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A torv of the Desert plavc V in Algeria by Jlic Waving Talms, the Quaint
the Dreary Siihara Camels in Cam-
van troop across the burning jnd - Magnificent Horses race tireless in
the Search, the Plot, the Atmosphere, the Thrilling Escape :all ccuibine,to
Bedouius of the Desert Tlie Pursuit,
Houses and Gprgwas 31 osne the Glittering : Splendor of tht Tropics and Mysterious Fascinations of
Pursuit Two Algerian IJeautiefC:oe the Iletrothed uiffrof an Englishman, hav leen carried off by" the
make this one Jong Film long to b'e'recnibi red by all who see itXewraan savW: SEE IT AND API'K
i. ?
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hotel, testifies to mis. Dr. Mace.. 20 1
, ciucKiou .iirec was caiiea m once.
I Ha aUtcs that he did.npt treat her.
but was called In to nprsimHtk th
I ship's doctor, to . take her on" board.
I tfe reported the case to the board ol
tTTTT rv ; A M n T Tnn - n rrn inn 77mT a nnnn OATTTirn oitinATTr'UnT.TT. UfADlVn April 3d, under -the. nam of
ioiiu hin nr.it : v m i rmrc u Arrr,K uuuni 1 nivuuunuu mvv wivLiLf.-Nataiie euis.
1 V 7 : ' , ,
1 f ft X X' X I II II
. j J Jill
Mr. EiUs purchased ja round-trip
ticket to Sydney, Australia, from the
Union S. Co to sail. April J. This
du wuteiicu.- ub 1 new uuusui s
cne-wajr, through trip ticket to Hon?
kong from the Pacific Mail S; S. Co.
and sailed April 9th on the WUhet
mina. Between Honolulu , and "Joko-
t V 11 . & a 1 a
1 uiuua ue saueu on tne Bianco una, 01
rthe Pacific Mall sSrliae:TT.li is all
that is known to date, Aug. 6, 1913.
-11 " r
(Cor.Unuc.1 from fa&e ccc)
r.t tc wculi iv.p.ke l-qulrles regard-;
t l"!ncE3 ci.ar.ee in dirierenti
'-tries. E'.r.ce the grard Jury has,
:rl r. warrart fcr Lis arrest and he
a fugitive frcn juEtice (see o"atlinel
c c), arJ.' especially eIccs he left!
r No. 1: Little Oi;a dills at age of 23
months. ' No. 3: Olaa, aaed' 4 years.
v'.re dcjuiute. to mat see ua-.t No. 4: John EMIs, the mlssina hus-
: to crrcr a rewara or employ a bandt fop whom a-worjd-wlds search
ctivc, tut Kust derend upon the bcina made,, ' -f . .
- rr.tthcl cf finding Etranjfer- , : '
r. '3 wllllrs'to I;clp,--Me owe him 01ga ..I would especiaUy toget
c : L t cf klr.-T.ess. end are morally roEB wnnM t.,
veil 3 lc-ally free .to help this unless badj'y frightened, to talk, for
r r::
- . . , isne is. naiurawy very inenajy, .ana
as erjeue )m uu vu vua , mIgttf poesiblr, have known some-Irclr-cd
i rrrcr-cr list to;examine the. tMng tQ tell If M,sg Pjin4 i3 not EQW
; :::3 circular and sendee any clue ,n Honolullu perhaps s)me .of ter
V. :y r.r.y fosscss, t ,; friends could give her address.. Or
' Z. If roffltle rer.d to cc the aa-riiri h nprh. mntinn tho
s c tr-y of the listed rassengers 0rlent? SInce she ,3 klnd t0Chlldr5n
! 3;--2y r.sve returr.1 .to this coun- ghe wouM gurely tfl lad to 'Deip . re
t:r cr cor.ur.rea on toe 3 K turn"-Olga to her mother.
v.iri iCKcr.?..a ana jiouj;""5'
telling her where he went, he left for "clergyman on' the train, -"RevV Wm. P;
several mop.ths. . On his -return he. Ladd - of Mlddletcwn, and .masked, him
. tuid he had been to France and Rus-, to take note ol, her speech and ac:
sla. : r ' ' lions and Uo communicate with, her
V When .Olga, who was born in Sep- ; brother The result of this, was -that
' tn:ber. l$Q7, was three months old, Gov. F6s3 ordered , the Insane com
" Mr. Eills jcame home and gave Mrs. mission tar examine. Mrs. Ellis as to
" Eills '$540, telling her to jro shopping.- iersanty- la -;47, days she .was set
I This she did;., on' her return -both.-1JratUbemthetdct:beJBg4hai-'.8he
( Eills and the baby were gone. He : vus.net Insane and. that there was nc
left' a note saying. that he? cculd give evidence that-ste ever had. been, ' '
the child better cre .than; its mother .On her' releae", Mrs. Eills sued, 'for
could. He kept the child f or 9 days thej;ustody of the child, Olga Natalie,
jrnd-then returned her. pince ; then end won in bothiprobate and superior
I he ha soveral times taken Olea and courts. She was able 'to Drove that
hidden- hsr as a'-means cf forcing -Mr. Enisad ued a as a means
Mra.v Eills to forgive him after his of coercion, and! that, he had boasted
desertions" and abuse. 1 ; j thst a woman..' deprived of her child,
During most - of her: married life could be f?rced Jo agree to any propo
Mrs.' Eills earned her own and Olga's sitlon. - ; ; J . r - " ;
living, sometimes working as steno-; April 3d,' 1912Mrs." Eills .was grant-
grapherand manager in . business of-- ed - the custody i of Olga, V .Mr, Eills
During the 8 years of their , married t tl' month for Olga's support, and was
life they lived In 30 different places,.tpermltted to vlsit-.her and. tor tak6
about half. of the time Intermittently her on local excursions, , but was ex-
together. Mr. Eills had several "in-JpressJy forbidden to take her from
tellectua : aftlnitles" . who, so. he ( cut the bcundaries cf the .slate, of
thoughffor'a time In each case, .un?; Massachusetts, 6r in any 'way to pre
derstood him better than his wife dll.JJudtte; her agalhst her mother. Proof
Between these '"cases"' he ' would ;cf the above Statements can be found
come home and, Instruct Mrt. Ellis as in the records ;of the probate' court,
to the proper method of bringing up; Springfield,.: Mass., Judge C. u Lor
Mr. Eills
-Following Is the heart rending cry
for news of her lost child.- issued to
"the mothers of the world,", hy Mrs.
Kills: . . r v,'";
'Aiorners! win you neipr 4: ;
Fathers! ' Won't you help? ;
Big sisters, big brothers, uncles,
t jcts, any one and every one who
loves little children won't you help
me to find my little Tgirl. who was
kidnaped from mo by her father, Feb.
22, after the. superior court of Mas
sachueetts - had awarded ; her-- to me ?
Beth father -and child have - disap
peared and I have been unable to find
even a1 trace of my little daughter
Will you be on the watch for a lit
tle flaxen-haired, blue-eyeli child. 5
years old, with a dimple in each
cheek? . ' ' . -.. " -
Will you cut out her picture and
mall It to friends at distant points ?
Her fattier may have taken her to
j-ingland or even to Australia,
i . Wilt the newspapers all over the
country listen to a mother's enr and
Republish the facts to aid the, poljce
in apprehending my husband ana re
storing. Olga to me? . ;,,- '. , "
XHer father's "name is John : Eills" 43
years old, . 5 feet, 9 ; inches ' talT,' light
brown hair and smooth shaven, ' al
though it is possible be may - have
grown a beard or, mustache by - this
time. -; -; ; . . : ;.: .-. , .
.Won't you who are reading this
page be a link in"1 an endless "chain
to hunt for my little girl and send
copies of this letter all 'over the.
world?, v ;"...'--v ''.. -.!V'; .-
Clergymen, , , teachers, ' women's
Crabs, .mothersV etubs, won't you cut
this out and nsi. the news editor of
your paper to publish It, not once, but
frequently? . : , : '
. If,you or your friends are, contem-
'To the ancient Persians, Mazda, the deity of
t Light, Wpresented light in its highest and truest'
V form. Mazda is therefore, a highly appropriate
name to lie applied to the highest and best forav
of, ligjit' know. totlayrrto. the highest derelop-
inent of the Tungsten lamp. The AVestinghouse
Mazda Lanip gives twice the light of the old-style
:;.:Jncndtsceiit:.lamp fat; les .cosrt. Ifazdn and
Wcstinghousc are two names that it will pay you
to remember when buying lamps. v We want you
; to use them, because we want you to get your
money's worth. .-
;Hai7aiiaxx 3Icctrio CoM ZtJ
plating a trip, won't you take a copy have been ordered to proceed cn .the
of this letter and spread the news Lcgan, sailing thl3 aftrrcccn, to Port
still farther? It would bo especially McDowell. California, rrpcrtin i ron
helpful io Jiave. foreign papers publish arrival to the ccniasdlr.s cfT.ccr for
these facts. . ' ! ;.'; discharge:
-. Those especially-interested can ob- v Private Huhrrt Tischlcr, Co. H, Trl-
tain circulars or postciJ'da containing Tate George PicirJ, Co. C. Mi.-! :!an
photographs by addressing me at lOO Abraham Krir : -in, Ci. '.V. Pxiv-ta
Kcvere street. Revere, Mas3. - .-;;,' fYaak a War.ry. Co. U L r - '. V.'ll-
".' A Heart-Broken Mother.
Ham Dahlke. Co.
Fqrti Shatter Ik lev:
'and 1st CI. Pvt. Crovcr C.
j, Engrs. : .
:r.3, CO.
Special Star-Bulletin, CprrrspondenceJ
-FORT SHAFTE- :ep;eml)er 6.'
vThe game of ts:efjall this afiernooa
oetwe; i -Ccr:pan;c3.: C?2i C, T:i
ond Jnfantry for regimental .honors,
shculd be. a gocxlicne with. pl;nty .of
excitement Company C will have the
strong right arm oti "Resin" Ielley
to depend on, while the hard -hittftig
team from the second battalion- will
pin their faith" tp the wins of -Doc,r
White.. ' . '" , . . . . -
The teams in the5 series are well
bunched,, and interest keen
'Captain Paul B. Malona wJTl have
charge of the game, which" starts, at
2 o'clock sharp. " -
The following hamcd enlisted men.
LIsutenant rhl'.!p
who has been a r
end "foct fcr trn : :
ir.g r.i the "lx---"
fare -.veil -ccnc:rt
trcr.t last ev-f
: T-r Wcc: :
1 1 :: it:-.; .
ata EwIiCt!3 v.
VZi t '
1 IV-
1 a
r re-
1 ether ar;rr;ri-..i:rc.L-
Lleutcnar.t H. :i r.t tha4th Cavalry,
a member cf tl.3 rcl.i team cf that
regiment h be!.-.;: fr.t to ths Ctatra
cn the ,"Lcran," ct
:t c!
Sec. McAdoo ar.r;TJSce3 h!3 reai
Ines-3 to deposit U. S. MilllcrJ to h?lp
move, the crcps in South ani West.
Geo. A. Martin. Walty DL'g.'will
make you, a. pcrfect-fittlrg suit for
twenty-five that can not bo equalled
in this city. ; v',
Mr. IClills worked at ' vralous J call'
ings:. as. Unlversallst , and Unitarian
presiding; ; recefds of j the 'superior
court, IDpstcnr-; Maps.. Judge Hardy
presiding; .Welsh & Welsh, attorneys.
t . . a. 1 i a. i . i wi a a . r --r' a. -
Af nriw hiio- tia icurat rihf tn mM ! cioreyniai!, ieiesrpnerr stociproiier t ucnourc, Mass.: Mrs. jriousion ana
"4. Oa tr.fi voyage a laay. nia ..uy , be lg not m to have her, JSre
te rtewtrd to to l.vsa lolet .Rfn ast page of outline. I anj eendiiig you
very hind and, attentive to 'little
.0H! OH!"-
rj TriF'-IT,'' t?!c fafnloss ' tt.
lUa trn fr:rr. Fee lour Corns.
Yfit!i:i lo llnrry.: -..-,.--'
the 'Evidence, which 'collected per
sonally and at greaf labor, from legal
documents and newspaper files, - be
cause I suppose you will eel as did,
that you sant to be morally as well
as JegaTly. in the right-before taking
active steps to help tne, motner. - My
(bucket-shop variety), private sccre-j Bover, 'Northampton .insane asylum,
tary. teacher of French, postmaster, j Northampton, Mass. ; files of the Bos
lecturer., . -, - .. , . J ton and Springfield papers for Feb
. Sept. -1911, he . accompanied by ruary, March, April, 1912, v v
Mrs. Eills and Olga, went to Chico-1 After thetriaj Mr. Eills had to give
pee, a small town in Massachusetts, ( P his church and. he went Into the
to .-take ' charge of the Unitarian . stockbroklng business.'- A-euccessful
church. 'While - there he received deal shortly, before the kidnaping sup
much svmnathv from a. nortlon of hLi plied him with funds. r He had also
War tried almost;- everything- for ice In getting firtt-hand Information
c crVs " i - v ' , ' - ' ; - -.'. r - " Mr.i Uldrlck
Cotn-sufrerers. cornless Joy Is at business agent
-cousin,. Dr. Burn Bridgman Jamaica J cencregat ion on. the ground that' nls disposed cf the personal effects of
uosion, uas oeen.oi serv- j wife would - not assist, him In his niB wne ana or, ineir nouscnoia gooos
g firtt-hand information. J churchvwork --In: private, however, j while she wasfin the asylum. After
Thompson, registrar and j j,e forbade' his wife to do parish work, j the trial, Mr. Eills fried to "make
nt of the Kamehameha I -ri cn.Q ordered her borne from a up" with -Irs.? Eills. He sent word
j t Ttif(? T7M in Ka An? oq! rOT1 ChnAla TlATinirtTii L-r a ' a ma nrf 1 1
cr y aay-crn ever bad. Put ''GETS-"testify as-to my personal disinterest
IT" cn in 2 seconds, and away they go; edness in this matter.) :; V,v ;
& i
.-i V'jV,
chrrch Social. "He preached a sensa- hah he was sorry , he had put her in
tlnnal - sermon defending the Rev. the-asylum, and- that "the doctors
Clarence Richeson for Doisonlnr . his i should have Known better!" She re-
: nen:uiga is nappy sne is : very
gay and looks more like tne picture at
, the k ft of the group of three ( which f conrregalton, he defended his stand i out and - to prepare her for the kid
I must ask you to return) than she n stj stronger terms.' His wife pro- .naplng. He told her that her mother
j does like the one on the circular. . The tested, crying out:; "Then I may. also did net love her any more; that Santa
j "In MrsEllis' name I thank you for
;whatever help you may be able to
elve her.J- ' -"."-" - - "".
island. Residents Interested. .
- Other well known residents of the
'islands twhor were passengers on" the
j 'ilhelmina on the voyage referred
, to, and who may be able to find some
tnread of memory tha will help to
... ... . f.. intce - tMiia, i -air. uiu. mis.
This eicr rP"H Baldwin, Harold K. Castle. Mrs. Su-
r ' . bUM , aannn Armour, Mr. H. Gaylord, W. IX
shrivel; vanish. No more cotton-rings McBr-de. Mrs. A. : P. Taylor., Arthur
to make the corn sharper and more Rice,' Mrs. Charles Adams.
buW no more bandages to stop clrcu- The Star-Bulletin adds itself to the
latioa and stick to the stocking, no chain of workers, and If any of the
- more salves to turn the flesh raw and above mentioned persons have any
make the corn "pull." no more knives recollections of Etlls and little Olga
or razors with danger of" bleeding and tnat might lead, to his apprehension,
blood-poisoning.- '- - t .. and - will communicate with this pa-"GETS-IT"
is painless, - stops pain, per, the information will be forwarded
and is absolutely harmless to healthy the proper parties. : .
Warts and bunions disappear, outline of the Case.
newspaper cut oi wr. ims .snows a j expect a 'dose of prussic acid!", Mr,
mood with which his family la i More Enis -produced this incident as evl
famlUar than, the public is likely to 1 dence Gf insanity in his .wife. . - ,-
nir. .cilia uuw uvjtau u vjsivuiaiic
course to-drive his wife insane. He
Claus did not j like to have her live
with her mother; that he was. very :
lonely uffd would liever marry anyone
but mama! That shei Olga, must be
his little housekeeper; using both the!
left on her dressing table 'notes de-1 big and the ; little, dishes! and gave
scribing symptoms of insanity, and fol-.fcer the new thimble o use when she
lowing these irotes. by others, saying, darned bis soks! -'He taught; her to,
I see these symptoms in you!" "You call1 herself "ataUe Ellis"- (long JJ
flid thus and thus; sail so and so." when - withhl?i, though in Massachu
Early. Jn--Feb., 1912, he again took . setts the Tiame has' alwaya been pro
Olga away from her mother. I counced "Elhf' (short e), and that
' Feb. 10,-1912, Mrs. Eills, without when she waj mama's girt she was
trial, was railroaded Into the North- j "Olga . Ells." She would come home
ampton insane hospital by her hus-greatly excited, telling all these new
band, aided by two personal friends things, but adding, "I'm never," never
of his, Dr Prlndle of Chicopee. and roing to leaife ' you ; again, - Mama!"
Mrs. Dr. podfisb.' a mid-wife of Bos-1 Eut shewortjed long 'time about
ton. on tne sworn statement or these
doctors that..Mrs. EIlls was too vio1
lent to bring before him, the judge
signed her commitment" papers. (Mrs.
Eiils is now bringing suit against
these people on a conspiracy charge.
This suit will comje to trial October
next) .
: Inspector Alfred T. Caron and pa
trolman Frank I Wight of the Chlco-
nrTotT Mroi immrdiate rellpf. v? 1901. Cleveland. ; Ohio. ; John Eills
"GETS-IT" is sold at druggists at was divorced by hi sfirst wife on the j pee police were summoned to take
to cents a bottle, or sent on receipt of grounds of cruelty, desertion and non- Mrs. Ellis to the asylum on the ground
price to E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago. support. : - . . j that she was too violent and danger-
- - n . C 1 . k 4 A A A x T JL. . V f - J J . J , . . . . .
Sold In Honolulu Dy teuuu, owu : prn. xvv, 9x feuuaiu, ue uiameuious 10 ue uiKen ay ner niSDana, iney
Co XJd- cornerTort and Hotel streets. Miss Harriet Cox, a young girl many
and. Hollister -urcg v. j : v :i
meet :' : r - ' .. ' - May, 1906, without explanation ; or
lermitted Mrs. EiUs to telephone to
her brother, Mr. Christopher Cox of
Santa' Claua jppinfon U Mrs. Ellis and
ner sisr.er ; are. -auinonry ior. H inese
Feb. -22nd. 191J, John Eills kidnaped
Olga, Natalie.? ".'.-.-' ' V-.'-
During March an d the first week . of
April Mr. Eirfe and Natalie ( as he', is
r.ow calling her) stayed at the Hotel
Arno, Sixth and v Mission Sts San
Francisco; Eflls. registered as "D. De
lisle," Olga jiot registered . but the
hot el pec pie kdmlt" that she was there
and had the- measles. ; During this
time he kept her locked in. his room
and left her much alone, without doc
tor, nurse, or attendance of any kind,
Revere, Mass. She also spoke to a Mrs, Palmsr, then housekeeper at the
Tho Style Center-. '
Fort and Ilcrchant. Sts.
More Palm Beach
; - . Suits '
We have just received a shipment of
these popular garments this time
some of them In Norfolk Jacket ef
fects very . swagger and very com
fortable. The most satisfactory salt
for the price, 112.50, we have ever
offered. They wash beautifully with
but a bare suspicion of shrinkage.

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