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This U the viatk iBstaJlmeBt f the
eiidenee taken by the lobby probe
committee regarding Hawaii's work
against free sugar. Attorney Balloa
being qnestioned regarding George
IL Carter's appointment with the pres
ident The testimemy In being pub
lished from week to week.
. Senator Walsh. That is. he met with
some difficulty about getting Mr. Tu
multy to make an appointment for
. Mr. Balloa, Ye.
, Senator Walsh. But he. finally pre
vailed upon him. and Mr. Tumulty
then made It a day or two alter?
Mr. Ballon. Yes.
Senator Walsh. Do you know of
anybody else representing Hawaii or
the Hawaiian interests who was heard
by the president?
Mr. Ballou. I do not. ' He Interview
ed one or two of the candidates for
governor. J
Senator Walsh. There have been
some candidates lor governor of Ha
waii here?.
Mr. Ballou. Yea. v
Senator Walsh. Who were they?
, Mr. Ballou. Mr. McCandless, Mr.
Waller, and Mr. Watson. -
Senator Walsh. All candidates for
. , Mr. Ballou. Yea.- ' .t : ' v,"
Senator Walsh. Have they all been
here in Washington? , ' y.
;.. Mr. Ballou. Ye; they have. '
Senator Walsh. How long were they
here? . '
, Mr. Ballou. I have no idea a to
their going or their coming. I know
Mr. Watson is still here, and I am
under the impression that Mr. Waller
is still here, because I met him on the
vtreet three or four days ago.
Senatof Walsh, Are they residents
of the Islands?
Mr. Ballou. Yes; they have to be if
they are going to be appointed gover-tor.-
- . :
. Senator Walsh. Have they any as
sociation with your work here? ;
Mr. Ballou. Not the slightest
. Senator Walsh. What business are
they in? . -,
' Mr. Ballou. Mr. Waller is a very
reputable-keeper of the local butcher
thop. Mr. Watson is an attorney at
law. I think, the business of Mr. Mc
Candless Is the boring of artesian
wells, although I am not sure about
that. His name la L. It. McCandless.
I am not sure Just what his active
business is. - ,. " -
Senator Walsh. Which of them do
3 ou think are here? .
,Mr. VzZlou. I think Mr. Waller and
Ji'r. Watson are both here. In fact, I
know Mr. Watson is here; I saw him
last evening. I did not speak to him,
Lut I taw him. ,
, Senator Nelson. .Evidently, they are
til qualified for governor, because
the y have not had anything to do with
your sugar business. ,
Mr. Ballou. That Is a sine Qua non
that Is, as little as possible to do
v 1th It and to my mind that Is a very
t roper one.
Senator Walsh. You do not find any
fault with that, then?
Mr. Ballou. As to their having but
.little too with the sugar business?
Senator Walsh, Yes..
Mr. Ballou. No, sir; I do not.
Senator Walsh, That la all.
The Chairman. Have you ever
known .any such amount of money to
.be spent In any congress as has been
pent in this congress?
Mr. Ballou. I have not the remotest
idea, sir. I would say, however, that
the Hawaiian sugar planters or sugar
essoctation spent between $75,000 and
J 100,000 to eradicate two pests in the
The Chairman. I mean In Washing
ton; In opening their headquarters
here in Washington?
" Senator Nelson. What kind of pests
did you say those were?
Mr. Ballou. Insect pests.
V Senator Nelson. : Oh!
The Chairman. You have spent
JDO.OOO in trying to ' create a senti
ment against free sugar, sending out
bulletins in order to array public sen
timent against free sugar?
Mr. Ballou. The Underwood bill will
do us far more harm than both of
those pests put together.
The Chairman. How much money
have you spent heretofore?
Mr. Ballou. I have only been here
two years. - .'
. The Chairman. You were here last
3 ear? .
Mr. Ballou. Yes.
The ' Chairman. And went before
the committee?
Mr. Ballou. Yes. Europe, so. much eo that thejuotv
The Chairman. How much money tions on 88 analysis raw beet sugar is
did you spend then?
Mr. Ballou. No money at alL "
: The. Chairman. No money at all?
Mr. Ballou. No money at all; ex
cept for the printing of my brief.
2ir.;4tr Reed. I am talking abcut
pher will read it.
(The stenographer reai
"Senator Reed. Whethe
or small, how would it hu
Mr. Ballou. Because it
us in a number of ways:
First The extinction of
tic industrv. and our g!
ropean markets to tvv-o we
would increase the" w; w augar
ild hurt
- v
tnty consumer
the standard quotation on raw sugar
for the world. It Is not barred out by
the Dutch standard, or any other pro
vision, as Senator Cummins seems
to think; but, on the contrary, before
The Chairman. But this year you me uucan crop Began w inwe
have spent at least $30,000? : . largely It made one-halt or two-thirds
xtr rtaiimt y of our importations. It is now . the
The Chairman. How much more principal 'source "of. aupply of any d.
tnan that? flciency which may exist ; between
Mr. Ballou..' Very little more than our domestic and Cuban crops and
that It will not run up to more than our consumption. - It Is Imported In a
$53,000 or .$54,000, certainly. It Is raw state and refined in the refineries
very close to $50,000. in New York. -- ; '.
Rntor i air, to uk von Senator Walsh. What are the Im-
a number of questions, but not until Donations?
you have produced your books. r. vauvu. in ww iaere were
Mr Ballou. Yes. 000 tons Imported. -
Senator Reed. How long will it ; Senator Walsh, Of raw beet
take you to get them? : "f1"-,, " - m.
Mr. Ballou. I should .very much Mr. Ballou. Of raw beet sugar. The
prefer to make it tomorrow morning, last cargo load of raw beet sugar that
I am not sure how long it will take, was imported was imported no later
Perhaps an hour or two. , I have stat- than this January, by the trust, in
ed that I had' no books, that the only order to keep its refinery working on
disbursements I made were lump-sum half time, while the beet people had
disbursements, which I can give you died the market and closed down the
right out of my head. 1 other refineries; but it was imported
The detailed disbursements of the in some quantities all last winter.
rtnmoRH tip nrarincera were made The only reason that It Is not import-
m fa4 whit ia her nnrir nh- ed in laree quantities Is that our do- Hamburg.
nnena. " " " ' ' . mestic and Cuban crops take care ofi Second. Ber?:'
poena. . . . . . 1 u tu." .rKi ; -
say. that you had receipts and vouch, Senator -Walsh. y Where Is that rtlflkl:
ergt made? . : ; which Cuban s traisparuy,ai
Mr. Ballou. Yes ; I have that kind. . Mr. Ballou.: In Germany. Austria low
Senator Reed . I will thank" you If and Russia. ;.We get almost none count cf tioys ra. ara, soieiy on ac-jT'hr-tnm
Russia. We buyit f.o. b. Ham- the CiAAvfrnt mpeUtlon between
memorandunithat you have to show burg. Ifls bought f.o.b. Hamburg. Thinly ihel Jtr
Se collections and distribution of Senator Reed. What harm does it tc -Wtejit ,vogd n?habt1 ""je!
money, the amount of ' money on. do us to send It over here
handhow the moneys were collected, f it refined and sold?
to wnom the moneys were paid, and Mr. Gallon. - Nothing -except ;a Jttt ur
the purposes for which paid, together Senator Reed., How does that : yuV;n t domesUc SfST JS?
with every other matter and thing Jure anybody? ; .,;-;iu4. their margin wr?
hT--v - m wrttmr that - will Mr. Ballon. Nothing except' tWi F vrth. It would compel every per-
throw any light upon this Investigate entire sugar system of
tlon. . try is given over u iuai
Mr. Baliou: I can ' teir you J right portatlon and refining n
now. all wlth the excepUon of the de- that Ue consumer will lon. )
tails of the disbursements of the' do- more for his sugar thaa. i tiyig
mestic sugar producers. I can tell now. : v j.'e I j tying
you to whom and what money I have Senator heed. 'Wbvr .ayyv'y
paid. .' . " ' ' J-'will be given over ly Ja Ttf'Vsay it
Senator ReedLM prefer to get It have free sugr-?.. that hyause we
all together. ' T- i f'T n .Mr.:-.Ballou. r-y-:Y :
The Chairman. 1 would like to see will put baccaxtv - -Vtree : sugar
Bulletin. No. 1. Can
Mr. Ballou. No. sir
mi. J. M I
i aere is uuuie uuuiudiuu xruxu cue rv
that these advertisements are neaoea ouiw f , y
"Domestic sugar bulleUns." But we do any haKfo l. Still It would not
always , reter ,to them as the 'adver- In here An to have beet sugar come
tisements- because they have been get thatfind be refined. We would
published in the papers. ' Mr. f much more, would .we not?i
The Chairman. Gov. Carter said of thealiou. It Is only the question
this morning that Bulletin No, 1 gave it Iprlce we are going to pay for
the plan under which you were to. act. i'Sew v i : ' i ' ,
lMr. Ballou. No, sir; I think ijotf frfetor1 Reed.' Why will we not get
misunderstood him. It gave the p cm ? refined sugar from' Europe?
pie who were represented by the Ao- '"r. BallOu. ; I think we will, to some
mestic sugar producers. It was f.n i y nt. -. . " '. - v . -
formal organization of the HawarJan, Senator Reed:; Then how does this
the IxulElana, the beet, and the l'urt init us in th? hands of the trusts, as
Rico suear oroducers. ; voa say there? r -7 V. .' "
The Chairman. Did that 8ta3 tU ; Mr. Ballou.':! Because the great bulk
organization? . : f our sugar will.be Imported raw,
Mr. Ballou- No further. thrr: ft hr:;nd the reason that that -can be 'ra
There was no organization f jrViL sorted cheaper ; than refined sugar
than that i, .vi from Europe is the question of eco-
The Chairman.- How lone xoui nomical shiDment Raw beet sugar
take you to get your papers; m i shipped In bulk and will be refined In
Mr. Ballou. 1 should say i.f v '.- large quantities hire on the coast. Re
or an hour and a half. 1 hoar fined suear from Eorope must be
Senator Reed. If you t vivif f y shipped In more expensive containers,
them in. an hour we . could o? ;nv so as to keep out the moisture ana
get through with your exam 111 prevent deterloratlol from the sea
nlehL i hm to. "vovaee. and will noflbe Imported to
Senator Nelson. In th4 - jtp ' c ; Viirh a laree extent. V '' :
we could go on with BomVeaaUme Senator Reed. WhaVl am trying to
Senator Reed. Suddosc? xa lse. eet at Is this: If we liad free sugar
back at 8 o'clock and brir jt h i ume In this country, you say that would de
you have. . , y f whxt ever stroyx the domestic-sugar production?
that latter fact hurt us?
Mr. Ballou. Because . yW are it .
suming now that mere is alarge su-j fr -nallou. I cannot possibly an
ply of world's sugar. Theiact laV -r!V'.meenUr about the sugar con-
.Senator Reed Whether t Is larfr f ithto. country without It be
tz amaU, how would it huri us? I t C-tfled whether under a tariff
:.Muior rtewuu. vci . una aniver j (4 free 8Urar,
,:,;.;;l7.V' !Mator Reed. Just assume that no-
wr nu . iwaB w. out l r?- w -ir hoard of a tariff Of any
... -
artA W v. .. ...... . ti. i
V fliwertauon ; so- 4 K j BaUou.: Then you are making
' Senatoreson
tat Ma flnctwi.
1V . - 1U19 IB UIM M. IKj.J.'. I r .
local supptj".
you can not .dM To xj,a tnj w did
Tbis:i. not a po L"i i ad we had the
X if, r . . -i. t-.j .
supply, anu we usu w
Htg? supply " from Europe, and we
Lii a refined beet sugar from Europe,
an in compcuuon.
Senator ReeaV 'Soi bnt
be a court wheWrentIentAfv nhcjui-o
Th nnfraiRn. W n ' ' . a thev were
- --'-- mill xniwrT in . . . . .
Question and then eiifn v Wdnot th tendency oe 10 m
Mr. Ballou. I w Vswer th w
ator's last question irvh Ktw
AXif' rii POic-ln the interior, say, ai vaicagu. w
. I Z rmm Kn Ynrlr tn
' rvf u. if hftco. whereas now for a number ot
you furnish that? was in ygt: la th'system wmcn
; I can . not crop, in-rore - our domestic
mnntha m the vear -that freignt 1 18
largely or entirely absorbed by, the
beet people in competition with yeach
other. :. : : -'. A-'- 'l: !?':-.:'' .
Lastly, it would put the enure sup
ply practically in the hands Of the re:
finers of the seacoast. Instead of com
ing from various competitive sources,
as it now does: .' :t lyv,
Senator Reed. I. tnougni you were
not going to answer my questton, and
you .did not, yy '' y ' - V:t y
f5pntor Reed. I said to you- that
waiving the question of .the destruc
tion; as you claim, 06 the loca compe
tition, hOW WOUld U pun UUjrouuu
nMr rhpinr than it would be If
ycu had only one source of supply?
'dr. Ballou. You assume that they
were all in competition?
Senator Reeo. Just Uke my ques
tion. - v .'.'
Senator Nelson. Give the witness
a chance. . ;
Mr. Ballou. ; I see that you s re as
suming that they are all In competion
and that the laws of, supply and de
mand are actinav whereas as a mat-
; ter of fact, outside of the United
States, the laws of supply and demand
do not regulate the price of sugar In
inv .wit. " -. : .' '.;
Senator Reed. Let us assume, first,
that they are " : In competition. . It
would produce cheaper sugar to the
consumer, would . It not?
Mr. Ballou. If the domestic sugar
Industry were wiped out
. Senator Reed. No, sir; you are so
determined to argue the cas
: Mr. Ballou. No; I beg your pardon.
Senator. I am trying my very best
to understand you.
. Senator Reed. My question was.
assuming that there never had been
such a thing as a tariff heard ot. Have
you got that in your mind, at any
rate? - -.
Mr. Ballou. Yes.
Senator Reed. , Assuming that thers
was a domestic supply?
Mr. Ballou.: Year l
Senator Reed Assuming that there
was a Cuban supply?
Mr. Ballou. Yea.
Senator Reed. Assuming that there
was a supply of foreign beet sugar.
both raw and refined, and that tney
were all in competition, would that
have a tendency to reduce the price
to. the consumer? - - ! ' r y-; '
, M r. Ballcu. I - can only answer by
I saying that if the bulkv of that sugar
for Infanto and ChMdron. ; -.
IltrPACTnoaTALITr' is aomethins frightful. ..T7e can hardly reaxx
1 that of all tha children bora ia civilized countries, twenty-two per cent, or
nearly one-quarter, die before they reach cneearj thirty-eeren per cent, or;
more than one-third, before they are five, and one-half before they are fiftee ! :
We do Bot heaiUte to say that a timely use ct Castori would save a majority
of these precious Uvea. Neither do we hesitate to say that many of these infantas
deaths are occasioned by the use or narcouo preparauooa, rops, wavuro mu
soothing syrups sold for children's complaints contain more or less opium, cr
morphine, They are, la considerable quantities, deadly poisons. In any quantity.
thev stunery. retard circuiauoa ana ieaa 10 coogauuBs, nt.uc, uiu. '
operates exactly the reverse, 11 causes ica mwu m wjvm h;
Kres of the skin and allays lever. - . ; ' 4 ,j
Ba at u ro of WZc&fUzuZ? v Ca 1 1 a
Phvolclanc Recornmend CaotorlQe
I aave ued you CVturU la jam of ci:: ta f Cm tori to gwxl to eMVIitt aa4 X ffaCy.
Una J have tvbl It U W mcC!clao ct lu
f U m U lufeIku, 3. H. 8tanu, M. P'
. ... V"': , ' . . . CbkafrJ
a nktM M Talub ti4 brsWiclkl for cUl
; MMjiwt t:inU to utT-v lb b.'-bot pnlac
MdUtaaMatcrjwUf.- ;
J. 8. AixxAia, M.
' v y- " '" ' ;. - Om2ia,Kvb.
TJt Md yoor Ciator'A e tstUms occsalou
1 olUbl cum ami tvn tcoai it a ptlaUbto and
Actattaza4va,pectoiy la tU various dlseaat
atcalklhood, ' ..,."'" '
Cas. Sow aba GAwirx,'iI. V
'.-. . Brooklxa K.Y.
T. Ouuui Biimaa, U- DM
" I bar pracr!bd Caatoria to faaCtat tot tsrrU
jm. It to ail right Itotben Ca It, for dLta
wia taka It wiaoat say tibJa."
C.JL irojoa,U,IX, ,
- .".;"y: . euLMra.
" Toor CMtoria to t rpUndU rem! for ciTn.
knoatbworUw. I m It la y pracUca a&l
at bo bealtaacy la racommaaas tt f or C torn
pUinU ct lafmla and ctHvirwi." '
-f - ; v J. A. E042Xi,2.I.,
. " Cuxsj CU7, SI
Children Cry for Flotch p r 1 o t C a o t o r I n e
In Uoo For Over 30 Yoaro,V
t. iwuif rr.
. . n.li... T ill . . 1
xwr. muiuu. j. a:, i - '
to be any examination tpcf: there ia
vertlsements of the mas y' ttife ad
is responsible for them? ) tuys he
ined Gov. Carter, who wr . c s;exam
sible for them, quite at J:'t.t respon-
I am
"4 "
responsible for them.
Senator Walsh. Ac
facts in them? '
. Mr. Ballou. Yes.
Senator Walsh. Is
you care to say? '
Mr. Ballou. Yes.; .
Senator Walsh. A!i
. Mr. Ballou. Only U
question of No. 11 1
that connection- r -
Senator Walsh. ,11
by you?
Mr. Ballou. Yes
might say, if yov
putting It that -( txci-lephce 2550;
tisement. if it Is the Lfri care. Prompt
ing oui tne xacxs . rchant nr. rort 8t
Deei sugar, t snouia ta.6m.
uncauon tor tne ca
ie:? anything
,".!ik08e of the
u-Lit to' say in
Mr. Gallon. Yes. V
Senatqr Reed. Now, ljust waive
that" for "the time being, vjhat would
leave us the world's supply of sugar
to draw from? f
Mr. Ballon, Yes. . f
conotvM. Tpd That would leave us
Oguawu - i - - I r
the world's supply of sugar to drawjttd;
from?: . Y ' , V -vw.iAne
Mr. Ballou. Yes. . ; yephone 2723.
Senator Reed. X)ur reflyrT '
iJ blocked, a Mai-
to have the refineriei get a pecrtion ofi was, from European supply. It' would
their suddIv from the raw. 'sugars, of i be an artificial price, and both the
Eu? ope, ana now- wuuiu. n., ui v ;
country to have refined beetVsugars
sent in here?: . f:;''
Mr. Ballou. '., Because-
Senator KeedV WaivJng.v now. the
question of the destruction of the lo
cal competition. - ; .y 4. vs- I :y :
- Mr: Ballou. ,1 do notr understand
what you mean by waiving it. Teither
have to assume that it would be , de
stroyed or assume that ,it would :not
be, - :. .Jv:-.-.- '
r Senator Reed. Yes; ! leaving, that
aside altogether." - I' y . '
Mr. Ballou. I Have goi w au
one or the other either that It would
be destroyed or that it would not -
Senator Reed. You do not under
stand me. ": V .j
Mr. Ballou. No; 1 do not I do not
understand the waiving of thet de
strucUon , - of the beet-sugar competi
tion." ;- '-:' ' ' '
- Senator Reed. Let me ask itj yv
other way. Tne impon. oi ui -
which you hold in your
Cuban and domestic people would
take that artificial price, and it would
not result In cheaper sugar. y'
y. Senator- R6ed. .'You-refuaer- to- as
sume that they are in competition?
Mr. Ballou. Competition of a small
producer against a large one will not
necessarily bring , the price down. In
competition a "man is very much In
clined, to take the price of the largest
producer. Just as the world's price U
now made at Hamburg, and Java with
its bis production is In competition.
but it will always take the Hamburg
price. '. ' ' ' -"
Senator - Reed. Then It would be
better for the consumer, to have only
on e source of supply. V " r -: ' . i
Mr. Ballou. f'- would not
Senator K;'m ,:y,,vou nae iwu
sources of jJc competl-
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which you solicited thaX?NQ8 ' .:-.
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2637. Uasseur, baths, manicure. "
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mmr- yl - -y
,cel; "Up-to-I
i woolen e.:.;
near E:th:l
-4 - i -a . - j,r
we wnrcalTtreniNVS
Mr. Bailout &7-ly . .
Senator J?ali kinds cleaned and blocked.
rlor.:'rrSanto, river, near Kukul St
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is produced in lmm this busy ring 1374.
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v. i-i. i-T-i uctvc judi I cifcor. King. Tel. 1623.
and I was' surprised while, the
the Star-Bulletin in subscribers
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policy of the paper of givihg
of news events.
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able rates. Territory Livery SUble,
J48 King, nr.. Punchbowl. TeL' 2535.
5518-a r . . .
All styles of canvas and leather leg
gings made to order reasonably; also
harness repairing neatly done. Ya-
mamoto, Beretanla near River St.
6572-ly.. . . . -
8. B. Lucas, eyes examined, tested;
1107 Alakea. nr. HoteL ' TeL 271 J,
: 6521-m. ' : "
Leggings, belts; ' canvas and ' leather,
maae to oraer; guaranteed. Ichira
wa, Beretanla- .opp. Athletic Park.
5596-6m' i. .
- i
T. Oka, ladles . and getita, hats ; latest
styles ; cleaning,, dying; reasonable ;
54 - Beretanla, . , opp.. Smith r; street
: . 5543-6m V .
E. Iyeda, pajamas, shirts," kimonos ot
all i kinds; made - - to order; work
guaranteed.; King nr. South. ;i '
'. - ' ;6547-6m. ' ' v. ;
8. Shirakl 1202; Nuuanu; Teh 4137
Painting and paperuanglng. All work
guaranteed. Bids submitted free. . ;
: ' k-5328-3mt , , , ,. .
TIop Lee, "646 l Beretanla. " "House
painter,; eontracter, : paper hanger.
":i 5560-lT ' - ".' -
llee Kau Kee, dealer in paints, oils,
wallpaper; houseptlntfng ' of . all
kinds, 1320 Nuuanu nr. KukuL
M Kubo. Shirts, Pajamas, Ties. Best
materials reasonable. , 446 N. King.
V, :' - . -5640-3m ', -y -
B. Tamatoya.. shirts, pajamas,' kimo
nos to order; Nuuanu nr. FauahL
A.'-t : -. 5533-ly. . .
. ; - - YAMATOYA -
12S0 Tort Shirts,. Pajamas, Kimonos.
' ' . . ' k-5327-6m
E. Shigemura, shirts," kimonos, paja
mas made to order, very reasonable.
1155 Maunakea. near Paual Street
; - r . 5623-6m. '. .'':';. ' - .
Shirts and Pajamas made to order at
reasonable prices. Work guaranteed.
Tamamoto, Nduanu near . Beretanla.
" RoS0-ly - - - - .
Sewing machines bought or exchanged
Ring 3203 and: e will lead man to
look at old machine; nr. Beratarla.
- -56i3-3m . " :. . -
g" Ja s
flannel a tz:
jLatest stjls sulta r
; reasonable prices. V,': :
ed. Eeretala t:-r I;
I Nakatxukasa, tallorlzg, ct:"
work guaranteed; reascrit.'a 7:'
' 1053 RiTjr Stre?t, rear Hotel L
y t:c3-iy.
Sang ChoiT,. 55 S. Kir- ccr. I
Best quality material tzl tt;:1
ship, x Perfect fit c:ir;-'.
Golden Wong, Merchant Taller; O
date styles, and latest material,
-guaranteed. 379 Emma St TeL ::
" 5525-Ca -.
IS. Matsuda. Reasonable prlc t:" r.
12X2 Nunanu nr. Kukul t TeL
! . ' '5552-6m. '-
K. Matsuki, up-to-ilate nerclaat taller,
1210 Nuuanu mr. Bcrctasla
Fook Sang, np-to-date styles, reiser
ably; cor. Nuuanu -and PaaiI ZU.
' : 5533L-,
Wing Cham, suits made to crdcr ai
reaaonable prices. 150 Hotel Ct
: - - 5523-3 m.
K. Nakabajashi, tailortag. dry tlz
m. repalrmgr King nr. Alaai Si
Tai Chong,. 1125 ..Nuuanu,- Merci:
Tailor. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Un Sing See, 1041 Nccira: T l Z:::.
, .TIaamith, ' plumber, tsrlr:::,
..... ':-:, i-6oS2-6n .
Won Lui Eo., 73 N. Ilcttl
1033,' - Estimates !.;:.:. I.
K, Oka. 'Tinsmith and Jobber. All
v pairing work; - exrorienccd v
-Reasonable- Fere tan U "tenr A.
We. make test j cf aav d:::rl-
Ri2S ZZZlr II sn. Tent Awl:--
- . . 5810-Cn
We make sa!l from! the smallest craft'
'to the largest &all!ng vessel. IIodo-: finniTir.' '
lulu Tent & Awning Co., Tel. 3357. HUUl nu,4r,-.
' . -"y V 5610-3m . ' I.

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