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Spend this
Summer in
Fan - Land
When the
is in the nine
ties the assur
a nee of a
breeze may be
cheap at any
price. r
But you can
have a breeze
all day for j a
nickel, if your
office is fur
nished with a
Westing house
Electric Fan.
f. , - ., " - . , -i , ,
'. .' ' :.:r':'''
Electric Go.
Limits i. (
Phone 3431
Finest Meats
1 Lowest Price " r
' ' Auto Delivery
Opposite Flshmarket
Oop Suey and other Chinese Ushs
erred at reaeoanble prices.
111 Hotel Ctrect, Near Maunakea
: (upstairs)
The Gigantic :
Slaughter Sale
Is still oa at 152 Hotel Street
' . ' U. R. BEN N
, v . c ,,
a : 5
3 : : -o l
- I
It1" u
V & i l .
S . s II
0 -
c? UJ J
I -2 CD
1 3 LU
yf x rr
o Rubber
(attached) f '
Following is the platform adopted at yesterday's. meeting of the city and
county Democratic candidates for office
The Democratic party In and of the
City and County of Honolulu, act Ins
by end through the medium prescribed
by the party rules, hereby promulgates
the following platform:
1. We reaffirm cur allegiance to the
faith of the Democratic party, as set
forth in our national and our territo
rial platforms. ;
2. We pledge our senators and rep
resentatives in the legislature, and
cur municipal officers and supervls
ors to use their best endeavors to
carry into effect the principles ani
policies herein expressed
kiverxc or uovcrnmcnui mailers. i
. . ...... I
3. We believe that the powers of .
our municipal government sn
s a m .
exienaea so as u comer more auinor--
uy upon uio uiuyvr ana our uoaru oi
superviscrs. .especially such as will
eneci a nnai aivorce oi me lemio-
rial government from matters that are
1uici uiuiiJL.iya in uicir Btua u-
eluding the support of schools, and In.
particular we demand that the right,
of taxation for all municipal pumcees
and the fixing of the rate cf taxation In
the city and ccuntv be conferred upon
rur board of supervisors.
Rate of Taxation.
4. That Instead cf the present ar
bitrary twc-thlrds cf one per cent in
the tax rate for the suoport of the
city and ccuntv. we be'l-ve that the
tax law should be amended so that the
board of supervisors shculd prt-pare a
budget In January of each year pro-
vidlng fcr the wants of the city and
county for the current year. Fromuncn permanent lnes. Two Important
this smcunt shculd be deducted the,
amcunt estimated for recelnts other
J ik
than taxes. The remainder to be es
timated as a certain percentage of the
total assessed vs'ue cf property in the
c'tv and county frr the nrevicus .year.
This oeroenb.ee shculd be the rate of
taxatlcn for the current vear collected
fnr tha mnivtrt nf tha rttv an1 rratntv.
To Am-n License Laws.
. . ... . vne ' enure isinu biihi uo ijiumucu, - -- - - - - -
K. - We pledge our oindHates to the and to guch belt should be ulded. J equipment thereof as will ren
legislature tc amend the license lws ftg as finances permit, similar der Jt AdequaW In extent and quality.
as to maketh-m more eoutoblc. dl the Wainae and Waia- Bend, Police and Fn Forces. .
We recommend thst the grades of )n. aM,t. v...,. nntn( an i 14. We favor the efficient mainte-
mercbandi8e licenses be sr adirsted :
that the minimum may be reduced and
the maximum increased In proportion t
to the value cf business transacted.
Election and Tenure of
Munic'nal OWcea.
We believe that the best Inteh .
ests of our city and county would be
subserved by electing Its officers at ,
a time different from the time" when
members of the legislature are elected.,
Also that the term of municlDal offl-
cers should be extended to four years
to the end that their efficiency may
net be impaired by too frequently re-
curring elections. V j
The Frontaoe Tax l,a,w. . - f jfor. juyenile games andthe - manly,For an Emergency Hospital.
7. We commend he mayor and the' sports, that has made -Ihfs -faYorlta ?: 1 1 -Realizing the great need for
Some of those hundreds are abroad, but are hurrying back to
the United States on account of the European y"VVar. Others of
those hundreds intended to go away, , but' could not because of
the war. Many of them wilt come to Hawaii-where there is no
war if we only tell ..them about these Isles of Peace ' ': and ask
them to'come. . . - .. W ;A' - : .':
Tlie present funds are entirely to o small with which quickjy and
advantageously: to bring Hawaii: to the world's notice, v We
should spend at least $4000 per ,month where now we are spend
ing only $2000.; :v;
The Ad Club will endeavor to raise this addition-"
al $2000 per month. ; Get ready; to make an invest
ment in Hawaii 's prosperity which means YOUR
at the coming primary e.ection:
beard cf super risers for the wise judg
ment they have displayed in approach-
,Dg Wll?KSSf,S SJilS'SS nrov T
responsibility of fnfaaJ7aT''.
siens of the 'SU J
passed by the last territorial legis-
atUr!,- Le ?eaIlyKftPP i
lev adopted by the board of supervis-i
crs oy wnicn me iniuauve
imnrovements under the provisions of
Act 131 of the Session Laws of 1913
currently known as -the fronUge tax
'law must originate with the property
st originate with the Property
owners seeding roaa lmproenieaw
under the law. We believe this
. 1 .V M.lMv 'amwaa lA TlllMIItt
icy to be the wisest course to pursue
powers o until, eucn. time as me popu "
shouldb3ithe assessment . man for road
re author-iments ;s established In the com muni-
menis "ui1Bu .u v...-
uu " -
the rouh ly understood by the peop.
We believe mat uj's law snoum u
amended by making the territory and
RUT pOllUCai BUi-un uicirui h"11
lies to and In favor cf any public inv
provements scueht to be carried oa
thereunder.nd that the general pur
poses of. the law mv be strengthened
at points found weak or Impractical
Commending Supervisors ...,--
for Road .Work.
8. WTe commend our present Demo
cratic board cf supervisors for the
'amount and excellence: cf the work
hv them In the reconstruction
rr iridrp fa thft number of 21. beihe '
virtually all of the important bridges
fn the city and county, in addition to, whether the city and county shall is-
the lone stretches of highway rebuilt 'sue bonds to supply funds for this pur-
0nd expensive additions to the Belt j
road, ore In Walalua district and one !
- ..... . . - . -
.Z - - r
current fundsv although the present
board found an empty treasury unon
this cannot become a successful resort
(or tourisU until at least a saUsfact.;
a v.i a A
!. . .
around . Makapuu point and through
waimaQai0 to a junction with the
nr(,-0 hlt , I
'. . " ' .
fiay urounas ana rarKs.
9, We favor, liberal appropriations
fcr the opening and maintenance or.
VlY' grounds and. parks. and we es.;
pecjally commend our present Demo;i rCpre5entatlvea to,tble:end. But ow.
cratje board of -supervisors for- the ingx to the parsimony of a Republican
great Improvements made by them in. legislature, cur city and .county ..has
this direction, especially in the casa been. deprived of the revenues neces
cf Kaniolanl park, which has been Im-'sary. t? meet cur, obligations In thlt
proved from the status, cf a neglected direction and we demand more tiberal
breeding place for mosquitoa to that1 treatment by the legislature 4n this re-
of a garden spot, affording facilities; spect . v tV . " .
M Y . - Bathe at Waikikl P
Bathe at
Beach K VVe
Ask Them To
The quickest Wr to tell ihem about Hawaii
take care of this psychological
Watch the Papers! ; ; ; ; jS7v,cf
i section a most pleasant and popular
Public Health. -.10.
We pledge our legislative and
municipal representatives to libera!
appropriations for th maintenance of
the public health; and we approve the
liberality of bur "Democratic board of
supervisors in aiding the afflicted
throurh the med'um of subsidies to
hospitals and to the Leahi Home.
Water Works and Sewer.
11. By an act of the Reoublican
rible condftfon has been Imposed upon
th c!ty and cennty In that we are
b wt aside from the revenues
gald workg and M about
1201.000.00 per year, as Interest and
. .. ' t
the territory for their r construction,
vherWL, tne ZTQM rerenw Is Du ,179.-,
00000 ind the cost of .maintenance is '
tio2.000.00. leaving: sbont 177.000
T for ntirG8t and redemption
of We therefore demand an
poi-iampndmrat Act 1S section 3. of
hff lawg cf 1913 whereby the cfty and
. -
iCfun tv n,ay be enabled to extend the
tiire for. tbe redemption of wM bond
flntf lh disrliarre of Its obligations
pnd Ibe disrAarre of Its obligations
Inr'rtent to the taking over OI In OS a
We realize that the publfc healtn
cftr,not be adequately safeguarded
without the Installation and mainte- left eye Dy a bullet that had bounded
nance cf a comprehensive system of back from the steel gallery target in
sewers. The present sewer ' system U8e by the soldier's company. The
was inaugurated when the city was accident wa8 due to one of those un.
much smaller than at preseat and sit- fortunate things that bullets indulge
uated chiefly uoon the (lata. The un- fn wag ,n n0 Sense due to tne
exited irrewth of our city has now ,ack Qf ordInary precuticn. The sur-
demonstrated the inadequacy of the geona were Unab!e to prevent the loss
system as existing and the current rev- the 8lght 0f the eye. A board of
enues of the city and onty jre in- offJcer3 conaIgtlniC of Maj. H. O. Wil
sufficient to furnish such a system. n xr t. i
i we mereiuic aur u.
early a date as practicable, and m
.provided by present law, to determine
pose. ,
For a City
. 12. We 1
M 1 1 i
believe that the.growth and
ji, f r flAtnsn th earl
construction of a city hall for the
rrus'ng ci our nroniciDai omces
13. Our present electric lighting
system Is Inadequate ror the service
Imn. tlnnn It .Wa thcrofnra f&vn?
unh extensions and suchimDrovement
"a&ce of the city and county band, and
the still further improvement of the
efflcjency cf the police, force and the
efficiency cf the police.
fire department '
Public Schools. .
' 15. - -We belieye in the efficient main-
tonanre nf th x nnhllc tirhoola and
pledge: cur legislative and municipal
is to ADVF.R-
v opportunity an
Fort Shatter Notes
Spatial Star-Bulletin Correspondence
FORT SHAFTKR. Aug. 19. Lieut.
Col. B. W. Atkinson. 2d Infantry, has
returned from the camp of the 2d 1
battalion at Walmanalo, where he en
Joyed a stay of a few days and en
gaged in a number of the trips of ex
ploration of the battalion. Capt. AVm.
R. Gibson, who went out with the
same command and has been with it
continuously, has also returned to the
garrison and resumed duty as adju
tant of the post and of the regiment.
Both officers report that the battalion
haa made the most extensive recon
noissance of the section of country
thoygh 1
to It, and that the work a I-
hazardntiR- ha hpn irrnmn.
lished without accident of anv kind.
The battalion now expects to Uke up
the return march for Fort Shatter on
Mondav neit. The lheaw wp
and large tentage will be shlDDed by
1 vo-o
water from the Walmanalo landing by
one of the boats of the Inter-Island
steamshiD ComDany.
steamship Company,
- 3B XT
A serious accident occurred on the
llthf when Pvt John Anderson of A
ComDany of the 2d was struck in the
Lieut. N. W. Campaoole, aU of the 2d
v i ' A v.
. ,n' on. fn lnVMti.,fi th.
plrctimstancea has been SDeciallv!
cZaLS tlll 'SfSEL
r: .nTr
va vt uiuci iuc iujui j t,vr i in aic m
l"on .waf i:ecei1ved.l!n the oe. ?f
Auuersun id buu a paueni in
in no8imai- .
A leave of absence for three days
wa .n h JLt
-T. 5 reene ,J fani try ; and this per-
miSSlOn W8JI Utilized Dy Lieutenant
Grene on Saturdav for e purpose
of making a week-end visit to the
camp of the ladies of the post that has
been established near that of the
troops In the field.
' 38T 38T
Capt Charles A. Clark, commanding
the 105th Company, Coast Artillery,
and stationed at Fort Ruger, has been
a patient In the department hospital
at Fort Shafter for the past month as
the result of an injury to his left hand
when Jhat member was caught in the
gearing of a piece of laundry machln-
ery. . -
' 39" - 35T
No recovery has so far been made
of any, of the. articles stolen from the
quarters of Chaplain William R. Scott
of the 2d Infantry on the nieht of Sun-
,&&7 last It Is understood that two
'arrests - have been made by the police
of Honolulu, and that the persons held
are a . Filipino youth and a Chinese.
the immed'ate provisicn for an emer
gency hospital in the city and county
of Hono'ulu, we pledge our mayor and
board of supervisors to devise ways
and means whereby such an lnstitu
ten may be established In said c'ty
and. county cf Honolulu for the
a nd tern porary ;. treatment of conta
gious diseases.
Minimum. Wage.
17. We pledge cur candidates to
the legislature, cur mayor and board
of "supervisors to frame a law which
will make the minimum wage two dol
lars per day for all unskilled labor per
formed by territorial, county and mu
nicipal government employes.
Conclusion. " . ; .' -:. ; ;-; '
18. In conclusion, we demand in all
legislative and municipal business the
highest possible degree of honesty, ef
ficiency and diligence, and we will
tolerate nothing. less cn the part of
any candidate or official of the party.
Special Orders No. 156. . -
2. Under exceptional circumstances,
leave of . absence for two months an 3
23 days, with permission to leave the
department, to take effect upon ar
rival at San Francisco, California, of
the October transport, Is granted Capt
Charles 'L. Willard, 25th Infantry,
Schofleld Barracks, T. H.
' Attention Is invited to the require
ments of General Orders No. 196, War
Department, 1907, and General Orders
No. 42, series 1913. these headquar
ters. ":
3. The leave of absence graniei
1st: Lieut Kneeland S. Snow. 1st In
fantry, Schofleld Barracks, T. H., by
paragraph 1. Special Orders No. 86.
May 4, 1914, these headquarters, is ex-
I tended 22 days.
Acting upon the request of the
Chamber of Commerce that the super
visors take up the matter of having a
road built to the to? of Haleakala by
prison labor, the board yesterday de
cided to make immediate application
for-a force of about 50 territorial pi la
oners, and . to take stepi to have the
necessary surveys made. . .
' The members of the board, will go
up the mountain on Monday or Tues
day j and : . thy to-, determine t the
best" route. - The members gener
ally favor the plan of building up from
the Kula homestead road, the claim
being made that the climate is -drier,
and construction work will -be more
easy, than by the eld Makawao-Olin-da
route. Engineer Hugh Howell and
H. Gooding Field will accompany the
board on Us trip. Maul News.-' ' .
Congressman Keating of Colorado
Introduced a bill for the establish
ment of a farm loan bureau.
1 yl!i
; Red Grown is in no sense
a new grade or manufacture
of gasoline; It is the same
identical pr odu ct which
automobili s ts , sin c e t h e
sport began, have known as
"Standard Oil Gas.5' We
have always called it Red
Crown and now we wish you
to know it) by ; that name.
;If you; purchase Red
Grown you are sure of ob
taming a thoroughly uni
form reliable gasoline not,
a "mixture'', but a straight
product of refin i ng the
best gasoline the Standard
Oil Company can make.
Watch for the Red Crown Sign.
: 3
U -rBv tompany
7 ''fcnrMbmi
Hustace- Peck Co., Ltd.
' 8 QTJEEN STREET. , : P. a BOX 519
Standard 03

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