w. ' d t ret' alone with the iournev
hlmv however, that;
me half, enough about the trf for If off at tt Pahoa Junctlon and ran nn
he had I shou d have i stayed down to Pahoa WQere . Wg lumber mlU
there twice as long. Us. The officers were entertained by
"Everywhere Wfe went, it .was the Colonel Sam Johnson and the men
same thing, and wp Were shown such were shown over the milL
courtesy as I have, never before exper . Returning from here the special was
ienceta.. ; Going down,. on '-the steamer; run down to Kuhio Bay where an In
we had only . to ask. for a' thing and we' spection of the new. wharf and the big
1 t
Ladies' Gray Top
Button Boot
Phono 2305 Reaohca
Hnotace-Pecli CoJArfi,
ct omrv nmv.vrr . . p n pot is
This boot is . made on a
new last Vwith a broad,
rounded toe, medium Cu
ban heel. Vict kid vamp .
Very dressy for street
wear. - - :'.yS-; ;'' v r-
Bring us your repairs
if you want 'good and;
; prompt service. v
' On accooBtof a reat increase In bnslness, I hare been compelled
to move to a larger store and now bare the entire, ground floor and '
basement formerly. occupied by the Mary Ann, Bonnet Shop, Fori-St, ;
PIRKCTLY opjtoslt raaahl Street, Bex t door to the Japanese Bazaar
(their former location);' ' i ".- "
I will be pleaded to serve both' eld and new customers. A fall
: Use of eTerything4 electric , ; . . .:.:: : -
breakwater was made. The boya spent
the night at Hllo and spent the fol
lowing mornmg sight seeins around
r Hllo. In the aft trace n the company
" nine went up against a Hilo aggrega
tion but the local boys proved . too
strong for the visitors and It will now
- be up to the next company making
trip to recapture the goat the return
ing one losL V
: At the conclusion of the game the
men were taken op to Glen wood, ar
riving there about half past six o'clock
and camping In the big shed there for
the night ' :.. .
Make Fast Hike. ; 1
Now comes a part of the trip of
which the whole company is Justly
proud and it will give the next, bunch
: something to get busy on. Leaving
Glen wood at half past five o'clock the
next morning for the hike to the Vol
cano House, nine miles away and
2,000 feet above them, the boys set a
gait that brought them there two
hours and twenty minutes later. In
cluded In this time were two halts of
ten minutes each so that the actual
speed was. four and a half miles an
hour on a stiff up hill grade.
Camp waa pitched adjacent to the
Volcano House, the guests of the hotel
turning out en masse to witness what
' waa a very smart piece of work.
As soon as things were straightened
out and the final arrangements made
the command left f6r' the crater, tak
ing the trail across the lava . They
burnt cards in the sulphur cracks and
explored the region generally hut Ma
dam Pele would not show herself. Dur
ing the day the men covered approxi
mately seventeen miles and as most
of It was . strenuous going they were
glad to turn In early that night ;
- Qn Monday morning they were off
good and early for the, crates of Ki
' lauea-ikl They spent most of the
.morning there exploring the Twin
Craters and also the .new lava tube
recently discovered and made accessi
ble - ? ' . . ; . :. ' , ,
Returning, to the Volcano House
camp wu struck and they hiked off
for Glenwood again where the special
. picked them up and landed them right
on! the wharf In plenty of: time to
catch the boat This morning they
boarded the Leilehua train and return
ed? to their post tired but happy. -
Nothing is more disagreeable than a
home iafesyj with vermin v Destroy
hem. with. StearnsV Electrio Bat and
Roach Paste,' the standard exterminator
for thirty-five years.
It kill c3 rats, mice and cockroaches
in a single 'lujht. Does not blow away
like powders; ready for use; nothing to
mix. The only exterminator sold under
an 'absolute guarantee of money back
If it fail. - -
v. Sold by druggists, 25c and L0O or
, sent direct, charges prepaid, on receipt
, of price. ; " , v '
Uanu Dactrie Pasta C CUctzo, C
11J5 FORT ST. ' GITT, Propr. Day and Klght Phone 4SU
We do all classes of house and store wiring and repair anything.
O 7d
C 3"
Califene, Kke a good-natured girl, makes
Iists of Me introducede j
FiKiJydu in the store where her
Chaperon puts her, through various fancy
paces to show jou what she can do.
1; 'J
J ':- .'
t . iiiiii liiiuiu lis as nuc. i m ii . . . . :
. - . . ........ . I ill II . RpImi vniif Mnslr II 1 1
I Manufactllrers, l w-
1051 Fort St Honolulu. ' "
' ... . i - rWl T XA
" ' Mt
w ; inpiaui ana ngurea ; : n "."
J just as willing to
make the tastiest, crispest pastries you ever
ate if you'll foUow the' simple directions in
the Califene Cook book.
Take Califene home
with you, or telephone
"wand the grocer's boy
vwill be proud to bring
her; she's the sort that
makes people enjoy life.
Califene cooks without
butter, and that's econ
omy. t
San Francisco
' . Every time you open your mouth
you Invite the entry , of disease. V
The air ws breathe, the food we eat
the water we drink, are full of germ
life, looking for a chance to make a
home in 'some human organism; and
the tender membranes of the mouth
and throat are . ideal lodging places
for disease-breeding bacteria.
; Sore Throat Catarrh, Laryngitis,
Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma,
Bronchitis some malevolent microbe
Is responsible for these; and; the
prompt extinction of this microbe
would prevent these ailments' and the
suffering which they cause.
.Destroy'. the germ!. Prevent disease
and; preserve. health by keeping the
mouth and . throat clean through the
use of an antiseptic mouth wash and
1gargle.' r-' ' : '-r, tw; 7 -""'t'
The best antiseptic -to use Is LIS-TOGEN.-
It goes farther than Perox
ide of Hydrogen by uniting with that
most efficient germ destroyer the rem
edial and antiseptic . properties , of
Thymol, Menthol and Eucalyptol.. -
With their help LISTOGEN not only
destroys the germ, but in some degree
repairs the damage that has been
done. -. ' :-- . ;
Ask ' your druggist for LISTOGEN.
You will delight in the purifying, re
freshing aensatlon that it - gives. 25
cents, 60 cents and l a bottle at
I ' The annual meeting of the com
mercial club will be held in the rooms
'of the club, McCandless building. Fri-
i day evening at eight o'clock, at which
time officers will ue elected to serve
'during the coming fiscal year. .Ten
new members.wlll .be elected to the
' board "of governors, ; the candidates
being George A. Brown, J. K. Clarke,
; ired Hons, Malcolm Matlntyre,' Zeno
K. Meyers, E..C. Peters, C. B. Rlpsley,
, William T. Schmidt Albert Water-
bouse and M Young. , Prior to :the
election, the annual dollar banquet
will be held, for which a special mus
ical program has been arranged. Re
ports of the retiring ; officers; will
form the greater part of the business
meeting. ' ' "" r- .
The nursing mother, needs strength,
for upon her strength and vitality de
pends the health of the child. Stearns
Wlne'of Cod Liver Extract builds up
the mother and Imparts strength to
"the child. ad fertisement ? '
JIOXDATx . - "
Iiahl Chapter No. 2, O. E. S.
Regular." . .
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21. - -Third
degree. 4 ,. ...
. Honolulu Chapter No. 1, R, A..
- M. Regular.' - ;: - -
f HID Alt i'..'
! All visiting members of tbe
order are cordially Invited to at
tend meetings of local lodej.
hoscixitj Lcrar, ti r. r. c. r.
- Honolulu Led; ::.
meets la t-tlr till, c
iaag Et; tear re:'.,
Every Vzltij evc-l:
VIsltir- .L:cit::2 r:;
ccrilaliy liv'.tcl D
j. l. cc:
l!eet ca tia : I
lad 4th I!.-:-
d a y a cf f :
' ' ? tsc-th at II. r,
Hall, 7:23 p. n.
h.,, . . ' Meat er cf ctt-
i,czc:.::-i are cctiiiiij :
4noc:.;J;3'. ;.' vital to ttt;-l
r-rv Meets every 1st and 2 J Tn:
day evening at o'cl:; I:
iw cr P. Hall,' ccr. Tcrt tr :
BereUnia. . Vlsltiag trctl v i
jortilally invited to attend.
A. IL AiIIlE:C3, ac
. L. B. REi:VE3. K, u. a
e oAntr Lcr"r, 2,
L O. G. T.
f V . O. T- will meet
' S ' the- CentrsJ Vl'. i
' ...;J Lilbl. Kernel i:;:u
the first asi tllri
Tuesdays at tilf-;z:t
, . seven p. in.
f ..it A. POARFT3. Chief TewDltr.
The King of - Roumaaia ' wJrod
. thanks to Emperor William : rc his
part in bringing abcut the jiosaibillt
of peace. . , r -:-r . '.
A CMn cf Deauty le a Jcy forever.
DR. T. Felix Oouraud4 Oriental
Cr.nor M.flo.l Beautlfler.
aaa trcry Dimua
on beauty. m4 d.
Sm dauctioa. It
tfai3 if -If lV - -!
!! - - JL A-l ' hd.llbl.Mll
la froMtly uad.
Aecpt o.eeoiitc
fett of imllar
iuum. Dr. I A.
Sstt. Mid to
Uf of tkt luraU
ton (. patient) t
via a Umb.
I rimsBii
Oun.i. m iMflk kumfai of ill Um
kia BrepvMtoas.' For mi by aB droCTiaU d racy.
Qoodi Pealera ia th Usiud Suua, CaoMia aa4 goropa.
flBiLRSPtilS I III, fnjtV firl Jues
in mm
nojfoiuiTj iodgs
.....v.L. 0.0. 3.
ill meet , in - Odd Fellows balli!::.
Fort street near King, every Frl'iy
rvenlns at 7: S3 o'clock. : :
Vlsiuag brothsrt corilxl bvV.:l
to attsad.- .
CLC3I K. GUHwf, Dicttcr.
; JAME3 V. LLOYD. Eccty.
: ' CGSS ':
; Don't ' Miss This Chance : :
180 South King St
H : HacKfeld L Co.
I. Umltsd. , ..;:. ,
tuaar Factors,' importers and'
Commission Merchants.
Every Kind of Tool
For all Trades
II II i I I H J i. Ill
I. I. . i : -
H Mill Ml XA'-' -aw i w
ttttsniuscr. 1 'I-uA cee ei iii in

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