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Jl'LV HI. HI 14
VaUh i thf root of all fool irorl;. A root j Kstiniatcs of Senator Klihu Kt have varied
. procure uuthhiij i nWiop Wilwm., mnJ,rkaMy. He lias l-en alternately, praised
to the skies as one of America's ;;reatest states
men and condemned to tlic nether depths of con
tumely as the ahjett servant of the corpora-
From the Hawaiian anIe of view on the fed- t ions,
rral huildinj: situation, it is dangerous to' load The N'ew York World. Ion a hitter politieal
tlie .bill .down, with sueh a rider as that of the adversary of Mr. l.oot, in a recent editorial
amendment proposed ly Former (Jovernor ives this remarkahle characterization of his
Frear, the details of which are told in the news career and powers. With the World's conclu
colunms todav. " Ision that puhlic life can ill spare this man of
an ami'iidment which provides for the reim- ; jj, wid-ticn of his clients he wouhl have been ;
Inirsenicnt of the Mahuka site defendants for president of the United States. liv the time the
their expenses of attorneys' fees, etc., during statesman had lived down the record of the cor
the litigation of the last few years. Iporation lawyer it was too late.
The,temiKr of the committee has hern plainly ,M j. t t . (f n f command
shown against the amendment not against jus- . illt(.lpi.ts in the public life of the country.
lUlllllS lOO.IY, . ' MM, -IIWII JIIIIIIIV lilt- V illi 111 !JFtll- Illalll III I
Mr. Frear apKared before the house commitv great -talent there will lx little disagreement:
; on public, buildings on ..June 10 proposing "Had Elihu JJoot exercised better judgment
'".properly who were ut to expense during the
condemnation suits but against the presenta
tion of their bills to the committee' on buildings
and ground. In the hearing on June ' 10 the
uhainnari of, the committee twice stated that the
lice for the lessees and owners of the Fort Street other lM'ing Wo(Hlrow Wilson. He will be
reniemlH'rf d as a great secretary! of war who re
organized the FnitiHl States army after the niili-'
tary. experts had' .muddled with it in vain. He!
will'be rememliered also as a very competent
secretary of state, and in lheFnited States sen-
matter should come Wore the committee on Jlt(. hp M thp highest traditions of that
appropriations, and that the buildings commit- iMdv.
lhasnvjurl.ction. . , Although his! name is not identified in the1
Husmessmen of Honolulu may remain calm1 : . , -n . i n . . I
. , , , mi i public mind with anv notable piece of legisla-
and let the federal building bill go through . . .. 1 . ,
. , . . . 7 . v tion, Mr. Iioot is generally m-ognizeil as the
the lower house or kick up a fuss about a few , , . . , . .. . i . , . j
. . , . v j.. ., . ablest inan in the senate. His time and his tal-,
lliousiind dollars expense to which they have . . . , . , . . . . ... !
. , , , i, rnt have been devoted exclusively to publici
lecn put and probably delav real action on the y ,. . , . . . ' . I
. ... . i, , , uuestKuis. He has not lwen a pati-onagbroker
building and site for another vear. , ' . ' ;. i Mmi i n 1
7 i . . . . ... . ' or a manipulator of bills or a party whip, l ew
The federal government is not going to leat . . . , 1 . ' . . 1 ,
. . , ., . . 4 w, 4Ai penatow have shown such consistent indepen-
nni .i.c!" iilintiintif u .kit- .ir tlimt Miihro Iffir tliA I
III! JU.l l lillliliiuin mil in iih ii i1kIH" iiui inr -i i l i iixi x . . , .
: , .... ,Al xi , deuce, and he has debated no question without
(The Star-BuJiPtin . invites free an ' yi u should have done so in your arti
frank discussion in this r!limin on all 'He under comnunt. 1
legitimate subjetts of c.jrrciit interest.! In justice to tuyaelf in inaklpg an
Prmi mimirat !nn c n nmstjniir 1 n .' fTc 1 1 to awaken interest in such an
ceived to which no signature is at '. iuiportant cuotticn 1 ask you to pulr
lachei. This japer will treat as con- lin 'he above.
fidential signature to letters if tho Vours fait'afal'y. j
writers so desire, but cannot give! IlH'HAKl) T. PKINC L.
space for anonymous comtiiunica-!
I Iltvnclu'.u. Hawaii. July t. l'.H.
FTditor Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
j Sir: On behalf it the Progressive
'party of Hawaii I desir publicly to
! thank the members of i the platform
i convention of the Republican party for
'their official endorsement of Progres
sive principles as shown by their
j adoption of the following planks from
; the Progressive platform, which was
.first made public in the Star-Bulletin
of June IS:
.Progressive Planks Endorsed by Ac
j tion of Republican Platform Con
vention. New Charter for Honolulu. Judicial
' Reform. Artesian water control.
, Liquor Control. Right Hour Iibor
Law. Suffrage for Women. Rural
Credit. Protection of Women ani
Children. Workmen's Compensation.
Public Accounting.
Respectfully yours.
Secretary of Progressive Party.
1839 Makiki Street. Honolulu, T. II.
Editor Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Sir: 1 wish if possible to correct
an altogetheF,wrong impression which
would naturally be conreyed to the
reading public in an article frcm your
special correspondent at Hilo of yes
terday's date dealing with a series of
suggestions which I made to the board
of tupervisors at Hilo recently for the
betterment of conditions at the Cocoa
nut Island bathing beach. My sugges
tions were Lurk-squed by your corre
spondent. As you are doubtless aware, there
have teen during the past few weeks
drowning fatalities both Jn and around
the district of Hilo.' which" prompted
my euggestions to the board of super
visors of endeavoring to awaken in
terest in forming a life saving society
for the islands of Hawaii on similar
lines to that far reaching and useful
society, the Royal Humane Society of
Great Britain.
With regard to the Coooanut Island
bathing beach I suggested that a few
regulations eucli as are existent at
many well known resorts and also a
suitable equipment be purchased for.
use in first aid. '
I still telieve that if my euggf-stions
were adopted. In whole or in pait. they
ivculd prove extremely beneficial in
the case of giving assistance to these
requiring it and would obviate the
possible loss of valuable lives through
the absence of .proper equipment at
the right time,
I maintain 1 hat this is a matter
which cannot be treated as material
for; comic allusions and regret that
Honolulu. T. IL. Ju'v 16. 1014.
Editor Honoluru Star-Bulletin:
Sir: I beg leave to correct a state
ment made In this morning's Adver
tiser of certain incidents occurring at
a meeting of Democrats neld at Pauahl
street last evening.
The real facts of the case are that
we were holding an Informal meeting.
There was no friction between Mr. T.
J. Ryan and Mayor Fern, and as every
mar present was a good friend of Mr.
McCarn. yeu can rest assured that no
"knock" was registered against him.
Thanking you for snace. I remain,
Resnectfullv vours.
Territorial Committeeman.
iblie iiiildii).s c
h , - x ,
not intend to pass on wnar.it considers a ques
tion for tlrr-appropriat ions committee. ; ;
"The World was a vigorous opponent of Mr.
Hoot's election to the senate, but it is pleased
to testify that none of its misjjivins was ever
realized, and it sincerely regrets his determina
tion not to be a candidate for reelection. There
Now comes anotherproof of the effective a js 110IhMiv ieft ; oitlwr nartv who can fill his
vertising of Hawaii done by tlie IIon(jlulu Ad jiaVo. - ; 1 '
C4ubVtwo delegates to the Toronto ail men's. fiX. ,ioo , n t n. , . ' ' .. .. .
. . . , t tt r It has been said of nianv men that their re-
, v."" " - r-v jtirement was a' loss to the state and nation, but
nF AY flF HflliSF
ULrliil 1 Ul UUUUli
. . , .... .. . : ' ) in the ease of Senator IJootit is a verv real loss,!
The Ad len s Aorld, a newspaper published' , , . - ;v j
- .. - I'M il x 1 ------ - -v.. ifuii, Mtv j-iiv vium xx -H i
ojiuy wjiue tut; cuinnumuuwas iu mtsmiiu uim (jjg
circulate! among tJie thousands of uelegates
and attendants at the convention, "'devotes a
large .art of its first page to a photograph of
lessi-s. Frazier and Keadle dulv decorated with
ladges and leis. Ah article accompanying the
icture savs: ' - ' ' ': ' ' ; .' .
Who is Jack AlIcoat2 of San Diego? The Hono
lula delegates to the Ad Club convention want to
send Jack a geography, for Jack claims he has
traveled the greatest, number of miles of any Ameri- '
can delegates. "Just add 2100 miles to Jack's mile
age," said Charles R. Frazler, one of the Honolulu
. tit legates, "and youYl see where "we have him beat
Add another 2100 miles for the return trip, and
there we have Mm beat some more.
"You bet we like Toronto. It has a climate, Just
like Honolulu that Is, while we have been here
': and we thick Honolulu has the finest climate in the
- world. - Toronto Is not only beautiful and hospitable
and un to date, , but It is clean cleaner than any
other city we hare b?n in. Yes, we like Toronto,
and would choose it cext to Honolulu to live in. '
The World has given the Ad Club convention great
publicity, and It appears to me to be Toronto's one
best Let as a newspaper."
i ': '
Somehow the departure from the bright-lit
Mexican stage of Senor Victoriano Huerta, ex-
' X M 1 'I
al president, ex-dictator, brings a ftvling of re-
lllff ntlf rTlxx- . Tlixi Vl1 Ttlili-rtn'o t Kin ! wi 1x n-na
v mu 11 ii i, x xt v p nx x uukiu a iiwu iu n
the only rule he kneP He was brought up in J
i;n atmosphere of brutal violence, where might,
made right and ; presidents niled like kings,'
with their subjects under-heel. What did
this grim-faced descendant of the blanketed,'
painted savages know of the "new freedom," of
the rule of the ballot, of the primary law, of the
universal voting franchise? The only initiative
he recognized was that of the bavonet and the
only referendum that of the sabre! find the car
bine. Huerta lived up to his traditions in trj
ing to reign in Mexico as Porfirio Diaz h.nd
1 eigned before him. And the spectacle of the
stolid savage, surrounded by enemies, 1)3' spies,
by plots, by conspiracies; in peril of alMluction,
in peril of assassination ; almost friendless ;
afraid to trust the guards outside his bedroom,
afraid to trust his ministers, his councillors, his
generalsthe spectacle of this aged man stand
ing firm for many months against all the sua
sion of foreign Powers and all .the threats of
The afternoon paper gravely points out that the
chairman of the Republican territorial central com
mittee should be neither a pronounced Kuhio man
or a Rice man. Which is about the same as saying '
that the man to be at the head of the committee
. should be a political ninny of some kind who takes ,
not enough interest in politics to have a choice as
to whQ should be its leading candidate. TheAd
- vertiser. : .... '-' t . . ' -
Don't ro ' otf half-cockinl. "T.roth
This paper did not say that the chairman of! Unclcl m-well,:it commands unwilling ad
xlm miration, ur course Huerta iiau to go. He is
i)rt)nouncetl Kuhio man or a Kice mnn " Tn the a rel,c of barbarism; he is .in anachronism. His
first nlace thnt is hml rrrAmnVnr. nn.l in "!, 6WJ f ft of ruler.' is obsolete? in America. He must
1 . , .-VV, . ,
ond place it is unnecessary misinterpretation 1;iaJje
of the iwint the Star-Bulletin made. What we1 mfe
wished to emphasize is that the spirit of the di-! ariel
rect primary law as well .as the spirit of Repui' s;yr-anl "oodrow "ilson has proved it by
liciin party fairness makes it imperative that! ""mating Victoriano Huerta.
the Republican territorial central committtH T- :
and most of all its chairman play no favorites' The Ad CAwh and the Chamber of Commerce
in-the pre-primary campaign. That proposition ,iave voted in favor of naming .one of Undo
is so self-evident that it should not neetl reitera-j ''aii new battleships "Hawaii." Co to it, pro
tion. We might ask, Has the Advertiser a can- motioni'sts your, efforts will help emphasize
didate for the chairmanshin of the Republican he 'fact. that this is just as much an American
way for the kind of president who can
a stump speech and write a magazine
. Truly the pen ; is mightier than the
(Continued from' page one)
bursed for the expend; to which they
were put by reason ofihese condemn
ation proceedings. Th'j3. IS proposed
to, be Accomplished, bjditji 'amendment
in the nature of a" proviso at the end
cf the bill, which Irwaind like to sub-
About $28,000 Involved.. ... .
The committee tocfc the matter up
at once. The report! of the hearing
showed that Freaks proposition met
much .opposition. Chairman Clark
stated repeatedly : that he did not be
lieve his committee had jurisdiction.
Frear said he had affidavits that the
amount involved is bouj; $21,000 and
that no further appropriation! than the
one in the pending 1bll-iwould be ne
cessary. The $23,000 would come out
pf the general appropriation.
The members "of the committee
strenuously objected ;to including the
Frear .amendment, on. the ground that
it binds the government to pay an
unsettled and unagreed-upen amount
of attorneys' fees and other expenses.
Chairman' Clark made this signifi
cant comment:
"I would like to make this remark
that if you write thi3 sort of an am
endment into the bill you will never
get the bill through.
Other members of the committer
also intimated that they would op
pose the amendment, while not deny
ing the Justice of the claims. They
insisted that the claims should go be
fore the appropriations committee.
. - - - i y
An interesting matter to come be
fore the Improvement club at Kaimuki
tonight will be that of the postoffice
substation to be established out there.
The special committee appointed to
confer. with Postmaster Young on the
subject of location will present a re
port. Probably the club will also dis
cuss some procedure to follow in order
to' inaugurate the so-called frontage
tax system In the district All resi
dents of Waialae, Kaimuki and Palolo
are invited to be present.
HARRY H. HOLT: I. 'am still in
the runn'ng for the position of United
States marshal. I am going to rely
largely on my service record.
MAYOR FERN. I am laying out
my campaign with the Idea of getting
elected in the primary. I figure it
wall take about -.000 votes to do this.
D. K ALAUOK ALANI : The voters
are still registering and the way
thines look low there will be a
mighty strong turn-dot at the prl
mary - -. ':;; :j-;7- . '. ...
bought myself a white yachting cap
to wear when I go aboard the steamers
for the Promotion -Committee. It
gives one an air of leisure, to say
nothing ; of importance, y'know.
LIEUT. C. K. LYMAN: Schofield
Is working for an All-Mounted Service
polo team that will figure to have a
chance against Oahu. The game
scheduled for next Saturday should
give some line, on the strength of
such an organization.
DANIEL LOGAN: The location
of Honolulu has ence more been
changed. This time it is not located
in the Philippines, neither is the re
constructed map the work or any
Wash'neton officiaK I received a
communication in the latest mail from
.Allahabad. India, addressea 10 hodo
.lulu. x iii Islands, and the Fiji Islands
in "caps" at that
Probably two-third3 of a woman's
troubles come because she reasons
with her heart instead of her head.
with considerable regret that Meave
all my Oahu. friends, especially the
Hono.lulu nolo players, between whom
and the Schofield officers there has
been such friendly and healthy rival
ry. There is A big future for army
polo here and the secret of success is
for service and civilian players to ret
together for the general good of the
1 mm - ; ' -
Gen. Loynaz CastLo, commissioner
general from Cuba to the exposition,
informs the exposition military bu
reau of Cuba's part -in the 1915 mili
tary tournament The island rcnublic
will send its famous Banda Artilleria
and detachments of field artillery and
of infantry. Two Cuban warships
will transport the men.
The new wireless station in Bang
kok is working satisfactorily, and
Siam having signed the international
convention, has recently nuhlisheri a
'law regulating the ; use of wireless
I telegraphy in this country;
commonwealth as Massachusetts or Virginia.
To Provisional President Carliajal we extend r The Southern colony is authoritatively re-
pur sincerest sympathy.
Ulster's "battle, of the century,, must have
been postponed. . ' j
ported ready for another addition tomorrow.
Recent political events indicate that Mc
Oandless is not yet out of the AVoods.
. That New Haven Mellen certainl v wasn't Calmer Wkk1s is tlie original "watchful
green !
Huerta is now but a psychological memory.
waiter" f territorial politics.
And Villa gixs marching on.
Manoa Valley
12th Avenue
Tantalus .....
Lunalilo St. .
Lunalilo St
Y'oung St
"Wilhelmina Rise
Aloha Lane .. . . .
Loo Joe
Kaliht opp. Kam.
Palolo Hill
. 3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
2 bedrooms
IV Road
. 35.00
.. 45.00
. 35.O0
. ... 35.00
.... 17.00
.... 16.00
Guardian Trust Co., Ltd.
205 Bank of Hawaii Bl.'g.
The Howard is a Watch
you never have to make
excuses for. -
Wichman 8c Co.
When the thirty-five" railroad sys-J
terns Vmu are apiHaling to the Inter-,
state Conimen e Commission for per-r
mission to increase freight rates pre-!
pared to present their case, one of thej
first things done was to arrauge that :
the arsurr.ent and evidence should
reach the public ear as well as the'
ear of the commission. To accomp- j
lish this, bulletins were prepared and
have been, sent out two or three times
a week to the newspapers and other
publications of the country, to legis-j
lators, members of Congress, gover-;
nors. college i)rofessw)rs, commercial
organizations, shiijers ahd everyone j
ele who would have an interest in, or,
whose opinion would be likely to in-;
flence the case for ; or against the'
railroads. These, bulletins set forth!
the railroads' cost of living and from'
every possible point of view presented
the-reasons why the railroads should,
be allowtd to increase rates, I
Senator La Follette thinks that this
effort to lay the case for the railroads
before the public was a crime, and he
proposes to prohibit by law anything
of the sort in the future. So far as
heard from thrie is no one but the
Wisconsin Senator who holds this
view. Ou the other hand, the rail
roads have been congratulated upon
the frankness and effectiveness witi
which they have set forth their case.
Electric Railway Journal.
Abuse is doubly painful when its
point is barbed with wit
Cut best o( all in thisV nibroidf ry
of running watef was the Rq-iure pool
that l?r in the midst of the xenana.
for the bottom of it was carved into
the image of a huge and many-petaled
lotus fiower. all of one block of white
marble without .flaw or stain, and th
petals seemed astir when the clear
crystal passed flowing over them.
And at each corner of the lotus, coin
pitting the square, were triangular
panels of delicate water flowers, and
through the water the carneltan and
the agate and the Jasie'r of which
they were fashioned shone strangely
with vivid gleams. All rourw! the
pool of the lotus used to sit the flow
ers of Shah Jehan'a garden of girls,
and there Is no pool cn earth that has
reflected the Image of such beauty.
Often did the Peart-Lily, the chiff
flower and favorite of the harem, sit
there with unsandale.l feet waiting
for the summons of her lord; and
the image of her face reflected there'
when she considered that her loveli
ness would pass, and her beauty be
marred by wrinkles of th shriveling
years, and desire would fail, and long
after her lips had crumbled into dust
and her soft limbs, had. been laid un
derground for the worm and the red
cnt to fatten upon, the water that
Cowed there-would be ever renewed
and know not the horror of age. -E.
r - jjeiixuu , in i ruiurv mukhziop.
)!' (5 W B 0 f 1
-ami that is why so many
people rclj on the ,
If T0
to hanllo the investing ami
reinvest injj of fninls. .
KxpertJ; "
TJeliahlc .
VEEIRA. JEWELRY CO., Ltd. 113 Hotel St.
" Waterhouse Trust"
Real Estate For Sale
On Monsarrat Road near Ka
piolani Park. An acre of land
well improved with plants and
shrubs Modern house in good
Bargain Price for Quick Sale
"Waterhouse Trust"
; Cor. Fort and Merchant Fts.

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