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cOtsSJ L'A
: Gewral Fmlerick Funston i soon to 1k in
iho. thickest of it again. Hawaii will rojjnt to
loso tliis capable commanding officer of the de
partment, .with hi straight-from-the-Khoiilder
t act i en and h is efficiency; Inl ti f Miereis goi ng to
lo any trouble in Mexico, any little unpleasant
now along the border or even further toward
tlio interior which requires a man of nerve and
( ourage, Fnnston will not be wasted. lie will
1 -o, there and JJncleJ Sam iill ?le ocpmplislnng
: ome modern miracles irf bilitary achievement
Close ; scrutiny of the proposed Republican
; arty rules fails to reveal the presence of a pro-
i sion that jthe Staruljetlng in common' with
. ; any active pari J members, J regards as Jabso
;.:tely essential. 'y-:'-- vv ; " "
The party orpanizatims should he expressly
roh ibitcd from faking-part uy the primary earn
, ifjn s as bet xreen can d idates for n 6m ination on
'. r Repidrtiean ii&ctS: y x . : '
Many months ago thU papers tatod ite opin
:i tlmt real observance of the spirit of , the di
rt primary lawmeans that-the primary cam
ion must le waged on the basis of the merits
I he various candidates, uninfluenced by party
II of any kind. That opinion has been repeat:
several times since and a canvass in; the last
v d ays of representative Republicans revea Is
::animous support for the idea. . ' I
For the territorial, committee, or any county
amittee, to'enter into the' )Viinary campaign,
rowing its influence: and its power forf or
; i nst a candidate or- eaiid Hates on the party
'a t, is notonlv 'a return ..to'theoutfrorn m'eth
' ; in vogue under the convention system, put
in the firm opinion of this paper, directly in-
!c al to party success." Factional fights before
ticket lias leen nominateel always mean fae
. a 1 f i ghts duri ng the campaign afterwards.
: t n ess the last ountapajji !
It the Republican territorial and county com
' ! cos wish to preserve tUeic, Strength and the
;ect of the voters, they wilt hold aloof while
1 primary campaign is progress, let.nie win
48 different tate.H, two-thirds f wlmli nuinlier
would have to ratify it lxfon its provisions
would become a part of tlie federal constitution.
The Hobson resolution has leen taken as a huge
joke ly many in the liquor trade. Rut is it such
a joke with the wave of reform fluctuating as it
: One of these vivid signs of the times that the
liquor interest are recognizing is the movement
in favor of national legislation on the subject.
For many years stanch advocates of prohibition
have differed widely on the question of how to
secure it. Local option In various forms, state
legislation amfnational legislation each has its
sincere; followers.
Now the sentiment in favor of national legis
lation is manifestly growing fast. Here is an
AKrwnntpn Pppssi nmrs irfm whirli nrnves it:
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 3. After rejecting a proposi
tion to endorse the demands of the Anti-Saloon
League for an amendment to the federal constitu
tion providing for nation-wide prohibition, members
,J.'of the: Progressive' party in Ohio in conference here
, today -took a. less drastic stand on that subject, fa
voring submission to the states of an amendment to
the federal constitution granting to the national Con
"' gress, power to deal with the problem.
It; is national legislation now proposed for
Hawaii, in. the (Ironna bill. Even some of the
most jealous upholders of state's rights are com
ing to believe that national legislation to curb
the liquor evil is not only justified but proper.
.. "Governor Pinkh.am is taking his time alout
making appointments to the big positions in his
cabinet.' However, tjie names that have been
mentioned as probabilities for office are about
the best jthat could. be selected, if changes must
beVmadev ? D. E. Metzger would hold down the
position' of territorial secretary with ability and
dignity. A letter' man : could not be selected
from the Democratic ranks. Another good Dem
ocrat and one who would make a success of liis
administration, if appointed, is H. W. Kinney,
the editor Tjof the Hilo Tribune. If any change
Sust le made in tlie public instruction; depart
ment, Finney should get the position of superin-
, Maui county .supervisors, faced with an emp-
t!ie Republican voters at large decide on the ty treasury, have decided to make a ten per cent
rainees for office, anthngt behind ( thosG -cut m the salaries of coufaty employes. Accord
:unees with an energy linhamp Maui News, the county fathers decid-
ling factional alliaiices made before ; the in automobiles or high-
ainating primary
Tho rules now proposed are designed td ob
: vc the spirit of tho flirect primary.; law.
y inference it can be supposed that the organi
priced machinery.
A mainland agricultural college has a scheme
to make the lowly but useful hen increase the
4 r,.r. Vv I.Ann nni nf iAmtnn!. nnm J IMnKfl1Vn ? O t i n 1 1 1 rrll f I O r I flarl'tlOCO
ign. -Rut inference and supposition l are not j which the coops will be furnished two days in
aigh. The prohibition should be down in black every 24 hours, the purpose Iwing to deceive the
1 white, where every voter can read it and . hen into working double shifts. The experiment
ow that in this1 rcspect4heiRepublican party, W by the ultimate
finitely pledges itself against ;the-Tolitics ofconsiimer;
icLs and trades and in favor of the politics of!
acre every .manjs Toleqriieca Ilalf a dozen indictments against Johnny Kcv
ihes nominated wortli)jost!as"m have been dis:
le of the next man.;
Events now are propitious f or.Republicanism
missedy but there .are still enough left to keep
him busy for awhile, particularly with Special
this; territory- Democracy is getting. lesslPn,ecutor reckons on the trail. Kealoha has
nouteu ine lawtiong enougn.
opular every ;dayr
: tride to the front with nlans for the future
! iKod on "the new primary law, unequivocal and "Another Murder Caused by Liquor," says a
I rca thine the doctrine of the rule of the neoole. headline in the morning paper, the same paper
w ' - mm ' I a. a. til lVl Wall Vfks 4" O O TAO ItTl nrt Ollf irA 1 AnTIA
i Use party win do m a commanding position iv,,M " tf1'" un.- ui-ira-
i;?xt November. ' . eating the anti-booze agitation as being "untime
, The liquor interests "of the country have
waked to tlie strength of the ant i-liquor move
ment and areplamlyhowing their; fear of the
outcome! In thft November issue brtne Korth
American Wineind Spirit 'Review, is the follow
ing comment in the leading wiitorial :
IIow inany men in. the liquor business realize
yhat therpassing of the Hobson resolution in
Congress for a
Afternoon hons are here. All we need
to le entirely up-to-date is a iujHtanJtffnigettJ
movement ana an army or unemployed.
nation-wide prohibition would
V i,.'. - i i
rosnliuinn n'tm iY'carwl in IVn.
If this rtsolption was paftsed in Con
grrss-itTwpiild;hen le submitted in turn to them's certainly still tiresonu
Carelessness in handling a 'shotgun is about
on a par; with ignorance of the fact that it's
It's agood deal more comfortable in a Mexi
can revolution than a Japanese eruption.
Thaw is regarded as siill dangerous. His rase
I UliUlL UUlllLU
iiu Fnnisf fps
( nccsDTuniiAFfi:
1 H tl Hill:
. - 1 -
oes is subsiding. The Hawaii Shinpoj ceived. The list of subscribers to
carried the following message from
"The eruption of Sakurajima. al
hoogh .going on, is reported decreas
- Ing. but as yet it has been Impossible
( to make a thorough investigation in or-
aer lo.ascenam ine exact loss of lire
date is as follows
Previously acknowledged 5362.50
T. Kunikiyo 25.00
Higaki studio 10.00
K. Uyeda 7.50
Tengudo Watch Co 5.00
Union Grill 25.00
and property. : More than nine vU-' Motoshige Drug Co 10.00
lagea, each having a population of H. Kishi 10.00
aknnt IfWW) iwrmm are tiU In h. Pnotlo fnnto 9.0 00
. eea deeiroyed I Smith 10.00
Throurh thA afforta rt th JTannnoaa Palmrni Sptttpmpnt 15 00
- ' " rTx;CTift nora . tha'- turA - ffti,ha muff-. IT Vitl-anVa inflftft
(Continued from pace ,on)
era from the Tolcanlc disaster is rap- Nippu Jiji
Idly growing. Castle, and Cooke haTe T. Kono . . v
ire to the effect that, the eruption Increased the fund ; with ,a contry)u- Tanaka Brplhers
! 'atake v-. ind ' oeighborlng" U-olcan- -tiou of 5250, the largest ,taus far re N. Matsuda . .V. .
The Star-Bulletin invitt-a free and
frank' discussion in this column on all
legitimate subjects of current interest
Communications are constantly re
ceived to which no signature is at
tached. This paper will treat as con
fidential tlgnatures to letters if the
writers so desire, but cannot give
pace to anonymous communications.
Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin,
Sir: A great effort is now being
made In a great many cities of the
United States to disinfect the; water
and with a considerable amount of
There are several methods employ
ed to kill the bacteria and to remove
other impurities which are found iu
water, and particularly in surface wa
ter, or water that flows from fields,
mountains, etc. and which gathers up
go much refuse matter and deposits
it in the reservoirs.
The proper filtration of impure wa
ter through sand is said to remove
95 to 99 per cent of the bacteria from
the water, but even this method leaves
enough of this substance to be a men
ace to inhabitants.
Light and oxygen, chlorine, ozone
and ultra-violet light and other meth
ods are also being used in various
cities of America for cleansing the
water. The ozone method for steril
izing water which is more in use in
Europe is trsed with success. The
ozoned' air Injected into the water is
usually affected by pressure, and is
absorbed by the water; and some of
the plants will handle 10.000,000 gal
lons per day but it is not in general
use as yet.
The chlorine process is more gen
erally used in America and there are
quite a number of cities that are using
it extensively. It is usually used as
bleaching powder, and it takes but .5
per cent to 1 per cent when applied
to the water, and the cost is said to
be only 6 cents for each 1,000,000 gal
lons (treated. This method is used
after the water' is filtered, sand filters
probably being used. At the Cincin
nati filtration plant 500,000,000 gallons
of water were treated in this way In
four months and it was proved to be a
great success.
; Liquified chlorine gas' Is also used
for this purpose. It is not generally
known just how. this, substance de
stroys the bacteria wfcen applied to
water, but it is thought'.tt may be by
the "action of nascent qxygen, and to
the energy of this reaction."
tfow Hawaii is certainly up to date
in many things, but weare very far
behind In others, and though we have
at times the most impure, if not the
most filthy water of any city that 1
have ever known of, not one, -so far as
anyone has. earL haay ihflgghfc of ater
iliiing or filtering or cleansing it by
any scientific, manner by the5 govern
ment. But surely it Is abouttiine to
give this matter some consideration,
and to adopt some method of purify
ing it. For everyone will admit that
this is one of the most serious ques
tions and one that is of the most im
portance to the welfare of the people
of this city. And if it can be shown
that water can'. be purified for 6, or
even 60 cents for 1,0.00,000 gallons,
something' should be done about It.
It is said that only about one-fourth
of the water is surface water, and
therefore it Is iot as if the total
amount was to be passed through this
Another mistake is me mixing of
the pure water with the impure, but
under the present circumstance there
is probably no help for it
Very truly yours.
X. Y. Z.
Honolulp, T. H.. Jan. 19.
Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Sir: A Korean steals some good
wire and is convicted. The court
sends him to jail for five years at
hard labor. A police officer who
knows the law, robs a prisoner, beats
him up and only loses his job. If he
is guilty, why don't the sheriff pros
ecute him under the more serious
charge, or Is it because the Hawaiian
has a vote and the Korean none.
aa ai
The members of the Myrtle Boat
Club were hosts at a dance given at
the Outrigger Club Saturday evening,
it being attended by a large number of
young people who "tripped the light
fantastic" until a late hour. The club
was prettily decorate with flags and
the Myrtle colors, and refreshments
were served.
TTAritaT. . " 3.00
Miyako Shoe Co 5.00
Onishi Candy Co 5.00
Narumiya Dry Goods Co 2.00
Nakawa Dry Goods Co 10.00
T. Murakami 10. 00
Nose store 1.00
Total $S93.50
-JOHNNY MARTIN: 1 want to
suggest that the floral parage be held
ia tho armory and then tlx y cun
cl:argo for that. too.
E. A. MOTT-SMITH: The work
of the public utilities commission is
of absorbing interest and 1 am look
ing forward with real pleasure to the
day when I can devote all of my time
to it.
Republican precinct club should hold
meetings for discussion of the pro
posed Republican rules in connection
with the new direct primary law. The
rules are exceedingly important
bers of Company D. national guard
' of Hawaii, are right on the trail of
those prizes which are to be awarded
at the military tournament next month.
I expect to see them come out in
the lead.
DR. J. S. fi. PRATT: . The recent
high wind may have blown all the
mosquitoes out to sea, but others have
hatched out since. If the people don't
want mosquitoes it is up to them to
see that there is no stagnant water
around their homes.
soon as the necessary arrangements
are made, the people of Honolulu will
be able to purchase iii advance tickets
which will entitle them to seats at
all the carnival events. The "season
tickets" will be sold at $7.50 each.
Have Your Stationery
Reflect YOU
Not only , what i WRITTEN in a let
ter, but what is HUNTED on the letter
sheet, helps make the personality of the
writer impressed on the reeipient.
Have your rorreet and neat Stationery
adorned with a correct and artistic print
ing or cm'Hvssinj; of your name, mono
gram, or address.
Copper-plate engraving, Die-stamping
and correct Stationery can l secured
JACK JOHNSON: If all of Uncle
Sam's fighting boys have the "stay
iug" qualities of the soldier who took
first prize at the amateur contest at
is no fear for the future as to the
outcome of any scrap we may get into.
TOM MERLE: I see Luke Mc
Luke says the people don't go to danc
ing school nowadays to learn the
steps. They go to learn the holds.
If that's true, Mrs. Gunn's The Dan
sant ought to be good practice for
the local Democrats who are dancing
attendance on the new governor.
It required nearly an hour Sat
urday to thresh out the guilt or in
nocence of five yon ng. Poniards, who
were alleged by police officers to have
engaged in the disturbing pastime ot
upsetting garbage cans and , boxes
along the lower part of. King - and
River streets, early this mornings vTne
Castillans engaged Judge Larnacn to
defend them. The- men assured the
court that in chasing a hat, tent sky -ward
by the .wind, one member of the .
party fell orer a well-filled container.
District : Magistrate ; Monsarrat gave
the quintet the benefit of the doubt :
and discharged' them."..' ,' .
. uIOEJLEEZ, ajireman, ot.tfcie rever
nue cutter Thetis, was ashore on .Sat
urday. He says the Thetis is one of
the best ships afloat for the "black
gang" to work.
of the University of Chicago, is ex
pected to arrive here next Wednesday
on the liner Korea, on his way to the
Orient. During his brief visit in Ho
nolulu he will be the guest of local
alumni members of the Beta Theta
Pi college fraternity.'1 Dr. Shepardson
is general secretary of the fraternity
and wVely known in the Greek letter
society world.
connected with the Honolulu fire de
partment in the capacity of assistant
chief, and who left Honolulu recently
in spite of his wife's attempts to re
strain him until he had paid a cer
tain amount of back alimony alleged
due her, is now making a tour of the
eastern states, being last heard from
in Springfield, Mass. According to
the Springfield newspapers, Doering is
enjoying a "four months' leave."
: The Department of Labor has sent
! Supreme Court Clerk - Thompson a
! communication disavowing responsi
bility for a publication recently issued
entitled "Syllabus-Digest of Decisions
Under the Law of Naturalization of
the United States." of which Jerome
C. Shear, chief naturalization examin
er at Philadelphia, is the author.
"The Department advises all whom
it may concern," says the communica
tion, "that it alone has authority to
. determine whether an official publica
tion should be issued in relation to
any law over which it has administra
tive supervision, or what, if such pub
lication should be issued, its contents
should be."
Officers in the steamer Kinau re
port a marked increase in sugar
awaiting shipment on the Garden Island.
For Rent
Piikoi St 3 bedrooms $40
Kalihi off Kam. IV Rd. 3 bedrooms 35
Aloha Lane 3 bedrooms 17
Auld Lane, 3 bedrooms. . .$16. CO
Auld Lane, 3 bedrooms... 16.00
Pua Lane 6.50
For Sale
We have 2 2 acres of land just rrauka of new prison site at Kalihi that
has been divided into 19 lots and which we will sell on easy terms. Call
at our office and see map and prices.
Guardian Trust Co., Ltd.,
205 Bank of Hawaii Bldg.
; .. ; - - . ' t.
on easy
St. The price is
Foft.bet. King and Merchant
Vieira Jewelry Company, 113
Popular Jewelers
tfote St
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co.,
Real Estate for Sale
Building lots near town, on Miller street, $1300 to $2000,
according to size.
Spreckels Tract lots opposite Oahu College, 100x100, for
Acre lots at Fruitvale, Palolo Valley, $600 per acre.
Kalmuki, Ocean View and Palolo Hill lots, $400 and up.
Henry Waterhouse TYust Co.
Cor. Fort and Merchant SU.
I -.
t 4 .i ? ;
, '.if:.
' -' -

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