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then! over
vith the Children
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j , ... : ' ' ' ' - 11 '' ' '. - - J . . , .. ' r -
'':7. - .;.':;;7;7;;-,7.;..'7-- ' - - - f'"-
, ; School Pencils
-Mongol ...... .75c c'ox. ;.
Maile llima ......... 50s dot. j
J- ?;iVaJo ...... .C. . .7 .. .SOs doi.
Contarcrco . i .7. r.". . , .'.tOff dct. :
' . ' 1 7:'-"'. --
Hardwood Rulers
,12-incb. o. 90
...... c each -
13 Inch Brass Edge.. . . .Se ca'-h
It inch Srasi Edsc....1fc each
: Drawing Pencils
i:o." 314 Eaglo Draft Ins. I c each
Kchlnocr . . . . V. . . 10c each
Pens and Penholdei S"
...... 1Cc,do2.
10c each
Composition Books
See our big value for 7 . .
reiicll :7Ta)Jet3, fccautlfnl
floxrer cover designs .....5c -
Carters Inks
Red a.ni Blaclu
All Sires,
Loose Leaf Memo
;s . '
National Separate Leaf and
",DIue tlond ' Icose ; leaf
tinders 7.. .. ."...40c . each ,
Water Color
rranka v Nq.3:: Nrw klnJ.
. Tonic Sol Fa and 7
7 Silver -Song Series
' 7 r ; : Slanplo Scass. .'
Young Building i
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i -Phone 2294
Accd: :pli:!i your vrork :
1: . :t v;hite household ;
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Ask Your Grocer
. - . Makers. . ; -: . ' '
John Una, Fresidec Wilson a pno:- t 4 . x
Minnesota, wherp - he csed to be J , -Jurt
aa plala aa his name. V Out In ( fj :u. '
Cclal envoy to Mexico, Is raid to.be
"governor, ami la the natlonar house
of f representatives, ot .which he vas
a member; for th16; terms, Mr. Llnd
his a refutation; for J simplicity, of
manner and directness of speech. He
jas born in Sweden in 1854, and
came lo this country 'with his parents
I when he was fourteen. Like thous
! enc8 of other. Swedish . immigrants.
tte Linda Went: to Minnesota. John
Lind left school when he was seven
teen, taught , In a .country school for
a couple of years, and then studied at
the 'Unlyerslty of Michigan for v two
, years, af ter'whlch -he practised law
at New Ulri, a small county-seat town
In fcls own state. ' After a good many
years of practise in the country, he
went ' ti ' Minneapolis, where he be
came a . member of the law firm of
Lind & Ueland But he held office
before he went to the city. The New
York Sun gives ns the story of his
career: " "" .
,. From 1SS1 to 1SS5 he held hla. first
political office, receiver at the land
"office' In Tracy, Mlnn7 ' In 1887, two
years after; he quit the land office he
was elected ' to congress, : By this
L time he had been pretty well over
the rtato and had lived and worked
"In half a dozen places.. 7MInnescians
In goodly numbers' knew John Llnd
for A ca!m, .. self-contained, capable,
goed bearted lawyer, who never beat
about tho bush, arid. who usually man
aged to call the other fellowiblufT.
j' Llnd was Jn Congress six ; years
BtraTght from 18S7 to " Then the
vlQlss'tudes of politics, spared hin not
j? --JOj
It. Lind htmself ' galvfi out a ,4ittlc7
to j escape 1 being pestered ,went Into!
the woods for a day or wo. Within a
week he had mailed for 'Alaska without
once looking -Mlrineapollswafd. v.: '
- Back' hdlrie' they couldnt under",
stand, that' Js the politicians couldn't
Running ground in-'', narrow 'Circles,
they said John Lind was merely tired
and out of sorts and would come back
Iroin. Alaska- refreshed; and 'rjelntlgorv
ated foif a short run and a long term.
When the - traveler - got "' back o
Washington. state In August there vas
i8' USED
1 "' .'.'':-
To "represent the industrial growth
immense cheerfulness; 1 nans' jtheao2rcatet VtTOl 3 Picture c;
folk in Minnesota over word that Lind . vvw .
had declined to say anything at all on c". Compafly is Included in ah etlu-
his arrival, from the north. Not a V V fv V7
word had been pried out of.him. Thati the ; direction of the Detroit board
meant he was relenting declared the, commerce. ; - ; ; .
anxious persons In his home state. t4lQ J0;?1 F fi
Then came; the awful Wow.' It. was Ur? lJ5? , ttaie, the
delayed until the middle of September, t fackard-officials advanced .the regu-
rr' O -
( .. i
r . . .
and the Odin club. - And : also the
Congressman end cx-Governor had
made himself a'f very cheerful home
indeed at 1775 CcIfax avenue, . Mince-,
apolis, a home if urnlshod with Mrs.
L.!nd end "ycung .LJnds," and a "pleas
aat' resort after a' hard day at tho of-
hen in the New York Life Building. ' J
So there ycu have ' the outline of
John Lind s career plain, severe, can
did, an-ryot 'aspiring in its record of
and he wont. back to applying : tbe I?8-??.a a'evement, ..- ....
lstvs'hfi nd helDed to raaka But nret-' A episode in Ind's life that shows
s ty ron var was declared with Spain ! the plain, frank Rerson, he Js. a little
-..' i RT9. !f vmi rftmefflW." v . Lini : better . than.. any ether came in 1910.
. . ..... . . .... . . . 1 .v. tjn hd Anr- e .Ail fViflf tinilal Aft
sa;a liii.e duc aia mucn, wiin uio,- Uj,-iu 1 uuu5i.uuuivii.ui
, t
7 . 7
is Buried!
r r-- t r
THEY BOTH HAVE WENT. Both saV they had " a splendiferous
- tine; and so they did. .v'- ' , : ,7- '
But the same scenery, the same weather, the same precipices, wa
terfalls, tree ferns, and vol cane es are still here, at your, service, for
little money and less effort. Railroads and autoa take you anywhere, r
- Ililo and vicinity thas more varied and spectacular scenery per aquare,
foot than any equal area on God's footstool, t 7 77 . !
Ask any member of the Ad Club or of Co. D, First Infantry, . for
particulars.;., : . v : : J , "';.? ' 'j.
Kilo Board
f Trade
r. Sv See Hawaii first.
i 4. '-" '
result -that he served as first lieu ten
snt andnuartermaster of the Twelfth
Allnnwsrta Volunteers throughout the
wr.r. 7 Seme thought .he shone most
as a' ionf.cncnt; others liked the grub
he hanacxd rut, and all agreed that in
plte cf .that very aober face. of his
uo was an honor to the regiment
7 Something left cut? Oh, yes, come
to think cf It, Lind'had run for Gov
ernor of Minnesota' on the Democratic
ticket in 189(J-very bad year, that,
for Denrocrata.7 And then he went
fnto the war, and 'when he came out
, what did he do but let a' lot of pleas-
stances 'would'. he be a candidate lor
Governor ega.'n.. Having said thfs with
nis usual way cf . meaning what he
said, Lind started for Alaska, that
be!ng a ccol and pleasant place Tfn
July, better even than Minneapolis. J
What had stirred Lind to a refusal
cf a renomlcatlcn was the matter-of
county' opt'oh. ' Lind was for it.
Months before the convention he had
made plain : his'-; belief : that the Demo
cratic State platform should contain a
county, option plank. But in spite
of years and years of experience with
their man the politicians went around
ed Democrats and fellow citizens Aamefsayicg ever 'and over that John Lind
him for Gcrrernor again! ' The note
worthy about the nomination this time
was that John Lnd was elected.
- That was tn 1839, and, he held of -
didn't mean.it, not this time. If coun
ty. option were quietly ; ignored, and
Und were ncmlnated, he wcultfn't re
fuse to run, sa?d the politicians. '
ilc :tiU 1S01.7 Fickle Swedes . and i ; Lind had got as far toward Alaska
.other Mlnnesotans refused to reelect jas Everett, Wash in July when the
jhim. John Lind took hi3 defeat calm-Utate' Convention wa3 held. The poli
ily. Ho just stuck around practising J tlclans went around patting each other
! law when he got a chance, which was j on the back at the success of their
often, and 7 taen-ran iorjCongress little scheme. The antioptionists wer4
again. . Those who couldn't see himia control of things and they honored
for Governor a second time sent him j Lind's scheme of putting itup to the
Iback to Washington, and so he spent counties by paying no attention to it
tae years 1003 to 1905 listening to de-1 at all in the platform that was adopt
i bates, aady. offering a , few remarks,ed wrbcut dissent. 7
flaws. and antendmenta, himself, and Then they nominated Lind for Gov
sending home a reasonable amount of i crncr. No one else's name was even
Ph oao 2 2 C 5 R caohca
l met SLO Q-ir O Oil C O i
ct ctttt:m RTRFKT ' . P f tmt S1
I seeds to- make glad -the ' Minnesota
wilds or tame places, according to his
constituents', surroundings. '
1 ..Meanwhile either things had come
to Lind . v He- was 'made president of
the board Of regents 'of his alma ma
ster, the .University of Minnesota, and
(various clubs tock him in, though not
mentioned. That; showed how much
they wanted the man. . 7 -', . ' ; ;
Lind's son, who is a business man
at Everett, and who was entertaining
Lis father ere the pilgrimage north,
wired the convention, after it had
done Its. work7 that it might as well
recontene anCdQ the job riebt.7 His
?! badly, including the ..Minneapolis Club (father wouldn't tun; and still meant
but was prepared and ready within a
few days after Llnd landed from Alas
ka, tit took (he shape cf a letter ab
solutely refusing to run. 7 7f 77
So there were the politicians, near
lyflat. - 7 . r J 7777 v ,J-:JJ
They isimply had to hunt atound and
find another candidate, and when they
had done so everything went wrong.
But" John Lind had demonstrated even
to. their satisfaction that: : when - he
raya a thing he means it. 7 -7: 7.
C Mather, (impatiently), "I don't
know what will ever become of that
child. Nothing pleases him," Father
(serenely) "Well make an art crit
ic out of n!m.M 1'usk. . '
lar Saturday closing hour by twenty
minutes. : This 'time 'cot ibe com
pany $2,000 la round figures without
taking into account the value rf le
time : lost in the course of maliit
preparations. ApproxIm'.ely 200
foremen and department heads were
notified of the plans and given de
tailed instructions. 7 7 7,
, The camera wa3 focused from a
Taised platform thus giving an excel
lent, view cf tho mass of workers as
they poured from the factory. '
; When thrown' upon the screen the
picture 'will "shnw the moring mass
in the immediate foreground ' with' a
background formed by a building 940
feet long.i one of thirty struc'ures
which make up the Packard p?anL r
IT 1
p3, . .... 1 .S f w ... 4' t
U-1 . - ,V,.t
4. O -J I- - - - 1 !
-nf ' rt-; - ..
tritlcn cf kz'.:-l'J.::, i
rVfS ' ' -" - u f' ""4 3 1
f,- rr- tllu" "'f '
f ',v- I'.-, t.,r-
cays. . - .. -
To have t:ui::u1 lz'rt
tht r-" -t--1 t- - 1 1 '-i r""f r"
good. Keep' the tbed
purs ar.,1 rich, and have'
th ncr.c5 strong. and
steady. Avcr's :r:ar.v
rilla wni ccrt-!r.!y Co zl
this for ycu:
?rpr DR. J. O. AT CO..
Iwoiu Maw . V. H. A.
i ip
Iff VI 111
d Baggage that
We don't believe any other kind should: be sold. It's a certainty na
other kind should be used. 7 That's whr we handle exclusively the famous
"Indestructo," Hand Baggage (lined with Unen. Scotch Plaid and Leather)'
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tut-records of good performance." J. 7 7 Jrattti)li&&yu
Silk's Toggery,
Elks Bldg.
Ltd., . j
.7; .YAnz 3t j '

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