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Tonight at Bijou Theatre--- Momte Garter and lis Dancing Cites offer oesils llif'
, ,:r4,.. n&W$&U:i - .i-v:;V - ,. rll ftvl fe5 - fulfill' i
-1 s i 'j v i
We cater especially to Inva
lids who require pure, rich bot
tled milk .during their trip
either to the mainland, Austra
lia or the Orient. j
Honolulu Dairymen's
Phone 1512.;
M Shirls?
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: 1: ;
Wipnii ivp irjf.piatrlbutof
Holiday pods;:'
: V Hotel fplC Bethel : SU 1
Victor Records
-v;' v. -r;, v- ; j
Odd FtltW Block Fort St.
' 155 Hotel Street.- Phorte Hit '
1-Moved to Walty BJdfl., King SL,
t -Roomt 4;ind 5, over Weila
Farflo .A.Co. ;
H Hacltfeld Co.
' " Limited. . .
Sugar Factors, Importer and
Commission Merchants.
Agents for, Flying Merkel arid De
- Lnie, and Motor Supplies.
City Motor Co.
Skilled -Mechanics for all Repair
Pauahl nr. .Fort St. Tel. 2051
Gold, Sllverr Nlckel 'and Copper Plat
Jnfl. Oxidizing m Specialty.
Rates r Moderate, Work Unsurpassed.
.Experienced Men.
Cor. Bishop and Kin Bta.
Anton Stance & Bro.
t 111t Fort SL
German Confectionery and Fancy
Bakery. Special attention given to
birthday and wedding receptions.
Auto delivery. Tel. 3793.
The Gigantic
Slaughter Sale
Is Still bh at 152 Hotel Street
ML R. B E -N N
Successor to J. Lando
Tblr 3uratsrybnW-
eraie price and guaranteed ser-J
vice have made.
I f? nnt nnn
ten fiWear Them
j .The patented $Iidmg-cord
lack adjusts fthem instandy to :
every posoon or tnooont assorsig
freedom' of actioa and
. , , " -
: Absolute ; Comfort
Look wt for imitations! There '
are many of "uSeaa, aH inferior. '
Make sure that the words, ;
appeal; on the buckles. In mis
way you will obtain the genuine, f
aruaey made and guaranteed by
Tt C A. Eirtci VJz Co.
v ShirleyMifc, U. S. K , 1
For Scf Etergwhert
if -
,: " ." t ;
j iii 1 r-;r r. i ' i ... ' i a , .;u -'. - ri i -T -i mi ,- . m.
Home and Foreiqi Dispatches Giving World's News at a Glance.
A diamond swindle amounting- to
more than 9 100,000 has been uncov
ered In New York. The diamond
broker suspected has been arrested,
but the young woman who resided in
fashionable hotels of the city and who
played the greater part in the fraud,
has disappeared.
',A carman of Sacramento and five of
his children are III from scarlet fever
and one child is already dead of the
disease contracted at the county hos
pital where the children had been
taken for diphtheria.
;J Vincent Astor presented his fiancee,
Miss Helen Densmpre Huntington,
with, an engagement ring made' to or-
uer a.i a cost oi tiv.uuu.
Greece and Turkey have signed a by slow poison because unable to bear
treaty of peace at Athens. , the slander of her neighbors.
' Sir Thomas Lipton tried to purchase A 3t Louis man was awarded $3500
Sulgrave Manor,, the ancestral home damages against the United Railways
of Ceorge Washington's family in Eng- because he was bitten by a dog while
land. In, order to ship it to America, riding on the street car.
but Uie, plan fell through. ( j Robbers broke into a residence at
A young Uoness being exhibited be- West Cridgewater, Pa and seared the
fore school children of Koeslin. Ger- bottoms of the owner's feet with a
many, escaped and seriously injured a red-hot poker to make him disclose
7-year-old boy - he nldlng pJace of hls mmey. Two
V jJaptaln de la Garde, a French army o them were captured by the police,
aviator of wide reputation, was killed i. arfhmintA whirh wnrrwi last
K while; landing after a flight at-'Vill week in Peru dentroved 10 town and
coublax France. killed 120 persons in the province of
President Wilson demands the res- Aymareas, department of Apurimao.
ignatlon of Huerta before he will con. Tictff,0 a of Woov
sider further Darters The Pstofnce department at Wash
" a T iin?hJnSr "Sm nn Qrt, tngton has made arrangements to de-
A lone, bandit held up a Southern 1( ct. rn nA
p.ia mu v. rrvio liver all. Santa Claus letters received
racinc .. overland train from Chicago . . . . . .
voit- t.a aA rZ fron1 children into the hands of his
it .
fnnnn imam
Tuesday, Dec:2j 1913
5 ' fecital ' 1
ijanon uuwseu
I wa iiiiiikvii
Tickets on sale at Hawaii Promotion
'Committee. RionisV Yoong Building,
on and .after Friday, November 28,
$10, tt.00, S.75, .50.
White Lineni Duck or Pongee
T Suits look Uetler and last long-J
' ' er If Hone u'p by. the
fr.-. .. ' vf hi;V4 , '
Phone 1491
Women's Christian Association in
New York, over $2,000,000 were
pledged. t
A ministerial commission is to be
appointed by the Spanish cabinet to
arrange for Spain's participation in
the Panama-Pacific Exposition.
Lady Rsndolph Churchill, mother of
Winston Churchill, first lord of the
admiralty, christened the battleship
Benbow launched at Glasgow.
A big banquet was given in the Co
lon theater at Buenos Ayres in honor
cf Colonel Roosevelt. More than 1000
guests were present.
Mrs. Martha Simmons of Excelsior
Springs, Mo., possessed of an estate
valued at $1,000,000 committed suicide
with money; and valuables amounting
to $1500.
: 'Mra. Jessie fimerson Mofflt Bailey
of 'New York, well known as a play
wright and magazine writer, was
granted a; divorce from her husband,
Frank Duncan Bailey, an Englishman.!
r -ur. j. - Leoa w imams, an eminenc
anthropologist of London, ha arrived
In Kew York ith fifteen skulls of
prehistoric man. One of them he
Claims to date back .500,000 years.
A militant suffragette attacked John
Redmond, the Irish leader and his
wife, on a train at Durham, striking
him on the head and his wife on the
back and then scattered the contents
oi a flour bag over, them. ,
The famous phophetess of Paris,
Mme. de Thebes,, has, predicted ter-
persons and or
gan izationg throughout the country.
Mrs. Jdsepnus Daniels, wife of the
secretary of the navy, gave a luncheon
for Miss Jessie Wilson, the bride
elect There were 13 guests, as Miss
Wilson itf'to be the thirteenth bride
of the WnljifHovise. . "?
' LOTisiana; Southern - Pacific train
service is demoralized owing to the
eirike of employes. Two transconti
nental passenger trains passed through
New Orleans manned by division of
ficials. " ...
One of President Yuan Shih-kaTs
secretaries, was arrested in the pal
ace at Peking. He was armed -with
a revolver, and confessed;he meant to
murder his chief. I-
An elderly couple of St. Jaul, who
rible European floods, threats of war had uvej together happily for over
ana a, new monaTcnisi government in 50 years, died almost simultaneously.
x'onugai ae among ine coming events
Off 1314.
A;, bill for appropriating: $500,000 to
"'"' " ' '
r- . i
Lieut. Rich Was Number 195
for Year and 414 Since 1908
Eleventh in Service
' 1 i
By Latest Mall
MANILA. Second Lieut. C. Perry
Rich of the Philippine Scouta, U. 3.
A., was killed today in a fall with a
hydroaeroplane into . Manila bay."
Lieutenant Rich, who was the. only
member of the Philippine Scouts at
tached to the aviation corps here, was
encircling the Asiatic fleet, which was
at anchor in the bay, when the acci
dent occurred. A launch from the tor
pedo boat Decatur waa the first of
many craft to reach the scene of, his
fall. His body was picked up, with
life almost extinct, but it was too late
to save him.
The accident was due to a faulty
cylinder In the motor. Lieutenant
Rich discovered the defect before . he
left the ground,' and at first , decided
to abandon his flight, but he after
ward repaired the cylinder and as
cended. He had risen 200 feet; and
was making a preparatory trip around
the fleet before starting on his in
tended flight over the vessels -during
which he was to attempt to drop' a
bomb on one of them when his motor '
broke down again. "
WASHINGTON. Lieutenant Rich
was born in Indiana in 1383, and was
appointed to the Philippine 'Scoutsin
1911. ; He- is the . eleventh aviator ft?
die in the . work of the army '.and
navy.. Iu aviation accidents ot alt'
kinds the world over since 1908; ! .414
have met death, the toll for the pres
ent year to" date being, 195. iV i
nn vniirTo
umm Li
fa V
7 f
Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir
to the Austrian throne, is, with his
w " cuuiera wB5 mLruuuceu iu tjng King George and Queen Mary
the?, senate by Senator Pomerene of at Windsor Castle.
OBq, who claims the loss from that! At tne clinical congress just closed
disease for the year to be $50,000,000. at Chicago, a campaign was framed
.Emmy Destton, the opera singer, re- 'gaingt "legalized murder" as perpe
entry posed for a moving picture in lrated b un and lneXperienced
berlin by singing in a cage of lions, surgeon8
for which she received $25,000 and waa f Tlu n it a a
Insured by the company against death cat, a national association for the
a y , r, promotion of practical eugenics and
The German Life Saving Society .v.- .
1A .(.AAA . .U- i. " t PIVCU11UU XJL .ULOUV
a w at ucu fwv iu me iiieuuztt crews
of the liners Grosser Kurfuerst and
Seydlitz for their rescue of the pas
sengers and crew of the steamer Vol
turnb on fire in mid-ocean.
Vincent Astor and his fiancee at-!
Mrs. Lulu Long of Kansas City
driving with a broken hand in the
15.1 to 15.3 paired class at the New
York Horse Show, brought her hdrsea
J to second place, defeating four men.
President Wilson has formally de-
Wall & 'dougherty
Jewelers and Silversmiths
.iVUek'. Youig Building.
Every Kind, of Tool
For all Trades
For Men are Appropriate for
Fort Above King.
AJnj . .lui. i a. r i i x
uuea nicie " OTBneP8"!' nied the rumor of the engagement of
the main attraction being a society hjs daughler Margaret to Dr. Gilbert
wedu.ng play Horrax of Montcla!r.f N. j.
The General Petroleum Company of Mrs Richard Townsend of Wash.
California, capitalized at $50,000,000. ,tntl haa 1llHf rct,,rT, from a v.u.
ropean visit bringing 35 trunks and
?250,000 worth of Jewels.
There will be no mystery about the
mincemeat served in the home-made
pies sold at St. Andrew's Guild Sale,
Wednesday afternoon from .2 to 5
o'clock. The pies annle. Dumnkln
and mlnde. will be marvelous ex
amples of the highest culinary art
Home-baked beans and potato salad
sold In pretty bowls; the lightest of
rolls and bread; cranberry, Jelly; plum
puddings made by one of Honolulu's
most famous cooks. Roast dueks,
well done; young chickens; roast pig,
either in choice cnts or sold whole;
spiced tongues; Juicy, well-baked
hams in slices, halves or whole hams.
All thesa and more will be offered to
the public at popular prices.
The tea-room, with cakes and sand
wiches served with a steaming hot
cup, will be in charge 6f Mrs. William
The young ladies of St. Andrew's
Junior Auxiliary will have a lemonade
booth, also a table of favors, home
made candies, etc., etc.
Remember, the hours are from 2 to
5 and the place St. Andrew's Parish
House on Emma street. Drop in for
a real social afternoon. advertisement.
will get electrical pre
ents this Christmas---
end; will he i '.better: pleased -with' them
than, with, other preaeiita coating three
"or fountiraes ar.much. v ' : v-
4 The reason is .'that electricity la be
; coming ; aft ; iia pprtantf factor in't.the
; home-rit S Makes work' easier ' and
pleaanter-rft. Is V essentia! to modern
; '
4-- -
..Fgr. rnstancei? an Uuron yiUl save an
ii'ihour or two every ironing "day -a i;
;(f toaster stove (rllmakd delicious toast' ;
f vjrundkeobkr dainty 'meals right: on the
h Hi table a sewing machine: motor will
'V save her (the; fatigue .' of pedaling,, a -,dlsc
stove foil the tea' table or nursery., .;
, H .V,There. are V taony , other devices-de-
IVflgned -.for: 'comfort? and t:onvenlencev
-:v--f v v.?fS-'viJvalt a0il 4ee-them; i:KVV'-
il,iu ui;i
' "J: "
! servatibns made to all points on
. ' ; the mainland over y r
has passed to the control of Weir & i
Co., a British syndicate.
It is now estimated that over 256
persons perished in the storms on the
Great Lakes.
Col. Alexander Brodie. who served
! as major and lientenant-colonel in the
1 r,,rV. I? $ H t- man t on1 aa trrkvor-
How Alienists Diagnose.
"So," said the man from Mars, who
was making a sightseeing trip on this
planet, "that is what they call an
"Yes," replied the Bureau of In-
Vsre r BoiHn? tnr 71 a Act ' 11UU6" l,"lv-,lt " o-. , formation man. "He can inrorm you
i,gg8 are selling for 75 cents a doz- f AHrnna from iftn2 to I90f. has . . ..
-w. . wiiHiner vein art insane ur iiol.
"How does he tell?" 1
"By the amount of discretion and
discernment you show in discussing
the value of his distinguished ser
vices." Washington Star. I
i nkii.j.i.ki.
eu ... .ru.muwpiiiit. , he?n pjaced on the retired list be.
",r: n'lu"L reei cause of age. Colonel Brodie is a very
; close friend of Colonel Roosevelt.
The University of Chicago, by de-
school children!
concert before 8000
of San Francisco.
The city marshal at Mesa, A!riz
Honolulu Photo
Supply Co.
1059 Fort Street
small town near Phoenix, was shot
and killed by thieves whom hjg was
trying to arrest. L
Detectives in New York Ci'y dis
covered the headquarters of anVarmy
of bookmakers, who by means 'of in
direct telephone connection with all
the race tracks, were operating all
over Greater New York.
The fortune left by "Big Tim" Sul
livan of 'New York amounted to $2.
000,000. all of which was left to rela
tives. The. Democrats have abandoned the
attempt to force the administration
currency bill through the senae by!
means or me party caucus. & l
feating the University of Minnesota
I won the football honors of the WesU
ern Intercollegiate Conference for
! 1013.
A disastrous land and rock slide in
I British Columbia covered the Cana-
No. 1
"The laziest man in the world." an dian Pacific railroad tracks 60
inmate of the poor farm of Jersey deep for adistance of 400 feet.
( junty. III., has died at the age of 72
after 15 years spent in bed. He had;
no physical disability except a de
cided aversion to any kind of motion!)
Kiamil Pasha, former grand vizier1
of Turkey, died at Larnaca. Island of.
Cyprus. (
Manuel Aldape. Mexican minister;
of :he interior, who suggested to Hu
erta that he n.eet the demands made
bv the United States, has been sum-
i Oriiiri'i. ci:. ;r . ' '
- ' - - i : " ' ' ' "; ' ? '
Wells Fargo & Cos Office
-72 South King St. Phone 1515 j -
Sachs for
General Huerta scorns to reply to'n,aru' aismmsea ana oniereu in r.u-
the demands of the United States : rPe 011 somp mission.
A deputy county recorder or san
Bernardino. Calif., whom the doctors
had pronounced a cripple for life, fell
from a tree and threw his dislocated
knee-can back into place thus foolin
knee-cap back into place, thus fooling
the Dhysicians!
Four cattlemen of Montana are on
their way to the Panama-Pacific ex-
V 1
that he resign from the temporary I
presidency of Mexico. All sorts of
rumors are current in the Mexican
capital, causing many Americans to
flee from the city. ' j
Eight more frozen bodies cwere;
washed ashore in a lifeboat at Port '
Frank, Ont.. victims of the storm that!
swept the Great Lakes. It is be-1
lieved that the wrecked freighted bot-! position by way of New York,
tomside up in Lake Huron was the''inend to visit the capital of
Canadian-Pacific freighter Regina. 'state in the Uniop. The whole affair
In t tie first three days of the two! :? an endurance tst of a western
weekp' campaign to raise S4.0fHt.0un , 1, oncho whor is still "fit" after 9700
for the Young Men's and foung miles.
Whooping Cough
A simple, iafeand rffective treatment for brotfcbial
trouble, iroidinf drur. Viponzrd Creolcne stopt
the paroirms of W boootnf Couih and relieve!
Spasmodic Croup at once. It if a boon to rafferen
from Asthma. Th air carryini tbe antiseptic rape,
inspired with every brrarb. makes breathin easy ;
Kot tin tbe re throat and itopi the coof h. aaaurinc
rewful niehts. It is inraluaWc to mother with younf
Send as postal for decnpr.ve booklet.
Try Cmofcne Anti
septic Throat TakkU
for the irritated throat.
They are simple, effect
ive and antiseptic Of
your drorrit or from
b. 10c in stamps.
Yapo-Cresolene Co.
U ConUrnM Sl. N. T.
LIVE ISLANDERS 45c a pound
MAINLANDERS 40o' a: pound
- - (-,
Splendid condit on for Thanksgiving. 4 - .
Metropolitan MeatMarllc;
PHONE 3445
Have that Sidewalk laid ht hplidaj
Robinson Building
I Queen Ctr:

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