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ITpecItf St.Btilltln CrrepondenceJ ftni an aa(j a quarter thick. Nar-
WASHIM3TON, D. Nor. 13 The row write ribbonn will tie them,
f-nily circle; at the White House la Mra. Wilson will attet the, Pa&
l r.slly enET-.1red these dar In kiDenlir? erewski concert, this afterftbon. f 1
charge of the division. ., . , .
Mrs. Wing and Miss Majro will
spend the winter at the house at 1921
Nineteenth street, which thej leased
this summer. v -
: r
Mr. .and Mrs. Franklin MacVeagh
are back at their Washington home
for the winter.
; r fc i
I nmiir i Bin i ft
dlHlilL AINU Ltl
1 exes.-brewing: waJa and c ;t End of the
I ackagres q ever Bhap and lre all Wilson, Miss Bones, the Di:w TU
f mttlaingi. presents for1 Miss Jessie .Mlssea Smith of-Louisiana, gueiits at I oUDSiay rOIICy In I fiai ,
. Domain
V. ilson. wfo Is to Tj man-lediNoveiariWtote House, and, Miss Ilagner.
lir 25 to Trancls B. Sayrc; :' "Miss Jessie WiIscn. who' wient
Some cr, Iho Elf ts hare come from frliHadehMa yesterday
crficlala lxx distant Ilanda.); Strict ae-Vf h' afXeroooi . V .
5:?ZS:if!2? .Jrjf": Premier SS'aw "the govern": EST W iSSiuSS uital
(By Mail
WELLINGTON, New Zealand.
TBy latest MaMJ .
NETW YORK. If you want to get
Fhaved cr have .your hair cut, don't
try to enter a barber shop south of
Fourteenth street, for you will be dis
appointed, accord ihg' to the program
The outlined by Mark. Brill, secretary of
Former Portland Man Tells of
the Scope of the Great
By Latest Mail
SACRAMENTO "Comparatively
few persons realize the scope and im
portance of the playground move
ment. The very name brings to- the
mind a picture off sand boxes and
swings and little ones playing with
. f o r Infanta and Chlldron.
he jlectsibf Opiate
rfTTAT ICTAKTa are peculiarly sxacepULie to ptumana ra Tanous prcp
1 ar
aratioos. all ct which ar carcotio. is weQ k&own.-,Evea ia ih tauflest
doset it co&tinufd, these cpiates cause chaafes la .the tonctiona and growth ct
the cells, whkh are likely to becoma permanenV cauisias: imbecility; menial
C V-.V.-, f .v- -w i - . -! -. . -
dolls. This is where the movement perversion, a craving for alcohol or narooiicsm jaw, ui a, ;.cujpacacs,Mw
began 10 years or so ago, and to the ? M ktractaUe nerr6ia dys
men and women who have not kept opiatesornarwtkatoieepchndrec.TUetiath
in touch with it during the decade . fcj f, that chUdn
that has passed It has not advanced FjHa -m. v-..u-:1.,-.-.vl' -v " . " 1
beyond that stage. But this was only nHr thanacAi atatime,ananly -y . . -
the beginning of a wise utilization of The administration of Anodynes, Drtp portiala Soothing Sjnipe ana o.Lfff
the instinct for play which lasts from ; Bwft tn rhiUrmn by my hut a phvaiciaAcaanot be too strongly decried, ft"
childhood nearly to thp " grave. By druMist should not be a party to itACmldrea who are ill need tho tttcnt:
the inttiligent use and development f -aic. lt u nothing 1 tOixlCfrime to dose them wilUully wUhaar.
oi mis inBiinci, me iurce ui iuc uu-, .7 w . . . lt;t:
-iwvTiM T-nFiamniainnnu iianiHHH aL i
tBe president and Mrs. uuwuuvco iuai &yfc'u .hjch. oiu ui iuc luieiuauuuai umuu
Lnowledjfe of two ot Mlss VUsonS. WU? subsidy to the imperial navy and ta Barbers, who saya that 5000 of the
. fts is wespread. however. A plaU n up a greater responsibility. It men will go on strike.
:: ua laval ier. set with diamonds and -ceptionr and dance at the Washington h accentpd- thP tmnpriai mvp. , J A , ,
!r.closed la?ae-silver box, the gift pt.Barmks glen as a welcome of Col- 4ent's ottet tor a light cruiser as a wAfter PWl f ne baber
the member cf the house of represeiv, cnel Kuhn. commandant and Mrs. K shiV "gt cruiser as a shops south of Fourteenth street have
.lives. Is:ne. and i Pekinese puppy KuhiCand was chaperoned b Miss The aim 5 British citizens was he fwanted the ,?1envand8 of e barDeffl.
; . . . . ,r L itt . 1 uc orillUU Cllizeas was, ue tw0 ..nirkn will then nna.f1r tho otn.
rocg, saia. w oe on ms war,;fsoer. i? . . . raid, naval supremacy In the Pacific I": ."I IZ 'X.:
l cross tha ccean under the -Busplce-it f
just as in European waters. Mean
er the American ; embassy; la London. Mrs. John Bassett Moore, with her wMle the training of New Zealanders "k , , , c ,y' V It ne8i01
: r-fwv A 4irittT-Ad1 ntVu'daurhters. Mlea PhlllU lLFoor Md'ir;;... 8 eaianaera tho8e iaboring Jn Brooklyn will also
r r.d boxea have, been bordered f from Miss Ann Moore have arrived at their f i- (The above indfeate
: 'cw YorlctJhe pake.iadescibed as lnew home, 1767 Q street, which they f Zealand has'decided 'to 1
s that New
follow the ex-
come in for consideration later.
Mr. Brill says that 5000 barbers will
) aving a fcrondation layer 22 Inches tni-Kill pocapy for. s the, eason-
- , l m m . - : L . .-. -. 1 . - ' .-v . . v -L ' L .''
uiameier. ana iout incnes inics ' ,s 1 , f; i'L5 Jtm , .
The upper layer will b'e'16 Inches In? Relr-adiilr'H.nT'Mao, U. S.
:aeter afid as many high.";iThe tdtiiaiia'.1lKi1tlUrAndlhe.3aUer's
. : lament s 111 be a bae wiih wh.traterIW..wl.If' leaVeiWash-
Tar ore? .Ids. ' The wteddlhg' cale lhgton Monday for Ke wpofy It, l.f to
: oxesTwWibe pretty souvenirs : of 'a'tfd'ahmlt sEx.wfeeks.Ii (i ;--.
: tcric occasion. . The initials 8. W.J 1 Admiral Majro will f Ulqa--,-. short
: pear on the corner stamped In elM course at the war college a Newport
crt with.a diamond-shaped', border.! t-efWe talcing up hl' duties wltlL the jthw ability elected captain of the Stanford varsi
: i slzPf Si jr. are 'three, inches by twoiJUIanticileeV when; ; hefjb iWllOclii,! ty
ample' of Australia ! in building a navy he: out on stri,ka and prophesies that
ct .her own instead of contributing lne maa who does not wleld a safety
shfps; ;aa hefeiofre,'to the imperial razor-and who' generally gets shaved
navy under the: control of -the : admJr downtown will-, have to change his
ralty in London.) . schedule and get shaved elsewhere or
ProferaoTlptey; head of Harvard's aU thlr native luxuriance
economic! department;. .says-that "no , .
man is worth-over-S23.00O a year for Frank Guard of Glendora has been
"3 Jhf
-i,v. v., i: ; - -';4;! nnH4 - 4" : rseiv '
- Gold-pfated '- Razori - Leather
Brush and Shaving Stick- in
,,GoM-plated" Cases;U two Gld-
Fiatea' Eiaae jljoxce, ana riaie-;
glass v Mirror; all 'contained in.
Seal; Leather S-ykr
Call and Let Us Show You the
; - ; Gillette Masterpiece
It Uncalled the De Luxe Edition; the Razor, Brush Holder, Scap
Holder and Blade Boxes are 22-karlt Gold, beautffuily hand-engraved
jifid all contained in a seal leather case.
f Handsome as a piece of fine jewelry.
.f.vrr vi - ':-; The price Is $5
Same as 421G, with Silver
plated Razor and fittings, con
tained in a Pigskin case:
Price $9.00
. -i - . ., -
v ilvertlazbr; Badger . Lather
; Birh andving Stickpin Sllver-Plated
' liclucrsj- fSirv6f"Moun($a Toothbrusii Hold
er Pair Eftcaiy Military ilfair Brushes; .
Corab, Manicure Set and Mirror;.. all con-
altod in , Seal loathe t' Roll." V. " -
; PRICE $20JK)
Silver-Plated Razor; Badger Lather
Brush and Shaving Stick in Silver-Plated
HoIdersjtieyiMdnntedT Toothbrush Hold
tr, Talcum Powder 'and Perfume Bottles;
Soap 5ox; Pair Ebony Military Hair
Brushes; Ebony Clothes Brush; Comb;
Manicure Set and Mirror; all contained in
Seal Leather Roll. PRICE $2540
Silver-P.ated Razor; Badger Lather
Brush and Shaving Stick in Silver-Plated
Holders; Silver-Mounted Talcum Powder,
Perfume Bottle3 land Toothbrush Holder;
Etony Hair Brush; Comb and Mirror; all
contained in Seal Leather Roll:
PRICE $16.00
'. . OO ,B
Silycr-p!ated Razor; father
.Briisb and Soap 4u Silver-plat-'edCases
and twoblade boxes;
all contained in Pigskin Case.
: i . Price $8.00. ,
Same as OO B, in Seal Leath
er Case
Price $8.50.
468 B.
Standard Style.
Pigskin Case, with Gold-plated
Price $7.50
505 AP.
. Potkt .Style
Tigskin Case, with Silver-plated
Price' $5.50.
504 B
Pocket Style
G6ld-plated, Engraved Case,
J-iwith Gold-plated Razor. '
- U ' Price $6.03
500 B.
Pocket Style
Gold-plated, Plain Case, with
Gold-plated Razor.
Price $.00.
Standard Style.
Pigskin case with Silver-plated
Price $6.00.
505 BP
Pocket Style
Pigskin Case, with Gold-plated
Razor ' t
Price $5.00
500 A
Pocket Style
Ganmetal Case, with Gold-plat-fi
ed Razor. t,X4i
!4 Pr,ce $5.50. j, i ,.
Pocket Style.
Black Cowhide Case, with Silver-plated
Price $5.00.
Pocket Style
Silver-plated Case, with Silver
plated Razor
Price $5.00
Standard Style.
Morocco Case, with Silver-plated
Price $5.00.
. . 460 B
Standard Style.
Nickel-Plated Case, with Silver-
Plated Razor.
Price $5.00.
All above sets contain one dozen blades. The Gillette
is recognized everywhere as the leading Safety Razor
and makes an ideal gift for a man. There are many articles for
men to be found in our stock of Parisian Ivory now on display.
7' V.
The Rexall Store
oQ hti
Fort and Hotel Streets
derworld are destined to be over
In these words, Vincent Jones, for
merly of Portland, but now a resident
of this city, opened an interview on
playground work. Mr. Jones has
made a study of the playground and
park question, particularly in its fi
nancial aspects, and is well qualified
to 6peak on the subject f
Sacramento Lags Behind. v
"Sacramento is distinctly behind
the times in the matter of play
grounds," he said. "The citizens as a
whole here seem to think because the
city is full of trees and because in
the residential districts the houses
nave yards and lawns, that there is
no need" for playgrounds. This senti
ment, which-is probably the cause of j
the city's backwardness in the ' play
ground movement, simply shows ig
norance of the scope and importance
of the playground work as a -civic re
form movement. . .-t r
"In Portland, when the playground
movement was in its Infancy, the
same argument was made and with
better reasons than in Sacramento,
for that city, which was built among
the woods, was a real park. But see
what an investigation showed. A
survey of the city was made , in the
interest of the playground movement
and it was found that in one area
and that not the -most congested in
the city, . there Were about 10,000. peo
ple residing' in 134 city blocks In
which theTe were trot 32 vacant lots$
where children could getff the street ,
to play.jChIldren,NJittie and ig,: were
forced fir the Bfreet?Ho plaj.t-i;f ?,
"In lis same distinct duriay.thfe
years before the playgrounds Vre es
tflbliaheil Uvo. little odes were killed bv
. . .;... f t ,1 .-, ? J L ili.tA.Tf ' V!
tne easfeft iu tneinvgnue couri cam
from this district.' i Ji.p J"l ii $ t
'Ilerails the proposition reduced to
dollars and' ceota fit a.1 dty oWihtf
as fastdi Biferiinient$ toM V)afkwi
congested, that te children ''wHf be
fond tb, the streets as their only
place or recreation. In -,one year in
Portland,.an entire street was built uj
on both? sides, 25, feet to each houe,
and the- conditiona almost equalled
these la; a lenement district. . v:
Buy While Land, Is Cheap. J
"The time to. lay I out and purchase
play grounds -Is before imprpvementa
cause a big advance in land prices. AU
these iniprovements must be, paid for
later bjr the city. Central park cost
the city of New York about five and
a half million dollars. Recently the
city paid $8,000,000 for three small
playgrounds on the east side, far more
than all of Central park cost in 1850.
"In Portland in the last ten years
residence values have increased 225
per cent In first-class property, 25Q. in -s?cond-clas3,
300 per cent In hlrd-,;
class property, while business-values
ad anced nearly 100 per cent. On the 1
whole values increased from 95 -to 170
per cenfc faster than the population." If
Sacramento doubles in population Jn
ton years you can figure what it will
mean to land values. It is the part of
wisdom to buy ground for playgrounds
while it is cheap.
"It is a great mistake to underrate
the importance of the playground
movement This is a great work, of,
vital importance to the city and the ,
naticn. The playground and the.
schcol are correlated. To undertake
the management of playgrounds with
out a central head is a serious error-:
. hat wrmld you think of a city that
tried to run its schools without a cen
tral head.' The piayground work is
now considered of such importance in
the East that schools have been estab
lished to train playground superin
Girls! Tryjbls! Makes hair thick,
glossy, ilnffy, beautiful Ne
more itching scalp. ,
ilmatare of
' "Toar pnpvttiaa know m CutarU I hT?ed
tar jtmn la thUdm! coxnpUlnU and I hra fooa4
eoU-l&f tater. Jom J Xarr.wll.IX, -"I
. Ocveln401ilo.
Tor smtal jtn I rcmntmmrtart yow 'CMtori
tai thill il ways eoUaaa Mi do to, M it has Uv
llabpcodael bScUIretaItt.M " "
XdwiX Paw, IL IX, tw Tbrk City.
"Tew Ctttori Is s aoiftor(oac baMbold
icmedy.' It la partly vtfeUbfe sodacu amu4
catktftk. Abo? U, i 4m m kana, wkkk to
a on tlua eaa U ali ol the fitat majocity et eWI-
M - K '
the signature of Chac. XI. rietcLor.
j" - . Castorla
nond C actor la e'
"I mr prncrflMil yoot Cutorl ta many tuH
ad bart alwiyt fosad tt aa fficknt aa4 Kpmtt '
wm3j , A. F. Pxixa, IL IX, BU Loaia, Ma.
I Inn aaed jw Cutoris la wy ewa
with food matt, aad bat Mtftoed nwl patkoU
to ma it foe; Ita atld, UxalS w ffKt tad fmdom
fnmktxmJ y -. xwaa Faaaiaa, V. .h
MTor CutsrU boWa tbaUca of the BMtllca
profea&Ioa la Matter bel4 by m other ffoprWUry
preparatloa. ill ta mi sod rallahla 3ctoe fot
laTaau aiid tid-dti.' Is fact It to tho
hoaaehold nttiodylor iafa&tlWaUaBta.N
;i J.' JL asaa, XaaM Oty, If.
ch II drenCrv fdr Fletcher o Caotoriar
1 '
I n U sie Fo r Oven 3 O- Y ears .
TM , '
You'llEnd It
T WORK or atjplayf ;
you'll be :,xopi everys'
'm tntit bf ' the ' day. . B..
h V, is the, RIGHt vn
derwear for RIGHT-NOW
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V. D,
c '." - ------ ' ' a
. V fc S-WI?:
Length "Drawers gi ve
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Thi R9d Wovn Label
CTrfr Urk Rtt.V. $.PoL Of. 4fort CwH.) :; . - ..
bK9oamn B. V. D. Uadergarment Take m aaaereineat (ik0ithia label
I s T3ie B.V.4 D; Company,' New York.
If f V -y . iff"-' -i" . --'.if ' . . '' : C ' .v
; 1 , r d :
ii i iill - " i -r i 1 " . '. -, t-
"Within ten minutes after an applica
tion of Danderine you cannot find at
single trace of Dandruff or a loose or J
falling hair and your scalp will not.
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Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowltoc's
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All articles ,;nece3sary ,4o ,v
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The largest display of Din-
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53-65 Krng St
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Phone 2205 Reaches
tdLustaiCe-Peek Co.Xtd,
P. O. BOX 51J
. .
. -- .
v -
, J" f
.r-T- .
Vi v

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