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s 3:30 I
From 8. F.i
VMbc!mfn. Mch. 17
For S.F.:
Lurline-Korea, 17th.
From Taneovvers '
For Tcoti .
Makara, Men. 24.
Evening Bulletin, Est 1S82. No. 5804.
Hawaiian Star, Vol. XXI. No. 6844,
Famous Scotch Comedian and His Wife Guests of Ad Club
f hi?
Witness for Prosecution Gives
Testimony That Is Welcome
to Counsel for Defense
Proprietor of Hula Resort Tells
of Incidents Leading Up to
Killing Last August
That Charles H. Guertler, brandish
ing hla arms menacingly and rushing
upon John V. Marshall, uttered an
41. 1 v . "I'll trfll mit
was the sensational arid apparently
unexpected feature of the testimony
of Madam Puahl, cne of the principal
witnesses for the government in the
Marshall murder trial In Judge Rob
inson's court this morning.
She told this story on direct examl
. nation and Immediately City and Coun
ty Attorney J. W. Cathcart sought to
develop by a series of questions the
fact that Madam Puahl. proprietress
of the hula house in -which Marshall
noi uueruer, uu jita wu ui mo iv
ter's threat either in her testimony
Deiore we corcnera jury iai year or
In her interview with the prosecutor
laft Friday, when he was pre Daring
' the present case, t'otinsel for the de
fense v were visibly elated when her
statement was made clear. . -
NtUiUU rumii nog vu iuc niuicDs
stand the greater part of the morn
ing. Giving her version of the events
which transpired at her bula house on
K&pahulu road the night of August
-10 last, following Marshall's second
visit, she said she admitted: him to
the main dance hall, wherein Guertler
and his party, together with C F;
Drew, Marshall's friend, were being
entertained. "'Marshall, she ' asserted,
told her he had returned to get Drew
.and take him home, and asked her
to call Drew. Marshall remained near
the door while she went to the oppo
site end cf the hall and whispered to
Drew. . The man paying no attention
he finally pushed him in Marshall's
direction. ; . -
When Drew reached Marshall the
-3aUcr:,"tr:TThi.'4 trtcrTili;hat Jlnd'
"accompany hlra Marshall home,
thereupon l)rew returned to the
GuertUr party and, according to Ma
dam Puahl. told them:; v :
: "Marshall Is here . again and I'm
going uome wun mm. . men, t saia
the-witness, the crowd made a rush
gragped Guertler by the arm and tried
to noid nun back, out paying no at
tention he hurried forward.7 waving
titf arms, swearing and exclaiming:
- Til kill vou!w When h nttpred
. J -! . J . I . 1
vue wwui iuku&ui jruaui saia sue was
Ull Cl.ll iU 1.1 mil Ui UIU1, niui
her hands on his shoulders, trying to
push him, back, but his strength was
bo great that he apparently did not
; nntta Yio TTa vacs lf V It 4ia& foaf
a V VXV UVla A t J. WW U . n m LU1U K.U 1 fTn A WZ X 9m
of Marshall, the witness said, when
she heard the shot' She did not see
Marshall shoot, but she saw Guertler
(Continued on page, tnree)
Dan Cupid, who of recent years has
acquired a hobby of selecting Hono
lulu as ' an appropriate matrimonial
netting, scored another coup this morn
ing with the arrival of the Sonoma.
As Miss , Fay Milburn, prominent
in Bocletyj circles in New York and
'U'.ehtnrfAn T f cfsnnsi) ' off ih
gangplank accompanied by her moth
er, Mrs. John P. Miller, she was met
by 2d Lieut R. LGaugler of the 4th
Cavalry,. Schofleld Barracks. And a
romance, wmcn uaa its Deginniag one
starry evening . last June under, the
trees on the campus of 'the United
States Military Academy at West
Point, will end In a wedding at 4
o'clock this afternoon when the couple
are married in the Catholic cathedral
by Rev. Father Valentin. ,
"Of course it was all very sudden,
but I don't know whether or not you
could' call ' it ' a romance," said Miss
Milburn this morning at the Young
lioteL -Dut can you imagine a more
A.. . i .1 . i
Ieauuiut piace luan iiouoiuiu io gci
'married In?"
Dan Cupid was. right on the job at
Avest roini mat evening, jc was ine
eve of Lieutenant Gaugler's gradua
tion; there was a ball and people from
miles around were in attendance at
the - brilliant function. Among them
was Miss Milburn who. bv the wav.
had lust graduated from Glen Eden
Seminary on the Hudson. By some
mysterious coincidence they met and
danced. But. they sat out one dance
under the trees on the campus, and
when they parted that evening they
were very well acquainted. -
. Then Lieutenant Gaugler departed
for Honolulu, and Miss Milburn and
20 per cent off
phone 2C18. Merchant & Alakea Sts.
Visiting Cet'eoniy and His Wife
Elected Members Fun
at Luncheon
Harry Lauder no need to tell who
he is for six hours today was a visit
or In Honolulu, and in those six hours
he scattered smiles and laughter
and a good bit o' siller wherever he
went ' - - V; v
During .those six hours the Scotch
corned la a nd his wife were whirled
around the;city. . bv, auto, with the Ad
Club -doing the. honors. ' At noon they
were the guests of the Ad Club 'at
one of the most notable affairs the
Arfitnr K&Wirti&zr-' -c
Two hundred and twenty-five mem
bers of the club sat down to luncheon
on the top floor of the Young ; hotel
fand there ensued more than an. hour
cf gay fun and merriment The cli
max of it all. was when Mr. Lauder,
- with an accent as broad as his smile,
; climbed upon a chair in response to
' cheers and shouts and gave thetassem-
bled company a half hour of keen en
'jbyment and sincere appreciation- of
mingled comedy and earnestness for
Lauder can be gravely - earnest when
he wishes. ;';-. -
Decorated with beautiful leis. in to
ken of the Ad Club's good wishes. Mr.
and Mrs. Lauder, were also elected , to
honorary, membership amid, cheers
that rang through the . long dining
room. " Their .appreciation was. voiced
by Mr. Lauder in the course of his in
formal. talk. vv
1 1 was just after the noon-hour
(Continued on iage two) '
her mother went back to' Washington.
A voluminous correspondence between
the young people soon : was started,
but there Vas one letter, especially,
of which the lieutenant eagerly await
ed an answer. It came and--to make'
the story complete -the answer was
in the affirmative. In response to -another
letter from the lieutenant. Miss
Milburn started on her 5000-mile trip
to oin her husband-to-be, accompa
nied by her mother.
Following the ceremony this after
noon. Lieutenant and Mrs. Gaugler wijl
enjoy a brief honeymoon at Haleiwa,
following which they will be at honje
at Schofleld Barracks.
. When Lieut Roland Lewis Gaugler,
U.1 S, A., was sent to Honolulu, jdst
after he and Miss Fay Milburn had
become engaged, he was crestfallen.
That was some months ago. Miss
Milburn was rather downcast, too, but
she remained in the capital and hoied
against hope that the- war department
would find some post nearer, home for
her fianee. But, apparently, there' was
r.o change in sight, so she obeyed the
impulse prompted by Cupid, and start
ed on a 346."-miIe journey, to Honolulu.
Miss Milburn is the daughter of
Frank P. Milburn," architect
As one of her girl chums In Wash
ington explained it, Cupid, in Miss Mil
burn's case, 'positively, Tefused to be
outdone by Mars, who rudely had the
bridegroom-elect transferred far away
from home.
Miss Milburn is a Washington girl,
and was graduated from Glen Eden
Seminary. Poughkeepsie. X. W last
April. She became engaged to the
youthful officer soon afterward. Dur
ing, the summer, she accompanied her
parents to Europe. . She participated
In several entertainments of the
younger et in Washington during'the
Mr. Milburn, father of the bride-
make their home In Honolulu for thej
present:.;. y;-V V;'-;;
: 'A r
mm I
.'i? if i - -.'-j- l
. .. . H - f J '
f ) , 1 ' ' ; "
x 'i
L ' J
Tpper picture shows premier
I tion committee. From left to right
A. Dunbar, Harry Lander, Mrs. Charles S. Crane and IV. It. Fiirrlngton
Lower picture Mr. and Mrs. Lauder. Kodagraph ' Print.
o 1 '
Report of Manager Eckart
Tells of $74,124.68 Loss
? During Past Year
With the best crop in the history ofi
the planthtlon,. the Olaa Sugar Com-,
pany last year suffered a loss of $74,-
124.68,acQording to the statement
submitted , to the shareholders at the
annual meeting which is being held
thi3 afternoon in the offices of Bi?h-;
op & Co., the agents.
MaJiager C- F. Eckart -in a short re-
port indicates that the plantation is ic going through.
reasonably satisfactory condition, The waf department has prepared
though the estimate for this year is a plan of reorganization of the army
4500 tons under last year's crop. The that hag it is believed been approved
report follows: ty a majority of the meml-crc of the
Gentlemen: 1 beg to submit here-( senate and the house. The plan is a
with the following report of your com-; radi(al departure from the existing
pany for the yar ending -.December organization, and it is believed that
31st, 1913: ! the department has perfected it large-
"Crop 1913. The harvesting of this ,y becatlse of the present stralnexl con
crop was started on January C and .... . . .... ,
completed on October IX, 113. and frltlo.ns. bweetn4 .this country And
v1Mp.i 'jTSflrsaT fnn, nf 8r fmmjMttlco' 1 he total namber or organ-
683".6T acres. This
sents the largest crop
this nlantntinn mt tha hitrhoct
production per acre, namely. 4.0S "".""V'.H1"";
tons! The sucrose content of the the continental limits pf the tJnlted
cane was abnormally low, averaging . Statw? tne Allowing force:? are re
12.r2 per cent as compared with 13.1 quired:. Thirteen regiments . of in
per cent for 1912. j fantry,. three and one-third, regiments
"Crop 1914, The area under this of cavalry and two and one-h4'.f regi
crop is :.:;(:;.71 acres, of which T24.T0, menu or. field artillery,; This leaves
represent plant cane and 4569.01 ra- in ' .the United States proper but 17
toons. The estimated production is regiments of infantry; li 2-2- i regl
194,700 tons cane, or about 2300 ton's. 'ments of cavalry and three and one-
' -v -"
(Continued on page three)
Scotch comedian, his wife and recep-
: II. L. Strange, Mrs. Ladder, Jas.
Army Reorganization Plan Will
Be Hailed with Delight By
Local Men if Adopted
Officers of the mobile army on Oahu
are anxiously awaiting further news
of the proposed re-organ Izatron of the
infantry, cavalry and fieri artillery
arms. The creating of new regiments
would' nitau quick priMiio'-ion for ev-
eryone. especially in'antrv officers.
iTivate advices indicate thit thero is
a good chance of the new moasar
f.-u t r j
. . v
not only repre-i 1Z8 au.ra oy isw in me
(Continued on . page
Talked Straight from Shoulder
to Powers in Washing- v
i ton City
Neitlrer-J'resident Nor- Attorney-general
Especially De-:
lighted Thereat : v
(Since the Star-Bulletln'a Washing
ton correspondent forwarded the let
ter published below, the name of R. P.
Quarks has been sent to tne senate
as the nomination for the second su
prenqjcourt vacancy.) ;
r ByC. sTaLBERT.
Special Star-Bolletln Correponance
V WASHINGTON, D. C. Mar. 's. The
nomination of Edward M. Watson to
be an associate Justice of the Hawai
ian : Bimromft enwrt ra.lAd : . nnflt1on
here that ha3 provoked mucn discus
sion. AVill Arthur A. Wliaer receive
the other position, for which he was
recommended by Governor Pinkham?
An impression has been prevailing
here ; that possibly Judge Wilder has
lost out' The nomination of Mr. Wat-j
son was sent in alone. The endorse
ment of both, was made at one time
by. Governor Pinkham, The sugges
tion is made that. President Wilson
vypuld have forwarded both names to
the senate unless Judge Wilder was
out . of the ace. It is arguea that At
torney-general McHynoIds would
have followed the same course and
sent rthe two names together from the
department of justice to the White
Bouse. J- : - "-
When In this city recently Judge
Wilder visited the president and the
attorney-general. He expressed him
self freely on the necessity of some-
thJng being done for the Democratic
party in Hawaii. Neither or these or-
fieials was - especially delighted with
fthe utterances of Judge Wlifier, ' He
was ioo f rahk. . ci '.:;:-Z:
; Up to this time ; no - positive Infor
mation has been furnished at the, de
partment ' of justice regarding- the sta
tus of Judge Wilder's candidacy, for
the Hawaiian supreme 'bench. It be
came self-evident that- tne nomina
tion of Wilder would be postponed for
some time, if sent In at all.
In Letter to Merchants' Asso
ciation, Renews Suggestion:
for Federal Building
In a letter to President Farrington
of the Merchants' Association, J. M.
McChesney urges the erection of the
federal building on the original Ma
huka site. He says:
"Honolulu; March 14, 1914.
"Mr. W. R. Farrington. t
"President Merchants Association.
"Dear' Sir: ' -..v V. - :;v ?;
" "Referring to an Interview in the
afternoon paper wherein you urge con
certed action by the people of Hono
lulu to get the long drawn out U. S.
government building, I desire to call
your attention to a suggestion of mine
made through the dally press over a
year ago that we work for a building
on the site at first condemned and
paid for already, bounded on three
sides, by King, Bishop and Merchant
streets, to be used a4 a postofflce and
a custom house, and later work: for a
judiciary building to be placed on the
Irwin site. Will not the present va
cant lot be large enough' for present
needs? I believe we all agree that
(Continued on pie two)
Dr. Prates Visit :
to Kohala Causes
in Hilo
Special Star-Bulletin Wireless i
HILO, Mar. 16. The Mauna Kea
made a special stop at Mahukona to
land Dr. J. S. B. Pratt, it; being pre
sumed here thai 4 there are health
troubles in that section. Donald S.
Bowman, chief sanitary' inspector for
this district left here Suncay for the
Kohala district to meet the board of
health executive. .-' All that rs definite
ly, known Is thai Dr. Pratt journeyed
to Kohala to get two immigrants.
No statement could be obtained, at
the office of the board of health re
garding JJr. Pratt's audden trip to Mar
hukonav except that he la engaged In
a matter of quarantine and that he
wUl return tomorrow. - rou will have
to see Dr. Pratt oh his return for a
better reason for the trip," sal d one
e-f the'off!cer3 of the board thl3 mcrn-
Prison Commissioner of Scotland, Dr. James Devon, Resents
Attack in Marquis of Queensberry Fashion-Woman. Is Ar
rested but Victim Refuses to Prosecute Arsonettes Burn
- Nine Railway Coaches at Birmingham : ; '
:': V '. fAsMdated Pras Cablel .
GLASCOW, Scotland, Mar. 16. Dr. Jame Devon, prison commission
er for Scotland, took exception to be'ng the victim of a suffragette armed
with a horsewhip. : When the lady attempted to chastise the elderly phy
sician he resorted to the Marquis of Cueen sherry art of telf-deftnse and
the suffragette took the count. The woman was arrested, but Dr. Devon
believed that she had been punished sufficiently and refused to prosecute.
Arsonettes Destroy Railway Coaches .'. .
BIRMINGHAM, Eng., Mar. 16. Arsonettes were particularly busy dur.
ing the past 24 hours and nine railway coaches are total lesses as a re
sult. The women fired the coaches and by the time the blaze was diseov..
cred they had been burned up.
Mother Jones is Deported to :
Denver From Hospital Prison
. , ;.. . -AMtociatet Press Cabll r
i '. TRINIDAD, Colo Mar. 16. Mother Jones was quietly deported to Dtrv
ver last, night, having been a military prisoner in the hospital since she
was deported from the strike zone. General Chase says the deportation was
in line with the request made by Mother Jones that. she be taken to Den-
ver.- - :
Says She Will Return to Strike Zone : v ; ;
' DENVER. Colo-; Mar.; 16 Mother Jonei ttate that the wat forcibly
deported and that the did not have any idea where she was ttlnj taken.
She says the anticipated returning to the strike district despite threats
that have been made of rearrest. .
Chinese Pirates Rob Steamer :
Securing Booty Worth $30,000
Associated Press Cable ';,--'.;- '
' . HONGKONG, MariJr 16. A gang of plratea boarded the Norwe;Ian
steamer Childar, bound and gagged the crew-of . six; Europeans and pro
ceeded to loot the vessel. The vessel was cleaned out by the pirates who
got away with booty. valued at $30,COO. They wore badges bearing the iron!-'
cal Inscription: "Money Comes Easy ! ; " ' f " : '
-. - m mmf t m '
. ' AssociatM
" PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 16.
lish amateur court tennis champion,
the British professional champion,, in
pionship goes to the player who win s tne nrst seven sets. r"iay win ce
resumed Wednesday. .
Resents Criticism of Husband )
And Shoots Editor of Figaro
' ' ' VfAssoctated' Press Cable'"" .-.-'' '
PARIS, France, March 16. The wife of Joseph Calllaux, minister of
nance, today shot and seriously wounded Gaston Calmette, editor of the FW
garo, because or tne latter ouxer
Tecate Postmaster
by Mexicans; Bryan, Probing
;v ..'rh' - .: vIAssociated-Prei Cable
WASHINGTON. D. C Mar. 16- Three members of a Mexican railroad
construction gang killed Postmaster Jchnson at , Tecate, according to offl-, .
cial advices received here. No arrests have been made so far. "Secretary
cf State W. J. Bryan has ordered an
Asquith is Pessimistic
Over His
TAsMclated rress Cable . ' -
LONDON. Ena., Mar. 16, Premier Asquith has advised parf'ament that
he does not feel particularly encouraged at the reception given his pro
posal regarding the Ulster situation. Premier Asquith Mas Been enceavor
Ina to mettle the Home Rule question in Ireland to the entire satisfaction
of all parties concerned, but has met
-'' ;'.- ' :: . (Additional cable
"Department Justice, Washington, D.
C. Mar. 14-14. . -
"Please cable Vacancy r Watson ap
pointed to fill. ..
. ' . , "I H PINKHAM, "
, . I ; "Governor HawalL"'
"Governor PInkhamr Honolulu. March
16-14.- : i'' .. v--'v-v '-' -
"Watson appointed Vice DeBolt , ,
. : . "M'REYNOLDS.'
The above exchange of cables, made
public today by the governor. Is self
explanatory, also showing that Attor
ney E. M. Watson Is not appointed lo
the place for which the governor re
commended him. Governor Finkham
had recommended Watson to succeed
Associate Justice Antonio Perry of the
territorial supreme court. , Instead; It
Is evident 'that Judge It. P. Quarles
has been nominated for that position
Yatscn tailr the vacancy left ty
. - . . -
Prss Cablel - . . '" 4
Jay .Gould, the American and Eng- .
today easily defeated Ceorgs Covey,.
four straight sets. The world's cham
poimcai cnncnm of ner nwioana. ,
Investigation of the murder.
Ulster Proposal
with but little success.
on page six) . ; .
John T. De? Bolt's term. It 13 under
stood the change made at Washington
will have Uttle, If any appreciable ef
fect on territorial matters, however.
The commission making Watson a
member lot the supreme court is
thought to be enroute frota the na
tional capital now. , ' - v
:' ' , " . - 1 '-' -
Specal Officers Chilton and Ferry
today are- seeking the rider of a spir
ited horse, -who is alleged to have
caused the accident to Samuel Js'chack
lett, on motorcycle No. 23$, which may
result In fatal m juries to the yean 2
man; Schacklett Is , an inm.ite at
Queen'4 hospital and has been uncon
scious sincd, s yes'l'rday , afternoon.
When n attempting to get out of the
way . of the galloping horse, he was
forced to, run his machine Into a curb
and upon a sidewalk along Kalalcaua
avenue. Achacklett was hurled against
a telephone pole, scalp wonncrs ar.J
otherf bruises being inflicted. CIrela
Bondpc, who .was riding tancem cn -the
fnachlne, stated to ,th clflccrs
that he believes that he wc"li be atla
to identify -the t man wr.o drove th?
anlnjal at . af furious . rate , flown t
avenue,1 at that time badly congested
wlta traffic.. . . "
': i ,- o
7 :.run.:n

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