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From 8an Francisco:
Manchuria Sierra, May 4.
For San Francisco
HatnonU, Mar 6.
From Vancouver:
Niagara, May 20.
For Vancouver:
Maram a. May IS.
Evening Bulletin. Eat. 1882. No. 5844.
Hawaiian 8Ur. Vol. XXI. No. 6884.
v n i i i . x.- i i l i i II iii i f i iv i i i i i i - i i i i i , r i i
TEE SiKING OFF Fillill wmm
.. -,
v4 1,
BMiiM0d iimmse
S. 6. S. Signals are
is Held That Wireless Outfit is Ken
dered UseIess--Mrs. Francis . Burton
Harrison One of 80 Cabin PasSengers--
Wrecks and Looting of , Asia Vivid!y
, - T0KI0. Japan" May 1.
beria is reported to be ashore
the coast of Formosa.
' t Messages received from Taipefu, one of the smaller tea
: shipping ports of Formosa, report the Siberia aground' pout
six miles off the southeast coast. ':; Y
Dispatches' from Formosa indicate that Chinese pirates
are in some way connected with the disaster. ,
. : - ; The British cruiser Minptaur and the; Great- Northern
steamer. M innesota, located on
.ijp wireless messages carrying tne b; U; b. 01 tne oisiress
: "vessel. The messages gradua!Iy. grew .'indistinct, the ir
prcssion being . that the Siberia was in such distress that hefc
wireless outfit had been put (out of commission.
" iThe Minotaur (and the Japanese .; cruiser Kanto Maru
have gone to the. assistance of the distressed vessel.
- - : "Mrs. Francis Burton Harrison, wife of the governor-general
of the . Philippines, is numbered among the 80 cabin pas-'
; scngers of ; the (Siberia, being enVbute home (from a trip "to
. Hongkong, y ;('V ,'.v-: (. ;
the disasterreca!!s the aoihg ashore of .the Asii on(Finger(
"neck, Aprir23, 1911. , The Afcia jyenH
nicjhtand at daybreakja scoe of. Chinese junk
pirates, swarmed around the sinking vessel, overpowered the
crew ancf tJassengers and (looted (the ;Veef,irembying (even
her brass fittings;. The jjascehfliTS
circles. f It is believed a similar (actiom is. indicated by the :
-5 : 7ATh3 officers c
- ; Thomas' ClaUr first 6ffic;iJ..Hamilton;-chief engineerj F.
C. Charman, purser; B. A; Stanton ( P.
( Strange, M. D.-, surgeon; V. X;( OeCaro, (chief steward, (and
1 :.;(( E. A. Kirby, second steward.. j :M :!; :U
: . Associated Pre Cabfel ; , . . si
SAfJ FRANCISCO, May 1. The official's of the Pacific :
Mail Steamship Company; in this city have, been advised that ;
the Siberia is ashore and have instructc dthe Samasaha to
salvage the stricken : steamer." ; r c - '
;- instructions have been forwarded to the Yokohama
agents of the company to spare ; no expense to" provide for
the safety and comfort of the passengers.
'"..vY.v V:- V'j-''.";-'; Associated Tresa Cable -v
' T0KI0, Japan, May 2. The eraser Minotaur is report
ed to-have reached the scene othewreck of the Siberia and
to have offered to render every possible aid.
The fate Of the I'aclflc Mail liar Siberia, now reported ashore off the
; southeast' ecest of the Island of .Formosa; is awaited with keu interest by
; many Honolulans who ivsesed an acquaintance with a number of cabin
passengers who embarked lor the Fit East in that vessel on the evening
or April 13.
" The shipping office of li. llackfeld Company, the local representa
tives for the Pacific Mall line, was besieged this morning by persons who
Uafl. either relatives or friends In the liner, now reported as in dire dis-
" tress and n a way of becoming a total loss.
Departing from Honolulu for the Orient in the Siberia were the fol-
lowing cabin travelers: Mrs. L. B. Pierce, a round the world tourist who
, had remained in the city with the beginning of the carnival; the Misses
V. T.; and A. Murphy, from New York and Boston, and also prominent in
: Pacific Coast society, were gueets at the .Moana hotel for a number of
, weeks before sailing In the Siberia; Mrs. L. P. Cherry was lavishly enter
ialned during her stay at Honolulu; Charles Poulin and E. B. Kellam were
? globe-trotters who had remained in the Islands for a number of weeks.
With 45 Filipinos "who had completed their service at the various isl
and sugar estates, .numbered with the delegation of Asiatic steerage pas
aengers who departed in the Siberia, early reports from Japan that the Si
beria had met with disaster caused a steady stream of Filipinos. Chinese
j nd Japanese to seek further information concerning the fate of the vessel.
In addition to more than 200 through passengers, a score of Japanese
nwl five Chinese joined the Siberia tit Honolulu.
Mr. and Mrs, Henry Russel wero booked for China in this vessel, but
".7 I Continued on ae two
; v ."-r- At Lowest Price.
' Phons 26 , Merchant and AJakea St.
o o
Indistinctand Belief
The Pacifip Mail steamer Si
and sinking in the Chinasea, off
the Japanese . coast, picktd
sSAN FRANCISCO, April 30 Sugar:
91 degrees test, 3.04 cents. Previous
quotation. 3.01 cents. Beets: 88 analy
sis. 9a 4 1-2 d. Parity. 2.54 cent. Pr.
us quotation, 9a 4 1-4d.
o o
Messels Go
Tne racmc man a. a. aioena. '
m. - f . a a . i Alt . (
1 aahore off the . aoutheatt coaet -
of Formosa; Mra. Francla Bur-.
ton . Harrison, one of the Sibe ;
. Vla's cabin passengers and Cap '
Uln Adrian . Zeeder, master of 5
the Vessel.
tal (Investigator for Probe
Conimission Delivers Talk
: Straight from Shoulder
Commenting on the status of the
iepprt'made by him to the Hawaii
County Investigation Committee, H.
Gooding Field says: .
' I have been reluctant, for ! some
months past, to express myself re
garding the wisdom ot the creation of
the Hawaii County Investigation Com
mission, as a body, as any statement
which I might have made reflecting, in
any manner, on the merits of the com
mission, would, I felt, be considered
personal animus.
Expensive Luxury. .
Since, however, the commission
now takes the stand that there is 4io
special reason why my report should
be made public, or if published at all,
not earlier than June 30th next my
report being the result of twelve
months of the most difficult and ex
acting technical work and, further
more,, the commission, the personnel
of which are not, by any means, ac
counting experts, professing to be
the sole arbiters of the value of that
part of my report, wherein I outline
a 'modern and scientific accounting
system, with forms, e tc, which
should be installed not only in the
county of Hawaii, but all the other
counties and 'departments of the ter
ritory, I am compelled, in justice to
myself, to give some data which will
show the useleesness of such a com
mission being appointed iu the first
place to even attempt to straighten out
the financial mtta-dle in the county of
Hawaii. I still maintain that the mat
ters to be investigated which were
purely financialwere such that the
services of a professional investiga
tor, trained in municipal accounting
and research work, and a prosecut
ing attorney, were alone capable of
unravelling these complications. The
commission, in fact, proved, itself to
be a legalized and expensive luxury,
and the following information, Re
garding its modus operandi will, I be
lieve, be both educational and en
lightening to the taxpayers who have
pungled up to pay the bills.
What Commission Did.
The commission held its first meet
ing in Honolulu on April 10th, 1913
and met at Hilo on April 18th, 1913.
On the latter date, all the records
from 1905 to 1913 of the county aud
itor and the county treasurer were
turned over, under subpoena, to the
commission, and on May 10th. 1913.
the books of the county clerk were
likewise obtained. The books and rec
ords of the three county officials,
above-mentioned, were placed on
these dates under the control of the
auditor in the vaults of the First
Trust Company of Hilo, for purposes
of his investigation.
Delving and Checking,
From April 23rd. 1913 to May 29th.
1913, the three members of the com
mission were "delving into books and
checking accounts of the county aud
itor," with.Je exception of four pub-
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MiHyfll 11 Ir IvT
rm hi a 1111
o o oy OO O O . O O O O , l O O -O-O- Or-O u
. Tx mssistame; Mmese BiiMm
Independent Bidder Awarded
Contract En Route to Ho
nolulu to Commence Work
George E. Marshall, independent
contractor with a strong financial
backing, has been, given the contract
to complete the Hilo breakwater, ac
cording to cable advices received
here today. x
Accepted by " the government, and
by the American Surety Company, the
giant concern that stood as bonds
man for the bankrupt Philadelphia
Breakwater Company, Mr. Marshall is
now on his way to Honolulu, and will
arrive here May 15. An entire new
plant, it is reported, has been ordered
by him to complete the big job.
Word is given out here that work
on the breakwater will be. resumed
almost immediately on his arrival.
Confusing and conflicting report?
have become current lately relating
Kindergarten Tots Gather In
Annual Celebration Lillie
Gomes Is Queen
Fairyland of the story looks was
transplanted in Honolulu for seora'
hours this morning; not a fairyland
of the imagination, but on1 of unljue
reality. Children of half a soon of
different nationalities, pupils in the
eight loral free kindergartens con
ducted under the auspices of the Free
Kindergarten and Children's Aid As
sociation, were the fairies; and
Thomas Square, with its towering
shade trees and broad "xpanse of
green verdure, was the land the
whole combining to make this year's
celebration of .y lay one of the
prettiest events witnessed in this
city in many years.
Gaily costumed children, under Ore
r - rr 1
.11 fill i' "
rJ .111 I I
I ' z - Mill ft I I w
rrn r liinoiim orninro mi n 1
' I .vOC ...
to the award of the breakwater con
tract; but the word received today set
tles the matter;
The Philadelphia Breakwater Com
pany going into bankrupcty, the
American Surety Company, one of the
largest corporations of its kind in the,
country, was liable under Its con
tract for the completion , of the job.
Negotiations by contractors with the
company and the government have
been going on for some time, the con
tractors seeking to enter into a dual
agreement with the suretv company
and the government for the comple
tion of the job.
Marshall was successful in his nego
ed the Auwaiolimu contract, and has
sage, and has signed up with both
Marshall was the contractor award
ed the Auwaiolimu contract ;and has
handled other big jobs here and else
where. He is said to have strong fin
ancial backing for the present work.
direction of teachers and their as
sistants, were early, arrivals at the
square to pay homage to little Miss
l-illie Gomes, the May queen. Crown
ed with a wreath cf violets, which con
trasted prettily with her dainty robe
of pink and white, the queen stood
with her attendants the Misses Hil
da Caniara. Nellie Gomes, Helen Xas
c'fnento And Margaret Carreira and
graciously received the little visitors.
Special cars conveyed the youngsters
to tthe scene of the festivities and,
alighting from these conveyances,
they marched into the field in per
fect order to await the signal for the
commencement of the grand parade.
The day was a perfect one. The
big square was soon turned into a
lively riot of color. Hundreds of vis
itors, both kamaainas and malihinis,
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e rim av j n n -r ' r?s " n ' tt tt r
Admiral Craddock Endeavors to Secure Restoration of Service
in .Order That Refugees May Escape Spanish -Ambassador
Delivers Huerta's Message, Signifying .Vi!!ir,r;r.:ss
to Submit to Proposal of Mediators, to Minister frcr,i Ar-
;. , K v r f Associated
WASHINGTON, D. C, May r tir-Consul-general William W. Canada re
ports from Vera Cruz that there arer UC0 Americans in . Mexico City who
are unable to flee, owing to the condition' of the -railroad lines, which'
have been tied up for some' time' past.'- : ,; . "v- , ' .
- ". AdrofraJ Craddock of the British navy Is extending every effort ta se
cure the restoration of railroad communication and service. ' ' ?
;1 11
WASHINGTON, D. :May; 1 Spanish Ambassador RIano today vis-
Ited the Argentine minister and advised him that President Huerta had tint,
a mesasge outlining his desire to accept theproposal of the South Am:ri
can countries as mediators, . . ' r 1 '"t 1 vV-: ' .' .'
This proposal calls for the suspension of hostilities between Mexlca '
and the United States while the mediators; are endeavoring to reach an
agreement.' , ''-.-". v'...-'
Troops be Sent to CoIoit. " :
.- . -'; t r ' ' r - tAssodated Press Cable ' ' l T . ' ' x
. TRINIDAD, Colo May 1. Major Willard A. Holbrook has reconmend
ed that more troops he rushed Into f Colorado,' In-order tp i handle ths I'.rika
ttuatioii..1;V;y':3r .;r';4::.t;-s;-i: ;:-'if '-'"?;:.--.-''-':t -r''r-"v ?' ' " "'
ft it is; believed -that the tjesifea? of Llndley : Ms) Garrison, secretary eft .
war, are guiding Major Holbrook in this matter,- ; j- - j ;
f Associated
Colorado to have., been made by Major Holbrook, that .more troops be or
dered 'Into Colorado haa not yet reached the war, department. -
Fight at Mazatlan Still
- v f Associated
' WASHINGTON, D. C May ,1 Rear-admiral Frank F. Howard reports
that the'flfrnjfef the federals and constitutionalists at. Mazatlan continues.
Mexican Steamer Burned P
WASHINGTON, D. C May WTe Mexican steamer Lueiia has been
burned at Manzanillo, according to a report that hat reached this city. .
, . o-o j o o ;- :;..o o
Barron to
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 1, 8 p.m. Young was confirmed as post
master at Honolulu this evening. CT 8. ALBERT.
WASHINGTON, D. C May 1. Wlinam F. Young .was nominated
this afternoon for the postmasters hip of Honolulu." Chariest Barron'.of
Honolulu, having been c' iminated from the fight several daya ago. ,
Mr. Young is, at present, special agent for the poetoffice depart
ment in South Carolina and his orly competitor for the Honofufiroffice
was a Texan friend of the administration. " ;
Mr. Barron has been pacified by the promise of several minor places
for his friends, whose fight he Included with his own .when he first
reached the capital. . : C . v : Y
The Honolulan, who has been under th weather for sometime past,
is again around and expects to return to Hawaii shortly.'. '' .
' C. S. ALBERT.'
Schwerin DiscreditsMessae
SAN FRANCISCO, May 1 According to cable advices from Manila, a
wireless has been received at that port, relayed by the S. 9. Galveston from
the Siberia, stating that the vessel is in good condition and will arrive in .
Manila Saturday." '". z' .-f1
The officials of the Pacific Mail Company are inclined to discredit ,
is. message, General Manager Schwerin stating that if waa; undoubtedly
sent before the accident and is merely the customary shipping communica-'
tion. '"- ' : ; V-f t:',
RUSSIANS KIDNAP OWN - .fa.thhome eonie three months aga"
nAlirUTCD DIIT DAI IPC M The - police say ' that, whiie the at
U5HHL7.I.tP ' J!rrSrLlrti -tei-anrt buckaa turned, the couplft
QUICKLY RETURN CHILD made(6ffithe chnd4.The detect
; Ivo department Immediately was cor.
Serada Makalcff and his wife, both' municated ; with .and at .2 .o'clock
Russians, were arrested shorfty aftertiet;j':I3btecUv;;Artliur .2JcDurr: '
2 o'clock this afteniocmrona charge' andSeveraL, qf his men arrested t: i
of kidnaping, !preterred by Judged Rnisian' and his wlfe.-ruho had-t :r .
William U Whitfieyr.tf;-the' '4uTeniledaghtervwit!;theni-at .the time. TL
court, Accordipg.to;thepolicefcSfia;chjfd wasrettTriied to the Cc-t!3 llc .
ka left and hJs wife made their,appeariand the couple locked up at t . 1 r :.e
anpe at the Castle '.Home, Manoa. -"at''" station; ,Makal.cff ; and hia.-w: en
noon? ami, asked "2Jhe attendantVitt old offenders,; having -teen
charge if they might see their five' on several occasions c -year-old
daughter, who was committed ,a?anlt ri hit -
Pre C&bl1
' -.:r..',: . V ' . , . .., '. ', .. ,. " V
llliLui2 ;
rresS Cable! : - - ' ; - ' "
recommendations, -reported frc,-
Press Cablet .' , :
Star-Bulletin Cable)
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