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I ' v I II
SEPTEMBER G, 1913 taken indicated that Thaw will not be long left
in doubt as to his fate. The chances are m favoc
responsibility of tolerance lies irilh those of his deportation to the United States, but even
:cho hare the irider rwiVj;?--K(orge Eliot: 1 jn thai event the Canadian officials do not have
to return him to Xw York state. The practice
has been to return undesirables, by the port
through which they entered Canada, but whether
If Honolulu is ever to have a Chamber of this praci ice will be followed remains to be seen
Commerce building the goal , that the late ,
James F. Morgan jsoughtithntfring nggres-
iveness when WftH 'nrpKuTpnr 'at iht. rhnmher '.-a : ' t
-it must M attained through the unselfish and . . ; Three months ago Jailer Asch was informed
:mt( d spirit of all the commercial and promo: that .Wi & KimJ a Korean prisoner in his charge
tan in ercs s of Honolulu joined in an organi- carrying on lusiness that had, to say the
: lion that lias "purpose- as its watchword. . leat,:an exceedingly suspicious aspect.' fei
The defeat of. the plan to amalgamate the t w? 'joner : who had served his sentence and
almg commercial bothes wil postpone for .was released complained to the Star-Bulletin
srs I not for all time, the. realization of this Kim fihown undue favors
andid idea for a commercial building. : , ! Aseh, and Mentioned particularly that1 the jailer
Certain members of the .Merchants Associa- drove tire Korean around town while the pseudo
: " n Kay that if the two bodies are amalgamated, prisoner attended to private business.
Ia;aer fry will not wish to speak out in meet- The Star-Bulletin informed the liee denart-
- against the ideas of the "big fellows."
I . .' t 1 . t . ' ' - . 1 ' ' , -
ment of the complaint made . bvi the- re-.
a .. a - wuicn over lvim s action, ,aiue janer was uieu
ifested no tendency to claim such a monopo- told of the statements made by the released pris
The surest way to how the -"big fellows" oneW-'Mr. ;Asch ;declarcHlhat':tlie: compMinta
t lie -little fellows : are, also wise, brainy were entIvly (lne to m(tment against him and
i at rgetic is to work for the amalgamation 'reiterated that he' was keeping a personal watch
i i inniiv .5,niJVi teiuu: u nuiui. iuwinw
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a as u a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
Well, vaj Eon, there are a few old
fashioned Americans left, after all.
Many of ; the new arrivals . telong to
that set they're not all ?" anarchists
and Black-handers.' Soa:e of us who
trace our ancestry to ol4-Iatca fam
ilies might learn good citizenship from
these recruits. Thy. believe la being
dignified and self-respecting, especial
ly when they have the pubUc ear. If
they're naturally inclined "to be spec
tacular and gesticulate too much, they
have enough sense pot to mike assea
cf themselves and bray cV of season.
And, my boy, they maintain a cer
tain reserve in expressing their per
sonal grudges against the maa. who
happens to be president of the - coun
try they love. " If their grievances are
that account alone, or that you should
li about the can who may possibly
spoil ycur political prospects. This
Isn't good citizenship, by a dara sight;
it's not good anything. And if ycu do
It, the American Teople aro going to
find it out sooner or later, and sit oa
you; flatten you out like the flap
jacks ycu had for breakfast, my son,
no matter who you are, my boy: Peon
Bah of the Philanapoopdoodle District
of Sankapook, or anything else; .ora
tor, author, historian, Hunter-of-Lions,
Judge, chauffeur, governor, petty-juryman,
foreman of .'.the grand, hotel
clerk, bishop, .or potato-masher it
you make up your mind to lie and do
so, tetray your old friends, -go 'back
on your promises, platitudlnize for the
sake of votes, and disregard ; every
personal, tiey "' won't: air them, my l ethleal -standard In your self-seeking,
boy; they wont do it Of-course, lad
die, it is the right of every citizen to
criticise any officeholder from the
president down; and the privilege and
duty, perhaps, of every man to identi
fy himself with a political party. Such
criticism helps every one and purifies
things; it' ensures. better administra
tion of governmental affairs. v Yet, my
bey, this doesn't, mean V because the
Democrats are in authority that you
should" jdappTpye of th ir, policies on
all in order to get what you're after.
you'll cot. get. what you're after, but
the American People will , get after
you, and,. .what is more, squelch you.
And what the American People squelch
stays squelched, you bet your life, my
boy! V. V, :.;''
t ir riwrrnv
1 U - UUlillllll
wi i ii tiuu 4.m.a v
, vj varied of interest that there will always '
thing doing
' mm. cncin:;a-rr:::cnAcV
ATi-k 4 V w-kj-vl i rn niinivnrn flf T"5ir lino 1aAT !!.
I - v v i hit I7in r iiiii iiat aaiiu aic40 irvvu iu
rying on an amazihg series of bunco gameSt and
under the very eye of Jailer Asch. It is stated
thit K'im'a Rmnrtrirs entire! f deceived the iailer.
The -point, of t bttle-excursion into rather
i , '-,.' -v
. A general meeting of 'the'm'embera
of the Oahy. Country Club was. held
f last night," at which; several tihanges;
Platinum Vatch Chains
.. Tke i:r w two-pocket amiB?fnient
' . to'wcar wken la evening
Direct from lhr forefront of Gentle
men's Correct Fash ions comes th is neicctt
- and neatest methyl of solving the watch
problem tchen tccarcr ' is in evening i7rr:
ilieautifiil pieccsj) art and workman
iship, these fine chains are almost incon
spicuous tehen tcorn across a tchitc rest
yet they affonl perfect protection for the
" natch and arc consisteu t tcith Society's
dictum about Jcicclry. ; .
There are'mavy designs.' j
r ?1
.T.: J .;n's progress toward ; tiicre jwpular and recent jtory is 'that a feliow-prisoner "of Kim's
ratio guvernnKiit,; referred .to in the local 'TOOnths ago made cV-inpiaint of the Jvprean's ac
, is due notsomuch to politicalas to M;tions; rfiarged 'that . Ascli'. wasshowing'.lhe man
1 (lianas. ,; ; . : . . - .h
:e i years ago tiiciiioois ana tne press and Asch at that time was toiu or-mese xnings,
f .();.! . long-established tradition, and the7uttWly' ignored lecause they. were made by a re-
! -r danger oT oppiJin ;fxisting institu-riCased Offender; vThe Star-Bulletin did not re
. . ; : i ' , i- - ceive; the complaints, in wnfidende;
t Japan, in ' Jhe cpvr?, Qtjwr remarkable porting the -facts to the police and' even more
for world-power,' brought in pregnant ideas funv to the jailer himself,; felt that it Would be
v : un, of individual. progressVof. the riglit i)Ctter to allow Asch to take any action he might
a to froe speech' and a free press!,, The Jap- fit. without publicity or criticism,: particu-
government; casting'-about for. text-books iaHy on his earnest, representation that . the
tl.e jsch (vols', adopted and translate the great cuarges were false and due to personal spite.
;.of English and American history. The ; , ,Tne (ifscoveries of the police now suggest very
ration of Japanese now coming into: power st"pongly that the jailer was altogether too ten
. 1 in its youth'the greafprinciplcif of Mag- jor-hearted and confiding. -:
arta and the Declaration of IpdependencG.j- ; .... , J" . ;' ' .:: t '
f t niggle of the ArueVicat-CQlonies for free- Acting President Gebr; Guild'-of ;the ;Mer
: . from unjust; ru'W thV'growing .recognhion ;bliantg Association is setting a good example to
man us against the institution, the right other organizations in preparing for -the 1914
very responMOie peopie to gureriimcut uj Floral parade. He has already namea a special
, 1 representatives--these fundamentals in- .j t- look after the association's entry,
Thevr were; the seed sowed r , -z ; Charles S.
; !. - spring-time of a.' nation's progress J 5neCrane and Charles it Frazierhas plenty of
now coming' to harvest: ; ; ; ' time to hiake the display M te merchants a
The, democratic utterances , now so R,Smfl;' notable bne! ; ; : ; ; :
My voiced in Nippon are Dut tne .results, oi
.cation U-gun many years; ago.
KvVr( thn Reretania Dlarground means sav
in money for the community. If this breathing-space
is lost, some time in the future; the city
blocks at a high
. '- - - , - Will UU)C VAJ vuuuviuu . .7' : .
.dian justice in the case of Harry Ken- cost to secure a playground for a very crowded
.uaw seems 10 iKguni ii 0.v, gection oi uonoiuiu. . .
iftlv, in fact, as to astonish niany persons fa-j , ' ' ' C ; :
:iiar with the long technical delays possible In. jossibly Churi Duck Soon would not have
United Btates , :V' ; r; : V - broken jail if he had known how easily his fel
Therc is not so much difference in the laws of lo.Kopean W. S. Kim, was, doing high finance
?. two countries as might le imagined from the a , f ." V - ; M
rious moves in the Thaw case. This case pre-a ?. , l a ' v:. ;
nts to the. Canadian immigration Juth?rir ; Why not try to persuade Canada that she will
: peculiar feature which has not been noted d Thav hajldnckt winter? . We do not
IJelynd of which no mention has benade hira back, anyhow. , , V
-lly Thaw cannot appeal from the order of - .. ' - '
(; rtation itself, providing that order is regu- If they don,t let Jerome alone, we miglit;try
1 r- ' - : V i enme more of those 24-hour ultimatums.
Most aliens arrested in Canada for deporta-. some more f
. . iqve the riht of appeal to the immigration T . ,
- ' nnMi,r n " Wnshinffton. ed out. all boost together! ' : . , ;
Thaw, however, has not the right, because he has
nw snmnift of a'hosDital for the insane, and
Canadian law docs not allow r an appeal fronr-ivc at least
;:ch persons. The immigration inspectors, upuii . :, . . :
ccrtaining that he has been an inmate ofMat nilo is going to play a big part in the civic
a wan, have the authority to .onler h is inimc- convention. , , i- :r ):.:'-:
!ate depcrtation.''U;' ' '.I : -''
Thaw's lawyers have evidently f ojind a ay The Wilson ptn is mightier than the Roose-
to delay this order. " They secured ;the.Jnan.-Tol Big gticlc. f ' ;
'n new writof habeas corpus requiring ThawV t ; ; - ' " ; V !
iLKiuction in juomreui, vn "'f'1 '""x'v i laying penny-ante
Mayor Fern's midnight police court is effect-
.t the immigration board.ot inquiry- did .not Canada. : ar .,
dliAn in tlf rnsn. T . - a 1 . v "-I - a - .
is a serious offense i in
In the constitution ancLby-!aws,',fra:
ago, were voted on. :aa" V . .
If was determined -to 'raise the ii
tiation Jee tronct2& o. $S0, and; this
points, brought up a i; warm discussion
whicU' lasted for-more than an hour:
The original $lan" of the! directors was
to , raise" the IniUation fe to $100,
and a circular, letter written to the
members, in thedirectors' name, put
forth this . suggestion,, and asked for
proxies. -'..More than 300 proxies were
secured oil this representation, but
last nighty the .25 : members present
oJLedout,tUft.proxjes, on the ground
that some members of Use Soard h
changed their opinion a'as to '.the
amount. Therefore the proposed fee
was . cut in half. a -'i V:-
It. was ' decided at' ihemeeUng- to
issue ' merely membership certificates.
instead of shares of t stock, to newj
memhers, and to .askt members hold-'i
ine one share of. stock,", received bo
the payment of. - IniUation. fee, tc turn
it back, to the club r J cancellation.
The club was '.erapoweifd.' at. soine. fu
ture time to buy baciristoclf "certifi
cates at face value from members
who Had bought, several hares orig
inally, to help finance the undertak
ing. The stock certificate system has
already caused complications,' owing
to the fact that the stock of deceased
members becomes a part of their es
tate, and may fall Into the hands' of
non-members. The Oahn Country Club
is a purelyi social organization, self
supporting and permanent, and there
is now" no reason : why . members
should have an equity In the property.
It is believed that nearly all the
shareholders will be glad to. turn back
their stock, a, ' '
A. number of minor changes In tha
by-la were also passed.
" ';'T.a-B- ":--r-V?t--'-,TV
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Trenderof Car
son City, Nevada, have written friends
that they will spend the winter In
Honolulu.'' ; : f -
; '. Mrs. Emil A. Berndt left on the So
noma last evening for an. extended
visit ley her mother, Mrs. ."R. Pfell,
and her grandfather, CapU' K.; van
Oterendorp.i Captain van Oterendorp,
formerly f the Oceanic S. S. Co., is
row- living, in! Alameda; 'He recently
celebrated 'his ! 82d birthday.-' a - , a
:-v i-i4:,'a-vv!a??
Mr. and j Mrs tJharles Templeton
Crocker have been enjoying an auto
mobile trip throqgh ' Switzerland and
ppent several days in St Morits with
Mr. Crocker's relatives Mra and Mrs.
Charles B. Alexander and the Misses
Harriett, Janetta' anu Mary Alexan
der of New York.
x TIia Prorkpra- will be home about
-k Meeting for Its annual organization
and election of officers, the Promotion
Ccntmlttee 'yesterday afternoon reap
pointed Fred LaWaldron as chairman
of , the body to hold office during the
coming 'fiscal year. In naming Wal-'
dron a3 chairman, the committee con
ferred a rather trausuar honor upon
hlm for, as he is soonto leave tha 1
terrftcry; on aslx months tour of the
world, he Is now In a positfon to, rep
resent lilmself as the head promotion-'
iBt- ot : the Honolulu Promotion Com?
mitteea AValdron has interested him-;
s6lf In promotion affairs for many
years, and M9 slogan,'! "Promotion
Pays," signifies keen action along this '
Me. - ..; .' a f ;':a . :
'he-:ai)Dointment8 of other officers'
resulted in Ed Tpwse being ' nanled j
vice-chairman and . he will t take al
cron's place during his absence-from j
tee Islands. Tpwse Is another active J
prcmotlonist, and has formed many i
plans which- will lead to a greater pro
motion development during the next
six months, in which period It Is ev
ident." that tourist travel to Hawaii
Will materially increase. The office of
8e3retary and treasurer of the com
mittee fell to IL' P. Wood,, who has
held that position ' for the past 1 ten
years. Through Wood's efforts, Ha
waii's publicity, has been built up' un
til now the Islands are advertised in
practically '.every part of the world,.
His latest effort along'this' line Is, a
postal .card "campaign, which has pen
etrated nearly every citya' of import?
ance-ln the United States. George
U. Guild, who was recently appointed
a member of the committee to repre
sent' the Merchants' Association, was
elected auditor, v 1 . :, a .
"A special meeting of the committee,
held yesterday morning, resulted In
the election of Fred a Smith as the
fifth member thus making the organ
ization complete. The - representa
tion of the committee now is as fol
lows: a. a, . :. , . . .; ; ( a
'Chamber of Commerce Fred 'i.
Waldron, , Albert; Waterhottse; Mer
chantsr Association Ed Towse, Geo."
G. Guild; additional member Fred.
C. Smithy ; :.' .-- a
October la" iMr; and Mrs;. William G
Irwin, plan to go; to fNew Ybrk some
time next" month to he there-when
they arrive. The Irwins have "pur
chased The Crossways, the home oi
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carolan at Bur
lingame, but they do not plan to oc
cupy it until next summer, or later.
Examiner. --
, Afnoner the v returhlnr kamaainas
from the mainland at the . beginning
of the week was.TvIIss Power, Hono
lulu's most fashionable milliner. MI33
Power brought with her the .newest
creations in the millinery art. Among
the modish things are a number ot
the famous Henri Bendel hats which
are so popular In the Eastern fashion
centers. . Miss Power Invites an in
spection of the new designs at her
parlors in the Boston Building, Fort
Street, second noor. aaverusemenc
Vineyard Street ............... a. .--S bedrooms .......
Aloha : Lane ....2 bedrooms .......
Paiolo Hill, Kaimuki .... ........... .3 bedrooms .... .
Wilder Avenue . ...'...........3 bedrooms
.. 35.00
College Hills .........".'.i... House and lot .............. .'...$7350.00
Wilder Ave. & Kewafo St.... House and lot ....................- 7500.00
Anapuni Street . . ... ... . .. House and lot ... . ..... ........ . . . J 00.00
Piikoi Street ............ i... House and lot, Including furniture... 6500.00
VAiinn etn . Houis and lot ....1. 4000.00
Young Street ................House and lot
Dkr fi(rf rnlln Hill: . Lfit 2500.00
Culiek Avftnue . . . . House and lot .............. ...... . 3500.00
' (ch with which these legal steps are ' Tokio is excited again.
' " second Floor Bank of Hawaii Building - ,
THERE'S a. sense ot
security that comes froiri
. placing your S t o p k .'.
v Orders cither Buy ing Jor '
Selling with the ; r r
;:;:;bausc;)pur .have;;.
I v had confidence Tri that tirin g'
v-and: their? confidence . ha?. -
i" "never been mis
i. h
jewelers and
. -
; ',a ; ' .''
- - ;
Henry Waterhouse Trust (UM
state -Sale
Eewis Tract
1 '
..1 K ite-subdivided and Improved with curbed and graded streets
a' piped .for water and gas. :'.,'V;a '':';.V'a-! . ''
li ; a You can obtain a lot in this desirable section for $973.00,
: ; ' or one a little larger. for $1200.00. -a :
. a This tract ha3 everything to recommend it to homeseekers
r - 'and every effort -"will be. made by,. owner and agents to.
maintain the present high standard ot the.Punahou Di3- -
";tnct.a ;a : . . -"; ' t
Thirty-four lots in all four sold, several, under option,. a
-i- :' .: ' .:,:., a -r - r.-. a
. ,- Get one while you can. "' ; a ' ' " ' ' '
Henry Watons:Trasto;
oNiii pcht and yERCHANT rriicrrt
- 5.
. t..
- a

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