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i Agency for f
Candidate for Senator, on the Republican
' Ticket at the Primaries j -
I hereby announce myself as
Primaries amtask you for your
Republican In 1904 you elected me to the House of Repicseu
iatives and I served in the session of 1903.
In 1906 you again elected me
tives and I served in the session of 1907. 5 V
In 908 you elected me to the Senate and I served in the ses
' sions oM909 and 1911. 5 ' : V !
: My record is clean and an open book. There is not & voter
in the district that 1 asked to
. bus .campaigns that I cannot again 'honorably; ask for Ills' sui-
port m the present campaign.
I have, served as chairman
committees in both Houses.' ;
same are clear and are on file in the Government Archives
Building. ' '; ' .' ' ' - ,
;; . -; ; ';"; ;. ', --c-.X ,,;; -: ;;.,: :
, I. have never aspired to be a leading spellbinder nor have I
been a gallery adherent - ;.' X'i-
" I have always been reserved and conservative in my actions.
I supported any bill, that had. merit to it and that I thought
. ' .-. - ' - '- .
was for the benefit of the majority of the people no muttbr
whether it Vas introduced by a Republican, Democrat brUome
Ruler. ' - ' : ' ' 'p. :;Yi,r
. . ' . -. -i. ' - V ' . . - v.-t '.
I always have been independent. . - - j - : ;1:
I have read the platform of the Republican Party aiid Vn
dorse the same., ; -v - i "I. ! ;- .
If nominated and elected to the -next Legislature I will a.t
in the future as I have in the past for the' interest of all classes'
.v yi in niiiii. . x mil in iioui Ul HIV piUMJIil iUpiOr
and Sunday laws, and will oppose any changes' to either out
side of the amendments asked for in the platform. ; ;
John Kckipi; a4 hack drlrer, has
; filed his nomination papers" for super
iViscr cn the rrogrcsslre ticket
Republican meetings this week In
clude a rally ,at-Llllha and School
streets tomorrow night a meeting Fri
day night at Queen and Kcawe streets f
SSirf 7 auiraay niSQl na't
- Chairman Andrews ,of the Republfg
can territorial committee says that In
the future all precinct meetings of the
. j i . i k. i
Vu.j .H.ucuuieu uj- vue ceairai com t
mittee will be open to alrRepublican
candidates. . .
Amcng the . municipal candidates
whose . papers have been filed thla i
week are M. H. Drummcnd, Democrat,
for trea$urerf : Ed Woodward, Repub
lican, for auditorr Frank Archer, Re
publican, for supervisor; W. H. Mo
Clellan, Democrat, for supervisor.
Joe Ccheh, candidate for. mayor,
6 poke in Kakaako last night Among
other candidates who spoke at the
Cohen meeting were: , George A. Da
vis, for city and county attorney; Wil
liam Larsen, fcr supervisor; E. K, Li
Ukalanl, fcr the senate; J. C. Ander
son, for city and county treasurer;
Imnk Archer, for supemsor; Oscar
Cox r.r. Chsrl.-s Wllsrn. fcr FherifT, i
' ;- I " ...
' ' ' '' 1 ":
J '-!"
t - t
a candidate for Senator at the
support. 1 have always been a
to the House of Representa
vole for nic in any of my p'uvi-
J r ;
on some of the. most importunt
ly records' and reports hi the
SIDNEY R. JORDAN,: associate di-
rector of the Promotion Committee.
i De jn cnarge ci tne committee s
office during the absence of H. ; P.
Wood on the mainland. "'
E. J. BOTTS, formerly of the edi
torial staff of the Star-Bulletin, was a
departing passengen on; the Manoa
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Botts.may
reltu, . aUer a s&ort m
his family in San Francisco.; v
F. W. E"ERTON for several years
identified with the local branch of the
Seaman's Institute, will depart for the
mainland this afternoon as passenger
In the Matson steamer Manoa. He may
decide to take up work in New York
city.".: , v , . : ... ; r
, - tm'm ' ' .
According- to information received
by the Hawaii Shlnpo two colored
men, said to be soldiers, assaulted ' a
Japanese taxicab driver at the in ter-
section of Kalakn.ua avenue and Kiner
streets Monday night, with the result
L'lat the chaur'fenr !s an inmate of the
Candidate Wouldn't Put Up
Share of Rally Expenses so
Not Allowed to Speak
Willie Crawford, Republican candi
date for representative, makes empha
tic denial to the published charge of
Hany Gregson, another Republican
candidate, that Crawford juggled the
subscriptions candidates to defray
expenses at the Aala Park meeting
last Saturday night V
In a letter to Chairman Andrews of
the territorial committee, Gregson says
that because he did net put up 2 as
his subscription Crawford tricked him
out of speaking on Saturday night
He also charges Crawford with Irregu
lar financial dealing in other political
funds. ,'v' . , ; V '
"Gregson doesn't know what he Is
talking about, he is Jealous and he
didn't want to put up his share of the
expenses of the Saturday night rally,
that's all, replied Crawford this morn
"Eugene AiuV myself and another
candidate originally planned the rally
and to defray the expenses were going
to get up a subscription list The ex
penses included money for Kaai's glee
club, for chairs and their arrangement,
for -dodgers announcing the meeting,
for sweeping out and cleaning up the
bandstand,' etc.; all amounting to fifty
or sixty dollars.'; I have it all itemized
and can produce It We bud figured
on asking each candidate for about $2.
' "Chairman Andrews, hearing of the
rally , told me it should be under the
auspices of thp party through the ter
ritorial committee and that was all
right with ns. He told me to go ahead
as a collector of the subscriptions as
we had already arranged things and
I did so.
"Some days before the meeting I met
Gregson. He then had a five-dollar
gold piece but said he needed the
money. So I told him I would get his
subscription late. On Saturday night
before the meeting started I saw him
in front of the bandstard and asked
him for his subscription. He said he
didnt have the money.' I offered to
put it up for him but he refused. Then
later he kicked- because "he. wasn't
called on to speak. II was distinctly
understood that every candidate w&o
was tor sneak should subscribe. All of
ns who spoke did subscribe, Vis the list
will show. ' v ' .
"There was some money left over
and it was decided to turn that over
to Treasurer a. X). Cooper; who Is pre
paring n list now to, show Just what
tne balance.Is. !-
Crawford says that Chairman An
drews Is preparing" a stStement . to
show that Crawford was authorized to
colleet the subscriptions. "
' . ; : AFFRAY AT K0L0A
Another slashing affair chargeable
directly to liquor took place in one of
the laborers' camps at Koloa planta
tion about 8 o'clock Sunday evening,
as a result of which Fillte Lopez Is in
the' hospital and Uheino Is In jail
waiting to be charged. ; '
The man Lopez received one long
cut across the right side of his neck.
requiring 14 stitches by the surgeon
at the hospital. He was also cut on
the face and on both arms, a,' cut on
one of the arms taking four stitches.
It is, reported from the hospital that
although the man was pretty badly
siasnea, neoriii recover. '
uotn of tne men had been drinKing
In factit Is. said that both were in
toxicated at the tfmeof the cutting. -
The Garden Island. -
" Officials of the Cunard line. Jn Lon
don,' denied the report received in New
York that the steamer Aquitania has
been, ordered to Plymouth for. govern
ment service,
I V':
or Breaks"
Food is the material Nature
uses to keep both body and
brain in repair. .' ' ;
. Onss achss and ., paina can
more often b traced to wrong
selection iof food than : to any
other cause. -:
while It- has 'delicious taste,
contains the elements Nature:
requires for building body,
brain and nervea -in the Right
Way I ' .::s'-X'-:-
Jhcre's a Reison"
Gcverncr Pinkham this morning!
signed ten paroles, releasing from ter-
ritorial prison convicts from ter -
served the minimum sentence Imjicsed
by law. The following are given free-
dem on their good behavior.
Narcisso Rcss, sentenced to 18
mouths to two years by the circuit
court Maul, for first degree burglary.
Juan Parmilo, sentenced to 18
months to two years by the second
circuit court for assault and battery
with a weapon.
to three years by the first cirfultWrt
for secend degree burglary. jiu i y,B5 hi, woeiner
Ah Hong, sentenced to two to three would J?0 to5 ordinance an
years by the second circuit court for that it stood ready to con
first degree burglary. form tot 8-v agreement, which may be
Peng : bong, sentenced to five to ten
years, by thesec end circuit court for
secend degree burglary.
Yee SuI. sentenced to five to 20
years by tne first circuit court ror.
first decree burglary.
Bonifacio PIssara. sentenced to four
to 20 years by the fourth circuit court
for first degree burglary.
David Kamoku. sentenced to two to
20 years by the third circuit court for
first degree burglary.
Escolastico Cousepclon, sentenced to
three to 20 years by the fourth circuit
court for burglary in the first degree,
Francisco Candido. sentenced to 44
to 10 years by the first circuit court for highway maintenance in the Koo
for first degree burglary. laupoko and Honolulu districts, $1200
All the paroles were recommended
by High Sheriff William P. Jarrett,
warden of Oahu prison, and by At
torney-general I. M. Stalnback.
' BY CRAZED JAPANESE Rose asks for an examination of ap-
pllcahts for police jobs before that
Special star-Bulletin Wirelewl time the commission will not convene
Hlf.0, Aug. 19. News of a brutal wlth the new chairman until its regu
murder at Honokaa has reached this ,ar date- August 26.
city. A( Japanese cold-bloodedly mur-' A communication from A. L. 0. At
dered a woman and badly injured her kinson, asking that an Inspector be
child. Jealousy is given as the rea
son for the fearful crime;
The murderer, . is still at large, ac
cording to the report, although It is
anticipated thar he will be captured
In the near future.
Be it Resblvd'hy the B6afd of Su
pervisors of the' City and County of
Honolulu, . Territory of Hawaii, that
the sum of Twq Thousand Three Hun
dred and Eighty ($280.00) . Dollars
be and the same is hereby appropriat
ed out of all moneys in the general
fund of the Treasury for the following
purposes, to-wit:
Maintaining of .roads, Koolau-
poko District Waikane
read .... .......... 11,200.00
Maintenance of roads, Hono
lulu District . .... .'. . , . . . .. 1,180.00
- Presented by '
';',; . Supervisor.
' Honolulu. August 19,1914.
i rv . authority i! FORT SHAFTER
i i i H ' ii i 1 1 - -ww a mm t : 4-k V m"w ' -
At a regular adjourned meeting cftmodated In the hospital and with the
the Board of Supervisors of the City lite increase In the Oahu garrison the
and County of Honolulu, ".Jveld on 'Wed-, hospital is at all times overcrowded,
nesday, August 19, 1914, .the ' forego- Another Important structure that will
ing resolution was passed on First be added to the hospital's equipment
Reading and ordered to print on the
following '- vote of . said board : ;
Ayes : ; Hardesty, McClellan, Mark
Jiam. Pacheco. Total 4.
Noes:: .None. , ;
V Absent and not voting: Wolter, Pe;
trie, Cox. Total 3. -
,v . . . ; , e. : buffandeau.
. : -Deputy ' City, and County Cle-k.
' ,1 S, ,' 5936-Aug. .19. 20, 21.
t . . V
to 12,oclock noon, on the 31st day of
August,' A. D.1914, at the office of
ioe VjieriL ui . tue .oii.j' sua vsuumy oi
Honolulu, room No.. 8. Mclntyre build
ing, for furnishing all materials, tools
and labor ' necessary to construct
school buildings on . the following lo
cations: ' ' r v 7
Ewa Three (3) buildings.
Walpahu Three (3) buildings.
Alea Three (3) buildings,
Waialua -Four (4) buildings.
Kabuku Two (2) buildings.
-Wahiawa One (1) building.
Waimanalo One (1) building.
Manoa Two (2) buildings.
Kallhlwaena Two (2) buildings.
f KamolUiU Four (4) buildings.
Plans, specifications and form of
proposal .may be had upon applica
tion and a deposit of Five ($5.00) Dol
lars at the office of the City and Coun
ty Clerk. : . :- ; . -
The Board of Supervisors reserves !
the right to reject any or all tenders
and to waive all defects.
Citj aad County Clerk.
5936-Aug. 19, 20. 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27,
28, 29. - - - -
Billiard-poole table; almost new. . 1546
Thurston ave.; piione 4116.
' ;. ' 5936-4t
Suite cool, mosquito-proof rooms; pri
' vate family. .1020 Richards st, opp.
The supervisors second ultimatum
to the arhitect and contractors on the
rMcCandless building improvement
matter brought results today, in the
fenn of definite answers from H. U
1 Kerr and the Lord-Young Engineering
. Company.; The former not only agrees
to comply w ith the building ordinance
but stated that he was ordering the
workmen to cease operations at noon
today until the difficulty between the
board and the builders is satisfactori
ly adjusted.
,to ?,v? Jirect answer however, and
nn tho .ntr Tfr o-rioio
tha h,lfMAPfi ln hi
'tpr M,n? i.Yrnn? nnt
make toe reaulred chanees to meet
the :ordlmot) le without entaUlng
Urpat BHrHtioni anH that it
sought a ccmDromise.
. Since active work waa to stop at
'noon it Is thought an amicable settle-
ment of the Droblem will be made, fol-
lowing an inspection of the premises
.by the committee appointed by the
board yesterday for that purpose.
At its special meeting today the
board also passed a resolution by Su-
pervlscr McClellan setting aside $2380
or tnls amount to go Into road repair-
ns in Koolaupoko and the balance to
improvement on the roads in the Ho
nolulu district
The beard also received the oath
of office taken by Edward E. Bodge,
the newly appointed chairman of the
fire and police civil service commis
sion. Unless Countv Sheriff Charies
stationed at the Hawaiian Fisheries'
market cn Kekaulike street to be con
stantly on hand during business hours
was referred to the sanitation commit
tee. ; .
Special Star-Bulletin Currespondnoe
FORT SHAFTER, Aug. 19. The ad
ditions to the department hospital will
when completed more than double the
present capacity of thit institution.
One of the most important additions
will be that of a dormitory for the
men-of the detachment of the hospital
corps that have heretofore been quar
tered in one pf the wings originally' de
signed for ward purposes. At present
but about 100 patients may be accom-
will bo the building to oe used as a
ward for officers., Ia this building will
also be Jocated the ward ' fQr women
patients wltli separate rooms for each.
This latter assignment of space will re
lieve the present ; main building of
many pressing demands now made
upon It by the numerous cases that
come in from the families of officers
and men. The cOntractorirare making
excellent progress with their .work and
Colonel Reynolds, the commanding of
ficer of the hospital, is hopeful that in
o' tbe additions-may be turned oer
tha hnan,ta -mnit v
if - " ,
Volunteering to be one of ten to
subscribe $5 per month towards main
taining a caretaker at the rest house
on Haleakala, C. D. Lufkin at the
E)ks'v smoker in honor of Judge Kings
bury, on 1 Tuesday night, outlined a
plan which .would undoubtedly do
much towards increasing the popular
ity of Maul's mountain as a resort.
: . Mr. Lufkin' would have a man and
wife stationed oa the mountain whose
duty should be to Keep the rest house
clean, - provide wood for fuel, and be
prepared to at least assist travelers In
preparing palatable food. In his spare
time,' Mr. Lufkin Would have such an
employe spend his. time in increasing
the sise of the rest house, improving
the trails and in other ways work for
the greater comfort of visitors.
rIt,was the expressed opinion of the
speaker that." within a comparatively
short . space of time by permitting a
nominal fee to be charged for ise of
the accommodations provided, that
the Income , from this sonrce .would
make the institution ;self . supporting
Mr.- Lufkin believes i that 50 per
month will be sufficient to carry cait
the scheme he outlines. Maui' Newis.
Accident Introduces Photogra
pher of Local Fame to Man
ager Mountain King Mine
Having a genuiue train wreck Inter
fere with his vacation and narrowly es
caping losing his life as a result of
the event is the. rather unusual expe
rience of Roscoe W. Perkins, the local
phctcgrapher. who returned to Hono
lulu yesterday cn the Matsonla after
mere than two months spent on the
mainland. And. by a curious coinci
dence, the wreck brought Mr. Perkins
Into contact with a man from whom
be derived considerable information of
keen interest to many Honolulans.
'"The wreck won't be of as much in
terest locally as something else I have
to say." said Mr. Perkins this morn
ing. "The wreck occurred at about 10
o'clock at night and after I had spent
some time helping the other passen
gers take the people from the wrecked
cars I commenced walking up and
down the track waiting for the relief
train to arrive.
"It was then that I met the manager
cf the Mountain King mine, in which
many residents cf Honolulu are Inter
ested, We talked and walked for per
haps an hour. Of course, the conver
sation soca turned to the mine. The
manager told me quite a lot about it.
and his information certainly - was
pleasing. According to him, it is pro
gressing in a highly satisfactory man
ner. He had nothing but good to say
of the mine and I, for one, certainly
was interested In what he had to say."
For the reason tat the sleeping
car In which he was traveling hap
pened to stay en the track when the
two in front of It toppled over a 60
foot embankment when the rails spread
beneath them. Mr, Perkins says that
his life, and the lives of the other per-!
sons In the car, were saved. The j
wreck happened on the Yosemlte Val
ley railway about two miles below the
Mountain King mine. Shortly after 10
o'clock. Mr. Perkins left the smoking
car and -; retired : to the sleeping car.
While he was waiting for his berth to
be arranged, the two cars just ahead
went off the track and rolled down the
Mr. Perkins, with tho ethers in the
car. immediate! went outside and,
seeing the demolished cars far below,
realized what had happened. All the
passengers turned ,to help the people
In the wrecked cars. Holes were chop
ped In the sides and the people taken
cut and to the track above. Two per
sons lst their lives' and many were
Injured. Mr. Perkins did his share
of the work and on one occasion car
ried cut cf the masa of wreckage a
woman with a broken hln. Prior to
the arrival cf thp relief train, the man
ager cf th Mountain King mine had
his wife, the latter' being a nhvsician.
arrived on the scene and administered
first aid to the in lured.
The maiority of -'Mr. Perklns' stay
cn the mainland was spent In the Yo
semlte valley, and he declared this
morning that the scenery was some
thing like which he never expects to
see again. During an Interview, h9
dwelt at length upon the good roads
to be found there. Mr. Perkins did
net take his camera alcng this trln.
having gone to the mainland largely
for his health, and a vacation, i
WW. H. HEINRICHS : I got my
head cut- ' ; : .
A. L.: C. ATKINSON: Am I go
ing to run for mayor? Hardly. '
J.J. BfiLSER: About 71 Shriners
are going to. Maui tomorrow, one of
the most important caravans ever set
ting forth from this port. !
H. M.' BALLOU: The Progressive
party Is not splitting the Republican
ranks. On the contrary, we hope t-
prove tht 75 per cent of our recruits
are Democratic. ! ". ' '
EMIL A. BERNDT: It is certain
ly good to hear that the directors of
the carnival are soon to authorize the
Promotion Committee to go ' ahead
with printing the posters.
PAUL SUPER:? The Y. M. C. A.
budget for the coming eight months
calls for nearly $2000 more than the
cne for a like period last year. The
association is going to Co things this
winter." : ;
JAMES D. I ..EVENS ON; Tickets
for Ad club night, "tomorrow, at the
It saves one-half, o your Ice bill by preventing the waste wi::'.
follows when the surface of the ice comes, in contact -with, the c'.
side air. Try one. Price 15 Cents.
T7. YT. DUIOITD Cz CO.. Lt 1.'
Quick Repairs
Broken lenses replaced promf
and accurate work.
Special lenses ground to order.
Broken frames promptly repaired.
Factory on premises. t . t ,
A. N. Sanford
Boston Building Fort Street
, Over May & Co.
Imperfections on your mirror
can bo removed by retllvorina.
and worn out mirrors made to
look ' - v . ,
Phono 1117 Sllverinj Depart
mont :'
Sharp Signs
189 Merchant Street
Phone 1399. King St, opp.
Electric Irons
The monthly meeting 6f Walala-,
Kaimukl and Palolo Improvement Clu ;
will be held t 7:30 tomorrow evqnin ;
at Liliuokalanl School. Buslneasf Re
port of treasurer, district improve
ments, etc. - '
Arguments In the cast of W.TIn
Ysn, trustee, vsv L Ah Chap et al, a
matter, arising out of bankruptcy, wcro
completed In the federal court tthli
morning and the case taken under ad
visement for decision by Judge San
ford B. Dole.
BIjcu with the Boston ians, are aellin-;
like hot cakes. A big rearing time l i
assured. Ad club scngs and stunts ga
lore. Ad club members will be at
tired In white. Get your tickets now.
7 : Ny-
:- ' Por coro than'a ,
quarter of a con- ;
tnry SHAC has do on
tho favorito ; rcrody
f or ' hoadacho : and. ".
12 aoaos-25contd
Ank ;ycmr draggicS
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