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a v z ' P ' ; Pi P: :; i 77--: P
From S. F.j . 7
Honolulan, Sept. t.
, Ur tLf,i
Wilhelmlna, Sept 10.
From TaAroarrri
, Niagara, Sept.-10.
Fer Tanroatert
7 . Harama. Sept. I. '
s.. -j O w' t
.1cnin DuUctln. Et. 1S82. No. 5641. i
Hawaiian Star; 'VoL XXI. No. 6G84.
prjci: nvn ctah
nrr' r
l J ...
" ' ' . i - ..'''7-' ';' ''; 7-- - :- ,Z'P' .
Great Koolau Tunnel Prelect
uay Co Completed by Ha
K ' 'waiilrricaticn Expert
Reported That Builder of Ha
makua Ditches Will' Take
Contract fcr Waiahcle
,Jcrppn Jorpcr.scn, cfvll cnclucer of
the Hawa!ia.n Irrigation :Co . VLd.,
probatly soon -wJU placed In
cfcarpe cf Umv completion of the tun-
rel rf t!.e V'aishoIe Water Co.. Ltd.,
In place cf JI.'K. Dlrhcp, tho engineer
v'to l as started the great work that
Is gcirs; o fmtvIj the Oahu Sogar
Special Committee of Supervi
' sors Can't Aqree with Cald
, well onAVatcr Bill ,
Minor Charges Dropped After
Conference; but Main Points
- Still in Dispute v
-- -
Some Change; ih Llethod of Relr;"mrc Gidt
; -Gfaving-Docli is Por3ible-xp.rt:low -7 -;
7 J Formulating- v
71 7X -; 'fligher-up3 in Washington -7
. -.: "- ; ISpwHal Star-Bulletta Cable . . , . i. ;'' . .
WASHINGTONrD. C, Sept. a Alfred- :cb!3 : is -here1
from his trio to Honolulu and renorts that ccnstruction of the
1 "iPeari Harbor drvdock on tfie cresent site is fea:ih!2 rnd nrac.
Refusiuj to recommend two tm-ticable. He is formulating a written opinion, -With measure?
portant ,ltem for payment, a special monc mahnrfe onH rfotoile Corof?jrv 'nrniHc rmr Mhop
committee of the BTipenrlBors. named i"wiwrmvutwug wkU"- vvwiwwj
to confer vith" superintendent of pub-; NaVal officials are iubilant." 7 . 7 C.;S. ALBERT.
Uc Works CaJdwell over hia now fam
ous bill for vater rendered to the city
tad county; v.ill probably force' the
superintendent to carry the matter' to
the courts
collect th
f Associated Press Cable X.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept. 0. Expert Hcble today ten-
h bmV nii sts 111 lDg 1 2rec PreI'mmary report joh the Pearl 'Harbor drydock dis
ise,tte JutwM of .' a -confer-' aster, to the secretary of the navy.- Noble'repcrts that he can
ence jast Friday between caidweii ; save th? drydock complete, according to tha orirjinal plans.;
above cablegram from the
jrr1 'RiiT)o-nrJorir . Petri "Vvr ' gnif Tn.
fheco. Two Items on the bill, It "was v 7
stated today, will be . lopped off by ! The ' i
Caldwell, but on, two other Items-re-' Star-Eulletln's ;. Washington corres
rudiated by the supervisors fce'standf' pondent : removes the last .lingering
firm. Unable to come to an-agree-' dtaU)t. as'to .the construction of the
meet, the committee will make Its re-!rearl Harbor drydocK on its present
1 -u
port soon and believes it has such
(Continued on page, four)
was sent here recently. Noble -spent
ten days here, and jthis report given
today is taken to te preliminary to
his written report of conditions.- ;
The cable' from the Star-Bulletin's
correspondent Infiicsj esrr.thatVNoblef
by. those, familiar . .with . the subject j -wW recommend a-, podlfication of the
that a drydock cf some sort would be joriginaL pIan.'and tMa Tlew is taken
built -at. the Mid-Pacific Xnaval base, also oy the contractors, ; The Associ-
slte. Jt has - never', been questioned j
but there has been talk from time to
time of a floating drydock, on the sup
position, that the harbor bottom would
not support the weight of a "graving
aock,' - The navy, engineers-have been
confidential! along, that the. sita was
practicable, and the report pi the uay
ated Press . cable,' however, Indicates
that tToble finds fiothing amiss with
theoriginal specifications;; , ; ;
. Neither Civil Engineer Jayler, pub
lic works officer at Pearl Harbor, and
uresident of th Ijoar that submit
ted the 'original repcrti "ot Walter, F.
, is lilily to
! t'jr.ul scheme
Co.'s i!.r.', . :i uith millions of gal
lons cf v::.r C-u'Ay 'frcm the other
'tie cf VJ.i iv'cnd by the tunnel
- thrcu'h the Ilcclaa range. '
-It Is i:J:r:!:ci'. that Eishop, whe
res!,-:rc! t'.G cf flee of Buperintendent
of rul'.io vrrlis to accept tho super-
:y cf the tunnel operations,
will rcch a E.itis'actory arrar.gemenl
with H. llackfeli & Co., Ltdi agents'
cf'bolh 11.9 water and the planting
Waits Ur:n f !y:r to Report
-fcr V.crk Until 10:30;
Then Gets Tired V; v i-
' "
JIadame Puahi ' walked resignedly
into the oSce. of , tue mayor this
morning, with ten dollars - in hef
perse with "which to buy a license to
permit-' her 'hula hula' dances: to be
giytn ai her. home by Kapiolani park.
She . remarked , that though SherlnTJ
Jarret hd aesurejj her at the time
he ordered her to Close her .place
that she could' resume tho hula hula
business soon, he had , apparently
changed his mind, and advised her to
get a license. ; -
"He say the 'missionaries don't
waut -hula dance, v confided Madame
Puahl. A So I think be8t way me get
license; -then I can give my dances
all right." ' - , - V. .
The womanatte4 long for " his
honor to put In an appearance, brit
unsucccrsfuliy. She flnallyleft fcir
her home saying- that she would-ra.
turn again. - . '.''':..',
II. K. ristop, present chief of the
TValaleile. lVa'.cr Comrauv Jrrljatlon
project.. ,
companies mentioned. Bishop , came
here under engagement to '.the county
of Hawaii as the expert road engineer
for the loan fund commission,, having
had special train lng4 in .that specialty
of. engineering in the east. He soon
mado such an 'excellent record .on the
big island .that Governor Frcar snatch
ed him" from the count to succeed
Wars ton Campbell at the head of the
territorial public works, when the lat
ter resigned in ravor or private em
ployment, - v. ' .: ' " :-
Mr. Jorgensen's engagement by the
Waiahole Wafer Company, . It is re
ported, means a change in the hand
ling of the work.; It, is said that he
will take the; contract to complete the
work on the big irrigSiLion scheme on
schedule time, and that he is ' confi
dent of finishing the big tunnel. and
ditches in less than four years.
, In all probability, whatever he may
.. (Continued on page four)
Though the mayor Cs not at this
time issue dance licenses an ordin
ance to that end, however, has been
drafted by P.. L. Weaver, deputy city
and county "attorney Madame ; Puahi
wishes' to discuss the matter, with
him, and 'she will probably act on his
advise, -The chief executive has 'al
ready given ii as his off-hand opinion
that it weald be proper for the super
visors to issue a licenfe in this case.
... Madame Puahi; waited for hla hon
or to "show'Vup for work until 10:30.
ler beard, submitted some months ago, Dillingham,- general 'manager of the
was to the -effect that the dock", could . Hawaiian Dredging Co.,- contractors,
be ,-ttHt ca the present jBite and; ac- ,has any: private advices from "Wash-cc-J'-x
to the original speciflcatlons. Kington oh the sublet.' ' V i ,- :
This :Jast contention .the contractors, - v DUllnSham, wh seen ihis morn
ttB Ilawallaa Ev&d:-;i,Ctook'-x- Ing, state lthat;l 4.'S0r frlraterin-"
and it, was to" finally' settle formation, and .-wduldiiot comment
thla raatter. thai Alfred Noble, a civ-, on the Noble report. until behad fur
ilian. civil engineer of world-wide re-l . . ; , ' ' ' k . -v ,
nown, . aid ; an expert on foundations, I - ; (Continued en page four) . v
: ; r ' 7-""" """v" 5. -!' ""
IJtJ J ij LA
I at W m -
7 1 'r;;rUBc7'-
IHIP 3F.25!il
is bt
1FA 'iroWATl WC3
Chun - Duck - Soon Is - declared to
7 ) .;.'r.7ii.77
Transport Buford Leaves Snn Frar.::::o f:r th: V::t C
Vi'son's Message Sends Arppi:?is l!::rry;r.3 to
7 to GofJcrth 7 :
r f Associated Press Cable) .
'7 SAN FRANCISCO, $ept BvAmerfcana by the thoutanj 2:2
to the seaports of Mexico to flee the' country, atcorZ'.r.j tD rr-:r.i
have reached Waihlnjton and that are retponsiils for tvs h.rr :i C
ure today. of the army transport Cuford. Tr.9 Cuford l:ft f:r .' j
coast of Mexico to take on 1CC0 refu;ses sa!J ta av-a !'.:.-3 t' 5 ::r: ,
assistance at two or three ports. Charles Jenkins, t;::!il r:;:::-:.
of the department of state, is in chars cf tha Zu.':rd.
Santo Domingo Er.5 . isvc" .: 7
lAsnoclated Press Cable , ' )
WASHINGTON, D.'C Sept. 8. Vice-Consul Etteva reports thit a ;
clutlon i is in prosresyln Santo Domingo and that ur.bcsts are t . .:.
Puerto Plata, endanserinj Americans. The state c':p2rtnent Is liv:
gating. . : " - t . '-
1 1 i
i V -..' V , ' " ' V tAa!ate4 Jte.-s Cablel
OTTAWA," Canada, Sept CThs tuiisn c;i
case, together "Vvith. the appart-t readine:3 cf fr
counsel for Harry K. Thaw ha brought t.us Imm;;::'.;:
foresee at east two years' &tly before the Thaw c::s c
Is expected to be carried to the' Privy , Council In Cr;'i
verdict is reached. ;; ' i '
r'.i l.i
s ta li:
- ts
1 : 1
Blov; Aimed At 3v: zl?..
' r v tAssxtited rtes3 C1!J
, ' WASHINGTON, D. C dpt. C Cjr r C
kats-ay cfTr-:i an srrr.i.rtrt t3 the j i
drs-Mj cu' -'-:: :' -. f:r
"J.-.-.r .... r.r-
.rr :
jcent on Inheritances cf i;?,c;3 up ta t :vir. '.-." p.r c:-
inheritor cf the t-lk cf ths Ati:r f.rtur.:, - .' J tj i .
millions by: the 'cperat.'sn cf ths wnir:-', -
Senator C'ip? cf Minnesota, pr: -li.-.er.t ii tus l-;.
ta)C JIsIatirrJ, says he will support tha- amsni.-.j-t.
Merchant and Alakea
Telephone 2648
The treacherous curtents'bf 'Kawal-
here pitched hie camp on a racant loa bay; a trifle orer a mile north of ;
piece of land near the Kalih Deten- iwlalua, claimed a human, life Sunday
tlon .hospital on Saturday night, ac-' morning, when' Private, Elgey, I Co'
cording to reports that began to Alter; 25th Infantry", was -drowned before his,
into central police station that even- v friends and - comrades . on- the chore '
Ing and on Sunday morning. . and in the .water could go to his as-
A man, declared to tally to 4 mi-. sistance ' v f- ' v ; :r;
nute detail with therdescriptlon of .. The 25th Infantry, completed a, prao
the..bcdly wanted Korean, is said to tice - march around the 'island, this
have beetveaa.bya number of resl-? : morning; and up to yesterday there
dents In that neighborHbod.A visit pad not been ' an accident or .an in
mado by a detail of oQcers indlcate4-idnf ' n mar t.haVtrinC Saturdav
that some one had spent a night at night the regiment camped at'tbein
the" place, Judging from the remains dustfial school and making an early
of a repast, and , the embers left be- j moniingv start,'" arrived V at its next
f;sfro,m R tn-L ' ' y camping place sbortlyter 9 amAs
The Korean, who on several occa-1 goon. 8beIter v lcnt9 were.pitcheo',
sions, has sawed Ws way-to freedom, the meIi -were-iven permission -.fo go
is believed to be in constant comma- MriiimK,i aTW wno nfhir in nn
nlcatlon: with .friendt who are i under- Ume ta c1!ng off, Jn tne oceaiL
i Ai Kawalloa- which,-' .freely" trans
lated, means: the great water--there
is a well 'developed , reef over which
the rollers: boom atr all times.- -There
H also a cross current; tn which fewim
ming Is extremely difficult. ; Although
there were si number of "men nearby,
it was some jaiinutes -befqire ETgey
plight was noticed, : and when discQv
eretl he was helpless aid at the mercy
of j waves ; und xurrent, t He "was
brought to hore ; by , several compan
ions, and 'for- twa hours " Captain
Mount, pt the medical corpSr prked
tn riiiHrittft him. All' fforts rov-
)ed useless, and it is believed that the
soldier was past help before he' was
Tracing his peculations back . for. discovered. ; ' '.: s.
almost a year; postoffice officials here' The 25th brokecamp at T o'clock
have discovered an amazing series of ' this morning. ' and reached' Schofleld
petty. irreguianue8 in tne worx or veil before noon. . .. '
(Continued, on page three)
Addressing ' Governor Frear as
"Honourable President" and "Your
Majesty,' Mrs. Cerelina Ababao
Hughes, evidently a Filipino or Span
ish woman, has written a pathetic
letter - from ' BatangaSi P. L, asking
that the territorial , executive send
i back to her the clothes of her hus
band, James Hughes, who . she be
lieves died at Pearl City last March.
' The epistle haa been handed to
Attorney General Thayer, who Is en
deavoring today to ascertain - the
facta in the case. ! The writer says
that her husband left her with two
children, 10 and 8 years old. who are
crying for the pater and asking that.
if be is dead, they be allowed to see at $1500. which he was unable to rur-
hia clothes that they may remember nish and he was computed to v jail,
him. . . v : ; - . . I where he 'now is. : ;
The city directory gives the names The work of the postal officials, fc
of several men as James Hughes, but gether with that of customs- men, bis
there is only one that would seem to, revealed long-continued juggling on
fit the description. In the 1912 direc-i the part, of Smith, it was stated to-
tory is recorded the name of James day, ard tnough he had succeeded in ters a day or so" ago.
George W. Smith, a clerk In the reg-1
istry division, .who was placed -under I
arrest, some . days ago charged with
embezzlement V ; ,
Smith was arrested Adgust 29 by
United States Marshal Hendry on a '
warrant sworn j to by : Postoffice In-
specter Fred EL Jaryis. He came up
for preliminary aearlng on September
2 before the United' States commis
sioner, but waived examination and ;
was neia to await me acuon oi -ue
federal grand Jury. Bond was fixed
r. x
-f Why is a lei? . a .
-f . This is a 'ijuestion r that : has
-f often been -asked by embarrass-
-f ed malihinis,.' when . ; garlands v 4
-f have . been ; festooned on . their- -f
f. hats, or- hung - lround ? their nn- -f
f willing necks; much' as the fToral -f
horseshoe i is placed upon the -f
f fractioua Derby winner, .v l S-'Xf- .
4- Possibly a sergeant of thejro-
f vost guard has defined - the lei
' habit. In the; terse' report of : an -f
arrest,' which 7 reached headquar-
master's department , The name is he had been operating on -a system; 4-
not repeated In tne . new ; directory, hy which he- might have , profited
however.: If this Is found to be the. much more heavily but for the vigi
oerson soueht an erfdrt will be made . . . ' . -
ko comply wlth'the wife't" request - J : v (Continued on page three) -
"Private Blank,' out of uni
form. : . String, of . flowers
4- around ' his hat. OTHER-
4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- f 4
. Upper picture Is that of Governor
William (SuIzer of New -York, recently
impeached by the- assembly at Al
fcsny, but who has steadfastly refused
Z0 quit his job as governor; below is
Lieutenant-Governor Glynn, who was
delegated to the office of acting-governor,
following . the ' ImpeaQhment
Latest reports from Albany are to ths
effect that -Sulzer still refuses, to be
ousted but is occupying a downstairs
ofice at the cpitol while Acting-Governor
Glynn occupies the regular ex
ecutive office on a floor. above.
i.7Maihe':Bull ilcz: zz '. 'Li:
7 : . ' ' . ' - . '
' ' t: ; . . - i Associated Press CatleJ t- .
7 PORTLAND, Mafne, Sept 8-TJ-.9 tpecial c:-;r;-:::r;I e!r
third congressional cjiitrict'cf this ttate thsws tzrr. f-.4.- .
The eome.lete'returna give Petsrs, republican, 273 v...i, ,
ocrat, 1CG3; and Lawrence, Pro;resslv e, ZZZ.
; In the presidential election in the t;-ne d::4.rl:t, Ta.'t :t
Wilson ES3 and Roosevelt C;3.
:i v:
Tokio Agifeiion Incrcr
'ZY'-' -'..::;; (Associated Press Cable J ' - : '
: TOKIO," Sept 8.-i-Government' detectives are jua'rdirj n:rr
Japanese cabinet night and day during the prtient ;;.'tat!;n.
The newspaper Nlroku ohimbun has teen suppre:sed i.:ca
leged anarchistic utterances. 1
:s cf i'.i
Sanchez Agrees to Return to
' Orient, waiving All tytra
. p dition Papers -p-v
. Carlos Roberto Sanchez, the young
.man of mysterious nationality who is
wanted . at ShanKhal. China; on a
charge . of stealing1 several thousanTl
dollars has consented to return : with
out the; exercise of : the extradition.
Withdrawal of his petition for a writ
of, habeas corpus was filed in the su
preme court this morning by bis coun
sel. Judge A. S. Humphreys, and the
prisoner and : his young bride , will
leave on the China next .Thursday for
the Orient " .".;- r" 'J: ' . .
Sanchez' will be escorted by - Chief
of Detectives McDuffle,-who formally
will hand the young "man over to the
Shanghai authorities on the ship's ar
rival at that port : . . ' .
. This sudden turn of affairs in the
episode of the bride and groom who
came to Honolulu from the Orient two
weeks ago is the culmination . of a
stormy interview, in the office-of At
torney G eneral Thayer this morning.
Present at the seance were the attor
ney general. Judge- Humphreys, Mc
Duffle and Sanchez. The. discussion
lasted for. an hour or . more, . with
echoes of frequently recurring vocal
explosions reaching, out to the ; corri
dor of the capitoi building, v ere Mrs.
Sanchez, the anxious bride 4aced to
and fro. From the .sounds of the
wordy- combat it was gathered Uiat
P jNegro Prisoners SuiTc zz:y.
. . - K (' - ; v - ' "' :;.' -
(Associated -Press Cable ' '.' ' '
7 - RICHMOND, Texas, Sept 8-A horrible and needless tr3;riy v
recorded here today when negro prisoners were su"ocat:i to e'esth. T
underground cell in which the deaths occurred was found to contain 1
prisoners. ; ' ' " "
-.- v i ' -. .
Son Bdrh tosAmericaii PDudiz:
Tj, ' - ' ' Associated Press Cable - 4 '
LONDON, Eng, Sept 8-The Duchess of Roxburghe,, formerly "Mi: j
May Goelet of New York, gave birth to a son today. ; f Z'
(Continued on page three)
TODAY'S tli'::
.. Governor Frear has booked passage
on the steamship Wilhelmlna, which
leaves Wednesday for the . roast ; hft
also ,1s booked for the Mongolia,
which leaves for the mainland next
Saturday, and for the Sierra, leaving
here September 20. .He Intends be
ginning his long-anticipated .vacation
when he departs on one of these, and
will take with him the necessary doc
uments to arrange at Washington for
the next bond issue, 4f it is decided
this issue shall be floated before be
goes out of office.. " : ,
; "I had expected to receive the word
that would make my , vacation - possi
ble, by noon . today,." said the govern
or this " afternoon, "but It. did , not
come. '-It may arrive, before night -or
it may be here tomorrow morning. 7
7 It Is thought he refersto Infoflna
tion expected, from the national cap
Ital regarding the. governorship situa
tion, though he does not say as much.
It is certain, however, that he intends
going to the states at the earliest
possible moment, and thaj he very
likely- will proceed directly to Wash
ington. ; where arrangements for-the
bond flotation will be made e!ther by
At Chicago Chicago 5, St Levis Z.
. At New York New York 8, Ln- -lyn
1. - -
At Cincinnati (double header)
Pittsburgh V Cincinnati 2; Pitta
burgh 1, Cincinnati 2. -,
At Boston (doubleheader) Phi! 3
delphia -13, Boston 0; Philadelphia C,
Boston 2. ': . ,
'At Washington New York 4, Wa.
Jngton 0. -' - a '' - -;-
Honolulu Lodge No.-' 809 Loyal O
der of Moose," was gm-ted a c
license by i Territorial Treasurer
I Conkling, this morning.
. ..Acting President Cecr? C. C
Of the: 'Merchants.- Azzziliil r
nounced "thla afternoon ths a;;:'
nrent'of V. IL Farri-S-3 as a rc;r
cctatlve of C.e association la tt
tertalnment of Fraacl3 Ertc I:.
son, the new govemcr-g--. :ral :f
Philippines.- Ha will act ii c:-.'
tion with representatiTes cf th? C
ber cf Commerce ar.i th? Cc r.
Club: . . ' ' '
hii cr ty the mar.
f - ? ? b

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