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General and Mrs. Macomb tea.
A Admiral Huguet and the officers of
2 -v- ( AHu.m v.v
motif for a very charming tea. on
Monday given by General and Mrs. f
Montgomery Macomb. .The arrair was
a delightful example of tropical en
tertaining. ,. It was , held under the
. huge banyan tree whose widely out-.
Btretcbed branches shaded the largo i
lawn. Iced drinks, tea, ceffee, unch,
sanawicneg ana case wcrepiacea at
one's disposal on small tables. The
Infantry band played at the farther
end of the lawn and one chatted anl
nibbled, listened and - laughed 'ani
danced, just as the spirit prompted.
Mrs. C. D.- T. Mocre received with
lira.. Macoirib. . Observed among the
guests were Captain and, Mrs. Edward
Carpenter, General C. It. Edwards,
Captain and Mrs. Francis Hlnkle, Cap
tain and Mrs. Charles Clark. Colonel
W. a Rafferty. lieutenant Ellis Lan
( do. Colonel and Mrs. J. R McDonald,"
k " Miss Lila McDonald. Malor, and
Cr D. B. Case. Miss Betty Case, Mrs. A.
Hocking. F. M. Swanzy, Miss Swanzy, f
Misses Lenihan. Doctor and Mrs.'-J. j
IX Whltbanv Mrs. FV B. McStncker.l
MIsg Julie- McStocker, Mrs. John S.
Johnston, Mrs. S. D. Barnes,' JTaJof
and Ma A. 8. Conkllu, Lieutenant
nnd Mrs. C. Crockett. Colonel and Mrs.
F. W. Reynolds. Colonel and Mrs. P.
M Appel, Colcnel and MrsT.F.iH.
French, and, many others.
Lyons-Martin. Nuptials. ..' j
St. Clement's church was the scene
of a quiet "but charming wedding to
day at nocn when Miss Gertrude Ly
. ons, daughter cf Doctor and Mrs. U
W. Lyons of St. Paul. Minn., became
V f e.v . ?e "c-V .m 7 w
or the 1st Field Artillery. Mrs. J. F.
Janda, a sister of Miss Lyons, served
hs matron or ncnor, wnue tne groom s
brother, Capt C. A. Martin, was best
man. . The Rev. John Usborne
! j a . ' '
attired in a white traveling suit. with
a smart little white hat to match.
Only the famfly and intimate friends
of the young ccunle were present at
h rrf-nr n'"-Hd 'it? Wvfa
nhic'i f-lvWrd. T -'fr--n 'nd Mrs. freest Mrs. Charles! Bon, Mr3.' M.' T. ton, Chester J. Htinn. Wm: A. Clark, "thur Wall in hcncr'.cfj 'Mrs: : Robert
MaTt'n w'll 8v.nd tb?i- bp"vrinB-on lCIe3g. Mrs. J. L. Young, ; Mrs. Ran- j. h. Ellis, W. R. Castle, St C. Lewers whose birthday the affalr.cele
thc Island. Tey will e t br-io ft-r iolph Moore, Mrs. Otto , Bierbach, Mrs;, Say res, :: V. ' V. 5 Dimond,' ' Emil ; ; A. bra ted. Others present'were Mr. and
oril 1 rt S-hrleld.-narra'ia.; where w Gottz, -Mrs. Jehr- Drewi1 Mr? Fred Derndt.' G. H. Gere. Geo. Aneus. Jared Mrs. George Carter, Mr.:aad Mrs. John
the fonrer Is stationed with. his regfc.
ment . - -
Visitor Is Horortd:- -, . : . - ,.. ;r
A very rretty luncheon wag civpn
Jt the Co'onfal Wednesday by Mrs..
Harry Buscher In honor cf her sister
Mrs. James. Paul Denis cf Wisconsin.
vho is a guest at the Young hotel for';8 Deaas' wuon Djr r- J
the wiuter months. , A color scheme xt r1.?; whI,e 6!cn?' ?.n e
lavender and pink was used.. The Tcidery bag, was awarded to Mrs. a
violets and sweetness wli'a maiden-.ea
al fern and similar small basketa
ere used for favors. Covers were f u 1 . "r. " Wlday.Blght ' The' guests -Included -.only
lald for Mrs. James Paul Denis, Mrs ' 1 J? ,?,!1? ! Dinner... -. , v ,' old 2hd Infantry folk, who have been
George Curtis. Mrs. Henry Giles -Mrs!!..., ."Sjtful dinner was given by wltn the Marquart3 for so many years,
G. Wright Mrs. C. B. Hall, Mrs Ar- k UvgU sd?y evfttinS The prizes, four, baskets, were won by
timr ntwmh. im t ou board . the- French cruiser-Mont- rr- W9rnnrt rnt nH -m
the hostess.
Mrs. Lowrey's Tea. . ; ,
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. F.-J.
lxjwrey was hostess at a very beauti
ful "begonia tea" in honor of Mr. and
;.irs. veyerhouse and Mr. and Mr.
licalt of St Paul. All the ..iuiKn
varieties of - begonia, of which Mrs.
Lowrey- has a wonderful collection
net only at her -too on t itirtn
.Etrect but at Ninlko. her Pali resl-
Ionce, were used about the house in
bowls and baskets. Roses also added
their fragrant iuch and splpndid
clumps of maidenhair. The crisp
rink- and . white begonias, however,
were what particularly delighted the
rupfita. rsnor'iiiv w rn
cftDO m' .u. ,7 rrinK carnations made ;
lu this rare state of perfection. " A s-
listing Mrs. Lowrey were Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. Castle. Miss Beatrice
Castle. Mra C M. rw, Mr
ence Cooke, Mrs. Henry Watulk
Miss Nora Sturgeon and Miss Jessie
... . .
Kennedy. w Others present were' Mr.
and Mrs.- A. C. Baumgartner, Mrs,
! w iUiam Matson, Mrs. Barbara Low,
, Miss Lurline Matson, Miss Marie Tv-
. son. Miss Jane Hotaling, Miss Wil-
i.on. Miss nun. Miss Sherman. Mrs
m;e nun fic. c,
E. Carr, Miss Marjory Carr, Mr. and
: Mrs. George Carter, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Marx,
Mrs. Walter Frear, Mr. and Mrs. John)
Krdman, Dr. and Mrs. Erdman. Mr
end Mrs. Robert Lewers, Mr. and Mrs. ' Mra- A. C Baumgartner of Oak
Arthur Wall, Mr. "Stanley Kennedy! land and her sister, Miss Agnes
'Mr. Frederick WIchman, Jir. ani Mrs. Vance, were the Incentives for a very
Sherwood Lowrey, Mr. Will Roth, : Mr'prettytea given by Mrs. G. F. Bush
Alan Lowrey, Mr. Frederick lowrey cn vTuesday afternoon at her home oa
and others. x'vewalo street Rose's; formed the
; e c 4 "principal decoration' of the house,
Mrs. Mocre's Bridge. it long-stemmed American Beauties,
A very- attractive, affair tf tthe dainty, pink la France and Caroline
week was tne orldge tea, "given cn
Wednesday by Mrs.' Randolnh-Jdoore
honor bf Mrs. W. Goetz and ; MraMaDls were little gold French baskets
4 Charles Bonu who leave very shortlv ' fil,ed sweet peas and violets. Mrs.
me one mr iue cauea scales, and the j
other for Eurcne. The lively comue-
tition of auction occupied the after
noon followed by, a delicious, tea
served at 5 o'clock. The prizes silk
stockings-i-were awarded to Mrs. Fred
Potter, first: Mrs. S. de Freest second,
and Mrs. Otto Biertach. consolation.
Additional guest prizes were awarded
' to Mra Bon and Mrs. Goetz. Included
In those present were Mrs. J. L.
Young, Mrs. J. J. Belser, Mrs. Fred
Lyser, Mrs. Kelly Brown, Mrs. Gecrge
Curry, Mrs. A. L. Andrews, Mra Philip
Frear, Miss- Jessie Smith, Mrs. C. P.
Morse, Mrs. S. de Freest, Mra Farmer,
Mra John Dcw, Mrs. Otto Bierbach,
Mrs. Jared Smith, Mrs. Irving Hurd.
Mrs. Fred Potter. Mrs. F. J. Linde
man, Mrs. Ed ' Marshall,' Mr'sT T.'D.
W.I I -'' K Iff -
ism j.
Mrs. Montgomery Macomb, wife of
member of Honolulu's smart set: for t.e past three years. Mrs. Macomb
was hestess at a beautiful lea on Monday fcr the officers of the French
Vnilspr Mnntraim
Chandler, Mrs. A. H
per-'Edward Eenner, Mrs.
TSrlftOn. '' Mr!
D. E. Mooney.
" m . - T- m
Bon, Mrs. Goetz and the hostess.
- . . . - . .
Mrs. Benrer's Eridge. " ;
Mrs. Edward Benntr wa3 a bridge
hostess on Tuesday, her guests in-
eluding MLss Jessie Smith. Mrs: S. de
lytt 'Mrs. C. P. .orse, .'Mrs, F. J.g. Smith, Iritis J. Warren, R Wells
Liademan, Mrs. J. J. Belser, Mrx Tay-
kt, lure, a.- i-i. ADurewe, xura. i-niup
Frear, Mra. Jhn Guild,- Mr?;- Farmef
Mrs. Jared Smith, '.'Mrs.'' Fred Potter,
wra- r D.-Lhaac.er; Mrs. A. 11. Tarie-
)Xon' ,u: I" MOOineJr ana uuy
Gcre 7 e first prize, a: necklace of
A. H. Tarieton re-
iue coast. auon, a loveiy pasKet
s ... . . . . .
T v. o.uuiucu
with roses and ferns, while at each
?lace were dainty colored cap bands
earing the name of the warship; em-
bossed In gold. Included in thos p
present were Adm.ral and Mrs. C. B.
T. Moore, CoL and Mra. F. H. French.
general and Mrs. Montgomery Ma -
??7 Z ?HteZ DlinDha:nv
trles Hubbard. Fren- Consul Aug-
ustus; .Marques.. Portuguese Consul ;A.
$e S-,nTa,7vCf v,eau
LogorI and Uiut- i111,
Colonel Rafferty's Luncheon.
CoL W. C. Rafferty was host at a
very delightful luncheon, on Monday !
at the University ' Club in honor of
r IFm. n 1 a. a. ' i - . m
m - rueit oi , mcago.
an attractive
centerpiece j.:fcr ; the' table.- Covers
. i.ijw r j . .. ..
I "
Mr P w PM-f.ror
a?d Mrs" F- - Phlsterer. Capt and
Mrs. Phisterer's Luncheon.
Mr. - and Mrs. Bartlett of Chlcaeo
were the motifs for a charming lunch
" "u.0; Vven
eon on Wednesday, given by Captain
Knu . r. w. rmsierer or ton ku-
ger. -Other guests Included Major and
Mrs. Timberlake, Col, W. C. Rafferty
and Major M. A. De Laney.
Mrs. Bush's Rose Tea ,
esias lining dowis and baskets
throughout the rooms; On the small
J. A. Kennedy and Mrs. Charles Ath
erton poured tea and . coffee, while
Mrs. James McCandless presided over
the lemonade. Others assisting were
Mrs. Marston Campbejl. Mrs. John T.
Warren, Mrs.; Frank Blake, Mrs. S.
W. 1 Tay, Miss -Violet Atherton, Miss
Charlotte Blake. Miss Gertrude Blake
and Miss Wilmer Nash. During the
afternoon very charming selections onis- R.C. Thetis Iat evecrag. when
the violin were rendered by Missirbey entertained on beard for Dr. and
Sherman of San Francisco, accompa
nied by Miss Bull, ' v
Among those who called were Mes
dames H. F. Wichman, Z. K. Myers,
Ormond Wall, Arthur Wall, W. A.
Bowen, A. Constable.. Keogb. William
Giffcrd, Alpha . Hatch, Katherin?
Yates, F. J. Lowrey, Alfred Lundin, S
H. 'Brown, WlHard E." Brown, Chas.'.
. ' it '
General Macomb. and a prominent
A Prnmn rhae ti Rmmii Phaa
Percy Morse. R. G. ' Moore. Chas. gJ
Bockus. Aier Stockelbach. Alexis y jomie7.-,VMiMnopt.;lM
Gignoux. John M- Young. Henry : G.
Piummer, Frank C. Atherton, Mason
Fay Prosser, Wm. F. Montgomery, y.
Gray. Elizabeth Derbr. Lorrin A.
Thnrston Kiam t' rhnln r k Pat.
Peterson. A." W.' Pearson, 'Ernest B. ts. -;. MIs Catherine' Wall and .Master
Clarke, John J.Pelser, Misses Bertha
smith . Rni? jWsiA rfrvnnedv. Dpwpps. r
,ry ; is, jiyiiou, j jessie ti.
Elise GIgnoux, Margaret E. Wilson,
Sherman. ; - - v
. r ";'v:,-
Capt and Mr lYatklns Bridge t)"Tbe floors, were 'all appropriate to the
Major, and Wrs. "Peter. Marquart occasion.- ' : . - .
who sail, on the transport tomorrow.' - - . : i . ? - .
were the incentives for a small but
nctc i-u iuvcuutco LUl Or ouiaii . vu
deiightful bridge, given by Capt and
james E. Bell. Among those present
were the guests-of-honor, Capt and
Mrs. A. .J: Harris, Capt and Mrs. C
s. Lincoln, Capt. and Mrs. James E.
Major and Mrs. M. Lenihan. Capt. de '
Witt Chamhrlin 4 and IJeutl L: Hoff-
Jfrs. Cluindler's Bridge
; ; A charming i affair.
-which . took
by Mrs. F. D.
rday was the bridge given
Chandler at her resi
dence in; Manoa. Mrs." W. H. Goetz
and Mrs. Charles Bon " were the:
:guests-of-honor,: other guests includ-
fng Mrs. F. A. Potter, Mrs. J, Unde
mann, Mrs. Frank Batcheler, Mrs. 0.
. .... . . .. - . . -.. v
uierDacn, 3irs. ti. aiarsaau.' Mrs: m.
uiei uacu, mra. e. aiai tu, una.
T. Clegg. Mrs. J. Lf Young, Mrs. E.
Benner, Mrs. S. de Freest, Mrs. R. '
Moore and Mrs. J. T. Warreri. The
first prize, a silver cheese knife,1 was
won by Mrs. F. A. Potter; while Mrs.
'Lindemann captured v the . second, ' a-
silver pickle fork. '
: : - -; -
Admiral and Mrs. Moore's Dinner.
Admiral Huguet of the French
cruiser Montcalm was the guest of
honor at an attractive d inner given
last Sunday by Admiral and Mrs. C
B. T. Moore at their residence in Ma
noa Valley. Pink roses were used
lavishly throughout the house while
on the tabla were the roses combin
ed with blue plumbago blossoms. At
table were General and Mrs. Mont-
1 gomery Macomb, CoL and Mrs.- J. B.
McDonald, Mrs. Walter ' Dillingham,
Mrs." Charles Hubbard; Mrs. Ella
Ayres, Miss Florence Butter, Lieut.
Ellis Lando, . Capt Vieaux, Capt Lo
gorlo, Lieut Wilm, Admiral Huguet
and the host and hostess.
Miss Swanzy's Luncheon.
l" Miss Nora Swanzy was hostess at
an informal luncheon on Wednesday
for Miss Nora Sturgeon, Mrs. W. Put
nam, Miss Dorothy Wood, Miss Betty
Case, Miss May O'Brien and Miss Lila
McDonald. After luncheon the party
motored - to WaikikI where they at
tended the tsnnis tea given by Senor
de Arana on the Moana courts.
i .. .
Dinner cn the Thetis. -
A very enjoyable dinner was given
by the wardroom officers of the U.
Mrs. F. E. Trotter, Miss Barling, Miss
Merrill. Miss Sara Lucas. Itliss Betty
Case, Miss Thelma: Murphy, Miss
Hughes; Miss Robinson, Miss Hazel
Buckland,. Mr. Bert Clark, Lieut N.
Carapanole, Lieut G. Haloran. Mr.
Harry Hoffman. Dr. L. E. Hooper,
Lieut M. Daniels. Lieut W. N. Der-
by and Lieut Both,weli. After dinner
-the; quarterdeck was clearer and the
evening devoted to canclng.
''. - ..
Miss Waterhcuse's Tea.
An informal, but very delightful af
fair of the week was the tea given
on Monday by. Miss Margaret" Water
house complimentary to the Misses
Anna and Snsanne Bottomley of New
York. Bowls of - nasturtiums ' and
roses Were used about' the house with
palms and ferns for decorations." In
vited to me.t the guests of . honor
wera Miss Marjory Carr, Miss Cord ie
Walker, Miss Helen. Alexander, Miss
Nora Sturgeon.: Miss. Pauline Schae
fer,' Mrs. Alfred Castle. Mrs. W. Put
nam. Mrs. Arthur Rice, Mrs. George
McEldowney, M lss 'Jessie Kennedy;
Mrs. Frank Thompson Mrs.; Herbert
Waterhouee and others. " - .
Mrs. Thompson's Luncheon '' v .v;
One of the most beautiful affairs of
tho week was the luncheon on Tues
day given by Mrs. Frank .Thompson
at the Country Club in. honor of her
brother's fiance, Miss -, Lurline Mat
eon. The guests were seated on the
outside of a U, shaped table exquisite
ly . decorated ' with; French baskets of
pink and yellow roses '.linked togetE
er, with filmy tulle of the same
shades. With the JU? were . beautt
ful hanging baskets' of maiden hair
and lavender asters knotted with tulle.
The plac?? cards werdr fascinating lit
tle . hand-painted ladies. . smartly
gowned in the ;iast word", from Pa- lT "X Consul and Mrs. J. R . Rentiers,
ris and adorned w4th , real . Jewels. Impromptu , dancing. Among osf- cai and Mrs. F P Reynolds Col a
Kaai's quintet dispensed soft Hawaii:'
an raelr dies throughout7 the luncheon M -M'ss Pose Herhert Miss MvrtIe Yestcr . ,
varied by an occasional rag time ait. -bumanr Misi Marion Cbpin. Misa : iV ' ; .v V
Covers were' laid for; Miss Matson.; Margaret Cenpr. Mrs.;AG; M; Rcb 1- MrX French's Danre '.
Miss Jane otanng. Miss .Marie Ty- h el r10 Frtnch enter-
Eon. miss aara iiUcas. ;Aiiss Jessie
Kennedy. Miss
Miss Alice
Macrlane,; Miss ; Marj
Lucas. Miss Harriet Lucas. Misg Dor
othy Allen, Miss Mary O'Brien; Mrs:
Ed .Dulsenberg, Miss .Florence Hoff
man, Miss Nora Sturgeon, Miss Violet
Makee, Miss May Damon,J Miss Mar
jory Carr, Miss aMrgaret Waterhouse,
A11 P110!? MV Susanne
Uetty case ani the hostess, r ' ,
- . :---. e'
D'nner for Mrs. Lewersi:1 ' ;-K 'h':.
A very pretty event of Jast week was
the dinner glren by Mr;.' and Mrs. Ar-
Gait Mrs. E. Miles, Mr; Robert Lew-i
KODert wau. .Thetasi? was artlgtlQa.1-
j uctriaieu .miu tuoca .ui.mucu cui-
gstherel in a eenterplece. f , Quaint
l'ie bunches of sweet peas and pan
s'es and benbens cf English'; roses
were scattered about- th -white cloth,
m . . ' .
Mra-d Mrs.. Wall's Dinner.
Maior and. Mrs., E. ; Ji Timberlake
nghtrul d!nner;OnVMondav.nght,gIven.gy --inter, .KUtn-Anaerson, kou 00-
by Mr. end Mrs ; AthurWan at their iPer Mary Luca, ? MyrUe Schuman,
home 'on Kewalo fstreet. The Stable f Pauline Schaef er, .Hazel .Buckland,
was beautifully decorated with orchids rvien j Buckland, Marion Chapln;
-"in RhfldPs nf iflvnripr nrf whff nth. Messrs Kelly. Henshaw. Robert Pur-
era present were Caotatn' and Mrs.
John S. Johnston, - and Mr. and-Mrs.J
Robert Lewers. - .
: f
The regular monthly meeting of the
College ' Club will be held on Tnes
day nextv at the Pleasanton. It will be
a musical afternoon, the program to
commence promptly at 4 o'clock. As
this is an open meeting, the members
may. bring guests.
Miss Robertson's Luncheon. .
The Country Club was the scene of a
charming luncheon on Thursday given
by Miss Sybil Robertson in' honor of
her hcuse guest Miss Merced Walton.
Mr. and Mrs. Tenneys silver annl -
General and Mrs. Macomb's tea.
Martin-Lyons nuptials. : ' ;
Mr. and Mrs, Wall, dinner.
Miss Robertson's luncheon.
Mrs. Thompson's luncheon."
Mitgs Bishops dinner. v."
: Dinner on the Thetis.
Mrs. Benners bridge. T
rDinner for Mrs. Lewers.
Second Infantry dinner.
Mrs. Mac kail's concert. ;
I Mrs. Bush's tea.; .
Mr, and Mrs. Warren's anniversary.
Mrs. McCandless tea. ' : - :
Colonel and Mrs. McDonald's dinner.
Bridge for Mrs. Macomb.
Mrs. Wooten's luncheon.-
Miss Waterhouse'g tea. ; - r
Mrs. Moore's bridge. - , (
Miss Swanzy'a luncheon.-'; . ; 5
Admiral and Mrs. Moore's dinner.
; Admiral Huquet's dinner ; A
S ) -
Captain and Mrs. Phisterer's; lunch
eon. : v ;:r: .:V v .:' - r :'. :
Kul Nalu picnic. - f f - A --
Mrs. 1 ov rev's tea; "
Mrs. Chandler's Bridge.
Mrs. Philip's luncheon
1. Mm. Kennedy's luncheon; .v,:'
Mrs. Morse's luncheon. .
Misg Smith's bridge. - ' ; UV x
; Mrs. Lyon's bridae. '. 'f
Mr. and Mrs, Mcintosh's dinner.
Miss Herbert's picnic dance. V W
n Captain and Mrs. MaUon's dinner.
wh6 sailed ' on the Sierra this morn-
ing. t-A gold basket In the center of
the table was filed with sweet pens:
nanslesr and violets. and caught with ;'
filmy knots of pink and yellow tulles
At each Place were . maile leis ' and'
name : cards representing tlny;yacht3;
rtin on an ocean blue, inscribed
with the' wcrds " Aloha ; Oe. V After
luncbecnfrs. A. G. M. Robertson 8ng
If Ism ' XJ i - em Va BAtrAFe 1 - V f fl
tling eIec'ons. The electric - plana
. K, tnJi , ,
w oa , brought int- use and the re-
" v u" jum ruiiu Dewier.
g' 5obMcnmfTj
Z 1 133 Anderson and
ine nosiess. ,
Tev at Fort Shafter . V; v A-;;
Captain and Mrs. Robert McCleave
and Capt. and -Mrs. James E. Bell gave
a tea this .week in honor of Malor and
Mrs. Pf E. Marquart of the 2nd In-
fantry. -Major Marquart has been or-,
dered away; In ; the . receiving r line
were col. and Mrs. French, capt and
Mrs. McCleave, . Capt and Mrs. Bel!
and Major and' Mrs. Marquart Mrs.
M. Lenihan poured tea and Mrs. Hu
bert O'Brien served ices. Bougainvlt
lea and maile formed very effective
and artistic decorations. ; ;.'-
Miss ilcrbert's Picnic Dance - -
A Jolly affair that will take place
this evening is the picnic dance given
by Miss Rose "Herbert for her' guest
j Miss Silburn Purvis. ; The "party will
I . A 1 ' 1 . f ' 1 - - A. Tir.l
kiki, go for a swim and. partake" of a
picnic-supper The remainder of the
evening, will be devoted to dancing.
Among those to be present are Misses
Silburn Purvis, Beatrice Dredge Peg-
vis. ivu parson, K&ipa Viars, ruesi
Haas, Vernon Tenney,; George Ahl-
born, Allen Rentdn, Watson Ballen
tyne, Zabrinski, Harry; Gaylord : and
Sonny Macfarlane. ' " ' ' 5
v - -. v ." '".."'::- '
Hui Nalu Picnic. ' ' --"S -
; The Misses Pleiades and Helen Col
burn are entertaining tomorrow at a
picnic at Pearl City in honor cf those
who took part In the cabaret scene
of the Hui Nalu Follies. The day will
be devoted to swimming and boating
with a substantial picnic lunch : at
noon: Among the picnickers will be
Misses Charlotte Dowsett Laura Low,
Fenella Miles. Ellen Dwight Hazel
Williams. Nellie Williams. Anna Har-
Newest gowns for
after noon and
street wear. Drap ed
to suit individ
ual tastes.
risen, Pernlce Kahanamoku. Eleanor
"Holt Pleiades CoRiunu Helen Coiburn,
j Messrs. Steele, Rollins, Ernest Parker,
V Duke Kabaaamoku. Leu .Henderson.
1 Robert Purvis.-Thomas Gray, Fraacii
.Evans, O. Sherwood. K. Evans. Wara
- Camp and Watscn Ballentyne. ;
Colonel and Mrs. McDonald's Dinner.
I General Clarence Edwards was the
v mctlf for a delightful dinner oa Tues
day given by Cclonel and Mrs. J. B,
; v t McDonald at their residence on Kee
: aumoku street Pink roses and smllax
were attracUvely arranged on the ta
ble, the latter being also festooned
from ' the chandeliers. Among those
present were General Edwards. Gen
eral and Mrs. Macomb, Mrs. Rich
ard Cutts. Colonel W. C afferty. Ma
. jor Julian Pcnn. Captain E. K. Mas
see, Mn. Sarr, Mrs. Sarah Newcomb,
Miss Ula McDonald and the host and
hostess. " r, -: ; ;. - , ; I --. - -
V , :.;r;v . . -...;v
' Bridge for Mr. Macomb :
' - Mrs.'j. T. Myers and Mrs. Richard
Cutts were besteads thia week at a
large and very deliahtful bridge
; the Ccuntrr CluH In hener cf Mnu M.
M. Macomb , The prizes were venr
unique sad atmropriate.: leing porti
folios bcund ii tana. These were won
hf Mrs. W. Wc-otru. Mrs. Grant Mrs.
S. v Stcrgla. Mrs. ; Oeoree Ja person.
Mrs. Tower. Mr. J. B McDonald. Mrs.
W. R. Gibson, Mrs. Hclcomb and Mrs.
ir. xv w, t'Disrerer. uxners. present wern
Mrs. T..Y. Kenncn. Mrs, George Hlks,
C: B. Crcoer. M lai :. . Ilea Tav-
lor, - Mrs. W. Denman. Mrs. Frank
rhetham. -Mrs. W. Baett Mrs. C.
m. Punker, . Mrs. a B. T. Moore. Mrs.
a.-FCasHels Miss Margaret Walker,
Mrs. D. M. Appel.-Mrs. Andrew Fuller.
Mr?,, phlsterer. Sr.." Mrs.' IL F. Nichols
an others. ; " . ' ""
. -'"' , V :
rinaer at Fort Shutter
On Wednesday of this - week , Col.
Mrs.; French of Fort Shafter gave
, . h,k,, rvnw
a dinner for Mrs. Herbert O linen
. m M n-Rrien. Other amcsts
of MlM MarT O'Brien. Tb tut In.
The floral decorations of bougalnvil
,ea and Amerlcan beauty roses were
t.rv '-'hHMJa: Ahnnt fort were
. - 1---- - - -
present " A - 7
Mr. and Mrs. IVnrrcnN Anniversary
A iTery charming affair took place
on Sai.tirdav - last- when Mr: and .Mra.
jonn Tretiholm Warren celebrated the
fifth anniversary of their marriase or
their "wooden weddlns. The idpa cf
wood was of cour?e carried out in all erlck D. Chandler. r.ir. ana .:.'s soo
the details, eveta the Invitations Urt R. Reldford, Mr. and rirs. Jimes
which ,4 'were inscribed on " "wooden! McCandless, Mrs. Kathcrine Yates,
cad3.ii A pretty sentiment was Intro-Xir3. Elizabeth Frazier, r.ev. and Mrs.
duccd in. lie variou3 remembrances cf John P. Erdman, Mr.. ar. J . Urs. . VVI1
the original ; ceremony which werejliam D. Adarrs, Mr. and I:s. rtarstna
used and the music, which was the Campbell. "Mr. and Mrs.. Fred Elafce.
same. 'ok-Dotn--occasions.? ".--f - j MfanJ Mrs. Walter Kendall; Mr. and
When the guests arrived, the' rooms j rs. Ralph S. Hcsmer, tit. and Mrs.
were lighted only by candles dozens: Chester Hunn, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur
of white tapers in brass sticks being l. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Ath
placed about the rocrns on .plate rails erton, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Bush, Mr.
and book shelve3.; During the evening an(j .Mrs. Charles Frazier, Mr. and
the tall cathedral candles which were,Mrg- Kelly Brown, Mr. r.aymond
used in the. church at the time of the'cr-owii, Mr.'and Mrs. Thomas Church,
wedding Ave years ago and are hurned,
for a half hour at each succeeding an
niversary, were lighted and,- burned
upon, an improvised altar decorated
with greenery and the white tulle rib
bon which had been used to rope eff
the" aisles on the "wedding night -:
v In the living room masses of golden
coreopsis combined .with maidenhair
ierns were .usea. wane toe winaow-
ledges and bouffet In the dining room
r- .yU TrUirs. William Francis Gaynor. Mr. and
gvuiu) ju ia.ijiu.& tfUac9 v '. su
the JanaL where the refreshment table
was placed, a color motif la two
8hades of pink'and deep cherry color
was carried out the lights being shad
ed in red. Brown baskets with pink
cr red hibiscus blossoms, the handler
I caught with bows of cherry or pink
' . r v.. V. . . .1 lt A
saim, were uung auuui uie wans nuu
corners. ; In the center of the table
was a large French basket filled with
long-stemmed Transvaal daisies and
maidenhair ferns and tied with a
iiiaiut-iiuatr inuy auu ucu .miu 1
French bow of . deep hibiscus-colored I
patln; Surrounding this were 12 small'
The Poiret influ
ence i3 marked in
both gown and
wrap. Harmoniz
ing colors and
fabrics to force
one's personality.
basketj filled "with tnalJca hair an4
tegcoJai shading '.from whitVudec-p
ccral eclor, a small red or pLik candid
cins taught to the handle of cachi
Cryrtal candleitickj aolding re
candles with silken shades of red and
pink lifted the table. Bows of pink
mcire ribbon and sprays - of maiden
hair la;d among the lare doilies on
the table, added to the pretty eSecL
The same color scheme cf white, piak
and deep red was carried out In tho
cakes, ices and confections. Appropri
ate to the event which the alTilr cele
brated, the bca bons and small cakes
were all in heart forms, while the ice
cream and Ices wero garnished with
small crrews, hearts " and red and
white CuMd3, eah little love god
holding a bridal bouquet Fonr-lcafod
clovers and gilded wishbone were
al?o uftl a3 rymbols of good lnclt
Partners for refreshments . were
found by comparing the numbers oa
tf n v nrdn shfx8. each - man beinc
ftnl1 to Cnd hia Cinderdla.by mate!;-
ihQ size of her shoe to his. .
ICach guest had been asked to rep
resent a wood bearing tree and many
very clever and original representa
tions were made. 7 ' -
PrUcs were awarded to those guesa.
Inr the lareest cumber of trees in
uhls living forest - Mrs. Chester Hunn
wen the ladies', prize, a carved wood
taboret for plants, and Mr. Franfc
Atherion the mcn'3 trophy, a desi
pen holder mada of wood from tao koa
tree.- . ...V-
In another guessing contest called
"Love Set to Music," the . answers
given la mnslcal terms, Mrs. Charles
G. Heiser'won, the lades' prize, a
Japanese ttencil mounted over yellow
satin and framed1 in wood, for a serv
ice tray, while first honors were cap
tured by Dr. Lyon who was rewarded
with a waste basket made from bam
boo wood, Mrs. W. A. Rryan and
Ernest Clark wero given the consola
tion prices. '
' Fruit punch was served throushout
the evening from bowls placed In the
dining rocra and lanal, while later
light buffet ; refreshments wero pass
ed. The evening clohed with Infor
mal dancing. .
, Receiving with Mr. and Mrs. War
ren were Miss Mary Eynon of Phila
delphia and Mrs. Louis J. Warren of
Manoa. Others assisting about the "
rooms were Mrs. William , Alan?on
Bryan, Mrs.: Charles G. llciscr, Jr.,
Mrs.: Harold Lyon, Mrs. Henry Hick
nell, Mrs. Ernest Clark, Miss E'.i.a
Werthmueller. Mrs. Freder!ck Dor
rance . Chandler, Mrs. Chester - Hunn,
Mr. .William Warren, Mr. Clarence
Olson and .Mr. Area Brown.
Amons these present wern: Mr. and
Mrs. Jack. Balch, Mr. anu :i s. Wal
lace R. Farrington, Mr. nnd Mr.
Charles Athertcn, Mr. anU
s. i'red-
Airs, charts G.y Helaer. Jr.. Mr. and
Mrs. Malcolm Maclntyre, Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Tarletcn, Mr. and Mrs. S.
Tay, Mr. ani Mrs. Spencer Bowea.
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Lyon, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Da
vid F. Thrum, Mr. and Mrs. William
Alanson Bryan, Judge and Mrs. An
tonio Perry; Mr. and Mrs. George A,
Brown, -Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Nowell,
! Mr. and Mrs
George Guild. Mr. and
Mrs. Louis J. Warren, Mrs. John Ba
ker of Hawaii, Miss Synon, Miss
Werthmueller,; Mr. Clarence Olson,
Mr. Will Warren. Mr. Ferdinand
Werthmueller and Mr. Arch Brown.
- g 4ft -
Mr. and Mrs. IL ven Holt are spend
ing the week end at their camp In the
Waianal mountains, having with them
as hous! guest3. Dr. Mildred Staly,
Mr. and Mrs. Montague Cocke and
Mrs. Jchn Enos. . .
i AddltinnaT Society on rage flve
. 7
- ( y' :V) .
v'. ,1' .

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