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ugust 15th,
Send a Grate of Six Hawaiian Pines to
your friends in the States.
Order Early. Phone 1515
.osi tor H
Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph Leiter, with
their paity, sttaiaeci out oi liouolulu
naroor tn their yacnt, lue i;!a&a.a, at
auout j uciock tji;. uay auernoou
bound for Hilo una tue signt3eeU
trip to the volcano of Kllauea. 'in. J
done they will leave dirtetly for Mex
ico. ; t i -'J
although the visit cf these disuu
fcunsned tuuriiig as extremely brief,
they neveitheless were the recipients
of f-nnslflfj abiB utleut:on from their
many lileuds nere. Kro.u tua moment
j their tu rival m laat fiic&j mo.a
lng . until their departure ' meir 1 t.uie
vaa luily occupied, although. the tn
teilaininfc for the most part was in
formal. ' V" ' ' "
Laat Saturday 'Captain and Mrs. Ed
ward Carpenter entertained , tnem : ax
dinner at the Country Club, utx San
day the paity spent mc,t cf the day
on Tantaiua, while lu the evening they,
entertained about 30 guests at a dinner-dunce
on board their yacht.
It'.r. and Mrs. James Wilder enter
tained the party. at luncheon on Mon
day, after which - they Journeyed to
Iho ugrh u-hnri the srtprnrwin 'fli
before a large number of the relative. S5S!gXgggX&gXgX3K&'
and friends of the couple. 5 X
The church was beautifully decorat- X CALLING OATS B
ed In green and white. After the cere- K FOR HONOLULU S
mony a wedding breakfast sarved at St . K
the Young Hotel was enjoyed by the X Memlays Punahou. Makikl. B
bridal party and a few other guesU X Tuesdays Waikikl, Kaplolani 8
Lieutenant and Mrs. Watrous de- & Park, Kaiinuki. Palolo. First 8
parted cn the Mjtsonia this mornln? S Tuesday Fort Ruger. K
on their honeymoon, which they will S Wednesdays Nauan a, Puunul. K
spend at the coast. A host of friends K Pacific Heights. First and third
were at the wharf to Bee them off x Wednesday, above Nuuann 8
and thA hannv rnnril were almost bur- bridge; second and fourth Wed- K
led beneath the leis and good wishes g nesdays. below bridge; fourth K
wd unnn thm. Wednesday, Pacific Heights; first
K and third Wednesdays,
" Miss Miriam Clark was the compli- Hifhts-
. , a i Si Thnndavs The Plains
Saturday at which Miss Shirley Fos- . Z- Hotels town B
Alewa K
8 Friday.
S Manoa, College Hills, first and
ter was hostess. At the , end of a
number of closely contested games
1 ' . V" "".."' m third Friday.
. cnase rp waue. ine consoiauon g Sahtrdari Kallhl. third and ft
went to Mr. Hoy McAdam, , After tne g fourtn Saturdays; Kamehameha 8
caras eacn guest was given a pencu B Scnool8 la8t Saturday, - S
and paper and asked to contribute ona K .,ort ghafter Calling day v- 8
page to a going-away book for Miss v Friday K
Clark, who departed on the Matsonia ' R
this morning. Some .of these fare- x
MntThA tflnhone number of &
well Inscriptions and particularly the H the Society Editor is 4075. S
illustrations, were most amusing. ! g 8
Those who " were present to wish 9 g rTr jr.wgggSCaaiSWSf
Miss Clark a "ben voyage" ' were: Ing parti6g cf the week given by Airs.
Miss Bernice Smith. Miss Francis riu.hoth pvtoHrirh nt . hpr home in
spent in surfing. In the evening they Foster, Miss Dorothy Roab, Mrs. Berkeley The affair was a luncheon,
returned to attend Geneial and Mrs. Charles Girdler. Mr. and Mrs. E. K-' followed by ' a miscellaneous show er
Clarence R. Edwards ainner. 4 Ellsworth; Mr. Bryan Girdler, Mr. Roy fcr a BCOre of ycung friends. Besides
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maciarlane ea- McAdam,: Mr. Will Barnhart, Mr. being SOCiaily a favorite Miss Weeks
tertalned ttem at luncheon at' their William Morgan. Mr. Val Marcallino, Is wen fcn0wn in art circles, having
lovely country home, Ahuimann, ye3- Mr. Chase Foster, Mr. '.-Ralph Girdler earned considerable reputation with
terday arternocn, rrom wn:ca they re- and Mr. Harold Starratt. - ; jjer 0j and water color work. She is
turned in time to depart for Hilo at ' a daughter cf Percy Weeks. San
6 o'clock.- Their friends here regret' : The members of the Cornell Club Francisco Examiner.
that their visit a thla port was imlt- were ' hosts at a very informal and - A
ed to such a very short time. 1 ' I enjoyable dinner" at the University! very quiet wedding which wa3
1 uud cn Monaay evening given in aon- the eulminatien of a Hawaiian ro-
Among tnose aepamng on we aiai-j or or Mr Chester; J.- wunn, wno is mance took place yesterday atfive
121a ujuiuoiK ws jire. ujitjj goon 10 leave nocoiuiu io ma&e o clock when MIS5 Louise Hernng; or
O. Clark, her dauRhr, Miss . Miriam home In Porto Rico. Although a num- Brockhn, New TTork, became the bride
Clark, and her sonvin-law: and tiaugh- tberfof.! the club members are absent 0f Mr. Ralph A. Cuthbertson. The cere
ter, Mr. and Mrs. E: K. Ellsworth, who from the lsland3, all those who were mony was performed at St. Andrews'
are accompanied' by their fcur chil- in the city were present at the dinner cathedral by Canon Ault in the pres-
dren. Air. and Mrs. Clark came td and enjoyed a very pleasant evening, ence of a few relatives and friends,
the islands about 15 years ago and Dr.: A. L. Andrews acted as toastmaa- After the weddinjr th bride and
during their long residence here have ter, and Mr. Wilbur. J. MacNeiL pre- eroom.'1accomoanied bv the bride's par-
surrcunded themselves with a ho? sented Mr. Hunn with a. souvenir gift ents, Mr, and Mrs. Herring, and sev
cf friends who regret exceedingly to in tn name of the club. ; Several of eral friends, motored cut to the Moana
see them go for it will undoubtedly be the unciergiaduat3S who. were pre- hotel where a delightful wedding sup
a number of years before they may sent gave short talks on the recent per was enjoyed,
return. They expect to make their: activiUes at Cornell During the din- jr and Mrs. Cuthbertson left for
Lnr.,nwthe!? -Cf-Jner two Records sung by the Cornell a brIef honeymoon in the country af-l-oth
Mr. Clark and Mr. Ellsworth have Glee-Club were played on the phono- ter which they will return to Honolulu
purchased land. Miss Clark, who re- gTaph, carrying each man present to make their home. Mr. Cuthbertson.
celved her bachelor of science degree back-five thousand miles to his alma Who is an expert In the Star-Bulletin
at the College of Hawaii this year, mater, and arousing more than one photo illustration department, has
plans to do post graduate worK at pang cf homesickness. j " been a resident of Honolulu for
Berkeley next -year, probably toWm CVT.r -..,; : V some time, living at the Alnahau hotel,
her master a. degree. Her mother will r nr. George Herbert' was reeentlv it that th honnv muni a
it-uittiu u oerncie wiui ner uurmg ; registered . at the Bellevue In tin
we tuiir6lf jMr. 1 ranciBCCv
Business will detain Mr - Clark lnr t- vk V - :
llonolulu for about a month ' longer f MlSs Ylvienne Weeks of Oakland,
after which time he will 'follow his wno js a popular member of the
family, f A large number of their younger set there, Is to be a Honolulu
irieinj8 were ai me noai 10 wisn Tjiese. bride In August, acording to the fol-
VAT1L-TtrUn naArU "Krvn mrr-n anI I m .
well-known people "boa voyage, and
1 -. 1 , .L.I. - L M X.
iiajipiuesis in ineir new surrounuingsTT
-.'." ' . : ;
One of the brilliant events of the
week which has created considerable
Interest was the wedding at nocn yes
terday of Miss Charlotte Reichmann,
daughter of Lieut-Colonel and. Mrs.
Carl Reichmann, and Lieut. Livingston
W'atroua, U'.S. A. The ceremony was
npj-formed bv RL Rev llenrv "Con4
Reetarick at St. Andrew's Cathedral
Inwln? rllnnlnf
One of the engaged , girls who is
receiving a large share of social at
tention, this month is Miss Vlvienne
Weeks, the fiancee of Charles Wilson
of Honolulu. Miss Weeks will sail in
August for Honolulu, and immediately
upon her arrival in the islands her
marriage will take place, being an im
portant society event of the season
there". . ' The pqpular bride-elect was
the feted guest at one of the Interest-
1 a rrnn
Economizes Batter, Hour;
Efjrjs; molxcs the food more
appetizing and wholesome
The oxdy Baking Powder made
Irora Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Royal Baking Powder Cook Book sent free on requesL
t Honolulu. Hawaii.
Address box 589,
first met when Miss Herring was on a
visit to the islands last winter in com
pany with her mother. -
Dainty baskets filled with fragrant
roses and decorated with generous
bows of tulle fcrmed effective center
Dieces for the tables, while, at each
'ndividuai place was an old-fashioned
corsage bouquet -
Covers were placed for: Miss Cor
delia Walker. Mrs. William Walker.
Mrs. S. G. Wilder. Mrs. James Judd,
Miss Amv Greenwell. Miss Helen Alex
ander. Miss Nora Sturgeon. Mrs. Uob
ert Elgin, "; Mrs. Alfred Castle, Mrs.
Ernest Ross, Mrs. Stubbs. Mrs. Ar
thru Wilder, Mrs. Herbert Dowsptt
Mrs. William Williamson. Miss Har
riet Hatch, Miss Alice Cooke, Mrs. Ar
thur Mackintosh. Mrs. Frank Arm
strong. Mrs. Harold Giflard. Mrs. Al
bert Judd, Mrs. Arthur Wall. Mrs.
Montaeue Cooke, Miss Marearet Wal
ker, Mrs. Ferdinand F. Hedemann,
Mrs. E. Faxon BLsh on. Miss Bernice
Hartwell and Mrs. Sorenson.
. :
Amonc the parties journeying to
J the country for a few days wo 3 a
group of ycung people who "hiked"
over the Pall on Mondav to spend four
or five davs at the Theodore Rich
ards bungalow at Kaneohe. They are
enioying a very jolly ouUng swim
m'ng, flshine, boatfng and various
games, massing the hours most pleas
antly. They expect to return the lat
ter part of the week and if the Pall
"short-cut' seems too steen. they will
take one of the stages back to town.
The nartv. which U beine: chaneroned
by Miss Wlnterfield and Miss Markav,
consists of Miss Rachel Woods. M'ss
Ruth Stacker. Miss Inez Gibson. Miss
Madeline Chapin. Miss Mildred Chaoin.
M3 Dorotv Winter. Mr. Howari
Johnstone, Mr. Jre Smfth, Mr. "Ralph
Grev. Mr. John Warrener. Mr. Albert
Bush and Mr. Campbell Crozier.
One cf the most entoyable hrus
partirs of the rjt weekend was that
at T-hlch Mr. Khirlev and Mr. Albert
Bush were hosts. ThA oartv rootoret
'ast Sunday over to the lowlv fun
trv homA whcW Mr. ani Mn. Push
have built about ten miles back of
Aiea. The remainder of that day and
Sunday were soent enloying a jolly
and informal outing. The young peo-
'ple who mde up the party were: .Miss
Lxuise McCarthy, Miss Virginia Mc
Carthy, Miss Margaret McCarthy, Mrss
Abb.e Lucas, Miss Psyche Berry. Mr.
Campbell Croz.er, Mr. Klmer ( rozier,
Mr.. Shirley and Mr. Albert Bush.
Mrs. Herman Focke's picnic at Ahu
imanu last Saturday afternoon was
cne of the most eajjyable affairs of
the week. Owing to th condition of
the roads on windward Oahu the trip
had been postponed a week and on
Saturday the merry parties motored to
their destination without mishap.
Games, dancing and a delicious lunch
filled the hours pleasantly, until time
for the return heme.
The affair was given in honor of
Mr. Paul Hasscn, Mrs. Focke's neph
ew, who has recently arrived from
A pretty weddins took place at 8
o'clock on Mcnday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. An
drews, 743 Wyllie street, when Mis3
Carolyn Estelle Case became the bride
of Mr. Samuel Willis Nails. The cere
mony was performed by the Rev. A.
A. Ebersole in the presence of a few
relatives and friends.
Mr. Rupert Matthews acted as best
man for Mr. Nails and Mr. and Mrs.
Andrews attended the bride.
Mr.; and Mrs. Nails have departed
on their honeymoon and will be at
home in Honolulu after September 1.
It seems that quite a number of
California's young "newly-weds" are
paying' Honolulu the compliment of
coming here to make their permanent
home. One cfthe most recently mar
ried couples to decide to live here is
spoken cf in the following cliuplne:
Adeline Trautner became the bride
of Leland D. Webb cf Larkspur ot a
quiet heme wedding yesterday. After
a snort ncneymocn m ecuinern t;au
fornla Mr. and Mrs. Webb will jour
ney vto Hcno'ulu where they will make
their future home. San Francisco Bul
letin. A recent engagement -which. Is oi
considerable interest to Honolulans,
Is that cf Miss Irma Ballentyne. daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Canton Graham
B&llentyne. to Mr. Ciffprd Watson
White of Cashmere, Washington. Miia
Ballentyne has just returned from a
two-year visit spent In the Pacific
northwest to surprise her man friends
here with the news of her engagement
The date of "the weddine ha3 not
been definitely set as yet, but it will
probably be some time during the win
ter. ' A ;
Among those who entertained in
formally during the past week was
Miss Grace Bredhoff. who was hostess
to a few of her friends-on last Fri
day afternoon. The time was pleas
antly . passed at cards, after which
dainty refreshments were served.
Those. ; present ; were Miss Jannatt
Sharp, Miss Bernice Halstead. Miss
Helen McLean, Miss Raroona Morean,
Miss Margaret Thurston. Miss Thelma
Murphy and Miss Bredhoff.
Mrs. Olaf Sorenson was a charming
hostess on last Friday afternoon when
she entertained at luncheon at the
Country club in honor of Miss Cordelia
Walker, whose engagement to Mr. Carl
Dunkhase was recently announced.
'(Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence 1
1914. On Saturday of last week Mrs.
Clarence Deems of the Artillery was
hostess at a very delightful bridge
luncheon, entertaining for, Mesdames
Honkins. Siner. Willyoung. Chitty,
O'Shea, Frankenberger, and Miss Hol
comb. ; The guests were invited for
11 o'clock in the morning, and after
playing a number of interesting rub
bers, a delicious luncheon was en
joyed. Mrs. Siner wron the prize at
one table, and Miss Willvoung won
at the other. Books of late fiction
were the prizes.
Miss Charlotte Reichmann was the
complimented guest at the verv much
en loved auction nartv given by Mrs.
Meals and Mrs. Higgins on Tuesday.
The attractive 25th Infantry Club was
the scene of the partv.which consist
ed of n'ne tables. The guests were
Miss Reichmann. Mesdames Kennon,
Nalle, Ladd, Daly, Cheney. Butts,
Hunt. Wells. Deems. Baker. Hall. Bai
ley, King, Lantry, Fair. Beard. Gose,
McCleave, Mapes. Cassels, McAfee,
Marr, Glassford. Phillipson, Jordan,
An Old and Well Tried Kenedy
hu tna Med br MilSoaa cf Motben for their dtildraa
wide t-ethmc Willi penW wcce. h tohtm A m
Dart pum, cnrci wad cote, sad the bat rumJii tot
dWrftea. SoldbyDrannu. Bt tun tend tk Jar
lira. Winslow's Sootnisrj Sjrcp
Uc4 for Bar tkas tbrc ctoeratloaa.
Sinclair, Dodds. Harrison, Dixon. Kv
eritt, Imb, White, Lantry. Aiken.
Harrison. Wygant, Jones, Knnls.
Reichmann, and Misses Daly and Hol
comb. The guest prize presented to
Miss Reichmann, was a pair of slipper
buckles; Mrs. Reichmann won the first
prize, a cut glass celery dish; the sec
end was wen by Mrs. Glassford and
was a pair of book racks, of the
new decorated tin; Mrs. Dodds won
third prize, a pair of buckles, and the
consolation was an unusually pretty
satin card case, which was won by
Mrs. White. After the playing was
over delicious . refreshments were
served in the tea room from a tea
table daintily decorated with pink and
white snap-dragens.
'. ;. :
Major And Mrs. Harrison entertain
ed very' delightfully on Wednesday ev
ening for a number of music lovers.
The evening was sDent In enlovln?
Mrs. Potter's beautiful voice, both In
solo and with Lieutenant Samuelson's
accomplished obllgato, Mrs. Harrison
rendering graceful accompaniment
Miss Harrison and L'eutenant Daly
sane several duets. The guests were
Cantain and Mrs. McCaskey. L'euten
rnt and Mrs Daly. Miss KatbeHne
Dalv. Lieutenant and Mrs. Potter.
Lieutenant, and Mrs. Glassford. Misi
Dorothv Forsyth.' and Lieutenants
Fales, Sadtler and Samuelson.
Thursday, Mrs. Charles Baker was
hostess at a five table auction partv.
Those present were Mesdames Will
ycung. Holcomb, Warren. Renziehau
sen. O'Shea. Dixon. Chitty, Parker,
Kenncn. Hal!, Cassels. Short, Beach.
Wells, Harrison. Jordan. Siner, Mis'
Fills and Mrs. Hofgaard of Honolulu.
A set of three Japanese bowls were
given to each of the five .'ladies win
nine at her table: Mesdames Will
ycung, Dixon, Cassels, iTall and Siner.
... A "
Mrs. McCleave entertained the ladles
of the 25th garrison at dinner anl
bridge on Monday evening. The guests
were Mesdames Kennon, Relchman,
Miss Reichmann.' Mesdames Gose,
Butts, Hunt, Caldwel, Mitchell. WTy
eant McAfee. Lamb. Taylor. Mapes,
Meals, and Higglns. The rubber game
was played at each of the four tables,
pair of daintv silk stockings being
the prize at each' table.
Cflntq'Tj an Mrs. ' Frankenberger
gave a pretty dinner on Monday even
ing for Captain and Mrs. Brownin?
and Lieut, and Mrs. Potter. The ta
ble presented a dainty appearance
with its ctnterpiece of pink flowers.
Friends cf Mrs. Frank Hopkins re
gret to learn cf her recent illness
which has extended over a period of
three weeks or more, and hop? she
will soon be able to resume her place
in social affairs.
cn Friday at the Cavalry Club for
of the ladies of the garrison.
Friday Lieutenant and Mrs. Glass
ford's guests at dinner were. Captain,
and Mrs. Frankenberger. -
Wednesday the Cavairy Artillery
Auction Club was entertained by Mrs.
Glassford. ,
J French Investors lost 556.O0O.0flO
francs ($112,000,000) during the last
Mrs. Chitty entertained at auction six months on depreciations. -
Stoarns' Iloctric
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and very thoroughly.
Also Rats, Mice, Waterbugs, etc.
BUBONIC PLAGUE-Rats. tnic and cock,
roaches spread the terms of this dreadful dU
ease, which they bring1 from infected regions.
Toaroid this, exterminate these peata br usinc
the renuioe Stearns' Electrie fiat and Roach
Directions In 15 lanroatres in erery package
Two sizes. Sold by retailers erery where.
Chicago, U. S. A.
- 1 -. , . . ' f
Annimnco to their patrons the rvit'ipt of
1 Iiomnson-Miiitli l.o. s v t
" - ----- : -
for 1914.
The limiting of each design of these
lieautiful cards '-to one hundred makes it
possible for our patrons to send a Christ
mas greeting that is distinctly individ
ual. Card plates may 1m used in the
printing of the sender's name.
We recommend an 0
earl v selection.
The nunilier . f ,
designs is limited.
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Open Tonight until 11 : 15
Our new service is now in force and our schedule enables us to remain
open to senx the public until 11:15 p. m., also'4 requiring of each salesman fifteen
hours shorter time in three weeks than .was required in the same period under
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