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- i
& vttifPlw MINT:
BRILLIANT ia , every : respect was
tfce reception on Tue3da. morulas
at Washington-Plac2.wui& '. the
world and tU .wile tedlnej them
selves to rejo.es. with Qu3 .n Lilfuoka
lanl to congratulate Ler on her seven
ty-fifth Llrthday. Hundreds of people'
CatLerd Uore between 'the hours of
11 and beautifully dressed, gay,
each tine Lappy to. hatcihis opportu
tlly of sbowlrg his or l er .idmiration (
nd loo td the fragile little queen
who occe ruled eo graciously over'
tle&e islands. One entered tte ground! 1
cf Wasliftgtcn Pl&ct-to the ste p of the j
Y? . I II. 1 1 .
imwitiijui , tkua, wuica piayea
old tialive tunes on the lawn. Within
doors ote leard the haunting rhythm
of native inefesv chanted ly , Hawaiian
itttendaoU. TLe air was' fi:ioJ with
the fragrance cf plaairia and Iliina,'
and cne fe;t as xjre' walked among
palms. Low It- of exotic flowers, and
tall kaiilis, sentinels . cf a former
royaHyr-that ore rad stepped Into .iie
lomantic world of the old inocJlrcliy.
i The quetn received with the Prin
cess Kawanantkoa. 'Her throne was
draped with royal yellow4' robes and
currounUei with the standards of the
kingdom; - The quten was dressed In
gray cbiffon und velvet Irged with
mauve, and, trimmed witii a collar of
rare old lace. Sho were leauilful -ila-mond
Jeweiry, an csquisite coronet of
diamond stars capping Ler soft gray
hair. - About ht r shoulders was the
cape of 'royal yellow featLers. ,
Tne beautiful Prlacess Kawanaaa
koa wan attired In white 'with black
chantllly1 lace and the royal feather
, lei. " ' -: '"
.. The guests wcrs presented by Mr.
E.- K. Ullkalanf. ' Cel. laukca also as
ti3lcd in the tecptioa. " " , .
21i y Attend . Eecerllon ; ' .
Ai-K.'g tl.i-se who called In the
morning to i-uy their' respects to Ha
waii's former Queea were: ."
Joterncr snd Mrs. Frear, Miss Vir
ginia FrearV'I. D..Canfield, Mrs. By
rca Noble, WIss poris NoLle, Miss Sa
ra Feat he-rstone, Miss Plive Glbbs,
Mrs. Clifford Morgan, Mrs. II., Li R.
Grove, MIrs Mall Anderson, Mrs. Will
Wayne, Mri. Harry L. Shaw, Mrs. Ri
ley II. Allen. Mrs.. ,W.. Southard,, Miss
Edna M alone,- Miss Laura. C. Glover,
Mr. acd Mrs, Ctarles Chillingworth.
Miss Mabel Glover,' Mrs. 'Abraham
. Fernandez,.' Mrs; Samuel CMUing
wortb,, Mrs.-. Alice Hutchinson, Miss
Bertha Kemp, Miss Clara Wilson, Miss
Clara Bravthen. Miss Lillian Brawth
tn. Miss ' Julia .Viace, Mrs. Luella
Ireen Emmans,' 2.11.53 Hannah Kaaepa
Lowe, ,Nuhca,KcboUL Mrs. E- A Mc
Inerny, Mrs.. Jlocrll Culver, Mrs. Ro
berta -vcu Ofclltcffan. Daid K. Ka
hfiulelio, Mrs. Ilanamalkai, Mrs. Goo
Kim Mrs. J. 'F. Mitchell, , Miss E.
Mitchell. Mrs. M. Okl, Miss Kauluwe
tJ Akl. Kelii Aki, Teter Kealakalh
nua, Jaries Bishop Thomas, Miss My
ra Mott-fraith, ' the . Misses Thomas,
Miss Katherlne EI?tone, Mrs. A. E.
Miyphjv Miss Thelma Murphy,' Mrs.
R. S. Woodford, Miss Dorcas Meyer,
T,j n Jones R E Bercer Mr and
to iuaij l-iicu
Mrs. Josie Beit.- Miss - Whitebouse,
Mrs. C. E. Sherwood. Mrs. Ceorge T.
Whlttemore, Mr7 Edna Pax. Mrs!
Georre P. Thielen. Mrs. Lorrln An-
drews. Hana Kamiau . Evans, Missv
Mabel E. Winfiey, Heary Wiokley.
JlS ?. Car Miltner. Miss s7die Whiti
head M!s Ruth Whitehead, Mrs. L.
F. Martin. V Miss Christiana Bradley,'
Miss Genevieve Bradley, Mrs. E. H.
.Waddell. Mrs. E. M. Watson, Miss '
Garda Everton, Mrs. F. W. Robert-
son, Mr. and Mrs.' Richard Weedon.
Mrs. John Mather, Mrs. Charles Win-
ne. Miss MacDonald, Mrs. Burton Hun-
UnWnnJMisii Katherlne Winter. Mrs.
Irene Dickson, Mrs. Fanny Straucb. Aic-iisier, ut. lucy nioses, miss as- " r'"; r' V i
Mr and Mrs R T. Forr Jster. M4ss Lenord,' Miss Margaret Douglas, and Mrs. H M. von Holt, Miss Joan-.
,.,.,m w... T-,i- ' t-v, Mrs. Hannah Palmer. Mrs. Alice son, -wrs. earepia uuuck. airs.-.
II.: A.- V'Ilder. Mrs. G'. H:. Lamberr Wilder. Mrs. K. WV Horner. Mrs. Han- 1)leasure of the occasion wis enhanced Mrs- F- E- Biake of Manoa valley
son, Mrs. R. R. Rcidford. Mrs. John DaTi Niouhoe, Mrs. .Kuno Apa. Mrs. ljy the presence 0f the infantry -ob- wus oatess at a delightfully. int erest
Warren., Miss Hoffmann. Mi?s Martha Andrew Brown. Mrs. p. M. Houghs. cnestra wWch dispensed wuch rollick-afternoon on Monday, in honor-of ,:
Beckwith, I. F. Pearson, Mrs. Agnes Miss Marriette Sexton, Mrs. Kate W. j tuneg that many an' enthusiastic tbe returned travelers, -; Mrss - Anna
Pearson; Mr. and Mrs. , William Eur- ccoper. Mrs. Ben Haaheo Miss Ella , preferred to dance than eat' loh0 and Miss Mary Wlnne. A,
ney, Mrs. George Rob bins. Miss Geor- Johnston. Mrs. Loui Custer; Mrs. S. . nrcsent were Lieut and dozen or more ladies bent, over dainty v i
gia rvotbins. Master L..R. Eumey. M. Angu3. Miss Myra Angus, Mrs. W. "yvg prncst Gayler Uai and Mr' lts ' sewing while the guests of fr
Mrs. A. S. Humphrey V Miss Katber- C.Cumminrs, Mrs. L. E. Edgeworth. J do-CnL and Urs Qif. DOIi0r re,ated amusing .anecdotes of.
ine Burte, Mrs. Nelsoa Lansing. Miss .Mrf. L, L'. Hammerly, Miss V." Caesar, ft JonM Cant and Mrs Arthur B their wanderings In "Europe. A, deli- ,
Carol Tripp. Miss.Lucilla. Mrs. W H. Mrs. A. - Caecar. ..Mrs. Mary Boyle offn clous repast was .served at about 6.
RarickMlRa S LTTraelson. Captain Riley, -Mr. and -Mrs. Bert Raymond, .W63' EUl Johnson
SMrTw. ii-JohnTtonMr-s. JB. Mrs'w D. Adams. Mrs. .Walter, R. ;Ut k od Mrs. G F. I umbert Capt. and. Mlss Wlnne were' Mrs., Wallace
Roe. Stain and Mrs. Marquart. XL Coombs. Mrs. H. W. Marvin, Mrs. G. Mrs a S Clark UcL Fred.,
lx ' .'.M.V VT . ii.. TT,. ir Smith . Mien Marinri Smith. MIks F- Mchols. Ll-Ut. h.. I. Kelly, lVSPP. Krn, w. rioAt lrrf Ctttn mr.
neckS- Mrf a MT A lenT MrZV.
Ward. Miss Kulumanu waro. Aliss
K-.thion Ward. Mrs. J. A. Henrlg -
nn. inhn Unwlpr. Tir.'
and Mrs' S. D. Barnes. Mrs. J. J..
Dowllng, Miss Edmundo, irrs. E.
Exzr$iod$ Admires a
vjBirfx -tw cnaa
rw ft&' ' usa-
17 Car- - "wKI)a.l
ft l
r Gouraud's Oriental Cream cures Skm
TMaeases and relieves Sunburn. Removes Tan. Pimples. Blackheads. Moth,
Patches. Raah. Freckle and Vulgar Redness. Yellow and Muddy Skin, siving
a delicately clear and refined complexion which every woman desires.
No. 11 For sale by Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
Fcrd T. Hopkins, Prop., 37
' - v. !
r X ::
Miss ."Anna Ullo, sister of Ueut J... A."
I Howard, "Mr. George R. Carter, G. N. Mrs. V M. Cox,-1 Mrs. .D. F.. Thrum. , or -.tfce week was the yachting picnic
Carter, Miss Alice Fryer. M. Nyder, 'MIs3 Margaret Clarke,; Miss Helen given by, Mr. Warren Wcod and ;sever
Mi8 Alice'E.' Krupp, Miss Edith AI- " Alfred, Miss Milired Horned Miss : al otbers on Sunday laaL The pai-ty
drich, Mrs. H. E. Dominy,. Miss. Clem- Lydia Williamcoa, Pcrjey jL. Home, . sailed to -Pearl, City and around' the
ence GWord. Mrs. W. L. Gifford. Mrs." iMr. and Mrs.- Edward S.: Hatch, Mrs. lochs, spending as largo a part Of tbo
I Paul - Pettitt, 1 Mi3s Virginia Pettitt, Helen Rosa, Mrs. J. H. Maby, Mrs. time In the water as on It rThe
I Miss May Crosno, Miss Olive Crosno, Kathcrina Winter.V Miss .Almee Moss-1 picnic lasted 'all day.the nicnlckers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brown, Miss man, Mi;3 Marie Payne, R. F. Brown, rtiturnlng.- Llly sun'Mtt-aeJ ;.but rre
Francesca Del ,Mar, Mrs. A. G. Mies Vera Layno, Mrs. - Elizabeth 'iricing in; a deKghtfuijiime.1." Among
Adams, Mrs. Chas. D. Mueller, T." B; Johnson; Miss Ruby Johnson, Mrs.'. A.-, tl.cse present were. CapL and MrsA,
Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit P. Wilder,-
Helen Klriau Wilder, Samuel G. .Wild-
er, Judge and Mrs. SaafordB. Dole,
Mrs K. W.'JTomer. Kaakua. Mrs.
Kalalewai. Mr. Kamakakekal,' ftaleloMrs- Eiorden, Mrs Harmon Hen-, vinans. Miss Mary O'Brien, Miss Lou
Kalii. Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Peter, Col. drick, Mrs.' .'A. E. Mlnneville, Miss Iqq Worthen, ' Lt; :W. Rose." Lt'. N.
and Mrs. French, Mr. and Mm Curtis - Harriet Grant, Miss Dorothy Guild, Campenole; Lt- Carl Hardigg, Dr. L.
P. IaukeaJ Mr. and Mrs. John Doml- Mies Kae . W.; Kingsbury,' Mrs. J. L. Mudd. Lt. E. Kellv. UL v W. Raxler.
nis, Governor John T. Baker, Mrs. ML.
C. Cage, Mrs. J. M. Whitenack; Miss
M. . J. Davis, Mrs. H. C. Ovenden, ;,
Rear Admiral C. B, T. Moore. . U M.
Stevens, u. s. A.; a. u. Kannegicser.'
r .
Miss uauaway, jvir. ana Mrs. a. r.
Taylor. Mrs. M. Baldwin. Mrs.. J. W.
-- . "Y
urown, . Airs, auei uaraon, mrs.
Louise Ackerson. Mrs.. T. n M. Reed,
Miss C. Reed, Mrs. Hattle Peterson;
Richard Peterson, Miss; H. S. Simp-
son. Dr. and Mrs. A, M.Brodie. Mrs.
William . Haley. i Mrs, Caldwell.
Kaland, John Mames, Mrs. Susanna
Armour, B. F. Dillingham, Mr. and
Mrs. Mark A. Robinson. Mr. andMrs.
.W. A. Bryan, Mrs. A. H. Letson. Ar-
noia vveiDei, juage ana sirs. Aniomoi
Perry, i Mr. and Mrs. A. C.Spahler.
Miss Katie McAllister, Mrs.' Henry
Holmes, Miss Annie Lau, Mrs. E. L.
Minel, Mrs. J. O. Wilder. Miss Daiy
olive M. U Mauemann, Miss Ber-
nice uusuner, miss ueorgia
. strong. Mrs. F. T. Warlnner,
Georgia Arm-
'arinner. Miss
Helen LAmhrose. Mrs
Sara L. New-
comb, E. A. P. Newcomb. Dr. and Mrs.
?,';A. L.'. Andrews. Sarah Worth CouseAs,
. -
Beautiful Complexion-
jln Indispensable and Delightful
- Toilet Requisite
for Fashionable Women. .
- A dally necessity for the ladies' toilet
whether at home or while traveling. It
' protects the skin from Injurious effects
of the elements, plves & wonderfully ef
fective beauty to the complexion. It is a
perfect non-greasy Toilet Cream and pos-
Itively will not cause or encourage the
growth of hair which alt ladies should
guard against when selecting a toilet pre
paration. When dancing . bowling or "oth
er exertions heat the akin, lt prevents a
greasy appearance.
Gouraud's Oriental Cream has been
hfghly recommended by physicians, act
resses, singers and women of fashion for
over half a century and cannot be sur
passed when preparing for dally or even-In-
Great Jones Street, New York.
'Photo by Perkins.
TJlio, who is visiting at the, Hau Tree:
H. Craw wrdr-Mhss 'Marie-' Schled" A-
Marques, Miss Cornelia Moodley. Miss
Helen Mcodey; Miss . Lillian Moodey,
Mrc. Lnaries wyman, Mrs. uonoe,
. Coke, Mrs.. Latira Kekai . Kaakulou,
Mrs; V aiwaiole Pau. Mrs. Piikea
aierscerg. aiiss-aiay JfT, Mrs.
Shdrp. Mrs, Carrie A. Thompson. Mrs. .
. M" ;
oonn m v"t? is a nnorcrkn rv.v wo j t-
0,b B.; E.: j6661,' .lftiJ '.
InU ( Mlc Mlrbm Sfitcr AmnM
Wf ibel Mrs. Thomas Gill. Miss Kate
GUI, MSy. Gurl
Chas. D.. Wright, J. AicLowe, George
Kalng Lowe, Cap.ain H. Berger, Mrs.
: -Emina Metcalf Nakuma, EmlL Nahili
; J. Schley . -Moriarrtr, i Miss Frances
Humphreys -and others, : v -f
- . V - ' v -
op Supper at .FortShafter. : y '
; Tne bachelor officers at Fort 3haf-
ler were guests J at a large and de-
iigntful hop supper after the fort-!
riigntly dance last Saturday' night. In
aAAM'- tt . a. Atllrlnna nrA4. thfl'
yeut. . Freeman -Jlowley, Lieut. W.
Vinson, miss ivainerme winaas.
Miss HeIen Alexander, Miss Betty
case. Miss Mary o unen, miss Louise
i wortnen. wiss i-.sner, miss aiaua;
Jones, ur. warren wooa, feenor Ara-s
Mr. Mason R?my, Mr. Latimer.
Lieut F. T. Evans. Capt and. Mrs. B. Fort Shatter celebrated their return -Watkins.
Lieut, and Mrs. L. O. Math- from Haleiwa last Mon4ay by enter-j
ews. Miss Lenihan, Miss Katherlne taining lnforma.y at a casserole sup
Lenihan. and the bachelor officers of per. Their guests we're v CapL and
Fort Shafier. .o '--:7 Mrs. Charles, S. Lincoln.'; Lieut and
f : J Mrs. Franklin P. Jackson. Miss Fish.
Picnic sf Kaalawal. er. Miss Emma Cooley, and Lieut N. '
Miss Alice Hastings was the guest Campenole. . Aftesv.supper the party
nt hnt,n- ot AMvktfni t motored to the Country Club, where
alawal. given by Mrs. George Herbert theyspent the remainder of tte even-,
l ine morning was devoted to swim- ncing to the tunes of the dee
ming and beach pastimes, followed by inc pian0' A " 'J" rt I .
a delicious lunch. In the afternoon,
music, sewing and lazier amusements
were !n order. Among those, present
were Misses Elizabeth and Phoebe
i Carter. Siargaret Center, Pauline ,
-i iichaefer. Ruth Soper, Helen Wilder,
jTheima Murphy. Lady McFarlane, Wil
' telmina . Teney, Elcise Wichman,
j Ruth Anderson, Alice Hasting, and
f Mr. Jack Gait Mr. Carter Gait Mr.
jred Schaefer, Air. Carl Schaefej Mr.
t vemca Tenney. Mr. Alexander Ander-
It. Ch..!. T-l - ... . .1
Kenton, and Mr. Oswald Stevens. V,
Miss Gibson's Five Hundred Party.
Miss Inez Gibson was hostess at a
jolly little five ' hundred party : on
Tuesday ; at her home iin -KaimukL
The prizes were awarded to Miss Ra
chael Wood a box of dainty corres
pondence cards, Mr. Luther Hough, a
,..r;v-v;.-.v, WEEK. , r
: Queen Liliuokalani's reception. ". ';
Queen LiliuokaJani' luncheon. '
"General and Mrs. Macomb' dinner.
2 Craig-McCorriston nuptials. -..
Mr. Warren's dinner. ,. ... .
Lieut, and Mrs. Jackson's dinner. .
A Casserole supper. - '' ! v; ,. v'
Mr. and Mrs. Warren's dinner.
An afternoon with the travelers.
Luncheon for th Princess. - .
Miss Gibson's Fiv Hundred Party.
leather address book. - and Mr. : Billr
Noble, a Japanese tumbling, doll as ;
booby. Delicious refreshments were
served at about ten. Among those
! present were. Miss Mildred Chapln.
Mis Gertrude piey. Miss Rath"
Stacker. Miss Raphael Wood. Miss
Marjory Armstrong,- BEss Clemence
Gifford. Miss Doris Noble, Mr. Luther
. .-. ------ t
HOUgn. Mr. AlDtrt UUsn, Mr.Leroy
Buh. Mr. Billy Noble. Mr. Ralph
Gray. Mr. Wright -Henderson. Mr.:
John OTowda and 3ir. Sam Carter.
...,.- & -.ft, :i I ,!.:,.
i t.mr.m 4V- k pinA.. . "
Mrs.;, Francis M. Cay was hostess
t Wedoesday at' a most charming r
on Wednesday at a most charming
; luncheon given in hinor of the.Pria-.
' cess Kawananakoa. The ' affair took
pk.ee at the Gay residence at Wai-.
lele, and was so delightfully informal,
that after luncheon most of the guests
went for a plunge in the . splendid -Wailele
K)l. .The table was adorn-"
' ed with; IwYely baskets of maiden hair"
' fern and crisp sprays of pink befeoafa.-'."-"c
Covers were laid for eighteen.' ' i (
- : ; . - ... .
; tasce for. Ivan wirabam. : I i:-
. Mrs. W. Mohtros J Graham cater -y-talned
at a, delightful 'dance last ev-i' -'j
eaing .fcr; hei-' son,' MidshipmanMvan
, GrtLam.' Her homt was beautifully r y
ceccrated with Lh'ncse Icnterhs, and1-'
garlands cf pink paper ,-roses. r' Dane- -.v
mg issted until m.:dn!ght, whetr a de " )
. 1) clous sujiper was strveir " About'a- '
, hundred it Midshipman Graham's ofd''
trienas .and school-mates '.were asked.
i suning ran. , . ; ; .
. The Mi83es Mary and Louise Wor-
then entertained at a jolly feu rung par
ty on Wednesday at Waiklki- After
ndlng a' dozens or more waVes In ca-!
oes, the party took a. plunge !n the.'
ocean, flnlshing with ' tea at the Out-,
rigger. These present J- were CapL
and Irs.; 'A. R t Owensr Miss Emily
bJeancr "Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Walter y
Kendall, Miss Carrol Tripp, Mr. Camp,
Air.., Ware "Camp, and Mr. Hamilton.
Agee. " ,' .;
, 'at -, -
Yachting Party." ;,: f- 1
; One of the: most' delightful affairs
B: OWens.vMiss'EflrilyfEreahcr Owens.
.Mr. Warrea' Wood?Mrs.tWood,LL and i
Mrs."! O.' Malhews.JMiss Betty Case,
Miss Helen Alexander. Mis Katherlne
t Genklns and Mr. Caruthers. ?
: ; - - ? y : . 4 . t . ; . r
Lieut. andJ Mrs. Jackson's Dinner." V
Miss Emma Cooley was the guest
ot honor at a delightful dinner given
on. weanesaay oy ueuL and Mrs.'
T? Jokson' ''at -. the .Country
i;iuo. ? xne taDie was oecorated witn .
maidenhair ' and fluffy '" tulle v bows .
while smLOf tnl "hranohpa ." nf mirnla :
---- . """r :
trellises of dining room and lanaL
dinner the Ume was devoted to'
dancing, . music being ' furnished ' by
tne popular : electric 7 piano. Among
ttcse pre8ent were Miss Emma Coo-.
GeCTge Potter. Major and Mrs. John
t. Myers, Mrs. Richard Curts, Lieut,
George. Halloran, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Macfarlane, Mr. James WUder.j Pay-
master izara -ana nevnost ana
hostess. ; . . .
' ; r - -
An. Afternoon Tea : With th ,i ,
- i. - Travlr.'. :---rs;.w,- "
bach Mrs. Fred Waldron. M7Jared
Smith. Mnv. -'Percy Morse. Mrs.
George Brown and Miss Mabel Ann-
strong. :
Casserole ' 8upper. ;"'
CaDt and Mrs. W R;1 Gibson "of
; M- tJT - -wn ..f1
Waihole. 4
Dlace at waihole.
A Clear
may be gained and. skin .
xrouDies overcome aim
prevented, by the use of
u Glenn's
Sulphur Soap
Sold by B3r Bm mi TUkm Vr,
droggUts.. . , hckrfa.Mc.
SJ- S'Sr Lrfn r
er registered recently si the Belle-
1 1 -i n . .-
,u u ia rranoscu. j
1 " . '
. - , , . 'L' 0-.Mhew5
St dinner OO
Wednesday at their ' home at Fort
ansiter. . '..a. - .
. Mr pmam Heilbron of Honolalu
is still at Castle Crags where she en--
joy. mownng over m spienaia moua-
tain rdads.
After paying a short visit" td Santa
Cruz. Mrs. Georee Ordwav of Hone
lulo has continued ber-Journey as far
as Los Angeles. i . V
.. .- . ! '
Mrs. H, Wutklns cf Arizona A3
Bjreuaius wwrai www ui nonoiuiu
S tfceTuest of her nfere' Vra PharlM
HSX ManS 71'
. V 2 2 V " -y
... ' ; V
Miss Eva Stevens has returned to
.H noluiu after tw. years' wandering
M - uu wmera ot me urn wono. MiasLewers, since the qeparture . or pen
7 " ' . .r7" " . "-' . ; . . . . - ,, -
.-1 .
n in ti
01 i
Stevens spent considerable, time in
C&nna.oy; where sue devcteJ a lars
poition of her leisure to the lunaer
tudy of tie piano and harmony.
j--. A i i
' .-. . ' . ' : '
LituL Hciaer Frestoa of Fort
Smarter Is a passenger ca today's
transport, bavins secured twa moniha'
la. - a nt tiuuia I tnnf PrMrt-i will I
nln IIm . l)M.aMl In Ciu PmUIOM III.
ithe latter having accompanied , her
SUIes .se'reral months aga '
- -
Mrs. Pooe. wife of LieuL Podc o:
the revenue cutter service, formerly .bound for California.
TttseTu from Sore S :
1 A-! 1.. .J? h i v
w , .ivir,tn - ,
"7, - : "- -
' U I
curgcoa vieorge incser omiu.,
oa vieorge ner amiu, t.i
Q XT . IIAnr.11 .ovant
.va !. 1
ww w ' . 7 T.
? rcgisteredt-the Greenbrier. White
.Sulphur Springs, a. ;
V' -:' -;. : " : : J ' .
Mr. Doris E: Paris, who has teen
the house-tuest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
....... . . . --v
M l- .W.VV fess A V.v.v.- I n I
. .
tHE First Shipment of
. Fall Millinery has jtut
arrived. - . -
The styles are exceeding
ly beautiful. ;
preparing for the opening
Watch for Later Announcsc:cnt
i ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 w 1 1 1 wiTrnrT
dr.uxhter Katacrlne.Jias returned to
t:cr boms ui .Mexandor strcei. .',
w - A -'
The your ;er set are deeply cfca
pisned tot tear1, cf the pending do
tarture of Mr, Std Mrs,' Benzoin
Ccnrad (Ma.varat GrelsUon). Siaee
ttelr rarrla"! .in June, the yosng
. . f .t . knv. )ih " i i-nnnl In Ifift
. ' . -A 1 1 V t t .I.L-.)
Itnd their isle cds sincerely hoped;tba:
they would settle permanently la the
islands. But; it was not to b. aaJ
the Wllhelmina neat. Wednesday will
nnmbor thm - imnBfr Its nassni"ers-
: - ' -
Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey of Hoao-
lulu spent ceveral days la Santa Crux
as the irul of Mr. and Mrs.- E. M.
Tyler, leaving later for AlU where
thA -,e!tkf! thlr daurhter. Mrs. NeV
.h tcft thai.- duuehtpr xtn VpV
o .
rMra Will Wayne was hostess at an
ialormal luncbeca at the Hotel Aiaa
Lau on, Thursday, v
(Additional Society on Pa;a 14).

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