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U.A !ui t ,nt
Fort S:zfiir uztB
Ir J i IS;
rv .
I, r
- 7I
..If U
Z list cf 'through passengers In
Toyo Kisen Kalsha liner Shinyo
:, that called here from San Fran
r tTiis morning will be obliged to
this vessel at TTagasaki, the
j'Ort visited on trie Japanese
, o lake passage j5n another
c r for the remainder of the voy-
ffffis sure :mmt:m
. v ii- - ... i,-'i, - ,. 11;,
DAT. m
I'll 1 ' - 'I , ,1
Sgt Alexander Denies Stating
Maui Was Vessel He Saw
Sink in Ocean
A libel for is now reported
to have been placed on the Matson
Navigation freighter Hyades, 4ue to
UA. i arrive at Honolulu tomorrow, by the
owners oi me, Japanese liner uaaaua
n ,ff ,, Mara; following a collision at Seattle
the Inter-Island steamer Maui had when, the Matson boat Is al-
rt tv wtnm fr nrh. pA,n "Jegeo w nave raimu.eu uie- vanaua
,wn the "China e to Hongkong. u ,alned away in Urge meaure .Mar- causing .damage to the (Passen
cr.ee to Manila. h f,,wnr .,f.m.,t n m ger liner as well as carrying away, a
cw fteel stern post and a rud-, Alexanderr q. M. SergU H2d Co. d or,V of a grain conveyor and de-
, ; C 'Officers sUtioaea at Fort Ka- 1 s , ' , : -
nn.l ut t he (nets ntlnn In .. Th a A hio Kaan
r, ...v jnehameha. sUU are positive that V'
...nyo ..farg.t The vessel wU lBomething' went; down at the time :thrcTigh wireless Received
at the
' cf thdock !vNasas!k! rtated and at the place menUoned but sencyu 'of Castle & Cooke. The ves-
,luo fef.t that they are Inclines to the belief ,n 6 & ' 4rBU-,w
f a ncr.th. Tha Cainyo will at f. t lt mav.-hl,Vft KpPn ''Hw Ram- Honolulu, while in transit there are
r,-vA fv, MI.ir. .t,i tnat u may nave Deen , a large sara ti ec
V." : I V 1 pan. However, so far as can be learn- ?o wu-
:; s- ;n3c ifJl h S . there are no sampans not account- , rt "Alleij i. 415 .ions for ;Kahului
( vcf 5cl has been given much e(J ' for -: isnd 116 tons for KaanapalU ,
i tt the hands of the ; shii . Rt ,PY-nd.r.fl
"in romnti tr th- rrrmnii P. Sound it is stated. thata second dam-
rrcstnt schedule calls for the'nrt tha initr rf io 1'ani i H.r age suit was instituted against the
cf the Shinjo Mara from t0 Btate the -following;
'ulu and San Fran-
': j re tbcut May - id.
i turn vrrre cr this vessel Is
owners of the vessel, .the claim for
" - nn t M a
"At fi n. m. I was stand fie at the uemg aseq lor uaiaage 10 a
Ft." Kamehameha pier, .speaking to vharf anJ machinery by the; Sperry
Cock Folmer of this organization, who iyjur .wvau?.. uo
waa a little wava out in a Sailboat, brought into the superior court of
J. will In r..ied by one of when he called my attention to a boat ins ccunty, av asn ine neanng nav-
ca nurv.ber -or cabin nassen- nhAitt Tftnn'vnrria rnt i mg ueen aererrea .until ine return or
ir i in its History. Fori "The boat . was enve:oped in blackj"16 Hyades to the Sound about May 1.
c:.tl.s the Far Eastern ' renre-' smoke and was rnovlnt slowly. ' A yaues receiveu repairs at uie
.v( 3 for the Toyo Kisen Kai- few seconds later an immense, cloud drydock belonging to the Seattle on-
r t nn-unprecedented number -of black .smoke shot In the air, .' structlon Company. Reportg received
T.t;:r.3 fcr transportation to reaching a height of approximately,111 this city fail to state whether the
. J ;-tcs. The marked pref 200 feet and the boat went down and riyaaes is masmg a voyage to m
iaru piamiyjout cf sight almost immediately,, the 1B14UU . cummnuu , w .uie -.wrmer
vc r carri
r the
o the rorularity of tha corps'smoke huns stationary for a minute skipper,;,Captain Youngren.
rs. .or two and thinned out 1 The Hyades will receive a full shlp-
:.r.r.cjr.ccd thi3 norr.ir.g that "i npfthpr unw fiTnp nnr fpit- the ' ment of sugar supplied at four Island
jo would return to Honolulu shock of an explosion The boat was ports, and Is listed for departure from
.th3 hcr.ee wjth all available, a sea-going launch or gasoline tug.
. -cr accomtnocation taxedjl reported the matter to Lt. Jenkins;
- i the post adjutant, "who askad me if 1
t . :cr was favored by fine, was certfln tha It was not one of
' in filir. from Ean Fran-tthe Inter-Island steamers. I replied
'" -r cabin passengers are lay-ahat it. was not, and .furthermore, that
v,l.i!e the through list, nura-' the Maul vas making for .BarEerl
::: cabin, C3 second cl53 anl r0Int at about the same time -the ex,
t .3 Ftccrcra. Iluch ccttcn end-j.'cslc.n took place abcard" the othor
r-.xl.e up the bulk cf the cut- beat,' which was about three miles off
i frc'-bt. A sall mail the nort stern and to tha rear of the
i Hilo for. San Francisco about April 17.
:- The schooner Sal vator; with" lumber
nd general merchandise !is f on I the
way from Sari Francisco to Honolulu.
r., the vc:??l
:"UFr.!:I r r.ly.
i -
iuyo is to be Maui, just before she made the turn
at 4 o'clock for Rarbpr'a Point.- The exnloslon
should have bean noticed aboard the
Maui. I cannct understand how the
report of the Maui gong down could
have gotten about, as I distinctly stat
ed that the Maui was zn' sight after
the explosion, on the other boat. I,
nor Cook. Folmer are responsible for
the report that the Maul had blown
up. ' .. -
. "I am absolutely posruve that the
explosion took' place aboard a gaso
line tug or sea-going launch and that
the boat went down." - .
H. J. Grasett, 'purser in the Toy p
Kisen Kalsha liner Shinyo Maru,, will
spend a;month in Japan, pending the
repairs to, the liner at' a Nagasaki
dockyard. , ' -.' ' , ':" '
rr.i!:rs, cllcrcd to be natives
:.uy, who succeeded In mak
ir f : cape firn the Kosmo3 line
r ?;er.es ytwterday enjoyed
trief Ecr.rcn cf . shore Mberty
falling into the clutches cf
. who now have the. men in
y until the vessel . is ready to
r the W3t coast. of the LTnit-
t'uc ground thatthe men are
, C..;taia Lllenthal master ofth
, i.ctlng the disappearance of a
cf his crew, enlisted the as-
0 cf the police. Harbor OITiecr
r was ient cut to return the
: rai'ors to the ship. After
hours spent" in scouring the
, the trio were found snugly en-
1 in a' Chinatown lodging
They had rented a room pay-
two w ee ks in advance. - The apart-
had been stocked with-provl-and
liquors, indicating that the
contemplated fc.n extended pe
cf retirement pending the s?il
f the steamer. . , - ' . ." ' :'
rcr Carter met with some re
ce in attempting, to bring the
to the station. The Menes ,4s
discharged of 10,000 tons of
brought from the west coast of
i America. The vessel Is expect-
j get away by the first part of
Curjeon In Shinyo Maru.
Japanese Jiner Shinyo' Maru
d port this morning with a new z
al cC.cer - looking after, the
i of more than 200 passengers.
? person of J. P. Ulckey, who Is
..g his, initial voyage across the
c in this vessel. Dr. Franck,
Honolulan Captured Big Cargo.
A big cargo has been supplied the
Matson Navigation steamer Honolu
lan on the Initial voyage' from Pugrt
Sound ports to the Islands, according
to advices received at the agency cf
Castle & Cooke through wireless to
day. In sailing from Seattle and -Ta-coma,
the Honolulan carried 2200 tons
cf cargo for discharge' at Honolulu.
The vessel Is destined to visit Port
Allen,- where 125 tons or freight will
be unleaded. The Honolulan.. has
freight for Kahnlui and Hilo, about
200 tons to be left at each port; While
no mention ' is made concerning the
list of passengers, It is believed that
a considerable number of travelers
will .avail themselves .of " the oppor
tunity of a airect . steamer between
the Sound anT Honolulu -'. ';
- ; '; - .;'.. -.r-'.
Mauna Loa Back from Kona and Kau;
The usual large, ana .varied cargo
frofa windward Hawaii ports Was re1
ceived with the arfivaV of (he Inter
Island steamer -JIauaa liqa this morn
ing. : The list Included shipments of
cows, calves, horses, crates of chick
ens, ducks and turkeys. El hogs, II
sacks awa, 24 packages of meat, 23
head of cattle, 33 bales of sisal,-41
bales of hides, .73 sacks of taro, Z)
sacks of -charcoal,-126 pieces of koaj
763 acks of coffee, 8200 sacks of su
gar and 185 packages of sundries.
Noeau Adds to Sugar Ctock.
; The accumulation of sugar at tha
pert was increased, to the extent of
ports today. Other -items on the
treight list were 191 sacs of rice,' 112
sacks of bran, 9 sacSs of flour, 15
eon in the Shinyo Maru'l"? ,r siger- 10.cratef .of mi
1 to take a two months leave
ence and during that time pro
to visit the east coast of the
1 States. i)r. Hickey comes to
cssel highly recommended as a
al cScer formerly conected with
d era! immigration service at'An
: ong a number of changes in the
.1 staff cn board the Pacific Mall
- Tersla that departed for the Far
. thi3 morning, John Schuur is a
t addition, taking over the duties
: f steward. ; He succeeds H. O.
' :n;n, .who goes to one of . the ves
t ;tr:jtcd along the coast ;' ; -
and . 11 packages of sundries. Off!
cers report rough seas with strong
northerly gales. The Ifoeau is sched
uled to sail on a return trip to the
Garden Island Monday evening.-
: & :' :vr
: Sugar awaiting . shipment at Kona
and Kau ports on Hawaii include
the following, according to report
brought to this city with the return
cf the steamer Mauna Loa: Punaluu
C218; Honuapo 3380. Paauhau 6000, Ku
kaiau .700, Kallua 6100 sacVs.
: ' ' - i : , .' " '
" One 'day late in leaving Yokohama,
the Pacific Mall liner China is expect
ed to arrive at Honolulu about April 4.
Stevedores made fast work ot plac
ing 400 tons, of coal on board the Pa
cific Mall liner Persia , before that, ves
sel sailed .for Oriental ports at iQ
o'clock this . morning. ry. . r: , ;
The sailing ofxhe Japanese liner
Shinyo Maru from Pier 7 at 4 o'clock
this : afternoon will . be attended by a
special program of melodies hy the
Royal Hawaiian band. ' -
Preparations . have - been V completed
for the entertainment of a large num
ber of Honolulans on .board the new
Matson Navigation Steamer Manoa on
next Tuesday afternoon, v ; - ;
To discharge 437,000 feet of lumber
brought from Aberdeen, .the schooner
Repeat has been hauled to a berth:
This vessel Js destined for an early
dispatch for. Puget Sound.-
- " . ;' -'. ' . ' ' '.
The Oceanic liner Ventura , sailing
from Honolulu on last Friday evening
with passengers and a large accumula
tion -o mail is reported to have reach
ed San Francisco yesterday morning.
The American ship John Ena from
the east coast of the -United States
with a shinment of coal consigned to
the navy department, is out 117 days.
The vessel is to call at an island port
for a return .cargo of sugar. ! . , ;
: The Matson Navigation "steamer Hy-'
ades with a quantitv of cargo supplied
from Seattle and Tacoma, is due to
arrive at Honolulu tomorrow.: This
vessel is expected to take sugar at
several ports In the Islands.. .-, A
i,;;d pacific
: En route on a tour of the world, taJt:
ing pictures and writing . humorous
stories on the impressions of an Amer
ican tourist abroad. Homer Croy, a
member of the staff of Leslie Week
ly, arrived in Honolulu this - morning
In the Shinyo Maru and .will spend
two weeks in the islands. v - "
Immediately after securing hotel ac
commodatiens, Mr. Croy paid a visit
to the oface of Mayor J, J. Fern, but
was disappointed upon learing that
His Honor had just gone down the
street ' :--':"V.-..,IV'
-At the Stewart Hotel In San Fran
cisco I heard Mayor Fern's name men
tioned many times, said Mr. Croy.
"It was rumored that he is "to be a
candidate for delegate to congress.
Upon hearing that he was a provider
of sumptuos iowows and keeper of a
brand of cigars par excellence,:! de
cided that my "first visit , should be
upon him. - Unfortunately, he was not
In. But the blue pall of smoke, with
a fragrance of clear Manila, - which
hung over his office chair, gave evi
dence that already he had begun his
day's work. However, I' shall again
call on the mayor either Ihla after
noon or tomorrow.' V
Aside from writing a number of spe
cial articles and stories for Leslie's,
Mr. Croy will do considerable ; work
with a mainland moving picture con
cern during his tour of the world. It
is the idea of the .company to have t
story , written on each picture play In
order that persons on the mainland
may read It in the afternoon papers
and then see the picture that even
ing. Mr. Croy also is the representa
tive of several large manufacturing
firms and will enter Into a number, of
advertising projects in .connection
with his other work. 1 ' A
Mr. Croy, who is a graduate of the
University of Missouri, has been with
Leslie's for the past three weeks and.
explaining his trip;-said this morn
ing: "-- : v ' . ' -;'''
"The beauty of the., tour Is that; I
will be allowed to go from place to
place ,as I please. From Honolulu I
shall go to Japan, China, Manila and
other places in the Far East picking
out in each city a number of items
abo'ufwhl&i will be woven the story
which will be sent to Leslie's. " For
itistance,5 In : San Francisco I choso
folding : beds and canary birds in
cafes. I don't know ' what I ' shall
choose in Honolulu. I have just ar
rived and I will want to look around
a bit However, I, intend depending
on Mayor Fern for suggestion."
ISKurStar-EuiletiaCorrespoiiancl In which Is combined tha HAWAIIAN STAR. establUhtj i:::J ths
FORT SHAFTER. March 27. The EVENINQ BULLETIN, established ISSi Issued DaHy asJ CcI-.cCly lj
young son of Lieut V. W. Boiler of ' ' ' '
Z iSSt ul, HonbLULU star-bulleto, ltd -
cut cf his bed and around the jQuar-
tersv ; .-.. .v-.::- t.
upuua uiods oi ine signal corps. i - -
company has received word through WALLACE R. FARRIKGTOK. . . .General Business Manr.r
Publishers, Ccmm:rc!a Printers,' Eccktir.irs,
"Chief Robinson, who was lately dis
charged from the company by reason
cf;; expiration cf the term , of enlist
ment will nrobably re-enlist, at once.
and will apply for assignment to his
old command. . This will be welcome
news to the baseball fans In the com
pany as well as in the - Islands, for
Robinson undoubtedly showed more
ability as a ball player jthan any other
enlisted man who has been seen on
the diamond locally, not even except
ing Corporal Willis of the 25th, who
was the mainstay of the All-Service
team during Its games for the cnam
pienship." , : '. " :'
All uicrning drills and the regimen
tal parade have been suspended for
today in order that the afternoon may
be devoted to an 'extended terrain
exercise in which the whole, regiment
with the exception of the regimental
detachment and Company M, will take
part under ' the .direct command of
Colonel ; French. . The companies of
Ihe regiment with the exception of two
companies will be Jcrmed into a bat
talion at . war strength to undertake
the problem designed which, will In
volve an attack and Illustration of the
principles Involved in a fire fight The
scene of the exercise wilKbe the fa
miliar ground In the vicinity of Red
Hill and the war strength battalion
will be opposed by two companies to
(Preferred PosiUoa 20) ...i. ...... .20c PCX LNC11
CLASSIFIED, One Cent per wcrd Z0 cents per line per wee.
MAIN OFFICES ........................ ALAT'EA STTJIITT
; V TtJfphoaes rjliorlal Kocns ClZZi Easlurst atlce ZZZi
-v -v'.vi:v- ;' v U'::N-...':.:.,,.. Tellies C25
l-'fi; - DAILY STAR-BULLETIN ' j .
Psr Month, anywhere in United - State ......... . ....... ..I - .11
Per Quarter, anywhere in United States .. 2C3
Per Year, anywhere in United States.. ... .. ....................... - J-Cl
Per YeaXi postpaid, foreign ... .t. ... .. .. .
.: ' '.'-"V' . eemi-weekly' STAR-BTJLLETKI - .
Per Six Montht .. I J CD
Per Year, anywhere In United States. j
Per Year, anywhere in Canada ........ . .. ........ ........... 5X3
Pet Year, postpaid, foreign . . ............ . Xj
Address all romranntrallon to TTonoIsI Kt-r.r, '"Vr,!! 71" ",T1 7t-
will be employed In the exercise. This penderance cf firo to the attac'.ila;
scheme is' built up around the use of 'trccps. Lieutenant-colonel Atkinson
the flags as marking the superiority of will command the regiment ender th
fire when the flags are kept raised director and the other officers will t-s -
land the inferiority cf the same when employed Li special assignment ot cu-.
the flags are seen but in a lowerea ties witn tne commana.
position. : If the attacking force per v. .
celves the signal flags ,cf the out-1 A large package received by a rcsi
lined enemy in a raised position It will dent of Honolulu this morning frctn
know, and the umpires will' so rule. Battle Creek. .Michigan, bore the ai-
. . . . - t i . a.. J. TTr,r..lnlii r 1 Tha pr..!''T
mat in aLiacK mar iioi urutecu iui uis uw.wuiui .... . -
outline the enemv to be encountered, the r until suitable changes in dlspo- evidently would b ab.e toe.:-!... ir
A plan whereby lire oftfie troops winlsltV)n have been made or the line re-, Secretary Tumulty position in V.a,h.
be indicated by the U3e of signal flags enforced sufficiently to give the pre- .ington. D.CL -
; Dr. E. 11.' Lake, well known to trans
pacific travelers in vessels operated
hy the Pacific MaiL was found on
beard the liner Persia with the arrival
of that .vessel last evening. He takes
aav . I . . . H- - At- T If). 't!AiA . n t J . T .... . f I.t J
tUU sacKS wun uie amvu oi ine iu-i ijmm; iatieu uj ur.- ouueineiu
ter-Island steamer Noeau' from Kauai
The board pf supervisors at a meet
ing this noon decided to 'extend the
macadamizing cf the -Wahiawa road
430 feet This takes the paving from
the bridge through the ''center-' of the
town to the point where the load
turns toward tho .; pineapple " planta
tions mauka.-, ' - "--1 '-'..; ' -.',
The board also decided to rebuild
the span bridge at Waiahoie. For this
work It was agreed to make an appro
priation of J1750. , The work, is to be
done by the engineering -department ?
Whether the supervisors will1 pay
the Oahu Sugar Company $100 for.wa
ter furnished by It to the Waipahu
school may not be decided without a
fight ; The water has ieen burnished
this institution free for. several years,
but -now the .supervisors' have been
informed by the plantation that a
5100 annual charge Is to be made.
They resent this. They say the school
children attending this .school are all
from the pjlantatlon and that It should
be glad to furnish the water gratis.
The ways and means committee Stat
ed at the meeting today that they
are taking5 it up with H. Hackfed &
Postal cards have been issued call
ing the annual meeting of the Oahu
Central Improvement Committee for
Monday evening '.In the rooms of the
Merchants Association, Alexander
Young building. . " " '', ' '-
t ' : 1 -
Per stmr. Mauna Loa, from Kona
and Kau -ports, March . 27 rMfs. s Jas.
Lino, Miss Klnolau, E. Eyrl, R'Eures.
Sarah Kaleohaalulu, Jas. Hind, Mrs.
Lincoln, ; Miss Schaefield, Rev. H. P.
Judd, A. Halberg, Miss -IC Case, Jas.
L-Xoke, Mrs. Fr.iedenberg, Miss Fried-,
enberg, . K. . Leslie, R. 4vers,l - P.
Schmidt H. R.ice, R. H. Wadsworth.
"The Toyo ' Kisen Kalsha liner .Cbi
yo Mam, with: a. fair-sized, number of1
passengers aboard,- docked at Pier 7
shortly after 2 o'clock this-, afternoon
and will probably be dispatched for
San Francisco tomorrow morning at
1Q clock, the exact sanmg.tlme hav:
ing xnot as yet been fixed. ' The Chl
yo Maru will unload 1000 tons 'of Ori
ental cargo at this port '; 1
' ' - '-m ' .' ':
As a moral forced the average 'man
can never hope toA be more than a
danger signal. ' ;;-'
Only cne more day in vhich to
make us an ofier for that (-35
- - v . ( .... ''' t ,
Rug. To bs counted -your cfe
must reach us in Saturday after-
noon s ir
- -J, '-X'
Ilarli Your Envelope "Ru Offer"
fspeclal Cable to Herekaatatrt .
v' ; : ' . .
, ' y: Friday. Jfarrh 27. :y:?d
SEATTLE -Sailed, March .26, S.S.
Alaskan, for Honolulu via -Tacoma.
GAVIOTA Sailed,' March '26, . ship
- Falls of Clyde, for Honolulu. ,t
S.Si SHINYO MARU sails for Yoko-
hama at 4 p. m. today. V
i; sugar:: v
SAN FRANCISCO March 26.-Beets
88 analysis, 9s il 1-Jd. Paritv. 3.92
cents. Previous quotation, 9s 2d.
Good Japanese : young couple want
positions as cook and general house
k"eper. Address Box 42, this of-
flee. r"-
: - '.'''--- 5814-3 ' -: .y
Room with board ;Jn private home,
- ceptrally ' located for young . man.
: Phone 487f-
58142t " .
. - . . - p- .'.....-.....'.... . . .'
K , 9
'. '' "' -
;. -' '1
On and after this date we r;:)l sell any
KODAK or CAMERA of any make whatso
ever when fitted with ANASTJGMAT Lens
of any make at approximately 10 per cent
less than formerly, owing, to the tariff reduc
v . t
3 .
Vest Pocket Kodak, pictures lx2V2, with Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter and Kodak Anastigmat......
lens, sieed f. 8 (new). ...... ............... . .'. .12.00
Do. with Zeissi Kodak Anastigmat lens, speen f . 6 9....... .Old -Price, $23.00 NEW PRICE, 22.50
No. 1A Folding Pocket Kodak SpMia!, pictures 2x44 , Compound '...Shutter, speed 1-2S3. second,'
with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens f. 6. 3... ............Old -Price. $30.00. NEW PRICE, $45.00
No. 3 .Folding .Pocket Kodak Special, pictures 34x4, Compound Shatter... speed 1-230 second,
- with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, speed f. C. 3........ Old Price, $50.00. NEW PRICE, $48.C0
No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak Special, pictures 2YxrT, Compound Shutter, speed 1-200 secontL
with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, sieed f. 6. 3... ......Old Price, -' $CS.00. NEW PRICE, $60.00
. r , . t. ' " ' " ' " mm ', "", " :
inn n
- -J V
- - ? rf f ! .. ,- -
V i
ft .4 .
7 .n
"Everything Photographic'
V Fort Stre'et

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