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1. 1014.
(Continued from pace ol?)
ot the last momeut cancelled their aMage to take a liner leaving the port
at a later date. -
In leaving Honolulu, ih.-" Siberia carried 10 cabin passengers with des
tination at Manila. Among this number were George M. lugan. a prominent
Insular government official; Howard Ixur. who expected to Join the staff
of school teachers at Manila; Lieut. V C. fteyes of the Philippine Constabu
lary, and Mr. and Mrs. (.'. O. Whltaker. returnUg from an extended vaca
tion on the mainland and to take tip their duties with the insular govern
artent. -
For Hongkong, a dozen travelers had been enrolled as through pai
rengera at the time the Siberia ' sailed from Honolulu. Among the more
prominent were N. GottJelb, a Njw York tea merchant who has been a reg
ular visitor to Honolulu for the past 28 years. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Ellis
' of San Francisco were expecting to leave the liner at Hongkong.
p' The Pacific Mall liner Siberia spent last Wednesday at Nagasaki, tke
. last port of call In Japanif Captain Adrian Zeeder. the master, followed
. the- regular steaming schedule. The vessel is believed to have sailed for
r-i .Manila. Philippine Jslands, direct t a late hour In the afternoon. Pacific
i Kail skippers ar A known to follow a course to the eastward of the island
J. of Formosa, in steaming to Manila, the call at Hongkong not being made
until the return voyage.
jnai tne bibena went ashore in a heavy fog cr squall that are of fre
quent occurrence of f the east coast of Formosa and in the China sear at
this season of the rear, is the general belief of shipping and maritime men
at this port who are famiuiar with conditions existing in that part of the
..rar-ast. ,.
: jr ' captain Adrian Zeeder baa grown up in the Pacific Mall service. He
, jjaa.. been Identified with the navigation andv command of steamers for
nan years. It is aald that there ar few men in the Pacific who have a
. better knowledge the various' roate and ports of call than the master of
V'v -1 V1110! bands, now swarm the distressed Pacific Mall liner Siberia,
iney are Dent on Joot more thaa the taxing of human life. The Ia! of the
laclflc Mall steamer Asia- which vent aaround at Five Flncer Rocks.
400. mllea sou th of Shanghai, about three i years ago, is still fresh In the
rinemory of Honolulans. The sia plied ppon the reef during the early
4 morning. Within a few hours the1 ship was visited by several hundred Chl-
iicue,. w&o. In swifttJiinj junks,? soon found their way over, the aide of
vVessel thea belhg; fast abandoned by its officers and crew. ,
1 At.thls.tlme not a life was lost; the Chinese devoting: tnelr' entire time
.iu stripping, tne Asia of everything or value.- Their chief desire appeared
,.tcr be to denude the Imachinerr of It brass and coDoer fittlneSv It was
a U ted at the lime that many of the passengers were actually assisted to
euore oy ine so-called piratei. ; ,T '
. , A c&ri"d valued .at about $1.000,000, . it believed, was placed aboard
7, ot bibena before that vessel sailed from San Francisco. Much of the
f . freight was discharged atiYokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki, leaving the SI-
, vena pracucaiiy empty In proceeding to the Phlllppinea. - -
- Through the headquarters of the Pacific Mall at .SaV Frknclsco. H.
Jlackfeld & Company received an: early cable concerning the disaster that
is reported to have befallen the Siberia. The local; representatives were
mcunea toyiev with doubt th report; that the -steamer ;waa : wrecked'
v through tb efforts 6f pirates. It Is pointed "out ihat the early reports
rr. wust 'presumably have coae f through the Reuter hews service, which la al-
icgea at umes as -very unreliable. 1 ; -.'..-
" The Siberia was due to return to Honolulu on June 8, had the original
. Bcuecuie oeen followed. ' " ; . -
A ;v Speaking of the vessel and Its slabllity to resist complete disaster. It
" . tted today that it was constructed along lines with 10 complete wa-
xer-ugnt Duikheads to the upper deck, and six to the nialn deck, making
4 a ail and thus rendering the vessel practically, unslnkable. ..
The engine room is also enclosed by separate water-tight bulkheads.
v The Siberia,: like it sister ship, the Korea, was built at Newport News
and Js 572.6 feet In .length, 63 feet in breadth, with a depth of il I eet JO
laches. r,.:. ? v,. . - v: y;-:;';".:V. .i '
. Mrs. Gertrude Payne,ldentifled with - the facility c-the stated normal
' scnooi at ban Jose. Cal who remained at Honolulu. for some montha. leav:
.- irs.the city for the far east in the.Ty K. K.Miner Shlnyo.Marn; is stated, to
-j to cave Deen a passenger In the Pacme Mall liner Siberia from Naza-
' kl. Mrs. Payne was enroute to Manila, the Siberia being' the first vssseU
, cepanins rrom Japan for the islanda.-- ? ", , ;
mm fur IMiW
With a capacity for mere than 65,
000 barrels of oil, the big new Asso-
! ciafed Oil Company tanker Frank H.
Buck, just completed at the Union
Iron Works, and now in commission
as aa oil carrier between the Pacific
stations and a number of ports, is
stated will figure in maintaining the
supply in the Hawaiian islands. The
vessel is of much larger tonnage than
the at earners J. A. Chanslor or the
W. F. Herrln at present engaged in
the business of transporting oil from
California to Honolulu and KahuluL
The Frank H. Buck steamed over
a series of trial courses recently and
is said to have come up in the high
est expectations of her builders. Ev
ery requirement of the insurance uo
derwriters has been met in this
steamer according to the favorable re
ports received in this city.
Tne Frank li. Buck Is rated as a
14,000-ton steamer. Its construction
baa now been followed by orders for.
a vessel of similar design and ton
nage to be turned over in the Union
Oil Company within a year.
The constant increasing demand
for. oil, at the island ports It," said
necessitates additional steamers In
the. service! . . . V ;
It ' was announced today that: the
Barneson of. the, Union 011 Company
is expected soon to reach San Fran
cisco on its , maiden . trip from Ne,w-castle-on-Tjrhe.rr,The
Barneson," named
after the president of. r the company,
CapUIn . John . Barneson, - has a capa
city of 65,000 barrels of oILOThe blg
shin la In .command Syl Captain .Shot
ten, f. The La Habra, chartered by, the
Union .company, is expected to arrive
In & couple of . months from England.
This vessel will also have a carrying
capacity of 65,000 barrels, as will the
Lompoc which will be i finished :: In
June. -.The . company "has eight new
tankrt -off, -the ways. and. the total
coat of the fleet is In the neighbor
hood of M.000,000. , ' i
The Standard Oil Company has
also been engaged In carrying large
amounts of oil and increasing its
fleet of tankers. It Is estimated that
the present capacity of the Standard
fleet can easily be placed it 421.150
arreiv- Theoompany. hasthejJ.
onaic nnaert constriicuon. j e
The. United States coast and geode
tic swvey steamer Patterson which !
has remained in island waters for the
past four months is to steam for the
north Pacific coast this afternoon, the
work Of surveying and charting the; ;
coast line of a portion of the island 4
of Maul, Molokai and Hawaii hiving
Deen completed ror tne season, am
eers with the coast and geodetic sur
vey aertice have taken a large num
ber of soundings in the waters off
these islands.
The Patterson Is to proceed to Pu
get Sound there to receive some re
pairs and take on . supplies sufficient
to last during the summer months.
There has been much ' activity on
board the steamer within the last few
days, c Coal and provisions have been
supplied .as the steamer lay at a
berth at pier 5.
From the coast comes word that the
government revenue service, and pa
trol boats are making ready to put in
to the waters of the far north in the
coarse of their" aniiual spring and sum
mer patrol t duty. The Bear, which
will have the mosf northerly station
this ' year, t will .be. the first to get
away, and will go aa tar . north as
Point" Barrow, the most northerly
point of 'Alaska.. . .
iThe Unalga waa to sail April 20 di
rect to Unimak Pass, to be In readi
ness to ; render assistance to the advance-passenger
.boats heading into
the north. '.' The cutter :Tahoma i will
PHONE 1281
Facts About the Canal
Time required to go through the ca
nal, from ten to twelve hours.
Freight will be charged $1.20 a ton;
passengers are free.
American coastwise ships may pass
through free of all charges.
The canal will save 8000 miles be
tween New York and San Francisco.
New York Is brought 5000 miles
nearer to Valparaiso and the west
coast of South America. " "
Our Atlantic seaports are 4000 miles
nearer Australia.- i
The distance to the -Philippine is
lands is not materiall reduced.
Bulk products like wheats lumber,
minerals, wool, hides and wines will
get lower freight rates through the
canal from Pacific ports. .
Eastern machinery, textIlesCttan
ufactures and finished products , will
tnjoy. cheaper rates to. Pacific porta:
Staple products ' of the south cot
ton Iron, coal lumber ,and ship sup
piles will! have similar advantage to
the Orient and Pacific ports '
; Immigration, will be deflected lln
large numbers from New York to. Pa
cific ports 1 :-- ' . ' ''-rC
The cost of operating the canal will
iamvM Cue til lfo A an A wrilt . mle
about in the Alaskan v WateraV :;; All ?"Tr ,vSv r ''-mi
thrrftf : th frvrnr.Anf wt -wtit About 25.000 persons will
earrV a larc-ft amonnt of m!I intn th Quired.
north which 4 has, been (accumulating
during -thel isvihter xnonthat $ i i ,
Lava bu, aaiva aa&o V Vi
luring :thel isviiiter moathV.
-T -rn nntir.n
rucMni iiiiiiriiriTir.
' 1
l 1" S - : - V, ...... ? '
.rcrtumf?, setroff by chains, of beads
v' - nd fe&tLer head dresses. t Then, also,
- there were Japanese, Chinese and Kq
u rean girls In native costumes , ,; .
r A horde of poattoen," with regula
tion caps and mall ; bags, were, in
, reality, children i from the Palama
kindergarten. 5 One of the features of
I y this aection were nine little boys and
' ttrls In costume; representing . as
many nationalities. ;"
Master Robert Strange, son "of Ha
ry Strange of Ad Club i and - other
fame, attracted more attention,- per-
: ' haps, than Any other individual. la the
; : pageant Master Harry was dressed
i as. a pirate, a miniature represents
f tlon of the Ad Club fotble. - Armed
'with jk huge cutlass, and with one
band constantly clutching the butt of
; huge pistol which reposed In . his
i belt, he marched along at the head of
' the seclibn entered br the ' WalkikI
1 kindergarten.' . Miss Sara Pratt, direc
, ... tor of this institution, had all of her
children in line : in costume and.
, ; while they were few in number, nev
;f ertheless . they played their, part with
. the came enthusiasm displayed by
the rest of the children, r The Kalihl
" Lindergarteh children were dressed as
Indiana and carried bows ahd arrows,
looking almost ferocious beneath the
I gaudy red paint which- adorned ; their
, . 1 f acea. Warriors . of old ; were repre
)iented by: the children of the Muriel
J kindergarten. 1 f .'
One of theprettlest sections . was
f ! that of th Castle kindergarten. " A
: group Of prettiiy gowned Utile girls
-I led this svetionv aupporting a bower
of real flowers. Following, them came
Indians and cowboys.
Tlie" InltiaJkarincef W inter
island t. steamer ....with .cargo at VFearl
Jlarbor. willfollow r the return of" the
AiatiU'fTom;' an 'liland pprf with ; fcOQQ
tons of. sugar, which .are destined tb
e. s transferred'' to the , big . American
ship- John Ena, how at the naval, sta
tlon.'l.where the . last of 1000 tons of
v'.-r l -'. ' " IpuIIdera sand, , and 3500 tons of east
k? too .Vpmiii fm coast coal . 'hive been discharged. :
: t ut d uuu UJO) i cjieeouuus. uio loav
ot a one-time mighty fleet of.Ahieri
can lndjimmera that traded through
out ' the Pacific and the AtlanUc, is
tb take on sugar for New York or
The Maui Is 'bringing about 10.000
sacks of the product thai will serve
as ballast and' steady the ship while
it la being towed td -Hilo to receive
the remainder of a shipment of 4500
tons of sugar.? ' - V'.. . -
It is of more than passing Interest
to. officer and members of the Maul
tor;" Miss Sara , Lncas, Miss Dorothy
Culid, Miss. Dorothy Wood, Miss Dor
othy . Castle, Miss Elizabeth Kopke,
M las ' 'Julia Smith, Miss Helen Dow,
Miss Pearl Robinson and - Miss Ma
rion Xhapln.: .;
: Miller-rMiss Mary Lucas, director;
Miss ; Lucy , Norton, Miss Olga Tran
quada and Miss : Emily . Phillips.
Fort street Miss Eola : Logans di
rector; .. Miss Mary 'Wong, Miss Ida
Logan . and Miss En Fung Yap.
juereiania miss Harriet Micas.. oi-
. i'.- The parade wended; its way around
the square; to A lively, tune from the
t 1 Hawaiian band. Upon the compleUon
ot the circle, a halt was called and
, the kindergartens broke-ranks and for
" ' : an hour afterward romped and played
tiK.'C about pie"8qare.v The Indians pitch-
;d their, wigwams and retired Jnslde
" to partake of soda water and cakes,
4 but .the "rest preferred to dance about
.x the bandstand. From beginning to
i end the celebration was a success,
- and nothing unpleasant occurred to
.xuar.th beauty of. the occasion.
: ? ; . To Miss France Lawrence, the
kindergarten supervisor, is, due con-
rector; Miss Bertha Kopke,' Miss Dolla
Fennell, Ilss Louisa Beck. Miss Adele j crew to assist In bringing the vessel
mh n M.ejrer. , .i , i tQ the naval sUUon. 'as it was from
raiama Aiiss oienn jonea, airec-irorttKAmAhajiibha that the rerjort of
A ri -" W -k x a "- m rl I . m
ior,- miss ML.nu.ij tjarrewi miss Mary ortttiftlt dinaatPr to the Maui was
sent forth some weeks ago.
Local Notice ;to Mariners.
Young, Miss Leihua Ulunahele
Josephine Richards. , ; : .
KauluweU Miss Mary "von ?' Holt,
director; M Iss Dallas Zablan. Miss
" . ..... llli.ki..M.lAiMl A1. mttrn
cAtiui Airs, jnorma aoudb, uirwi.j itA A ion tj
Ill J ..I T, lU HBO IVUKULW l ,"J
houses,. A. 'E. Arledge, inspector, 19th
lighthouse district
len McLean.', ;
Muriel Miss Gertrude Brown, Miss
Anne Gonsalves, Miss Johanna Men
dloU and Ilss Maggie Rawliha.
-i Waittkl Miss, Sara Pratt;
To Report Vessels at MabeUarY
ine cnuean government has re
quested that vessels passing . through
Per M. N. S. S. Matsdnia, for Hilo
CI W. .Weight, Miss N, MilleY. Sam
WIlIiamsMr6. J. C. Austin. Miss I. G.
For Hilo. the Matson liner Matsonta
sailed last evening taking 50 , passen-
. ...
gers. . This vessel will received more
than' 2000 tons of sugar and is ex
pected to return to Honolulu on Sun
day morning.
To pay interest on the investment
and operating expenses approximately
115,000,000 revenue per annum will be
n'eedeU . . -' , .: . . .
; Traffic! experts estimate that for the
first few years' the Average annual
tonnage will be 10,000,000," not enough
at the $120 rale to make, the canal
self supporting. ; - " .
The , rates charged vessels are the
same as those at Suez. t ...
The government .will monopolize
the business , of supplying ' coa 1 and
provisions and operating repair fa
cilitf es. . ...x V. a i.; ft . :
Great dirdocks,.. wnarveipt warehaus
es, repair shops 'and - other facilities
Unless orders to the contrary are to cast, $20,000,000 are under constrnc-
received the Americah-Hawalian tion. .. t . - v ' '
freighter Arizonan now here with gen i All permanent buildings will be-of
eral cargo from tc east and west the Italian Renaissance style -of ar
coast Vof the I United .States will be? chltecthre The route of the canal will
utsiuieu wiui u,vw: wui'ui sugar
for - New York i direct by the way ot
Magellan 'Straita.-;.' v
... j-
; In sailing direct froni.San Francisco
td; Honolulu, ther Matson Navigation
freighter . Hyadesi is i. expected to ar
rive at this port bout31ay 8. Freight
that baa accumulated .at' the Sound
at . : the " Matson wharves . will, be
brought to thJa islands- fa the.hext trip
of the steamer- Hohblulan. -
-4. - A .
V, In' sailing .from'vNew York .for the
Hawaiian i?lands, the; .American-Hawaiian,
freighter Pennsylvanian has
been ordered to call t Key West.
Florida, to await instructions regard
ing the remainder of Xhe voyage-The
vessel Is believed will 4 be sent Into
the Pacific , by the way of Magellan
Straits . .: . -: i-'- -u '
Latest advices plice the time Of
arrival Of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha
steamer rSelyo Maru at Honolulu
about May. 6. The .'vessel will noi
enter this harbor jbut , immedlatelj
proceed to; .Hilb where 625 tons of
Oriental cargo .will jbe "dlischarged. A
delegation of -federal customs officers
will accompany the. vessel to the Ha
wail port.- v- i '
Protest at Tbnnak Tax:
Japanese steamshtp owners have
combined in making a representation
to the government on the subject of
the imposition of tonnage dues on ves
sels, registerea . at uairen. , it appears
that the government proposes to make
the tax 30- sen pet ton gross. One
shlpowhers'-ninion has asked for it to
be reduced to 15 sea per net ton. while
another group has' auggested that if
a tax must be Imposed at all it Bhould
be SO sen per net ton instead of gross
ton. " f J
be beautified 4 with trees, etc.
Storage' for) 430,000 tons of coal,
maximum capacity, is provided OIK
160,000; barrels. : . v
Monster 270-ton floating cranes will
handle wrecks or accidents in the ca
nal or locks ;. - :
.' War ships pf all nations may pass
through ' the canal; but cannot- linger
more Jiaiwe,nty-four.hour8 at either
end In time of WarrT-p-- r-
The 3 Interstate v Commerce . Commis
sion has 'Jurisdiction: over canal traf
ficWilliam R. Scott ia Leslie's.
A Unique Craft
A steamship of uncommon interest
was launched at Sunderland. She is
to be employed In the transportation
of oil, and her power will be derived
rrom mat which she carries. At the
launching ceremony the vessel was
christened theJ Teutonian. The Teu-
tonian, which Is , 289 feet in length,
with a breadth of'over.50 feet Is, di
vided Into, 14 compartments, and is
provided with two cofferdams, to: en-
aoie enree graaes or oh to be carried.
This boat will be used to convey
"Sheir fuel oil to the United King
dom from , the East The tanks are
of the regulation size, and comply in
every respent with the Suez Canal
requirements. The engines and boil
ers have been built by Messrs. Dick
inson, the former, being, the latest,
triple-expansion type, and a speed of
11 knots an hour can be maintained
when" the vessel lawfully loaded. The
boilers are fitted for burning oil fuel.
All the latest auxiliary machinery has
been installed, and the cargo weight is
750 tons, which can be discharged at
the rate of 500 tons per hour. In the
accommodation for both officers and
men the newest ideas have been in
corporated. ...
I f it:'-. rnoNK tsat
- -i jm . : :
. ff rii : , -.
' i' i r - - -
1 f .- . h v v. v ., -
- rtJ V':: -? i h..'- v
- : J, I .... I I-" I
t il
Pratts Red
.... r - ' r .
nn n . otlnrv rnr " . w
f f.v.-.'i.
m m r i 'it . r , - - ijr
w f - a
F 0
".rf i-i
RiVt In-
iiLLEIti rALfiiiAc
.' . I r T
:ciate itsvzl:::
sm a VI : .
' t"'-
.f -
s ...
177 -'So. k:
e moa
ox Xiay,
' ' . . . ' j -
'-. -If r -. - . - : i - - 'I, is 1 : .
-A . ; - ' . t a
P. O. BOX 51
i International i gin
The Panama-P
exposition from Sel 20 t 25, W15.
win oe tne meetingTjaee of the larg
est nody ot dlstfci.ished engineers
ever assembled in e place and Col
ouel George V. ' lethals will pre
tide over the flrs; international en-
the Straits of Magellan hall wiwrt latty c : Mn 4nd Mr8. H
their natlonallt7 ; name, and official j jHier Hansen, Miss Hansen. E.
number by means of signals on bass-
Ing the lighthouses: at Dungeness.
Punta Detgada San Isidro, and Los
Evangelistas ; ,or any other, light
house on the Straits which may ask
for the informa Uonl " The announce-
ment pf the , ports of departure and
destination are also desirable. " The
Information thus obtained: will : be
kept by the Chilean government for
the. Information of : shipowners . and
others throughout jthe world. Of-late
years severalf steamers notably the
German carga steamer "Acflia". have
been reported missing for months.
The Chilean government his no defi
nite knowledge whether this steamer
or several other missing ships passed
the Straits or not The reports now
asked for would lessen the radius of
(slderable creditTfor the excellent matb search for missing vessels, save con-
cjie expense, to snjpowners, ana
Chilean government in Its
""Til8slng vessels. It Is
.1 TAr e. - that all owners
ncr in hlch sb handled tha r
I the kindergarten- teachersta
nal touches AoK the plr
f "AJn the mtng,:
i rirV- .mm m .
v. t Leadlna
tTtiVni - fljid ' Nnuann ISta.
TeL il7 night can mi oixieo
-i Vv
TJr captains to
A. C Long. William Williamson, Chas
A. rew, Mrs. E. Low and nurse, Missj
A. Cannon, A. W. Bottom ley. Mr. and I
Mrs. E. J. Reed. J. W. Wilkin, Missj
W. L Haywood, J. H. Shearman. Miss.
M.- J, Presscott, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. I
Warner, Miss F. M. Cronemiller. Miss
Hefferman, R. Barry, W. H. C. Camp
bell Mrad Mrs. A. B. Park. Dr.
Anna.- ull. A. F. Wilkin. Mr.
and Mts.v f N. Shipman, Mrs. Wm.
Cullen andttwo children. A. F. Gemis,
A. B. Gregg, A. J. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson,
Miss Park, Miss G. Wilson. Mrs. A
To keep iron and steel goods from
rust, states the Mechanical World.
dissolve half an ounce of camphor in
one pound of hog's lard; take off the
scum, mix as much black lead as will ,
give the mixture an iron color. Iron
and steel goods nibbed over with '
this mixture and left with it on twen- j
tv-four hours. andthen dried with a
linen cloth, will keep clean for
months. j
ing cocgScss. As Colon! Goeta-
H-berth hero of the actfer-
me which the exposition tz coos-
nieiaraie una meetmg win oe one
;f 4-M most important of the rrobabi
'00 fat wIH be held in San Ftaaeisea
In t tfme of the posftion
I - - ; . . -
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