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5 1
Hawaiis Win Oahu League Pennant for 1913 by Slaughter
ing Four of Paresa's. Pitchers and Running Up Grand To
tal of 19 Runs Game Nothing but a Joke After "the First
Frame . '. ' "
mm Mlwiw WmmmmM
' riirnn TPAM-n appv nruirhp nr ninT Vrrhrppiirr
' :' ; ' I la waUs IS, Portuguese 0. -7
- The Portuguese Athletic dub', like
',- former King Manuel, neglected to car.
ry off the crown after the ruction. In
; fact, about the only thing that the
'-'members of the local .Manuel's one-
lHm liatl fam AA taira awaw vrftti
ji .t'fcra from Athletic park yesterday
was the : bitter taste of defeat, and
vivid recollections of one pf the most J No one blamed him. A hurry call was
humiliating walloping ever taken by r sent to the bench for another pitcher
4 ' baseball j outfit The game wasn't and Preitas was nominated. When it
a 'defeat for the Portuguese it was lg stated that Freitag has been out
a slaughter. - After a hard struggle of the game all year, on account of a
with the Hawaiis for the Oahu league sore arm. It may be in a dried in what
pennant in the playoff aeries, each, shape be was to pitch. At that he
, team winning two andone game a tie.jdM better than any of the other sar
tbe Portuguese cut the strings and rifices, getting off with one hit and
went aviating. VThey put up the moat two runs In two innings,
laughable exhibition ever seen on a J0y was touched for only four hits,
local lot, and after a few minutes of but one mould have been led to think
gasping amazement, the fan sealed by his actions that hr was an abusel
down to enjoy the game as a farce an(j persecuted individual. He was as
comedy There was no thought of nervous and hirh strung as a prima
roasting the losing team; for the play5donna. and pos'tively raved when the
era didn't appear responsible for their pitcher insisted on . presenting him
actions, and showed not the -faintest wjth a free ride to first Barney had
knowledge of baseball. It was s. n escort, cons'sting of Fernandez,
thrugb kindergarten tots were .going Avmi ni Chillingworth, which con
tbrcugh the jnotlonaifor the amuse- ducted him to and from the box be
ment cf their, elders, or as though a- tween Inn'ngs. and fluttered round
troupe of .exceptionally .intelligent! him when there was the chance of any
eals. Juggled the ball from one to
the other as it vaudeville. atunt .The
fans. Just regarded the game as a
spectacle, and let It go at that - ;
' On the", other hand, v the- Hawaiia,
with Barney doing the hurling, played
rattling good baseball. ; They made
few errors, pounded the baU on;the
lumii iu umes, ana ran ine oases
. : . . a. . a w - m
weiu seven rung came across in tne;
fret Inning, and with a lead like thatl
the teamhad confidence enough - to
carry It turough in slashing atyleT .
y The Portuguese used tip lour pitch
ers, Medelros, La Mere,1 Bushnell and
FrelUs, In the order, named., "Smil
ing Tony was the hope of Punchbowl
for ycsterday'a event" hut'eome breed
cf malignant Jinx had evidently maa
taged his pitching arm while he alept
lor the only thing on toe ball was the
cover, and the Hawaiis tried to knock
that cf most of the time,- With. one
gone and the -leases full, and 'three
runa oTer the plate, the hook' was a p-
..W J A. . f 1 . m
pjiea la iii Putiiros, woo went to second
base, Williamson shifting to. ahortrF.
Joseph golng'frpm first to catch, and
Ia ilere from catcher to the box and
J'lizer taking first while Bushnell got
Jnto left Meld -vTnis was only the be-glnnln-
cf n series cf shifts that had
,n::i Raposo using both hands to make
: f- nny marksUn the score, book. ' La
l!?re opened by .wnllln? two roen
y ' 'Ji, Inrthe-ecrrestrJ ,conCrJon"-ot
th? traffic, inear.t two runs.' " Then he
V' " rsn, and the next took first on
a-Uma'g cl;:ice hfch failed to nail
hc runner at the r-IUe. ,The next
two men were out butwhen the dam
age was estimated,-it was found that
two hlta. one error, one sacriflcefour
passes, two men hit by pitcher' and a
stolen base, , had resulted In x the fat
total of seven runs. ;'
' La Mere hit the first man up In the
nexl ".frame, .and then allowed two
hits in a row.-, Captain Bushnell again
gave the high sign, and went into the
sweat-box himself, putting La Mere
back at the "opposite point I sending
Joseph ; back to first and putting ; M.
. Ornellas Into left Twelve hits and
ten runa in 6 1-3 Innings, was Bush-1
Maul bowlers took two out of three
me from the Honolulus In rolling
off the tie for the InteHsland cham-
nik'GCir ATl'ESTPOIill
pionship cup last , Wednesday night, pionship eleven, elected a captain
Scores received from Maui this morn- for next year, the West Point mill
ing show .that Deinert carried off the tary academy is already looking for
honora for hii i team wlth.a tourot ward to another successful year on
ui. vwmuswwm:, ua lugu the gridiron in 1914 i
J?6 V,V - v - VfH vWhen ' the players - arrived home
; J2 wWle Fran scored 551 Theictory over the NavyVas attn
. for,hlgh toUL. ,: nted tQ tne Uct that the team p,ayed
' r eft9 new football against the old style.
umeieiwa iven much Praise
I Sifh - M f -0Pf the team
V vTie- ic7 'i8 ir ico form despite the fact that the Navy
888 813 8302531
; Honolulu.
Clark . . .
Itktow .
Gear ...
Winne ..
" Franz
. .
. 182
168 531
158 158
is si
1S8 651
19 .187
859 930 7952584
-Tiio Philippine bureau of forestry
reports that American and European
lumbermen are trying to secure-large
and regular shipments of Philippine
'woods, mainly tor cabinet making. .
3:00 o. m.
Reserved seats on sala In Sportlat
Goods Department, E. O. HALL
CON. LTD.-. . '
fncir hitter dcsc, but he stuck game-
iy to the Job until the seventh In
ning, when Souza let an easy throw go ,
right through his bands when a man I
was being run down between third :
and home. Bushnell gave one look: of
disgust at the offender, took off his
; glove, and strode through the piay-
I ers' entrance without another word.
wordy warfare.
The fibres :
P. A. f!.
Sousa, 3b ....... S
FwInton. cf 2
Wiramnon. 2b-ss.4
J. Ornfillas, rf . .S
Busfcnell, ssp-lf. .3
Freitas, n
La Mere, cpc ...s
MdHmii n 2h ' "a
A; Josenh, If., ... .0
Fllzer. Ib t
M. Ornellas. If ..2
F, Joseph, lb-c..4"3
.....28 4 2 24 11 4
En' Sue, cf ..... .3
Ayau; ss ?..;...',. 4
ChUUngwortb; Sb:4
Fernandez, lb ;,.6
Joyr p t.r.-ti. . i .4
Franco, c :.. .....6
A. Desha, rf .....4
AO It BH SBPOA Fm : , . m m
D.' Desha, If :,,.3 3 A 0 1 0 01 ? BY
Asam; i2b-.;..;,4 -2-2' o - 2 -H fr;-
';-? ';;. ' -I BOSTON
. ' Totals 1;.V. 38, 18 J7 3 27 12 2WnnM
u Hits and .runs innings: ; J the foreign $nampionships nave -peen
P. A, C4 nuns..O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0j rather :ueglef tod. lately in, this col-
BastiiUa.AU) V0 1 3VUi'.lHoweTfonjadrIng- the rath
Hawaii,: Runs. .73 1 0 '12 !4 J ki9 J er; haphazard ; way in hlm toe most
vrtaoA. hi, a - i a i n 9 -i V-Ii?f of . these are. reported, by -cable, It re-
SuwmaryOff TedIros2 rnlti
runa t out off La Mere 2 hits 2 runs
2 out cf Bushnell 12 hlta 10 runs in
C 1-3 Innings, off Freitaa 1 bit 2 runs
in 1 24Jnuings; hlt br p
Swlnton 2, Ayau, Joy; two-base Tilts,
La , Bere, ' Ayau, Fernandet. 1 En Sue;
Sacrifice hits,- Medeiros, Apau; ChlU
lingworth,, A; - Desha;'-sacrifice fly
Chillingworth, AT Desha; double plays.
Asam to Ayau, Medelros to La Mere,
En Sue to Ayau, oy to Franco to
mt.f.ia;...w.'' a .n. ff Mfthree strokes separated them when
delros, off La Mere 3, off Bushnell
l, tff Freitaa lr off Joy 3; struck out
by;' Me'delros 0, " by La 'Mere 0, by
Bushnell 3,"by-Freitas 0; by Joy 7;
wild pitches, Joy 1, Bushnell " 1, Frei
ta s i;: f Umpires, Stay ton and Bruns.
Time of game. -1 hour and 58 min-
t&y Latest Mail
WEST: POINT. With V. E. Prltch-
ard, quarterback on this year's chain
a ucviueo iotui i va win
Pritchard and Merrillat are regard
ed as the real heroes of the day. es
pecially the latter, who gave a won
derful exhibition of end playing and
.showed special proficiency in the
' handling of the forward pass." That
team anould win by the one-sided
Bcore " 22 to 9 is especially pleasing
,w me caaeis as u leaves no question
88 t0 superiority of their team.
flirmsbeu the m-lles for tbe,
Honolulu Cook Book.
. , , '
of OOd cooking,
been i'OUiniletl from the
recipes published from time to
time in tbe Home Department
of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
It's a splendid Christ man pres
ent. There were five schools and 150 pu-
pils in the Brooklyn kindergartens or-
ganized by Superintendent W. H. Max -
well 15 years ago; now there are 40,-
000 chUdren in the kindergartens of
Greater New York.
c'v,;;r';;;,. ; .;-,
d lirAitcDQ mmif mi Ainmmir1 Annnrr.ATihni fiic l'finmicfiQ oTriiiru Tn i'nni
; U. HrtLILIlUHUW llvnllutinlViillm'I nUUUtUrtllUl 1IIL WULtlU LUUUli 1U Ulli
Fight fans and sporting enthusiasts
in general have warmed up fast to
the baxing card that will be staged
at the Infantry Amusement Hall,
Schofkld Barracks, tomorrow night,
and indications point to a good audi
ence to rewa'rd the- efforts of the
management and the fighters.
The principals In all the bout3have
been training hard fcr days past, and.
as usual in fights under the auspices
ot the army, will enter the ring in
j;ood condition, guaiantee that a fast
mill will result
Carlin arid Bud V!rs have
trained faithfully for the return match
in which Waiters promises to show
h?s liiends that he has a punch to de
liver. Betting still shades in favot
of Carlin, according to reports from
the big post, but Walters has plentv
of bacKers. The purse is to be ihi
75 per cent to the winner and 23 to
the loser.
1 Turnbull and Stephens are to fight
winner-take-all and this bout will be a
hot one from start to finish, accord-;
ing to prospects.
"SmiTlng" Pinncli and Sandy Hyle are
n fine thape and should go eight rat
tling rounds as they appear to be
well matched.
Woods and Battling Howard of the
25th Infantry are new men at ocho
field but thqse who have watched
them work out,; as well as those: who
know their reputation, believe this
mill will b one of the best of the
evening -and will ..boost the.men in
the colored regiment ; ' ,
(By Latest Matll
We have been so - much
with events near: home that
tng , voai js ,iireQy: iuiowu: uuxuj
We sDoke lately of 'Duncan's splen-
World tournament;-and now .wish to
make some comments on' his further
success ia;winning .the. open cham
pionship ot lrance.- Once - more we
find Braid glclose second to his bill-
the last scores were handed in; Sher
lock being close behind, with Massey
one shot : niore. The holder, , Jean
Graisiat waaaway down' tne list be-
takes In putting, which department
f k . to whr hnth
cf the game' seemed to bother both
Massey and Braid though both of
them are usually very good on the
green. - . ' " " '
Although he did not win, there was
one man who shared the honors of
the tournament with Duncan an
amateur at that - H. D.: Gillies' of
Woking. Possibly It Is unprecedent
ed that an amateur should have led
the field for three out of four rounds
of a professional championship, but
this Is what made Mr. Gillies the sen
sation of this tournament In .the
first round his 75 was equaledid&nly
by Rowland Jones, who, by the way,
is one of he finest golfers in Great
Britain and does not receive half the
outs'.de recognition he deserves.
After that Mr. Gillies reigned su
preme until the last round and had it
not been for a -bad beginning in it
he might have startled the world as
Oulmet did.
Led First Day.
At the end. of the first day's play
he was 151, Qherlock 153, Grassiat
ami Braid 155, Massey 156 and Dun
can one stroke more. The best work
of this round was Sherlock's brilli
ant 74, which redeemed his 79 of the
morning. As three of the tees were
put forward on the second day this
score was practically the finest of
the tournament and better than the
73 made in the third round by Dun
can. This card gained five strokes
for Duncan from Mr. Gillies In spite
of the fact that the latter accom
plished the last five holes In 3, 3, 4,
2, 3, which was marvelous golf on
this long course.
Leading Duncan by only one .stroke
and Sherlock by three, the amateur
started out on the last round, but
met a handicap at the very first hole
when two bunkers cost him a seven.
Nevertheless he played up so well
that at the thirteenth he had still the
chance to tie Duncan s 74 by nnish-
ng in par ngures. inoi oemg me
man of 8teer that Oulmet is,' he
missed two shots at the next and
Biimiiugiy euueu me iuuuu, tuuui
fifth place in
spite of the costly 8Z
Mr. Gillies endeared himself to every
oue by his generous refusal to accept
any plate in place of the prize money
he was entitled to by being fifth, say
ing tbe pleasure of the competition
had been so great he needed nothing'
to remind him of it. Needless to say
his sportsmanship was gTeatly appre-
J elated by the professionals, who were
' all loud in praise of the splendid golf
he had played.
H. H. Hilton has said that although
he did not win the British champion
2 3 , A 0 A. . . ...... '. 7
Wltii onl .1 Hi;j:h tA Uvi ii h
cccuireti wi:?i in? aM,;rM o kfcirj
uver the ..t r at Pl?.HnrN r. .an
accident that riypel one cf ; the pon
toons and dislocated a propeller, Tom
Gunn demonstrated yesterday alter
noon to a crowd of sevpral fcnndre!
ifce feats accompKshablcila Ms hydro
plane. JT;
Gunn made two tlighti Durirs the
first he remained,". in tbe v fu'ly 20
minutes, cl: cling aboutfshow'.n hf'.
lerfeet control over 'the; Sir ;cifs;,It
was when he descended on ibis flight
that the' sHgbt ; accidelH'jpttSurrr' .
After the machine -.psn beet i re
paired, he made his seeoM ascension,
this tinie dressed as' Sent' dapsVith
a large bag of prise packages', which
he tossed one by one to 4hfr' crowd of
ppectators. "s . '-.t: ;
Altogether it was a very pleasant
afternoon , Theie wtreiTyallit'races.
swimming marches and frotorboat
sueed feats. Dot - II:fownedrby the
Hedemann brothers, sbojr
harbor for a- haif hour t
a yaxc ot
m mtlna an Knhr";-
1 ivX-1--
i Lit i mo
f NEW VORK -A - bpinbsbon iwaa
thrown; Into! the ranfaL'oCthit "Base
ball 'Playersr5 Fraternity;' whent It
camo . Knowntbat - the .wdrld's cham
pion Athletlcsas a -body, had desert
ed 'the orj&antxatlon iri its struggto to
obtain numerous concessions tronaf the
inajbr -nd i minors league. " It was
learned tnat ! tfie AthleUcsaU of
whom, are' members of thV fraternity,
had refused ,polnt .ManVtd ; subscrlbo
their .names , to,the. J&u ot seventeen
demahda.rafted hy President :;'FuIU
When the- Athletics .oetamfr, mem-
Jbers cof . the vfrateraity fthey imaijlec U
cleat'that If ,th ofganixation,attegipt.
ed to carry' out. a Plant that) might
prove detrimental teethe - Interest) of
their ' manager; Connie; Mack,: - they
would not indorse At ' When ;Fulti'a-
list of demands, therefore;; was sent
ta the Athletics recently, the players
turned ,lt,.down, on the . ground .ihat
they, had. no grievances, and:!that ..lt
would be .grossly unfair ;ioS MapkV to
assume a; hostile stand. 'Tliere: was
no exception to the ruIe--every mem
ber of the world champions stood
firm.-- . J ' v'-'
.Another y piece " of news - which; will
b fu V t hrHn
that Thomas J. Lynch, the reUring
president of the league, might be ire
taihed as chief Of the umpire stajf,
inasmuch as he has had . wide experi
ence in that line. ButYthere "w'as'lnft
definite plan to appoint' him . to hat
position. The' matter Vas discussed
undfllcially by several club Wnersv '
Consideration of the demands of the
players as presented through"f their
fraternity by David Fultz, their pres
ident, will furnish lively ... discussion
for the National League 'conferees.
The International League -took up the
demands recently. The league regard
ed them- generally as objectionable
and deferred action, giving notice that
it would wait action by the National
Baseball Commission and the Na
tional Association of Professional
Baseball Clubs.
The International League formally
awarded the 1913 championship pen
nant to Newark. The next season
Will open on April 15th.v with - To
ronto playing at PrcdenfiaY, Mon
treal at Jersey City, Buffalo at Balti
more and Rochester at Newark.
The league discussed, but took no
action on, the proposition that an
interleague post-series be arranged
with the American Association, the
regular season of each league to close
August 15th, and every International
League team to play every American
Association team three series. Presi
dent Charles H. Ebbets of the Brook
lyn National League club addressed
the meeting. -
ship that he considered Duncan the
man of the year among the profes
sionals of Great Britain. Personally
I consider the same may be said
about the plucky and brilliant . Wo
king amateur. Mr. Gillies began the
year by capturing the St George's
vase in a startling fashion. When it
came to the amateur championship
he disposed of C. B. Macfarlane, one
of the hardest men to beat and not
content with this he put out one of
the most famous and picturesque fl&
ures in the golfing world. Edward
Blackwell, at the nineteenth hole. Jt
was only after one of the most- ex
citing struggles in the tournament,
memorable for extra hole i matches,
the Intrepid Woking player '- went
down at the nineteenth to H.'; H,: Hit
ton, and on this splendid showing; t
consider him worthy of the foremost
place among the British amateurs
for 1913. .
Three Chinese are v among those
studying forestry af the New.'Tork
Ptat College of Forestry, . Syracuse,
fllllLLUUU 1
win I
With Bill Rosa playing at quarter
back, and a much heavier line than
haa been played previously, the sec
ond Town Team defeated a team from
Fort Dc R ussy Saturday afternoon on
Alexander Field by the score of 1C to
2. The soldiers appeared the strong
cr team in the first half, and made
good gains, but in the last. period the
junior Townles started things -going
at a great rate, with tne result that
they came out in the lead when the;
tin.e was up.
The Towaies made most of their
gains by long end runs by Cockitt
and Parker, the heavy line of. the sol
diet's proving a stone wall : when it
came to bucks: A number of forward'
naKRPft wpi-a triprt bv both teams bat!
the majority of them were uncomplete
ed. The soldiers' only score came In'
the' first half, -when they got through
and . blocked the Town " Team kick::
which was recovered bemna inc., line
by a Town man. ' , ' i- .-V-In
the second half the leather - re-
fwrttliJT"'thr territory the
greater part o
ras put over: the lino by their oppon
ehtsr'Anrback kicking one goat The
other thcee points, were made, by
Aurback, wrho made a neat kick from
placement ! - ? ! . vj',, .
Tne Team that' was defeated by the:
junior Town squad; played a tio game
with v the : marines and since'., the
Tqwnies were ' defeated ;by ; the' Ma-:
rines by the steaadt). they now
feel that they Sdei Anal i?a return
game with thest aid thK X.Very
ana s oue . u v
Christmas Day,- -tv,
In spite of reports to the. contrary,'.
Robinson" was engaged by the Brook-M
lyn-Iub before John McGravr knev
what was(n the wind.' The loss of
the veteran coach Is considered a hard'
blow for' the Giants.-; Baseball men
Relieve that McGraw will miss Robin-)
sop for many ireasons-t The; big fellow
was invaluable as wcuraw a fnieaa-;
vfscr. ad as a coach for the pitchers.!
TRe Giants in usf develop - AeyeraU
j cung boxhien in the near future and
afJhrfiult :adlf fisulitnlat
ter to Obtain a coach possessing" Xt-
insona remarkable skllL Mathewson,1
U is expected, will ; take up Robinson's j
line or work ana me anay attain i ex
cellent results. :. Matty will go to Mar-Hn-
late in February to assume control
of the Giants who are to Uke part
In the world'a tour.
4 Pete Stanley wafits to hook up with
some husky' middleweight," and ' chal
lenges any i45: pound man in the isl
ands. - The : sooner they answer, "the
letter he will be pleased, says Stan-
Fleishhacker Interests- Behind
Big Consolidation of Con-,
cerns in the "North - f r
By Latest Mall 1. - ) ',
SEATTLE, -Plans for the reorganiz
ation of the Ocean Fails Pulp and
Paper Company of. British Columbia,
which was- closed - following a suit
brought by the Crane Company cf
Chicago and - the - , Diamond Rubber
Company, and amalgamation with -the
IoWell River; Pulp and Taper :Coxxn
pahy of British Columbia, whose plant
is sixty miles north of Vancouver, B.
C. and in successful cperatlon, c the
Crown Paper , Company of Portland,
Or., and the Quatsino Sound Pulp Com
pany the whole to ,be hacker, interests
of San Francisco, have 1eeq approved
by the English debenture holders, pf
tbe Ocean Falls.. Company at a meet
ing held In London J.- Hammlltoa
Benn, a member of the British House
cf Commons, - Is on his 'way to San
Francisco to ; execute the" agreement
Herbert Fleishacker Is started to.1e
president and. largest shareholder; In
the Crown Paper Company, and his
brother, Mortimer ; fleishacker, ; and
William Pierce ' Johnson "of San Fran
criso are directors or . or heavy stock
holders in the other ,eoncernsk -This
combination would control -the Pacific
Ccast pulp and paper industry on both
tides of the International . boundary
-: The Ocean ; Falls concern owns 'an
Uiormous pulp holding Along" U north
ern coast It Is' mostly 'nndeveloped,
through about i $4,000,000: Jn;; i British
shareholders' money has been ; invested
in erecting i sawinilL. wharves, ofilcea,
ote, . and ; ; equippiag thenusyrhere; are
S0.000 acres of tlmberland, i valuable
water ' powers,! etej& 'X'$tW'
By the " provisional ; tagreemcn't the
group of Padfio Coast piUIlEts bsve
now - guaranted ..0, per .- cent of the
bonds of the.; Ocean '. Falls Cotrmpany
andVwlli Immediately supply 15,00,000
for a paper plant
The only way to manage .'a .'fJlshty
husband or a flighty horse Is to giv3
mm his head; as soon as he feels that
he is FREE, and the excitement; las
worn loff,5' you-can pulLhisl in ai:i:nt
and he will itrot. along as cjtlstly ;a3
-Ithoush' nothing had happened- v.
Soccer Standing.
1st Field Art
National Guard ...
. The. regular Saturday, double head
er of the ; Hawaiian Association Foot
ball "League, played at the lower
Punahou. '.field Saturday ; afternoon,
resulted In- one close and one : easy
victory. The f scattering crowd - of
soccer enthusiasts that " turns out
regularly for the sport was on hand
as usual, but the games are not draw
ing as well as they should Possibly
this la due to the fact that the league
management, while deploring tlie
lack ? of . local' In tereat . In soccer,
makes no effort to secure the publici
ty that rwoutd increase i the - attend
ance. There ;' la;; an : apathetic'- spirit
on the soccerites that does not make
for 'success, v ; ... n r -
; The opening .'game , Saturday be-
Malles and the National
Guard, was a one-sided affair that re
sulted -in an easy; win for the more
experienced - Malles, 6 to 1. ;c ; : i
The - closer, between the . Beavers
andi the 1st Field Artillery;- saw the
defeat of the ''crack. Schofleld Bar
racks eleven. 2 to 0. , This gamo was
fast and interesting throughout'. '
r On Christmas :: Day, an : Al-Scotch
team will play : the- Rest, .end from
present Indications this should f prove
one of the classiest' soccer: contests
ever seen in tba: Hawaiian Islands.
Both teams have a number of strong
players In-the line-up, and a hot fight
Is , anticipated. The ; game . jill be
called j at f 2 :30; on the lower, punahou
field.' :-. ii.r; ;"- : v ; s . ' ::.:
Jim'Hoao Is out with a challenge, to
fight-KHsner of the 1st lnfabtry, as
soon I as , the; latter: can prepare him
self -for a ring engagement . iKIlsner
has announced 'his. desire tp inet
waller riszczea. again, ana iioao 13
afUt4,U-,samaf maa.' PJszczckow-
even says : thaChe . In going on fur
lough, and -thai ne, doesn't , care . to
fight until he returns. .' He sggesled
that the two men who., ard anxious t to
fight him -settle- their, dlfferinc- in
the ring, and to this lloao has agreed
HeJ is! waiting to hear" from j Kilsner
on ,ihe' subject--,:.";
The Coast Defense' team registered
a second win over the 23th Infantry
Saturday ! afternoon, the big gunners
going out to Leilehua and playing the
doughboys on their own grounds. ' It
was a good game, better than any ex
hibition that the 25th has given in Ho
nolulu, and a big crowd was on hand
to- see the sport. Lawson . and Jasper
were ' both In fine - form having only
one shaky Inning each. The former,
however, was touched fori only , four
safe ones, while the 25t& man allow
ed " 8. i': :.' ';' :' '
Score by. innings: ; i :
C. JX''.'1 Runs..0 0 0 4 0 6 .0 0 04
-V- V : f. HitS..l 0 0 4 0 0 0 2 18
25th InL' Runs. .1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
;y..:.V;. V'Hlts..2 0 0 0 0 20 0 04
Star-Balletln glres jou ALL the news.
72 I.
v. . V
- - . - ' ' ' - . J..
; .
Mr 'WXs
1 : W 1 if ' HVh-
', 1 1 mi , .1 1 ixitfrr:
Punahou and pepper begin with the
same letter, but the resemblance. be
'tween the two stopped right there, so
far as last Saturday's game at Ath
letic , Park between Al Caatle'i ball
team, and the Chinese was concerned.
The Puns have a classy line-up. and
the men can play ball as individuals,
? but they,' are wcefully - lacking In ag
- gresslve, tactics when it comes to a
shard:fought game Tot that they are .
; yellowfar front. It. t But rather .that :
.they are too-easy going as ball-team,
and that the: fighting; spirit is lack-;
f ing." i.'.-.Ciw :- ;- .. .t -..t
l v Saturday's game was a fairly good "
i one to watch, but it would have tea ,
a better. one if the Puns had gone aft-
er it harder. There were somo bril
liant. plays, And some classy ficIJIr,'
('and the fans went away feeling that
the .Mid-Pacific Winter League had
opened ; auspiciously. - The Punahous
should have brought la a couple more
runs, but their base running was not
-of a high order, and they lost several .
chances to increase their run total. :
The Chinese scored . in the third,
when with one gone Ayaa was safe, on
a fielder's choice, and scord on Lai .
Tin's three bagger. The latter sprain- ,;
;ed hlsjsakle goKig into the bag, and
bad to be helped off the Held, but his
substitute runner scored on I Akana's
single. ; . Tins r injury necessitated a
shift, Apau being put on first, while A,
Akana went to second, Kan Yen gotn
to thirds v Incidentally Apau handled
11 chances without an error, and play
ed the bag in good style. - One each.
In the sixth, eighth and ninth, com
pleted the Chinese scoring. . - -.
In the sixth Sadtler was safe on Kan
Ten's error, was-' sacrificed to' second,
and scored on Lyman's double to left.
The other .Punahou run enme ia -the
eighth, when C Hocgs w3 safe on a
.fielder's -choice, and ? scored . on " Ly
man's ..drive to left which got ' by
Akana. ? ..-', '
Foster Robinson pitchcl a r.!n
game' for'-the winner, allc v!- ? fr:r
'hits, "fanning .'three and p. cr.-'.
j Castll- was effective fv.r tha c;r; ..t .r
(.part;. of the'gane. -Ifo-waa tcuc!:r;l
for eight hits and .faanc I t - - .
; . Score by inniji?5?: -.' '
Chinese i1 ' Kiina.. 0 0" 2 0 0 1
HIt3l 0 2 0 1 0 0
Punahou:..nu:.i.;0 c' 0 (Jot o
Jiit3. .0 o o i l l o
1 o i
z&i'ify..-!?-. ' '
'Those' who 'were not lucky enough
to witness thegreat swlnniir. c'.ura
plonsblps -held In the Sutro Latha cn
the ' Fourth of last July will have a
chance' of seeing the meet through tha
aid of tbe:moTies. Director Coffman
of the - Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation has procured from tha Cau
montv Moving Picture Company iT;o
reels containing Uhe' scenes : cf the
meet and will throw them on a Icrecu
on Friday night at the Y. IL C A; iu
dltorfBm. The . films are cf ungual
clearness; and clearly show tha great
record races in which five Coast rcv
ords. otfe v world's record and - an
American, record were, shattered. The
famous' Duke Kahanamoku Is caught
In all his races and the keea-ccrrv v
tition clearly, shown S. r-L'u;: -
4 Qver 25,000 Christmas tree V hav a
been sent from the forests of Oreson
. to California .
vr- -.-. rt-:Cy f,&r;ji!z?.!&
V .i ,-;
:t v
4. . - -.

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