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L. rook TaL ladles children's nn-
derwear and dmisuUBf to order.
reasonable. 1113 Nmxinu nr. HoUL
Auto, . Motorcycle and bicycle Tires
Yulcaxlzed. Talaho Vulcanizing Co,
ISO Merchant nr. Alskea Street
Telephone 2197. 8." EalkL Manager..
ICll-tf. r . 1
i ' '''w
'. .'o Lcrr. Cm class lauadry; w
rrirtrue til "work; call and de-
Utct. Enna. tr. DereUria BV
C5?5-Iy. i
":ri rrirtnteed reasonable. Calli The passenger list of the Thomas.
tz 1 tiV.nr. Ce YTo, VJrtr sr. CnkuL as made up so far by Lieutenant-Col-f.S77-ly
-. - one jonn .T. Knight, superintendent
i of the army transport service, is as
WATCHMAKER. -follows:
: V:;?, wttcL-iker; Jiwelrx re- I . ILlilS?l. V SfT
r r-i-r r r- PafXal
."I.rcrl t-2.rtteea tatlr!actory or
z.zzzj lici. Lcn To. Clzg cp. depot!
r7-T '
v.Accri j.irAinin
-czTTlir rcitlrtrs; tcrss.
l ::;:-:'.:;;; &. uasa.,ArtiiiCrT: Ballard Lverlv. Fourth
ma !
.aw, i.Ui.iAUw. ,
rr.,.. p.',,
J. It, .. art '
. ...... . . i..--- aw
"j; c. nCTUr.I FRAMING."
i j
v. Cr.-fis Clrrrs. Ltl. Ar-
crt.:'.l3 jlrturs
-:j la cr:r; rrcr.pt r
: rcrt Ci: TcL 11Z1 .
-"p,.v- v-rri - . Tie purfc-3 cf tLIs regulation is to
v ' 1 IZ r.ocn c I'czizj Cctea- lo P'ace e ammunition as far as pos--V"
' 1 "l-""for the "rese'ttin-' 0f l!i'e t::ir the control of . the com
- r i' crnstruction cf cenent Ea"-ers cf organizations who direct
t ' ' t.is tt te Library cf lts U8e' That dispenses with a detail
j!a,T. IV 'v 1 : -Of staff ordnance oacers wit organ-''-:,::r.3z2
'blank forms' for Nations in the field. . .
1 . 3 cn file in the effice of In 'me of peace sufflcient ammuni-.-'.'zizrX
cf Putlic Works tlon will be kept by organization com
"l 'liiz."- 'imanders to fill the belts of the men.
rlr.tcr.dent cf Publio Works ht will consist of ninety rounds per
3 La ribt to reject any or all rfl& for all arms with the exception
" - j of that of the infantry, which will
j. v CALDVELL, . hundred rounds. There will
'C-jrerlrtcrf :r.t cf Put lie Works, be twenty rounds per revolver, and
II:r.tlj!u, C:r'l r 6, 1213. 1 9,200 rounds per machine gun platoon.
tCwllt. - I The reserve ammunition will con-
, eist first of the above, which will go
Cir.TiriSATZ CF AUTHORITY, jto the field with the troops. The
s j second class, to be stored at the post
". '3 !? t3 ccrtl.'y thtt Vt9 raclflc.ia far time, will consist of 120 rounds
, U-.:t:l, a tir.l'.3 ccrpcratlcn per rifle for Infantry, with the excep-
cr--r'r:i tzl cilrtlr? crder tie tlon of machine gun platoons. . The
r! tl? Terrl rry cf IUtrI, tts cavalry will be allowed sixty rounds
: ' x lih C lis troviclcri re-. for each rifle. The automatic rifle
I Is c:r--":i Ith teforej Platoons are to be allowed 2,980,
tr.3 t "Ilr3 tv.rrera,; rounds, and there will be twenty-one
z t::;rzV tj Luthorlzed toreunas per pistol and 11,300 rounds
: ; t . t'j'lzecs. s ' jper machine gun platoon.: It is pro-
: izi,T "7 and the seal. posed to issue that amount of reserve
trc-rury d;;:rtr:crt. tlis Krst, ammunition to the troops.
m J..
D. XS1S.
:t. Territory cf IXawsIL
t::i-c:t. ..
criA-ncri r:oTiCES.
I.ctlce Is hereby given that a m.
rectory -of subscribers fit the Mu-
I rX7r,Z -Hi -hnrtiT
:ne Company will shortly.
. c :?
.tv a, '.w
All E.
c- a-rei and l ill totSSS
rirttcn ncUce T or calf In pet:"
at the office cf the companon '
s Lane, on or before Tuesday.!
:-ber SOthr, 1913., at er which
are earnestly requesiea
rcsSUvely to changes will be
:? for the new Directory.
Ey. F. G. HUMMEL, Manager.
Ilruclulu, ' T. IU. September 6th,
in:.- . .,', ' I ;. .
5643-2U : ' :. '
p. ). CURNZTTE. v
" - '-:!:r.r ef Dseda for California
t-J f.'jvv York; NOTARY PUCLIC;
Crz-.'.i I'xrriais Llcanses, Draws
;'-rt t. Cstf ' Cits ef ? Rale,
I ---. W'l'.lt, ct. Attorney for the
' lri:t Cc-rtv 73 MERCHANT ST.
;..:;OLULU. r .-.:.-. 1CiS.- :
Cl!i cd Hotel Ets. TeL 4JSS.
r.::;rc-r . Eureau, . Collectloiia, ., At
tActrients, suits sxi claims, . ;. '
!vo fee for registration,- . . ,
ILSJ: E. LIcHAY, General Manaxer.
Jlba jilaadard reaoedx
tor covfKa, Koare
t , aaaa aad .taroal af
."Cr.Cllr fectloiva.tlvUimach
relief la 1b diaaaaea
at the luaA,broaxlil
Ita aad asthma. -
1 i s, l. ka
Milhll mu lift I I .
I Br Latest Mall
SAX FRANCISCO When the Unit-
CkA 8ft Aat al tfn , AMAnAf ' TflATIiat
clearg j, September 5th, tailing
Manila, cia Honolulu and Guarn
S T"111, nr Penger list that
- o- -
offlcera or thi- apnrlce. A naasenrer
, ' to Honolulu will be Lieutenant-Colonel
j Carl Relchmann, who goes to join his
. new command, the Twenty-fifth Infan-
.'try.. Colonel Reichmann was very re-
cently promoted from a Major to a
, ' Lieutenant-Colonelcy, and naa bad an
unusual career in the army.- A native
of Germany, he came to the United
8tates In 1881. and served In the
Twentieth Infantry as a private until
1884. Kwhen he was commissioned a
second Lieutenant in the Twenty-
fourth Infantry. He was s Major In
107. . He graduated from the Infan-
I iry ana iavairy scnooi ana irom ine
a . m " . a m m a a
' Army War College, becoming a mem-
r of the permanent personnel of the
t named Institution. He served In
the Spanish-American war, as a Cap-
tain of Volunteers, and, during the
itussian ana Boer wars, represented
the United States In Manchuria and
.'South Africa. '
jjamin. Fourth. Cavalry; Captain W. 8.
, Browning, Sixth Field Artillery; Lieu
tenant V. W. Boiler, Second Infantry,
; and Lieutenant R. C, F. Goeti, Field
ivu, first iiiiuuuvi uipuua . a. dcu
For ManilaMajor T. N. Horn, Sec-'
ond Field Artillery; Captains 'J. H.
Parker. Eighth Infantry; F. W. Row
ell. Fifteenth Infantry, and 'William
J. Browne.; PhiliDDlne Scouts: Lieu-
tenants E. E. Pritchet, Second Field
1 1 leia Artiuery, i a. vv. unuion, sev
enth Infantry; X. F. Blauvelt, Sev-
ana a . n . n
enth Infantry; J. M. Kangley, coast
artUlery corps : G. H. Wyman, Eighth
Cavalry; J. P. McNeil and C O.
J .V T1V 111 I n TT T.1 1111
chel ElghU ciry. P Arm-
, 'on 4-eters of the same organization. .
4 2j Zj
A general order prescribing the sup-
r;fy of reserve small arms ammunition
required by the mobile army has been
Issued by the War Department The
order divides reserve ammunition into
three classes. The first-class to go to
the field with the troops the second
f rn tn th ffpl.1 in mrnhnt train and
i - -
'the third .will accompany .the troops
in ammunition trains. 11 of the am-
munition in the line of communication
trcm field supply depot or base of the
ruIy to . the troops will be InV the
hanis of line ofilcers, who Will report
. V J I I f V- -. -
.-'sr.. rr -
San Diego, the people of which city
have been hoping, to secure for it the
proposed big army aviation school,
probably will be disappointed in Its
ambition to be the central point for
the training of military "birdmen," as
the thief signal officer of the army
has made a recommendation and sub
mitted specifications for the estab-
j school at Fort
Rlim Mmi . ,
S&m Houston. Texas.
T. .ti.-tl
The Atlantic Coast was rejected for
the site of such a school because of
hIh wlnds: at Galveston the - wind
tended to prevent
f he Mississippi vafley from
u"Uzed- , -
. s ?te5. . Augusta, GaT, were
" . " . . i Z J I J "
iIO"na, lo t 1Qew P10?8 Ir'J!cn
were concerned, but the chief signal
officer 'considered that these : points
could not be selected because of the
fact that there were so far separated
from the men of the service that much
of the utility of the school would be
loSf ! : ;
There, is a big Irrigation lake being
trade near Fort Sam - Houston and
this can be used in the work with fly
ing boats.' Some of the . buildings pro
rosed are barracks. for about eighty
men; quarters for officers; a central
school building, aeroplane sheds, ro
tating hangars for dirigibles, stables,
shops and a headquarters building. '
' - '. 53! 33" . : ' : ,:
. An unconditional pardon has been
granted Thomas Franklin, formerly a
captain in the army, by President Wil
son, thereby giving to the ex-officer
all his former rights of citizenship.
Captain Franklin, from 1902 to 1907,
was treasurer of the United States
military academy. A couple of years
after, his relief from such duty, and
while the officer was stationed in the
Philippines, it was found that there
were Irregularities in his West Point
accounts. In the United States circuit
court in New York, on December 13,
1909, he ; -pleaded guilty and was sen
tenced to two and one-half years in
the penitentiary at Atlanta. His sen
tence was later commuted because, of
the strong belief that he was guilty of
no intemiomVI wrong-doing, but that
he merely was negligent, and on No
vember 27, 1910, his resignation, from
the army was accepted. His previous
army record bad been brilliant.
: As a result of the last trip of the
army transport Logan from San Fran
cisco to Manila, the question has been
before the war department as to who
has .command and ' control of such
transport when off icers of the army,
navy and marine corps are on board
such -vessel.:. sThe department has be
fore It t the present time a .report
from Lieutenant-colonel, James B. Er-
win regarding the last trip of the Lo
gan, when a conflict of authority arose.
The .war department finds it imprac
ticable to make any special 'ruling on
the subject at this time, and it is be
lieved that no action should be taken
by the issue of special instructions to
change existing conditions in view of
the fact that the - articles of r war,
which would cover the situation," are
now before congress for revision. The
122nd article of war, as the war de
partment desires it to be amended,
will, if approved by congress, read as
follows: ' ' s . -' '
"When different corps or commands
of the military force of the United
States happen to Join or do duty . to
gether, the officer highest in rank of
line of the regular , army, marine
corps, organized militia or volunteers
there "on duty shall, subject to " the
provisions of the preceding article,
command the whole and give . orders
for what Is needful . in the servjee, un
less otherwise directed by the presi:
dent" : '
i It is believed that the changes made
In the proposed article" are sufficient,
and aatisfactorily settle the question
of control and command . . on. - army
transports when members of the-et
vice are carried .thereon. -vi'f;-.
" " 37 37
The Secretary, of the Navy has made
adverse reports' to the . Senate, naval
affairs committee on the pending bills
providing for the restoration to . the
active list of the navy, with advanced
rank, of Capt T. M. Potts and Com-,
mander Arthur B. Hoff, recently trans
ferred to the retired list on the rec
ommendation of the "plucking board.'?
In these cases the Secretary of the
Navy takes the position in his reports
to the Senate that both officers were
duly and properly retired, and .that. In
view of the long list of other officers
who have been retired under similar
conditions, no exception should be
made by; special legislation, In favor
ot CapL Potts and Commander Hoff.
Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence!
FORT SHATTER, Sept 8. Second
Lieut Wm. A. Reed has been relieved
from duty with Company I and placed
on the unassigned list , ; v .
The following changes in the enlist
ed personnel of the 2nd Infantry bave
been made: '. v ;v1.-"' r '--i-;.
In Company H, Lance Corporals Ar
thur W. Chapln, Lawrence P. Barron
and Clarence R. Browij havie. been
promoted to the .grade; of corporal.
Company - E. Corporal John uwens
is, at his own request returned to the
grade of private, and Lance Corporal
Thomas Flanagan promoted 4o fill the
vacancy. .- - ;v"
Private William T; WhiUker of the
regimental detachment has been pro
moted corporal.:
Sergt Oscar Pfeffer, - Company H,
2nd Infantry, has been relieved as a
member of the provost guard and Cor
poral Richard C Garrett, same com
pany, detailed In his stead. V
At. their own request Corporals Jo
seph D. Burnett and . , James P. M
Daugherty Company '1, are returned
to; the grade of private. " ,
' .' 35" . 33" r':y1''
' The following , program has been
arranged by Chief Musician Jacobsen
for the band concert to be given .on
the lanai at post headquarters, at 7:30
this evening: ... . .: 'V "
March: The Second Regiment. .. Hall
Overture: Esmeralda' . . . . . Hermann
Introduction to- Ballet: Egyptian. .
. . . :-r; . i . . . v . : . . . . . Luigini
Intermezz6 : Imam . . . . . . .. . . Mann
Selection u Wonderland .... w Herbert
Waltz: The Red Widow -..........
T- 4 i a -&rr JacoI)SD
Flnel: One of the Boys...,.;. Bloom
The practice march of the 2nd Bat
talion, 2nd. Infantry, that was to have
started' this morning has. been indefi
nitely postponed and, though not yet
officially -announced, there is to be a
regimental "hike" beginning next
Monday out in the direction of Scho
fleld Barracks. -
:.: ' 3T.35T
-The following assignment of offi
cers has been made by the command
ing officer, 2nd Infantry: 2nd Lieut
Douglas T. Greene to Company. I, 2nd
Lieut Charles B. Lyman to Company
D. ;
Fort Shatter Notes
Per . P.T M. E. Nile,'- from Toko-
. hama, Sept. 7. For Honolulu: S. L
Berger, S. H. Lloyd, T. u Trimble,
For San Francisco: R. Aguilar. F. A.
Barton, Miss M. Beezley. H. O.' Bol-
ton. H. L. Cadwallader, E. Clark, A.
. E. Crawford, Mrs. A. D. Curtis, Fung
( Hing Change Mrs. W. Wall. Miss A.
! C. Hall, Mrs. Tatsu Harao, Mrs.. H. B.
' Jones; Mrs. Chlyo Kameda, Jung Fang
(TJ TJne Hurt Mf. Oj R P1I UIm V
Rand, Ren Sx Dah E. Roth, 1 P.f L.
Shaw, K. SneU. " - : " '
Per M. N. S. S. Honolulan from San
Francisco, due at Honolulu Sept. 9.
Miss M. Stambaugh,. Mrs. R. A. Ros-
; enthal. Miss K. Case, Mr. and - Mrs.
, Wilbur Beeman and - infant, Mrs.
Louis Marks, Mfasr Ramona- Marks,
Mies Doris Marks, Miss Alma Mills,
Miss M. G: Jordan." Miss Miber Rosa.
; Miss A. L. Roat, Miss Ella Rath, Miss
Laura - A. Johnson, :' Miss A. Davis,
Miss, Emma EJ Wlnslow, Mrs. H-TM.
Roberts, 'Mr. aad;Mrs. D.,L.WIthIng
ton and I wo sons, Mr. and Mrs.1 R..B.
Booth, Mrs. L. Pascoe, Miss I Mary
Macphail, Mrs. A. Macphail, . T. H.
Cameron, : Mr. and Mrs. M. T.' Simon
ton and son, G.-S.cwise. Miss Eliza
beth Dutot,' Elmer-,1 Yates,- Jno. F.
Hayes, Jno. -F: Stone, . Mr., and Mrs.
Louis Kalsersmith, - P. A. 'Edmlston,
Marston t Campbell. "Jn, Mrs.' 'Nellie
Kellogg. Mrs. T. McDonald, Miss1 Alice
M. Coughlin, Mrs. R." A. Belser and
two children. Irs. E. K. Booth, Miss
M. Booth. Miss Juliet' C. Thorp, Miss
M. de BrettevIUeFJ. Geary,' BvT.
Per stmr. Mauna Kea, for Hilo and
way ports. Sept 6. -Mr. and Mrs. O.
H. Boardman,.Mlsa S. . Starkweather
Miss A. Starkweather R. A. Drum
inond, Mrs. Conrad, JUrs. J. W.
Oreen. J.. A. Perrelda. Miss E. Hall
Miss M. De Mello. MIbs Eva Hall. Miss
E. Morrison, Miss G . Russell, Mrs
Jas. Davis, Mrs. M. Tono," Mis , H
Kua. i -': ; s 'Ar'O
Per stmr. Claudlne,. for Maul ports.
Sept 8. Mrs. W. Cooper, Miss F. G.
Yan. Mrs. N. Amana. ' "
Per stmr. Kinau. for Kauai ports.
Sept 9. Miss M.' F. Crasno, Mrs. s.
B. Heaky, Miss C Stewart, - Miss M,
pTn. Misa W. Weneler. Mrs. E. F.
Brown, A. G. Howe, Miss E. RatlwA.
Rice, Miss W. Ellis, Miss T. AIhrignt,
Miss M. Riedell, Miss MBryantMiss
D. Sheldon. Mrs. H Eishaw,:MIss H.
Sheldon, Miss F. Jordan) Miss H.
Goo.- " m ''
Per M. N. S. S.WllhelmInar for-San
Francisco, September-. 10. Mjiss I
Cross, Mr. and Mrs. F r Klnley, Miss
Jean' Macanlay, Miss & C. Hartman,
E. B. Parsons; -Mrs. Oj Hazel, v Miss
Etta Mount Mrs. J. J-Carey, Miss S.
Carey, Joel B. 'Cox. Alexander. Ander
son, H. H. Unruh,;-13. M. - Ehrhorn,
L'stfe;7WIshard,TWfh Alexander,
Miss 3adle Martin. Mi.s J; Robinson,
Masters Fester, Mrs. C. J. McCarthy,
Mr. and Mrs.vM. A. Foster, Mr. and
Mrs. F. TtockwelU- Mr. And'Mra. F. E.
Forbes, Mrs. C. ' H. Foster, Mr. and
Mrs. M. Gale, Miss Gale, Wm. . C. Mc
Kay, Benjamin - Urbansky, Mrs. J.t A.
Marshall, Miss . E. Pratt, Mrs. C' A.
I home, Mrs. a P. Donrell and child,
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ji Fitzpatrick, . Mr.
and Mrs. a Wj Cranfll and son, Mr,
and Mrs. L. 8 Porten jMrsH; M. von
Holt Misa von : Holt, Mr. c and. Mrs.
Harding, Miss V. Lewfs; Baby CastH
Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Enfswiter. Mr. and
Mrs MacDonald. Mrs. : A. . W.?, Bliss,
Miss Florence Bllsa,,F. E. Gay, F. A.
Schaefer, Jr Fred Blake, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Van Norden Mr. and Mrs.
E S Hatch, Rodger! Clark, W. A.
Landsberger, R. M. Pratt Mrs. M. E.
Grossman, F. E.. Davis, R,- M. Fltt
Mrs. J. H. Coney and two children,
Mr. and Mrs. George JR. Carter,
Misses . E. and P. Carter, Master R.
Carter, R. von Holt,; Carl Schaefer,
Mrs. H. Meyer. ;; ,
Per stmr. Mauna Kea for Hilo and
way ports, Sept 10. Miss K. S.
Wight Mrs. H. Solomon, Miss L. Sol
omon, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Berlnger,
H. S. Decker. Miss 8akL --r
Per stmr. W. G . Hall, for Kauai
ports. Sept 11. Miss: A. Mahoe. Miss
Mary Akeo, Miss A -Amana, Miss . k.
Zane, Misa A; Wong? Miss E. Ink,
Miss M. Cummings, Grace Chan, Miss
n. Sanncer. Miss Ji Soencer. Miss
Bean. Miss B. Hundley, H. H. Brodie,
S. M. Hundley. ; " "
Per str. Mauna Loa lor Kona ana
Kau ports. Sept 12s Miss-C E.
Chong, Miss IL J.iu.Miss O. Alu.
"'..- i ai a
r .'
Entered ef Record Sept 1913, ;
from 1,0:50 -a. m. lo 4:80 p. m. -
Noa Malanul to Haliimalle (w)... D
B Ishihara to Kaneohe Rice Mill
Co Ltd . . V. ........... . . V CM
Kamaka Palelliahi and wf to Cas-
sle A Drummond-. .... . . . . ; D
William E Rowell by Regr. . .. .Notice
WiUiam E RoweU by Regr.... .Notice
William E RoweU by Regr..... Notice
William E Rowell by Regr..,.. Notice
William E Rowell by Regr..... Notice
William E Rowell by Regr. Notice
Eva M Belser and bib to Bank of
.Hawaii Ltd .. ....... i...... M
Palm Cafe Ltd to Cecil Brown et
al Trs .......v. ;TrSale
E L Schwarzberg and wf to Mollle
i GniCC a a - a a . a a , ' D
Entered ef Record Sept 6, 1912,
from 8:30 . m. to 10:30 a. m.
Shuze Shimozono to K Kuramoto. CM
Makalelanl 111 and wf to S K La-
iMa i . .... . . ............. ij i
Samuel Kail imai to S Fugikane.. L
Samuel Kailimai to S Okamoto ... Lj
George M Raupp and wf to Chris
tian Bode .. D
Edward S Scott and wf .to Mutual
Invstmt Co of Haw Ltd Tr .... M
John A Maguire to John K Clarke. PA
John A Maguire by Atty to John- .U
A Maguire Est Ltd : . . ...... . . AL
Samuel N Kaeo and as Atty et al
to Suematsu Uyeda . . . . .... L
Hano and wf to Paele (k) ...... D
'. 1 s
. Tuesday, September S.
Ban Frandaco Honolulan M. N. S.
Hilo via way ports Manna
stmr. -v , '.
Kona , and 'Kau ports Manna Loa.
stmr, y O:' ' -:'
: Wednesday, 8eptmbeV 10.
Sydney N S. W. via Auckland and
Suva Marama, C. A. a S.
Vancouver and Victoria Niagara,
C A. 8. 8. " ' v .
v -Kauai ports WGHaTl stmr. ;
v " ' Thursday, September tL
- San Francisco China, P. M. 3. 3.
Maul ports dauoine stmr.
" . Port. Hartford Lansing.' Am. str. '
i - Saturday, September 13.
Hongkong -via Japan ports Mon
golia, P. M. S. S.
Hilo via way ports Mauna Kea,
stmr. ', : .-; . V " . :'.'.
? San Francisco Thomas, U. 8. A. T.
8nuday, September 14.
Gaviota W. F. Herrin. Am, str.
Maul ports-Claudlne stmr. .
-iMaul, ; Molokal v and Lanai ports
Mlkahala stmr. ' . T
Kauai ports Klnau stmr. )
' . " a m a am a. a "s ,' . '
v Monaay, oepiemoer io.'
Salina Crux via San Francisco and
Sound ports Missourian, A. H. 8. 8.
San Francisco Sierra, O. S. 8, '
; . Tuesday, September 15. -!.
San Francisco via Sound ports IIU-
onlan M. N. S. S. - '
Tuesday, September IS.
- San fTancisco Manchuria, P. V. 8.
S. v, - 'ir''...'. . ' " -: j .. "
Hongkong via Japan ports Nippon
Mara Jap stmr. ,' ; ! 1
Hilo vi way ports Mauna Kea,
stmr. . " . . . , .
Wednesday! September 17. . ,
' San Francisco Chiyo Mara Jap str.
Kauai ports W. G. Hall, stmr.-
- . Thursday, September 18. -:
Newcastle, N. 8. W Boverlc, Br.
str. ' ' .'. ; -
Maui ports Claudine stmr.
,- Friday, September 19. "J :;
Kona and Kan portsMauna Loa,
stmr. .; : . :..",'. ' ...". . ''.tT . r
iSaturday, .September 20. .
Hilo via way ports Mauna '.'- Kea
Stmr. ;. V -KV:
.Tuesday,. September 23.
-Hongkong, via Japan ports Tenyo
Iaru Jap stmr. -
-San Francisco Lurline M. N. 8. 8.
. f Saturday, September 27. :
San Francisco Nile P.. M. 8. 8.
' - : Monday, September 29. ' v
San jfTanclsco Sonoma O. 8. "8.
' Tuesday, September 30.
San , Francisco Wilhelmina,- M. N.
S. 8. i . ? . ; v ,
.- Monday, September 8. ;
; Maul ' ports Claudine stmr. 6 p. m.
Kaualv ports Noeaa, str.S p. m.
v- Tuesday, Sept 9. . .:
MauV Molokal. -Lanxl ports
Mlkahala, str., 5 p. m.
Kauai ports KInan. str 5 i. m. -
Wednesday, 8ept 10.
;San Francisco Wilhelmina, ; M. N.
8. 8 10 a,-m. - i,
Vancouver land Victoria Marama,
C.-As 8. 8. , ' ;
Sydney, via Suva and Auckland-
Niagara, C.-A. S. S.:.--.
Hilo via wiy ports Mauna Kea,
str: 10 'a. '-' v'-'.".
Thursday,' 8ept 11. ; v
Manila, via Japan ports Chins. P.
M.8. 8. ' - .
- Kauai ports W. G. Hall, str. 5 p.m.
X - :v Friday, September 12.
v Kona and Kan ports Mauna Loa,
Maui ports Claudine, str 5 p. m.
. Saturday, Spt 13.
San . Francisco Mongolia, P. M.
8. a , r,-.rv
Hilo via way ports Mauna Kea,
str 3 p. m.. ' , ;
Sunday, 8ept 14. , ,.
Manila, via Guam Thomas U, 8.
A. T. . .; ,. -
Monday, September 15.
Maul porta Claudine, atr 5 p. m.
Kauai ports Noeau str 5 p. m. .
--' Tuesday, September 1 6.
San Francisco Honolulan, M. N. 8.
S., 6 p. m. - "' ":' ; .
Hongkong via Japan ports Manchu
ria, P. M. 8. S. ;.
San Francisco Nippon Mara Jap.
str. . ; -: ;
Maui, Molokal and Lanai ports Ml
kahala. strv 5 p. m. - .
Kauai ports Klnau, str4 5 p. m.
Wednesday, September 17.
Hongkong via Japan ports Chlyo
Mara, Jap. str.
Saturday, - Sept 20. ' '- 1'
San FranclscoiSlerra, O. 8. 8
noon.' , : -: '-.
Tuesday, Sept 23.
. San Francisco Tenyo Mara, Jap.
' Saturday, 1 Sept 27.
Hongkong, via Japan ports Nfle,
P. JL 8. S. , .;.- '" -':':
Monday, Sept 29.,
Sydney, ; via ; Pago Pago Sonoma,
O. 8. 3. ,
: Tuesday, Sept 30.
San Francisco Lurline, 31. N. 8.
Malls are due from - the following
points as follows: -
ban Francisco Honolulan, sept 9.
Victoria Niagara, Sept 10. v ;
Colonies -Marama,' Sept 10. -
Yokohama Mongolia,. Sept 14.
Malls will depart for the following
points as follows: - -.
Vancouver Marama. Sept 10. .
Colonies Niagara, Sept 10.
Yokohama China, Sept 11.
San Francisco Wilhelmina. Sept 10.
Logan, from Honolulu for - San -Fran-
Cisco. Sept 6. . a
Sherman, from Honolulu for Manila,
v Aug. 14. . " v; V.,
Thomas, San Francisco for Honolulu,
Sept. 5 . '.. y:
Warren, stationed at the PhiUpMnaa.
Dix, sailed from Manila, Aug. 15, for
Honolulu. 1 '
Sheridan, at San Franctaca
S. 8. Sonoma ... Sept 5
8. S. Sierra ........... SepL 20
S. 8. Ventura i. Oct 3
; TO SYDXET; $150.00; BOUND TRIP, KiZAX . ' . x .
Sailing Lists and Folders , en applkatloi to C. BBETTEB k COl,
. LTD., General Ageats.
. Saillags from Honolula ea
Siberia, (via .Manila) . ..Sept, 1
China (via Manila out
and In) ............Sept 11
ManchurU (via. Manila). Sept II
Nile (via Manila out and ;
in) .. ..i ....Sept. 27
Mongolia (via Manila) . .Oct 7
Persia (via Manila out and '
In) .... ; . . .... ... i . .Oct 23
For general lafonnalloa apply to
J3L Haohfold & Co Ltd -
Steamers of the above Company
' or about th'e dates mentioned below:
8. 8. Chlyo Maru.......8ept 17
8. 8. Nippon Maru.......Oct I.
8. 8.' Tenyo Maru . Oct -13 1
8. S. Hongkong Maru..: Oct 30
8. 8. Shinyb Maru.... ..Novi 5
Calls at Manila, omitting call at Shanghai. '.. ;
CASTLE & C00KE. LIMITED .Agents, Hcr. j
Matson i Navigation Comnan?
Direct Service Between San
8. 8. Wilhelmina... ...'.Sept 2
8. 8, HonoruIan.."..,...Sept d
8. S. Lurline i . .Sept 23
8. 8r Wilhelmina. . ... . . Sept 30
S. S. HYADES sails from Seattle
For further particulars apply 'to.
For Sura, lackland and Sidney
8. 8. Niagara .........Sept. tu
8. 8. Marama ... ....... .Oct f
8. S. Makura ..........Nov. 5
rrom New York to Houolulu fit ................. S E PT E M Z Tt Cth
Freight received at all times at the toapaays vhaxt 41t au
South Brooklyn. ' ,
8. S. MISSOURIAN to sail about ....SEPT. 8
S. 8. MEXICAN to sail about. . . . . ......................... S EPT. 23
8. 8. ALASKAN to sail about......... OCT. 2
H. Hackfeld & Co, Ltd.. Agents C. P. Morse, OenL Fre'.rtt l-zt
(TV V J ' ; : i) i
:. j : ' OPEN I NO " -. -,
Yoo Clian Cz, Co.!
After Your Plunge In the Surf,
; Smoke an
5c Cigar.
" M. A. GUNST & CO, INC.
Aietloneer and Commlsslesi
Sachs Block' 76 Beretanta St
Anywhere at Any Time, Call oa or
V:- Write : : ':
'y: -:-, v.: " - AGENCY .
124 Sansome Street ' San Francisco
8. S. Ventura ... , V . . . . . 8 pt 1
8. 8. Sonoma .....Sept 2)
8. 8. Ventura ..........Oct 27
sr abost'tke follonins ditrst. 5
Nile ,-....... , .. . , .8tpt S.-
Mon;o!ti ............ .Sept. 14 -
Persta . . .............. Oct - 4
Korea .Oct .12 '
Siberia ........ .........Oct 23
China -i....... ...... .Nov. 4
Manchuria . ; . .v .. .... Noy. 11
r. ...
will call at'and leave Honolulu on
; -
8. 8. Nippon Maru ...V.Cept 11
8. 8. Tenyo Maru .....Ce;t 23
8. 8. Hongkong Maru.... Oct 11
8. 8. Shinyo Maru.... ..Oct 15
8. 8. Chiyo Maru... ....Nov. 11
Francisco and i!:nc!u!u
8. 8. Wilh:!mlna...v..C;;t 13
8. S. Honolulan..;. ...C;;t 11
S. S.- Lurline..'.,.;'.;. Sept.
S. S. Vi:helmina.;.....Oct 8
- . . .
for Honolulu on or about SEPT. 27
Gcncrd Ants, Hcr.clu. :
For TIctorIa aal Tancoarcr
S. 8. Marama ..... .aapt . t
. 8. 8. Makura ...Oct 7
. 8. 8. Niagara. ........ ..Nov. 4
Oahuniilvav Tirr.2 icj e
Way statlons--9:l5 a. 3:25 p. tx
For Perl City. Ewa Mill and Yay
8tatlont f7:30 a. taH J:15 sw o, .
aa . m m aa.a w ha an -
wii;j a. p. wi:u p.. ex.
6:15 p; 13:33 p. m, fll:13 p. o.
For Wahiawa aad Leilebsa iO.XJ
a. vu ft-AO p. m, "5:00 p a UrOd
. : INWARD. . .
' ArrfTe flonolula from KahtttT. Wa!v
aiua aad Waixnae mS:U a. ex. 1.31
p. BV. ' . -" -
- ArrlTe Honolulu from Ewa Hill and
Pearl City 17: 45 a. nu !: nu :
11:02 a. 1:30 p. nt, 4:21 p. nv'
5:32 p. m 7r:30 p. m. . " ; . J ; v
ArrlTe Honolulu -from - Wahiawa
and Lellehua 3;15 a. ta, tl:ti p,' saw
4:01 p. 7:10 p. m. ,
The Haleiwa Limited. 1 two hoar
train (only first-class tickets honored)
leaves Honolulu every Sunday at 3:31
. tt.t.l T-i l t
a. iur nueiwi nuici ; reiorsias ar
rives In Honolulu at 10:10 p. m. The
Limited stops only at Pearl City and :
Dally t Except Sunday tSunday onlj
Superlntandent C P. A. '
T. f.luraKami Shoten
..'..-,'..' . - .-.
: Importer and Dealer la.
. 32-34 Hotel Street near Nuuaan.
Wholesale A Retail Dealer In
. . Corner Nuuanu it Beretanla Sta.
Japanese Provisions and
General Merchandise
Nuuanu St. Near Kino 8t

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